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"Please forgive me..."
– Alpha!Sans



Alpha! Sans wears a long white jacket, with a hood that reaches to the back. He wears pink shoes that have lost almost all their color and a white shirt too. He wears black sweatpants that have a vertical blue stripe on each leg. His jacket has fluff on the hood.


Alpha! Sans is a very distant person and finds it difficult to get in touch with his brothers. He loves all his brothers and likes to take care of them as a big brother figure. He loves to drink tea and eat cake. He wants to be believed in.


The Boy he once was is always there in the back of his mind wondering if he should just slip away and never come back, but he knows somewhere out there that someones crying for help and he can't refuse to answer. But he would do anything just to die and live with his family again.


AU Jump

By using this, he has the power to jump to any AU that he deems appropriate to visit.

Mind Wipe

the ability to erase and distort the memory of any person in front of him, making them forget that it existed.

Uncertain existence

Unless someone believes in him, he cannot be seen, heard, or touched.


This allows Alpha! Sans make 2 hate eyes of Gaster and this power dramatically increases his power, giving him immense power of magical impulse.

Timeline Manipulation

Alpha!Sans can mend and bend timelines at will, giving some worlds the perfect ending they deserve while damning others.

Eyes of Burning Hate

Every once in awhile, Alpha will take off his mask and reveal his true power, these new eyes of Hate manifested while he was dead and thinking about all of the things he can't and never did. Now, he posses 2 eyes of hate that he only uses when he needs to.

Determination depletion

Alpha can cipher the Determination from others.

Out Code no more

Alpha can reverse the effect of what has made an Outcode what they are, so long as the individual is not stronger than him this is possible.


By Helping a soul that has seen damage and trauma, he can reform a soul and take away all negative and bad trait from it, such as hate, he can reform a hate soul back to a positive one.


This gives Alpha the ability to put them in a hell-like dimension where they are being forced to carry the weight of their guilt depending on what's the worst possible action the person has made in their lifetime.


Judge Form


Transformation Judge is a form taken by Alpha when his code has been tampered or he's been killed again, which then causes him to relive his death, overcome with dread and a determination not to die again, Alpha reacts and regains his physical form while also absorbing every soul in the multiverse. This form allows Alpha to gather all the souls in the known Multiverse to aid him, His physical form takes a huge hit, as he grows 2 huge arms that expand for 30 miles long and a size of 30 yards from his back along with 10 huge wings that each dwarf mars. Both of his eyes began to cry tears as souls upon souls fluctuate and appear in his eyes, with all the souls Alpha's body melts a rapid rate, but thanks to the Kindness souls keeps him together. Along with this Alpha creates a bone sword that has 30 Determination souls lined through it. Every being in the multiverse will be left soulless for the entirety of the fight.

Determination Blade

This Blade is imbued with 30 Determination souls giving it the ability to cut through anything that is lv 10 and Higher

Souls of Kindness

These souls heal Alpha to full Hp ever 2 milliseconds

Souls of Perseverance

These Souls fuel Alpha's Will and allow him to continue to fight for even longer, losing no stamina at all.

Souls of Bravery

The Souls of Bravery would allow Alpha to do great in Close Combat, making him deadly up close.

Souls of Patience

These Souls allow Alpha to wait for opportunities being able to strike with perfect percussion and knowing exactly when to attack and to back off.

Souls of Justice

The Souls of Justice when activated fire Thousands of blast at a time, decapitating and paralyzing his opponents.

Souls of Integrity

The souls of Integrity make Alpha Appear to be very intimidating


This move allows Alpha to fire all the souls of the Multiverse simultaneously causing a Multiverse shattering blast destroying the Multiverse in-process and causing a chain reaction and destroying 3 others with it. This move however is a last resort and should be used if the threat proves too much.


This power allows any dark,evil entity to be killed with a “ Goner “ button,this is very useful for bad sanses.


Corrupt Judge

Corrupt Judge is when the good in Alpha vanishes and is replaced with raging hate that can't be extinguished by just anyone, The form showing incredible power and resolve and strength. Corrupt Judge burns with black fire and tears as it's new blade made of hate sharpens and cuts throw anything it touches leaving scorching hot hate behind that burns to the touch. The blade is absolute hate and despair, going toe to toe with the All-Mother demonstrates this forms incredible strength.

Alpha's Weaknesses (Not Angel's)

  • He is vulnerable to blue attacks since he attacks anything that moves through them, even if that thing is disembodied or dead.
  • He is also vulnerable to orange attacks, similar to the function of blue attacks.

Background story

Full Story


Being the original AU Sans makes, it a great fraternal figure for any other AU created later.



  • Ink! Sans is a close friend of all Aus, which makes him naturally able to see Alpha! Sans.
  • Alpha!Sans is as strong as 6 Karma Sanses when he is fighting.
  • Alpha's birthday! Alpha!Sans' birthday is on July 2.
  • Alpha!Sans is younger than Infected and Error404.
  • Alpha!Sans never got to invite Muffet before he died.
  • Alpha!Sans wants to see how it is in the Omega timeline.
  • His theme is made by Jinify AKA AbyssSans199 in Fandom.
  • Alpha!Sans doesn't enjoy Sundays or Wednesdays since he doesn't believe in god
  • Alpha!Sans is Slightly Homophobic, even such him and his brother still got along...even on some weirder days
  • Alpha!Sans loves to drink Orange Juice along with Pepperoni Pizza.
  • Alpha!Sans loves to watch over other Aus and even loves to roleplay past timelines they've been in

Tears of Absolution - Alpha Sans Theme - Jinify Original