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Chapter 1 Unknown Variable

Act 1 - 10

KM defeats Ten and in result frees everyone and as soon as it's done Omni returns and Tell them all about what's happening in the TransVoid and in an attempt to get everyone together begins to tell them all how much each of them has grown and how they must put they're differences aside and work together. Omni then goes and finds 404 and tries to convince him that what has happened is a sign and that they need to act now before all is lost, 404 refuses 2 whole times before Alpha then arrives and tell 404 himself what's happening 404 agrees and then him and everyone else of AlphaTale then enter the TransVoid. 404 and the rest of AlphaTale arrive in the TransVoid where Fury and Crimson are there with a couple of others and soon after introductions are made Omni tell everyone about the plan to beat Sol and 404 immediately tells him it won't work for how powerful Sol is and instead decided to face Sol alone, Alpha, of course, thinks its a bad idea, but 404 tells him that Sol can only be beaten by someone of "His level" hinting at 404 training to get stronger. Unfortunately, times are cut short when Yesmerian home is attacked by FarinGold. 404 tells everyone to stay together and that he'll take care of it.

Infected wakes up from his nap and realizes he's a bit lighter than before and then with the wisp teleports to Ten's location and finds Ten's corpse lying dead on the ground and a random portal to a weird place opened in the distance. "How fun" he would say, he would then consume Ten not knowing what that means and then proceeds to hunt down the rest of AlphaTale "Welp time to finish my work" Infected would then jump through the portal and see the fight happening on Yesmerian's planet "ooooo fireworks" he would then sit back and watch from the library. 404 and Omni along with everyone else begin to take down Faringold with ease along with the other beings helping in taking him down too. Infected see the fighting and then exist from the TransVoid from which he came in. He grabs one of the tentacles he left behind from eating sushi and begins to think "Hmmm if I ate the squid god then that means" Infected recreates a brand new Au filled to the brim with people so many that there's a population problem "Not for long" Infected said before entering. He then began to kill every single person in the Au he made gathering up LV and more madness for the taking. Once he was done with he would erase the Au and then go back through the portal. He then would look around and venture away from the fighting and would go off to find another being to go and devour.

Infected would land on Helatory's planet and land on some infant beings that are stranded about, He would look around for a bit before devouring some infant beings and making his way towards her dark castle. Sudden a giant skeleton Dragon lands in front of him and blocks his "HeheheehHAHAHAHAHA if you honestly think you can win now your sadly mistaken little lizard" he would say menacingly. Back on Yesmerian's world 404 and Omni would take down Faringold and force him to retreat, Omni and 404 would then decide on what to do next until The Astral Mother would shout "Wait, wheres Jacob!?" to which everyone then froze except for those who didn't know what they were talking about. Infected soon made his way up towards the black castle dragging the dragon head with him. "This is all your FAULT" 404 grabbed onto Omni's collar and began to yell at him blaming him "DONT PIN THIS ON ME HE'S YOUR KILLER!!" Omni protested to 404 soon everyone began to argue until Delios put his foot down and got everyone's attention "Listen Up that monster is out there right now and we have to do something and that something ain't us bickering all damn day" Delios said with a sharp tone. "He's right," Hemsworth said with a gentle voice, "WOAH is that a talking cat," said 404 a little shocked. Back with Infected he storms the castle until he gets to the main hall where Helatory sits and waits, upon entering Infected looks to the side to see an all-red skeleton cuddled in the fettle position on the floor along with a shrew of infant beings lying around the floor. Then Infected's back began to ache and break and he then fell to the floor in pain and his back continued to disinform until the back of his jacket tore open and four large black tentacles with Boney's spines came falling out his back, Infected looked back at his new limbs "Oooo decorations" he said in a clown-like voice". "Why are you here" pronounced Helatory sitting upon her throne "Well you see lady, I've been working a mighty thirst for your flesh, and that workout with that dragon ain't did you much good my dear hehe". Helatory then summoned some guards and two buffed up demons to come and take down Infected.

404 and Omni and everyone else calmed down and began to think, Fury and Crimson looked in awe still at the fact some of these guys were so strong, "Are the main objective should be infected" 404 claimed "No we need to deal with Sol" Omni stated "You mean the thing no one can beat but me" 404 said sarcastically "You say that as you haven't done shit yet" Omni angrily said "You two need to quite it" Yesmerian yelled. Soon they had to come to a compromise, 404 went off on his own to track down Infected with Alpha, Crimson, and Omni while the rest stayed behind and looked for clues towards how to stop Sol.

Infected had killed off Helatory's army and soon was fighting against Helatory herself, Infected 's tentacles threw away Helatory's staff and then wrapped his tentacles around her and began to slam her around the indoors of the castle and then threw her on the ground. "Well, that sure was quite the groundbreaker hu?" Infected then began to crush Helatory's bones until he snapped her spine and began to fold her and fold her and fold her until "Ooooo a Slut sandwich" Infected said with pleasure " OH wait, silly me I almost forgot the seasoning" Infected said. He then got a piece of Ten's tentacles that he had been saving and turn it a bit and sprinkled it on Helatory "Now that's what I call a Sand-" Infected was about to say before he winced in pain and began to cough up blood, he fell to his knees and tentacle began to spurt out of his eye hole "Well this definitely must get the attention of the ladies, heh heh heh" Infected said, soon the tentacles went away minus the ones on his back and he then began to devour the succubus and the remains of Ten. On their way was 404, Alpha and Omni along with Crimson.

404, Omni, Alpha, and Crimson soon reach Helatory's planet and land in the center of a ruined city only to see Infected sitting on the steps of the black castle. "Well Well looks like you saved me the trouble of finding you" Infected said with glee, 404 stared at Infected with anger and vengeance in his eye. "You'll bleed for what you did to our world," 404 said with rage, Alpha would notice his brother's anger, but decided to let it sit. Crimson would notice the tentacles coming out of Infected's back and would ready his blade. "So you absorbed Ten and now what? whats you plan Jacob?" Omni said with bated breath, Infected didn't answer and just got up and started walking towards them. "Once you're all gone then I'll finally be allowed to rest peacefully" Infected said to himself. Alpha stared and got ready for a fight. Infected stopped midway towards the lot, "Now then allow me to sho-" Infected stopped midway through his sentence before every hole in his head began to glow a bright blinding light. Infected began to scream and howl in pain with a hint of laughter in there too. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Alpha yelled "it must be the being energy flowing in him! IT'S CHANGING HIM" Omni yelled back. Soon the light subsided and when everyone looked back Infected's right arm was now along with black skeleton-like Tentacle along with smaller ones coming out of the hole in his head. 404 and everyone else looked in horror at the sight. "Balance, I choose you to be the first to DIE!" Infected said with a huge grin on his face. Infected then rushed everyone using his new tentacle arm to wrap around 404 and fling him to the side as his objective was Omni, but Alpha blasted Infected away with a blaster and then pursed him once again while Crimson backed him up. "Haven't I killed you ALREADY!? Why can't you bastards stay dead!?" Infected said with anger and then strikes at Alpha and Crimson. 404 got up and looked towards the fight and then proceeded to fire blast him towards Infected along with Omni firing at him too. Infected tanks the hits and knocks down Omni and Alpha while trapping Crimson in his tentacles while 404 watched from the sky. "You ever since my mother brought you to us all those years ago in knew you were trouble," 404 said with poise. "Oh Will, you have no idea how much trouble you are to me" Infected said. Infected then threw Crimson to the side and looked towards 404 and then Omni. "Your presence in this now is unbelievable, but I'm used to dealing with new variables" Infected said with a sense of wisdom. "Well then you know what comes next," Omni said with seriousness as him and 404 got ready to fight Infected. "Oh yes I do" Infected said. Omni and 404 fired huge blasters at Infected, but this did nothing and Infected rushed them grabbing them both with his tentacles and dragging them around and flinging them wherever he pleased smashing them into nearby buildings and more until Crimson came and cut off one of his tentacles setting 404 free. "AH, YOU LITTLE SHIT DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG ITS GONNA TAKE TO REGENERATE THAT!?" Infected said with rage slapping Crimson away and then wrapping him up too. "Infected you fool don't you realize that everyone is free, AlphaTale is safe!?" Omni shouted at him. "Do you honestly think that the world means anything to me now? No thanks to your interference I have a bigger mess to clean. AlphaTale...nothing more now than just a name, a cover-up a mask in replace of the true things at hand" Infected said with slight wisdom "W-What do you mean" Omni said with concern. "Oh it doesn't matter...I'm at my limit, I can't take another cycle not again. Which is why I'm ending everything NOW STARTING WITH YOU!!!!" Infected said getting ready to crush Omni to death before 404 got up and shouted "HEY! Infected put them down. it's me you want" 404 said with confidence "Do you honestly think you have a chance now that I'm in charge" Infected now said with confidence. "Sounds like you need a reminder on why I kicked your ass the first time," 404 said, "You mean with your handicap?" Infected said with a snarky voice. "If you think so put him down and let's settle this" 404 declared. Infected looked at 404 and then looked back at his hostages. ".........No" Infected said

Acts 10 - 20

Back on Yesmerian's planet, everyone was getting tired of waiting around and doing nothing. So in a way to help KM went off to help 404 and the others beat Infected while everyone else stayed behind and helped with damages. Alpha!Frisk then got up from sitting down the whole time and then went off towards a forest and there he met up with another mysterious human, the human promised to help Frisk kill 404 for good so long as they assisted them in getting Infected's soul from him. Frisk agreed and then went off with the other human while no one was watching and went to go and find 404 and the others too. Meanwhile outside the portal to the Transvoid Rock and Tint found the portal. "ooooooowe, that's some portal Tint, where do you think it goes?" Rock said with a snarky tone "It doesn't matter, I saw the inhabitants of AlphaTale going through a couple of hours back, if they're still there this could be a chance to end it all" Tint said plainly. "Well, then I say we pay them a visit shall we?" Rock insisted "Are you still going to attack 404 and the rest of them?" Tint asked him. Rock simply shook his head and then went through, Tint followed suit soon after. Infected and 404 continued to fight each 404 giving Infected everything he had at his disposal atm, "Wow infected your really something hu?" 404 said. 404 then proceeded to take off his jacket and stretch a bit "You do realize I could kill you at any time right? The only reason you still breathe is because of the fact I find you're trying very amusing" Infected said with huge confidence. "Oh I bet you could have, but now that's no longer an option for you," 404 said before moving so fast he appeared to vanish, only to kick infected so hard in the chest the shockwave destroyed a nearby moon and sent Infected flying. Soon Rock and Tint appeared on the Planet where the fighting was going down along with the Humans appearing and landing in the distance and hiding. "Well, I think it's time for me to make my grand entrance don't you say?" Rock asked Tint, Tint wasn't paying attention and was more focused on the battle, that was until a giant white blob swooped from the sky and grabbed Rock with its teeth and flew off with him to a field in the distance. "What the hell?" Tint said shocked. Tint then followed the huge blob carrying Rock to the field where Tint would find Frisk and the mysterious another human. The blob floated in place next to the human with Rock in its mouth. "What is this?" Tint asked, "Another welcome addition to the cycle," said the mysterious human, Tint stared at the human "You may call me Betty, but I suppose in this context Alpha!Betty might be best here" Alpha!Betty said. "Why are you here?" Tint asked, The white blob then crushed Rock in its teeth as Betty answered "I'm here to change the course of history, You see, so long as those old conduits are the ones in control of it all in control of this constant state of repeating death and life we'll never be free. This is why the time of a new age is at hand the age of WAR" Betty protested.

Tint simply stared and watched

Infected threw 404 to the ground one last time with a groundbreaking thud. "It's unfortunate that you've chosen to be a fool instead of submitting your life to me" Infected protested to 404 who was on the ground, "You truly are evil incarnate, there is nothing left in your heart worth redeeming. You will always be Infected" 404 yelled to him. Infected looked at 404 not out of anger, but a hint of regret "We could have stopped all this suffering together, but instead, you would rather fight against destiny then let it guide you. I.....I feel bad for WIll, I feel bad for you because you don't even realize what is happening right now, as we speak the cycle grooms you, it wants you to be a force of good a driving force that none can bring down. Do you not realize that these people, your mother, Chara, and everyone else are nothing more than constructs that seek to get in your way, MY WAY! I never intended to kill you like this, but you've given me no choice due to the actions you've taken. I can't allow the cycle to be disturbed any further!" Infected said to 404 getting ready to strike him down Until Rock's half corpse was flung in between the two of them. 404 and Infected stared up towards one of the buildings and saw Alpha!Betty accompanied by Frisk and Tint. "It seems I'm just in time to witness the good part" Alpha!Betty protested while Frisk and Tint both stand beside her. "Who the hell is that," Omni said looking to Alpha to which he only shrugged. Infected stared at the women and then back to 404. Crimson then got up from an earlier bought and then rose to see what was happening. 404 then basted Infected into a nearby moon with his God ray, 404 got up and looked towards Alpha!Betty and everyone else "I don't care about all this destiny nonsense you hear?! I'm just here to end a long-needed conflict" 404 shouted and protested to everyone "that you are" Alpha!Betty said as she jumped down and summoned both of her double-sided scythes "It's time to give up control" Alpha!Betty then rushed 404 and began to fight against him cutting him and moving with grace and elegance while 404 fights with range and blasters keeping far from Betty. Tint and Frisk jumped down to fight against Alpha and Omni. Infected landed on the moon and soon woke up to see explosions and bright lights shining from the planet below. Infected then got a running start and jumped straight back down to the planet and upon impact caused a nuclear-sized shockwave sending everyone spiraling out of control. 404 reawoke from the shock wave only to find Infected with his foot on his chest. "Now then let's try that again ok pumpkin? Infected said in a silly manner "if you gonna kill me then do it, anything to be spared from hearing your childish banter" 404 stated. Infected stabbed 404 with his tentacle but right after Infected was then impaled with a thin white spear that pierced his soul leaving it open and exposed to which then a white blob came and scooped it up. "Oh you are a fool aren't you Will, can't even realize when someones trying to help you" Alpha!Betty said holding infected's soul. 404 pushed Infected's corpse off of him and then stood up ready to fight again. As 404 and Alpha!Betty fought on the semi-destroyed world Alpha and Omni would rise yet again only to meet the eyes of their opponents Tint and Frisk. Alpha!Betty using her grace and evasive skills manages to doge a good portion of 404s attacks. "Curse you and everything you are human, this isn't even your bought!" 404 yelled. The white blob then came to 404 wrappings itself around him and attempting to squeeze him to death, 404 then let out a shockwave sending the creature flying off into little pieces. 404 then noticed a ginormous black star heading straight for them. "Shit!" 404 said and then looked down towards Alpha!Betty with Infected's soul "I won't let you walk away with that!" 404 yelled. "oh I know" Alpha!Betty replied as she began to manipulate Infected's soul allowing for her to command the-wisp much to 404s knowledge. 404 go ready to start another barrage towards Alpha!Betty but just before he could fire thousands upon thousands of Wisp appeared from the ground like ghosts and swarmed and wrapped around 404 like a cocoon.

"Boom" Alpha!Betty said just as the whole planet was leveled

Alpha!Betty stood adrift on a piece of the planet that once was. Omni reemerged on another piece as well and saw Alpha!Betty in the distance, Omni then landed on a lower piece to Betty's and looked up at them ".....This ends now" Omni stated. Frisk then woke up finding himself deep in the endless abyss of space where he had no chance of drifting back to land. 404 woke up to Alpha holding him, 404 looked down at the rest of his body and found it destroyed, KM then arrived just in time. "Sir, your body," KM said to 404 "It seems as if I can't win this one, this world is entirely non-coded...there's nothing I can do," 404 said with less strength then he had before. "What do we how can we save?!" Alpha yelled to KM, "With no code, he's done for....unless" KM said as he looked out into the depths of space and then looked to see Omni fighting betty and Frisk. "I could give him back what he gave me," KM said "What?" Alpha questioned "It ain't much but it'll bring him back to 100% for sure or at least I hope so," KM said. "I'll buy you two some time," Alpha said before flying off into battle to help Omni. KM then extracted his code and then began to give it back to 404 reverting KM back into Photonegative!Sans and allowing 404 to heal completely, but not before KM would open a portal to the Mainframe. Photo!Sans then looked at 404 "Use it wisely" Photo said before teleporting away. 404 got up quickly and saw the fighting and then turned his attention towards the portal to the mainframe. ".....I think..... I think I know what I have to do" 404 said. Alpha!Betty wrapped Alpha in the white blob and Omni got pinned by Frisk and just as they were about to finish them off "HEY!" 404 shouted at them getting they're attention "Alpha I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I will always love you.....and you too Omni" 404 said to them. 404 then turned around towards the portal leading to the mainframe and the shoved his hands straight into it.

404 then began to replenish his strength by absorbing some of the mainframe code along with activating a fail-safe program in it allowing for him to get a form he wouldn't be able to get on his own. Two large shadows then came over Alpha!Betty and Tint "What the hell is going on!?" Betty shouted watching 404 transforms, Tint watched in suspense as two large wings sprouted from 404s back and black veins emerged on his skull. "THIS ENDS NOW!!!" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y shouted out for all to hear, Just as he finished 404s wings shot out large plasma beams destroying and erasing the floating islands that people were standing on. Betty and Tint jumped from platform to platform dodging 404s beams only for 404 to teleport behind betty instantly "Looks like your out-classed this time pest" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y said before flattening betty with one its wings sending her spiraling into the abyss, 404 then looked towards Tint. Tint began to sweat and look around for where to go and ass he backed up he bumped into something behind him and turned around to only be grabbed by 404. "Another mistake I need to crush" 404 claimed, as 404 disposed of the waste, Infected's soul began to regenerate infected's body now that Betty wasn't controlling it. 404 began to crush Tint in midway until Tint was nothing more then clumped up bone fragments and cloth. "WOW that sure went south didn't it" Infected said behind 404 who turned to face him. Omni looked to Alpha who both knew the situation decided to high tail it out of there and flew off on their blasters. "Your survival is annoying" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y claimed. But just before he could finish talking felt a voice speak to him "Yes, this who you are. Finish this traitor and prove your loyalty to your creators, do this for me and you will be rewarded extremely my disciple" 404 looked around for the voice and found nothing and then looked to Infected who stared back at 404 with determination.

As they both said "Let's finish this

404 and Infected fought hard and relentless towards one another, "You look tired Infected" 404 said while trying to smash Infected with his wings " You trying to distract me?" Infected said as one of his wisps grabbed onto 404 and detonated sending a massive explosion which sent Infected spiraling towards another planet falling into its ocean and then rising above the water "Cuz it ain't gonna work" Infected said finishing his sentence. "Let me help you defeat him, He has the upper hand, but with me, you can win, with me you can change everything and save your brother," said an anonymous voice. 404 debated amongst himself if this voice could help him or not, but seeing as options were running low and he was running out of time to sustain himself in this form he had no choice " I'll accept your offer" 404 said to the voice "Good you can call me 92" 92 said as the voice began to take over 404 rippings away his sanity and giving him unimaginable power, As that occurred Ten's voice rang through Infcted's head " Hey skull brain! One of my siblings is powering up 404 up there" Ten said to 404, Infected looked up and saw 404 getting imbued with this bright yellow light almost divine-like " So what I have it's not like he can, beat me now" Infected said to ten, "True, but with whatever abilities you have being unpredictable won't cut it anymore, I'm restoring you to full strength and previous state" Ten announced to him before turning Infected back to normal in which he now had all his sanity and any abilities he had lost beforehand including fixing his sweater. "Not gonna lie thanks for healing me up Doc, and it's nice to have my senses back, but how the hell is this supposed to help me kick his ass?" Infected told Ten. "Don't worry just use my powers wisely and you'll be fine" Ten told Infected.

Infected looked up and 404 came down to the ground looking a lot more yellow then blue. "Looks like this fights gonna get little more interesting from now on"

"Show him your devotion, crush this snake" 92 whispered into 404s head, 404 then flew to Infected at light speed swooping him up and flying Infected through planet after planet and then tossing him and blasting him with his wing beams "Why don't you transform!? I know you can!!!" 404 shouted to Infected as he just got onto to some safe ground, Infected wiped his head off any damage. "Now why would I want to make the game so easy?" Infected snickered, 404 furious flew down to Infected to attack him only for Infected to rush behind 404 and pull on his wings swinging and smashing 404 onto the ground and then throwing him into space and sending wisp after him to explode. Everyone else watched the fight on the safety of Ysmerian's planet only to be interrupted by 404 and Infected crashing on it and wrestling with each other. "I won't let you win! I'm too devoted to this path I'm on now!" 404 punched Infected to little effect only for Infected to punch 404s skull into the ground, Infected turned around and looked at everyone else watching. seizing the opportunity to kill the last two conduits at once infected sent a wisp to them ready to blow up, but 404 would use his wing blast to shoot the-wisp only for it to explode causing a massive explosion killing most of AlphaTale in the blast and leaving some being injured. Infected noticed Alpha's soul afloat in the crater that was made and went to destroy it only for 404 to smash him against the ground with his massive wings. "I WON'T LET YOU WIN!!! THIS WORLD MEANS TO MUCH TO ME!!!" 404 shouted to Infected, Infected turned around and looked at 404 "Not as much as it means TO ME!!" Infected shouted just when a wisp descended from the sky and bit down on Alpha's soul symbolizing the end of the conduit of change. "NOOOO!!" 404 shouted, 404 dropped to his knees in tears, and then looked at Infected and then with what he had last of is code summoned a Reset button. "404 STOP YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT WILL DO!" Omni shouted

Infected and Omni stared at 404 only for Yesmerian and Vendeveras to rush him and pin him down while he struggled against them "STOP YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING HE'LL KILL US ALL!!" 404 shouted at everyone, Infected looked around for any remaining AlphaTale residents left before making his way towards Omni who backed up seeing Infected, but was ready to fight anyway. "Sorry but I can't let you live the dearest brother of mine, you've interfered far enough already" Infected said getting closer to Omni. "So what, your gonna kill me hu is that it? whatever happened to blood thicker then water bro" Omni said sarcastically showing some humanity under his cold persona. Infected then went to Omni and grabbed him by his collar "Will you resist?" Infected questioned ".....No" Omni replied before Infected killed Omni with a swift slice of his skull. Infected then turned around to 404 and walked to where the beings were pinning him down, he then knelled down and looked 404 in the eyes "I guess death has taught you nothing after all hu friend?" Infected replied He then got up and looked down at 404 "IF YOU THINK THIS WILL STOP ME YOUR DEAD WRONG!!!" 404 shouted to Infected as he just stood and watched 404. Infected then stomped on 404s skull killing him instantly. Infected picked then picked up 404s soul which spawned where its host died. All Infected had to do now was crush the soul.....that's it wasn't it?. Infected stared at the soul and then the reset button lying there, the beings started to leave seeing the situation had died down. Infected looked at the soul and the button again. "............Man, such a hard choice how will I choose....hmm oh I know just the thing." Infected crushed the soul ending the cycle, but not before stepping on the button on at the same time. Infected: Boy I can't wait to see this result-

[Initiating True Reality do over]




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[Deleting Subjects]

End of Chapter 1, Unknown Variables

Chapter 2 Butterfly Effect

Act 1-10


was born alone in this emptiness, all by myself with no one. Except for the creepy floating purple things and- "I SAID WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Yelled a angry ghost hovering over D2, D2 rose up and met face to face with Infected who had been turned into a wisp due to his attempt at changing the fates of everyone he knew including himself "Why were you asleep for so long?" Infected asked with a serious yet sarcastic tone "Its called sleeping you never have a set amount of time you sleep" D2 stated to Infected trying to cover up the fact he didn't know how to sleep. Infected started at him and then began to float off but not too far since he could only move so far from D2

"What is this?, I wake up with no memory of who or what I am and there are just these purple ghost like things waiting for me!?" D2 thought to himself trying to rationalize the situation. Then suddenly the silence was broken when a black portal opened from nowhere and began to leak a disgusting yet slimy ooze "What'S going on!?" D2 yelled "Be quiet, if it's a threat we'll just kill it" Infected sayed in a calm voice "What!? No!" D2 shouted with mild confidence "WHAT!?" Infected sayed shocked "I refuse to kill, that's not something I'd do, ever!" D2 sayed to Infected with passion, but just as their conversation was getting out of hand soon a small figure approached them and soon it caught their attention. It was a small Little girl with black hair and Empty Black eyes wearing a small white tshirt and a red dress with red shoes.

"Hello there my name is Ten" said the entity

"Impossible" Infected said under their breathe "What are you talking about? Do you know this little girl?" D2 said to Infected curiously "Let's just say last time I saw them they were in my guts digesting" Infceted said to D2 before getting cut off by Ten "So are you all that's left? And I bet that means you must have my powers hu? What a shame and here I was presumed that someone with more knowledge would posses such great power, this must be a great loss for you too Infected" Ten said in a passive aggressive manner. D2 didn't know to react to this creepy kid or how to understand what they were saying. It was still tho, no one moved and no one said anything for about 5 minutes. Everyone except for Ten seemed to be chocking on what they wanted to say, but it's as if their meer presence brought with it fear and dominance, luckly soon someone broken the thick air "Why are you so small?" D2 asked, Infected looked at D2 with a confused face and somewhat pissed off expression while Ten just seemed very annoyed by the claim "You got a problem with people my size? Hu buddy" Ten said a little more aggressively this time around "Oh no I dont at all, to be honest I just haven't had this amount of interaction with anyone since....well ever" D2 told Ten a bit calmer then Infected "So you've been stuck here then? Just why is that? Ten asked "DONT ANSWER THEM D2 THEY'RE HERE TO RUIN EVERYTHING!!! KILL!!! KILL THEM NOW!!!! "Infected shouted at D2 with killing intent while no one else but D2 could hear or see Infected. D2 waited for a while before responding to Ten

"I'm not sure, it seems to be beyond my control" D2 said to Ten "oh I see now" Ten said turning their head away to face the Void of emptiness "YOUR RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!" Infected screamed at D2, but D2 wouldn't listen he didnt have to afterall he's his own person much like Infected...right?

Ten then looked over to D2 with a smile and then began to speak yet again " Wow really? Your stuck, but how is that when you have my powers? You do realize your god now right? " Ten told D2 "God? Your powers?" D2 looked confused as what Ten said to him made no sense at the time but soon would, "Oh dont worry I can help you figure things out, I'll be here to help you" Ten told D2

But Infected knew better.

"Here let me teach you how to use them so bad people wont come and take your life" Ten said in a bit of a teacher like voice, all Infected could do was watch and study Ten to watch for trickery "Are you sure I can do these things? This all seem-" D2 was cutoff by Ten "Oh hush, dont worry about that. I'm here to help you dont worry" Ten told them with a smile on their face. Ten began to teach D2 how to create things such as small rocks and perhaps even sticks here and there, but soon came the real test. "Alright you've done great so far, but now comes the best part making something big. Can you do that? Or try?" Ten said looking over to D2 "I'll give it a whirl" D2 focused his body and mind on making something, anything really, maybe something something slick and smooth....oh that's an idea! D2 then used his new found powers to create a big black house.

Ten looked at him confused, but Infected looked at if as if it was familiar. "A House? You couldn't think of anything bigger?" Ten said to him "I just really wanted to make a house I guess" D2 said putting his arms down tired. Ten looked at him and then to the house and then D2 went to the house and sat on the porch "isn't it pretty cool?" D2 said a little trying to reach Ten's ears, but Ten wasn't listing to watching. "You shouldn't be fucking around with them" Infected said to D2 "why cuz I'm not paying attention to you?" D2 said to Infected with a little bit of attitude "I'm being serious, dont trust them! They're just using you for some bigger purpose!" Infected yelled at D2 "And what is that hu?! The first person who comes here who isn't yelling in my face or cursing me out for just being here arrives and you want them to leave!? Do you just like pushing away caring people!?!?" D2 shouted at Infected " YES!!" Infected yelled before phasing into the house in a fit of rage.

Ten watched the exchange that they presumed to be at first to be just madness from being alone for so long, but now understood what was going on. "Why dont we head inside? Anything's better then being out here" Ten said to D2 walking to the house.

D2 nodded and headed inside with Ten who shut the door behind them.

As soon as Ten and D2 entered the home everything seemed odd, the house was full of pictures of people that D2 didnt recognize. He wondered all of downstairs looking at photos and paintings of people he had no idea of who was in them. He then noticed Infected floating in front of a picture of two kids and a mother and then he saw Ten looking at a red was just red. D2 figured that these two were just looking at some art and photos, but he felt it was much deeper then what he thought it was. He then went to sit down at oddly cluttered dining room table. Ten soon joined him, it was dead silence from everyone for about 5 whole minutes. Eventually Ten broke the silence and said "What's up with the pictures?" They said, I didnt mind answering but the problem was that I didn't make those or even the house, it just kinda popped up when I tried making something. "Perhaps it was a subconscious thought in my head and I made them, I'm not entirely sure tho" D2 said to Ten with a little worry in his voice. Infceted flew around more went to explore the house. Ten and D2 continued to talk. "Who's pictures are these? I-I don't recognize them" D2 said " how odd, perhaps there is something in your mind, some subconscious thought that is driving you that couldn't be tho" Ten was about to finishe they're sentence when they cut themselves off as if to stop themselves from saying something. They played it off and chalked it up to my mind being weird. "So now what will you do? Everything in the palm of your hand, being god isn't easy my friend" Ten said to D2.

D2 looked outside to the Void regretful of what he might have just started.

Infected continued to go throughout the home, he looked out towards a hallway upstairs with 2 doors down it, but instead of going down the hall he instead flew straight up into a secret attic to which he turned around and saw the light from Void shining through a onto an object...

It was a chair with a chain on the floor lying next to it. He looked at it and just stared until the white hue shining from the Void turned into a blood red and at that moment he began to hear the screams of a little boy and a grown women yelling aswell, Infected shook with fear and grief immediately flew back through the floor and went into one of the bedrooms and went in the closet and hid in a fiddle position all while saying "12-1 = 100" repeatedly over and over again.Ten and D2 were getting somewhat along downstairs, D2 began to notice Ten and how silky they're hair was, they were pretty for soulless eyeless being. At that point Ten had told pretty much how creating stuff works and how to use his new found powers, but there was still a few questions he had. "So where do you come from" D2 said in an attempt to get to know Ten, but all they said was "No one needs to know me" They went from cute to terrifying in a split second, honestly impressive if it hadn't been for Infected's warning earlier giving D2 the creeps. Ten then continued to stare at D2, D2 felt as if they were trying to study him or look for something, but after a while they talked yet again "So tell me how much do you remember before you woke" Ten asked, but in they're voice it pretty much sounded like a demand "Uhh well all I remember is waking up and seeing the wisp and-" D2 cut it short afraid of what Ten's reaction would be to hearing Infected's name, at this point the whole conversation had gotten a little weird so D2 excused himself and told Ten he was interested in exploring the house.

in D2s perspective

The conversation back there with Ten was pretty odd, I'm not one to judge someone just upon meeting then tho or at least that's the kinda person I felt I was, the whole lost memory thing was really fucking with me it didn't help that Infected just ditched me and I was getting headaches just from being in this damn house, if I really was connected to Infected then it was showing. I went into a nearby bathroom to clear my head and rub my eyes a little to which I noticed a women in a lab coat standing behind me, I freaked out and turned around in a flash only for her not to be there, I began to sweat buckets and question "why me, why the fuck did I end up being the guy who was tied to a serial killer/genocidal maniac" I calmed myself and leaned against the sink.

And then for some reason for some odd fucked up reason my head turned as if on instinct and I looked towards the toilet. Yet another foggy memory came into my head and I proceeded to walk towards the toilet, not to use it or anything but just to study it, I then bent down and saw behind a hidden hatch to which I grabbed and pulled to which stairs began to appear from the floor and go down into the floor "this house just gets better dosent it" I said to myself trying to remain brave.

Ten's head turned with the response of the floor, but they still remained at the table

I began my desend down into this mysterious little basement, i didn't have to go far until I reached the bottom of the stairs. I saw a metal door accompanied by a combination on the door. Fear flew to my mind as if I had seen the door and knew what it meant, my mind didn't understand it, but it was as if my body had a fight or flight reaction to this. My mind wanted to continue, but my body felt like it weighed 40 tons cause I couldn't move a inch and then that's when I noticed that the wisp were missing, it was bizzare they usually follow me mostly Infected everywhere we went, but they weren't here at all, I was pretty sure that they didn't even come inside the house with us. I knew that this place was fucked up from that moment forward, soon after what felt like an eternity i began to feel my feet shift which was a sign my body was finally responding to me. I eventually made it to the door and the combination, as if by magic I completely knew the combination "121100" and as I punched it in the door opened and a wave of odor and a hideous smell flew into my face like a tidal wave, but I greeted my teeth and moved forward only to find a horrific scene. Dryed blood painted the room, it was everywhere, there were chairs and Instruments of torture all over the place along with 2 medical chairs sitting back to back in the middle of the damn room, but what caught my eye the most was a hidden door barricaded up with the name "100" painted over it were the words "Don't open".

Out if D2s Perspective

D2 felt the heavy weight of the door, but in fear he ran back up stairs and closed the way to the stairs, D2 shook in fear and terror and fell to his knees in sheer...well there are no words to describe it. "How was the truth" Ten said sitting on the sink dangling their legs, D2 through up in shock and fear "oh man your such a baby" Ten whispered and then walked to D2 as he was kneeling over his vomit "But you know you've done worse then that remember" Ten whispered to D2, he then rose quickly and leaned against the wall "N-No...this isn't me, I REFUSE TO BE ANYTHING LIKE HIM! I'M MY OWN PERSON I'M D2 NOT INFECTED!!!" D2 shouted not only trying to make Ten know and understand but for himself too. Ten looked at him with a shock and then a smile "oh I see, your trying to be different? Well sorry to say you're stuck in this loop now" Ten said with sass, D2 wondered how could someone be like this, be so awful and yet in a odd way innocent. He needed to know the truth or at least find a way to stop this sick way of life that would make him into something he would never want to be. D2 then just stood there exhausted and clearly out of it, Ten went over and sat on the toilet seat "....Soooo Mr.Vomit boy, what now? Will you strive for change or will be one of those people who seek change and take it?" Ten told him "....I'll take the change thanks" D2 answered still exhausted "What are you doing here Ten? What exactly are you looking for?" D2 asked them

"Oh nothing really-"

Just a pair of Good Eyes...

Acts 12 - 20

D2 and Ten would sit at the dining room table for a while before D2 rose from his seat instantly "What's your problem now?" Ten said annoyed "Strawberry" D2 said "What?" Ten replied "I like strawberry which means he likes it too" D2 said before hurrying off towards the kitchen, Ten followed shortly after. Ten soon arrived to a messy kitchen and D2 reading from a cook book, "What the hell are you doing, your making a damn mess!?" Ten yelled at D2 "Baking a Cake, a Strawberry Cake!" D2 proclaimed as he tried mixing stuff together "But uhhh cooking is harder then I thought" D2 said with less confidence then when he entered the kitchen "why dont you just create a cake? You have god powers!" Ten reminded him with sass. "Yea I know but if you dont do it by yourself handmade then theres more love there" D2 said with care as he continued to attempte to cook a cake. Some wisp entered the kitchen and saw and looked curious "Oh it's you guys, hey uh I need some flour think you can get it for me?" D2 asked the wisp, they looked confused at first until a tiny wisp then began to float around and look for flour then shortly after the rest began to help.

Ten was watching in disbelief as D2 and the wisp began to cook and work together "Hey Ten, wanna help me out? Could always use a extra hand" D2 said to Ten "......." Ten looked around at everything and everyone helping out and they didn't even know what for too, but even from all the sturdiness and ridiculous antics...

"Do you have a Apron" Ten said with a smug look

Ten and D2 and the wisp continued to cook downstairs "so do you know anything about baking exactly" D2 asked Ten "Well I was born from a Egg so alot of those cooking skills didn't really come in handy + I was born into godhood so I never really had to do anything for myself except live and survive otherwise no not really" Ten answered while staring at D2 "....Well there's always a time for anything Hehehahha..heh" D2 replied. He was never sure how to feel about Ten, they seemed to be alright yet never seemed to open up, perhaps he could try at least. "Sooooooooo uhh do you live around here" D2 tried saying in a cool manner, but Ten merely ignored him and kept working on the eggs. The wisp chuckled in the background, but stopped when D2 looked back at them. "You know for a murder your quiet the softy huh?" Ten said to him "I'm no murder, at least it's not who I am now, I wanna change and be better" D2 replied. The air yet again grew thin as if to say Ten was expecting a more exaggerated answer. Then D2 decided to place frosting on Ten's nose "Why would you do that!? Do you just like to aggravate me!?" Ten said aggressively, but D2 merely snickered and laughed "Heheh you really are crazy only a complete madman would laugh at a time like this, hell I don't even know why your cooking!? Can't you see that these are not happy times!?" Ten yelled but they were ignored by D2's constant laughing "...DO YOU NOT SEE THAT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS HURT AND STILL HURTING!? HAVE YOU LOST ALL SENSE RYAT YOUR LAUGHING YOUR FUCKING PAIN AWAY!?" Ten screamed at him, but D2 continued to laugh "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!!?!?" Ten scream. "Because Ten, it's funny seeing you breakdown something so simply as you and me spending some time together making and baking a cake and having a good time" D2 looked at them with a smile but it went away when Ten began to cry black tears and threw down they're apron and walked out of the kitchen.

D2 looked down at the apron and picked it up. "Theres no escape" a voice said behind D2, he turned around and the whole room went black as this little boy appeared sitting on the conter. The wisp looked away in fear of the boy and some even flew away, D2s head began to hurt and crack a little just by looking at him. "Our pain is infinite, no matter how hard you try you'll never escape, now come along" the young boy extended his hand towards D2 and red blaring lights shined on him with a screeching siren noise wailing in his skull crawling and destroying his mind, his eyes began to bleed as if the pain couldn't bear to be held inside any longer. D2 fell against the counter behind him and the boy jumped off the counter and began to walk towards him "Remember our purpose, Remember our pain. How they made us feel, how they made Y.O.U F.E.E.L" the boys words crushed D2s spirt and hopes along with his dreams, the lights got louder and soon the roof of the house flew off and showed thousands of Shooting stars flying through the Void, until one massive one came down and was about crash right onto D2, D2s sweat was soaking through his clothes and his eyes were lifeless as the Boy stood in front of him.

"THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR US" the comet fell with those last words and suddenly...

D2 found himself on the floor of the kitchen dripping in sweat and his eyes drained if color.

D2 got up when he heard the sound of the oven beeping and he opened it up to reveal a nice well cooked strawberry cake. The wisp looked at D2 for a second and then scattered and flew in all directions, D2 looked at them exhausted and confused and then as he turned around in the microwave's reflection he noticed he had grew a crack on his head. D2 felt sick, but determined to continue on what he started took the cake upstairs and searched each room for Infected until he found the room, he noticed it by the purple light coming from the closet "Infected?" D2 called out to him as he got closer, but he received no response eventually D2 made it to the closet and opened it to find Infected turned to the corner of the closet. He then turned around and saw D2 and immediately went berserk "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!? DONT YOU KNOW WHAT FUCKING PRIVACY IS!!!" Infected slammed the closet shut in D2s face "....I made you a cake, well I had some help...the wisp and Ten helped make it. I thought you might like it since it's in your favorite flavor" D2 said calmly as he could. D2 then got up and walked put of the room and went downstairs to look for Ten, but he couldn't find them. He shouted their name as much as possible, but no response.

He was about to give up before he heard crying coming from the downstairs bathroom. He knocked "Ten? ok?" D2 said "Leave me alone" Ten sniffled "Hey look I'm sorry for what I said back there I know that-" but before D2 could fo finshe he was cut off by Ten "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!, Do you know that I'm one of millions of siblings!? Do you know that my own father wanted to devour us all just so he could grow Bigger!?! Do you know that my own mother abandoned me in this cursed reality!?...she said she'd be back...but she never came back...did you know that?" Ten continued to weep after that. D2 didn't know what to he just leaned against the door and as so he felt Ten do the same from vibration. "Ten...i-i dont know what to say..." D2 said helplessly "Dont say anything...just dont say anything" Ten told him. It felt like forever that they were there, but soon D2 yet again broke the silence "Ten, I promise to never ever make you helpless again and...I won't abandon you" D2 said with as much confidence as he could muster " you swear?" Ten responded

"I swear on whatever sanity I have by the end of this" D2 replied

Acts 20-21

D2 and Ten sit on the couch of the living room. "This is all my fault or was...I need to fix this I need to mend Alphatale together again" D2 said "D2 if you haven't noticed we'er the exact people they hate, why should we stick out necks out for those we killed and made suffer?" Ten told him "Sometimes Ten doing an act of good is even better then any kind of reward. We may have hurt them, but now its time to save them" D2 replied. Ten looked at him and smiled slightly "You people always manage to surprise me, but what can I say you've lot have always been bigger then what you seem" Ten said sounding genuinely for once "Thanks Ten" D2 said looking at Ten, Ten and D2 stared at each other for a bit until "You step gonna fuck each other or what?" Infected said eating the last piece of his strawberry cake. Ten and D2 backed away from each other groaning and sounding annoyed "oh shit I was joking are you serious!?" Infected said in Jackass like fashion.

Soon Ten, D2 and Infected were standing near the door to the Void. "I can remake Alphatale?" D2 said shocked "Yes you can, but without its assets it wont be complete world. You must find the 3 other keys, Alpha, Omni and 404" Infected did a low growl at the mention of Williams's identity. "So I need to go and find...those guys or something?" D2 said trying to understand. As Ten tried to explain a weird light appeared outside, D2 and the other looked out the windows of the house and saw a whole array of different Sansses standing outside the house. "That dosent look good" D2 said as he looked outside...

"It isn't" Ten said

"Come out! We know your in there!" Shouted a sans with a flaming eye, "Those guys look like they know how to have a nice time" Infected said sarcastically before a bone went flying through him "..." Ten and D2 looked a little shock "Woah that could have been horrible hehehHhahahahahh" Infected said just not caring. "Your Au is a threat to this Multiverse and to the existence of others, we're asking you now to either turn yourselves in or die" said a sans with a third eye "Great now what?" Ten said "I'll try talking to them" D2 said as he walked outside

The folks outside saw D2 and got ready to attack before "Wait! Dont fire or anything. Listen we don't have to fight or kill each other, I'm sure we can reach a mutual conclusion " D2 said before being bombarded with bones and blasters, miraculously he made it back inside. "Yeah they definitely-" D2 found that Ten and Infected were gone. D2 looked around the place in search of them only to hear noise coming from the bathroom basement, D2 ran down when he heard fighting. He came upon Ten being Held hostage by a tall women and that Infected had been stomped into purple goo. "What is this! Let my them go now!" D2 said trying to sound somewhat intimidating "Heheh so this is what the monstrous Infected has turned into, what a joke" Alpha!Betty said mocking D2

"So then let's get straight to the point" Alpha!Betty said

"The only way to release ourselves is to strip away from this reality, can't you see how much this world hates us" Alpha!Betty said beginning to choke Ten with one hand and has Kumu continuously biting down on Infected to stop him from regenerating "I dont know what your talking about, but if your with Alphatale you and I should be on the same side, come on be rational and see that we should be sticking together" D2 tried convincing Betty as he heard the house door barge open up stairs and loads of footsteps going on "You dont get it, it's already in motion! You didn't stop anything you idiot all you did was put it in reverse!" Alpha!Betty began to yell at D2 and just as things were getting explained they heard the sound of the other sansses banging on the other side of the door.

D2 and Ten and Betty looked at the Door "Look your either with me or against me, CHOOSE!" Alpha!Betty yelled at D2, D2 looked nervous unsure of what to do everyone is against him right now, but just as he was about to decide all wisp drop down into the basement knocking Betty and Ten away from each other and completely stopping Kumu setting Infected free. "DO YOU WANNA LIVE!?" Infected shouted at D2 "I want Ten and us to be ok, Can you do that!?" D2 shouted at Infected. "Good" Infected said smiling as he went inside of the crack in D2s skulk in which purple lights flared up and began to blare out of D2 until he went limp and fell over just in time for the other sansses to barge in.

"Well well looks like the gangs all here" said Syno as the others restrained Betty and Ten. D+ kicked D2's lifeless body "Wow talk about a scene what kind of fucking psycho has a basement like this?" D+ remarked, but right as they were getting ready to leave D2'S body rose and his mouth extended to an unnatural and rips off D+s whole face and then rips him arm off and and uses it as a spear and throws it straight through Hysteria's head. Everyone still in shock over what just happened D2 rips off his jacket and begins to stretch.

"D2?" Ten said

"Nope" replied Infceted

"Someday we're gonna see the stars, right Jacob" said Ares "...right, the stars" replied Jacob

A distant memory buzzes through a murderer's head as he goes flying through the air until his inevitable fall back down to the hard ground

"...such a distant feeling, like bees in my head and yet I feel...I feel WOW that was cryptic. Man I'm not the sensitive type" Infceted said, He then got up and looked back at the house to see Another!Sans teleported onto the roof. "You know iv heard about you, the mass murder, the grim reaper and Mr.Dinnerpants?" Another looked at Infected when he uttered Infected's odd nickname "HehehehahhaHAHAHAH wheezes HAHAHAHAHAH Continues to wheeze HehehehhehehHahah" Infected began to laugh hysterically as he found ot hilarious, but Another was just standing there as Infecred continued to laugh 'Ok ok ok ok ok ITS NOT THAT FUNNY!!!" Another said trying to be taken somewhat seriously

"Oh come on dont be such a buzz kill slick that shits comedy fuckin gold Infceted boast "That's enough, you've monolouged long enough" Another began to fire his hyper beam at Infected in which the wisp guarded Infected.

The wisp try to devour Another!Sans all while Another blast the swarm with his Hyper beam, Infected while Another was distracted went back into the basement to find Syno and the rest of the other Sansses tieing up an unconscious Alpha!Betty and a struggling Ten aswell as a young Ares running around the basement..."Jacob, come and play with me! Do you think you could play bad guy again just this once?" Ares asked Jacob as Jacob entered the basement looking sad "Brother is everything ok?" Ares asked "'s nothing" Jacob replied. Infected stared for merly a few moments before dodging a horde of bones and finally catching a bone with his left hand "....exhaled fuck me...I'm truly am starting to remember aren't I? He wiped sweat from his head" Infected then began to fight the other sansses. Using his huge strength he bashed Fell.B against a wall and then summoned a large bone to swing and send Swap.W flying backwards "So what do you do?" Infected said looking at Syno "....oh I just remembered I can do this" Syno said as he teleported away. "Running like a Bitch, I'll remember that" Infected said as he walked through the basement, he walked over to Ten and uncut them from their restraints "So is it over?" Ten asked

A HyperBeam shot through the roof, Infceted and Ten looked up to see Another!Sans looking down at them crushing a wisp under his foot with tattered cloths

"Ah just one left" Infected said with a smile

Infected and Another fought all over the house destroying and as Infected fought he saw Ares and Jacob yet again around the house

"Jacob my brother I'm sorry, I never intended to hurt you nor did I ever want your ending to be so...gruesome. oh dear Brother I only wish I had another chance to see you again" Ares said to a bandaged up Jacob sitting on the couch. Infected got shot with the HyperBeam, but luckly dodged the next 3 shots He then jumped through the hole in the ceiling to the roof only for him to see Jacob and D2 waiting for him up there

Infected ignored them and kept fighting "This fight should have been over by now" Jacob told himself "Your losing it aren't you..

Your Madness all over again" Jacob said "Don't listen to him Infected keep fighting!" D2 said, and so just when Another was about to get another shot in Infected used one of the titles from the roof and threw it right into Another's thrid eye destroying it completely.

"Yes, destroy it, Destroy this cursed place and all it stands for, it's just another Infection upon our hardened hide" Jacob protested "Dont forget all the happier moments you've had here! Even though the past is hard and unbearable you should never forget the best parts of life" D2 yelled Infected fell to one knee as he began to sweat uncontrollably. His body felt like a million tons were being dropped on him, and with every attempt to stand his mind began to split into two

"Dont forget about us" said two voices in front of him...and as he looked up he saw Ares and The Void Empress looking at him.

Infected then rose up again, even though the weight was nearly unbearable he rose up yet again. Another!Sans looked at him with his regular eyes which as soon as he looked at Infected Infected's legs imploded on themselves "Woah what the-" Infected went rolling off the roof and fell down onto the hard ground outside the house yet again except this time Ares layed next to him. "Everyday is such a chore" Ares said "Sorry" Jacob said lying next to him "Sorry, Bro your the reason I get through the harsh times, I love you bro" Ares told Jacob. Jacob stared at Ares with a pleasant smile and then looked up again "I love you too" replied Infceted, but a shadow passed over them in which it was A Blaster getting ready to fire at him, but the wisp came around again and tackled it and all other Blasters that spawned. Just then Another!Sans jumped from the roof and landed next to Infected "You put up one hell of a fight, but now it's time for the Killer to be put to rest" Another said as he got ready to kill Infected "MOVE!!!" Jacob shouted, D2 was about to say something until he saw the front door open. Another got ready to fire and then was pushed from behind by Ten, the distraction long enough for Infected to reach to Another's back and rip his spine out.

"...He looked at Ten" And then Ten turned and looked at him "D2?..." Ten said a bit worried

"Yea...its me" said D2 as he hurriedly threw the spine away rubbing the blood on his shirt.

D2 limps back inside the house and walks upstairs "Where you going? You going to sleep or something?" Ten said staring at him "Naw just gonna lay down for a bit" D2 said while making his way all the way upstairs. Ten watched as D2 dissapred up stairs and then they went to the bent to check on Alpha!Betty who was still tied up and unconscious. Ten then entered D2s room after searching for it for about 2 minutes. "So your just lounging around?" Ten said to D2 as he layed in the bed "I'm thinking" D2 said as he played with a pencil he found "Thinking of what? Dont you think we should be looking for the other assets?" Ten said sarcastically "...Betty mentioned something about Reality, do you think they meant like actual reality?" "Well I wasn't around alot during my growing up in the Transvoid, but I do know that there does exist alternate Realities that may be separate from our own" Ten said "...I get it now" D2 sayed as he sat on the bed from laying on it. "What?" Ten asked "I do in fact believe that the reason my memories are all jumbled up is because there's stuff up in here pointed to his head. They're in here blocking my memories with there's" D2 told Ten

"Well it must be pretty cluttered in there hu? Ten said "Well I'm still able to Think so I think I'm doing fairly well, why?" D2 asked, Tem began to leave the room "Well I was just suggesting that if your head is ever feeling cluttered I hope you can allow me to uncluttere it for you" Ten said as they walked back out the room

"...holy shit" D2 said clutching his chest "it's a fucking squ-" Infceted got interrupted by D2 "DONT RUIN THIS FOR ME!!!

Ten and D2 stood the in basement and talked over what to do while Phantom Infected is there looking around "So what do we do with them and the junk in your head?" Ten said to D2, but D2 wasn't paying attention and was staring at the 100 labeled door. He then saw William and Adam enter the room and shut it behind, D2 got a little exhausted and tired but Kept his cool.

"This place is so evil" D2 remarked "All places are evil D2, they only look nice because of the construction that covers them" Ten explained. D2 touched the 100 and behind it he could hear the sound of bubbles and loud clanging noises "There's something going on in there" D2 said to Ten "Screw subtly and let's just fucking barge in Kill whatevers there!!" Infected yelled to D2 "No it's all about trying to be calm and in control otherwise we lose all control of the situation" D2 said but of course Infected interjected "CONTROL!? THE BEST KIND OF CONTROL IS NOT BEING IN CONTROL!!! SITUATIONS ARE MERLY EVENTS SOCIETY USES TO CONTROL US IN PUBLIC!!!!!" Infected shouted before beginning to posses a random chair in the corner and making it rock back in forth very violently ".........." Ten & D2 had no response for that and decided to continue with their conversation "May you open the door" Ten asked D2, D2 nodded and opened the door.

once the door was opened multi different pods and containers were labeled Adam and William and different Boxes labeled the same way, but then D2 looked in horror as he saw further down the way were bodies upon bodies of William's and Adam's piled ontop of each other.

"This....This is a Nightmare" D2 said

D2 began to walk towards the pile of clones and examined them "Th-This can't be, this can't be real, what's happening!?" And just as he said that D2 he saw in the far cenrer of the room a giant Tank filled with a Green liquid with the label 100 on it. "'s here isn't it" D2 said just as a young William ran past him in fear "No, No I dont wanna go I dont wanna!" William said as he ran behind the tank and dissapeared. "This is where it all happened, this has to be the main lab" D2 walked to the center of the room and stared at the name on the tank, as such Ten waits outside the roon. Just as D2 got close a voice whispered from behind the tank "12-1 = 100 is what she told me, in ever timeline I exist, there is a piece of me in ever one of you" a 7 foot large skeleton hand grabbed the side of the tank

D2 jumped back in fear and watched in horror as a large naked skeleton with red beaty eyes turned from the otherside of the tank. "Thank you for letting me in" but just as 100 finished his right arm extended grabbing D2 and slamming him into every wall and corner and then through him out of the room entirely, D2 got up "ERASE HIM D2 YOU HAVE THE POW-" Ten shouted but was interrupted by 100 barging out of the room and slapping them away. Before D2 could react 100 was already in his face trying to kill him, but the wisp were already swarming him and eating away at 100, but just as they were 100 began to devour the wisp and fain their powers, 100 then grabbed a wisp and threw it away only to grab D2 next. "Stand down 100 or I'll be forced to delete you !" D2 said threatening 100 "Go ahead, but how can you delete me if you dont know who your Deleting?" 100 said as D2 began to sweat

"I had strings, but now I'm free" Said 100

Acts 21- 35

D2 struggled against 100s grip but it wouldn't be long and 100 would throw him aside and make his way to the basement exit "Remember to always count, 12-1, bath hour is coming, dont forget cant forget 100 clawed at his skull errrhhaggh remember that remember.....remember have to go have to go have to go have to gooooo 100 ran away and a loud slam echoed through the house D2 looked deshelved yet again and then went over to help Ten only for them to melt into a black sludge and onto the floor "What!!?" D2 said before being interrupted "You'll never get a good ending" said Jacob sitting in one of the surgical chairs "Not you again, didnt I make it clear I'm not one of you!?" D2 shouted, Jacob's smile then turned into a hideous frown only for him to fall over onto his face limp and lifeless with a giant hole in his back "W-What the Fuck!?!!" D2 said as he looked in horror only to see a giant pink hand slam down on the chair destroying it and it grabbed the Jacob doll and pulled it into the darkness.

"Well well well, What have we here" a female voice said, as soon as those words were said hundreds of cell blocks appeared illuminated by light however the inside of them still pitch black. D2 got up and just as he did Hands bursted out of each Cell clawing and grabbing for the light that was too far out of reach, D2 began to sweat and become dizzy as he continued to walk down the hallway to a door at the very end all while being yelled at by others inside the cells(edited)

" IM NOT THE SICK ONE YOU UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!" Yelled a voice from Cell A1

" I HATE EVERYTHING!!! I HATE YOU AND EVERYONE TOO!!" Shouted a voice from cell A2


as D2 got closer to the door he could hear the sounds of crawling in unseen vents

"Pssst hey hey, i-i got a itch and only you can help me get it, so please come closer" said a voice from cell B2


" .......I have to pee" whispered a voice from cell C2

as D2 got closer a Phantom Infected flew through the air screaming and cursing at nothing and soon dissapeared into the darkness "12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1" said a voice from cell D1

D2 came upon the last cell he was expecting to hear a voice or shouting, but instead he heard nothing and instead was met with silence.

"The good doctor will see you now" said a voice as the door at the end of the hall opened to reveal...

A Chair.

D2 walked into the dim Room and as soon as he did was bashed in the back of the head by a unseen force, but when he turned around on floor saw that it was a faceless Infected. It picked him up and began dragging him towards the chair, they eventually got to it and the Facless put D2 in the chair and strapped him down. The lights in the room flickered and flickered until D2 woke up wearing a straight jacket and in a white room. "W-What is this He struggled in his restraints WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!" D2 shouted at the top of his lungs, but then Jacob appeared from behind him "its seems you've experienced some pretty big traumatic events, hu?. Well thanks to your curiosity it seems your trapped in your own mind and until you find the...oh nevermind you'll know when you see it, you found before anyway" Jacob said before snickering "God Dammit FUCK YOU KID!!!" D2 yelled at himself " here I'll get you started Jacob opened up his cell and then walked out sweet dreams killer" Jacob said before walking away.

D2 got up out of his chair feeling dizzy and nausea and had a burning headache, he then made his way out his room only to find himself in another hallway with rows of cells, some open and some not.

"HEY YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" Yelled a voice down the hall

D2 looked down the hall only to see Infected in a asylum outfit along with 10 others just like him all wielding weapons or dangerous tools

"HE HAS THE WHEEL!!! KILL HIS FUCKING ASS!!" Said one of the Infecteds

They began to run down the hall and in response D2 ran down a hall to his left, he saw many other Infected's as he ran. He saw blood on the walls and inmates killing other inmates

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!" D2 said running, but before he could react he fell into a hole that he didnt see and he fell down into the sewers of whatever place he was locked up in.

as D2 got up he saw another Infected covered in blood from head to toe stomping on the already broken skull of another Infected shouting slurs and yelling at it. D2 then noticed he was lying in a pool of blood and immediately got up

"FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!! YOUR THE SICK ONE NOT ME NOT ME!!!" the Infected said before noticing D2 "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOH LOOKING AT!? YOU JUDGING ME!? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CLAW YOUR GODDAMN EYES OUT!!" the Infected threatened D2 till D2 left which he did.

"...w-what the fuck!?" D2 said as he ventured through the bloody sewers. He could hear more screaming and yelling throught the dark sewers, he heard bangs and clangs and running and the splashing of water in every direction. Eventually D2 leaned against on one of walls of the sewers and just needed to breathe.

"This this cant be it can it!?, theres no fucking way that this...

Is my head" D2 said already knowing the answer.

D2 kept venturing through the sewers until he found a staircase leading up towards the prison yard, D2 went up there and looked at the yard looking for...well whatever it was he was looking for.

Just then A random Infected was thrown through one of the high levels of the facility and landed on his head killing him instantly, D2 looked up to see who it was and saw that it was a group of Infecteds who were still looking out the window

"Are you ok? Said a voice behind D2, he then turned around and saw a little girl behind him "uhhh not really to be honest I think I'm going insane ...all over again" he said looking down at the ground "Dont worry I'll help you keep it together I promise the little girl went to D2 and cut off one of his straight jacket straps and held it so long as I hold this I promise you'll remain safe even if it is by a slever and I will help you find your way. " the little girl said and then smiled.

From there D2 and the girl continue to walk throughout the asylum where people are killed and shouting and yelling can be heard from ever direction. D2 becomes even more and more disheveled as his crack in his skull grows wider and he begins to lose the pupils in his eye, but the little girl continues to walk with him and guide him to where he needs to go.

D2 begins to grow hysterical and begins to shout and yell a few times himself all while trying to keep moving forward, eventually they make it back to the room D2 woke up in "Hey what is this shit!? You said you'd help me find my way!?" D2 yelled at the girl "I did" said the girl as she then pointed to the chair in the middle of the room "....." D2 couldn't find anything to say but the girl did "Will you stand or will you sit?" Asked the girl.

D2 walked to the chair in the room and stood in front of it

"All of this hell, all of this pain and all of this trama. Let it all burn to nothing let all of these walls fall and the ceilings fall, all of it is...nothing but pain" D2 told himself as once he blinked he found himself in the attic facing the chair he found there, he then looked at himself and found himself out of the restraints.

D2 then without hesitation grabbed the chair and ripped it and the chain holding it out of the wall and began to smash it and smash it and smash it...

And smash it.

D2 then threw the last leg of the broken chair away and turned to see the little girl waiting outside his cell "So are you ready to meet the good doctor?" The girl asked. D2 nodded and walked with the little girl holding her hand all the way through the facility, through their walk they see more and more inmates lined against cells and walls all yelling and shouting.

As D2 and the girl walked towards a hallway where a lone of infecteds stand all waiting in line to a door with the initials of A.S

"What is this?" D2 asked "A line, a line waiting for a doctor that will never come" the girl said, D2 looked in anger as he walked to the front of the line and brakes down the door.

D2 walked inside to see the Astral Mother sitting on a chair in a clean room filled with photos of her children and her accomplishments along with trophies and more and a empty calander

Astral Mother: Well Well, what have we here

"Goodbye boy scout" the Astral Mother said as she began to walk away, but as she was just about go up the stairs a giant bone appeared and blocked the stairs. "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE YOU HEARTLESS WITCH!!" D2 shouted and just then all the Infecteds in line looked at the Astral Mother with killing intent "It's about time someone showed you not fuck other people's kids you fucking bitch!" D2 growled

all the Infecteds began to close in on the Astral Mother while D2 stood in the back fuming

"Ah see, so it's not just your fail safe that you've lost, but also your memeory. Well allow me to jog it back" the Astral Mother said * She then stripped her clothes until she had on only her Tshirt and her sport shorts*

"Let's get straight to the fucking point" D2 said

"Yes lets" The Astral Mother replied firing a god ray tr D2 only to be guarded by Infecteds to take the hit for him*

The Astral Mother then jumped up 5 feet and while doing so was bombarded by bones and wisp from all around, but she dodged every single one and killed 6 Infecteds with her god Ray's even spreading her fingers put firing 7 at a time. D2s rage began to overflow until more Infecteds filled the room crawling out of vents and springing out of door ways. The Astral Mother kept up with the pace and killed each one that approached her.*

"Alright I think you've held my attention long enough son "It's Bath time" " she stated and suddenly D2 fell to the ground unconscious along with each of the other Infecteds with him. "Good that still works she stared at D2 on the ground I should kill you now and take possession of that power, but I have feeling you'll be doing me a good service soon, but I also know that so long as you keep rejecting yourself and all that you've done you'll never be better then me and you'll always be my...

Frankenstein" she said to him.

D2 woke up hours later and looked around for the Astral Mother, but to no avail she was gone

"Dammit Dammit DAMMIT!!!!!" D2 smashed his hand against a wall and kept punching it " Had her right in front of me, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND WHAT DO I DO!? I PANIC!!!....but what was I supposed to do" D2 said crying, but just then infected arrived coming down the stairs "its you" D2 said "Well yes it's me your in my head" Infected said "What are you doing here?" D2 asked "Well isn't that the mystery. Hey look I'm gonna be really shouldn't be here alot of this is my fault and your experiencing all of it because I cant deal with it any longer." Infected told D2 "So then what happens now? I still dont know what to do!? I'm stuck in this hellscape and I have no idea on how to get out of here...I think we might just be lost forever" D2 said falling to his knees "for all I know history will just repeat itself" D2 told himself.

"It wont" said the little girl as she approached "oh it's you, what are you doi g here? "I'm here to help him" the little girl said pointing to Infected "...i think I get it" D2 said as the little girl walked to Infected Infected didnt look at her at first, but then he did and was surprised by her features, the little girl had black hair with pale bling eyes "...look little girl I cant do it anymore ok? I finally have a chance to be free and alone, why on earth would I give that up?" Infected asked her

"I live on the far side of my local neighborhood where me and my father live. He takes care of me, even though he didnt have the best family in the world it was alright, he taught that it's ok to ignore what other people think and that I should let my friendly nature grow on an infection" she said while smiling

Omni sat in the living room waiting for a answer while Infected was in the attic " Well guess this must be what it feels to have someone again, god I hate it and why does it not feel anything like i thought it would...and yet somehow I...forget it, it dosent matter infected began to put his jacket on" infected told himself "I owe you alot D2, thanks for letting me back in" Infected said

Infected then looked at the chair in the attic and left it and the attic alone

Infected went downstairs and saw Omni waiting for him "Finally made up your mind?" Omni asked 'DONT PATRONIZE ME WONDER BOY!!! Infected began to breathe rapidly You dont know shit about what I've been through so dont come here thinking your my hero!" Infected shouted at Omni "I'm not your god damn hero, I'm your brother" Omni told Infected "I'm not here to baby you Jacob I'm here for you. I haven't forgotten what you've done to me and everyone else, but I also can acknowledge how all that might have affected you, but I'm not here to baby you" Omni told Infected.

Infected stared at Omni and vice versa

Omni and Infected stared each other down till the front door opened and Omni and Infected stared at who it was

"I hope you boys aren't arguing when you both know we're running on a tight schedule" said...

The Void Empress

"M-Mother" *Infceted said has his smile began to go away and he then fell to his knees "I thought you were dead?" Infected asked "Death my son is merly a pitstop in the endless void of existence" The Void Empress replied as she walked inside closing the door " Now that we're all together again let's cut to the chase shale we?" Omni said "As I'm sure Omni has already mentioned the situation. You and your brother shall go to the Transvoid and stop the coming threat. As for me well I'll be em embarking on my own expedition" The Void Empress said.

She then turned around to see Omni still standing by the door and Infected get up and stare at her

"It really is good to see you boys again" The Void Empress said with a smile on her face, but then she looked around the place and then to the bathroom "Where is her other subject?" The Void Empress asked "Gone" Infected replied "so, that's how it is then...god I love the rain, it washes away all the worries and all the sorrow some hold onto their person everyday. Someday i hope we can all experience it together" The Void Empress said

We leave Infected to go and see familiar somebody in a very tight spot

[Deleting Subject 2...Error Encountered]

[Sending Subject 2 to Location 8]

[Sending...Sending...Sending...Sending Complete]

In a far distant world we find one of our heroes in a luscious green World filled with extraordinary lands and even more Extraordinary beasts, he lay there unconscious and alone in a jungle only to be discovered by a old man in a grey cloak

"Well Well this really is a surprise, this might explain the disturbance. Well cant leave you out here to freeze to death" said the old man

The old man dragged out sleeping "hero" to his cottage near the edge of the woods

Soon 404 would wake up in shock "I-Is this heaven? He looked around and felt his chest to see his garments were removed and replaced with regular much older garments what is this?" 404 said, but then the old man came into the room with some bread and pourage. He saw that 404 was awake "oh good your up, I was worried your wounds would be to great, luckily i still got it in me to heal others" said the old man "Old man you better start making , first where am I and second what day and year is it!?" 404 shouted from the bed he was on "Well first off, my name isn't Old man, its Merlin and the day is Thursday of the year 8970" Merlin said in a calm manner 404s eyes froze "WHAT THAT CANT BE RIGHT!!! HOW LONG WAS I OUT!?" 404 got up and looked outside to see a forest out by the horizon "If your worried about your reality, its fine I presumed you were asking about this one"

404 took a step back from the window and looked at Merlin

"What do you mean reality?" 404 asked

Merlin and 404 sat down at a fire outside the little cottage " This isn't your reality hu bud? I figured since your unlike anything I've seen here" said Merlin "You guys don't have talking skeletons?" Said 404 "No we do, just none that look like you" said Merline "this reality is one many others my friend and like no other aswell, There are a total of 10 Realities and 2 lands that oversee them. There is the White Horizon and the Wicked Throne each one holding a hideous truth." Merlin explained "This cant be right, all of the knowledge I have is only about Multiverses and that's it...I would have never thought that there would be so much beyond that" 404 replied "It's not your fault, it would appear and I can sense it too that your mind has some locked information that has been hidden from you" Merlin said "WHAT!? So your telling me I used to know these things, but my brain just cut them out !? 404 exhaled for what felt like the first time in forever... so I guess that means I'm pretty far from home hu?" 404 asked "That part we'll have to find out, but I sense that theres more to you then what you think" Merlin said

"I hope not" 404 replied

" I can see it inside you, the information in your mind I believe could give you the extra push you need" Merlin told 404 "...signs I dont know Merlin... iv never been good at accepting the past" 404 said with weight "Well if you ever want to go home you'll have to face it and i mean all of it" Merlin replied

404 looked at his hands and began to shake a bit before regaining control over himself "I'm ready" 404 answered with confidence "Iv heard that line before many a times and iv seen broken men and women all the more, shall we?" Merlin asked "Go ahead" 404 answered

Merlin then used a weird kind of magic that encapsulated 404 and as soon as it did 404's Mind was opened and all knowledge that was hidden or locked away from him was now in his full use

404 fell down to the ground on his hands and knees "Oh my god the cycle, my past lives, this life and my life's all..does it matter? If iv been reborn and reincarnated over and over and over again then what's the point of living a full life? I must Rmember why I do what I do..."404 said "The cycle, such a curious phenomenon" Merlin said "Wait how do you know of it?" 404 asked "Well son that's because the cycle has been around a long time my friend, the cycle is a fundamental function of the known order" Merlin stated "What!? How old am i!?!!?" 404 shouted "No doubt older then most of these planets and worlds, maybe even a galaxy or two hehhahhahhah" Merlin chuckled as 404 began to realize how meaningless...

His existence and life has been

404 got back up and looked at Merlin "So if that's true then that means Alpha and Infected are...oh god" 404 brushed his hand over his head wailing away sweat with his words weighing again on him "Your previous lives seem to be taking a toll on you along with the weight of your destiny" Merlin reminded 404 "I dont believe in destiny just making my own path" 404 told Merlin "Well my friend there are plenty of people who would disagree" Merlin told him "Well I'm not most people" 404 told Merlin

"...if iv lived for so long and met so many people then do the ones who have now even matter?" 404 asked himself "No! Dont give in to that feeling, that feeling that nothing matters anymore, dont let the feeling that the people your attached to and the bonds you make dont matter. They do matter and the effect of what your presence means to all these other worlds and existences is a huge deal, I know you have the strength to overcome that feeling. Just remember all of the people who have gotten you this far " Merlin told 404 "God...I wish I could meet them now that I know, all the people who supported me over the years...I wish I could meet them" 404 said looking down "Oh speaking of that, I have a promise to fulfill, follow me" Merlin said before getting up and walking towards the house "Where are yo-" 404 was about to ask before seeing something too familiar appear in the door

a Tall women with white hair wearing a white gound accompanied by large Angelic wings

"Iv waited for you for so long, my son" said the women "what?, look I think you might have the wrong skeleton" 404 said "oh no, How could I forget my little Will, my strong silver knight" the women said, 404 froze at the mention of his name and then turned all the way to face the women "H-How do you know my name?" 404 asked "Because I named you, i wouldn't expect you to remember because of the cycle and all, but here you are again" the women said looking at him

Merlin then brought some tea to give to everyone

" ...God all this cycle stuff is overwhelming...all the people I left behind and the memories...oh god the memories" 404 said trying to battle a headache "Yes, the conduits are indeed cursed to live a life of endless reincarnation, but it is what you do with your life at that time which is what matters" said the women

404 looked up at the women with a troubled looked

"While your other conduit kin forget or try to bury the past it is you, you William you will accepte it and rise from those ashes like a Phoenix, you were always born for a greater purpose" said the women "I dont know if I can accepte this, I'm just one man" said 404

"Yes you are, a one man army my son, learn to face the past and move onto the present" said the women "And the only way to do that is to face your demons and face the many lives you've forgotten" said Merlin "For if you ever seek to return home then you must become one with yourself" said Merlin

"...breathes ...where do we start?" 404 answered with confidence

"A long time ago when during the cycles first couple of runs one of the reincarnated ended up here he dawned a Silver knight armour set and fought in the name of balance and purged many worlds of the lingering blight know only as "The Dawner", the Knight fought for years until a deformed Black knight came accompanied by a hideous plague that followed him wherever he went. Soon tho the Silver Knight would hear of the Darker one and set out to purge him too, so when the two met they fought and the battle was remembered and recorded so that we may remember it for years to come" Merli told 404 "But who won?" 404 asked "No one knows, it's as if the Battle was erased from history and only the set up for it was remembered" said Merlin "this just goes to show that this life you live is one of many and that you've fought against evil for a long time." Said the women "what about Alpha? If he's apart of this too then I must know" 404 asked "The Conduit of change has always been the one to move the Realities and worlds forward, nothing is never the same because change is always the one making things go around and then finally there is destruction 404 got a little tense The Conduit of Destruction or chaos to most people, they are known for one thing and one thing only, bringing about a new birth or a new order." Merlin said "What? But its destruction" 404 said shocked

"Yes, but sometimes Destruction is necessary, the conduit of Destruction is the eldest of all the conduits and is the most powerful for it's very power is fueld by the the end of worlds and the climax of many existences across the Realities. Destruction is the perfect conduit" Merlin said "So there is no way to stop Infected afterall" 404 said with a sign "Not so fast, you are the conduit of Balance your greatest strength is keeping order and peace throughout the many worlds we inhabit, you and the other 2 conduits have fought to gain the right to rule for eons and it is only now that I see what it looks like when the conduits are out of their element, you have forgotten your purposes, you have forgotten the very things that made you you and most importantly you have forgotten yourselves" Merlin said.

"But then how do I prevail if I'm not even a shadow of who I used to be!? How am I supposed to counter Destruction!?" 404 asked hastily if to show he knows time is running out "Perhaps what you need is a kickstart, perhaps if you face all your previous reincarnations you may remember your purpose and your duty to the Realities you serve" Merlin said, 404 began to sweat and looked worried "ooooor we could just try opening your mind again in hopes of kick starting you again" Merlin said less intimidatingly. 404 gave a breath of relief and nodded to the idea "...Theres something your not telling me Merlin, something that I feel like I should what is it?" 404 asked

"...the stars have changed my friend, in which I do believe that the birth of a 4th Conduit may be the reason for the cycle's abrupt end." Merlin said

"A 4th Conduit?!" 404 said shocked

"Wow all of this information is overwhelming...but if it helps me save everyone then I'll accept it" 404 said "That's good to hear, but remember that the climax of the coming conflict is a inescapable means to a end" Merlin said "...No" 404 said "What?" Merlin replied "I refuse to believe that my destiny is prewritten, I will make my own path and lead everyone to bright and better future! That is my destiny" 404 proclaimed "Well with that sort of attitude then your more then ready to begin training" Merlin said to 404s surprise "Old man I'm more then capable of handling myself" 404 said "perhaps but your destructive counterpart says otherwise you need training" Merlin replied

404 replied and got up ready to train, the angelic women went to sit inside and Merlin got up and took a couple steps away from 404 as they would begin training

Someplace in the Multiverse

Alpha would wake up in an unfamiliar place, as he began to study his surroundings he saw stars passing by him.

"Where am i" Alpha asked himself

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Revival of Kin

Act 1 - 10

404 is sitting under a tree staring off a cliff and towards mountains in the distance during a stormy night

"Adam dont worry shes gonna love you man, especially with that nice new jacket" 404 looked off behind the tree to see Adam and William talking not to far away walking away. "Thanks bro and you didn't have to get me this yaknow. So whats the catch?" Adam asked "What catch? no catch, no catch at all....Weeeeellll" William said "I knew it what is it bonehead?" Adam asked "I...i would like it if you would give Chara a chance bro" William pleaded, but Adam immediately turned away "Will we'ev been over this...i can' just doesn't sit well with me man. Look i dont care what you two do, just dont force it on me ok" Adam told Willam "...sure whatever" William said walking away.

404 looked away in disgust and a bucket full of guilt that weighed on him like cinder blocks "If you let the past control you, you will never be able to control youself young one" Said Merlin walking up the hill to 404 "I dont need advice old man, i need a way out of here and to get back home, but all you'v been having me do is sit under GODDAMN trees and sip damn tea* 404 said standing up in rage "I'M TIRED OF DOING NOTHING!!!" 404 shouted out echoing along the mountains. Merlin looked at 404 and shook his head "You will never be able to go home like that" Merlin said "What?!" 404 said aggravated "Conduits have always been the ones to shift and mend how reality as we know functions, either it be through the terrible blight of destruction, the beautiful ways and movements of life and showing the world a new way of change or through the simplicity and delicacy of balance. Once you learn to accept who and what you are only then will you be able to find your way back home" Merlin told 404 wisely "I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE! INFECTED COULD BE OUT THERE BRINGING HAVOC ON THE LAND AND PEOPLE WHILE I'M HERE NAPPING UNDER TREES AND DRINKING FUCKING TEA! TELL ME THE WAY BACK! NOW!" 404 shouted at Merlin "Can't you see that if you don't accept yourself and your past you will never be able to fulfill your purpose your destiny" Merlin said "I HAVE NO TIME FOR DESTINY!!!" 404 shouted "If you think that for one second you can take on Destruction with the limited knowledge of yourself you have YOUR DEAD WRONG!" Merlin said annoyed


"I'll find my own way back!" 404 said before walking away.

"No boy don't enter those woods, if you go into them you'll face worse demons then you've ever seen before!" Merlin shouted to 404 "I'll take my chances old man" 404 told the old man before embarking into the woods. "Oh i hope you know what your doing boy...the worst place to ever be...

Is by oneself" Merlin said.

404 walked thought the woods looking for a clearing in which he could use his blaster to fly off. As he walked 404 began to see hallucinations of his past pass by him. He began to see his brothers and his mother, but the worst part was that he began to start seeing...his true past

"Oh darling knight, won't you help save my kingdom from the horrible calamity ahead? My kingdom is in trouble, you see a dark plague knight has come from very far to tear down my beautiful city. Will you help us?" Said a beautiful queen, 404 woke up near a pond to the sound of croaks "Of course your highness" 404 said waking up. He kept walking through the woods far from the cottage of the lovely women and the old man Merlin, 404 would travel for 3 whole days without ever reaching a clearing, but instead right when he was about to fall down from exhaustion saw a cave leading deep into the planet to which he decided to lean against and then collapse.

The loud winds of the summer night would whisk 404 to sleep as in his mind he dream of the clanging and grinding of blades in the moonlight and a beautiful sky filled with shooting stars, 404 then would wake only to find himself at a flowery meadow where as he turned would see a Dark Knight and Silver Plated one standing away from each other with their blades drawn

"What is thi- 404 then held his head as a unpredictably strenuous migraine began to destroy his mind and hurt his eyes all the while a shooting star would pass over the planet th-this is a has to be" 404 said trying to move away from the battle only for the world to go cold and freeze over freezing 404s feet to the ground "W-What the ARGH! w-what the hell is ergh happening" 404 tried to say all while maintaining some form of sanity. And thats when it appeared, A giant portal engulfing the planet whole and as it went through 404 laid eyes on an unsightly beast of unimaginable proportion. As he stared one of the beast many eyes opened staring at 404 directly its pupil alone being enough to dwarf 404.

"Having trouble sleeping?" The voice said and just like as 404 awoke yet again at the gates to a ruined city far outside the domain of the forest he once found inescapable.

404 looked at the gate and sat down outside it and pondered his situation, he then teleported inside the castle walls only to find it completely abandoned. He wondered the castle towns and allys, but not a sol in sight until "Who art thou?" said a disembodied voice "shook up a little 404 answered Uhhh well i.....I dont really know anymore, im getting these visions of who i was and i just don't know what to believe anymore" 404 said to the voice, but then suddenly a intense force overcame 404 and slowly his body began to move towards the main castle.

404s body moved him pass the main gates to the castle where as soon as he walked inside he noticed that the inside of the castle was completley untouched by time. The interior looked brand new and all the paintings aswell and even the marble floor had a shine to it that allowed 404 to see his reflection. Soon the force controlling him went away and 404 was able to move again "So you have me here "404 stretched a bit before looking towards the main hall* Now what?" 404 said with a serious tone "It didn't take me long to notice, but it would appear your a conduit aswell" said the voice "Aswell? you mean your a conduit?, but i only thought it was me, Alpha and....him" 404 replied "Oh no my kin as the voice spoke 404 ran through the castle looking for the source of it despreate for asnwers there have always been more of us, but we were cast out because of you 3, because of your drive and ambition" the voice said

"But its good to see your still remember the smell of your kin" said the voice

Soon 404 arrived to where the voice was heard the loudest, He tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge "B-But this where it's most strongest...i..i dont understand. DAMMIT! why is it that everytime i get close to the truth i always find myself 2 steps backwards" 404 said exhausted "Sorry kin, but i can't let you in, im afraid i dont know if i can trust you" said the voice "...fair enough, but you still owe me a few answers" 404 exclaimed "sighn oh very well, ask away kin" said the voice "First things first, why are you here? last i checked this place was once a world i inhabited in a past life, does that mean you were apart of that cycle too?" 404 asked "I was and it was the last cycle i would ever be a part of. You see Conduits are only as good as their purpose, where others were put in glorious roles that would last them lifetimes others weren't so lucky and were cast aside on the first run" said the voice "But isn't a good thing to finally be away from it all? the expectations and the driving purpose to push your goals and ideals on others, isn't it tiring?" 404 replied.

"of course it is, but anything is better then being forgotten and rotting away with the rest of the world only to be forgotten even by the most oldest of creatures" said the voice. 404 leaned against the door and looked outside at the meadow "Hey uh i know i'm in no position to be asking favors or anything, but i have to ask is there anyway for Conduits to travel between realities? yaknow like jumping from one spot to the next" 404 asked "You speak of Reality hoping? yes that is something Conduits were known for, in fact it grew so popular that people with enough will used it to go wherever they pleased. Why do you ask? Can you not do it?" Asked the voice " Well no and i wanted to ask that, how do i get?" 404 asked "Well usually we usually just do it, but if you somehow lost the capability i'd say try remembering your past, Conduits have a hard time doing anything when they dont remember who they are" said the voice

"...." 404 didn't know to reply, somehow he knew exactly where to go to next, but the idea of sucking up to someone who refused to help sounded degrading, but letting infected kill all his family and friends again sounded even worse. 404 breathed and then spoke.

"I know what i gotta do now" he said

Merlin and the angelic women sat outside the cottage sipping some tea "I'm worried Merlin what if he dies? William never was good at navigating the woods in his past life" said the Angelic women "Don't worry Marian i'm sure the lad will be" but just as he said it 404 came wondering back to the cottage a little less and yet more confidante when he came back "Ah welcome dear, would you like some tea love?" Marian offered 404 "No thanks, Merlin i know how to get out of here and i know more then that too. I'm sorry for not taking your lessons or teachings " 404 hung his head "Oh lad can't you see, now that you know the truth even more then you did before and better. Sometimes 404 the path we seek the most is the one with the least sighns" Merlin told 404 while sipping soem tea " -_-....Sometimes old man you really dont make any sense" 404 said annoyingly "Thats what i tell him too, but he insist hes wise and smart" Marian chuckled getting one out of 404 and Merlin too. "So then Merlin looked at 404 are you ready to become what you were always destined to be?" Merlin said, 404 took a deep breath and then looked at Merlin "Yes, i know what i have to do, please teach me what to do" 404 told Merlin "Alright then Merlin got up and put his tea down and grabbed his walking stick, Alright Marian dont burn the house down and make sure to strech your wings...i have a feeling this session may be a bit longer then the rest" Merlin said before walking off and into the woods with 404.

Merlin and 404 stood in the middle of a lake

"The only way you can unlock the powers you once had as a conduit is to defeat one yourself, Luckly for you i'v been able to tap into your previous minds and well lets say i'm gonna be pinning you against some rough opponets" Merlin told 404

"Exhaled Lets do this then" 404 replied

Merlin then used his magic to reach into 404s mind and pull out three previous version of himself, The Silver Knight, a Ancient Abomination and giant rolling sphere "The Hell! no way these use to be" 404 said in shock "Oh they are very much you, each at one point all possessing the same ideals you hold today. These are merley shadows however they are not as real as you are now, but they will try to kill you. Once you have defeated them then i will know the truth" said Merlin before sending the shadows after 404. 404 would jump back to the shore of the lack firing blast after blast, but the limits of the woods made it difficult so in response 404 ran into the woods all while hearing Merlin's words go through his mind "Listen carefully Will, these older versions of yourself have lived and breathed combat you must master it yourself if you have any hope at beating them" Merlin said "Yea well up front combat isn't my i'll just use that against them" 404 said. As the shadows searched the woods for 404 he began to place traps and summon smaller blasters in remote spots to catch them off guard.

As soon as the shadows got near to 404s location the traps immediately went into action, a blue boned cage trapped the abomination inside it and just before the other two could react 404s blaster burnt the silver knight to ash and a wall of bones began to hammer the sphere into the ground until it was nothing more then shards

404 jumped down from a tree somewhat pleased with his victory. That was till the voice came back the one from the castle "It looks like you'v found a way to regain yourself somehow. I have to say im impressed with you, i guess your not to far from who you use to be" the voice said "Thanks, but i can't take all the credit i had some help with it" said 404.

"Help?....who's helping you?" asked the voice "An old man named Merlin, he says he knew me from a previ-" but before 404 could finish he was interrupted by the voice "404 YOU MUST RUN! RUN AWAY AND RETURN TO THE CASTLE!!" shouted the voice, a little shaken up at the sudden burst of fear 404 responded "W-What? why!? speak sense dammit!" 404 demanded "That old man can't be trusted! he is-" but before the voice could finish Merlin found 404 while walking through the woods "Ah i found you lad, i was a little worried that the shadows had bested you. Are you alright?" Merlin asked "Do not let him deceive you 404 for he's in service of...him" said the voice "Thanks for checking on me Merlin, i'll just meet you back at the lake alright? i think im gonna rest here for a bit" 404 said before sitting on the root of a tree. "Alright then" Merlin said before walking away with a bit of a slower pace.

404 watched Merlin walk away before answering the voice again, "So what do you mean by..him?" asked 404

"I can't speak his name, but you must know something Conduits for the longest time have strived and hungered for a way to end the cycle, every day of each year Conduits would gather and investigate ways to end this horrible rebirth and undying cycle. We searched for years possible even decades for a way to end it. It was until O'Brien the Conduit of passion went on a expedition with 3 others to venture into Reality 1 to find the truth. Reality 1 had always been a mean of investigation, but seeing how it was one of the most dangerous ones out there currently we didnt think the risk was worth it so then O'Brien came along with a few others he had convinced of his plan and made it known to everyone that he was going to venture into the TransVoid in order to debunk or even confirm some theories we had made in the past. So during one of the many cycles he and his team went off to search for the truth...but...but what they ended up finding was far worse then we could have even imagined." the voice told 404.

As night began to fall 404 noticed that he wouldn't make it in time to meet up with Merlin, but he made the decision that this was far more important then tea

"What did they find?" 404 asked, the voice paused for a brief moment and then continued "They found a creature beyond our own existence, everything we knew about, the Realities, the Oppressors and the realms outside of our own knowledge all a mere oversight compared to this..this..things magnitude. We are to believe that this thing exists in all realities, that it is something that goes beyond the nature of anything we have ever discovered. When they found it documents say that it was watching and it was lined with mouths and eyes and so so many shapes, O'Brien came back with his other teammates all of them different then how they left. O'Brien spoke of it as a Unholy abomination, a entity with a goal so profound and so...real that it defied our worlds very purpose. O'Brien then created two Books to seal away the passages to the Transvoid and to the creature so that perhaps we would be forgotten and they would lose interest in our...less the meaningful lives. Eventually tho the knowledge he had written in those books grew to great to live in our hands so many Conduits sacrificed their lives and positions in the cycle in order to hide these books away to never be found...but as of right now it would appear that one as been reopened." the voice said

"The Book of Eyes" 404 said with great weight as he knew exactly what had happened

404s mind began to race for he knew just what had happened, but that would have to wait for he now had to get back to the cottage to the dis joy of the voice "If you go back to Merlin may not come back" the voice told him "Yea, well wouldn't be the firs time i will have died will it" 404 said making his way back to the cottage "No, but it will be your last" said the voice. As 404 got closer the voice returned yet again "Wait i feel another Conduit near by...near the cottage!" the voice said in shock "Which one!? who is it?!" 404 said "It's one of unyielding force and a strive to bend the world to it's will" the voice said as 404 picked up the pace and ran faster and faster "It has a habit for bending people and others into uncomfortable positions in order to seek something different" the voice went on as 404s mind raced to many different possibilities. "It is one of chaos and perfection almost if not nearly as bad as the other" the voice went on as 404 got to the cottage and stopped to hear the voice one last time before entering. "It is the conduit-" and as 404 opened the door he saw Alpha sitting on a small stool covered in blood from the angelic women and no sign of Merlin.

"of Change" said the Voice

"A-Adam" 404 said in shock while looking around "Oh William, i sure am glad to see you alive. This women was getting ready to kill once you got back i had to stop her" Alpha said as he got up from the stool and walked towards 404 to embrace him. "It's so good to see you again brother" Alpha said, but all 404 could do is smell the blood and look at the lifeless womens body "....I never even got her name" 404 said "It doesn't matter brother she was going to kil-" But 404 interrupted Alpha "How did you know?" 404 asked Alpha "...Alpha looked at 404 with a sign of angust Now you can't honestly be looking down on me when you'v filled literal cemeteries with the blood and bodies you'v spilled" Alpha reminded 404 "Yes, but i did that for YOU! and everyone else! NOT because i could." 404 said backing away from Alpha. "...How did you get here?" 404 asked with a serious tone "I was trapped on a black star in the Transvoid, i felt your energy and i had to get to you, So i asked a few people or beings if they could help me and did" Alpha said with a low tone "...Which one?" 404 asked, but Alpha didn't answer instead he went back to his stool and sat down ".......Where's the old man that was here?" 404 asked "i didn't see an old man when i got here, all i saw was the women" Alpha said.

"Right...just the women" 404 said

"404 you know the Conduit of Change?" said the voice "He's my brother" 404 replied "Oh i'm sorry" said the voice "Don't be, i'v learned to deal with him" 404 said before walking over to Alpha "So is that your story Adam?" 404 said looking down at him "Heh it's all there is to say Brother" Alpha said looking up at him. The two had a long stare at each other before 404 heard from the voice again "404 Merlin has arrived at the castle, i need you help" said the voice in a panic, 404 looked outside and saw that it was still night out, but he didn't care he couldn't let someone get hurt do to his oversight "Come on Adam we need to leave" 404 said rushing to the door "Finally, i was getting a bit tired from the stench of rotting corpse" Alpha said while walking with 404 into the woods. "Why not teleport brother?" Alpha asked "Because this reality's rules aren't like ours we need to make our way there by foot" 404 said picking up the pace "So why are we heading out? hu? you know a way to get us home?" Alpha asked "Not exactly, but i'v figured out that we aren't the only 3 conduits well 4 including whoever the 4th is. I'v also learned alot about our history Adam and your not gonna believe it" 404 said with a little enthusiasm "Yea i dont think i will" Alpha said "Why not?" 404 asked "Come one brother think about this, all this reality nonsense and all this talk of conduits and destiny is all a bunch of bullshit and honestly i can't believe your falling for it all" Alpha responded. "It's not bullshit brother it's the truth" 404 replied "So what you gonna believe the next person who tells you that pigs fly" Alpha said with an annoying amount of sarcasm "Why are being such a asshole!? Can't you see that the truth is finally showing us something, showing us the reality of our situation?" 404 said

"NO, ALL I SEE IS THAT YOUR ACTING IRRATIONAL ALL BECAUSE YOUR LOVER BOY DIED!" and with Alpha's words came the sound of thunder and heavier rain. 404 stopped in his tracks and turned his head to Alpha "...What the hell did you just say? Why are you acting so close minded right now? Do you think you can explain whats happening right now!? why all these entities know us, why we are in a endless cycle or why our lives dont matter cuz it'll all just repeat again! NEXT TIME YOU WANNA ACT LIKE A CLOSE MINDED CAVEMAN TRY POINTING YOUR ANGER AT SOMEONE ELSE" 404 shouted "OH YEA!? THEN WHY IS ALL THIS HAPPENING?! I'LL TELL YOU WHY IT'S BECAUSE OF HIM! IT'S BECAUSE OF INFEC-" but before Alpha could finish 404 cut him off "HIS NAME IS JACOB DAMMIT! AND YOU WOULD DO RIGHT BY CALLING HIM BY THAT NAME!! Besides it was you who saw the good in him, it was you who sacrificed your life all the whim he could change for the better!" 404 shouted "Do you remember that?! do you remember how you stood there and died and left me all alone! I DID THIS FOR YOU I SUFFERED FOR YEARS BLAMING MYSELF FOR YOUR DEATH!! YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT YOU KILLED YOURSELF!!!" 404 shouted.

And slowly yet surely 404 took a breathe as if he hadn't taken one in a long time

404 and Alpha stood there for a moment while the rain poured down the skulls and there clothes soaked to a near unwearable state, but soon the silence was broken "404 please i require your immediate assistance Merlin is inside the castle" said the voice. 404 looked down at the ground and then turned around towards the castle "Now i'm willing to put all of this behind us because we have bigger problems at hand, but i need you to know that i will only do it...if you give up on the past and look towards the future...for once" 404 said as he began to sprint towards the castle leaving Alpha in the rain.

404 reached the castle in a couple of minuets since he now knew where to go and found the gates to be open and as such 404 began to run through the castle only to find Merlin outside the door of where the voice originates from.

"STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR MERLIN!" 404 shouted towards Merlin "Therese another Conduit through here...isn't there?" Merlin asked "Thats not your concern Merlin...what do you want with the Conduits anyway?" 404 asked "Don't you see!? he's aligned himself with..him" said the voice and with that 404 got ready to fight, but Merlin looked behind 404 and he turned too to see Alpha coming up the stairs " Adam" 404 said as Alpha stood next to him "...I can't say i approve of this venture you'v embarked on...but i would never leave you to do something like this alone" Alpha said smiling at 404 "...Thank you brother" 404 said to Alpha. "Sooo whats the plan" Alpha said while getting ready to fight "Well the person behind that door behind that old man had been giving me aid so far since i ended up here and i think they can help us get home" 404 told Alpha "Well then let's get straight to it then" Alpha said facing down Merlin.

Merlin then summoned shadow versions of Alpha and 404 sending them off to face the real ones. 404 and Alpha both fired blast at the clones and copies of themselves, one grabes and throws Alpha down the stairs and fires blast at him only to get shot in the back by 404 and then fro him to put up a wall of bones to protect himself from incoming attacks. Alpha then flew up the stairs on G!Blaster and rammed into a group of shadows while also blasting others aswell, 404 would jump up in the air to avoid getting blasted all while he shot God Ray spreadshots to take out multiple opponents at a time. soon after Merlin would drain any magic he had only for 404 to summon a scythe and fling it at Merlin cutting off his right arm, and while 404 walked over to subdue Merlin, but with his last breath Merlin summoned a shooting star out of his hand and sent it right towards Alpha which sent him flying back out of the castle and crashing into the woods with a large world shaking explosion. and in anger 404 killed Merlin with a shot to the head with his GodRay

"Old fool..." 404 said, he soon would look in the direction of where Alpha went flying to and then looked towards the door. "Thanks for helping me" Alpha said climbing up the stairs" Alpha said limping up them "Eh i figured since you got here you must have faced some pretty rough stuff alrady" 404 said much to Alpha's unliking "Thank you both so much for helping me, this means alot"said the voice to 404 and now to Alpha...much to his surprise "It was the least we could do, so i have to ask as much as we would love to stay how can we get back to our reality" 404 asked "Well...unforuntaley no thanks to Merlin it would seem that you haven't unlocked your latent ablity...but there is one other way, but it is highly dangerous" said the voice "Well we got this far didn't we? lets hear it" said Alpha "You could always try getting...Brimm to teleport you to where you need to go" said the voice as Alpha and 404 looked at each other and answered..."Who?".

Act 11- 20

"I will be able to send you there, once you reach their strike a pose of communion and he will send you where you want" the voice said "Wait why he help us?" 404 asked "brother" Alpha said annoyingly "What? its good to ask questions" 404 "No it's understandable to be cautious, now allow me to explain" the voice said and as a response 404 shook his head and Alpha crossed his arms all while noticing that Merlin's corpse had turned into a mucky goo which he went to investigate " Brimm is...well he's been in better shape, but he once was one of us ya'know? in fact he was the Eldest of us all" the voice said "W-What happened to him?" 404 asked "'s a rather unpleasant that i myself hardly survived the process i'd rather not" said the voice "That's fair, so the communion pose? how does that look?" 404 asked

"It's a pose that all conduits are born to respond to no matter the circumstance" said the voice "Don't worry he'll know what it means...oh yea the pose exactly, Put your right arm all the way up against your head and put the other arm directly over your heart and that should be it" said the voice and with that 404 mimicked it perfectly "Like this? 404 asked "Yes just like that, well done now your ready to meet him" said the voice "Alright, Alpha come and get over here it's time to go" 404 yelled at Alpha. Alpha kept staring at the goo, but eventually went to 404 "What'd i miss?" Alpha asked "I'll tell you on the way" said 404 "Alright i'm opening a portal to his location now" said the voice and with that a portal to the abandoned reality was made. 404 began to wonder tho, if such a conduit had such power why not leave or teleport away Merlin. As such the brothers went through the portal only to begin to fall from an unspeakable height, as they fell they got a good look at the magnitude of the beast known as Brimm, the creature truly being indescribable and a true beast of power. 404 soon flew towards Brimm as Alpha used a blaster to follow. "It seems you two go there just in the nick of time, the Oppressors don't seem to be there to monitor him just yet so your in the clear" said the voice "He's sleeping?" Alpha said "Yes those bastard Oppressors put the creature into a terrible deep slumber" said the voice angrily, Alpha thought nothing of it, but 404 he just listened. As the two got closer the voice's tone got darker until the boys reached the front of the beast. "I'm glad you both made it's been a loooong time since i had guest" said the voice. "ALPHA WE NEED TO-" 404 was about to say before...

Brimm's eye opened spotting the two "Welcome Conduits" said Brimm

404 and Alpha stared at the ginormous eye staring at them from what seemed to be miles, but yet was so close. "So you tricked us and disguised your voice to lure us here" 404 said "And as a result i now am in the audience of the two most important conduits known to the 10 Realties" Brimm said " So now what, your gonna torture us? bite us to pieces? or are you gonna vaporize us?" Alpha said "Such impudence for creature far out of it's league, but no i planned on consuming you" Brimm said "And what would you get out of that?" 404 asked "So long as 1 conduit lives there will always be a winner to the endless cycle, but im sure you know this already so lets cut to the chase. Once i consume you your essence will still live while your powers and memories are mine giving the cycle the deception that you've fallen leaving me to be the winner yet again and the the cycle will begin again choosing new conduits and giving me more conduits to consume for eternity...until Fiction is no more and i can finally be free." Brimm said "Yea well you have another thing coming pal if you think for a second we're just gonna hope in your mouth or whatever" Alpha yelled at Brimm.

"Oh don't worry, Thanks to your stunt in Reality 1 the Oppressors have been too busy to check up on me leaving the numbing agents they put on me to run out in oh lets say 15 minuets. In which i will then take my revenge on this pathetic cycle and then take my place under the black banner of the wicked throne like i was always meant to" Brimm explained "Wicked Throne" 404 said somehow remembering what it means "BROTHER WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!" Alpah shouted, but just as 404 and Alpha flew off to find some way out the reality they were in began to rumble as the numbing agents on Brimm's body began to run out and he began to move again.

"And once i'v finished my business with you two, there will be nothing from here to Reality 4 that will stop me" Brimm said.

Brimm began to rise up, but only for his body to collapse on itself and for him to fall back down again

"W-What?! WHATS HAPPEING!?!" Brimm shouted confused, 404 looked in aww only for him to see Alpha filling one of the numbing agents with his own magic "CURSED BRATS I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU!!!" Brimm shouted Brimm's tail rose up and started firing dark magic and lighting at 404 and Alpha only for them to fly around and dodge the projectiles

"Dammit were dead for sure, he tricked into coming and now it's all over" 404 said trying to dodge Brimm's attacks "Come on we'ev gotten out of worse spots before brother this is nothing, i will always chalk up Mother being mad at us over broken lab equipment as the worst thing i'v seen" Alpha said encouraging 404. 404 wiggled out his doubts and fear "Alright, how do we defeat an all powerful entity with possibly limitless power?" 404 said "Uhhhh you don't?" Alpha replied "Exactly which is why we're getting out of here" 404 said just as he blast a hole at of the corners of the Reality they were in. "YOU WON'T LEAVE THIS EXISTENCE ALIVE!!!" shouted Brimm as his head rose to bite down on the two only for them to fly through the gaps in between the creatures teeth. "I-I hate to say it brother, but i dont think we're gonna even put a dent on this thing let alone get out of here" Alpha said "No, the oppressors or whatever they're called have to come back sometime....perhaps if we rile him up enough we can get him to make a scene giving us a exit" 404 said to Alpha "How do you know he won't just vaporize us?!" Alpha said unsure of 404s plan "Well it's either that or we become his eternal dinner brother and i dont know about you, but i think my plan at least as some percentage of success" 404 said sarcastically "...alright then let's try it" Alpha said

"HEY YOU BIG ARMADILLO!!! WHY DON'T YOU GET BACK TO EATING ANTS OR SOMETHING!!!" Alpha said flying around the creature avoiding it's attacks "YEA YOU BIG HAIRLESS BEAST!!" 404 shouted aswell much to Brimm's dismay, but unfortunately with they're attempts to anger him they had forgotten about the numbing agents completely until it was too late and Bimm sprayed out a numbing gas out of it's body sending 404 and Alpha's bodies stiff sending them plummeting down onto the planet Brimm used as a pillow. "You should have payed attention, now you mine" Brimm said

Brimm's tail wrapped around Alpha even though he was pretty microscopic to the creature he manged to grab him anyway "Now i'll start with change and ironically balance it out with balance" Brimm said to 404 "Why are you doing this!? why seek a world you know you'll never be accepted in" 404 shouted to Brimm "Because boy a land beyond Fiction is a world in which i am no longer bound to the imagination of another a world where i can live and breathe for real and most importantly i'll get to live in a existence that i know my choices matter in." Brimm said. 404 felt as if for a moment that perhaps in some way Brimm was right that a life in any other reality could never be fulfilling as being in a world where your choices matter and are your own, but the moment wouldn't last for a sudden portal would open behind Brimm catching not only 404s attention but Brimm's aswell.

3 Oppressors made they're way out of the portal to shock to see Brimm up and moving

"It would appear that we have been gone for too long" said one to the other "Yes, let us begin the numbing process at once" said another " I WONT BE PUT TO SLEEP AGAIN!!" Brimm said as he fired black flames at the Oppressors and in that moment Alpha summoned a Blaster and sent it to 404 "BROTHER NOW!!" Alpha shouted and just in time for 404 to regain his strength. *404 jumps up to land on the blaster taking control of it and flying through the portal that would take him to a sight he could have never dreamt of. The portal took him to the realm that held all the Realities in twine as he stared he saw down below all of the white orbs that each held a Realtiy a large white meadow leading to a blinding horizon and across from it was a dark castle littered with darkness and a empty pit in the center of it all. 404 stared and looked for a moment only to be brought back to reality with the voice of his brother "WILL!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!" Alpha shouted, in response 404 began to look for his reality only to be nearly shit by a high plasma ray from Brimm 404 turned to the creature one last time

"NO ONE ESCAPES ME AND LIVES!!!" Brimm shouted as he jumped pass the Oppressors and thought the portal towards 404

404 dodged and began his descent down close to the meadow below in hopes of losing Brimm through the clumps of realities

"We need to stop this madness before those two destroy something sacred" said Oppressor 1 "Call in the others, the TransVoid can wait" said Oppressor 3 as such 1 of the Oppressors went out to rally the others and the other 2 went after Brimm and 404 in hopes of stopping the current rampage. Brimm would breath hot plasma rays at 404 in attempts to catch and destroy him seeing as he was too much trouble to keep alive. "I see you like to run away while your bother remains in the jaws of the beast! is this how you treat all your kin?" Brimm asked goating 404 only for him to briefly to turn around and blast Brimm in one of his many eyes destroying it with a Blaster from the blaster hes riding. "ARGH!! YOUR LITTLE!!! I'LL DEVOUR YOUR WORLD AND MAKE YOU WATCH!!!" Brimm yelled as he pursed closer and closer to 404 the father they went down.

The other Oppressors soon made they're way over and began to fire flaming blast at Brimm in hopes of slowing him down, but to their surprise it only angered him leading to him briefly aswell turning around to blast at them

404 looking back at the chaos not paying attention crashed into one of the reality orbs causing him to fall onto it and for the blaster to fall off the edge. 404 began to slide off the spherical surface just as Brimm landed on it. "Hehehehehe" Brimm chuckled as he inched his way towards 404 read to slam his hand on the microscopic thing. 404 looks out past Brimm and sees the Oppressors doing some kind of weird sign thing and immediately as Brimm slams his hand down to crush 404 he jumps off to dodge it only to find out that gravity has been put in reverse leading to Brimm and 404 flying up towards the Oppressors. Taking the opportunity 404 dives upward for Alpha and grabs him and teleports him and Alpha out Brimm's range leading to Alpha summoning yet another blaster and for them to fly upwards. Brimm dives upward towards the two breathing hot put plasma at them cutting the blaster in half sending them spiraling out of control, but just as soon as Brimm gets to them the Oppressors attempt to trap them all with a cube like prison. 404 pushes Alpha away in hope he doesn't get caught only for the Oppressors to reverse gravity again leading to the capture of 404 and Brimm in the cube like prison.

404 and Brimm now captured stare at their captors "It is clear that you two and all your linked to are threats to the very balance of the precious Realities, you will now striped away and are here sentenced to death via the pit" pronounced the Oppressor captain, but completely against the idea Brimm began to buck and slam his body against the cube of his imprisonment "It's no use monster, this cube was created to hold all manner of creature" said the Oppressor captain. Brimm snorted as the Oppressors readied their blades, 404 looked outside the cube at Alpha standing above they're home reality. 404 nodded and with that Alpha went into their home reluctantly leaving 404 behind once more. 404 looked on for a bit before slowly but surely accepting his fate, but Brimm refused with fate and charged his body up full of Dark magic and shot it out in many diffrent directions breaking the chains that held the cube from the Oppressors and even killing a few before the cubed cage plummeted to lowest depths of fiction all the way down to the meadows of the White Horizon where the caged shattered leaving 404 and Brimm unconsciousnes at the very base of Fiction in the low meadows of the White horizon.

456 days later 404 would wake up in the pale meadow of the White Horizon far from the truth of the white light that shined near the start of the feild

404 would wake up with half his skull in pieces only being able to see through his left eye and most of his bones fractured leaving him in the worst condition for such a venture. He got up in pain and looked around him for any sign of a way out, but as he soon found out as he looked up that he was very very far from home as the Realities looked like moons in the "sky" far far out of reach, but then 404 soon remembered Brimm and then looked and searched for the creature only to see that he was gone and nowhere in sight. 404 stared onward towards the meadow and far back towards the black castle in the distance. 404 soon tried to stand would notice close to the bright light was a lonely tree in which was dead yet somehow felt so alive but dead all the same. 404 felt his life slipping yet somehow his body and mind refused to die and so with his the last of his strength 404 looked up towards the Realities in the distance and lied upwards towards home to what felt like his last moments.

Alpha Arrived in the Anti-void where he found Ink sitting and drawing away at stuff

"Hmmm, oh Alpha welcome back, it's good to see you!" Ink said while walking to him. "...." Alpha had nothing to say until came over and gave him a nice little jab on the arm "Hey your not all ghosty anymore...OHHHH DOES THIS MEAN YOUR GONNA BE HELPING ME WITH PROTECTING THE MULTIVERSE FROM NOW ON!!!?!" Ink said with glee. All Alpha could do was think back on all that had happened previously "....I....i don't know anymore Ink" Alpha said with little insecurity "...W-what? why not!?" Ink said a little dissapointed " Well...alot has happened recently and well..Hey have you heard any news recently?" Alpha asked "Well besides a weird pocket dimension poping up near the doodle sphere nothing really why?" Ink said with little knowledge "That pocket dimension could be the result of Infected's stunt in the i'm really starting to think like my brother" Alpha said to himself "So boss we checkin it out?" Ink asked "Y-Yea just after w-" but Alpha was interrupted by a large and growling thud coming from the ground, when all of a sudden a large black star erupts from within the Anti-Void and crashes straight through into the doddle sphere near by burning and destroying pages that were too close to it "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?!?" Ink shouted in shock "Oh no" Alpha said to himself "HEY!" said a voice in the distance only for Alpha and Ink to turn around and see Error coming out of a portal "WHAT IN THE VOID IS GOING ON!!??! WHY THE HELL IS THERE A GIANT SUN BURSTING IN AND OUT OF THE ANTI-VOID?!?!" Error shouted "Ink we need to go to that pocket dimension now!" Alpha shouted.

Ink,Alpha and Error soon arrived in the pocket dimension where they found a black house and Infected siting on the steps of the porch holding a black Umbrella

As Alpha,Ink and Error looked in horror at Infected only for him to say "Ah, she said you'd be here. i didn't believe her, but what do i know right? i ain't no doctor" Infected said as he prepared for the coming storm.

Infected began to walk towards them with his umberlla

"Listen Jacob now is not the time, if we don't find Omni and find the book the whole Multiverse and all surrounding ones may be in huge jeopardy!" Alpha said in a panic while Ink and Error look in suspense not knowing what to say "Well isn't that a shame, a world that has never done anything for us is coming to an end. How poetic" Infected said with a line of ass "DON'T YOUR REALIZE THAT MILLIONS OF GOOD AUS WILL BE DESTROYED!!?!" Ink shouted at Infected with anger "No-No dont do that Ink...he dosen't care nor does he care about our feelings" said Alpha staring down Infected getting in his face "Oh yes if theres one thing i learned from my brother it was how to deal with you jacob" Alpha said staring at Infected "Well aren't you a smart cookie" Infected said with a smile.

"Ink..Alp-...i mean Adam...we just lost all the swap Aus" Error said using his wires to keep in touch with the status of the Multiverse "Oh" Ink said clenching his chest and just as such Core!Frisk suddenly appeared in tears running to Ink,Alpha and the rest of them. " They'er gone Ink keeps crying THEY'RE ALL GONE! begins to cry hysterically WHAT IS THAT THING!?" Core!Frisk shouted grabbing onto Ink, all Error could do was wonder...where was 404. Alpha stared in dismay and then turned to Infected and grabbed his shirt pulling him close "NOW YOU LISTEN HERE AND YOU LISTEN GOOD YOU DAMN PSHYCO! NOW YOU CAN EITHER HELP US STOP THIS MADNESS!! OR YOU CAN TELL WHERE OMNI IS!!" Alpha shouted "......infected looked past everyone only for him to see D2 staring at him behind them.......he...he-hes at DreamTale" Infected said "Why is he there?" Alpha asked "...looking for the book" Infected said "DAMMIT we need to find a way to stop that star and get to Omni at the same time" Alpha said beginning to sweat "I think i can help with that" said a voice from behind them

everyone turned around to see the multiverse open up and release a dark figure "I know the location of the book" said Loading

Loading,Error and Alpha went to recover the book as Ink and Core went to find Omni. Loading, Error and Alpha soon appeared at 404s Headquarters which has been distorted by an Unnameable that has partly made it's way through and is still trying to squeeze it's way through

"JESUS CHRIST!!!! WHERE'S THE BOOK!!!!" Alpha said looking around "It's in the heart of this place which is currently being guarded by snake like entity, now i'm glad your here because i need help kicking this fuckers off of mother mainframe's lawn" Loading told Alpha and Error " I'll give you everything i have" Alpha told Loading "Good" Loading said as he shot right through Alpha's chest "Then we're gonna need the other guy and not you" Loading said. Loading then turned to Error as Alpha began to change and morph as souls began to come from all direction towards him "Now Error even thought your master isn't here i want you to make an attempt to stop that star" Loading said with a strict voice "...Understood" Error replied as he teleported away.

"Now then mighty judge, what say we retrieve some stolen literature" Loading asked

As might soul wings filled the sky and a judgment sword burning with determination ignited the mighty judge stood looking over the chaos "Let's end this chaos" Said Alpha

*Alpha then swung his blade slicing off a piece of the unnameable creature with a pure wave of Determination leaving Loading enough time to fly down to the snake like being and get it's attention*

"Oh good i can actually hurt these things" Alpha said just as the Unnameable creature regenerated itself and began to summon burning white dwarf stars and throw them at Alpha. Loading would float before the snake creature as it messed and fiddled with the book "Excuse me, i do believe that is called theft and im gonna have to ask you to return the book or i may have to render you extinct my friend" Loading said, but the being overhearing him turned around to reveal a skeleton upper half to the snake like body with a burning crown on it's head welding a great sword in'ts arms "Now that is interesting that you say that, because as i see it your entire reality is about to become extinct" said Faringold "Well then theres no other way to find out other then to see what happens next" Loading said as he began to summon large pillars in order to flatten Faringold only for him to use his sword to cut through them.

Alpha and the unnameable went blow to blow until the creature then wrapped Alpha in it's grip and many arms attempting to squeeze him to death

Alpha struggled against the creatures grip, but to no avail as the creature began to slam him against the waterfall and the bridge only to then be thrown away as the Unnameable finally entered into the Multiverse "Shit" Alpha said as he turned his attention towards Loading who was holding off Faringold. Alpha looked on as the Unnameable soon began to get ready to level all Multiverses around itself...Alpha had to think of something and with such took a look at his blade and then stared at the creature "...This is for you Brother" Alpha said before he flew off, but just before he did a large black hand grabbed his shoulder "No brother... i think it is time i made a sacrifice for once" said a voice behind Alpha and as he turned around found a large black being behind him "J-Jacob" Alpha said in shock, Infected pushed past Alpha and stared up at the creature "Somehow i feel as if i'v found a way once more" Infected said as he flew up towards the Unnameable creature "Just this once...just this once i want destruction to mean something....for once i wanna be...the cure" Infected said as his black being form wrapped around the Unnameable, he's body began to shine a bright purple "Jacob.." Alpha said.

And just like that a massive explosion was detonated consuming all of 404s Hideout and nearly engulfing the entirety of the Multiverse with it. The spectacle could be seen from all corners of the Multiverse in every a shooting star was hurling across the sky.

Act 21-30

Alpha and Loading looked on at the bright explosion waiting to see which would come victorious, but as the smoke cleared the unnameable creature was still "alive" with only bits of it being destroyed in the explosion

"N-No is that even possible" Alpha said as the unnameable creature began to regenerate and regrow any injuries it had taken. "HehehHAHAHAH WHAT A MONSTER!" Faringold said with a wide smile has he continued his attack on Loading. Infected then fell down from the unnameable creature and plummeted to the ground, but Alpha caught him before he could hit the ground and just as he did the Unnameable fired a barrage of attacks at him.


Error began his search for the burning star. In his search he found giant holes in the Anti-void all burnt through and some scotch marks aswell, but soon a voice caught his attention "Hey little boy get down here" said voice trying to get Error's attention. He didn't want to respond to such low response, but turned his head slightly to take a look at who it was only to see the Astral Mother looking at him from one of the holes. "You" Error said in a low manner "Yes, it's me. And you must be my son's....mule? Pet? Or-" but before she would finishe insulting him Error summoned a couple blasters and aimed them at her "Keep talking and maybe you'll get to see" Error said threanted the Astral Mother "Calm down boy all I'm here for is a favor" said the Astral Mother "...what kind of favor?" Asked Error "As you can see, the Multiverse may be ending as we know it and you and I both know, that without him we have no chance of winning this battle" said the Astral Mother. She then brought out a strange looking orb and used it to make a portal to a white field "I need you to find him and bring him back here so we can finishe this fight" said the Astral Mother " you expect me to believe you and just hop into that portal, you must really be stupid then" Error said with confidence " I have a chip in Will's body that let's me know wherever he isfcb and this portal leads straight to him, now either you can stand there acting all high and mighty while the Multiverse is burned away or you can do something for once and go retrieve my son" replied the Astral Mother "...I dont give a damn about the Multiverse, I'm only doing this because that bastard promised me he'd give me the strength to destroy anything in my path" Error said as he jumped through the portal also taking the orb with him.

Error then landed in the white flowered field in which he began to scan the area "Where are you you old goon" Error said as he began his search

Error arrived back in the Undertale multiverse and soon after 404 returned back too and as he did he took a deep breathe and exhaled.

[Admin as returned]

-Healing all current injures...Complete-

404s skull and wounds were all healed up

"Feels good to be back" 404 said as his new jacket then was spawned onto his body "Yes, well we won't have much of a home to enjoy if these "things" have anything to say about it" Error said "Don't worry, their not from this reality, which means their out of their element." 404 said "So what are you suggesting?" Error asked with baited breathe "The only way i can pull it off is with your help's risky, but i do believe we can drive back all of them with it are you with me?" 404 said looking at Error with worry and confidence. Error hesitated, but then nodded in agreement "Good then let me make a quick call first" 404 said.

Back with Alpha and Loading, Alpha continues to doge the Unnameable which now has fully came into the UnderTale Multiverse and is now sucking in all of existence with it. Loading has begun to win against Faringold, but the being still pushes back regardless, but then Loading began to hear a voice

"Loading Static LOADING!? Heavier static LOADING CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!" said the voice "W-What the hell?! 404 is that you?! How are you doing this!?" Loading asked "Loading there isn't much time ARGHHH!!!" 404 said while screaming in pain "What the hell..WHATS HAPPENING WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?" Loading shouted as he backed away from Faringold "I-I...i'm borrowing the mainframe" said 404 before completley cutting out. Loading just stared in shock but was soon reminded of where he was and dodged Faringold's attack only to get distracted by Avalon breaking through and flying into 404s lair "This is a nightmare, we'll have to evacuate everyone out of here if this get's any worse" Alpha said while holding Infected and flying around avoiding projectiles.

All of a sudden a bright red light shined through from somewhere and soon a new person teleported in front of Alpha and deflected one of the unnmanable's projectiles towards Faringold sending him flying, as Loading and Alpha stared upon the figure the light shielding them went away

"This battle..the figure shook off the remaining light on over" said Error666(ButterFly)

Soon Core Omni and Ink would arrive on the scene and see what was going on too

"Alpha whats happening?!" Omni shouted "I-I'm not sure, someone just came here and helped me" replied Alpha. Omni then saw Infected in Alpha's arms and then exhaled for a bit and then got right back into the action "W-Whats going on now?" Core asked "I-I dont know i said" Alpha said repeating himself "Oh i know whats going on" said a voice behind them. Omni,Core,Ink,Alpha and Loading all turned around to see the Astral Mother "Mother?! your alive" Alpha said "No time for that, Wills about to save the Multiverse and we need to get everyone ready" said the Astral Mother as Ink and Core noticed who it was "The Pink witch" Core said as Ink stared on a little longer "What do you mean get ready?" Ink said, but the Astral Mother ignored him and talked to Alpha "Adam i need you to bring everyone from every Au here, otherwise they may get caught in the chaos" the Astral Mother said "...ok i will" Alpha said. Alpha then used his powers to summon every Au inhabitant from every Au to his location and just as he did sparks began to fly from Error666(Butterlfy) as they got read "I'll use it all" said Error666(Butterfly) as the Unnameable,Faringold and Avalon all got ready to charge at him.

The Unnameable and Avalon then sent out black flames that were the size of stars and wrapped them around Error666(Butterfly in hopes of killing him, but then wings sprouted out of the flames and deminished them with ease with one flap

"!!!!!!!" the Unnameable and Avalon backed up in shock and Faringold then began to move towards Error666(Butterfly) at rapid speeds "I WONT GO BACK IN THE BOOK!!!" shouted Faringold

Suddenly Zillions upon Zillions of Gaster Blaster all around the beings. Errror666(ButterFly) then pulled his arms back and got ready to fire

"MULTIVERSE MACHINE GUN!!!!!" shouted Error666(Butterfly) as he incinerated the beings and Unnameable into micro ash blinding everyone behind him as they looked in pure shock

Soon the bright light of the attack began to fade and the beings were long destroyed, all of the Multiverse stood in baited breath as they watched Error666(Butterfly) descend to the ground and finally land on it's feet.

Alpha then squinted his eyes and got a good look at the hero and then realized who it was "Brother!" Alpha said turning back to normal again and running to his brother "YOUR BACK!! YOUR FINALLY BACK!!" Alpha shouted towards him "STAY BACK!!" said Error66(Butterfly) as his code began to fade and the Multiverse began to stripe away everything from him as everyone looked on at him including Loading aswell. Error666(Butterfly) soon turned back into just Error666 and then he looked down at the ground "...Thank you so much for this...i'll do what i can to make this right and i'll never forget this chance you gave threw away all you knew for me and my friends and family......i know i was hard on you and i know i shouldn't have been, but i promise to be better one day. I just hope that someday you and me can meet again in another life where we can be friends again.." said Error666 as he became 404. Alpha looked on at 404 and then asked "Wheres Error?" Alpha asked, but 404 said nothing and just continued to look down. "Well Well Well look at this nice little family reunion" commented the Astral Mother, Alpha looked at her and 404 continued to stare down into his hands at Error's scarf.

Soon though the words of everyone 404 and Error had saved began to fill the air

"Did you see that?" said one Au inhabitant "He saved us all from the monsters" said the another and soon one after another began to fill the air and 404s ears "this isn't what i wanted..." 404 said to himself "But my son, everyone is back and now with Jacob's new powers we can dissect him and get the power of creation for ourselves and bring everyone back" said the Astral Mother as she put her hand on 404s shoulder. "They will all look to you now my son, and you will become a powerful force one so strong that i dont think i could control. show them and tell them who they should bowing to." said the Astral Mother

The Crowd began to grow louder and louder as they demanded the name of savior. 404 looked down at the scarf as tears began to stain it. Ink looked on at the scarf and even without veils felt something tug at him

"Is this what it means to save the ones you care watch them die" 404 said as tears ran down his face just as he thought he didn't have anymore to shed "My son the crowd is waiting for you" The Astral Mother told 404, but Alpha intervened "Brother DONT! we have everything, we have our family, we dont need to rule over anything" Alpha said to 404 "DONT INTERFERE BOY!!, THIS IS YOUR BROTHER'S DESTINY!!" shouted the Astral Mother.

In the far back of the crowd lay Infected with Omni and some other Aus

"I...I-I can see him, in my dreams i see greatest adversary. So long as he lives we will always wake up again" said Jacob and in response Infected woke up "WILLIAM!!" Infected said as he rose from his sleep "Brother your-" but before Omni could celebrate his brother's re-awaking he was pushed aside by Infected as he tried to get to the front of the crowd "I SEE HIM HEHEHAHAHAH I SEEEEEE HIM!!!" Infected began to tell himself as he pushed through the crowd getting glimpses of 404 more and more. There you are...hehehahaha THERE YOU ARE!!!" Infected began to shout and soon Infected pushed past the last couple of Aus and found himself at the front of the crowd.

Infected then saw Alpha,the Astral Mother and 404 all together in the distance

"Hehehahahah it's just like before....William....WILLIAM!!!!" Infected shouted as loud as possible and in response..."it can't be" said 404 in shock as he turned around and faced Infected once again.

"HeheheHHAHAHA" Infected began to laugh uncontrollably leaving the other Aus to stare in caution and worry "Hey dude you need to back off" said a doggo from a Au " Yea leave him alone!" said a Toriel from another Au. Soon everyone began to boo at Infected and yelling at him " Hey thats the guy who has been slaughtering and killing Aus!!" said someone from a Au "HEY YEA HE'S RIGHT!!" Said another and soon everyone began to rage against Infected "The Hero will strike him down!!" said someone from the crowd of Aus. "Jacob i-" but before he could 404 was interrupted " heheehHAHAHAHA cries you dont know, YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST COMEBACK AND SAVE EVERYONE AND SINS NO LONGER MATTER!!!" Infected shouted at 404 "Calm down boy, let's not do anything brash. especially so close to bath time" the Astral mother said expecting Infcted fall, but instead Alpha fell down and collapsed and 404 looked in shock "heheheHAHAHAH SORRY BITCH, BUT YOUR TRICKS DONT WORK ON ME!!! I'M BRAND NEW NOW!!" Infected shouted at the Astral mother.

404 looked at Alpha and then to Infected, he then gripped Error's scarf in his right hand. The Astral Mother looked shocked and angry at the same time

Omni began to make his way through the crowd, but soon got stuck in the angry crowd filled with boos and cheers, "I know i should forgive you...but its so hard, like i'm choking on my own sanity, but i know one thing that will help me get over this feeling and thats killing you" said Infected, but as his words left his mouth he D2 standing behind 404 and the Astral Mother looking back into his soul with grief "That won't change anything, it won't change what happens next" 404 said to Infected. "And what does happen next?" Infected asked with a wide yet broken smile "...thats up to you...i'm done deciding the fates of others" 404 said holding Error's scarf with all the strength he has. 404 and Infected stared towards each other for what felt like hours to them, but seconds for others, but soon a bone stabbed infected in the shoulder and in shock 404 looked back and saw someone from the crowd at thrown it.

"Let's not just stand here and let our hero die at the hands of this scumbag!!" said someone from the crowd and soon everyone Au inhabitant began to crowd and beat up on infected bashing in his skull and breaking his bones. 404 began to run towards them to stop them, but the Astral mother grabbed him "Let them have their target" the Astral Mother said "JACOB!!!!" Omni yelled from the back of the crowd.

"YOUR ALL GOING TO BURN!!! YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE!!! KILL ME NOW AND YOU'LL BE JUST LIKE ME!!!" Infected said through the angry rants of the crowd as he was being beatin on " all are just like" Infected said

But then Au inhabitants began to get killed and slaughtered by Killer Aus soon people began to see and began to back away

"Hey you alright? said KIller!Sans as he extended a hand to Infected as Dust and few others kept the crowd back. Infected then got up and pushed Killer to the side "Look at this, you hide behind these people because of what?! to make yourself feel like you're still a good person when deep down your no better then me too. Let them find out the truth about you Au killer!" Infected shouted to 404 and with that the Aus looked towards 404 in sign of a explanation. Core and Ink looked back and forth for a answer "...i did" 404 said to the crowd. During the chaos the Astral Mother teleported away from the conflict "I did kill many too, i'm not innocent!" 404 shouted and as such many began to mumble and soon "He-hes the white demon! he did kill and murder Aus!!" said a Au "Yes i did and so did Error! but look at what we've done!!! we saved you all!! Error saved you all!!!" 404 shouted to them, but they didnt listen and they began to turn on 404 too. Alpha began to get up with the help of Omni, Infected then jumped high in the air and landed behind 404 "See how the world works? You save them and they turn on you over something they didn't even remember until they brought it up" Infected said to 404.

The crowd got angrier and angrier and began to draw weapons at 404 and Infected

"Look at how they betray their so called "Hero" so quickly, did you not sacrafice everything!!! and for what!!?! SO THAT THEY COULD RAGE AGAINST YOU!!!? THE ONLY ONE WHO DID ANYTHING TO SAVE THEM!!! AND LOOK AT HOW THE SO CALLED PROTECTORS STAND BY AND WATCH!!!!" Infected shouted to 404 "DONT LET THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR WAY!!" Infected shouted. 404 looked at Error's scarf and held it tightly "After everything he did, Error....Error gave his life up just for a chance to do something right for once" 404 said as he began to wrap the scarf around his neck "And for he could be neglected and betrayed for his sacrafice" 404 said to himself "Brother?" Alpha said being helped up by Omni.

"I'm tired of appeasing to the masses" 404 said

The crowd and 404 and Infected stand at opposite sides all while Ink and Core stand by and watch with baited breath until

"STOP!!!" Ink shouted "This man just saved your lives!! why are you turning against him!?" Ink yelled "He's siding with those Killers!!!" said a Au "OUR OWN PROTECTORS ARE BETRAYING US!!" said another Au "Hey! Ink is our loyal protector! dont turn on him!!" shouted Blue from the far back "SHUT UP SWAP COWARD" shouted a few Aus as they ganged up on Blue and began to beat and push him out from the crowd "BLUE!!! HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING!?!?!" Ink shouted as he began to make his way to Blue to save him "Guys stop this!! this isn't the way we should be acting!!!" Core shouted trying to get the crowds attention. "Their turning on each other like animals" Omni said "They're confused and scared....they're looking for someone to blame" Alpha replied.

Ink eventually got through the crowd and got to Blue and grabbed him while beating off other Aus with his Brush. Core continued to shout and tell everyone to calm down and 404 and Infected stared on at the madness

"Look at them, look at how they turn on each other, William let us wipe them from existence and bring a new age to this Multiverse" Infected said to 404 as the crowd continued to rage on "BROTHER! Lets get out of here!!" Alpha shouted towards 404 and Infected as Omni protected him against other raging Aus. 404 simply stood there and put his hand on Errors scarf "Is this...what it's like to be a hero? to be cast away that the first sign of a bad deed, to be thrown away no matter what you do to rewrite your wrongs." 404 said to himself "COME ON GUYS PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER!!!" Ink shouted "GUYS HELP HIM!!!" Core shouted towards Omni,Alpha and 404 "This isn't our bought girl, I'm looking after my family" Omni told Core. Alpha looked at the crowd as they shouted,pushed and beat on Ink and a immobile Blue.

"Come on son, now is the time you decide" said a voice behind 404 and as he turned he saw his Father staring at him.

404 looked at his father and began to think.

Infected looked at the chaos and for a split second he saw himself everywhere at once "heheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Look at that Will, evryone is just acting like animals! like cattle amongest sheep!! HAHAHAHA LOOK AT THEM OINK AND MOO HAHAHAHA!!!" Infected began to laugh amused at the show, but 404 didn't look amused instead he turned in anger at Infected "I can't believe i almost lost myself, how i almost fell for your bullshit" 404 said to Infected "What?" Infected said looking confused at 404 "You may have been givin a hard ball through life or even this stupid cycle crap, but you dont get to decide the fates of others or for that matter make others lives miserable!" 404 shouted at Infected "OH IS THAT RIGHT!! AND WHAT OF YOUR DAMN MOTHER HU!?!? HOW SHE MADE ME SUFFER AND HOW SHE MADE YOU SUFFER!!! DONT FORGET WHY YOUR HERE WILL!!!" Infected shouted back " I HAVEN'T, BUT I ALSO HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I'V GROWN TOO!!! UNLIKE YOU!!" 404 shouted "GRRRRRR DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT GROWTH YOU DAMN COWARD!!" Infected shouted back.

Infected and 404 got in each others face

"YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME!? AND FOR WHAT BECAUSE YOU SAVED SOME PIECES OF SHIT THAT DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU!!!" Infected reminded 404 "NO IT'S BECAUSE I'V DONE EVERYTHING I COULD I SACRIFICED EVERYTHING I EVER HELD DEAR TO ME IN ORDER TO GET THIS FAR! AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? KILL AND TAKE FROM OTHERS TO GET BY!! YOUR NOTHING LIKE ME!! YOUR NOTHING LIKE JACOB!!!!" 404 reminded Infected. Infected back up in shock and then grinded his teeth "Damn you....DAMN YOU!!!!" Infected said as he charged to 404 getting ready to attack, but before he could Infected's skull split in half. "W-What the hell?!" said 404,Omni and Alpha.

"....W-What is this?" Infected said as he tried to fix his skull, but to no avail it wouldn't patch up."I'v had enough of this!! these people, your family and even mere strangers are willing to give you a chance!!, but you refuse to change!! and i wont...I CAN'T LET YOU HURT THESE GOOD PEOPLE!!! YOUR TIME IN THE LIGHT IS OVER!!!" shouted D2 using Infected's mouth.

Infcted's head began to tear itself apart as D2 and Infected wrestle over control leaving everyone else confused and in shock

Act 31- 40

"I'M TIRED OF WATCHING YOU BETRAY THOSE YOU KNOW YOU LOVE!!" D2 shouted as he began to tear away from Infected "YOU THINK THEY'LL TREAT YOU ANY BETTER?! DON'T FORGET WHO YOU ARE!!!" Infected said trying to keep himself together only for his head to completely be tron in half and for his body to fall down limp. "HOLY SHIT!" said Omni "i-is that normal" asked Core "Our family isn't exactly all "together"" said Alpha "Dude, really not the time" Said Ink. as 404 checked on Infected.

Inside Infected's mind D2 stands over Infected

"They'll never accept you, When you become too much for them they'll cast you aside just like they did me" Infected said crawling away from D2 "You don't know that" D2 said "OF COURSE I DO!! BETTER THEN ANYONE!!" Infected shouted "...I can't say i know whats happening, but i can say for certain that we need them and they need us" D2 "You mean they need you, dont try to act like your not being selfish. you had a taste of what it felt like to be "real", but you'll never understand the feeling like i do and when you need me most...i'll be there like i'v always been...smiling at the irony of it all" Infected said as he curled up into a ball. "Infected, please lets work together" D2 said "It doesn't matter, when they turn on you...don't say i warned you because i didn't and won' should have been something you should know" Infected said. D2 simply stared at Infected as he began to fade into the darkness "Oh my path as been so long and my path as been so dark...darker then i ever dreamed it could be....Goodbye D2...take care of Ares for me" Infected said as he faded away.

Outside of Infected's mind his skull began to heal itself back together and when then he woke up and everyone breathed a sign of relief

"Jacob....are you alright?" 404 asked "....I-I don't know anymore, but right now for once i feel...just fine" said Infected

Omni ran over to Infected stopped a couple feet away "Jacob?" Omni said with hope " Don't get soft on me, but i'm fine" Infected as he stood up and then looked at 404. The two stared at each other for while and then Infected looked to the crowd who were all either watching or still fighting. "You guys should go, me and Core will take care of this." Ink told the rest of them "He's right lets go" Omni said as he,Alpha and Infected left, but before 404 could leave Ink stopped him "I need to know...was Error...was he brave?" Ink asked with a cracked voice ".....He was more than brave...he was a better man and hero then i ever could dream to be" 404 answered as he teleported away.

"Thank you" Ink said

404 and the rest of them all returned back to the Black House

All four of them sat at the dinning room table and just sat in thought. Infected stared at one the windows of the house and saw Himself and Jacob standing side by side, He then shook his head trying to get rid of the image. "So whats the plan now? Alpha said "Well firs things first is that i need to bring back everyone from AlphaTale" Infected replied as the other 3 looked at him in shock "You can do that?!" 404 said in shock "Yea...i got the ability after i ate Ten" Infected said "Incredible" remarked Omni. The boys then went outside and stood outside the house. Infected then used his powers to respawn all of the inhabitants of Alphatale, All of the inhabitants then filled the void and began to wonder on how they all came back. As if pulled by an unknown force 404 began to run through the crowd leaving his brothers on the porch of the house. He ran through looking and searching for the only other person who meant anything to him, but after an hour of looking 404s legs began to give way and he grew tired.

"Looking for someone brooder?" said a voice behind him 404 then turned around to see Alpha!Chara standing behind him and almost in an instant the two embraced each other once again

As everyone celebrated and everyone drank and partied at the revival of their Au the Astral Mother sat in her old room with the Void Empress chatting together. Omni and Infected sat in the living room with Bratty and talked over drinks and Alpha and Muffet cooked in the kitchen with Monster Kid and Napstablook. 404 and Chara sat in 404s old room and made up for lost times by talking and reminiscing on past times, but as the noise dyed down everyone and began to sleep 404s mind haunted him

404 woke up at the White Horizon as the winds howled and the lonely tree waved back and forth. 404 looked around and upon inspection saw Error standing in the distance, 404 began to run to him "ERROR!!" 404 said as he made his way to him "Just sat there wasting away" Error repeated to 404, 404 stopped in his tracks "...Error....please" 404 said pleading. Hands then began to rise out of the ground and pull him down "NO NO NO NO NO NOOO!! ERROR PLEASE TAKE MY HAND!!! PLEASE!!!!" 404 shouted as tears rushed down his face "You should have been there, why weren't you there. Instead you decided to give up" Error repeated as he turned around to reveal he has no face. 404 looked on in shock as Error began to glitch away " And in the end what was it all for" Error said as he faded away.

" GENO!!!" 404 shouted as he woke up in a beating sweat and shaking uncontrollable. he wiped sweat from his head and then looked at Chara sleeping next to him. 404 got out of bed and went downstairs to the porch where he found Infected sitting on the last step of the house where all the wisp were laying at his feet. 404 then saw Error sitting behind them all knitting.

404 then went to the last step and sat down next to Infected

404 and Infected sat there alone and with their thoughts for hours while the rest slept. Soon though the ones they cared about faded from their sight and they yet again were alone

"I never asked for this" Infected said, 404 looked towards Infected "I would asked for death years ago if i could...but life is cruel, why should the afterlife be any different" Infected said as the wisp slumbered and slept at his feet. 404 signed and then looked towards Error in the distant "...I can't say i agree 404 pulled out Error's scarf from his pocket there are alot of people who are counting on me to live on. Even if...saving the people you love means the closest die." 404 said as Error began to fade from his vision. "The ones closest to you" Infected said to himself as he looked at his hands. Infected then got up and stretched for a bit "Well i think i'v waited long enough" Infected said "Where are you going?" 404 said as Infected turned around to him "I'm off to go keep a promise" Infected said as he picked up his axe from the railing and gave it to a wisp to hold. 404 got up and looked at infected with his hands in his pockets "Ares is going to wonder where you are" 404 said "Yea well you tell my brother that i'm off to go make sense of my existence" Infected said trying to regain whatever confidence he had left.

404 then walked to Infected and put his fist out towards him. Infected stared at it for a moment and then fist bumped 404 back

"Take care Jacob" 404 said to Infected

"You too Will" Infected said to 404

Infected then gathered up the wisp and began to walk off into a portal he had created. 404 watched as his brother left once more, 404 then went back inside and sat the dining room table by himself

404 then saw a lingering wisp looking at him, but before he could say anything the wisp flew towards the downstairs bathroom and 404 followed it. 404 entered the room and saw the wisp go towards the toilet. 404 inspected it and saw a secret handle and as he pulled it a secret stairway appeared from the toilet.

404 ventured down deep into the basement and found the secret room where 100 was kept. 404 looked around at everything and then noticed the tank with the numbers "100" on them. 404 then began to sweep the place in search of any code he could find that was attached to that name. 404 then found some code of the guy and began to scan it as he leaned against the basement entrance

"So i see you found it then" said the Astral Mother outside the basement door. 404 looked at her and then looked back at the code he was encrypting "Will...i know that these past few years have been hard, but now isn't the time looking for another adventure wouldn't you rather go back upstairs and sleep with your boyfriend?" Said the Astral Mother "So what, so you can keep your secrets and never feel as much guilt as the rest of us? i dont think so" 404 said "I'v lost too much to just stop half way....I'v....404 put his hands over his eyes I have everything i wanted...I HAVE EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED!!! MY WORLD IS BACK!! CHARA IS BACK!!! MY BROTHER IS BACK!!! SO WHY!! WHY DO I FEEL SO EMPTY!!!!!" 404 shouted to the top of his lungs. All the Astral Mother could do was stare and look around as she began to feel weight on herself become alot too. The code 404 was encrypting was finally complete and the location of 100 had been discovered "But i know one thing is for sure 404 wiped his tears away once again If i dont try to finish this then everything that i have now is for nothing" 404 said as he walked upstairs bumping past his mother.

The Astral Mother sat at the entrance of the door and looked at everything again. she then punched the ground with all her strength

404 went up to the bedroom he slept in and began to put on his jacket, but then the light turned on and as he turned around saw Chara at the door

404 and Chara stared at each other. "So, even after everything you have back your still going to pursue some lost truth" said Chara "You don't understand i have to do this, if even one thing is left unchecked then i could lose everything" 404 said putting on clothes and grabbing his jacket "So your not even gonna try to get me to understand?! your just gonna run off and abandon everyone!!!" Chara shouted at him "...Thats alot better then you or anyone else dying" 404 said as he got and went for the door only for Chara to block his way "I won't let you go on this road alone, not again" Chara "Don't you get it, if anything were to happen to you guys i could never live with myself! if i do this then i can at least rest with my demons" 404 said as he looked Chara in the eyes "...So you gonna just leave" Chara said "...Yea" 404 said as he pushed Chara out of the way and made his way downstairs. 404 made his way to the porch of the house and then waited for a second.

404 got on his knees and began to bang his fist against the ground and get rid of any tears he had lingering 404 then took a deep breath and got up and teleported away.

404 teleported to his hideout, The place felt empty more then usual. He then looked around the place and wondered to the bridge and then as he got to the bridge he leand aginst the railing

"........" 404 looked out at the emptiness of the place that he once called his home, "......grrrrrrAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" 404 began to scream and punch and kick and shout as he began to lose himself. He threw off his jacket and began to punch the bridge in sheer anger, his weakness, his cowardliness and his power all of it for nothing if he couldn't save one person. "FUUUUCKKK!!!!! GODDAMIT IT PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!! I HAAATE YOUUU!!!!" 404 began to punch the bridge with everything he had and cried with ever blow I'M SORRY....I'm so sorry I'm so should have been me....sniff it should have been me...i failed you....i failed you...sniff......I.....I forgot what it felt like...sniff....loss....i haven't felt that in a long time." 404 then fell to his kness and cried out to the sky. 404 looked at the bridge and blasted it with a gaster blaster destroying it, he then began to drag some stones from the ruble to a spot near the waterfall.

404 put together a memorial for Error made out of the pieces of the bridge. 404 then sat in front of it for a while

"I can't say i understand how you feel" said Loading behind 404, 404 looked back at him "You know the pool is right there, you could easily get your power back, your god status and everything." Loading said "Theres no point in power if you can't save a single life" 404 said as he continued to look at the memorial. "Well can't say im not happy to hear that" Loading said "What do you want Loading" 404 asked "Well i was about to ask you something similar to that question" Loading said. "Well i just got this new information on this person named 100 and i think he may know a way to keep my world and people safe and so i'm gonna hunt him down and figure it out" 404 answered. "Well a mission like that even i know shouldn't be carried alone" Loading said, 404 looked back at Loading once more "Now i can't feel what you feel or even anything close, but a poor soul is something i'm familiar with. So for your sake i recommend surrounding yourself with those who will help you" Loading told 404 "But everyone around me that i care about always dies sniff AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!! 404 screamed at himself "Well thats what friends do, They die for each other" Loading said "It's just your job..

To make sure it wasn't for nothing" Loading reminded 404.

404 then rose up and wiped his tears away and then turned to Loading

"I need one favor from you Loading" 404 asked and in response Loading nodded his head, a couple hours later 404 then departed from hideout leaving Loading alone.

Meanwhile Ink and Core had saftley gotten the Aus back to their homes and in one piece

"I'm glad we got that over with right ink?" Core said, but Ink was sitting at Error's little loft where he'd sit and watch his favorite Au "...Even now Ink touched the vials across his chest without the vials i still feel....grief for him" Ink said witha low voice "We all miss him Ink, but-" Core was then interrupted by Ink "Whos "We" Core, No one else knew him but you,me and 404...ONLY US!!! NO ONE ELSE! DON'T PRETEND LIKE AS IF ANYONE ELSE KNEW HIM, BUT US!!!" Ink said as his purest self leaked through. Core looked at him and put they're head down. Ink took a knee and rest his hand on Errors bean bag "....even now matter the circumstance or the were always a friend to me" Ink said to himself, but then 404 teleported in front of Core and Ink. "You" Ink said looking at 404 "404" Core said "I need your guys help, I'm on a mission to discover a truth that will hopefully help me save my world." 404 told Ink and Core. "...Why should we trust you" Core said "I'm with you" Ink said as he stood up "wha-" Core said confused "If Error was willing to give his life for this Multiverse....for you. Then you have my Brush and my will by your side" Ink said "Thank you" 404 said gratefully to Ink "Well...I'm not much of a fighter, so all i can really do is be a decent navigator" Core said as they went to join the two.

"Then let us go...and make Errors death worth something" 404 said as he teleported himself and Ink and Core away.

Somewhere in the Transvoid Infected sits on a planet with Himmsworth by his side

"And you sure you wanna do this?" Himmsworth asked, Infected sits and looks at the stars in the sky while drinking some strawberry milk "A promise isn't something my kin is known for from what I hear...and since i hate the feeling of being put alongside others...iv decided to keep mine" Infected said taking another sip of his milk "Is that really it?" Himmsworth asked "If you keep reading my fucking mind i swear I'll eat you alive pussycat" Infected said taking a breath from drinking his milk. Himmsworth nodded and went to lay down next to Infected "Malesgrow is nearly at his peak potential...if you have any hope to beat him you'll need help" Himmsworth told him.

Infected then got up and drank the last of his milk and threw the bottle away

"Relying on others has never been my best quality kitty" Infected said "Well as true as that is, you still can't travel this kind of road alone" Himmsworth said as he stretched himself out "Then tell me where I can find help" Infected asked "Gabriel might just be the thing to help us barbecue that damn squid" Himmsworth said

"Then tell me where I can find Gabriel" Infected said

Infected and Himmsworth ventured to the abyss of the Transvoid to where Gabriel's lair lys

Infected and Himmsworth soon made the venture to his strong hold and stood outside his large doors "Are you ready?" Himmsworth said as he turned to look at Infected "No one ever is, so i won't say" Infected replied as he pushed the doors open to reveal a large Demon prince siting upon a throne of dead men and women alike surrounded by succubi and other Horrific demons of sort, His throne room was filled with many horrific beast. Himmsworth jumped onto Infected's shoulder so he'd stay safe.

"Now what is this, A new slave enters my court" Gabriel said as he drank from a goblet filled with souls "I am no slave nor servant to any" Infected said as he walked towards Gabriel "Ah yes the being like energy flowing within you, then you must be of a higher sort yes?" Gabriel said "I'm not god nor being nor monster...Just a man on a mission to keep a promise" Infected said as he stopped at the last steps of Gabriel's throne. "Why have you come here?" Gabriel asked with a malice grin "I'v come seeking aid, i need help slaying a being known as Malesgrow" Infected said shocking the audience around him except for Gabriel "heheeheheh now that is intresting Gabriel put his goblet down i haven't heard a joke like that in a long long time. To fight Malesgrow would be to challenge Sol himself, of course one can only assume that Males will get that strong one day" Gabriel said and from speaking that name many in his court died instantaneously. Infected looked around and then back to Gabriel "Look i didn't come all this way to be talked down to, if i wanted that i'd go seek some other whore, but instead i came to you now will you help me or are you going to keep speaking fucking nonsense" Infected taunted at Gabriel and in response Gabriel roared at Infected breathing out sparks of flame and embers at him, but Infected stood his ground with Himmsworth hiding behind his skull.

"But that is interesting, If you really want to challenge the power of that beast then you'll need more then those tiny arms and hands of yours you pathetic fool" Gabriel said "I'm looking for a yes or no, not a load of bullshit" Infected replied, but just as he did Gabriel swatted Infected all the way to the back of the room "THAT IS THE LAST TIME YOU DISRESPECT ME IN MY COURT YOU INSULATE FOOL!! Gabriel said as he unsheathed his trident and began to walk towards Infected "I'LL RIP YOUR SOUL FROM YOUR LIFELESS CORPSE AND FEAST ON IT FOR YEARS TO COME" Gabriel said as he made his way to Infected.

Infected then turned into the Black being and punched Gabriel right back to his thrown, giving him no time to react Infected began to choke the demon prince and in response Gabriel's tail wrapped around the black being sending it flying into a horde of demons. Gabriel then rose up and sent out a hurl of intense flames that consumed Infected nearly burning away his transformation, but a large wisp came out of the being and lached onto Gabriel exploding on impact. Himmsworth in the chaos pounced off Infected and went outside

"God damn...that fucking hurt" Infected said as he healed his wounds and Transformed back into the black being form and pushed Gabriel into a wall in which Gabriel began to breathe hot fire onto Infected incinerating the Black being form slowly. Infected then smashed his fist into Gabriel's mouth and filled it with Wisp detonating and destroying nearly all of the beings court and audience. Infected woke up out of the transformation and looked for Gabriel only to have him grab Infected under some ruble and pull underneath where the ground began to shake and burst full of explosions and fire and then the two flew into the sky where Black and Flame danced and lit up the sky.

Soon Gabriel and The Black Being flew into each other and hurled back down to the ground like a meteorite and for the first time in a long time lit of the abyss of the Transvoid to which all the beings of the reality collectively looked in aw at the spectacle

The Black Being rose to it's feet and looked to see Gabriel tired and his flames nealry out, Infected then picked up the demons trident and stabbed it right into the beings Chest and with a might roar Gabriel roared in pain "Swear your allegiance to me!" Infected said, but Gabriel refused to respond and in return Infected then imbued the trident with wisp getting ready to detonate at the drop of a hat "SWEAR YOU ALLEGIANCE TO ME!!! OR SO HELP ME I'LL BLOW YOU AND THIS WHOLE REALITY TO HELL!!!" Infected yelled "....I-I swear" Gabriel said with pain. Infected then removed the Trident and threw to the side. "I will aid thee in thy quest for Malesgrow" Gabriel said as he got up "even if it means to death" Gabriel said "Good" Infected responded as he turned back to normal.

*Gabriel then refueled his embers and grabbed his trident. Infected looked at him and Gabriel looked back, the two nodded and Gabriel flew off to lead the way. Infected picked up Himmsworth and flew off*

And soon the two would make their way to the every edge of the TransVoid where Malesgrow and his children linger, Malesgrow's large eye then noticed the two.

"There he is, Thats Malesgrow" said Gabriel "Somewhere amoungst those Ten" Infected said, Gabriel looked on at the sight "There is still time to turn back" Himmsworth said to Infected "No point either" Infected said as he began to fly towards Malesgrow "Malesgrow i am here for one of your children, refuse me and i will see your growth ending here and now" Infected shoutd towards the being only for Malesgrow to send his long tentacles Infected's way.

Gabriel burned away some of them, but more came and came. Infected then bulldozed his way through the tentacles sending wisp to nuke each one, but to no avail since one would just replace another. Infected chomped down on a few tentacles and then grew some to send back to malesgrow, but Malesgrow simply blocked the coming attack. The children of Malesgrow looked on in fear at the battle and all fled except for one that continued to stare.

"His field of Tentacles is impenetrable! what do we do now?" said Gabriel and in response Infected turned towards him "We need to burn away his tentacles, and i need a clear shot at his eye, i bet thats where he need to hit him" Infected remarked "But how do we get to him?!" Gabriel said, but then a couple of large wisp then began to bite down onto Gabriel restraining him "W-WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Gabriel shouted "Sorry, but i think i'll be able to use those flames better then you" Infected said as he began to devour the demon prince. All of the TransVoid watched as the prince was consumed by the Black Being and as soon as the last bite The Black Being soon ignited with black flames and a dark trident was summoned into his hands. "Now let's eat us some squid" Infected said as he began fly towards Malesgrow and resume his attack.

Infected then began to burn through all of Malesgrow's tentacles, but then Malesgrow sent out a large ray beam out his eye that began to make the black of space white. Infected rushed into the blast and burnt away the very coil that made it and he soon went straight to Malesgrow's eye and plunged his Trident into his eye, but then tentacles began to wrap around the Black Being and tried pulling him away

"OH NO YOU DON'T YOUR MINE NOW!!! SQUID FUCKER!!!!" Infected yelled as he plunged his trident into the eye of the being. The Transvoid just stared in complete shock the events happening, Malesgrow soon threw Infected off of him and began to wrap his tentacles around Infected crushing the Black Being form to utter dust. Infected tried to escape, but the tentacles were to big for him to even get across one, blood began to gush out of every hole in his body as the world began to darken around him.

"YOU BETTER NOT DIE!!!" shouted a familiar voice form outside, Malesgrow looked down to one of his children still remaining "YOU BETTER NOT DIE D2 YOU MADE ME A PROMISE!!" Ten shouted and in such Malesgrow wrapped a few tentacles around Ten crushing them. Infected began to hear the screams of Ten outside "NO LEAVE THEM ALONE AGRHHHH COME ON STUPID BODY!!!!" Infected shouted, "COME ON COME ON...Just this once, just this once let me be the hero....but even if i can't today then let me be the worst i can be just at this moment come on!!!" Infected said and in the corner of his eye he saw Jacob sitting on a tentacle and then jump down and walk to him. "Fine then, We'll use everything" Jacob said.

All of a sudden the TransVoid began to shake as black flames began to pour out of the place Infected was stuck in, Malesgrow retracted his tentacles for the pain was too unbearable and as soon as he did a small burning black flame soon expanded and grew to an unimaginable size far greater then even the Malesgrow could hope for. The black flame soon unraveled to reveal a large demonic like entity completely soaked in black flames, All the Beings of the Transvoid stared at the large entity and bowed before it. The large demonic entity then summoned a great black blade and stabbed it straight through Malesgrow burning down to a level far smaller then atoms themselves then the large entity consumed the remains of Malesgrow and roared a might roar so loud that it shook the very realities that surrounded it. Then the being began to fade away and Infected began to fall down, but Ten used they're tentacles to catch him

"...did...did i keep my promise?" Asked Infected who was scorched to a unnatural degree. "Y-Yes...yes you did" Ten said as they embraced Infected.

All the beings then looked towards Infected and then all bowed at the presence of...

The Soul Harbinger

Chapter 4 Coming Soon

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