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Chapter 2, Act 1-10


was born alone in this emptiness, all by myself with no one. Except for the creepy floating purple things and- "I SAID WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Yelled a angry ghost hovering over D2, D2 rose up and met face to face with Infected who had been turned into a wisp due to his attempt at changing the fates of everyone he knew including himself "Why were you asleep for so long?" Infected asked with a serious yet sarcastic tone "Its called sleeping you never have a set amount of time you sleep" D2 stated to Infected trying to cover up the fact he didn't know how to sleep. Infected started at him and then began to float off but not too far since he could only move so far from D2

"What is this?, I wake up with no memory of who or what I am and there are just these purple ghost like things waiting for me!?" D2 thought to himself trying to rationalize the situation. Then suddenly the silence was broken when a black portal opened from nowhere and began to leak a disgusting yet slimy ooze "What'S going on!?" D2 yelled "Be quiet, if it's a threat we'll just kill it" Infected sayed in a calm voice "What!? No!" D2 shouted with mild confidence "WHAT!?" Infected said shocked "I refuse to kill, that's not something I'd do, ever!" D2 sayed to Infected with passion, but just as their conversation was getting out of hand soon a small figure approached them and soon it caught their attention. It was a small Little girl with black hair and Empty Black eyes wearing a small white tshirt and a red dress with red shoes.

"Hello there my name is Ten" said the entity

"Impossible" Infected said under their breathe "What are you talking about? Do you know this little girl?" D2 said to Infected curiously "Let's just say last time I saw them they were in my guts digesting" Infected said to D2 before getting cut off by Ten "So are you all that's left? And I bet that means you must have my powers hu? What a shame and here I was presumed that someone with more knowledge would posses such great power, this must be a great loss for you too Infected" Ten said in a passive aggressive manner. D2 didn't know to react to this creepy kid or how to understand what they were saying. It was still tho, no one moved and no one said anything for about 5 minutes. Everyone except for Ten seemed to be chocking on what they wanted to say, but it's as if their meer presence brought with it fear and dominance, luckly soon someone broken the thick air "Why are you so small?" D2 asked, Infected looked at D2 with a confused face and somewhat pissed off expression while Ten just seemed very annoyed by the claim "You got a problem with people my size? Hu buddy" Ten said a little more aggressively this time around "Oh no I dont at all, to be honest I just haven't had this amount of interaction with anyone since....well ever" D2 told Ten a bit calmer then Infected "So you've been stuck here then? Just why is that? Ten asked "DONT ANSWER THEM D2 THEY'RE HERE TO RUIN EVERYTHING!!! KILL!!! KILL THEM NOW!!!! "Infected shouted at D2 with killing intent while no one else but D2 could hear or see Infected. D2 waited for a while before responding to Ten

"I'm not sure, it seems to be beyond my control" D2 said to Ten "oh I see now" Ten said turning their head away to face the Void of emptiness "YOUR RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!" Infected screamed at D2, but D2 wouldn't listen he didnt have to afterall he's his own person much like Infected...right?

Ten then looked over to D2 with a smile and then began to speak yet again " Wow really? Your stuck, but how is that when you have my powers? You do realize your god now right? " Ten told D2 "God? Your powers?" D2 looked confused as what Ten said to him made no sense at the time but soon would, "Oh dont worry I can help you figure things out, I'll be here to help you" Ten told D2

But Infected knew better.

"Here let me teach you how to use them so bad people wont come and take your life" Ten said in a bit of a teacher like voice, all Infected could do was watch and study Ten to watch for trickery "Are you sure I can do these things? This all seem-" D2 was cutoff by Ten "Oh hush, dont worry about that. I'm here to help you dont worry" Ten told them with a smile on their face. Ten began to teach D2 how to create things such as small rocks and perhaps even sticks here and there, but soon came the real test. "Alright you've done great so far, but now comes the best part making something big. Can you do that? Or try?" Ten said looking over to D2 "I'll give it a whirl" D2 focused his body and mind on making something, anything really, maybe something something slick and smooth....oh that's an idea! D2 then used his new found powers to create a big black house.

Ten looked at him confused, but Infected looked at if as if it was familiar. "A House? You couldn't think of anything bigger?" Ten said to him "I just really wanted to make a house I guess" D2 said putting his arms down tired. Ten looked at him and then to the house and then D2 went to the house and sat on the porch "isn't it pretty cool?" D2 said a little trying to reach Ten's ears, but Ten wasn't listing to watching. "You shouldn't be fucking around with them" Infected said to D2 "why cuz I'm not paying attention to you?" D2 said to Infected with a little bit of attitude "I'm being serious, dont trust them! They're just using you for some bigger purpose!" Infected yelled at D2 "And what is that hu?! The first person who comes here who isn't yelling in my face or cursing me out for just being here arrives and you want them to leave!? Do you just like pushing away caring people!?!?" D2 shouted at Infected " YES!!" Infected yelled before phasing into the house in a fit of rage.

Ten watched the exchange that they presumed to be at first to be just madness from being alone for so long, but now understood what was going on. "Why dont we head inside? Anything's better then being out here" Ten said to D2 walking to the house.

D2 nodded and headed inside with Ten who shut the door behind them.

As soon as Ten and D2 entered the home everything seemed odd, the house was full of pictures of people that D2 didnt recognize. He wondered all of downstairs looking at photos and paintings of people he had no idea of who was in them. He then noticed Infected floating in front of a picture of two kids and a mother and then he saw Ten looking at a red was just red. D2 figured that these two were just looking at some art and photos, but he felt it was much deeper then what he thought it was. He then went to sit down at oddly cluttered dining room table. Ten soon joined him, it was dead silence from everyone for about 5 whole minutes. Eventually Ten broke the silence and said "What's up with the pictures?" They said, I didnt mind answering but the problem was that I didn't make those or even the house, it just kinda popped up when I tried making something. "Perhaps it was a subconscious thought in my head and I made them, I'm not entirely sure tho" D2 said to Ten with a little worry in his voice. Infceted flew around more went to explore the house. Ten and D2 continued to talk. "Who's pictures are these? I-I don't recognize them" D2 said " how odd, perhaps there is something in your mind, some subconscious thought that is driving you that couldn't be tho" Ten was about to finishe they're sentence when they cut themselves off as if to stop themselves from saying something. They played it off and chalked it up to my mind being weird. "So now what will you do? Everything in the palm of your hand, being god isn't easy my friend" Ten said to D2.

D2 looked outside to the Void regretful of what he might have just started.

Infected continued to go throughout the home, he looked out towards a hallway upstairs with 2 doors down it, but instead of going down the hall he instead flew straight up into a secret attic to which he turned around and saw the light from Void shining through a onto an object...

It was a chair with a chain on the floor lying next to it. He looked at it and just stared until the white hue shining from the Void turned into a blood red and at that moment he began to hear the screams of a little boy and a grown women yelling aswell, Infected shook with fear and grief immediately flew back through the floor and went into one of the bedrooms and went in the closet and hid in a fiddle position all while saying "12-1 = 100" repeatedly over and over again.Ten and D2 were getting somewhat along downstairs, D2 began to notice Ten and how silky they're hair was, they were pretty for soulless eyeless being. At that point Ten had told pretty much how creating stuff works and how to use his new found powers, but there was still a few questions he had. "So where do you come from" D2 said in an attempt to get to know Ten, but all they said was "No one needs to know me" They went from cute to terrifying in a split second, honestly impressive if it hadn't been for Infected's warning earlier giving D2 the creeps. Ten then continued to stare at D2, D2 felt as if they were trying to study him or look for something, but after a while they talked yet again "So tell me how much do you remember before you woke" Ten asked, but in they're voice it pretty much sounded like a demand "Uhh well all I remember is waking up and seeing the wisp and-" D2 cut it short afraid of what Ten's reaction would be to hearing Infected's name, at this point the whole conversation had gotten a little weird so D2 excused himself and told Ten he was interested in exploring the house.

in D2s perspective

The conversation back there with Ten was pretty odd, I'm not one to judge someone just upon meeting then tho or at least that's the kinda person I felt I was, the whole lost memory thing was really fucking with me it didn't help that Infected just ditched me and I was getting headaches just from being in this damn house, if I really was connected to Infected then it was showing. I went into a nearby bathroom to clear my head and rub my eyes a little to which I noticed a women in a lab coat standing behind me, I freaked out and turned around in a flash only for her not to be there, I began to sweat buckets and question "why me, why the fuck did I end up being the guy who was tied to a serial killer/genocidal maniac" I calmed myself and leaned against the sink.

And then for some reason for some odd fucked up reason my head turned as if on instinct and I looked towards the toilet. Yet another foggy memory came into my head and I proceeded to walk towards the toilet, not to use it or anything but just to study it, I then bent down and saw behind a hidden hatch to which I grabbed and pulled to which stairs began to appear from the floor and go down into the floor "this house just gets better dosent it" I said to myself trying to remain brave.

Ten's head turned with the response of the floor, but they still remained at the table

I began my desend down into this mysterious little basement, i didn't have to go far until I reached the bottom of the stairs. I saw a metal door accompanied by a combination on the door. Fear flew to my mind as if I had seen the door and knew what it meant, my mind didn't understand it, but it was as if my body had a fight or flight reaction to this. My mind wanted to continue, but my body felt like it weighed 40 tons cause I couldn't move a inch and then that's when I noticed that the wisp were missing, it was bizzare they usually follow me mostly Infected everywhere we went, but they weren't here at all, I was pretty sure that they didn't even come inside the house with us. I knew that this place was fucked up from that moment forward, soon after what felt like an eternity i began to feel my feet shift which was a sign my body was finally responding to me. I eventually made it to the door and the combination, as if by magic I completely knew the combination "121100" and as I punched it in the door opened and a wave of odor and a hideous smell flew into my face like a tidal wave, but I greeted my teeth and moved forward only to find a horrific scene. Dryed blood painted the room, it was everywhere, there were chairs and Instruments of torture all over the place along with 2 medical chairs sitting back to back in the middle of the damn room, but what caught my eye the most was a hidden door barricaded up with the name "100" painted over it were the words "Don't open".

Out if D2s Perspective

D2 felt the heavy weight of the door, but in fear he ran back up stairs and closed the way to the stairs, D2 shook in fear and terror and fell to his knees in sheer...well there are no words to describe it. "How was the truth" Ten said sitting on the sink dangling their legs, D2 through up in shock and fear "oh man your such a baby" Ten whispered and then walked to D2 as he was kneeling over his vomit "But you know you've done worse then that remember" Ten whispered to D2, he then rose quickly and leaned against the wall "N-No...this isn't me, I REFUSE TO BE ANYTHING LIKE HIM! I'M MY OWN PERSON I'M D2 NOT INFECTED!!!" D2 shouted not only trying to make Ten know and understand but for himself too. Ten looked at him with a shock and then a smile "oh I see, your trying to be different? Well sorry to say you're stuck in this loop now" Ten said with sass, D2 wondered how could someone be like this, be so awful and yet in a odd way innocent. He needed to know the truth or at least find a way to stop this sick way of life that would make him into something he would never want to be. D2 then just stood there exhausted and clearly out of it, Ten went over and sat on the toilet seat "....Soooo Mr.Vomit boy, what now? Will you strive for change or will be one of those people who seek change and take it?" Ten told him "....I'll take the change thanks" D2 answered still exhausted "What are you doing here Ten? What exactly are you looking for?" D2 asked them

"Oh nothing really-"

Just a pair of Good Eyes...

Acts 12 - 20

D2 and Ten would sit at the dining room table for a while before D2 rose from his seat instantly "What's your problem now?" Ten said annoyed "Strawberry" D2 said "What?" Ten replied "I like strawberry which means he likes it too" D2 said before hurrying off towards the kitchen, Ten followed shortly after. Ten soon arrived to a messy kitchen and D2 reading from a cook book, "What the hell are you doing, your making a damn mess!?" Ten yelled at D2 "Baking a Cake, a Strawberry Cake!" D2 proclaimed as he tried mixing stuff together "But uhhh cooking is harder then I thought" D2 said with less confidence then when he entered the kitchen "why dont you just create a cake? You have god powers!" Ten reminded him with sass. "Yea I know but if you dont do it by yourself handmade then theres more love there" D2 said with care as he continued to attempte to cook a cake. Some wisp entered the kitchen and saw and looked curious "Oh it's you guys, hey uh I need some flour think you can get it for me?" D2 asked the wisp, they looked confused at first until a tiny wisp then began to float around and look for flour then shortly after the rest began to help.

Ten was watching in disbelief as D2 and the wisp began to cook and work together "Hey Ten, wanna help me out? Could always use a extra hand" D2 said to Ten "......." Ten looked around at everything and everyone helping out and they didn't even know what for too, but even from all the sturdiness and ridiculous antics...

"Do you have a Apron" Ten said with a smug look

Ten and D2 and the wisp continued to cook downstairs "so do you know anything about baking exactly" D2 asked Ten "Well I was born from a Egg so alot of those cooking skills didn't really come in handy + I was born into godhood so I never really had to do anything for myself except live and survive otherwise no not really" Ten answered while staring at D2 "....Well there's always a time for anything Hehehahha..heh" D2 replied. He was never sure how to feel about Ten, they seemed to be alright yet never seemed to open up, perhaps he could try at least. "Sooooooooo uhh do you live around here" D2 tried saying in a cool manner, but Ten merely ignored him and kept working on the eggs. The wisp chuckled in the background, but stopped when D2 looked back at them. "You know for a murder your quiet the softy huh?" Ten said to him "I'm no murder, at least it's not who I am now, I wanna change and be better" D2 replied. The air yet again grew thin as if to say Ten was expecting a more exaggerated answer. Then D2 decided to place frosting on Ten's nose "Why would you do that!? Do you just like to aggravate me!?" Ten said aggressively, but D2 merely snickered and laughed "Heheh you really are crazy only a complete madman would laugh at a time like this, hell I don't even know why your cooking!? Can't you see that these are not happy times!?" Ten yelled but they were ignored by D2's constant laughing "...DO YOU NOT SEE THAT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS HURT AND STILL HURTING!? HAVE YOU LOST ALL SENSE RYAT YOUR LAUGHING YOUR FUCKING PAIN AWAY!?" Ten screamed at him, but D2 continued to laugh "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!!?!?" Ten scream. "Because Ten, it's funny seeing you breakdown something so simply as you and me spending some time together making and baking a cake and having a good time" D2 looked at them with a smile but it went away when Ten began to cry black tears and threw down they're apron and walked out of the kitchen.

D2 looked down at the apron and picked it up. "Theres no escape" a voice said behind D2, he turned around and the whole room went black as this little boy appeared sitting on the conter. The wisp looked away in fear of the boy and some even flew away, D2s head began to hurt and crack a little just by looking at him. "Our pain is infinite, no matter how hard you try you'll never escape, now come along" the young boy extended his hand towards D2 and red blaring lights shined on him with a screeching siren noise wailing in his skull crawling and destroying his mind, his eyes began to bleed as if the pain couldn't bear to be held inside any longer. D2 fell against the counter behind him and the boy jumped off the counter and began to walk towards him "Remember our purpose, Remember our pain. How they made us feel, how they made Y.O.U F.E.E.L" the boys words crushed D2s spirt and hopes along with his dreams, the lights got louder and soon the roof of the house flew off and showed thousands of Shooting stars flying through the Void, until one massive one came down and was about crash right onto D2, D2s sweat was soaking through his clothes and his eyes were lifeless as the Boy stood in front of him.

"THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR US" the comet fell with those last words and suddenly...

D2 found himself on the floor of the kitchen dripping in sweat and his eyes drained if color.

D2 got up when he heard the sound of the oven beeping and he opened it up to reveal a nice well cooked strawberry cake. The wisp looked at D2 for a second and then scattered and flew in all directions, D2 looked at them exhausted and confused and then as he turned around in the microwave's reflection he noticed he had grew a crack on his head. D2 felt sick, but determined to continue on what he started took the cake upstairs and searched each room for Infected until he found the room, he noticed it by the purple light coming from the closet "Infected?" D2 called out to him as he got closer, but he received no response eventually D2 made it to the closet and opened it to find Infected turned to the corner of the closet. He then turned around and saw D2 and immediately went berserk "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!? DONT YOU KNOW WHAT FUCKING PRIVACY IS!!!" Infected slammed the closet shut in D2s face "....I made you a cake, well I had some help...the wisp and Ten helped make it. I thought you might like it since it's in your favorite flavor" D2 said calmly as he could. D2 then got up and walked put of the room and went downstairs to look for Ten, but he couldn't find them. He shouted their name as much as possible, but no response.

He was about to give up before he heard crying coming from the downstairs bathroom. He knocked "Ten? ok?" D2 said "Leave me alone" Ten sniffled "Hey look I'm sorry for what I said back there I know that-" but before D2 could fo finshe he was cut off by Ten "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!, Do you know that I'm one of millions of siblings!? Do you know that my own father wanted to devour us all just so he could grow Bigger!?! Do you know that my own mother abandoned me in this cursed reality!?...she said she'd be back...but she never came back...did you know that?" Ten continued to weep after that. D2 didn't know what to he just leaned against the door and as so he felt Ten do the same from vibration. "Ten...i-i dont know what to say..." D2 said helplessly "Dont say anything...just dont say anything" Ten told him. It felt like forever that they were there, but soon D2 yet again broke the silence "Ten, I promise to never ever make you helpless again and...I won't abandon you" D2 said with as much confidence as he could muster " you swear?" Ten responded

"I swear on whatever sanity I have by the end of this" D2 replied

Chapter 2, Acts 20-21

D2 and Ten sit on the couch of the living room. "This is all my fault or was...I need to fix this I need to mend Alphatale together again" D2 said "D2 if you haven't noticed we'er the exact people they hate, why should we stick out necks out for those we killed and made suffer?" Ten told him "Sometimes Ten doing an act of good is even better then any kind of reward. We may have hurt them, but now its time to save them" D2 replied. Ten looked at him and smiled slightly "You people always manage to surprise me, but what can I say you've lot have always been bigger then what you seem" Ten said sounding genuinely for once "Thanks Ten" D2 said looking at Ten, Ten and D2 stared at each other for a bit until "You step gonna fuck each other or what?" Infected said eating the last piece of his strawberry cake. Ten and D2 backed away from each other groaning and sounding annoyed "oh shit I was joking are you serious!?" Infected said in Jackass like fashion.

Soon Ten, D2 and Infected were standing near the door to the Void. "I can remake Alphatale?" D2 said shocked "Yes you can, but without its assets it wont be complete world. You must find the 3 other keys, Alpha, Omni and 404" Infected did a low growl at the mention of Williams's identity. "So I need to go and find...those guys or something?" D2 said trying to understand. As Ten tried to explain a weird light appeared outside, D2 and the other looked out the windows of the house and saw a whole array of different Sansses standing outside the house. "That dosent look good" D2 said as he looked outside...

"It isn't" Ten said

"Come out! We know your in there!" Shouted a sans with a flaming eye, "Those guys look like they know how to have a nice time" Infected said sarcastically before a bone went flying through him "..." Ten and D2 looked a little shock "Woah that could have been horrible hehehHhahahahahh" Infected said just not caring. "Your Au is a threat to this Multiverse and to the existence of others, we're asking you now to either turn yourselves in or die" said a sans with a third eye "Great now what?" Ten said "I'll try talking to them" D2 said as he walked outside

The folks outside saw D2 and got ready to attack before "Wait! Dont fire or anything. Listen we don't have to fight or kill each other, I'm sure we can reach a mutual conclusion " D2 said before being bombarded with bones and blasters, miraculously he made it back inside. "Yeah they definitely-" D2 found that Ten and Infected were gone. D2 looked around the place in search of them only to hear noise coming from the bathroom basement, D2 ran down when he heard fighting. He came upon Ten being Held hostage by a tall women and that Infected had been stomped into purple goo. "What is this! Let my them go now!" D2 said trying to sound somewhat intimidating "Heheh so this is what the monstrous Infected has turned into, what a joke" Alpha!Betty said mocking D2

"So then let's get straight to the point" Alpha!Betty said

"The only way to release ourselves is to strip away from this reality, can't you see how much this world hates us" Alpha!Betty said beginning to choke Ten with one hand and has Kumu continuously biting down on Infected to stop him from regenerating "I dont know what your talking about, but if your with Alphatale you and I should be on the same side, come on be rational and see that we should be sticking together" D2 tried convincing Betty as he heard the house door barge open up stairs and loads of footsteps going on "You dont get it, it's already in motion! You didn't stop anything you idiot all you did was put it in reverse!" Alpha!Betty began to yell at D2 and just as things were getting explained they heard the sound of the other sansses banging on the other side of the door.

D2 and Ten and Betty looked at the Door "Look your either with me or against me, CHOOSE!" Alpha!Betty yelled at D2, D2 looked nervous unsure of what to do everyone is against him right now, but just as he was about to decide all wisp drop down into the basement knocking Betty and Ten away from each other and completely stopping Kumu setting Infected free. "DO YOU WANNA LIVE!?" Infected shouted at D2 "I want Ten and us to be ok, Can you do that!?" D2 shouted at Infected. "Good" Infected said smiling as he went inside of the crack in D2s skulk in which purple lights flared up and began to blare out of D2 until he went limp and fell over just in time for the other sansses to barge in.

"Well well looks like the gangs all here" said Syno as the others restrained Betty and Ten. D+ kicked D2's lifeless body "Wow talk about a scene what kind of fucking psycho has a basement like this?" D+ remarked, but right as they were getting ready to leave D2'S body rose and his mouth extended to an unnatural and rips off D+s whole face and then rips him arm off and and uses it as a spear and throws it straight through Hysteria's head. Everyone still in shock over what just happened D2 rips off his jacket and begins to stretch.

"D2?" Ten said

"Nope" replied Infceted

"Someday we're gonna see the stars, right Jacob" said Ares "...right, the stars" replied Jacob

A distant memory buzzes through a murderer's head as he goes flying through the air until his inevitable fall back down to the hard ground

"...such a distant feeling, like bees in my head and yet I feel...I feel WOW that was cryptic. Man I'm not the sensitive type" Infceted said, He then got up and looked back at the house to see Another!Sans teleported onto the roof. "You know iv heard about you, the mass murder, the grim reaper and Mr.Dinnerpants?" Another looked at Infected when he uttered Infected's odd nickname "HehehehahhaHAHAHAH wheezes HAHAHAHAHAH Continues to wheeze HehehehhehehHahah" Infected began to laugh hysterically as he found ot hilarious, but Another was just standing there as Infecred continued to laugh 'Ok ok ok ok ok ITS NOT THAT FUNNY!!!" Another said trying to be taken somewhat seriously

"Oh come on dont be such a buzz kill slick that shits comedy fuckin gold Infceted boast "That's enough, you've monolouged long enough" Another began to fire his hyper beam at Infected in which the wisp guarded Infected.

The wisp try to devour Another!Sans all while Another blast the swarm with his Hyper beam, Infected while Another was distracted went back into the basement to find Syno and the rest of the other Sansses tieing up an unconscious Alpha!Betty and a struggling Ten aswell as a young Ares running around the basement..."Jacob, come and play with me! Do you think you could play bad guy again just this once?" Ares asked Jacob as Jacob entered the basement looking sad "Brother is everything ok?" Ares asked "'s nothing" Jacob replied. Infected stared for merly a few moments before dodging a horde of bones and finally catching a bone with his left hand "....exhaled fuck me...I'm truly am starting to remember aren't I? He wiped sweat from his head" Infected then began to fight the other sansses. Using his huge strength he bashed Fell.B against a wall and then summoned a large bone to swing and send Swap.W flying backwards "So what do you do?" Infected said looking at Syno "....oh I just remembered I can do this" Syno said as he teleported away. "Running like a Bitch, I'll remember that" Infected said as he walked through the basement, he walked over to Ten and uncut them from their restraints "So is it over?" Ten asked

A HyperBeam shot through the roof, Infceted and Ten looked up to see Another!Sans looking down at them crushing a wisp under his foot with tattered cloths

"Ah just one left" Infected said with a smile

Infected and Another fought all over the house destroying and as Infected fought he saw Ares and Jacob yet again around the house

"Jacob my brother I'm sorry, I never intended to hurt you nor did I ever want your ending to be so...gruesome. oh dear Brother I only wish I had another chance to see you again" Ares said to a bandaged up Jacob sitting on the couch. Infected got shot with the HyperBeam, but luckly dodged the next 3 shots He then jumped through the hole in the ceiling to the roof only for him to see Jacob and D2 waiting for him up there

Infected ignored them and kept fighting "This fight should have been over by now" Jacob told himself "Your losing it aren't you..

Your Madness all over again" Jacob said "Don't listen to him Infected keep fighting!" D2 said, and so just when Another was about to get another shot in Infected used one of the titles from the roof and threw it right into Another's thrid eye destroying it completely.

"Yes, destroy it, Destroy this cursed place and all it stands for, it's just another Infection upon our hardened hide" Jacob protested "Dont forget all the happier moments you've had here! Even though the past is hard and unbearable you should never forget the best parts of life" D2 yelled Infected fell to one knee as he began to sweat uncontrollably. His body felt like a million tons were being dropped on him, and with every attempt to stand his mind began to split into two

"Dont forget about us" said two voices in front of him...and as he looked up he saw Ares and The Void Empress looking at him.

Infected then rose up again, even though the weight was nearly unbearable he rose up yet again. Another!Sans looked at him with his regular eyes which as soon as he looked at Infected Infected's legs imploded on themselves "Woah what the-" Infected went rolling off the roof and fell down onto the hard ground outside the house yet again except this time Ares layed next to him. "Everyday is such a chore" Ares said "Sorry" Jacob said lying next to him "Sorry, Bro your the reason I get through the harsh times, I love you bro" Ares told Jacob. Jacob stared at Ares with a pleasant smile and then looked up again "I love you too" replied Infceted, but a shadow passed over them in which it was A Blaster getting ready to fire at him, but the wisp came around again and tackled it and all other Blasters that spawned. Just then Another!Sans jumped from the roof and landed next to Infected "You put up one hell of a fight, but now it's time for the Killer to be put to rest" Another said as he got ready to kill Infected "MOVE!!!" Jacob shouted, D2 was about to say something until he saw the front door open. Another got ready to fire and then was pushed from behind by Ten, the distraction long enough for Infected to reach to Another's back and rip his spine out.

"...He looked at Ten" And then Ten turned and looked at him "D2?..." Ten said a bit worried

"Yea...its me" said D2 as he hurriedly threw the spine away rubbing the blood on his shirt.

D2 limps back inside the house and walks upstairs "Where you going? You going to sleep or something?" Ten said staring at him "Naw just gonna lay down for a bit" D2 said while making his way all the way upstairs. Ten watched as D2 dissapred up stairs and then they went to the bent to check on Alpha!Betty who was still tied up and unconscious. Ten then entered D2s room after searching for it for about 2 minutes. "So your just lounging around?" Ten said to D2 as he layed in the bed "I'm thinking" D2 said as he played with a pencil he found "Thinking of what? Dont you think we should be looking for the other assets?" Ten said sarcastically "...Betty mentioned something about Reality, do you think they meant like actual reality?" "Well I wasn't around alot during my growing up in the Transvoid, but I do know that there does exist alternate Realities that may be separate from our own" Ten said "...I get it now" D2 sayed as he sat on the bed from laying on it. "What?" Ten asked "I do in fact believe that the reason my memories are all jumbled up is because there's stuff up in here pointed to his head. They're in here blocking my memories with there's" D2 told Ten

"Well it must be pretty cluttered in there hu? Ten said "Well I'm still able to Think so I think I'm doing fairly well, why?" D2 asked, Tem began to leave the room "Well I was just suggesting that if your head is ever feeling cluttered I hope you can allow me to uncluttere it for you" Ten said as they walked back out the room

"...holy shit" D2 said clutching his chest "it's a fucking squ-" Infceted got interrupted by D2 "DONT RUIN THIS FOR ME!!!

Ten and D2 stood the in basement and talked over what to do while Phantom Infected is there looking around "So what do we do with them and the junk in your head?" Ten said to D2, but D2 wasn't paying attention and was staring at the 100 labeled door. He then saw William and Adam enter the room and shut it behind, D2 got a little exhausted and tired but Kept his cool.

"This place is so evil" D2 remarked "All places are evil D2, they only look nice because of the construction that covers them" Ten explained. D2 touched the 100 and behind it he could hear the sound of bubbles and loud clanging noises "There's something going on in there" D2 said to Ten "Screw subtly and let's just fucking barge in Kill whatevers there!!" Infected yelled to D2 "No it's all about trying to be calm and in control otherwise we lose all control of the situation" D2 said but of course Infected interjected "CONTROL!? THE BEST KIND OF CONTROL IS NOT BEING IN CONTROL!!! SITUATIONS ARE MERLY EVENTS SOCIETY USES TO CONTROL US IN PUBLIC!!!!!" Infected shouted before beginning to posses a random chair in the corner and making it rock back in forth very violently ".........." Ten & D2 had no response for that and decided to continue with their conversation "May you open the door" Ten asked D2, D2 nodded and opened the door.

once the door was opened multi different pods and containers were labeled Adam and William and different Boxes labeled the same way, but then D2 looked in horror as he saw further down the way were bodies upon bodies of William's and Adam's piled ontop of each other.

"This....This is a Nightmare" D2 said

D2 began to walk towards the pile of clones and examined them "Th-This can't be, this can't be real, what's happening!?" And just as he said that D2 he saw in the far cenrer of the room a giant Tank filled with a Green liquid with the label 100 on it. "'s here isn't it" D2 said just as a young William ran past him in fear "No, No I dont wanna go I dont wanna!" William said as he ran behind the tank and dissapeared. "This is where it all happened, this has to be the main lab" D2 walked to the center of the room and stared at the name on the tank, as such Ten waits outside the roon. Just as D2 got close a voice whispered from behind the tank "12-1 = 100 is what she told me, in ever timeline I exist, there is a piece of me in ever one of you" a 7 foot large skeleton hand grabbed the side of the tank

D2 jumped back in fear and watched in horror as a large naked skeleton with red beaty eyes turned from the otherside of the tank. "Thank you for letting me in" but just as 100 finished his right arm extended grabbing D2 and slamming him into every wall and corner and then through him out of the room entirely, D2 got up "ERASE HIM D2 YOU HAVE THE POW-" Ten shouted but was interrupted by 100 barging out of the room and slapping them away. Before D2 could react 100 was already in his face trying to kill him, but the wisp were already swarming him and eating away at 100, but just as they were 100 began to devour the wisp and fain their powers, 100 then grabbed a wisp and threw it away only to grab D2 next. "Stand down 100 or I'll be forced to delete you !" D2 said threatening 100 "Go ahead, but how can you delete me if you dont know who your Deleting?" 100 said as D2 began to sweat

"I had strings, but now I'm free" Said 100

Acts 21- 35

D2 struggled against 100s grip but it wouldn't be long and 100 would throw him aside and make his way to the basement exit "Remember to always count, 12-1, bath hour is coming, dont forget cant forget 100 clawed at his skull errrhhaggh remember that remember.....remember have to go have to go have to go have to gooooo 100 ran away and a loud slam echoed through the house D2 looked deshelved yet again and then went over to help Ten only for them to melt into a black sludge and onto the floor "What!!?" D2 said before being interrupted "You'll never get a good ending" said Jacob sitting in one of the surgical chairs "Not you again, didnt I make it clear I'm not one of you!?" D2 shouted, Jacob's smile then turned into a hideous frown only for him to fall over onto his face limp and lifeless with a giant hole in his back "W-What the Fuck!?!!" D2 said as he looked in horror only to see a giant pink hand slam down on the chair destroying it and it grabbed the Jacob doll and pulled it into the darkness.

"Well well well, What have we here" a female voice said, as soon as those words were said hundreds of cell blocks appeared illuminated by light however the inside of them still pitch black. D2 got up and just as he did Hands bursted out of each Cell clawing and grabbing for the light that was too far out of reach, D2 began to sweat and become dizzy as he continued to walk down the hallway to a door at the very end all while being yelled at by others inside the cells

" IM NOT THE SICK ONE YOU UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!" Yelled a voice from Cell A1

" I HATE EVERYTHING!!! I HATE YOU AND EVERYONE TOO!!" Shouted a voice from cell A2


as D2 got closer to the door he could hear the sounds of crawling in unseen vents

"Pssst hey hey, i-i got a itch and only you can help me get it, so please come closer" said a voice from cell B2


" .......I have to pee" whispered a voice from cell C2

as D2 got closer a Phantom Infected flew through the air screaming and cursing at nothing and soon dissapeared into the darkness "12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1,12-1" said a voice from cell D1

D2 came upon the last cell he was expecting to hear a voice or shouting, but instead he heard nothing and instead was met with silence.

"The good doctor will see you now" said a voice as the door at the end of the hall opened to reveal...

A Chair.

D2 walked into the dim Room and as soon as he did was bashed in the back of the head by a unseen force, but when he turned around on floor saw that it was a faceless Infected. It picked him up and began dragging him towards the chair, they eventually got to it and the Facless put D2 in the chair and strapped him down. The lights in the room flickered and flickered until D2 woke up wearing a straight jacket and in a white room. "W-What is this He struggled in his restraints WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!" D2 shouted at the top of his lungs, but then Jacob appeared from behind him "its seems you've experienced some pretty big traumatic events, hu?. Well thanks to your curiosity it seems your trapped in your own mind and until you find the...oh nevermind you'll know when you see it, you found before anyway" Jacob said before snickering "God Dammit FUCK YOU KID!!!" D2 yelled at himself " here I'll get you started Jacob opened up his cell and then walked out sweet dreams killer" Jacob said before walking away.

D2 got up out of his chair feeling dizzy and nausea and had a burning headache, he then made his way out his room only to find himself in another hallway with rows of cells, some open and some not.

"HEY YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" Yelled a voice down the hall

D2 looked down the hall only to see Infected in a asylum outfit along with 10 others just like him all wielding weapons or dangerous tools

"HE HAS THE WHEEL!!! KILL HIS FUCKING ASS!!" Said one of the Infecteds

They began to run down the hall and in response D2 ran down a hall to his left, he saw many other Infected's as he ran. He saw blood on the walls and inmates killing other inmates

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!" D2 said running, but before he could react he fell into a hole that he didnt see and he fell down into the sewers of whatever place he was locked up in.

as D2 got up he saw another Infected covered in blood from head to toe stomping on the already broken skull of another Infected shouting slurs and yelling at it. D2 then noticed he was lying in a pool of blood and immediately got up

"FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!! YOUR THE SICK ONE NOT ME NOT ME!!!" the Infected said before noticing D2 "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOH LOOKING AT!? YOU JUDGING ME!? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CLAW YOUR GODDAMN EYES OUT!!" the Infected threatened D2 till D2 left which he did.

"...w-what the fuck!?" D2 said as he ventured through the bloody sewers. He could hear more screaming and yelling throught the dark sewers, he heard bangs and clangs and running and the splashing of water in every direction. Eventually D2 leaned against on one of walls of the sewers and just needed to breathe.

"This this cant be it can it!?, theres no fucking way that this...

Is my head" D2 said already knowing the answer.

D2 kept venturing through the sewers until he found a staircase leading up towards the prison yard, D2 went up there and looked at the yard looking for...well whatever it was he was looking for.

Just then A random Infected was thrown through one of the high levels of the facility and landed on his head killing him instantly, D2 looked up to see who it was and saw that it was a group of Infecteds who were still looking out the window

"Are you ok? Said a voice behind D2, he then turned around and saw a little girl behind him "uhhh not really to be honest I think I'm going insane ...all over again" he said looking down at the ground "Dont worry I'll help you keep it together I promise the little girl went to D2 and cut off one of his straight jacket straps and held it so long as I hold this I promise you'll remain safe even if it is by a slever and I will help you find your way. " the little girl said and then smiled.

From there D2 and the girl continue to walk throughout the asylum where people are killed and shouting and yelling can be heard from ever direction. D2 becomes even more and more disheveled as his crack in his skull grows wider and he begins to lose the pupils in his eye, but the little girl continues to walk with him and guide him to where he needs to go.

D2 begins to grow hysterical and begins to shout and yell a few times himself all while trying to keep moving forward, eventually they make it back to the room D2 woke up in "Hey what is this shit!? You said you'd help me find my way!?" D2 yelled at the girl "I did" said the girl as she then pointed to the chair in the middle of the room "....." D2 couldn't find anything to say but the girl did "Will you stand or will you sit?" Asked the girl.

D2 walked to the chair in the room and stood in front of it

"All of this hell, all of this pain and all of this trama. Let it all burn to nothing let all of these walls fall and the ceilings fall, all of it is...nothing but pain" D2 told himself as once he blinked he found himself in the attic facing the chair he found there, he then looked at himself and found himself out of the restraints.

D2 then without hesitation grabbed the chair and ripped it and the chain holding it out of the wall and began to smash it and smash it and smash it...

And smash it.

D2 then threw the last leg of the broken chair away and turned to see the little girl waiting outside his cell "So are you ready to meet the good doctor?" The girl asked. D2 nodded and walked with the little girl holding her hand all the way through the facility, through their walk they see more and more inmates lined against cells and walls all yelling and shouting.

As D2 and the girl walked towards a hallway where a lone of infecteds stand all waiting in line to a door with the initials of A.S

"What is this?" D2 asked "A line, a line waiting for a doctor that will never come" the girl said, D2 looked in anger as he walked to the front of the line and brakes down the door.

D2 walked inside to see the Astral Mother sitting on a chair in a clean room filled with photos of her children and her accomplishments along with trophies and more and a empty calander

Astral Mother: Well Well, what have we here

"Goodbye boy scout" the Astral Mother said as she began to walk away, but as she was just about go up the stairs a giant bone appeared and blocked the stairs. "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE YOU HEARTLESS WITCH!!" D2 shouted and just then all the Infecteds in line looked at the Astral Mother with killing intent "It's about time someone showed you not fuck other people's kids you fucking bitch!" D2 growled

all the Infecteds began to close in on the Astral Mother while D2 stood in the back fuming

"Ah see, so it's not just your fail safe that you've lost, but also your memeory. Well allow me to jog it back" the Astral Mother said * She then stripped her clothes until she had on only her Tshirt and her sport shorts*

"Let's get straight to the fucking point" D2 said

"Yes lets" The Astral Mother replied firing a god ray tr D2 only to be guarded by Infecteds to take the hit for him*

The Astral Mother then jumped up 5 feet and while doing so was bombarded by bones and wisp from all around, but she dodged every single one and killed 6 Infecteds with her god Ray's even spreading her fingers put firing 7 at a time. D2s rage began to overflow until more Infecteds filled the room crawling out of vents and springing out of door ways. The Astral Mother kept up with the pace and killed each one that approached her.*

"Alright I think you've held my attention long enough son "It's Bath time" " she stated and suddenly D2 fell to the ground unconscious along with each of the other Infecteds with him. "Good that still works she stared at D2 on the ground I should kill you now and take possession of that power, but I have feeling you'll be doing me a good service soon, but I also know that so long as you keep rejecting yourself and all that you've done you'll never be better then me and you'll always be my...

Frankenstein" she said to him.

D2 woke up hours later and looked around for the Astral Mother, but to no avail she was gone

"Dammit Dammit DAMMIT!!!!!" D2 smashed his hand against a wall and kept punching it " Had her right in front of me, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND WHAT DO I DO!? I PANIC!!!....but what was I supposed to do" D2 said crying, but just then infected arrived coming down the stairs "its you" D2 said "Well yes it's me your in my head" Infected said "What are you doing here?" D2 asked "Well isn't that the mystery. Hey look I'm gonna be really shouldn't be here alot of this is my fault and your experiencing all of it because I cant deal with it any longer." Infected told D2 "So then what happens now? I still dont know what to do!? I'm stuck in this hellscape and I have no idea on how to get out of here...I think we might just be lost forever" D2 said falling to his knees "for all I know history will just repeat itself" D2 told himself.

"It wont" said the little girl as she approached "oh it's you, what are you doi g here? "I'm here to help him" the little girl said pointing to Infected "...i think I get it" D2 said as the little girl walked to Infected Infected didnt look at her at first, but then he did and was surprised by her features, the little girl had black hair with pale bling eyes "...look little girl I cant do it anymore ok? I finally have a chance to be free and alone, why on earth would I give that up?" Infected asked her

"I live on the far side of my local neighborhood where me and my father live. He takes care of me, even though he didnt have the best family in the world it was alright, he taught that it's ok to ignore what other people think and that I should let my friendly nature grow on an infection" she said while smiling

Omni sat in the living room waiting for a answer while Infected was in the attic " Well guess this must be what it feels to have someone again, god I hate it and why does it not feel anything like i thought it would...and yet somehow I...forget it, it dosent matter infected began to put his jacket on" infected told himself "I owe you alot D2, thanks for letting me back in" Infected said

Infected then looked at the chair in the attic and left it and the attic alone

Infected went downstairs and saw Omni waiting for him "Finally made up your mind?" Omni asked 'DONT PATRONIZE ME WONDER BOY!!! Infected began to breathe rapidly You dont know shit about what I've been through so dont come here thinking your my hero!" Infected shouted at Omni "I'm not your god damn hero, I'm your brother" Omni told Infected "I'm not here to baby you Jacob I'm here for you. I haven't forgotten what you've done to me and everyone else, but I also can acknowledge how all that might have affected you, but I'm not here to baby you" Omni told Infected.

Infected stared at Omni and vice versa

Omni and Infected stared each other down till the front door opened and Omni and Infected stared at who it was

"I hope you boys aren't arguing when you both know we're running on a tight schedule" said...

The Void Empress

"M-Mother" *Infceted said has his smile began to go away and he then fell to his knees "I thought you were dead?" Infected asked "Death my son is merly a pitstop in the endless void of existence" The Void Empress replied as she walked inside closing the door " Now that we're all together again let's cut to the chase shale we?" Omni said "As I'm sure Omni has already mentioned the situation. You and your brother shall go to the Transvoid and stop the coming threat. As for me well I'll be em embarking on my own expedition" The Void Empress said.

She then turned around to see Omni still standing by the door and Infected get up and stare at her

"It really is good to see you boys again" The Void Empress said with a smile on her face, but then she looked around the place and then to the bathroom "Where is her other subject?" The Void Empress asked "Gone" Infected replied "so, that's how it is then...god I love the rain, it washes away all the worries and all the sorrow some hold onto their person everyday. Someday i hope we can all experience it together" The Void Empress said

We leave Infected to go and see familiar somebody in a very tight spot

[Deleting Subject 2...Error Encountered]

[Sending Subject 2 to Location 8]

[Sending...Sending...Sending...Sending Complete]

In a far distant world we find one of our heroes in a luscious green World filled with extraordinary lands and even more Extraordinary beasts, he lay there unconscious and alone in a jungle only to be discovered by a old man in a grey cloak

"Well Well this really is a surprise, this might explain the disturbance. Well cant leave you out here to freeze to death" said the old man

The old man dragged out sleeping "hero" to his cottage near the edge of the woods

Soon 404 would wake up in shock "I-Is this heaven? He looked around and felt his chest to see his garments were removed and replaced with regular much older garments what is this?" 404 said, but then the old man came into the room with some bread and pourage. He saw that 404 was awake "oh good your up, I was worried your wounds would be to great, luckily i still got it in me to heal others" said the old man "Old man you better start making , first where am I and second what day and year is it!?" 404 shouted from the bed he was on "Well first off, my name isn't Old man, its Merlin and the day is Thursday of the year 8970" Merlin said in a calm manner 404s eyes froze "WHAT THAT CANT BE RIGHT!!! HOW LONG WAS I OUT!?" 404 got up and looked outside to see a forest out by the horizon "If your worried about your reality, its fine I presumed you were asking about this one"

404 took a step back from the window and looked at Merlin

"What do you mean reality?" 404 asked

Merlin and 404 sat down at a fire outside the little cottage " This isn't your reality hu bud? I figured since your unlike anything I've seen here" said Merlin "You guys don't have talking skeletons?" Said 404 "No we do, just none that look like you" said Merline "this reality is one many others my friend and like no other aswell, There are a total of 10 Realities and 2 lands that oversee them. There is the White Horizon and the Wicked Throne each one holding a hideous truth." Merlin explained "This cant be right, all of the knowledge I have is only about Multiverses and that's it...I would have never thought that there would be so much beyond that" 404 replied "It's not your fault, it would appear and I can sense it too that your mind has some locked information that has been hidden from you" Merlin said "WHAT!? So your telling me I used to know these things, but my brain just cut them out !? 404 exhaled for what felt like the first time in forever... so I guess that means I'm pretty far from home hu?" 404 asked "That part we'll have to find out, but I sense that theres more to you then what you think" Merlin said

"I hope not" 404 replied

" I can see it inside you, the information in your mind I believe could give you the extra push you need" Merlin told 404 "...signs I dont know Merlin... iv never been good at accepting the past" 404 said with weight "Well if you ever want to go home you'll have to face it and i mean all of it" Merlin replied

404 looked at his hands and began to shake a bit before regaining control over himself "I'm ready" 404 answered with confidence "Iv heard that line before many a times and iv seen broken men and women all the more, shall we?" Merlin asked "Go ahead" 404 answered

Merlin then used a weird kind of magic that encapsulated 404 and as soon as it did 404's Mind was opened and all knowledge that was hidden or locked away from him was now in his full use

404 fell down to the ground on his hands and knees "Oh my god the cycle, my past lives, this life and my life's all..does it matter? If iv been reborn and reincarnated over and over and over again then what's the point of living a full life? I must Rmember why I do what I do..."404 said "The cycle, such a curious phenomenon" Merlin said "Wait how do you know of it?" 404 asked "Well son that's because the cycle has been around a long time my friend, the cycle is a fundamental function of the known order" Merlin stated "What!? How old am i!?!!?" 404 shouted "No doubt older then most of these planets and worlds, maybe even a galaxy or two hehhahhahhah" Merlin chuckled as 404 began to realize how meaningless...

His existence and life has been

404 got back up and looked at Merlin "So if that's true then that means Alpha and Infected are...oh god" 404 brushed his hand over his head wailing away sweat with his words weighing again on him "Your previous lives seem to be taking a toll on you along with the weight of your destiny" Merlin reminded 404 "I dont believe in destiny just making my own path" 404 told Merlin "Well my friend there are plenty of people who would disagree" Merlin told him "Well I'm not most people" 404 told Merlin

"...if iv lived for so long and met so many people then do the ones who have now even matter?" 404 asked himself "No! Dont give in to that feeling, that feeling that nothing matters anymore, dont let the feeling that the people your attached to and the bonds you make dont matter. They do matter and the effect of what your presence means to all these other worlds and existences is a huge deal, I know you have the strength to overcome that feeling. Just remember all of the people who have gotten you this far " Merlin told 404 "God...I wish I could meet them now that I know, all the people who supported me over the years...I wish I could meet them" 404 said looking down "Oh speaking of that, I have a promise to fulfill, follow me" Merlin said before getting up and walking towards the house "Where are yo-" 404 was about to ask before seeing something too familiar appear in the door

a Tall women with white hair wearing a white gound accompanied by large Angelic wings

"Iv waited for you for so long, my son" said the women "what?, look I think you might have the wrong skeleton" 404 said "oh no, How could I forget my little Will, my strong silver knight" the women said, 404 froze at the mention of his name and then turned all the way to face the women "H-How do you know my name?" 404 asked "Because I named you, i wouldn't expect you to remember because of the cycle and all, but here you are again" the women said looking at him

Merlin then brought some tea to give to everyone

" ...God all this cycle stuff is overwhelming...all the people I left behind and the memories...oh god the memories" 404 said trying to battle a headache "Yes, the conduits are indeed cursed to live a life of endless reincarnation, but it is what you do with your life at that time which is what matters" said the women

404 looked up at the women with a troubled looked

"While your other conduit kin forget or try to bury the past it is you, you William you will accepte it and rise from those ashes like a Phoenix, you were always born for a greater purpose" said the women "I dont know if I can accepte this, I'm just one man" said 404

"Yes you are, a one man army my son, learn to face the past and move onto the present" said the women "And the only way to do that is to face your demons and face the many lives you've forgotten" said Merlin "For if you ever seek to return home then you must become one with yourself" said Merlin

"...breathes ...where do we start?" 404 answered with confidence

"A long time ago when during the cycles first couple of runs one of the reincarnated ended up here he dawned a Silver knight armour set and fought in the name of balance and purged many worlds of the lingering blight know only as "The Dawner", the Knight fought for years until a deformed Black knight came accompanied by a hideous plague that followed him wherever he went. Soon tho the Silver Knight would hear of the Darker one and set out to purge him too, so when the two met they fought and the battle was remembered and recorded so that we may remember it for years to come" Merli told 404 "But who won?" 404 asked "No one knows, it's as if the Battle was erased from history and only the set up for it was remembered" said Merlin "this just goes to show that this life you live is one of many and that you've fought against evil for a long time." Said the women "what about Alpha? If he's apart of this too then I must know" 404 asked "The Conduit of change has always been the one to move the Realities and worlds forward, nothing is never the same because change is always the one making things go around and then finally there is destruction 404 got a little tense The Conduit of Destruction or chaos to most people, they are known for one thing and one thing only, bringing about a new birth or a new order." Merlin said "What? But its destruction" 404 said shocked

"Yes, but sometimes Destruction is necessary, the conduit of Destruction is the eldest of all the conduits and is the most powerful for it's very power is fueld by the the end of worlds and the climax of many existences across the Realities. Destruction is the perfect conduit" Merlin said "So there is no way to stop Infected afterall" 404 said with a sign "Not so fast, you are the conduit of Balance your greatest strength is keeping order and peace throughout the many worlds we inhabit, you and the other 2 conduits have fought to gain the right to rule for eons and it is only now that I see what it looks like when the conduits are out of their element, you have forgotten your purposes, you have forgotten the very things that made you you and most importantly you have forgotten yourselves" Merlin said.

"But then how do I prevail if I'm not even a shadow of who I used to be!? How am I supposed to counter Destruction!?" 404 asked hastily if to show he knows time is running out "Perhaps what you need is a kickstart, perhaps if you face all your previous reincarnations you may remember your purpose and your duty to the Realities you serve" Merlin said, 404 began to sweat and looked worried "ooooor we could just try opening your mind again in hopes of kick starting you again" Merlin said less intimidatingly. 404 gave a breath of relief and nodded to the idea "...Theres something your not telling me Merlin, something that I feel like I should what is it?" 404 asked

"...the stars have changed my friend, in which I do believe that the birth of a 4th Conduit may be the reason for the cycle's abrupt end." Merlin said

"A 4th Conduit?!" 404 said shocked

"Wow all of this information is overwhelming...but if it helps me save everyone then I'll accept it" 404 said "That's good to hear, but remember that the climax of the coming conflict is a inescapable means to a end" Merlin said "...No" 404 said "What?" Merlin replied "I refuse to believe that my destiny is prewritten, I will make my own path and lead everyone to bright and better future! That is my destiny" 404 proclaimed "Well with that sort of attitude then your more then ready to begin training" Merlin said to 404s surprise "Old man I'm more then capable of handling myself" 404 said "perhaps but your destructive counterpart says otherwise you need training" Merlin replied

404 replied and got up ready to train, the angelic women went to sit inside and Merlin got up and took a couple steps away from 404 as they would begin training

Someplace in the Multiverse

Alpha would wake up in an unfamiliar place, as he began to study his surroundings he saw stars passing by him.

"Where am I" Alpha asked himself

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