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Prologue Chapter 2

Chapter 1, Act 1 - 10

"Any World is better then this one"
– Infected

KM defeats Ten and in result frees everyone and as soon as it's done Omni returns and Tell them all about what's happening in the TransVoid and in an attempt to get everyone together begins to tell them all how much each of them has grown and how they must put they're differences aside and work together. Omni then goes and finds 404 and tries to convince him that what has happened is a sign and that they need to act now before all is lost, 404 refuses 2 whole times before Alpha then arrives and tell 404 himself what's happening 404 agrees and then him and everyone else of AlphaTale then enter the TransVoid. 404 and the rest of AlphaTale arrive in the TransVoid where Fury and Crimson are there with a couple of others and soon after introductions are made Omni tell everyone about the plan to beat Sol and 404 immediately tells him it won't work for how powerful Sol is and instead decided to face Sol alone, Alpha, of course, thinks its a bad idea, but 404 tells him that Sol can only be beaten by someone of "His level" hinting at 404 training to get stronger. Unfortunately, times are cut short when Yesmerian home is attacked by FarinGold. 404 tells everyone to stay together and that he'll take care of it.

Infected wakes up from his nap and realizes he's a bit lighter than before and then with the wisp teleports to Ten's location and finds Ten's corpse lying dead on the ground and a random portal to a weird place opened in the distance. "How fun" he would say, he would then consume Ten not knowing what that means and then proceeds to hunt down the rest of AlphaTale "Welp time to finish my work" Infected would then jump through the portal and see the fight happening on Yesmerian's planet "ooooo fireworks" he would then sit back and watch from the library. 404 and Omni along with everyone else begin to take down Faringold with ease along with the other beings helping in taking him down too. Infected see the fighting and then exist from the TransVoid from which he came in. He grabs one of the tentacles he left behind from eating sushi and begins to think "Hmmm if I ate the squid god then that means" Infected recreates a brand new Au filled to the brim with people so many that there's a population problem "Not for long" Infected said before entering. He then began to kill every single person in the Au he made gathering up LV and more madness for the taking. Once he was done with he would erase the Au and then go back through the portal. He then would look around and venture away from the fighting and would go off to find another being to go and devour.

Infected would land on Helatory's planet and land on some infant beings that are stranded about, He would look around for a bit before devouring some infant beings and making his way towards her dark castle. Sudden a giant skeleton Dragon lands in front of him and blocks his "HeheheehHAHAHAHAHA if you honestly think you can win now your sadly mistaken little lizard" he would say menacingly. Back on Yesmerian's world 404 and Omni would take down Faringold and force him to retreat, Omni and 404 would then decide on what to do next until The Astral Mother would shout "Wait, wheres Jacob!?" to which everyone then froze except for those who didn't know what they were talking about. Infected soon made his way up towards the black castle dragging the dragon head with him. "This is all your FAULT" 404 grabbed onto Omni's collar and began to yell at him blaming him "DONT PIN THIS ON ME HE'S YOUR KILLER!!" Omni protested to 404 soon everyone began to argue until Delios put his foot down and got everyone's attention "Listen Up that monster is out there right now and we have to do something and that something ain't us bickering all damn day" Delios said with a sharp tone. "He's right," Hemsworth said with a gentle voice, "WOAH is that a talking cat," said 404 a little shocked. Back with Infected he storms the castle until he gets to the main hall where Helatory sits and waits, upon entering Infected looks to the side to see an all-red skeleton cuddled in the fettle position on the floor along with a shrew of infant beings lying around the floor. Then Infected's back began to ache and break and he then fell to the floor in pain and his back continued to disinform until the back of his jacket tore open and four large black tentacles with Boney's spines came falling out his back, Infected looked back at his new limbs "Oooo decorations" he said in a clown-like voice". "Why are you here" pronounced Helatory sitting upon her throne "Well you see lady, I've been working a mighty thirst for your flesh, and that workout with that dragon ain't did you much good my dear hehe". Helatory then summoned some guards and two buffed up demons to come and take down Infected.

404 and Omni and everyone else calmed down and began to think, Fury and Crimson looked in awe still at the fact some of these guys were so strong, "Are the main objective should be infected" 404 claimed "No we need to deal with Sol" Omni stated "You mean the thing no one can beat but me" 404 said sarcastically "You say that as you haven't done shit yet" Omni angrily said "You two need to quite it" Yesmerian yelled. Soon they had to come to a compromise, 404 went off on his own to track down Infected with Alpha, Crimson, and Omni while the rest stayed behind and looked for clues towards how to stop Sol.

Infected had killed off Helatory's army and soon was fighting against Helatory herself, Infected 's tentacles threw away Helatory's staff and then wrapped his tentacles around her and began to slam her around the indoors of the castle and then threw her on the ground. "Well, that sure was quite the groundbreaker hu?" Infected then began to crush Helatory's bones until he snapped her spine and began to fold her and fold her and fold her until "Ooooo a Slut sandwich" Infected said with pleasure " OH wait, silly me I almost forgot the seasoning" Infected said. He then got a piece of Ten's tentacles that he had been saving and turn it a bit and sprinkled it on Helatory "Now that's what I call a Sand-" Infected was about to say before he winced in pain and began to cough up blood, he fell to his knees and tentacle began to spurt out of his eye hole "Well this definitely must get the attention of the ladies, heh heh heh" Infected said, soon the tentacles went away minus the ones on his back and he then began to devour the succubus and the remains of Ten. On their way was 404, Alpha and Omni along with Crimson.

404, Omni, Alpha, and Crimson soon reach Helatory's planet and land in the center of a ruined city only to see Infected sitting on the steps of the black castle. "Well Well looks like you saved me the trouble of finding you" Infected said with glee, 404 stared at Infected with anger and vengeance in his eye. "You'll bleed for what you did to our world," 404 said with rage, Alpha would notice his brother's anger, but decided to let it sit. Crimson would notice the tentacles coming out of Infected's back and would ready his blade. "So you absorbed Ten and now what? whats you plan Jacob?" Omni said with bated breath, Infected didn't answer and just got up and started walking towards them. "Once you're all gone then I'll finally be allowed to rest peacefully" Infected said to himself. Alpha stared and got ready for a fight. Infected stopped midway towards the lot, "Now then allow me to sho-" Infected stopped midway through his sentence before every hole in his head began to glow a bright blinding light. Infected began to scream and howl in pain with a hint of laughter in there too. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Alpha yelled "it must be the being energy flowing in him! IT'S CHANGING HIM" Omni yelled back. Soon the light subsided and when everyone looked back Infected's right arm was now along with black skeleton-like Tentacle along with smaller ones coming out of the hole in his head. 404 and everyone else looked in horror at the sight. "Balance, I choose you to be the first to DIE!" Infected said with a huge grin on his face. Infected then rushed everyone using his new tentacle arm to wrap around 404 and fling him to the side as his objective was Omni, but Alpha blasted Infected away with a blaster and then pursed him once again while Crimson backed him up. "Haven't I killed you ALREADY!? Why can't you bastards stay dead!?" Infected said with anger and then strikes at Alpha and Crimson. 404 got up and looked towards the fight and then proceeded to fire blast him towards Infected along with Omni firing at him too. Infected tanks the hits and knocks down Omni and Alpha while trapping Crimson in his tentacles while 404 watched from the sky. "You ever since my mother brought you to us all those years ago in knew you were trouble," 404 said with poise. "Oh Will, you have no idea how much trouble you are to me" Infected said. Infected then threw Crimson to the side and looked towards 404 and then Omni. "Your presence in this now is unbelievable, but I'm used to dealing with new variables" Infected said with a sense of wisdom. "Well then you know what comes next," Omni said with seriousness as him and 404 got ready to fight Infected. "Oh yes I do" Infected said. Omni and 404 fired huge blasters at Infected, but this did nothing and Infected rushed them grabbing them both with his tentacles and dragging them around and flinging them wherever he pleased smashing them into nearby buildings and more until Crimson came and cut off one of his tentacles setting 404 free. "AH, YOU LITTLE SHIT DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG ITS GONNA TAKE TO REGENERATE THAT!?" Infected said with rage slapping Crimson away and then wrapping him up too. "Infected you fool don't you realize that everyone is free, AlphaTale is safe!?" Omni shouted at him. "Do you honestly think that the world means anything to me now? No thanks to your interference I have a bigger mess to clean. AlphaTale...nothing more now than just a name, a cover-up a mask in replace of the true things at hand" Infected said with slight wisdom "W-What do you mean" Omni said with concern. "Oh it doesn't matter...I'm at my limit, I can't take another cycle not again. Which is why I'm ending everything NOW STARTING WITH YOU!!!!" Infected said getting ready to crush Omni to death before 404 got up and shouted "HEY! Infected put them down. it's me you want" 404 said with confidence "Do you honestly think you have a chance now that I'm in charge" Infected now said with confidence. "Sounds like you need a reminder on why I kicked your ass the first time," 404 said, "You mean with your handicap?" Infected said with a snarky voice. "If you think so put him down and let's settle this" 404 declared. Infected looked at 404 and then looked back at his hostages. ".........No" Infected said

Acts 10 - 20

Back on Yesmerian's planet, everyone was getting tired of waiting around and doing nothing. So in a way to help KM went off to help 404 and the others beat Infected while everyone else stayed behind and helped with damages. Alpha!Frisk then got up from sitting down the whole time and then went off towards a forest and there he met up with another mysterious human, the human promised to help Frisk kill 404 for good so long as they assisted them in getting Infected's soul from him. Frisk agreed and then went off with the other human while no one was watching and went to go and find 404 and the others too. Meanwhile outside the portal to the Transvoid Rock and Tint found the portal. "ooooooowe, that's some portal Tint, where do you think it goes?" Rock said with a snarky tone "It doesn't matter, I saw the inhabitants of AlphaTale going through a couple of hours back, if they're still there this could be a chance to end it all" Tint said plainly. "Well, then I say we pay them a visit shall we?" Rock insisted "Are you still going to attack 404 and the rest of them?" Tint asked him. Rock simply shook his head and then went through, Tint followed suit soon after. Infected and 404 continued to fight each 404 giving Infected everything he had at his disposal atm, "Wow infected your really something hu?" 404 said. 404 then proceeded to take off his jacket and stretch a bit "You do realize I could kill you at any time right? The only reason you still breathe is because of the fact I find you're trying very amusing" Infected said with huge confidence. "Oh I bet you could have, but now that's no longer an option for you," 404 said before moving so fast he appeared to vanish, only to kick infected so hard in the chest the shockwave destroyed a nearby moon and sent Infected flying. Soon Rock and Tint appeared on the Planet where the fighting was going down along with the Humans appearing and landing in the distance and hiding. "Well, I think it's time for me to make my grand entrance don't you say?" Rock asked Tint, Tint wasn't paying attention and was more focused on the battle, that was until a giant white blob swooped from the sky and grabbed Rock with its teeth and flew off with him to a field in the distance. "What the hell?" Tint said shocked. Tint then followed the huge blob carrying Rock to the field where Tint would find Frisk and the mysterious another human. The blob floated in place next to the human with Rock in its mouth. "What is this?" Tint asked, "Another welcome addition to the cycle," said the mysterious human, Tint stared at the human "You may call me Betty, but I suppose in this context Alpha!Betty might be best here" Alpha!Betty said. "Why are you here?" Tint asked, The white blob then crushed Rock in its teeth as Betty answered "I'm here to change the course of history, You see, so long as those old conduits are the ones in control of it all in control of this constant state of repeating death and life we'll never be free. This is why the time of a new age is at hand the age of WAR" Betty protested.

Tint simply stared and watched

Infected threw 404 to the ground one last time with a groundbreaking thud. "It's unfortunate that you've chosen to be a fool instead of submitting your life to me" Infected protested to 404 who was on the ground, "You truly are evil incarnate, there is nothing left in your heart worth redeeming. You will always be Infected" 404 yelled to him. Infected looked at 404 not out of anger, but a hint of regret "We could have stopped all this suffering together, but instead, you would rather fight against destiny then let it guide you. I.....I feel bad for WIll, I feel bad for you because you don't even realize what is happening right now, as we speak the cycle grooms you, it wants you to be a force of good a driving force that none can bring down. Do you not realize that these people, your mother, Chara, and everyone else are nothing more than constructs that seek to get in your way, MY WAY! I never intended to kill you like this, but you've given me no choice due to the actions you've taken. I can't allow the cycle to be disturbed any further!" Infected said to 404 getting ready to strike him down Until Rock's half corpse was flung in between the two of them. 404 and Infected stared up towards one of the buildings and saw Alpha!Betty accompanied by Frisk and Tint. "It seems I'm just in time to witness the good part" Alpha!Betty protested while Frisk and Tint both stand beside her. "Who the hell is that," Omni said looking to Alpha to which he only shrugged. Infected stared at the women and then back to 404. Crimson then got up from an earlier bought and then rose to see what was happening. 404 then basted Infected into a nearby moon with his God ray, 404 got up and looked towards Alpha!Betty and everyone else "I don't care about all this destiny nonsense you hear?! I'm just here to end a long-needed conflict" 404 shouted and protested to everyone "that you are" Alpha!Betty said as she jumped down and summoned both of her double-sided scythes "It's time to give up control" Alpha!Betty then rushed 404 and began to fight against him cutting him and moving with grace and elegance while 404 fights with range and blasters keeping far from Betty. Tint and Frisk jumped down to fight against Alpha and Omni. Infected landed on the moon and soon woke up to see explosions and bright lights shining from the planet below. Infected then got a running start and jumped straight back down to the planet and upon impact caused a nuclear-sized shockwave sending everyone spiraling out of control. 404 reawoke from the shock wave only to find Infected with his foot on his chest. "Now then let's try that again ok pumpkin? Infected said in a silly manner "if you gonna kill me then do it, anything to be spared from hearing your childish banter" 404 stated. Infected stabbed 404 with his tentacle but right after Infected was then impaled with a thin white spear that pierced his soul leaving it open and exposed to which then a white blob came and scooped it up. "Oh you are a fool aren't you Will, can't even realize when someones trying to help you" Alpha!Betty said holding infected's soul. 404 pushed Infected's corpse off of him and then stood up ready to fight again. As 404 and Alpha!Betty fought on the semi-destroyed world Alpha and Omni would rise yet again only to meet the eyes of their opponents Tint and Frisk. Alpha!Betty using her grace and evasive skills manages to doge a good portion of 404s attacks. "Curse you and everything you are human, this isn't even your bought!" 404 yelled. The white blob then came to 404 wrappings itself around him and attempting to squeeze him to death, 404 then let out a shockwave sending the creature flying off into little pieces. 404 then noticed a ginormous black star heading straight for them. "Shit!" 404 said and then looked down towards Alpha!Betty with Infected's soul "I won't let you walk away with that!" 404 yelled. "oh I know" Alpha!Betty replied as she began to manipulate Infected's soul allowing for her to command the-wisp much to 404s knowledge. 404 go ready to start another barrage towards Alpha!Betty but just before he could fire thousands upon thousands of Wisp appeared from the ground like ghosts and swarmed and wrapped around 404 like a cocoon.

"Boom" Alpha!Betty said just as the whole planet was leveled

Alpha!Betty stood adrift on a piece of the planet that once was. Omni reemerged on another piece as well and saw Alpha!Betty in the distance, Omni then landed on a lower piece to Betty's and looked up at them ".....This ends now" Omni stated. Frisk then woke up finding himself deep in the endless abyss of space where he had no chance of drifting back to land. 404 woke up to Alpha holding him, 404 looked down at the rest of his body and found it destroyed, KM then arrived just in time. "Sir, your body," KM said to 404 "It seems as if I can't win this one, this world is entirely non-coded...there's nothing I can do," 404 said with less strength then he had before. "What do we how can we save?!" Alpha yelled to KM, "With no code, he's done for....unless" KM said as he looked out into the depths of space and then looked to see Omni fighting betty and Frisk. "I could give him back what he gave me," KM said "What?" Alpha questioned "It ain't much but it'll bring him back to 100% for sure or at least I hope so," KM said. "I'll buy you two some time," Alpha said before flying off into battle to help Omni. KM then extracted his code and then began to give it back to 404 reverting KM back into Photonegative!Sans and allowing 404 to heal completely, but not before KM would open a portal to the Mainframe. Photo!Sans then looked at 404 "Use it wisely" Photo said before teleporting away. 404 got up quickly and saw the fighting and then turned his attention towards the portal to the mainframe. ".....I think..... I think I know what I have to do" 404 said. Alpha!Betty wrapped Alpha in the white blob and Omni got pinned by Frisk and just as they were about to finish them off "HEY!" 404 shouted at them getting they're attention "Alpha I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I will always love you.....and you too Omni" 404 said to them. 404 then turned around towards the portal leading to the mainframe and the shoved his hands straight into it.

404 then began to replenish his strength by absorbing some of the mainframe code along with activating a fail-safe program in it allowing for him to get a form he wouldn't be able to get on his own. Two large shadows then came over Alpha!Betty and Tint "What the hell is going on!?" Betty shouted watching 404 transforms, Tint watched in suspense as two large wings sprouted from 404s back and black veins emerged on his skull. "THIS ENDS NOW!!!" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y shouted out for all to hear, Just as he finished 404s wings shot out large plasma beams destroying and erasing the floating islands that people were standing on. Betty and Tint jumped from platform to platform dodging 404s beams only for 404 to teleport behind betty instantly "Looks like your out-classed this time pest" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y said before flattening betty with one its wings sending her spiraling into the abyss, 404 then looked towards Tint. Tint began to sweat and look around for where to go and ass he backed up he bumped into something behind him and turned around to only be grabbed by 404. "Another mistake I need to crush" 404 claimed, as 404 disposed of the waste, Infected's soul began to regenerate infected's body now that Betty wasn't controlling it. 404 began to crush Tint in midway until Tint was nothing more then clumped up bone fragments and cloth. "WOW that sure went south didn't it" Infected said behind 404 who turned to face him. Omni looked to Alpha who both knew the situation decided to high tail it out of there and flew off on their blasters. "Your survival is annoying" B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y claimed. But just before he could finish talking felt a voice speak to him "Yes, this who you are. Finish this traitor and prove your loyalty to your creators, do this for me and you will be rewarded extremely my disciple" 404 looked around for the voice and found nothing and then looked to Infected who stared back at 404 with determination.

As they both said "Let's finish this

404 and Infected fought hard and relentless towards one another, "You look tired Infected" 404 said while trying to smash Infected with his wings " You trying to distract me?" Infected said as one of his wisps grabbed onto 404 and detonated sending a massive explosion which sent Infected spiraling towards another planet falling into its ocean and then rising above the water "Cuz it ain't gonna work" Infected said finishing his sentence. "Let me help you defeat him, He has the upper hand, but with me, you can win, with me you can change everything and save your brother," said an anonymous voice. 404 debated amongst himself if this voice could help him or not, but seeing as options were running low and he was running out of time to sustain himself in this form he had no choice " I'll accept your offer" 404 said to the voice "Good you can call me 92" 92 said as the voice began to take over 404 rippings away his sanity and giving him unimaginable power, As that occurred Ten's voice rang through Infcted's head " Hey skull brain! One of my siblings is powering up 404 up there" Ten said to 404, Infected looked up and saw 404 getting imbued with this bright yellow light almost divine-like " So what I have it's not like he can, beat me now" Infected said to ten, "True, but with whatever abilities you have being unpredictable won't cut it anymore, I'm restoring you to full strength and previous state" Ten announced to him before turning Infected back to normal in which he now had all his sanity and any abilities he had lost beforehand including fixing his sweater. "Not gonna lie thanks for healing me up Doc, and it's nice to have my senses back, but how the hell is this supposed to help me kick his ass?" Infected told Ten. "Don't worry just use my powers wisely and you'll be fine" Ten told Infected.

Infected looked up and 404 came down to the ground looking a lot more yellow then blue. "Looks like this fights gonna get little more interesting from now on"

"Show him your devotion, crush this snake" 92 whispered into 404s head, 404 then flew to Infected at light speed swooping him up and flying Infected through planet after planet and then tossing him and blasting him with his wing beams "Why don't you transform!? I know you can!!!" 404 shouted to Infected as he just got onto to some safe ground, Infected wiped his head off any damage. "Now why would I want to make the game so easy?" Infected snickered, 404 furious flew down to Infected to attack him only for Infected to rush behind 404 and pull on his wings swinging and smashing 404 onto the ground and then throwing him into space and sending wisp after him to explode. Everyone else watched the fight on the safety of Ysmerian's planet only to be interrupted by 404 and Infected crashing on it and wrestling with each other. "I won't let you win! I'm too devoted to this path I'm on now!" 404 punched Infected to little effect only for Infected to punch 404s skull into the ground, Infected turned around and looked at everyone else watching. seizing the opportunity to kill the last two conduits at once infected sent a wisp to them ready to blow up, but 404 would use his wing blast to shoot the-wisp only for it to explode causing a massive explosion killing most of AlphaTale in the blast and leaving some being injured. Infected noticed Alpha's soul afloat in the crater that was made and went to destroy it only for 404 to smash him against the ground with his massive wings. "I WON'T LET YOU WIN!!! THIS WORLD MEANS TO MUCH TO ME!!!" 404 shouted to Infected, Infected turned around and looked at 404 "Not as much as it means TO ME!!" Infected shouted just when a wisp descended from the sky and bit down on Alpha's soul symbolizing the end of the conduit of change. "NOOOO!!" 404 shouted, 404 dropped to his knees in tears, and then looked at Infected and then with what he had last of is code summoned a Reset button. "404 STOP YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT WILL DO!" Omni shouted

Infected and Omni stared at 404 only for Yesmerian and Vendeveras to rush him and pin him down while he struggled against them "STOP YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING HE'LL KILL US ALL!!" 404 shouted at everyone, Infected looked around for any remaining AlphaTale residents left before making his way towards Omni who backed up seeing Infected, but was ready to fight anyway. "Sorry but I can't let you live the dearest brother of mine, you've interfered far enough already" Infected said getting closer to Omni. "So what, your gonna kill me hu is that it? whatever happened to blood thicker then water bro" Omni said sarcastically showing some humanity under his cold persona. Infected then went to Omni and grabbed him by his collar "Will you resist?" Infected questioned ".....No" Omni replied before Infected killed Omni with a swift slice of his skull. Infected then turned around to 404 and walked to where the beings were pinning him down, he then knelled down and looked 404 in the eyes "I guess death has taught you nothing after all hu friend?" Infected replied He then got up and looked down at 404 "IF YOU THINK THIS WILL STOP ME YOUR DEAD WRONG!!!" 404 shouted to Infected as he just stood and watched 404. Infected then stomped on 404s skull killing him instantly. Infected picked then picked up 404s soul which spawned where its host died. All Infected had to do now was crush the soul.....that's it wasn't it?. Infected stared at the soul and then the reset button lying there, the beings started to leave seeing the situation had died down. Infected looked at the soul and the button again. "............Man, such a hard choice how will I choose....hmm oh I know just the thing." Infected crushed the soul ending the cycle, but not before stepping on the button on at the same time. Infected: Boy I can't wait to see this result—

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