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Chapter 3 Chapter 5

"It's only a matter of time now before they begin to play too" a voice whispered into 404. 404 then woke up with a startle, He then looked around and found Core and Ink sleeping too. He then checked the code of the world he was in and he remembered that they had traveled to ReaperTale

404 then woke up a couple of hours to the sound of an angry mob "What the hell!" 404 said as he got up and ran to see what was going on, only to see an angry mob of AUs cutting down trees and beating up the inhabitants of Reapertale. "WE HAVE TO STOP THEM," Ink said as he jumped down towards the herd and Core followed in pursuit, but just as 404 got ready his head began to hurt "ARGHHHH!!!" 404 grunted as he fell to his knees "ARGHHH AHHHH!!!" 404 then began to hear voices " come to find us," said a woman's voice "Follow your mind to the gate" said ma ales voice ,and then all of a sudden the fighting got worse outside as 404 looked. He then made his way down the hill and towards the commotion as he searched he saw Reaper fighting some sansses and Reaper!Gaster helping as well when all of a sudden voice rang through the crowd "LONG LIVE THE BUTTERFLY!!!" A voice rang and 404 turned his head to see an Asgore and others wearing paintings of Butterfly on their chest and the main guy holding a grenade and then set it off. "AHHHHHHH!!!" rang the voices of everyone around him as they scattered "LOOONG LIVE THE The Grenade didn't go off and instead just let out steam wha?t" said the Asgore, but then he was slugged in the face by a random Gaster "YOU CRAZY SON OF BITCH!!" yelled members of the crowd as they began to beat the Asgore into a bloody pulp.

"What the hell is going on" 404 said, moments later Ink found 404 again and pulled him to the side " It would seem that the Aus or at least some have been moved by your actions from earlier and are now rioting "NO MORE SECRETS NO MORE SECRETS NO MORE SECRETS!!!" shouted the crowd as they marched through Reapertale "It's horrible, people could get hurt" Core said "Yea well we're not here for them, I'v learned its best to let people get stuff off their chest. Besides unless you wanna end up like that other idiot" 404 said as he continued to march ahead. Ink and Core looked at each other and followed 404 against the crowd, as they walked they began to see graffiti and burnt down trees everywhere they looked. "This is a tragedy, why would they do this?" Ink asked "Perhaps their tired of being left in the dark while bad things happen...i know i am" 404 said they continued to walk. 404s tracker lead them to Reaper!Toriel's domain of which had been destroyed and torn apart by members of the mob "How horrible" said Core as they looked around. 404 looked at his tracker and followed it to the middle of the area where it continued to beep. "He's here" 404 said.

As the the world raged, 404 began to look around and so did Ink and Core "I KNOW YOUR HERE 100! SHOW YOURSELF!!" 404 shouted, Ink and Core began to shout too until 100 jumped out from bush and stared down 404 "So i guess the crazy one couldn't make it i see" 100 exclaimed "He had other business to worry about" 404 said "What the hell is that thing" Ink said, but Core grabbed Ink's arm and pulled him back "I don't think we should interfere" Core said "I just have a feeling we may be over our heads" Core said with slight fear. "What is it that you know and why are you the source of it all?" 404 asked "I know that what you are is the key to this and that your going to need all the numbers you can get. You see due to the effects of the laboratory i have ascended to a greater height that you cant even comprehend" 100 said "That doesn't answer my question, whats going on" 404 asked again " He thought that if he changed your course that you wouldn't be a threat, but hes wrong. He regrets it now oh yes he does!" 100 began to say wildly "Who is? Who's the guy behind it all?!" 404 yelled to 100.

"Say the name, you know it. i know you do" 100 said to 404 with confidence. 404 looked at 100 confused, but then 404 began to get a serious headache and fell to his knees "AHRGHHHH!!!" 404 began scream in pain holding his tight. Ink and Core ran over to him "He 404 stay with us come on!" Core said as Ink protected them "I don't know what your doing, but you better stay back!" Ink said as he unsheathed his brush "Ah the squid, how appropriate for you to be here helping, but i must 100 then teleported in front of Ink at lighting speed Whats your purpose without Error? i mean isn't that why people liked? Now your just a skeleton with a paint brush" 100 reminded Ink. Ink looked at 100 in anger, but soon felt a hint of truth. Suddenly members of the raging mob came over to where 404 and the others were at "HEY LOOK ITS THE SO CALLED "PROTECTORS"!!!" shouted a random Asriel with red face paint. A part of the Mob began to run towards 404 and the others.

The Mobsters began to descend upon them "HEY STAY BACK THE LOT OF YOU!!" Ink shouted towards them, but it didn't matter for they quickly began to beat and overpower Ink and take Core hostage "HEY CUT IT OUT!!!" Core said as they struggled to get free "Shut your mouth!" said a random Chara that punched Core in the face "ARGHHHHHHH" 404 began to grunt in pain as voices filled his "Don't listen to him Balance!" said a female voice " YOU MUSTN'T SAY THE NAME! OR HE'LL SEE YOU!" said a male voice "SAY IT! YOU KNOW IT!!" shouted 100 before being punched by a couple of Mobsters and then pinned down "my lord are you ok?" said a random out-code as they attempted to help 404 up "THE NAME, THE NAME, THE NAME, THE NAME!!!" shouted voices in 404's head and from all the pressure 404 got up in a rush and waved off the voices. "Hehehe if you don't go searching then you'll become just like everyone else...a pawn" 100 said to 404, Suddenly a bright light began to shine in the sky and began to blind everyone "AH! what the hell is that" 404 shouted "HERE HE COMES!!!" 100 shouted as the sky began to fill with light until an explosion set off above the sky one so big it filled it with light. "WHAT THE HELL!!" Said random people from the Mod as they stared up. "It's him it has to be" 404 said to himself

The sky lit up like fireworks as the crowds in ReaperTale began to panic and leave "What's going on" 404 said "He's going to nuke the multiverse you have to leave!" said a female voice "We'll bring you here to use" said a male voice "W-What are you-" 404 said before a weird portal opened up behind him and a couple of hands came through and grabbed him "W-Wait! INK CORE!" 404 said as he used blue mastery to bring them through the portal with them. As soon as they fell through the portal closed behind them. 404, Ink and Core all got up and looked to see they're saviors and saw they were in a dark room filled with a bed and some food. "What is this?" Ink said "Where are we?" Ink repeated, 404 looked around and got another message in his head "Come outside, but leave the other two" said a female voice "They're outside, but they only want to see me. Think you two can stay here?" 404 asked as he turned to see Ink and Core stuffing they're faces "....uhhh sure go ahead" Ink said as he continued to eat. 404 took off his coat and then opened and closed the doors behind him and heard foot steps behind him. He turned around to see a group of people looking at him "WELCOME HOME!!!" shouted the Conduits "No way" 404 said

404 stared at them for a while "So you guys...must be the..Conduits?" 404 asked them "Yes we are" responded The Conduit of Peace who looked to be a women with silver knight Armour "And we brought you here so that we could help you on your destiny" Said The Conduit of Envy who was beautiful women with long luscious purple hair. "But there's no time for that, we must talk now" said The Conduit of Light who was a man with dark hair and a long white robe "Come now my brother" said the conduit of light, 404 and the conduit of light began to walk through a Chinese garden "You see Will we conduits have survived a long time out of the range of "Him" you see waiting for a time where we could all gather together once again and strike down this foe so that we may all go on with our existence, but it would seem that fate has other plans" Peace said "What happened to the you guys? i was told there was only 4, but now theres a bunch of you!" 404 said as he and Peace made it to a graveyard with a couple of tombstones. "Oh.." 404 said as he stared "This isn't all of them tho" Peace exclaimed.

"O'Brien in his purist of a higher calling started a secret coup amongst the conduits and with these few he gathered he began to fuel one of his own into a powerful force until even he couldn't control them any longer...O'Brien tho continued his pursuit for greater knowledge and power without the help of his other two helpers and in return counted on only one other to assist him and when the time came entrusted the second book to them" Peace said with great weight "then that means that....that means their could be answer to all of this after all!" 404 said "Careful Will, for your search for a greater truth may just cost you more then what your willing to give." said Peace "But if i don't try to find a way to make my friends and family safe from harm i'll never be able to sleep at night, not to mention with the knowledge of a second book." 404 replied. "Don't do it Will, for once you leave this haven, "He" will be watching you" Peace said. "Who is this "it" and He" everyone is so afraid of!?" 404 asked "...I-I... i can not say" Peace said sadly


"Then who will tell me then?" 404 asked "No one can, for to speak his name would be to damn ones self to death my brother" Peace said "So what? if you say his name you die?" 404 said "That's the short of it" said a voice behind them, 404 turned around to find a large cloaked figure with a long scythe "you look like the grim reaper" 404 said "Thats cuz i am" said Death "YOUR DEATH!?" 404 said backing away and bumping into Peace "Don't worry, Death is actually pretty chill once you get around the cold exterior" Peace jokingly said ".....This is a waste of time, he's just going to die like the rest of them" Death proclaimed as he walked off "Don't say that Death, I do believe Will can save us and stop this mayhem!" Peace shouted "Say that to Life" Death said and Peace and 404 got quiet for a moment "Everyone's either missing or dead because of "him" and no one can do anything about it....if only we had that second book" Death said "But whats stopping you from getting it? your death" 404 asked "He'd just kill whoever knew where it is and i can't risk that" Death answered "Then how do we stop that from happening?!" 404 shouted "The only capable of that is you" Death said "Me?!" 404 said "Yes you are the conduit of Balance, everyone since your disappearance has taking Death into their own hands, but if you were to awaken your gifts you would be able to stop the senseless killing to stop "him"" said Death "But who would i be stopping!?" 404 shouted in anger "Sol" Death said All the Conduits then collectively gasped and looked towards Death "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!!!?!" shouted Rage "YOU COULD GET US ALL KILLED!!!" shouted Light. "So what...i don't fear him" Death said.

Envy then sassly walked up to Death and hugged him from behind "Oh i love it when you disregard the feelings of others, i envy that side of cold" Envy said as she smothered Death much to his disliking "But i don't know the first thing about being a conduit or even on how to use my power" 404 said "A Conduits power is just an extension of your already present strength you just need to learn to bring it out" Peace told 404 even tho the answer was very vague "Try not to force yourself too much you could break or damage something" Said Light "But how can i do that if i don't have a clue on how to summon my previous powers?" 404 said "oh if only Knowledge was here he'd know how to help you" said Light "Well where is he?" 404 asked "After O'Brien left many Conduits began to doubt the Cycle as well, but it was until Brimm emerged is when Conduits began to run away for safety for they feared to be consumed by the abomination. Sadly tho many got lost and many other we don't know the fate of" said Light "But you must have some idea of where they may have gone" 404 asked "You can try asking Sloth, he knows all the hullabaloo now a days " Envy said as she pointed towards the hot springs in the distance. 404 began to walk there determined to find a way to end this conflict "If i beat that Sol guy...maybe thing will calm down, besides he cant be that powerful right" 404 said as he made it to the hot springs only to see a large fat blob of a man bathing in the hot springs wearing a long thong and a geisha makeup.

"Uuuhhh hey are you sloth?" 404 asked the man "the man exhaled a large cloud of smoke from cigar the was smoking Ye thats me whos asking?" Sloth said with a sign "Well its me sir, I'm the conduit of balance and i need your help. You see i want to stop Sol, but i have no idea on where to look for the missing Conduit known as Knowledge" 404 said "Look bozo scram ok, i'm tryna catch a view here Sloth then moved some branches as he tried to catch a peak at Envy oooooh yea that's it" Sloth said as he blushed "HEY ARE YOU LISTING!!" 404 shouted as he then blasted the water "HEY HEY! whats the big idea!?" Sloth said shook "I NEED YOU TO HELP ME NOW DAMMIT!!" 404 shouted "OK OK OK no need to be so damn pushy, now if you wanna get information from me, your gonna have to do me a favor buddy" Sloth said.

"Come brother sit and enjoy the hot spring as we discuss your request" Sloth said as he beckoned 404 to the spring and in response 404 sat in the spring with Sloth "Let me tell you something, even tho everything's gone to hell that doesn't mean we lose ourselves in the chaos. So here's a favor I need you to do" Sloth said as he began to drool "Peace makes the best cookies this side of the Quantumsphere and I need some, but as you can see I'm just a bit to big to move and I need a small guy like you to go and get it for me" Sloth explained "Why not ask the others?" 404 asked "This lazy bums think I need to lay off and exercise more, so I needed a new guy to help me" Sloth answered. 404 signed and nodded his head and got out the bath and made his way to Peace.

"Hey Peace can I have a cookie?" 404 asked as Peace turned around and smiled "Sure here you go" Peace said as they handed them a Cookie they had on hand "You just have these on hand?" 404 said as he took it from Peace "No, I just heard you talking with Sloth, Tell him he needs to keep his voice down next time" Peace said as they walked off. 404 then went back to Sloth and handed him the Cookie he requested "Oooooooo yes yes He then swiped the cookie and ate it whole ahhhhhh that hit the spot, so how'd it go? Was it annoying" Sloth asked "Yea....annoyingly easy, look can you tell me where I can find Knowledge Now!" 404 said angrily "alright alright, supposedly when the other Conduits vanished i heard that Knowledge retreated to a place known as the "The Great Library" and that he stays there in secret" Sloth said as he lit another cigar "why didn't you go looking for him?" 404 said "Well that's because the great library dosen't exist and it's been a myth for a long time now Sloth then smoked the cigar releasing a cloud of smoke through his ears But something you should know tho, is that there is a place where forgotten places go" Sloth said "Where is that?" 404 asked "The Wicked Throne" Sloth said

"The Wicked Throne?" 404 said "Ye the Wicked Throne, it is a place where all forgotten things end up where ideas go to die. It is a dreadful place that only the darkest of creatures can survive." Sloth said as he continued to smoke "If the Library doesn't exist then it must be there!" 404 said as he rose up from the spring "Now hold on now, if you are to venture there you must have full control of your Conduit, if not you will surely parish" Sloth explained "But how do i do that!?" 404 asked "Go and speak with Death, he knows a thing or two about unlocking ones true potential" Sloth said as he began to fall asleep with a cigar in his mouth. "God your lazy" 404 said as he got out and began to walk away to look for Death. "Where are you off to my dear?" said Envy spread out over bench "I'm looking for Death, Sloth said he could help me unlock my true Conduits abilities" 404 said "He's over near the gravestones mourning like he always does" Envy said as she pointed to Death hovering over a Tombstone covered with dead flowers "He's mourning for her isn't he" 404 said "Indeed, Life was the strongest of most of us, She could draw life from darkest of places and she was the most beautiful women you would ever see its no wonder Death grew fond of her, as ironic as it was, But i suppose even Life found Death. Anyway i'm sure your tired of hearing me groan on, go and see Death if that is your path" Envy said as she began to fix her looks and stalk Peace. 404 went to Death and stood next to him as he looked at the gravestone of Life which was covered with dead flowers

".....Sloth told me you could help me unlock my hidden conduit like abilities" 404 said as he kept eye contact with the gravestone " A Conduit is never truly a Conduit until they've used they're gifts at least once, you tho do require a long lesson, but seeing as your in a rush and i don't much like interacting with others i'll make it quick" Death said as he began to walk off only for 404 to follow. "So what do i have to do" 404 asked "The only way to reawaken the Conduit within you is to figure out why it's sealed in the first place. Which means that would usually require a visit to the past, but since such a Forbidden Conduit doesn't exist instead i will bring a ghost of your past back for a brief moment so that you may ask it why your lacking in your purpose" Death said. Death then got his scythe and slit 404's soul in 2 for the first time separating his regular soul from the Conduit's

404 backed up a bit and then fell to his knees, he then looked straight ahead at his Conduit soul and watched it morph into the Silver Knight he had seen before "Death" said Wrath as he began to walk to 404 and Death with Rage "What is it?" Death said as 404 began to talk with the Knight "As you know we're all gonna need every body we can find in order to beat "thing" so me and Rage were gonna go out and grab the other 2 Conduits....but we require you in order to get Destruction" Wrath said "That's a big job Wrath, you know we would need Power for that....but i'll join you if you need me" Death answered "Good cuz i'v been meaning to get back at that asshole" Rage said cracking his knuckles and getting his pistols ready. "Wait you mean Infected?" 404 said " Is that his name in this cycle? wow guy just seems to be a whackjob hu" Rage said " Don't underestimate him, with balance out of the picture he might just likely be doing the unimaginable" Death said "Continue to try and unlock your ability Will, the Knight will show you how, he was you after all" Death said as he walked off with Wrath and Rage. " We'll attack him when he least expects it" Wrath said "No, the last thing we want to do is get hostile with him our best course of action should be to talk with him" Death "....Fine we'll do it your way. the last thing we want to do is try to get into it with him" Rage said. "Right" Death said as the three walked near the center of the area. "Open it to his location" Death said " Wrath opened the portal W-Wha h-he's in the transvoid...why would he be there?!" Wrath said "...what are you up to" Death said "Well we ain't gonna find out standing here" Rage said as he went through the portal and shortly after Wrath followed, but Death stayed for a brief moment. "...Whatever it is that your doing, lets hope you haven't done the unthinkable" Death said as he went through the portal. Soon Death and the other 2 conduits arrived at the Transvoid

"Never thought i'd be back here again" said Wrath "Doesn't matter, now lets find that traitor" Rage said as he began to look around, but Death stood still and looked around "Something isn't right" Death said "What? what is it?" Wrath said "Getting cold feet brother?" Rage jokingly said "No, the TransVoid feels...quiet somehow i cant put my finger on it" Death said as he looked around for any signs of beings "Nothing...where are they" Death said "Just makes it easier for us to navigate" Rage said as he began to sniff the air "He's close this way" Rage said as he flew off towards the east. "What do you think Death?" Wrath asked "I think we may be in for a not so welcoming welcome" Death said as he followed Rage and Wrath shortly after followed. They made they're way through the Transvoid searching for Infected only for the signal to lead them to a rouge moon orbiting a square shaped planet

"This is the spot?" Death asked "His scent point us this way" Rage said as he flew down to land with Wrath and Death following. "Anyone ever tell you its rude to come uninvited to a party" said a voice from behind them. Wrath and Rage turned around in shock but Death casually turned his head towards the voice which led to Infected who was sitting on a rock "Hello brother" Death said "Death" Infected growled "Do what do i owe the pleasure of having you at my doorstep or i guess moonstep" Infected said with curiosity "Come to claim my life, i'm afraid i still have some unsettled business to take care of so you'll have to wait a while" Infected proclaimed "Death waits for no one Destruction, besides i'm not here for you not yet anyway." Death said "We're here to bring you back" Wrath said "Yea, all the 10 realities could be at stake so we need every last one of us on this" Rage said "So don't try to resist" Rage threatened. "Alright ill come along" Infected said as he jumped off the rock and landed in front of them "W-wha,t your're just gonna come along...just like that" Wrath asked "Yup" Infected said as he grinned, Death stared at Infected.

"So why do you need me back anyway?" Infected asked "We believe that beating Sol could be the key to ending this coming conflict thats been brewing, So we're calling in all the conduit that we can including you" Death said "Yea so dont' try any funny business or iIll smash you face in to paste skull kid!" Wrath shouted "Oh knock it off ain't no one afraid of you Wrath" Rage said "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR TALKING TO WITH THAT SORT OF TONE SHORTY!!" Wrath shouted getting in Rage's face "HEY YOU BETTER BACK OFF BEFORE YOU REALLY BURN ME UP PAL!!" Rage shouted back "Seems you guys haven't changed at all" Infected said "Yes, and neither have you" Death said "Hey what can i say, i love blowing things up and destroying the dreams of others hehehahha" Infected laughed "I see you didn't grow a sense of humor while you were gone "....I see you didn't get a personality" Infected said. Soon the Conduits teleported off to where Alpha was, He was sitting on the roof of the black house wondering where Infected and 404 were only for 3 strangers and Infected to teleport in front of him

"W-WHAT THE!" Alpha said as he backed away "Whats going on" Omni said as he jumped on the roof to see what was happening "hey bro" Infected said "Jacob what have you been doing!? Good god knows whats' been going on, someones been trying to destroy the undertale multiverse!" Omni said "It's Sol" Death said "HEY! Look we all get that you can't die, but alot of us wanna live too you know dammit!" Rage shouted "W-who are you guys anyway?" Alpha said "It's a long story, but we don't have time to talk here, quickly Will is waiting for you guys on the other side" Death said a he opined a portal to the Conduits hideout "Oh Wills there hu glad to see he made it" Omni said as he looked at the portal "WILLS THERE!" Alpha said as he jumped through and Infected shortly after. "Your the new one" Wrath said "New what?" Omni said "...Nevermind Deaths better at explaining crap then me" Wrath said as he and rage went through the portal.

*Alpha,Omni and Infected landed in the Conduit hideout where the other conduits soon came around them in shock to see them*

"Why do they all look the same?" Envy said with envy "What a odd bunch" said Light and as everyone gawked at the new come'rs Death returned to 404 who was sitting on a rock holding his conduit soul "So have you done it" Death asked "I'm not sure, but my connection with something else i don't know what feels stronger then ever" 404 responded "With-" Death was about to speak but was interrupted "HEY DEATH!" shouted gluttony " Did you bring any food with you back?!" Gluttony asked "No, i didn't bring any food" Death said as he turned back to 404 only to find him gone. Death went off to join the others, but 404 sat in the Chinese garden thinking and pondering his thoughts, but it wouldn't be soon before someone joined him "I thought i'd find you here you were always the brooding type" Infected said behind 404 "...good to see you made it, i was afraid i wouldn't get the chance to do you in first before anyone else did" 404 said jokingly "heheheh,Ii don't know if you could now tho, seeing as your power always comes at price and you cant pay yourself" Infected reminded 404 "Don't get smart with me Jacob, just because i didn't get back at you before doesn't mean i forgive you NOW!. I don't know how the others feel, but i know how i feel. After all this is over you and i are gonna settle the score ONCE AND FOR ALL." 404 said "Well if you truly hope to "settle" the score with me perhaps we should cut the formalities and use our REAL NAMES. Since the brotherly love is no longer present" Infected said "Fine by me" 404 said as the two walked to each other. "404" 404 said "Infected" Infected said "It's a pleasure to meet you" the two said to each other.

"Yaknow it's funny" Alpha said as he and his brothers sit down on the top of a roof as the sun sets on the conduits hide away "This feels like the first time in a long time that we've hung out together" Alpha said with a heavy heart. Omni,404 and Infected all looked at Alpha and then towards the sun "I'm not good at sappy moments" Infected said. Then don't say anything" Omni told him "And just enjoy this moment" Omni said. 404 looked out at the sun and thought of everyone back home "I saw Ink awhile back somewhere around here" Alpha said "Yea what's that about" Omni said, but the voices quickly drowned out as 404 just began to ignore them and wonder off. "HEY!" shouted someone next to him as 404 turned to see who "Are you gonna pay attention or do i have to show you all over again" Error said to 404 "...." 404 then looked in front of him and saw the doodle sphere "You see that, every single of those is a dirty Au and inside them are loads of anomalies and each on is currently living a pointless existence" Error said to 404 as they stared at them "...but i envy them tho" Error said getting 404s attention "Even if it isn't all real and even tho their stupid anomalies...i wish i had the chance to live in darkness...that way i can just live" Error said. 404 stared at him and then looked forward again to see the moon shining and his brothers gone, 404 pulled out Error's scarf from his pocket and looked at it. "You were right..." 404 said This wasn't worth it..

404 then jumped down from the roof and saw Death sitting on gravestones looking at him "Were you watching me the whole time?" 404 said as he walked towards him "Only for a few hours when you've lived as long as i have the only interesting thing left is just to...well watch" Death answered "....i don't know what i'I doing" 404 said "No Kidding" Death said "I'M BEING SERIOUS!!!! I DONE EVERYTHING I COULD DO TO BRING THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT BACK AND EVEN THEN ITS NOT ENOUGH I DON'T FEEL LIKE I'M MOVING ANYMORE!!.... i just feel like I'm in one single spot" 404 said, " know what i learned from life that changed me?" Death said "What?" 404 asked "I learned to stop overthinking things and to just move my ass whenever i felt like things were hopeless," Death said "..Wow she sure knew her stuff hu" 404 said "yea...she really did" Death said "Normally i don't comfort others, but i thought it only right seeing as you've escaped me a few times" Death said, "....O-oh yea...sorry?" 404 apologized unsure "It's fine," Death said. 404 and Death stood for a few moments until 404's chest began to glow "W-WOAH what's happening!?" 404 asked shocked "It would seem you've unlocked your power...somehow, but that's beside the point USE IT NOW!" Death shouted as 404 put his hands in the air firing a white beam into the sky watching it explode and disperse into tiny particles " power is FIREWORKS?!" 404 said as he looked up "No, can't you feel it?" Death said as he looked up. 404 and him looked up and saw the lights begin to dance then shoot out of the hideout and far away and all of a sudden the world grew still and then moved again "W-What just happened" 404 said "Balance has returned" Death said.

The next day 404 and Omni stood at the Chinese garden with Death

"Here these should help you find your way to the wicked throne" Death said handing 404 a black square shaped compass "Uhh thanks" 404 said with a trying smile "Young Conduit" Death said Omni " You may be new to the cycle, but your presence is still something we all can feel. I can not help you like i did for your brother. You must unlock your conduit your own way my brother" Death told Omni with worry "Don't you worry about me, i can handle myself" Omni said "Ready to go Will?" Omni said with a smile "Yea" 404 said nodding towards Omni "Don't worry everyone we'll be back with Knowledge in no time!" 404 shouted to all the Conduits with hope "50$ says they get lost and never get back" Infected said only to get elbowed by Peace,Alpha and Wrath "OW!! WILL YOU FUCKING CHILL I WAS KIDDING!!" Infected said hissing. 404 and Omni soon were teleported outside the hideout and to the white Horizon by Death "Follow the compass It'll lead you there" Death said "Why couldn't you just teleport us to the Wicked Throne?" 404 asked "The Wicked Throne is a place where no one can travel whos been found, so long as your lost you will be welcome," Death said "Is that a metaphor or?" Omni asked, but Death was gone before he could get an answer "These Conduits are weird" Omni said "Yea..Yea they are" 404 said as he began to fly with the compass leading them "Do you think Conduits are always as cryptic as Death?" Omni asked "I don't think anyone is as cryptic as him" 404 said trying to focus "And why are there so many of them, shouldn't being a Conduit be special?" Omni asked "Hey look ok I'm just the one of them ok? i didn't make the fucking rules" 404 said "Ok ok ok...." Omni said before going silent. "Do you thin-" Omni was about to ask before "ARES SO HELP ME GOD IF YOUR LIKE THIS THE WHOLE FUCKING TRIPE!!" 404 shouted.

Omni and 404 flew far out to the west of the White Horizon and far from the blinding light. Soon the two would come upon large foo prints made by some monster far bigger them them heading in the direction they are going "Woah what the hell made those" Omni said in shock "They're bigger then...well anything I've ever seen possibly even Malesgrow" Omni said, 404 stared at them and recognized the large prints immediately "It' Brimm" 404 said as he looked back to the compass "Brimm? Who's Brimm? Is he some kind of Being?" Omni asked "Omni if you start with your questions again" 404 began to complain "HEY!" Omni shouted getting 404s attention "LOOK HERE! I'm new to this whole Conduit think ok? 5 minutes ago i was the expert on the Transvoid and all things outside it, now I've been tossed into a area out of my knowledge and i want answers or some sort of decent explanation. Stop treating me like i'm being annoying i'm just trying to stay informed" Omni said with a stern face " Your right" 404 said as he and Omni kept flying "Brimm was supposedly from what I've gathered, a Conduit...which one i'm not sure, but i do know he was one and that he devoured others a swell which could explain the less in our numbers Omni nodded Me and Alpha when Infected did his reset of the cycle sent me through to a different Reality where a supposed Conduit of Truth led me and Alpha to Brimm in which we ran and and Brimm ended up falling down here" 404 said following the compass. Omni then looked up at the floating orbs above "All the way from up there, wow your more durable then i thought" Omni said "Yea well...that was before, now im not so sure i can take him" 404 said "Sounds like we need to get your powers back" Omni said "It's not th-" 404 was about to say before he saw that the flowers began to die.

404 and Omni stopped to see the flowers began to die after a certain point and as they continued the footprints got harder to see until the flowers soon were replaced with a dark bricked path where a giant pit was ahead and behind that was a large castle with hundreds of lonely towers "I'm gonna guess this is the place" Omni said. 404 and Omni began to walk towards the pit. Omni walked past it to check out the large Castle like Cathedral and 404 inspected the Pit of the Forgotten

404 looked into the pit and saw millions of soul and places and worlds that he had never seen before even in the TransVoid, Loads of things that didn't even make sense either "Wow this feels like the recycling bin of lost ideas" 404 said as he looked down "Wow this place sure is huge, maybe it even spans for miles, 404 you gotta take a look at this" Omni shouted to him "Shhhh would you be quiet, we have no idea who could be stalking around here" 404 said cautiously as he began to search for the Great library. Omni continued to look around and even began to ascend the steps of the large castle which were' made for beings of his size, As Omni reached the top he saw that the main doors were open, as he looked inside he saw nothing, but darkness "Wow you can't see a damn thing in there. I wonder if its all bricked up" Omni said as he turned back to see if 404 was still where he was which he was. Omni then turned back around to look inside again only to see a long hallway with a giant throne in the middle of the room. Omni's face filled with fear as he began to bolt it down the stairs of the dark castle and over to 404 in a hurry "Hey are you done with that yet" Omni said quickly as he shook in place "No I'm not, why don't you go and explore some more try and see if you can find anything important" 404 said as he kept looking for the Great Library "That's the thing Will...i think i found not something....Omni gulped But someone" Omni said to 404 who froze with fear at the the mention of it someone being there besides them. "....Where did you see them?" 404 asked in a hushed voice and Omni simply pointed to the large Castle. "Quickly help me find-" but before 404 could finish him and Omni were were soon shined on by a familiar yellow beam of light coming from the crack of the castle door.

Back at the Conduit Hideout Infected wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to go out and mind himself a treat

[11:10 PM]

Infected gets out of the guest room and makes his way across the the Chinese Garden and goes towards the living room building where when he opens it he find Death sitting standing in front of the door "AH!" Infected screamed as he backed up "What are you doing up" Infected asked "I'm dead sleep is just an afterthought in the infinite expansion that is our existence...........did i mention I'm dead" Death said "Yes you went over that, now move" Infected said as he moved pass Death and went to the fridge "Now i have to ask, what are you doing up?" Death asked "Oh you know the usual, sleepless nights filled with the screams of the innocent while i burn in a endless abyss, other then that i was hungry" Infected said as he grabbed a turkey leg and chomped on it "......." Death stared at Infected "...OK fine...i fear that i may have left somebody a large that i know i can't handle" Infected said as he sat down on the floor as Death stood in the doorway "......" Death continued to remain silent "...I don't know what's been wrong with me recently...i feel so emotional and i know i shouldn't be, but i still feel so.....oh I don't know" Infected said ".........." Death continued to stay in silence "That's what I mean! that's exactly what I'm feeling... it's just too much for me. I want to be better, but it feels as if I'll be abandoning everything I've done to prove my point. Perhaps Infected was right and that I'm just wasting my time with fighting against myself" Infected said as his face dropped "......." Death decided remained silent "Oh yea? you really think so?" Infected ask "........" Death chose silence as his answer "Maybe...maybe your right..heh but you'd like that hu?" Infected said smirking "....." Death chose silence once again "Heh you really have a way of getting through to people don't you?" Infected said as he got up and left the living room building.

"Oh my i thought he'd never leave" Envy said as they came from around the corned and wrapped their arms around Death "So shall we?" Envy teasingly said "No" Death answered.

Sloth made his way over to Infected from the hot springs "Infected" Sloth asked "What is it?" Infected asked "Since your not doing anything useful why don't you help the rest of the others clean" Sloth said "CLEAN!?!" Infected said with shock "I'd be useful if you guys let me go and do shit" Infected said grabbing a trash bag "Yea and let you go and betray us all no chance, now get moving" Sloth said as he began to fall asleep standing up. Infected began to wonder the living quarters of the place "This shit is stupid, 404 and Ares get to go and take on a troublesome task while i have to take out..." Infected said with anger "THE FUCKING TRASH!!!!" Infected shouted, but then one of the rooms opened getting Infected's attention "...the hell" Infected said as he began to tiptoe to the room, and then once he reached it he opened it slightly "Hello?" Infected said looking around, the room was dark and all there was in there was a blanket "Ok this is weird as hell" Infected said as he went inside and looked around only for him to notice a black orb in the wall.

"What are you doing i my room" asked Darkness "WHAT THE HELL AM I WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN YOUR ROOM!?!?" Infected asked "I live here" Darkness "DON'T BE SMART WITH ME!!! YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE MISSING!!!" Infected said to Darkness with anger, yet a sign of relief "Well i was, that was until i noticed something when i decided to come back" Darkness said "What?" Infected wondered "I noticed O'Brien snooping around the place" Darkness remarked "O'Brien, but i thought he was missing too. Who else isn't missing thats' hanging around here?!" Infected said feeling lost "Just me and O.B, but his presence has been weird" Darkness said "Why? what do you mean" Infected asked "O'Brien has been going around and stalking some people here and about and then writing it down in a journal, I'm sure you know of his coup" Darkness said "Yea who didn't" Infected said "Well he plans to get reunited with his old band soon and i don't think its gonna be just any old get together" Darkness said with worry "Well guess we need to get that book" Infected said "But what about O'Brien" Darkness asked "We'll leave him be for now, can't risk him leaving and skipping ship" Infected said

"Guess its about time i started doing some work" Infected said with pride "Yea" Darkness said with little effort

Infected then left the room and immediate bumped into Death who was waiting outside the door "Oh Death, fancy meeting you here" Infected said as he casually leans on the door "Indeed, it was like as if i couldn't hear your screaming from all the way across the field" Death said he then noticed Infected in front of Darkness room "What are you doing here?" asked Death "I was just cleaning like you guys were recommending I do that's all, by the way, why didn't you get Ink or that Core chick to do anything?" Infected asked "We sent them back shortly after you woke up, we figured it'd be safer for them back where they belong" Death remarked. He then began to walk away "Try not to get lost, I'd hate for you to end up losing yourself...again" Death said as he walked away. Infected gave off a sigh of relief and then had Darkness's head pop out of the door "Good work you really showed him" Darkness said shyly "Yeah well next time we might not be so lucky, Why are you hiding from everyone? Don't you think they'd be happy to see you?" Infected asked "If i went down there I'd just be another check on O'Brien's list" Darkness answered "Where is that bastard anyway" Infected said looking around "I'm not sure he's somehow mastered the art of stealth or he's just good at hiding...either way we can't be found out by him. Not until we have his journal" Darkness said. "Right, justly low for now i guess" Infected said.

Later on the day Infected returned to Darkness's room for some more plotting

"So where is O'Brien's room and where does he keep his stuff?" Infected asked "O'Brien's quarters are in the next building on floor 2 of the building, he keeps his journal in a safe behind a closet fake wall" Darkness said "Good then lets go" Infected said as he got up and began to make his way to the door "Wait a second, my information doses't come for free you know" Darkness said "The safety of all the 10 realities may be at stake and your wanting a damn FAVOR!?" Infected said highly irritated "Don't patronize me Desturution, Now i want you to give me a hug" Darkness said "A hug?" Infected said slightly suspicious "Yes a simple hug, but i want a big nice and WARM one" Darkness said with a slightly demonic voice. Infected shrugged and went over to hug Darkness only for Darkness to summon tentacles and wrap Infected in a tight bind "Figured" Infected said looking down "Look it's nothing personal, i just want to make sure that you and me don't end up splitting paths while we're doing this job so i'm gonna make this simple. You make a deal with me and promise to keep your word you won't tell a soul about my being alive and ill ensure your safety from all paranormal harm got it?" Darkness asked "Heh is this a deal or buff for me?" Infected said "Is it a deal or NOT!?" Darkness said with a more demonic voice "Fine fine fine, its a deal" Infected said as he was put down.

"Good, Now then....can i still have that hug?" Darkness asked as Infected hugged them tightly "There is that better?" Infected asked "Perfect" Darkness said as she was put down by Infected, Infected then left and made his way to O'Brien's room at the other building. Night had fallen and it was close to when Death begins to stalk the halls. Infected continued to move through the halls until he made it to O'Brien's room and opened it to find the room all tidied up and bed made up. "Yea your definitely here" Infected said as he went to the closet and opened it, he then moved the fake wall and found the safe "Alright Ten don't let me down" Infected said as he morphed some of his bones into tentacles and began to mess with the safe gearing and insides until "Click!" the safe opened to reveal the journal. Infected then grabbed it only to hear the sound of jiggling at the door.

Infected hard the door and immediate closed the closet and and patched up the fake wall, Infected then went on the closet shelf and his in the corner while the door opened

Infected kept quiet as someone stormed through the room and looked around and wrote stuff down. Infected's legs began to buckle and grow cramped as he started to grow more and more tired "I know your in there, you might as well come out" said the person outside, Infected then jumped out of the closet and summoned his inferno trident ready to attack "YOUR ASS IS GRASS!!!" Infected shouted as he got ready to stab...Death. "DEATH!?!?" Infected shouted noticing Death only moments before he got ready to stab him, luckily death grabbed the attack and decided to counter the trident and send it flying into a wall instead "What are you doing here?" Death asked with a cold tone "I'm here for cleaning reasons" Infected said shyly "Your lying, let me see the journal" Death said as he extended his hand "Oh no you don't, i intend to read this and find out whats going on with O'Brien" Infected said slapping away Death's hand.

Suddenly a knock happened at the door "Who may i ask is in this room" Death said as he came into the room to find another Death and Infected "....So this is what's happening" Death said "W-WHA?!" Infected shouted shock backing up from the two of them "Infected don't listen to him I'm the-" but before the other Death could get a word out Infected shot a tentacle threw it's head "...How'd you know it wasn't me?" Death asked Infected as they both looked down at the fake Death "What do you have to be afraid of Death' Infected answered "So there are fake conduits wandering around?" Infected said with worry "No i think this was the only one, but i fear it may not be what i think it is" Death said "...So is it dead?" Infected asked "Oh no not quiet" said the fake Death lying on the ground "Ok that's' fucking weird", Infected said. Suddenly Death and Infected were teleported to a weird upside -own pocket dimension "Alright weirder" Infected said, but soon Death and Infected saw the fake Death begin to morph and change into a giant weird red creature with a unimaginable size difference to them, but after it's transformation was complete the entity began to grow a large and dangerous thing on it's head. suddenly a Top hat popped on it's head "The fucks with the hat" Infected remarked.

The Tophat wearing entity looked down at them with a large smile as it towered over these microscopic ants

"THAT'S ONE HUGE BITCH OF A MONSTER" Infected shouted as he put the journal in his rib cage "Indeed" Death responded "I'M FUCKIN KILL IT!" Infected shouted again "No" Death said "Hu?" Infected said looking at Death "What do you mean no?" Infected asked "I mean your-" but Death didn't finish his sentence for the entity finished it for him " wasting your time, nothing can kill this thing cuz I'V.ALREADY.TRIED" Top Hat Sol said cutting in, Death simply nodded and looked up at it as Infected began to take and tear off his jacket "So that's it hu....thats Sol" Infected said "Not quite," Top Hat Sol said " This merely an extension of myself, not nearly at all what i truly am" Top Hat Sol said "....So what do you have a bigger top hat?" Infected asked ".....i don't have one at all" Top Hat Sol said "So why is this version of you wearing one?" Infected asked "Because i can" Top Hat Sol "What wasteful way to use such immeasurable power " Death said "On the contrary Death, such a thing should be freighting for if i have the capability to do whatever i want then that should scare you the most" Top Hat Sol announced "And why would i be afraid of giant red worm" Death said sparking Infected to giggle.

Top Hat Sol's teeth began to grind so he decided to cut with the talk

"You have something I need, O'Brien's book I need you to hand it over or I'll wipe your very microbodies from the very creative code that made them" Top Hat Sol said threateningly "Heh sorry, but we're not parting with this not until we get some answers" Infected said "unless you willing to provide" Infected grinned as he said "I can provide your deaths instead, last chance," Top Hat Sol said "He can read our minds and moments, don't think or even calculate anything, just fight do you understand," Death said " Fighting against an all-knowing god, sounds like a Thursday...minus the sex" Infected said as he, Death and Top Hat Sol got ready for battle.

Top Hat Sol instantly fired his Reality ray just in time for Infected to transform into Soul Harbinger and for Death to turn into black smoke and vanished

"I know everything, i know exactly where you'll be next (Damn you Death, your lack of thinking does make it difficult to tell tho, but your coordinated tho) if not for your mind, then your instinct" Top Hat Sol said as he fired a Reality ray right where Death began to form only to destroy the smoke entirely "I know your still alive" Top Hat Sol said as he turned to see Soul Harbinger come through the smoke from the Reality ray, Soul Harbinger then fired multiple flaming orbs the size of stars at Top Hat Sol that were so hot they'd burned away even other suns, but Top Hat Sol slapped them to the side and then extended his arm to grab Soul Harbinger "Don't you see, Your fighting a battle that i knew coming here i would win, every step and inch you make in this fight is gift from me for i easily could have vaporized you right then and there" Top Hat Sol said as he turned to see Death form completely with his scythe "Death wave" Death said as he fired off black waves of pure death at Top Hat Sol which in turn he began to smack away with each one blacking his hand until the last wave destroyed it entirely " A small yet inconsequential victory in the grand scheme of this battle" Top Hat Sol said. But before he could regenerate his hand Soul Harbinger stabbed him in the head with his inferno trident reducing Top Hat Sol's head to black ash "You think because of that, means you win?" Top Hat Sol said "(W-What the hell is this thing!? a god?!?!)" Infected thought to himself before being thrown away by Top Hat Sol.

Top Hat Sol then fired 50 Million Reality Rays simultaneously at Soul Harbinger reducing the entity to nothing more then 1 a spec of atoms floating around the emptiness, Death flew over to it and caught the ash in his hand Death looked towards Top Hat Sol while holding the remains of Infected "You can't win" Top Hat Sol said.

Back with 404 and Omni the two flew through the Wicked thone's main cathedral, 404 flew behind a pillar and Omni flew up onto a chandelier

Giant thuds began to rock the place has Brimm passed a corner down the hall to where 404 and Omni were "Come out conduit scum, I'll be sure to add you to my stockpile of strength if you come out" Brimm said as he looked around for the conduit scum only for him to be blasted from all angles by Omni's blasters and 404 began to fire a spread shot of God rays into Brimm's face "You scum, do you really think Brimm opened his wings and flapped once blowing the attacks away that those would even tickle me" Brimm said as he stared down 404 and Omni down the hallway. "Shit this is bad" Omni said "I have an idea" 404 said to Omni "Ok lay it on me" Omni said "You distract him I'm gonna try to find Knowledge" 404 said as he flew off "HEY! THAT'S NOT A PLAN" Omni shouted, but he quickly turned around to block a large blast from Brimm sending him outside the main cathedral and into the Wicked Thone's thorn maze that dwarfed even biggest cities. Omni fell down close to the middle of the maze and began to fly through it on his blaster, Brimm looked down from the hole in the wall down at the maze "Grrrrrr" Brimm gowled and began to fire multiverse sized blast at the maze destroying whole sections of the maze, Omni then flew straight up and flew towards one of the lonely towers above the main Cathedral "D-Dammit, hurry up 404" Omni said as he eyed Brimm. 404 got back the pit of the forgotten and looked at for bit and then back towards the Wicked Cathedral to see explosions in the distant "No time like the present" 404 said as he jumped into the pit and began to descend it.

404 began his descent into the pit and began to drop further and further, passing by buildings, worlds and even people too

"Dammit none of these look like a library" 404 aid while dropping, as he descended he then spotted a sideways library sitting on the side of the pit "THERE IT!!" 404 said as he attempted to fly there "W-What!? I CANT FLY HERE!?!?" 404 aid as he looked down at the darkness below, suddenly the top of the library opened up and revealed a giant large gloved hand, the hand extended to 404 and plucked from the darkness and dragged him inside the library. the hand dropped 404 on a bean cushion shaped like an abomination "W-Wha?" 404 looked around and saw an entire library room except it was empty, had no books, but lots of papers and a brown haired man sitting on a desk with a laptop typing away "Good to see William" said the man "A-are you knowledge?" 404 asked still a little shaken up "I indeed am" replied Knowledge "Knowledge i need-" but 404 was shushed by Knowledge who already knew the question "Don't worry i will go back with you, i know i already got the update" Knowledge said as he clicked on a window on his computer " You've gotten her fairly well, you made it through all the failures and mistakes and made it here. A perfect timeline" Knowledge remarked "Timelines? they exist out here too?" 404 asked "Of course they exist everywhere, there is a timeline where you didn't come here with the conduit of will and there is a timeline where you came here as a fish. There are many altered versions of my current Knowledge Knowledge snickered, but only one true state of truth can exist" Knowledge explained "So tell me then, how can i beat Sol and stop this madness!?" 404 asked with plead. "You can't" Knowledge answered regrettably "W-what?!, but that doesn't make any sense he'd have to be.." 404 couldn't finish his sentence for he grew more and more worried as he continued "A God" Knowledge said.

404 sat down in front of the table that Knowledge was on and moved the bean bag to be comfortable

"I have a few questions if you don't mind" 404 said "Ask away" Knowledge said " I want to know the point behind Conduits, from what i know Conduits aren't meant to function as warriors yet we fight each other" 404 asked " Conduits since the darker times were born to be the source of whatever Conduit they were born as. Our souls are separated from our Conduit soul which gives us our power. We are born with a connection to that soul that allows us to harness the power inside and allow us to achieve feats that no other could even dream of. Unfortunately tho this can be a weakness, if you lose sight or stray away from your conduit's purpose you can become corrupt and turn into something ugly far worse then most abominations and speaking of killing one another. Conduits when the cycle was created 12 Eons ago the conduits were forcefully bound and made into puppets in order to please something we didn't understand, We killed one another for years to come, but eventually we just figured that maybe if we stopped the cycle couldn't continue and so we stopped the senseless killing and so the cycle did stop, but whatever force that is behind grew angry and made 2 new conduits that challenged the rest of us in our time of peace, Change and Balance. You two were relentless the cycle created you with the intention on bringing about what you stood for Balance and Change, but the soon we had to cast you out and eventually Destruction too became corrupt and turned on us and we had to abandon him too" said Knowledge "But why did we turn? what is this force that controls the cycle? is it Sol?" 404 asked with baited breath "No, But i do know that Sol can bend it to his will, but not a lot tho" Knowledge said "...but there is something i must know tho as well, where is Truth" 404 asked "They're located in Reality 10" Knowledge answered.

"Reality 10 hu, alright looks like thats where ill need to go, i better go and tell Death" 404 said as he got up "Not so fast, Death and Destruction seem to be fighting Sol at the moment....i use fighting lightly" Knowledge said as he began to eat a rice cake "THEY'RE FIGHTING SOL!?! I NEED TO GET BACK THERE!!" 404 shouted getting ready to leave "No good, in your current state you no match for one is right now" Knowledge said "Then how can we weaken him or something like that" 404 asked worried " It's a possibility, but Sol is just too much of threat his power is...well incomprehensible. He's a being of unnatural power his origin is all but strange and not to mention his upbringing was out of nowhere, but most insanely has to be Sol's...Knowledge fixed his glasses control over the cycle" Knowledge said "Are you serious" 404 said "His ability to control the cycle isn't much, but it's strong enough for him to rewind it" Knowledge said "William Truth is the key to this, we find the book and we can seal away Sol or perhaps even Kill him" Knowledge said wit hope. "...Perhaps, but we'll have to see what happens here. What about Sol? i need to know more about him" 404 asked, but then Knowledge got a red notification on his computer, he looked at it and it was a message "The moment you step out of that hole, Your life is over" from user sol said the message. Knowledge signed and took a breath.

"He use to be conduit that worked with us" Knowledge said. 404 and Knowledge began to feel the ground shake and move aggressively

"Omni...i need to get back there and help him" 404 said getting up "WAIT!, Let me at least help you unlock your conduit powers so we can stand some kind of chance" Knowledge said "But my conduit power is useless, all i can do it make fireworks" 404 said "Not at all, Balance is the most important conduit we have on our side. If you awaken your conduit power then Sol won't be able to Knowledge then saw his notifications blow up with red messages, but he shook it off Sol won't be able to function outside his pocket dimension and he'll be completely powerless outside of it" Knowledge said "REALLY?!" 404 said shocked "Teach me" 404 asked "Just bring out your conduit soul and think of what you want most and you conduit should respond" Knowledge said. 404 brought out his conduit soul and stared at it, he then took Error's scarf out of his pocket "....I wanna protect the people i care about...and restore balance to the lives of my loved ones!" 404 shouted to himself, suddenly his conduit soul shot a beam into the sky and to 404s chest. Suddenly sparks went flying out to all the corners of the 10 Realities, The Oppressors looked out towards the sign and all of them cheered and so did the people of the 10 realities. Soon two sparks shot out and went in two different directions, One went straight to Brimm who tried to dodge it only for it to bounce off the air and strike him paralyzing him completely. Somewhere else in pocket dimension far away the second bolt came towards a giant red entity only to be turned to atoms upon getting close to it

"You'll bleed for that" Said Sol angrily Back with Death, a piece of Infected and Top Hat Sol in the pocket Dimension in O'Brien's room "The mad bastard did it" said Death facing down Top Hat Sol, Top Hat Sol looked out and looked back towards Death "Doesn't change anything, you'll still be ash before you and your little Conduit buddies even have a chance" Top Hat Sol said "It changes everything" Death said getting ready for his next attack.

Death began to use his death wave on Top Hat Sol only for him to block it every time

"Give it up Death, so long as i live you'll never leave this room" Top Hat Sol said, but suddenly a random door opened to the pocket dimension and Peace,Envy and Light peaked they're head out "Death is that and...gasp SOL!?!" Peace screamed "What in the 10 Realities?!" Top Hat Sol said in shock much to Death's surprise " (I see Balance, your powers are already taking affect on Sol, maybe not greatly, but still you weakened him in the one way that made him unbeatable) his precognition" Death said as he struck a Death wave at Top Hat Sol only for him to be startled and get hit by it "D-DAMMIT!!! What i this!? why didn't i see them coming!?!?" Top Hat Sol shouted at himself "Death we'll try to help as much as we can!!" Shouted envy and light as they closed the door just in time before Top Hat Sol could get them "DAMMIT!!!!" Top Hat Sol shouted as he then turned to hear Death laughing "Must feel weird hu Sol, To feel like us again" Death said "SHUT YOUR HOLE!!!" Top Hat Sol said as he fired a blue and black beam out of his horns only for Death to turn into smoke and dodge it.

Death kept turning into fog to avoid Top Hat Sol's attacks, but eventually Top Hat Sol began to turn his hands into vacuum cleaners in hope of sucking up Death

"Alright everyone we need to help Death, but we need ideas" Peace shouted to everyone "What if we all just went in and just DESTROYED HIM!" Wrath shouted with enthusiasm "What if we all just fired at him" Envy said "What if we dropped something super heavy on top of him" Light from the back of the group "He didn't seem to know that we were coming, which must mean that Balance's abilities are working! so perhaps that's not a bad idea" Peace "I'll do it, I can fall on him and then give Death an opening" Sloth said "Be careful tho Sloth if you misstep just once he'll kill you" Gluttony said " There are worst ways to die then at the hand of beast like that" Sloth said "Alright get ready I'm about to open the door" Peace said as they grabbed the door "Death began to reform and slice away at Top Hat's many hands only to be grabbed by a random one from a portal. "Finally, Now I'll trap you away for eternity where you can't interfere with my plans no longer!" Top Hat Sol shouted, but suddenly a random door opened from above Top Hat's head. Then out of nowhere Sloth plunges on to Top Hat's head with extreme force plummeting him and Top Hat towards the ground letting and giving Death an opening to escape from Sol's grip. "WHY ISN'T MY PRECOGNITION WORKING!?!" Top Hat said as he fell down with Sloth, the door then closed and opened again in the distance letting the Conduits see what was happening.

Death used his death wave to slice through some of Top Hat Sol while Sloth was on him, Soon Top Hat threw Sloth away and got back and pursed Death, only for Death to turn to smoke again. Top Hat grew hundreds of hands that all tried to catch the smoke, but all of them failed, then the smoke formed again revealing Death without his cloak and just a skeleton with a scythe "This Ends now Sol" Death Remarked "I couldn't agree more" Top Hat remarked

Death swung past Top Hat severing his head only for it to grow back just as quickly and for Top Hat's horns to extend into large hands and chase after Death only for Death to turn into smoke before they reached him

"DAMN YOU DEATH STOP EVAPORATING!!!" Top Hat said as he looked at the smoked Death "I need to finish this quickly at least this will give me enough time to get away with Destruction" Death said as his smoke cloud paused in the air "Oh shit" Top Hat said as he backed away "This is the last time you come near the conduits Sol" Death said as his dark cloud began to fade away. "Ultimate Move...Black Death" Death said Suddenly Top Hat began to get cut into pieces upon pieces and into pieces leaving only the golden heart left which he then grabbed 'This unfortunately won't kill you, but it'll hurt like hell" Death said as he began to spread every Plague known to the 10 Realities onto the golden heart inflecting venomous pain onto it so much that a loud scream could be heard from a distance. "D-Damn you death this is gonna take forever to heal" Top Hat said as he melted away into black tar. "HOLY SHIT DEATH HOW'D YOU DO THAT" Sloth yelled Death's conduit soul cracked a bit "eh, it wasn't easy, but everything as a due date" Death said as he looked at a small Infected hanging by his ribs "Why didn't you grow to full size?" Death asked "Didn't wanna die again that's all" Infected said swinging on Death's ribs.

Suddenly the pocket dimension vanished bringing Death and Sloth back into O'Brien's room, Once back Infected fully grew and landed on the bed beat

. "I-I can't believe that worked...WE BEAT HIM!!" Sloth cheered "We didn't beat anything, all we did was delay the inevitable" Death said as he put on his cloak again " Can he even be beaten?" Infected asked "I'm not sure, tho that's the third time I've killed its form, but I can never get through that heart" Death said "Golden Heart?" Infected said confused. "Golden hearts are old Black Hearts that have been corrupted or given by Sol" Death said "Could really use Quellea hu? hehehhe" Infected chuckled still tired "Not funny" Death said as he began to leave and Sloth soon after. Eventually, all that was left was Infected who laid on the bed. He soon got up and revealed the journal from the closet shelf and sat down with it and began to read from its pages.

In the words of O'Brien Infected read from the Journal of the infamous Conduit of Passion

Log 1 "The details I've learned and the thing's I've discovered are far too much for someone of my...origin, but i could at least to bring it to some sense tho. The entity i found deep and far from fiction's end was a being known only as Asmorea, this absolute being rested at the very bedrock of this world. My other two comrades thought we found a cursed creature beyond anyone's comprehension, but i had to know more i had to know more. So while we traveled back i schemed of ways to return to the creature and perhaps understand it more, perhaps it had power beyond that of the cycle."

Log 6 "I've visited Asmorea a couple of times now, but I still don't understand her any better than when we first met, but yet I feel a few things from the creature. I feel a yearning for something more a yearning for, a greater purpose, a greater power, and a greater heir than any other. in order to gain more insight into this cursed cycle, I must- The rest of the page has been tarnished

Log 10 "HER CALL TO ME HURTS! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER VENTURED BACK THERE! I KNOW ONLY HER CALL...but what will the others think if i were to tell them....they'd likely kill me for treason against them. But if i do not answer I'm sure she will turn me into something with that i must go." The next couple of pages are filled with harsh and rapid scribbles of a red beast similar to that of Sol Log 38 "I've lived in this nest for years...she's shown me such promises, but she bears mention of entity known as Sol, that name makes me bleed, but i know she wont let me die yet. She speaks of a pact that only i can mend...i must find a way to do this" The Pages fill with more drawings and even more scribbled

Log 100 "I've made a deal with Sol that he couldn't refuse, I now can be the one that she wants. I now am in charge" The rest of the Journal has been burnt away, except for a taped piece of the shard that lies in the back of the book, he picked it up and saw that it was a black triangle with a red O in the middle

Meanwhile, with the other Conduits are all sitting together downstairs

"Sol needs to be dealt with!" Wrath proclaimed "We can't do anything without Knowledge or Truth or any of the other Conduits for that matter!!" Peace shouted "So should we get the Forbbid-" but before Sloth could speak the others hushed him "NO! We can't risk them" Said Peace "Did anyone think to bring Destruction down here?" Envy said fanning herself "No ones thinking about him right now, we have Sol to deal with!" shouted Wrath "This sounds like something Fredia Hazar would like to know about," Peace said "What about Death being able to beat Sol?" Rage said "Not just that. but about this whole mess in general...we should have seen how involved Sol was, but out fear blinded us" Peace said. Outside Death limped over towards Life's tombstone "It would appear that I exerted myself too much in that fight, ain't nothing i can't walk off of course. Seeing how much Walking i do" Death said jokingly "DEATH! I know you knew" Infected shouted coming from the house.

Infected stared down Death with a slightly angry grin

"Tell me what you know, i read his journal. This information should be told to everyone!" Infected shouted at Death "...I've been fighting against Sol for 3 years now, making sure that everyone is safe i can't stop doing that now just because you ask me to. Not to mention William and Ares have yet to return from their mission as well" Death said with, Infected looked down with anger, but understanding "Are you sure" Infected asked with a rough tone "Positive" Death said. Infected walked away and turned briefly then continued towards the sleeping quarters while Death simply stared. Infected went to Darkness room and closed the door behind him "DARKNESS!!! YOU NEVER MENTIONED SOL WAS HERE DISGUISED AS DEATH!" Infected shouted looking around the room for Darkness "I never said anything about another Death because i didn't know either" Darkness said as they rose out of the ground naked and completely wet "You could make it an effort to help me more if your gonna have me doing these stupid errands for you" Infected said as he tossed the shard to Darkness "What's this? a Beaker Stone?" Darkness said looking at it "I don't know what it is, but it must have something to do with Asmorea or something" Infected said as he sat down in the middle of the room "Oh? Asmorea? are you cheating on me" Darkness said jokingly "Not now wench, i need you to focus have you seen it before?" Infected said as he began to examine his Conduit soul "I've never seen anything like it, perhaps it's a fragment of a bigger piece Darkness walked over to Infected and leaned against him This is some Knowledge level shit, ya know" Darkness said examining the shard, They then noticed Infected's Conduit soul "Wow that doesn't look good" Darkness said. In Infected's hand were mere fragments of his Conduit soul somehow still alive and staying together "It's nothing" Infected said as he put it away.

Infected put his Conduit soul away and sulked over a bit only for Darkness to wrap their arms around him "How about we sleep? I know you must not have been able to rest for years without my shadows to cover away your nightmare" Darkness said "...Sleep does sound good actually, been feeling like all i'v been doing is fighting lately...not to mention the nightmares have been...less then good to me hehe" Infected said as he leaned back into Darkness "There you go that's it, wallow in my shadows, just like before. Let your heart hollow once again" Darkness said as they held Infected. Meanwhile, Back at the Wicked Throne Omni flys away from the Wicked cathedral and over the pit where his eyes meet with Brimm whos running along the roof Suddenly tho a stray enormous portal opens up behind Brimm, He notices and stares at the wounded Omni. Brimm eventually retreats into the portal and it closes shortly after allowing Omni to just fall over from exhaustion. Soon tho 404 and Knowledge would reemerge from the Pit of the forgotten "Sure took your time hu!?" Omni said lying down "Doesn't matter now, we have Knowledge and i think we're getting even closer to stooping this thing?" 404 said with hope only for Knowledge to sign in doubt.

Soon Omni,404, and Knowledge would return to the camp in the dawn of day just in time for Peace to see them, they all had a wonderful celebration and sat together at the dinner table "Tell us, Will! Did you make that beast bleed!!" Wrath said eager to hear the story "Well not really he kinda left, but I sure did put some blast to his ass ya know what I mean" Omni said jokingly, Everyone collectively laughed. But such a time of good could only be short-lived as Knowledge and Death exchanged dialogue. 404 then looked around "Hey where is Infected?" 404 asked "Hu? Do you mean Destruction? The hell do I know he's always just wondering around anyway" Rage said as he ate his meal. 404 looked at Omni enjoying his time with the other Conduits and saw Alpha sitting in the corner of the room on a couch reading away time, He then got up to see what Knowledge and Death were talking about. "Never a dull moment hu?" 404 remarked "We were just talking about our next move," Death said under his breath "What about the others?" 404 said " They need their strength for the final push, we can't jeopardize them just yet," Knowledge said, "So what's the plan, I'm ready!" 404 said pumping out his chest with confidence "Well first we shall relax, tell me Will do you know a game called Yinglou?" Death said.

404 and a few other conduits got together to play some Yinglou. Death briefly taught 404 the rules and they soon began to play the game with a little audience

30 Minuets into the game "WAIT I LOST!?" 404 shouted in anger "I guess you just need some more practice" said Peace playing after Rage "TH-THIS IS BULLSHIT! I KNOW THE RULES AND I'M LOSING!!" 404 said as he moved his piece only for him to lose it to Peace " Keep calm and remember that Yinglou is a mind game" Death said " HAHAHAHA it looks like he's lost all of that" Gluttony said while downing a plate of food. Peace and Rage arm wrestled each other while others joked and played around with each other. Back in Darkness's room Infected woke up from a deep sleep and looked next to him to see a bowl of food, He got up and took a few bites of it before hearing the door open. He turned around to see Knowledge standing in the doorway "You seem busy" Knowledge said as he entered "And I see your back to being your normal smartass like self" Infected said as he continued to eat "I know about your past D, It can't have been easy. To be forced to remember, we all have the curtsy, but you? You're stuck with that. I just want you to know that we are trying this time, to make a difference" Knowledge said with promise "I might just believe you if I hadn't seen the guy myself...he's unbeatable K...even with all the power I had at my disposal Soul Harbinger didn't even scratch took Death everything he had and we still didn't kill the fucker Infected threw his bowl away What chance do we have against a living god..." Infected said as he looked at the bowl "Thats why we're here, to understand him so that we can bring him down" Knowledge said with determination. "Not if he brings us down first" Infected said.

"Brother, can I have a word?" Alpha said to 404 as he escorted him away from the other conduits "Brother we need to leave" Alpha said "What? Why!? Sols out there somewhere we need to be ready for him!" We can't abandon them now" 404 said,"Will they're not your family, we're getting too deep into something we shouldn't even be a part of!" Alpha said as he paced back n fourth "The Multiverse is in turmoil over what happened with the beings and you and Error, Riots everywhere, Aus attacking other Aus. The Protectors aren't able to contain it and they need our help" Alpha said with worry "Maybe that needs to happen, the Multiverse has always been a steaming hot pile of garbage filled with Aus that deserve a chance in the sun, but are overlooked by other swap or fell aus...LET THEM FIGHT! Let the Multiverse decide who deserves to be on top!" 404 shouted, "THAT'S NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK!!" Alpha yelled back "AND HOW SHOULD IT!? We can't be the ones to decide the way the Multiverse should work and we can't be the ones to end it all. This is nature taking its course and I refuse to be in the middle of it" 404 said as he turned away. "You chose that when you and Error pulled that stunt a while back that put the need for the protectors in question!" Alpha said "And what would have me have done!? Would you have me stand back and let YOU handle it?! or would you have me do the only right choice and use my power to stop the chaos" 404 said as he sat down in the grass "You should go back" said a voice, 404 and Alpha looking towards it and saw Death "Your Reality needs you, You should go and take care of it" Death said. 404 and Alpha looked down at the ground in thought as Infected sill laid down in Darkness room sleeping. 404 looked to Death and looked back down

"I'm not going," 404 said "WHAT?!" Alpha said in anger and shock "I'v lived there for so long....ill know how this plays out...and im not gonna go there and watch it all go to hell" 404 said as he got and walked off "Have fun with your protectors and your "toys" hi to mother for me" 404 said as he walked inside "WILLIAM!" Alpha shouted trying to reach out to him, but 404 was already gone. Alpha stood there in silence and looked down at his feet as Death walked next to him "You can't change everything my friend" Death said as he walked away. The next day "We're gonna miss you C" Peace said ,"Yea do you really have to go" Sloth said "Sorry guys, but my family and friends need me back home" Alpha said as he saw 404 in behind the group sitting against the door "Be careful brother, The conflict ahead only gets worse from here Knowledge looked down at Alpha Be mindful and keep your wits about you" Knowledge said to Alpha with caution "I will" Alpha said still looking at 404 "Oh one more thing, i baked some cookies for William and Jacob, could you make sure they get it pto lease" Alpha said ,"Don't worry iIl make sure they get just fine" Gluttony said snacking on some chips "Yea in your stomach" said Rage making everyone laugh "Are you ready" Death said "Yea...Alpha looked back at William one more time I'm ready" Alpha said as he walked with Death to the far end of a field where he opened a portal back to the Undertale Multiverse "...No ones' death is certain Alpha looked towards Death, but iIl just hope that you come back before yours occurs" Death said as he stared through the portal. Alpha then entered the portal and Death closed it behind him "I guess even fools repeat the same mistake twice...well let's just hope he doesn't repeat worse than before" Infected said from a window.

Alpha returned back to the anti-void to find it filled with hundreds of loads of trash and garbage including loads of cocktails and weapons a plenty

Alpha looked on in shock as even a couple of bodies could be seen lying around and the air was thick with dust too "W-What the hell is going on" Alpha said in shock as he looked around, but suddenly Ink teleported in right next to him "Oh Alpha thank god your here, can you believe this!?" Ink said relieved "What's going Ink? where are the protectors?" Alpha said "They're currently looking for Core, When mIand Core got back from...wherever we were at before there was a huge fight going on here 3 Aus were all fighting over the right of the Anti-void. Me, Dream and a couple of others tried to die things down, but we just go in the middle of it Ink said as he sat down resting his legs Core got lost in the commotion, and I think some guys may have taken them, but we don't know where to" Ink said as he looked down at his feet "Don't worry we'll find Core and set things right" Alpha said as he suddenly saw Graffiti on the ground " Long..Live the kaleidoscopes? What is that?" Alpha asked after he had read the writing "Oh.. that's' just what the revolutionary group calls themselves...they named it after that thing that saved us from before" Ink said as he used his brush to clean up the mess. "The Butterfly" Alpha said as he looked around.

Back at the Conduit hideaway

"Hey D, Are you ok?" The darkness continued to knock on the Bathroom door "DAMMIT WOMEN LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!" Infected shouted from the other side "Fine fuck you then" Darkness said as they went downstairs. Infected fell against the toilet and hurled out loads of black goo "AGRHHHH what the fuck is AGRHH Infected threw up again IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!" Infected groaned as he began to feel a pulsating feeling in his chest "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH" Infected bashed down on the Toilet breaking the lead as he banged his head against the sink and stood up to look in the mirror. Infected say late black tentacles hanging from his right eye "It's you, isn't it!! ARGHHH Infected leaned against the wall I guess GRRRRR I guess I didn't do it RIIIGGHHHHTTHHHHHARGHHHHH!!!"Infected continued to grow until he heard cracking coming from his face and soon his entire Right eye socket exploded and out fell a small black gooey squid. Infected began to breathe and feel better, but the sight proved it to him that his attempt to eat this being didn't work "Damn you creature" Infected said as he tried to reach for the squid only for it to teleport away. "W-What the?!" Infected said, "Where'd it go?" Infected said.

Back at the UnderTale Multiverse

Core would wake up to the sound of painful groans and a loud clanking noise, They began to open their eyes and see loads of Au inhabitants strewn about all knocked out or dead, but they then saw a weird punk rock looking skeleton and...Ink?. When Core got a better look they saw the punk rock skeleton beating up on Papercrane with a steel crowbar while Ink watched. The Punk Rock skeleton began to whack and smash Papercrane against his ribs and skull and would finish him with a large slug to the face rendering him unconscious, but the Rock skeleton was about to finish him off before being stopped by the Ink one

"That's enough, it isn't him," said the Ink skeleton "You sure Tint?" said the Rock skeleton "Yea, Come on Rock I think our guest is awake," Tint said as he and Rock turned around to see Core awake "Well what do we have here eh? Wee little guppy all alone without here skele fuckas to help them eh? Rock said bending down towards Core who tried to wiggle free, but found themselves tied up "Forget about, now e have some questions for you little twig" Tint said as he walked over unsheathing his brush "Where is Error404?" Tint asked leveling his brush to Core's face "I-I don't know I swear" Core said in fear "Oi they probably lying, I say i give em a good old beating with my good old chum here will job that FUCKING memories of there's" Rock said with ease "No, I think perhaps we may be on the wrong trail, Hey where did the revolution start?" Tint asked "Uhhhh at 404s hideaway last I heard," Core said wincing "Then that's where we look, come on. Make sure to bring them too, the last thing we need is them telling someone" Tint said as he got ready to teleport "Oi lucky you, you get to tag along with us" Rock said as they hucked Core over his shoulder, Once Rock got to Tint they all teleported to 404s old hideout where in the far distance a Giant black tree had beuan to grow where the creatures that attacked the multiverse were destroyed. "What is that?" Tint said.

Tint,Rock ,and Core looked onward at the large dark tree that was growing from the Anti-Void

"Rrrrr" Rock groaned as he grabbed Core off his back "WHAT IS THIS!!?! WHAT ARE WE SEEING!?" Rock yelled at Core as Tint continued to stare "I-I don't know please let me go" Core whined only for Rock to toss them close to the bridge "Little runt ain't got no info we need cuz" Rock said walking towards Tint. Tint looked onward at the tree until someone teleported behind Tint and in front of Rock, they both faced the unknown presence "Well Well, look at this a couple of runaways all huddled together" The Astral Mother chuckled "It's you" Tint said to Rock's surprise "Woah Tint you know this Milf??" Rock said gawking at the Astral Mother " Your a part of that insidious Au, You and your inhabitants have caused this multiverse a lot of trouble" Tint said "Hey the only way to make it up to us you see is if you take off your skirt hehe" Rock said before he got slugged with Tint's brush getting knocked down "owowowo ok ok ok" Rock said as he got up picking up his crowbar " The Multiverse is in turmoil and I know how to stop it, but I need your help retrieving some stolen property of my son Ares" The Astral Mother said, "It's a Book with unimaginable power and i fear it's gotten into the wrong hands due to this mob and rioting, I need you to get it back." The Astral Mother said "Are you asking or telling us" Tint said "Whichever keeps you alive" The Astral Mother replied "What kind of book is it?" Tint asked.

"It's known as the Book of eyes, it holds in it the gateway to those powerful creatures that came here some time ago" The Astral Mother answered "WHAT?! Your not serious?!" Rock shouted "Yes indeed and if it isn't sealed up or retrieved one of these idiot Aus may just summon another one here, perhaps one that's far worse than anything we could imagine," The Astral Mother said "How do you intend for us to do this?" Tint asked "AlphaTale has many sisters Aus, many Aus like us that have goals and agendas they want to see done but are being held back due to this Multiverses incapability to run. Promise them whatever they want and I'll work out the details. Bring them to the Black house in the pocket dimension, use this to get there The Astral Mother tossed Tint a piece of paper Ten took alot of time to work on that, best use it wieley" The Astral Mother said before leaving. Tint looked at the paper and remembered the name "ROCK!" Tint shouted towards his ta- along "Leave the kid we have a job to do" Tint said as he put the note in his pocket and got ready to leave. "Finally" Rock said as he ran to stand next to Tint. Soon they would leave leaving Core behind. Tint and Rock first arrived at AfterTale where the classic sans and humans were killed while Geno was strung up like a doll and had his mouth covered up along with being tied up in a purple scarf that led to another skeleton nearby who was snickering and rubbing Geno's head

"Oh yea now you and I can be alone, Soon the creators will see how much time we've spent together and they'll soon make you and me a reality," said the skeleton with the flaming eye "Syno!" shouted Tint, in response, Syno turned around with the issued look and killing intent "What the fuck do you want," Syno said with rage in his voice " Can't you see I'm busy," Syno said "Oi mate listen here yea, We got a proposition for yes. If you help us recollect a book from some no good Au scum we'll get you all the Genos you want to see, how's that sound?" Rock said "All the Genos I want...hmmmm, but what's so good about other Genos?! nothings better then the original Syno said hugging Geno and besides it killed all the competition I had in our way," Syno said with a cold look "Yea, but if you don't help us some really bad monsters are gonna come and rip Geno away from you and that's no good hu?" Tint said "WHAT MONSTERS!? WHO!?" Syno said with Anger and worry "Come with us to find this book and we'll be able to stop them" Tint said, Syno looked at them and then to Geno "B-But he's gonna run away if I leave him" Syno said in worry "Mate just break his legs or something and leave him here" Rock said "Here allow me, let him go in 3 seconds" Tint said as he got his brush ready, Syno nodded and released Geno in a couple of seconds and just before he could leave Tint sent a black streak of Ink under Geno that wrapped him in black tentacles "That's a weird ability for a brush" Syno said walking towards them "Yea well i didn't pick out what it could do" Tint said as him, Rock and Syno all teleported to ReaperTale where traces of the mob could be found.

Then they saw D+, Terror!Sans and Killer.Jpg walking down the road covered in dust all laughing and chatting amoungst each other.

Tint,Rock ,and Syno all stared down the 3 killers walking down the path

"Hahhaahah did you see how that bitch squirmed in my hands?! it was like holding a fish out of water hehehe" D+ said with a smile "Ehhahahahaha too bad this Aus so empty, wonder where they've gone now that the Omega Timeline's gone to shit," Killer.Jpg said cleaning off his knife "Probably all went to go dust themselves, This Multiverse ain't safe for puny pacifist anymore, oh? Terror elbowed Killer.Jpg and pointed to Tint, Rock, and Syno standing ahead of them Who the hell are they?" Terror asked "Ain't good I bet," Killer.Jpg said as D+ squinted his eyes to get a better look at the ones ahead of them "Oh no worries it's just a pack of queers and the Fag" D+ said, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY D+!!!" Syno yelled walking up to him "You heard me you Purple dressed princess" D+ said with a serious tone, Syno grabbed D+ by the shirt and pulled him close "SAY ONE MORE SMARTASS REMARK AND I'LL SHOVE MY FOOT SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT YOU'LL BE TASTING FABRIC FOR WEEKS GOT IT!?!?!!" Syno shouted in his face "Geez can you get your face away from me, I don't know where your mouths been" D+ grinned "!!!! WHY SON OF A-" but before Syno could finish and get a hit in Tint intervened "ENOUGH!, I didn't come here so you lot could beat each other up, However amusing that would be I've come to get you 3 for a special job" Tint said. Syno looked back and then looked back to D+ and spit in his face and walked back to Tint and Rock. D+ wiped the spit away and continued to listen

"What's the job?" Killer.Jpg asked with baited breathe "The mob has gotten their hand on a precious book and the Astral Mother has asked for us to get it back in exchange for whatever you lot want in return" Tint said "Oooo the Astral Mother, the boy would I want a taste of that Ehahahahah" Killer.Jpg said "I'd let her crush my skull anytime HAHAHAHAHA" Terror chuckled " what's the catch eh? There's always a catch. We gonna lose our memories, be eternally grateful to the Alphatale or something?" D+ asked "I'm not sure," Tint said "Sounds like something you should have asked before coming here," D+ said with ease "Look, would you rather be going around hunting the remains of the mob? or would you like to go to the heart of it and bust some real head for once?" Tint asked. D+ and Tint stared each other down for a while until..."Alright we're in* D+ said with a grin.

The group soon dispatched back to the Anti-void where the place was still filled with garbage and trash "Shit wow look at this place Terror kicked a stray can Place looks like a horde of elephants went through here" Terror said, "Might as well have Ehahahahaha" Kiler.Jpg said laughing with Terror joining in on the joke "Hey you two shut the hell up" D+ said silencing the Terror and Killer.Jpg while Tint uses his powers to search for the book "So she gave ye a job, but no way to even complete the darn thing that's bad management" Rock said as he used his crowbar to break open a random fridge "...It's just a matter of time, I just need a spark a slight hint to where to look" Tint said as he closed his eyes and focused his power on abnormal powers. "So this book you're talking about, what's with it anyway?" D+ asked "We ain't know squat pal, we just know a pretty lady asked for it so we returning it," Rock said as he turned back around. Tint then felt abnormal energy stemming from DeltaTale

"There," Tint said "Everyone gets close, we're going to DeltaTale," Tint said as he got his brush ready and then teleported everyone away once they got close. Once everyone got to DeltaTale they quickly noticed the mob and riots of the Kaleidoscope and the Revolutionist, they soon saw explosions and blast firing form the heart of the crowd. "Holy shit Tint they're going insane" Rock said as he pointed with his crowbar towards Hotland "This crowd seems to go all the way to MTT Resort "What's the plan boss boy? Terror said "Seeing as how there are loads of them everywhere we're just gonna have to make our way to the front," Tint said "No problem," D+ said as he summoned a Blaster above them, he then teleported onto it "Well come on then," D+ said as everyone got on top of it. D+ flew everyone above the crowd who were throwing drinks, shouting, fighting, killing, and all sorts during the mayhem. "Wow these guys sure are serious about they're Butterfly god thing hu?" Killer.Jpg said as he stared at them "Yea well when strange things begin to fall from the sky and not even the protectors have answers, well you'd riot too" Tint said.

Suddenly though Abyss appeared ahead of them and stopped in front of them, D+ pumped the breaks on his blaster nearly hitting him "HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN DAMMIT, CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE FLYING HERE!?" D+ shouted "No one is allowed to be here while the mob is active, I'm only gonna tell you this once since your all....Alphas...get lost or get dusted" Abyss said as he got his chains ready "Alphas?" Killer.Jpg said "Look we don't want any trouble, but we need to get through we won't cause you any major trouble we swear" Terror explained, but just as he finished Abyss shot out on of his chains stabbing Killer.Jpg and tossing him into the crowd "HEY! WHAT THE-" but before D+ could react a load of arrows fired at them knocking off nearly everyone into the crowd below except for Tint who managed to avoid it all and stay on. D+ well down in the crowd and mad his way to his feet to see who shot him "Hey watch it damn skeleton" Said a random Toriel "SHUT UP YOU CRAZY BITCH!" D+ said shoving her away as he made contact with who shot him, it was Dream sniping from afar. Suddenly Mecha!Sans appeared in front of Tint staring him down on the blaster as explosions and riots roared in the back.

"We warned you, now your gonna get it," Mecha Said as he got ready to fight only for Tint to shoot him in the leg with his ink gun and then as he fell used his rainbow arm to crush his skull "MECHA!!!!!" Abyss shouted as he flew straight into Tint sending him and Abyss flying into the air, the two fought until they crashed into the MTT Resort. D+ stared until he heard the sound of heavy movement from the back of the crowd "Shit, THEY'RE CALLING IN REINFORCEMENTS ON US GET MOVING!!! D+ shouted towards the others as they got moving through the crowd towards the MTT Resort. Tint and Abyss crashed onto the chandelier and began to wrestle until Tint used his Rainbow hand and punched Abyss through it causing it to fall along with him into the crowd below. Tint fell to the floor and got up to see Abyss get up too, the crowd surrounding them backed away giving them space

D+ ran through the crowd along with the others not far behind and the Protectors even further back, they soon made they're way to the front doors of the MTT Resort "Nice we made it" D+ said, but he then turned around and found Terror wrestling with another protector and Killer.Jpg limping over to sit down near the door. Rock then ran past D+ and inside to go see Tint, D+ then dodged an arrow from the crowd and saw Dream walking up through it " So you all resorted to killing now" D+ said with anger " Feels like theres no other option, everyones in a panic and we don't know how to stop it yet, And you lot Dream then got ready to fire another Arrow aren't making it any easier for us" Dream said as got ready to fire, but soon was stabbed through the chest with an Arrow sending him flying into the crowd behing him, D+ looked to see who it was and saw Killer.Jpg holding on arm out and one to his wound " Grunts servers you right Grhhhhh" Kller.Jpg groaned as he clenched his wound "He stays with me pal *D+ looked inside and saw blast and blaring lights look you stay here and I'll be right back" D+ said as he ran inside to see Abyss string up Rock with his chains and fling him to the side only for Tint to use his Rainbow arm to bring him down. D+ then fired a blaster at Abyss only for him to dodge it and use his chains on D+ who was then saved by Tint who used his Rainbow arm to block him. Tint then fired an Ink gun at Abyss's head sending him down to the ground

" I won't let you-" but before Abyss could finish he was shot through the head by Another who was walking down the hallway from behind, "Another" D+ said with shock "I'd thought you guys would be here, looking for this," Another said as he presented the book "You found it," Tint said "Yea well your not the only ones she asked, come on let's head to that house of hers everyone's waiting for you guys," Another said. D+ went outside to get his pals and Tint picked up Rock as they were all teleported to the Blackhouse where things began to go in motion once again.

Grimm wondered through all over the Anti-Void for Core, but no good. He then went to OtherTale looking for Core and found something else A loud crashing noise came from the distance where Grimm saw Undyne and Sans were fighting someone, suddenly a bright rd light filled the air and after it vanished Undyne's head went flying through the sky. Grimm began to run towards other!sans "Hey what's going on!?" Grimm shouted, "I DON'T KNOW THIS MANIAC JUST STARTED KILLING PEOPLE, I THINK HE'S A STRAY FROM THE MOB!!!" Others said as he began to blast at the person covered in smoke "Get out of here, I'll cover you and the rest. GO!" Grimm shouted as he transformed and got his tentacles ready for battle, "come on out...Spaz" Grimm said with confidence as Spaz emerged from the smoke "......." Spaz said with ease "Why are you here? for senseless killing or something else?" Grimm asked "...... ......." Spaz said "So then, uhhhh can you give me a hint hehee" Grimm said not sure of what Spaz had just said, Spaz sunk into his hood and nodded towards "What's wrong with them?" Grimm said looking towards the Au inhabitants for a second only to turn around and see Spaz was gone. "Hmp no doubt you're trying to make sense of this mess like everyone else, but I Io wonder if you'll be returning soon",Grimm said Spaz traveled to 404s old hide ut and saw Core lying near the bridge, As he got closer to them he took off his mask and looked at Core picking them up by their hair "....404?" Core asked "...........No" replied Spaz

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