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AlphaTale Explained (Far Past) (Optional)

"AlphaTale is an AU of regret, bad choices and many, MANY sacrifices. Those that know and realize these rules take the world with no grain of salt and realize that with Her in charge this world is destined to fail."

Our story begins with the young Astral Mother herself. The year is 1989 and there is a critical war going on between the Humans and Monsters. The young Astral Mother is scavenging through the battlefield for her parents but only comes across the held hands of her parents. "It would seem they died as they love." She takes her parents' hands and hides in a nearby abandoned bunker. With no family and no hope, it would seem the war would soon be over. The humans would soon slaughter them all. All hope appeared lost for the young girl... that was until she noticed a dying fish in a fish tank not far from where she was. She then, for some odd reason, began to build equipment to house the fish and commenced with taking the dead fish back to the underground where her laboratory was. It was abandoned thanks to the war, so she all the time she needed to make her weapon; a weapon to turn this battle in their favor.

She commenced to build more and more until her fingers and hands couldn't take it but knew she had to keep going. After a while, it was read the Transfusion machine was complete. She then put the fish in one of the chambers and let herself rest for an hour until going back out to the battlefield and taking Determination from the dead humans that she could find out and about. And once she was back and began to dump the DT into the machine she turned on the machine and this machine created Undyne. The Astral Mother ordered Undyne to strike down everything on the field that wasn't a monster or didn't look like one. Undyne than commenced to slaughter all the Humans utterly winning and turning the tides of the war. The Humans were left battered and beaten, Asgore told them to never return and to head back to their homes for good.

After the Battle, The Astral Mother was given an award and was dreamed the royal scientist of the underground a position she wasn't comfortable with. 24 Years later, after many failures, The Astral Mother fired Alphys for her clumsy attitude and other reasons of non-interest. The Astral Mother would stare at the castle on some dim nights and would ponder to why she was down where she was and not up there. "She saved the kingdom right?" so why was it that she was left out and never brought up again, sometimes on the streets, people wouldn't recognize her and some would even talk to her like as if she was some regular person... "the bastards," she thought to herself. After many days the Queen would soon be expecting an heir to the throne. The Astral Mother would soon be assigned to the queen for she had gotten ill, the King begged the Royal Scientist to do her best and to make sure his wife would be ok. The Astral told him that he had nothing to fear..."She was in good hands".

5 Months later the Queen died of childbirth and the child not much after held the same fate. The King was heartbroken and was broke. He had no means of escaping his deep depression and had no way of leading the kingdom as he was. The Astral Mother then came to the king offering him comfort and some tea as well...Days later the King died. After such horrible events, the kingdom fell into a bleak period known and recorded as the "Grimmer Days". With such terrible things happening who could lead them? who would guide the kingdom? The Astral Mother appointed herself to the task and stepped up as the possible queen to the underground. She was opposed by a random monster of the people, but luckily came out on top and was made Queen of the Underground. After Her election to queen the Astral Mother changed her name to the Astral Mother and made it law for every subject under her to call her by that name and if anyone was to call her otherwise would be sentenced to 5 years in prison. The Astral Mother ruled the kingdom with Anarchy and had no means of stopping her rule. She tore down all means of getting rid of her and made it so that anyone who would dare try to attack her would have to go through her royal guard Undyne herself.

AlphaTale Explained (Past)

"The Young princes, the Young princes who are strong, who are brave, the ones who will shape the fate of this world and the ones who will possibly put it out of its misery...hopefully "
– Temmies

The Astral ruled for years to come, but soon age would start to catch up with her and it became clear she would need an heir and she began to go on dates and seek partners who were worthy enough to be a father for a real a possible heir, but with so many failures how could she possibly find a proper heir. So one day she sat down by the river in Snowdin and relaxed. "Are you ok there?" said a random voice, The Astral Mother surprised someone remembered would just walk up to her as she looked up and noticed someone, It was an old friend: River Peterson Person, an old flame/ friend form her past. They spent the rest of their day hanging out and catching up, The Astral Mother than ask him at that moment if he would want to marry her. He told her no and that he was with someone else at the time. The Astral Mother was highly disappointed and left him right after the request. She was embarrassed but overall surprised no one would want to rule by her side.

A couple of years later the Astral Mother returned to the surface with some of her forces to the human village. She demanded some humans for testing otherwise she would wipe out the entire village. Humans gave in to the threat and gave the Astral Mother two humans and with them, she returned to the underground. In the Underground Frisk and Chara were trained in different ways from each other. Chara was trained in the ways of human combat mixed with monster combat, but Frisk was trained in a new way in a way that hadn't been done before. Frisk and the Astral Mother trained in many ways, but one of them was reset training. She trained Frisk to learn how to rewind the world to a certain point in time and they also tried to learn to keep the effects of said timeline in tack with the reset itself, but the test utterly failed.

After multiple years of failure, the Astral Mother's life began to dawn close to its end. But before the said end, while the Humans had grown and kingdom soon to prosper from her death, she slew the grown Frisk in their sleep and then manipulated them into doing a true reset back to a couple of years. And after this event, Multiple resets were used to keep the Astral Mother around for centuries at a time. And during this resets she began to experiment with multiple different outcomes and possibilities and overall made wonderful progress. After a while, they stopped messing with the world and decided to let it play out and to see what would want to happen with these choices. The Astral Mother decided to figure out who her old friends address and decided to visit him and his girlfriend. They all spent a wonderful evening together, but of course, the even grew sour once Peterson had to leave to check if a line started at his job, so he left the 2 women alone by themselves. They quickly got into an argument in which was one-sided seeing how the Astral Mother functions and in response she decided to make them a glass of water to cool things down. She went into the kitchen to pour them some water it only took 2 minutes and when she came back the Astral Mother gave her and her friend's Partner something to drink and shortly after finishing the Woman collapsed and died. The Astral Mother than took the body in the basement of the place and threw it down the stairs to let it rot.

When the man returned he asked for where his partner was and the Astral Mother told him the truth. Peterson paused for a moment and then laughed it off and told the Astral Mother she was full it, But shortly after the Astral Mother opened up the basement and asked him to take a look for himself. and When he did he was shocked and panicked overall threw up actually. The Astral Mother than told him everything was going to be ok and that soon he would be happy again, Peterson was furious and utterly disgusted and at that moment he wanted to kill the woman in front of him. He wanted to make her bleed and suffer. But before he could get the chance, he was cut down by a mysterious red blade.

AlphaTale Explained (3 Years before AlphaTale's Destruction) (1st Year)

"Let us allow the Future to remain unseen for we would ruin it with our findings and more so our faults"
– Temmies

6 Years Later

After a good long couple years of Peace and more, the Astral Mother would soon give birth to the Princes known as William and Adam of the Underground. The two Princes were praised by all, but the father of the boys Peterson Person was unfortunately never named king by the Queen's orders for the sole fact that "She didn't want him to get any ideas". After a couple of months of raising the boys the Astral Mother than began a route of leaving them with Quenya to either be trained or Fed/Taken care of. This would be the daily routine for years to come. Quenya found this mission/task was tedious and unfit for her skills since the Astral Mother never seemed to leave the Lab in the first place. To Quenya's perception it didn't seem that Astral Mother had anywhere to go, but more or less just go tired of taking care of the children after a while. Peterson on the other hand had completely left the boys and had stopped vising them after they William had turned 6 and Adam 4. Rumor has it that he left because he once caught his Wife testing on the young Adam while she thought he was gone.

After 2 months passed the Boys had grown old enough to be without Quenya for the first time and it almost seemed quite sad and the boys mourned over the loss of what they called "Their real Mother" After so the Astral Mother would take over raising the boys from then on. The Astral Mother was rough or perhaps cruel is a better term to put down for her teaching the boys. They went to school daily, School was incredibly rough for Adam mentally, but physically he had all the right stuff. At some moments of the day, Adam would just completely shut down because of the fact he wasn't as smart as any of the other kids. But William however was a gifted child he went from Kindergarten to the 6th grade within just 2 years. After that, the Astral Mother found it only right that William is homeschooled by herself because of this fact. Adam however continued to struggle in school while his mother put all of her focus on William. Adam was doing terrible in school and often got into fights, but of course, he won them all with his intense strength and mobility. He one day while the walking home was thinking of why his brother got special treatment and not him, But while in thought Quenya had happened upon him while walking through Waterfall City. It was a touching moment between, they bonded and went on to talk about stuff that had been happening. Quenya was a bit annoyed with how the Astral Mother was treating Adam and then offered him free tutoring lessons on school work and math and other important subjects. Adam was quick to reply and shouted "YES!" as loud as he could and then remembered he had to head home and then said goodbye to Quenya giving her a hug and leaving.

After a month or 2 of secret tutoring, Adam had begun to pass the test he would have most likely failed, "The lessons are working!" Adam shouted while walking home from his Wednesday quiz. Once he got home he found his mother lay down on a pile of pieces of paper and his brother missing. "Wheres Will Ma?" Adam asked with respect in his voice, "How should I know, Now can't you see I'm working?" the Astral Mother said with a firm and strict tone. "It looked more like you were making a paper angel to me" Adam replied with a small giggle. The Astral Mother looked at him and almost gave a small little giggle herself if she wasn't so exhausted. She then told him that he better get moving or otherwise that he brother would be late for dinner, Which Adam responded by saying "Your gonna cook?' which than the Astral Mother responded with a "Hell No" in strict voice and told him that they were going out to eat. After a while of silence, Adam went his and William's room and put his stuff down and then heading out to go find his Brother leaving his mother alone with her thoughts.

Adam would wonder for what felt like hours until finally, he found his brother sitting down near a pile of bushes peaking through them. “What are you doing?” Adam asked with a curious voice, but kind of creeped out, William jumped at the surprise of his brother’s presence and turned around really quick and told him “I-it’s nothing! I was just making sure that the bushes were well-trimmed….they look great” William said not doing a good job at lying. Adam looked behind while his Brother mumbled on and saw someone on the other side. “Oh wow your stalking someone???” Adam said trying to get the individual's attention, William nervous about being caught put his hands over Adam's mouth, and told him to shut up. William looked back to see if the person he was watching had spotted them, The Random person almost seemed not to even had heard them. William sighed relief and then looked to his brother. “Not…Another….Word!?” William said with a firm and serious voice, Adam giggled and then stated that he would never blow his brothers cover like that. “But I would,” Said a voice from behind them, They turned around to find one of the Humans standing away from them. It was Frisk, Frisk walked to them and asked “Who are you two spying on” Frisk asked with a neutral tone. Adam answered by saying that he was here because he was looking for his brother and just found him.

Frisk seemed to be ok with that, but wanted to know who William was spying so Frisk began walking to the bush where William was, William told them “ H-HEY! Wait I swear I’ll do anything…ju-just don-“ but it was too late Frisk was already that the bush when they saw Chara on the other side training with hardly they’re blade. Frisk looked back to William and then Chara and then back to William. Frisk than walked and told Adam to just let his brother go, Adam, replied with “B-but my mother said-“ Frisk told Adam that they could just say that they couldn’t find him. Adam let William go and went off with Frisk to go back to the Lab.

AlphaTale Explained (2 years before AlphaTale's Destruction) (2nd Year)

"Family is as thick as water, Blood and maybe even one day...Life itself, but until than the strength of ones bond to another shall be tested."
– Temmies

The Underground began to expand more and more among the years and eventually even began to expand outside the underground. Humans and Monsters were still against each other and still vowed to keep their distances, but this time we would see a more gruesome side to this proud world.

William was growing quite fond of Chara over the years and the same could be said for Chara themselves as well. One Day while going down the Waterfall city trail to Snowdin William spotted Adam being picked on by other school kids, He was quick to get to them to stop the fighting. William broke the boys apart in an attempt to keep the tension down. The bully spoke towards William in anger "WHAT HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HERE NERD!!?!" the bully shoved William away putting his focus towards him. "You think your clever coming in here for him hu!? Well all you did was make yourself a target as well!!" the bully claimed and threatened William, Adam couldn't move and was too full of shocks to do anything that was before he saw hope in the distance. Quenya was running towards them in the distance, Adam was overflowing with joy, but then out of nowhere, she stopped dead in her tracks and put her hand to ear and then looked to the boys and then went running in the opposite direction. Adam's heart dropped and as soon as she left He could hear his brother getting beat up by the bullies. Adam was just frozen and had no idea what to do...he just stood there and watched them beat him up. William was screaming and begging for Adam to jump in, but Adam didn't...he just stood there and let it happen. After they were done with William they went straight to Adam, the biggest one of them grabbed ahold of Adam's jacket and picked him up by it. Adam was confused...why would the women who took care of him all his life, the women who helped him pass the 8th grade be so willing to just up and leave. He couldn't stand it, he couldn't bear it, Adam punched the bully in the face who was holding him up. The other ones than commenced to jump Adam, but they were stopped in their tracks from what looked to be webs of some kind. They were sharp to the touch cutting against the boy's skin and keeping them in place, and then out of nowhere this [B]beautiful girl came from the sky and landed in front of Adam and asked if he was ok. Muffet had arrived right in time, He responded with a "y-yes" and as soon as she turned around the bigger bully came and punched her right over Adam's head. Adam looked up at the bully and then was soon knocked to the ground as well.

William began to open his eyes and witnessed his brother and this random girl getting beaten to a bloody pulp. William tried to get up but was too wounded to move...all he could do was watch. The bigger bully was beating up the girl with all his might and she fought against him as well, but with little effort to show. William was utterly useless...just like had always been, he couldn't reach them in time and he couldn't even stand up. William then thought of the blue attack and then used it on the bigger bully. The bully laughed and stated "FINE! once you run out of magic I'll beat the SHIT OUT OF YOU TOO!!!" William was unable to stop the other bullies from beating up his brother and the girl, unfortunately. Eventually, Adam and Muffet were beaten till unconscious, and William was left to lay there while the bigger bully stood there waiting for him to run out of magic. The other bullies began to walk towards William, William began to cry, he didn't want to be beaten up or even end up like his brother or that one girl, but it seemed like he was going to, it all seemed inevitable.

William had no idea what to do soon the bullies were so close he could hear they're breaths...was this it? "is this where I black out too?" William asked himself before one of the bullies kicked him in the head. William could hear them laughing at his pain, his suffering, his tears, and his weakness...all he was able to do was keep a bully in place. William than lost himself, as if his mind had quit on him and his body then went limp. The bullies panicked wondering if they had killed him, one of the boys went to William to check on him, and as soon as he did William than picked up the boy using his magic and threw him to Hotland at a speed of 789 mph. The boys were left stunned and had no idea what the hell just happened, William then got up as if he was just laying down because he wanted to and then stoop up as if nothing had happened. It then looked at them and focused its attention on the rest of the bullies, It used blue magic to lift one of the bullies so high that they would reach the ceiling of the underground, but the bully never did return from to the ground, but his blood most certainly did. The rest of the kids were horrified and didn't know what to do so they ran away and never looked back, the bigger one however was stuck, frozen in place from fear and shock. It approached him and began to lift him too the bully screamed in fear and begged from forgiveness, but It didn't listen and then began to close its hand and as it did the bullies bones began to crunch and crush as if gravity itself was betraying him. So Adam would wake up to the screams of the boy and then ran to It and shook it to stop and told it that they weren't in danger anymore. Soon William came to his senses and saw

what he was doing. He looked at his brother and saw Adam in tears and begging him to stop, William looked at Adam's damaged body and then looked back to the Bully. The Bully was hardly alive, his legs were in places no one had thought they could reach. William stared and then told his brother "......I need to do this" Adam stared at him with shock and then froze as his brother continued to close his fist the blood of the bully beginning to soak the unconscious Muffet, Adam than Punched his brother.

A fight2.png

William knocked off balance and with luck had let go of the bully. William took a couple of steps back and looked

at his brother. Adam looked at his brother with anger and frustration, William stared at him with confusion and rage. The two princes at a complete standoff.

William summoned an Unknown and never before seen blaster out of the blue. "Don't do this Will" Adam threatened, William started up the blaster and told his brother "GET. OUT. OF. MY. WAY!" William shouted at Adam. Adam stood there knees shaking knowing that he was about to fight his-No...that he was about to fight someone he had never known before. Adam than repeated himself one last time "NO..." Adam said with hate in his eyes. William took a sign of disappointment "That is unfortunate" William said, He then fired the Blaster at Adam. Adam was surprised but dodged it entirely, a huge boom came from behind him and as he looked back Adam's face grew with shock and surprise as the dust from the explosion revealed a Huge hole about 34 Meters tall in the mountain. A bright light shined on Adam's face and then William fired again, but this time Adam used a bone to lift him into the air where he than the boost from the pillars of Snowdin and than pursues William and goes for an Intense Punch, But then-

AlphaTale 2 years before AlphaTale's Destruction (2nd Year) (1st Reset)

"Often times we forgive our mistakes for they make us who we are, but more times than none our mistakes aren't very generous."
– Temmies

Adam than rose in his bed across from William's bed on the other side of his Room. Adam is left in a state of loss and a feeling of forgetfulness, He felt at that moment that he had done something, but couldn't remember it. William than arose and stared at William, Adam looked at him confused, and then without saying anything William got up and left. William closed the door behind and then looked ahead only to see his mother down the hall staring at him, She walked to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "How do you feel William?" The Astral Mother spoke to him softly and then William responded scattered "I-i-i don't understand, h-how is this, wh-why doesn't Adam-" The Astral Mother put her finger over William's mouth and then whispered to him that "Everything is going to be ok from now on" She then walked away and disappeared behind the corner of the Hallway. William than ventured outside the lab only to bump into Chara. "What's the hurry Will?" Chara asked confused William than replied with "It's nothing really, i-i'm just a little worried about something..yea" William looked away from Chara and relaxed himself thinking that he was embarrassing himself in front of his crush. "Maybe I can help you with your troubles?" Chara asked him, William agreed and then walked away with Chara while looking back home.

Hours passe and Adam still rested in his room and was still thinking over what had happened, but he couldn't remember what it was. Later that day William returned with Chara and before Chara left they hugged William and told him to take it easy. William reenters the lab and was about to go upstairs when he saw the other door across the hall open and he hid behind a wall, He peeked behind and saw Frisk come in. Frisk than went to the computer monitor and typed in a passcode that William couldn't see and then the Computer monitor went into the wall and then revealed a secret passage into the bottom of the lab. Frisk went into it and the monitor than went back to how it was. William went to it and stared at it, "Come on there must be some kind of clue". William tried all the methods his mother had taught him but got nowhere. That was until he remembered his new trick from...last time. He then backs up and puts his hand in front of the Monitor, William than focused his strength into clearing his mind and focusing on moving the didn't work for 15 minutes. But then William felt light-headed and then fell to one knee has his left eye began to leak this weird Blue and black fluid. William shook it off and then stood up once again and tried his new ability once more. And this time with more concentration he yet again still failed, but he unlocked the eye that he had in that other fight with his brother how come it wasn't working? he wondered and pondered on it for so long the Monitor opened yet again. He hid yet again behind a Wall and watched Frisk walk out with another smaller version of himself except this one was wearing a scarf for some reason and holding a book. It was odd, but he had no time to be looking at that, so he took his chance and went through the passageway before it closed.

William looked around and went down the staircase, this was all new..or...has it been here the whole time? He descended for what felt like hours until he finally reached this sub-lab like area Until he finally arrived in the secret Laboratory. It was huge the floor almost covered with Papers and giant tube-like containers everywhere. Some of the containers were filled with people while others had what looked like remains of others too. He then noticed the Big container in the center of the room, It was glowing green and appeared to have something that looked almost fetus like. He reached to touch it, but before he could someone grabbed his arm! He looked next to him and it was Frisk, He felt his heart drop, was this it for him? Frisk than threw him onto the ground away from the container, While another human who he had never seen before grabbed his hands and applied handcuffs to them. The Human was cold almost felt like they had never been outside and not only that they had blonde hair, but with silver-like lock separate from the others. Dyed he thought? but before he could begin to ask questions a familiar voice came down the steps with the same small skeleton he saw come out of here before. "Well Well #1 you surprised me by coming down here," said the voice, eventually the person came down and revealed themselves to be the Astral Mother. William got up and with his hands restrained couldn't muster up any of his abilities at least not his bones or blasters. William looked at her and then back to Frisk and the Blonde human. "You did a great job getting him restrained Jabez," Said his mother with confidence in her voice, William looked back to the Blonde human and figured that was who she was talking to.

William than mustered up the courage to speak "What's going on?" he said with hesitation in his voice, the Astral Mother looked at Frisk and told him to " Go ahead without her" and than Frisk went to the darker part of the lab that couldn't be seen from where he was. "It was about time for things to start getting interesting" Jabez said with joy in his voice, William was frustrated. He had no idea what was going on or who was on his "side" if that was even a thing anymore. The Astral Mother began to walk to the center canister and then asked for Jabez to lead William to the canister as well. William looked at with aw at first but then became furious on the idea he didn't know what was going on. "What is all this? what is that?" William shouted, The Astral Mother looked towards William and stated "The Future boy, the future. For too long have we been without control in this world, well no more I say. I wish to gain control of the world over the timeline over all" she was very profound about her words and almost sounded like a pastor, the others around her listing to her bullshit. William wasn't having any of it, so in response, he used his blue magic to throw one of the canisters at Jabez launching them across the room with it. The Astral Mother turned in shock, but before long she was getting buried underneath all her paperwork and other lab equipment. William began to run to the staircase in an attempt to escape, but a bright red light blinded him for a second, and as he turned around to check if he was being followed by his mother and Jabez, but saw Frisk was standing in front of him instead. In a slow, almost standstill like motion Frisk created a DT like katana and sliced off one of William's Legs. And just as if time had started to move again William fell to the ground in pain and was aching and screaming until Frisk stuck the katana in his mouth and told him to "...Shut...Up" Frisk stared at William and William stared at Frisk and asked, "Why?" Frisk said nothing and removed the katana away from William. "Why are you doing this?...why are you betraying us! betraying everyone who cares about you!?!? don't you feel anything!?!?" William shouted at Frisk. Frisk took a long pause and before he could speak Jabez burst from the wreckage he had been buried under and ran to Frisk "Are you ok Frisk!? need first aid any-" Frisk stared at Jabez with an angry look and then walked to the wreckage near the Green Canister where the Astral Mother was buried. Frisk stood in front of it and looked down towards it, it took a while but some pink smoke came out of the wreckage along with it was the Astral mother's clothes. She then reformed herself in front of William. Frisk than put his DT katana away since it served no other use at the moment, Frisk than watched as Jabez started to beat William senseless. The Astral Mother walked past the staircase and then shouted at Frisk "Come Frisk it's time for the next phase for this timeline" Frisk walked to the staircase, but before getting to the second step was held back by William who had grabbed his leg. "P-Please... I know you're better than j-j-just need a reason to fight for y-y-yourself" Frisk looked down at William and yanked his leg away and kept walking upstairs ignoring William's pain.

Frisk had left William, but it didn't affect him as he thought it would, he then looked up the stairs and called the Astral mother's name in listen for a response.....Frisk immediately went running up the stairs to check on the Astral Mother. When he arrived he found her standing in front of the opening of the sub-lab staring at someone in her computer chair turned away from them. Frisk looked at the Astral Mother and she looked at him too. "Who the hell are you?! and what are you doing in my Home!!!?" the mysterious person continued to mess around with the computer, Jabez than arrived upstairs as well and looked over at the person. The Astral Mother told Jabez "Jabez scan that stranger, I wanna know who I have to use for my next experiments" she said with anger. Jabez immediately scanned the individual and then processed the data. "M-mam, i-i don't know how to say th-this, but-" before Jabez, the person in the chair spun around towards them in the chair and then put something in their pocket and rose "it's alright little one I can say it myself" The person emerged from the shadows. "I am you," said the stranger. The stranger was wearing a gray lab coat a long skirt/dress like garment and most of all had black long hair, "That's not possible you don't look anything like me" said the Astral Mother, The stranger walked over towards the exit and stopped there. "And why would I? you think that your children would end up looking like you because they come from you? Every timeline, every possibility is being played out and whos to say that they have anything to do with us or look like us? What I'm trying to say is that Timelines aren't just alternate realities their different endings, possibilities and most importantly they are unique" said the stranger. The Astral mother looked at the stranger and walked to them: "My lady" said Jabez "I'm fine boy Jabez stay back" Said the Astral mother with an angry tone in her voice. She stopped in front of the Stranger and then spoke to them "Alright I'll play this game of yours" said the Astral Mother with a darker tone "Who said this had to be a game?" said the stranger the Astral Mother became more agitated and angered. The Stranger was about to touch the Astral Mother's hair, but the Astral Mother caught the stranger's hand in a matter of seconds. ".... I used to have hair like that" said the stranger "What happened to you? why are you here?" said the Astral Mother "I'm here for my kids that you stole," said the stranger. "That's impossible, you and I have the same amount of kids no matter the timeline" claimed the Astral Mother "You really are an amateur at this shit," said the stranger "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!" shouted the Astral Mother "...I want them back you bitch" the stranger punched the Astral Mother away from her causing the Astral Mother to back up a few steps. She immediately looked at the stranger...nothing happened to them (Why hasn't anything happened to them!?!?) the Astral Mother thought, Frisk and Jabez ran to the Astral Mother's side and got their weapons ready. The Stranger said "You think I wouldn't have noticed what you did!? you took everything from ME!?!!? AND NOW IM GONNA GIVE YOU HELL FOR IT!!!" shouted the stranger "FROM THIS DAY FORWARD YOU SHALL KNOW ME AS-" the stranger calmed down and then said their name "...The Void Empress" said the stranger gently. "I'll be back for them and when I return, you'll have Hell to pay...oh and one more thing...change your fuckin password," said the stranger before vanishing.

The Astral Mother looked at herself through the floor tiles...and then went to tell frisk "Frisk restart the timeline" Frisk looked at the Astral Mother, but didn't question her and then killed themselves with a swift cut to the neck.

"Things have begun to grow more complicated"

AlphaTale 2 years before it's Destruction (2nd Year) (2nd Reset)

"We all have to face the music of our mistakes, either that be a sweet melody or a hard Picasso...we have no right to choose."
– Temmies

More coming soon

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