"To be in control is to be in charge of the world, to be in charge of the world is to be a G.O.D"
– Defiled Witch

Introduced in Chapter 1 and 5


Creating a alternate version of a entity that resonates from a alternate timeline was difficult, many humans and lots of stitches, but the Betty prototype was a success and she is fully operational and moving. I replicated the kumu parasite by combining a hate soul and a few Fresh parasites together. The Betty prototype proves even more intelligent then Spaz and even more deadly then the Grimm unit however she has also proven to be resistant against further treatment as well, possible escape may be imminent.


Betty is very different from the original betty in which she if more feisty and more brutal with her words posing a threat right away. She's highly aggressive and isn't one for small talk and is prone to action towards violence.

She isn't fond of skeletons even though being made with three others.

Abilities and Powers

Intense Terror

Unlike Fear, Betty was injected with some horrible terror soul traits giving her a natural feeling of terror especially towards others, Her terror is said to make most quiver in fear and even flee away from battle.

Terror Scythe

Her Terror scythe can cut and tear a part the minds of any man, monster or abomination. Her scythe was forged from AlphaTale code and was imbued with being like energy from Ten no Kami themselves. The Blade is nigh-indestructible and can slice, kill and destroy just about anything


This version of Kumu is large and wide, giving for more damaged attacks and is much more imposing. Kumu can do everything the original can, but can do it with more brutality and precision, Taking Souls is as easy as turning on a switch, Kumu can't just steal souls, but modify them completely.

Current Mission

  • To gain control of the cycle and bring a end to the constant state of rebirth n Death
  • Take what i can and get out of this hell hole


  • Betty due to her repetitive experiments is due to go blind in 2 years
  • Betty was the least Favorited experiment of the litter
  • Betty along with Grimm find the actions of Subject.4 and Spaz to be rash and unneeded.
  • Betty was used in countless test to determine if she was capable to walk due to her being made the way she was.
  • Betty is the 2nd eldest from the litter.
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