"Please forgive me"
– Alpha!Sans



Alpha! Sans wears a long white jacket, with a hood that reaches to the back. He wears pink shoes that have lost almost all their color and a white shirt too.


Alpha! Sans is a very distant person and finds it difficult to get in touch with his brothers. He loves all his brothers and likes to take care of them as a big brother figure. He loves to drink tea and eat cake. He wants to be believed in.


  • AU Jump: By using this, you have the power to jump to any AU that you deem appropriate to visit.
  • Mind Wipe: the ability to erase and distort the memory of any person in front of him, making them forget that it existed.
  • He cannot be hurt by physical attacks because unless someone believes in him, he cannot be seen, heard or touched.
  • Double eye: This allows Alpha! Sans make 2 hate eyes of Gaster and this power dramatically increases his power, giving him immense power of magical impulse.


  • It is vulnerable to blue attacks, since they attack anything that moves through them, even if that thing is disembodied or dead.
  • It is also vulnerable to orange attacks, similar to the function of blue attacks.

Background story

Alpha worked with his brother Error404 and they both lived happily in their AU AlphaTale, but this happiness didn't last long since an Sans murderer was walking over killing all his friends. Error404 had the idea of ​​stopping him, but AlphaTale knew it was a bad idea, but in the end, they chased him, fought him, but fortunately Alpha! Sans was killed during a battle, the last thing he saw as the face of his poor brother Error404. After a while, he woke up and found himself in a place unknown to him, his outfit was different and he heard the screams and sounds of pain, he walked to where he was and shortly thereafter he found the decomposing body of what his brother used to be, Alpha! Sans groaned at the loss of his brother. His soul was empty, he lost any thought or hope of returning to his AU, so in an attempt to fix what had gone wrong. Now he wanders making sure that each AU is well forever, without being seen the Ghost of the Multiverse.

Now, AlphaTale is completely oblivious to the fact that his brother is alive, but still wanders thinking he is dead and vice versa.


Being the original AU Sans makes it a great fraternal figure for any other AU created later.


Add whatever you want as long as it is not Gus or Negative.

  • Ink! Sans is a close friend of all Aus, which makes him naturally able to see Alpha! Sans
  • Alpha! Sans is as strong as 6 Karma Sanses when he is really fighting.
  • Alpha's birthday! Sans is July 2
  • Alpha! Sans is younger than Infected and Error404
  • Alpha! Sans never got to invite Muffet before he died
  • Alpha! Sans wants to see how it is on the Omega timeline
  • His theme is made by Jinify AKA AbyssSans199 in Fandom.
    Alpha Sans Megalovania Remake - Jinify

    Alpha Sans Megalovania Remake - Jinify

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