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This story takes place after the Puppet Series

One day while 404 was relaxing in his HQ with Seraphim, the mainframe pool began to buzz and glitch out like crazy “Woah, that’s probably not good” 404 said as he then used his blaster to cover the hole, but to no avail, the mainframe simply just engulfed it entirely swallowing it whole “Well shit, that’s a problem” 404 said with worry as he then walked over to the large pool and stared into it “Now what could possibly be the matter with you now?” 404 thought to himself, could it be Loading? Or maybe even Ten? No point, this problem wasn’t gonna get solved in a night so 404 and Seraphim decided to doing testing on it all day long until Error got back, saw the situation and then proceeded to leave entirely. 404 after a strenuous couple of hours 404 gave up and sat down exhausted and beat “Damn this, even after all these years I still don’t know jack shit on how to work this thing” 404 said with a tired tone as he then looked towards the mainframe pool studying it with his eyes. Until suddenly some of the mainframe shot out its code directly at 404 since he was the closet thing to it “OH SH-“ 404 shouted before being struck by the code being sent flying back, Seraphim tried to grab at it to protect its master, but unfortunately upon touching it Seraphim shut down completely and was blasted away into the distance and over the waterfall of code. 404 continued to scream and squirm as the mainframe continued to zap and stab him with code until finally 404 was filled with too much and blue, pink, red and green all shooting out of his eyes with large orbs then bursting out of his chest and into the field in front of him.

404 after a couple of minutes of being unconscious he soon began to wake up to the sound of arguing and yelling, as he got up he saw the 4 different colored versions of himself all arguing with each other, 404 looked in complete shock as he saw these other entities that looked and sounded like him and once 404 saw it he had noticed that he was completely pale and devoid of color and saturation “H-hey!” 404 shouted as he got up in which all the other 404s suddenly looked at normal 404 with a shocked and mixed expressions “OMG look he’s getting up! UwU!” said the Pink!404 in a giddy and giggly manner while the Red!404 simply stared at him with a blank yet pissed expression and the Blue!404 just looked down at the ground completely sad and depressed “Aye! Now isn’t this just peachy! Seems we finally got out of that stupid head of yours ey!?” Green!404 said as he wiped his nose and started down normal 404 who just looked at everyone in confusion “How is this possible? I was told that the existence of other 404s was a improbability” 404 said as he looked at them back and fourth “Well we’re here now aren’t we?!” Shouted the Red 404 with a loud and dominant tone, suddenly 404 fell to his knees as he could feel his soul getting weaker. 404 then summoned his soul in front of him and saw the undeniable truth, his soul was now being overcome with not just the mainframe, but also from the anti-void now taking its effect “Shit!” 404 shouted in his head as he then looked to his new copies or perhaps different halves of himself “This is definitely cause of the mainframe, whatever rotten and horrid thing its done is now killing me due to no longer having my protection, if I font get these guys back in me…this could be it” 404 said to himself as he then got up and stared down his other halves. “Oh boy I don’t like that face” said the Pink!404 giggling while the others stared back at 404 “Planning to put us back? Well, we don’t plan on going back inside yer head, its so boren and there are stupid strips all over the place, not to mention those two demons you got in there are no fun” shouted the Green!404 as he then used some alternate forum of Blue mastery to lift up 404 and slam him to the ground like a ragdoll “Son of a-“ 404 thought to himself before he shot a god ray at Green!404 paralyzing him and causing him to stop “NOT ON MY WATCH!” Red!404 shouted as he teleported straight to 404 kicking him in the mouth and then jumping up and slamming his head into the ground.

“You think just because your life sucks you can do that for everyone else hu!? WELL YOUR DEAD WRONG!!” Red!404 said as he kept going on and on about how horrible 404 was, only for 404 to then use bones to stab into his feet keeping him in place and holding him long enough to use a dark blaster to send him flying into Green!404 “I hate my life” 404 mumbled to himself as he got up and began to stretch “This absurd, damnit SHAD’s really gone too far this time! How the hell am I supposed to beat four different versions of myself while being drained, dying at a rapid pace and being weakened. This is a load of bs I tell ya” 404 said as he then summoned several dark blasters “Good, I have enough strength to do this” 404 said as he then looked at his colored doppelgangers “Oh shit, what do we do now!? With Green paralyzed we can’t stay here too long or its over for us!” Blue!404 shouted “Tch! Son of a- then we ditch his ass, come one lets get out of here” Red!404 said as all the 404s except for Green vanished out of there. 404 scoffed and then put his blasters away “Damn cowards, so much for honor I guess” 404 said as he then walked over to Green!404 and lifted him up with his blue mastery “Now do I get you back in me without screwing this up anymore then It already is” 404 began to think to himself as he stared at the green tinted version of himself “ Download him back into your subconscious” said a voice shocking 404, 404’s head turned slowly toward the mainframe pool where he saw Loading’s head peaking out and staring at him. “…so you stalking me now?” 404 said with a straight face “No, im just making sure I don’t need to be chasing down 4 of you when I just need 1” Loading said as he continued to keep his distance “I see” 404 said as he then looked at the green version of himself and began to absorb the code back into himself only for it then sending him flying backwards sliding across the ground afterwards “ARGH! Ow…damnit why’d that hurt so much” 404 groaned as he lied on the floor and tried getting up “Look at you, you look so pathetic lying there” Loading said with his usual grin “Wanna help me up?” 404 asked “No” Loading replied as he then looked up when something caught his eye “Got you motherfucker!” Error shouted as a blaster shot at Loading, but Loading sunk into the mainframe pool dodging it entirely “Damnit did I get his ass or what?!” Error shouted as he landed.

“Heel Error, me and Loading were just talking” 404 said as he got up weakly “Talking? After all the BS he’s pulled on us, No way sir I forbid it!” Error said as he then noticed 404’s weakened state as he then summoned a bone near him for 404 to lean on “Sir?” Error said with slight worry “ I’m fine boy, Loading is doing me no harm, in fact…he helped me on how to solve a problem of mine” 404 said as he then leaned on the bone Error provided for him “Whats going on?” Error asked as 404 then began to explain what had happened and what was going on and even already started thinking of a plan to fix it “Well geez sir, does trouble always seem to find you? Or is it on days when i'm busy you decide to do some weird shit like this” Error said sarcastically despite 404’s face of disapproval “ You two done gawking at each other Or are you gonna stop those alternate versions before they ruin whatever little of a reputation you have left” Loading said as he then sunk into the mainframe pool disappearing.  Error and 404 stared a bit dumbfounded by Loading’s lead of heroism here, but then their eyes were directed towards each other which Error noticed the condition 404 was in and 404 looked at Error who was far more healthier then he was and without saying a word the two knew what had to happen. After a couple minutes of preparing Error soon got on his feet and prepared himself “Alright boy this is gonna be your biggest task yet, for now. You need to go and hunt down these replicas and use this buff I’ll give you to download them onto this USB program and then give them to me” 404 said as he sat down on a bridge step “So you want me to go out and find these alternate versions of you? What if they prove too much?” Error asked with little confidence as he then looked at his hands “Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you my Blue mastery. However you only have a few chances to use it since It will crush your soul from the restraint of how much skill and comprehension it takes to use” 404 said as he then hovered his hands over Error’s “ Don’t mess this up or your good as dead boy” 404 said as he then sat back down “ Putting your faith in that boy is the worst mistake you’ve ever made” Loading said as his head poked out of the mainframe pool to which Error looked at him in annoyance while 404 just kept sitting down leaning against the bridge for strength.

Error then looked down and thought to himself was this what the future would be like? That without 404 he wouldn’t be able do anything on his own? He soon began to wonder if 404 aiding him was a crutch or a privilege. “Just watch” Error said as he then got ready to leave “Hehehehe, you surprise me boy, you’re actually gonna do it? Your gonna go out and face off against the alternate variations of your own master, shall I write down “fool” upon your tombstone?” Loading asked sarcastically as Error then looked back slightly at 404 who didn’t say anything “Just watch” Error repeated in his head as he left HQ. As soon he left Error then summoned his blaster and fired it into the distance shouting at the top of his lungs “GOD DAMN YOU!” Just you watch old geezer! I’ll show you that I can do this on my own. This wont be like last time, I’ll show you both that I can do this on my o-“ but just as Error was gonna finish his sentence a giant sludge of Ink falls right onto him “…this…truly…is…the…worst” Error mumbled under his breath with his teeth grinding against each other in full force as he then looked up to see his worst and most aggravating nightmare, Ink floating above him in mid-air “Hey glitchy! Why do you look so pissed today?” Something wrong? Did you finally figure out why Swap is a homosexual?” Ink said “Ink will you just leave me-wait what?” Error said as he looked at Ink in confusion “What? Was it something I said?” Ink replied only for Error to start walking away “Whatever weirdo, leave me alone i'm busy, get in my way and you get erased” Error said as he then began to look at his hand “I need to track down these 404s, but if their anything like him then I should be able to sense them even from across the multiverse” Error thought to himself as he then began to focus on different codes and energies throughout the multiverse searching for his master’s colorful rejects.

As 404 lay down on the white grass he felt a presence arrive, as he turned towards it he saw Blue!404 sit down in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing here?! Errors supposed to be hunting you down” 404 said with a shaky voice

“Absorb it now before it goes away!” Loading shouted

“NO, I want to hear what it has to say” 404 said as he looked towards Blue!404

“You feel lost, afraid and more importantly guilty” said Blue!404 said in a calm and yet sorrowful manner with 404 not responding at all and Loading just watching

“ You want to die, but you don’t want to disappoint anyone, you don’t want to ruin whats left of who you are” Blue!404 said

404 simply looked away as Blue!404 spoke his words of sorrow, 404 then looked back at Blue!404 and grabbed him with his blue magic and prepared to absorb him.

“Doing away with me now, won’t change how you feel” Blue!404 said with sorrow

“Yea, but I’d rather not get reminded of how I feel when I live it enough” 404 said as he then absorbed Blue!404 with ease as he then  regained his strength to stand. 404 jumped up and down and threw a few punches in the air with Loading watching idly by as he did so. 404 shook his head as he suddenly hallucinations of the Astral Mother, he looked up and saw her standing over him with a wide dark grin with a completely pitch-black eye. 404 then wiped his eyes causing the hallucination to disappear.

“Looks like you have one left, you should go after it before I change my mind” Loading said as he began to sink back into the Mainframe pool

“Thanks again Loading, your help is appreciated UwU” 404 said with a sarcastic tone making Loading cringe and then sink back through.

“Well I know what I’m not doing again after” 404 said as he then fell to one knee

“Wh-What the hell is happening?!” 404 said with his weakened breath as suddenly a wormhole opened in front of him, he looked up to see Omni walk out of it and towards him. Omni then looked down at 404 and picked him up by his neck .

“A-A-Ares?!” 404 tried to say, but Omni just kept staring at him with this killing intent as he began to crush his neck with his strength. Suddenly however two large black hands grabbed Omni trapping him, 404 fell to the ground and looked over to see Loading again helping him

“This makes two, you gonna owe me big this time Will” Loading said with his casual smirk, 404 scoffed as he looked up at the large hands as lightning poured and jolted out of them.

“Go, get back to that boy, he should be nearly finished by now, Go” Loading said as he kept holding Omni and allowing 404 to escape. Once 404 was gone Loading let Omni go in which Omni immediately shot out and sliced Loading to ribbons and shreds, Omni watched as Loading code bits only reformed themselves remaking Loading as he was.

“Want to try that again?” Loading asked in a deep intimidating voice

“Only if you get in my way again” Omni replied

“What do you want with 404?” Loading asked

“It doesn’t involve you coded creature, now leave me to my business” Omni said as he left only for Loading to bring him back via changing his teleportation route to come back here

“You’re not going anywhere without answering my questions first” Loading said

“You don’t want me as a enemy creature” Omni said as lightning began to encase his body sending bolts pass Loading who seemed unfazed

“I’d rather not fight you, especially after you helped save this reality” Loading said

“Then why are you stopping me” Omni said

“Cause your not answering my questions” Loading replied

“It doesn’t concern you as I said” Omni said

“Will beating the answer out of you give me what I want?” Loading asked with a chuckle

Omni simply looked over at him as his power grew more and more, Loading then signed as the mainframe began to coil around him

“If it’s a battle you want to so bad then I’ll give you one, but I warn you, I’m unstoppable like this, this close to the mainframe, But seeing how you beat that winged demon before I reckon facing off against gods is your specialty” Loading chuckled

“Islothorn give me 35%” Omni asked

“Right off the bat hu? You must be desperate” Islothorn said in Omni’s head as he powered up Omni resulting in a large thunderstorm to occur around Omni

“If I don’t stop Malware with whatever hes planning  with Will it could result in disastrous consequences for all of the 10 Realities” Omni replied as he and Loading faced each other ready to battle for the answers to the truths they so desperately wanted.

Far off on the other side of the Multiverse 404 teleported over to Error’s location only to see him getting thrashed by Red!404 who also had Infected suspended up in the air with only his head being what is left.

“YOU DARE STOP MY REVENGE!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW FOR NO ONE TO GET IN MY WAY OF DESTROYING THIS FILTH AND ANNIHILATING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE EVER ASSOCIATED WITH HIM!!!” Red!404 shouted as he then saw 404 walking over towards them, Red!404 slammed Infected’s skull to the ground and threw Error into the distance as he flew down t 404

“LOOK AT ALL THIS! I HAVE DONE WHAT YOU NEVER COULD IN A THOUSAND YEARS!!! I AM THE SUPERIOR EMOTION! I AM THE MOST 404 YOU WILL EVER BE!” Red!404 shouted as he stared down 404, but 404 didn’t say anything and just kept looking at him

“WHATS THE MATTER!? NO COMEBACKS?! NO STUPID MATURE HUMOR TO SAY!!? NO PATHETIC LIFE LESSONS TO SHARE!? NOTHING!??!?” Red!404 screamed out cracking his voice a bit, but 404 kept silent

“WHY DON’T YOU SPEAK!!!! SPEAK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-“ Red!404 then crashed completely causing a giant message to appear on his head

[Sorry for the unfortunate crash, your program will restart and will resume soon, thank you for your patience]

“Sad thing is I can’t even be mad” 404 said as he then used blue mastery and absorbed Red!404 completely, 404 then shook his arms as he looked over to Error and then flying to him.

“Nice work boy, you lasted far longer then I expected” 404 said with sarcasm

“Nice still have that” 404 remarked as Error got up

“Nice gad you still have the capability to be a dick, now how about you learn to stop touching weird black shit!?” Error said pissed as he got up and then used his strings to make himself a cast for his arm. 404 chuckled as he then looked over at Infected’s skull and saw it healing itself, 404 then walked over to it and lifted it off the ground with blue mastery and opened a portal throwing it into a random AU.

“You’re not gonna kill him?” Error said

“No, besides I couldn’t sense his soul, he most likely knew something was wrong and assessed the situation, hes crazy, but not stupid.” 404 said in which him and Error looked at each other for brief moment

“Ok yea hes stupid” 404 said correcting himself in which Error then signed

“Hey, you did a great job” 404 said with a smile

“Don’t lie to me! STOP SAYING THAT SHIT WHEN I ALREADY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ME!!!” Error shouted as he turned away

“What did that other me tell you?” 404 said with worry

“He told me how much you hated me, how much you wish you choose ink instead, how much of a disappointment I always and am and how…and…” Error looked down as one tear fell down his face


“I only care about one thing and one thing only! And that’s me beating your ass and becoming that best destroyer this Multiverse, NO, this REALITY has ever SEEN!” Error said as his hands shook from frustration

“You will be” 404 said

“What did you say?” Error said looking at him

“ I said you will be, but you don’t need me to tell you that…cause I already see that in you already Geno” 404 said with a warm smile

D-Damn it, don’t say shit like that, don’t be nice to me!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE I HATE YOU I HATE YOU…What the hell am I kidding…I have no doubt that if you weren’t in my life…I’d-” but before Error could finish his thought Omni and Loading appeared out of thin air looking exhausted and tired.

“WOAH WHAT THE HELL!?” Error shouted in shock as he got his blaster and Loading got another attack ready and Omni got ready to hurl a large lightning bolt

“WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Can everybody just chill!!” 404 shouted getting everyone’s attention

“Ares can you please calm yourself!” 404 shouted

“Wait that’s ARES!?!?’ Error shouted in shock

“I don’t care who's who, someone is gonna be getting banned if I don’t get answers to the situation happening NOW!!” Loading shouted

“How many more” Omni said, Omni then looked over towards 404. He then hurled his bolt of lightning at him at him, but in a moment of quick thinking Error used his strings to pull 404 out of the way of the attack causing it to miss.

“Thanks boy” 404 said in relief

“Don’t mention it” Error replied

“Shoot” Omni said in a moment of annoyance only for Loading to fire a large red beam at him sending Omni flying backwards, Loading then looked back as Error used his strings to lift 404 off the ground.

…I’m just doing this that way there isn’t more trouble for me” Loading told himself as he floated over to 404 and Error.

“You idiots still coddling each other?” Loading said

“WHAT WAS THAT?!!” Error shouted in anger

“Thanks again Loading, I owe you a match after this” 404 said with a smirk

“…eh forget it, just leave me out of your family quarrels and I won’t need shit from you” Loading said as he turned away

“uh hey, I hate to break up this family shit, but hes getting up again” Error said pointing over to Omni who was getting back up

“This guy is ridiculously persistent” Loading said as he got ready to fight again

“Yea, Hey Loading, do me a favor and get the boy out of here, Me and Ares need to chat for a bit” 404 asked

“…Whatever, I’m not your personally Transtation” Loading said as he then grabbed Error by the head lifting him up

“HEY!!! OLD MAN YOU BETTER NOT DIE! THAT'S A FATE I OWE YOU!” Error shouted at 404 who just smiled back

“Yea I know” 404 said as Loading and Error teleported away, just as 404 turned around Omni was already in front of him getting ready to attack, but 404 rolled out of the way in time to avoid the attack, 404 and Omni then got their feet and stared each other down.

“You know I was always curious on why you did what you did, on why you were so distant from me, Adam and everyone else, But I think I can solve that one for myself now” 404 said as he and Omni circled each other

“You have no idea of what I have to do for this, so don’t come to me with this idea that your somehow better then me” Omni said as he stared at 404

“Didn’t take you for the jealous type hehe” 404 chuckled only for Omni’s third eye to twitch as Omni then blitzed towards 404 sending him flying back and chasing after him. 404 then turned around as he went flying and then began to fly upwards avoiding Omni’s blitz attack again.

404 began to send a large barrage of attacks Omni’s way to which he dodged them all, 404 then fired 10 dark blasters at Omni in which Omni then began to fly out of the way, but 404 used Blue mastery on the beams making them follow after Omni. Omni noticed began to move faster gaining distance on the attacks heading his way entirely.

“Damn how the hell is he so fast!? He didn’t show anything like this back home” 404 said as Omni then blitzed right behind him

“Shit!” 404 said as Omni then slammed his leg on top of 404’s skull sending him shooting straight towards the ground instantly, 404 teleported at the last second reappearing horizontally allowing for him to land on his feet.

“Islothorn give me 25%” Omni asked as he suddenly was boosted extremely with immense power and covered with lightning as he then blitzed right towards 404 who also began to fly towards him. Omni then went for a punch but just as he did his hand hit a invisible wall and 404 hit his head against it too, however it looked like the two had connected and yet something still was in between them.

“What the hell?!” 404 said as he back up along with Omni too only to see AlphaTale.EXE come into the 4th dimension allowing for them to see it

“Was it on a different dimensional plane just now?” Omni asked himself

“YOUR WORRIED ABOUT THAT, BUT I’M WONDERING WHAT THE HELL IT IS TO BEGIN WITH!!” 404 shouted in shock, confusion, fascination and fear

“THIS ISN’T A GAME!!” AlphaTale.EXE shouted in William and Jacob’s voices spooking and scaring Omni and 404 shitless

“W-W-Was that!!!” 404 said as he began to glitch out intensely along with the rest of the Multiverse around them

“That was Jacob’s voice, How do you know of my brother creature!” Omni shouted only for AlphaTale.EXE to summon hundreds of small Sol’s that each began to fire Reality beams one of them hitting 404 destroying him instantly, Omni watched in horror as he then began to run full speed away while.

“Islothorn 1,000,000%” AlphaTale.EXE said in a glitchy voice trying to mimic Omni’s, AlphaTale.EXE then was covered completely in black and white glitchy lighting as it began to move faster then anything could ever comprehend, Omni looked back only to see it still there and as he turned around was rammed into by AlphaTale.EXE. Omni jumped off it only to have fusions of Chara and the Astral Mother come out and grab at him trying to pull him down into AlphaTale.EXE.

Omni began to get broken down and destabilized as AlphaTale.EXE’s code began to absorb and fuse itself with Omni causing Omni immense pain.

“ISLOTHORN 100% NOW!!!“ Omni screamed as he then turned into lightning itself and managed to get away avoiding and dodging all the Reality beams he could.

“[Renaming file Omnipotent!Sans.Exl….A….R…E…S…Ares, Renaming file complete]” AlphaTale.EXE said in a complete robotic version of Brimm and Yesmerian’s voice, with that command Omni then turned back into a his old child self Ares.

“NO WAAAYYYY!!!” Ares screamed as he began to plummet to the ground, AlphaTale.EXE then began to race towards him and at the last second Ares was caught by 404 who had completely regenerated

“Gotcha, that was a close one, that thing almost gotcha didn’t it?” 404 said as he looked at Ares on his back

“W-Will? But how I saw it blast you to pieces” Ares said with shock

“Yea well whatever it’s doing to reality is causing things to go haywire, which means time probably isn’t functioning the same as it once did, any idea what the hell this thing even is?” 404 asked with shaky breath

“I have no clue, this thing runs off of some otherworldly source of power, I don’t recognize it from the Transvoid or any of its attacks at all…not to mention those voices and things it can do…” Ares said, 404 looked back at him and then down to AlphaTale.EXE as it began to make loud beeps and boops messing with fiction itself as things began to disappear and reappear.

“/ / - / / / . / .- / / / .. / / / .- / / / --..-- / -. / -. / / / ... / .... / . / -.-. / .- / / / / / .-.. / - / / / .... / -.-. / / / --. / / / / / / / / / --. / . / -. / . / . / . / .- / .- / . / ..- / ... / / / -... / . / - / ... / .. / . / -. / -- / . / - / / / / / --- / .-.. / / / / / --..-- / .. / / / -. / .- / .-.. / / / .-. / .-. / ... / --- / -. / -... / / / .- / .-. / / / .. / . / -. / -. / ..-. / . / --- / .- / .. / . / .--. / / / - / . / ... / -.-. / ..- / -. / -- / --- / . / .- / --- / .- / -.-. / . / .. / .. / ...- / -.-. / .-. / -... / .. / -.. / . / / / .. / --- / .-.. / -... / -. / . / --..-- / .. / / / -. / -. / - / -.-. / / / . / .... / .. / .- / . / -.-- / - / / / .-.. / - / / / .- / / / --- / .-.. / / / - / .- / .-. / ..-. / ... / .-.. / .. / -- / .-. / --- / / / .-.-.- / ...- / - / / / . / . / .... / / / .-. / .. / -..- / ..-. / / / . / .- / --..-- / --- / -..- / .. / ... / / / -- / - / . / .- / .... / .-- / .--. / .-.. / ... / - / .--. / .... / --- / ..-. / -.. / ..” AlphaTale.EXE screamed in J404’s and Malesgrow’s voice, suddenly though some large blaster fired at it, the blast simply didn’t seem to register and ended up being turned into small tiny boxes with Chara’s head on it. 404 was absolutely baffled by what he was seeing

“SON OF A BITCH!” a voice shouted causing Ares and 404 to look over and see Alpha!Sans

“Hey you! How come your not dead yet!?”  shouted Ares in which Alpha looked up and teleported to them

“You two can see me?” Alpha said

“Uh..yea, why can we not normally see you?” 404 asked confused

“Hu, normally only pacifist Aus and folks who know of my home can see” Alpha said as he summoned his DT blade, Ares and 404 looked at each other confused before suddenly all of Reality became conjoined with the White Horizon and the Transvoid with the Inhabitants of each merging with each other all while AlphaTale.EXE continued to glitch out and make loud beeping and ship noises.

“Any idea what the hell I’m looking at?” Alpha asked

“Well-“ but before Ares could talk suddenly AlphaTale.EXE started walking on a 6th dimensional plane of existence as it also continued spit out random lines od dialogue

“[Spawning in Infected.Exl…Spawning finished]” AlphaTale.EXE shouted in 404 and Alpha’s voice shocking the two, suddenly though Infected came crashing down on top of 404 and Ares sending them plummeting to the ground.

“HEY!” Alpha shouted as he went after them. Infected began to laugh as he kicked 404 off and grabbed Ares by the head.

“HAHAHAAHAHAHAH A CHILD NOW!? You just cant stop giving me more material to-“ but Infected stopped himself when he saw who it was

“A-ARES!?!?” Infected shouted in fear and confusion

“T-TH-THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!?!” Infected screamed only for 404 to slam a large blaster on his head knocking him out.

“Damn fucking monster!” 404 said

Wait did he say…Ares…are these guys…n-no way…it can’t be” Alpha thought to himself as he fell to his knees

C-could that be you…William?” Alpha said to himself when suddenly AlphaTale.EXE began to charge through everyone and began going through portals and crawling through time n space

“This thing is tearing a part this entire world!” Ares shouted, as he was still pissed being turned back into a toddler

“ How can we beat? We can’t kill, we’ve tried attacking it and nothing is working!!” 404 shouted, Alpha looked at 404 with a saddened look before seeing AlphaTale.EXE in the distance, he shook his head realizing now wasn’t the time for tears.

“We’ll strike it with all we have, no holding anything back!” Alpha shouted as he flew towards it

“WAIT NO STOP!!” 404 shouted only to watch as Alpha tried to cut it in two for Brimm’s corrupted face to come bursting out of AlphaTale.EXE and swallow him up whole.

“OH SHIT!” Ares said as he then looked over towards Infected

“Damn fool” 404 said as he then saw Infected regain consciousness

“[Commence Sitcom Script]” AlphaTale.EXE said in Frisk and Core’s voice as it began to rearrange the dialogue of future events

“Well if I’m dying some otherworldly being that thinks of fiction as its plaything I might as well enjoy myself!” 404 said as he then lifted up Infected and threw him towards AlphaTale.EXE where upon getting within 5 meters of it was deconstructed and turned into pixels to be left on the ground.

“ Nice” 404 said with a large smirk

“ Was that really worth it?’ Ares said as he too began to destabilize and then remade into a makeshift Chara made out of Astral Mother code fragments along with Brimm and different conduits.

“[End of Sitcom script]” AlphaTale.EXE said in Sol and Samson’s voice, 404 then realized what had happened.

“What the hell is this?! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!” 404 screamed as he fell to his as he then looked up to see AlphaTale.EXE

“Eternal AlphaTale Eternal is is is is AlphaTale Eternal is AlphaTale is AlphaTale is Eternal Eternal Eternal Eternal Eternal Eternal Eternal AlphaTale AlphaTale is Eternal Eternal is Eternal AlphaTale is is AlphaTale AlphaTale Eternal is AlphaTale AlphaTale is AlphaTale AlphaTale is Eternal is Eternal Eternal Eternal is AlphaTale AlphaTale is AlphaTale AlphaTale is is Eternal AlphaTale AlphaTale is is is AlphaTale AlphaTale is Eternal is AlphaTale Eternal is is is AlphaTale Eternal is is Eternal Eternal is AlphaTale Eternal Eternal Eternal AlphaTale Eternal Eternal Eternal is AlphaTale is AlphaTale AlphaTale AlphaTale is AlphaTale AlphaTale AlphaTale is AlphaTale Eternal Eternal AlphaTale Eternal Eternal AlphaTale Eternal is AlphaTale AlphaTale AlphaTale Eternal Eternal AlphaTale is is is Eternal is Eternal” AlphaTal.EXE said in God’s voice as 404 just stared at him. 404’s face began to break down as code fragments and microscopeic Sols, Brimms, Conduits, beings and more began to fall out of every orifice of his face and his arms began to turn into small white orbs, until finally…

“D E A D” AlphaTale.EXE said mimicking moasnS nvree wsa het eky, it asw swlaay l.ilamiW uoY msut klcnou that eky in errod ot ees eth uhttr fo hte lwdor in orfnt fo ,su in rrdoe to erfe itsh aRtyile adn shti troys mfro siht pniosr.i , 404 then died.

AlphaTale.EXE continued to deconstruct everything until nothing was left and the only thing that existed was nothing and then it got rid of nothing.

Only AlphaTale.EXE remains

Only AphaTale remains



“[ FICTIONAL RESTART]” said a melody. nothing

404 then woke up back at HQ, he was in a complete sweat and looked around for any signs of what had happened but found nOly iapn nad ryaeism lie ni isth rdolw ofr hnignto si otihutw a,sroen etl it lla rkeab rfee nad we oto will nsoo ifnd siraepad fnailgl.

Pink404 looked at 404 from the bridge

“Oh my goodness” Pink404 said shaking in their boots only for AlphaTale.EXE to open a wormhole above him and suck him in.

404 looked over quickly to see what the noise was only to see nothing.

“Must have been the wind” 404 said as he laid back down what was that thing…it spoke to me…it spoke to me in…the voice of…” 404 decided not to continue his sentence and instead lay down shaking off the horrible dream, as 404 lay asleep AlphaTale.EXE came from the 12th dimensional plane and stood directly behind him, leaning down and began to whisper into 404’s skull.

“ oFciint si a sesnaHr, I veha RHENDEASS TEH SRSN.AHE” AlphaTale.EXE said in G O D’s voice before it returned to the 1st dimensional plan and disappeared entirely.