Alphatale - Oppressors of the Truth

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Chapter 4 Chapter 6

Back with 404 he woke up to a knock at his door to which he rose up to see who it was Death entered the room "Hey, Me and the other Conduits were going to head out to seek out Truth, thanks to you Knowledge now can help us more then ever...we owe you" Death said with gratitude "Nah, I'm just trying to do my part the best I can, this mess in the end feels like my responsibility..." 404 said with dismay as he got up "If you wanna come along you can, I already talked it over with the others" Death said getting ready to leave the room "No no, that's fine I think I'll stay...I'm pretty tired and besides I wouldn't want to drag everyone behind" 404 said as he put on his jacket "Well we'll be back in about a couple days so be safe and do well to keep out of trouble if you can" Death said as he left. 404 looked at Death leave and then sat back down facing the window, 404 looked down at his hands and reminisced on Alpha's words and then thought about his friends and family back home, he then signed and looked outside "What am I doing here..." 404 said to himself as he watched the Conduits all depart for their journey. After the Conduits hours felt like minutes as 404s mind began to wonder on about his brother's words and weather or not the Multiverse was his responsibility or not "HEY!! HEY OPEN UP!!" Shouted Infected from the other side of 404s door, 404 signed "What do you want?" 404 said with no amusement in his voice "uhhh how good are you at tracking small all-powerful cosmic squids?" Infected asked with a bit of worry.

404 opened the door and stared at Infected

"What the hell are you on about" 404 said with slight annoyance "Look i lost this black squid thingy and i need your help tracking it down" Infected said with eagerness. 404 looked at Infected and then rolled his eye "Why is this important?" 404 said in which Infected began to explain why "oh...we better go get that thing then" 404 said walking out of the room and down the hall "Finally" Infected said as he followed 404 "why didn't you ask Ares to help you?" 404 said with confusion as the two walked down stairs "Cuz I knew you could use your glitchy weirdness to help better then Ares's weird heroic bullshit" Infected said with a grin much to 404s dismay. The two searched high and low, in every cellar and attic, but found the squid was no where to be found "Dammit how far can this thing have have gone" Infected said in rage as he flipped over a couch "Can't be that hard to track this thing down, he's a damn squid!!" 404 said lifting up a fridge. 404 and Infected walked to each other " any ideas whee he might have gone?" 404 asked "well he might have returned to the transvoid or....shit" Infected said "What?" 404 responded "He may have gone after Ten again" Infected said "Sounds like trouble" 404 said "it k Is" Infected said as he raced to the door "wait you don't need my help?" 404 said with shock and worry "oh no, why would i want yo interrupt your bording time" Infected said as he opened the door. 404 looked down at the ground and remembered his brother's words again, but soon his attention was caught by the fact the door hadn't closed. 404 turned his head and saw Infected staring at O'Brien in the doorway "YOU?!" shouted 404 and Infected

"O-O'Brien, But how??" Infected said with shock "Don't be so surprised my friends it was only a matter of time before i returned again" O'Brien said as he walked through the door, Infected stepped aside as he walked inside and 404 looked in caution at him "Now then, Why don't you guys run me through Whats been-" But before O'Brien could finish Infected interrupted "Don't pretend like as if we don't know about you O'Brien, Now unless you've come to surrender I suggest you shit your whore hole and take a seat" Infected said with a hint of anger. 404 stared in confusion, but Infected didn't trust him why should he " Such a cheery bunch, but unfortunately I've come for my Gem that you stole Infected, Now give it up and this wont have to get ugly" O'Brien said extending his hand to Infected, bur suddenly he got wrapped in a Blue light and as he turned saw 404 holding him with his blue mastery " Your in no position to make demands O'Brien and whatever gem it is your here for your gonna have to wait till the others get back" 404 said aggressively "Unfortunately that isn't a option" O'Brien said as he then lifted Infected and 404 off the ground and tossed them both outside. 404 got up and Infected looked back towards O'Brien while still remaining on the ground "I think we're in for it" Infected said.

O'Brien then walked out of the house and stood a far from the two brothers "Now look, You've gone and made me had to do things the hard way" O'Brien said as he then flew towards the brothers, 404 used his god ray,but O'Brien only swiped it away through his pursuit. O'Brien then grabbed 404 and lifted him high in the sky only to throw down to the roof of the sleeping quarters building, but then hundreds of wisp then wrapped around O'Brien and detonated on impact. 404 then flew closer to the explosion with a blaster in hopes of adding to the blast, but he soon bumped into Infected who had the same idea "Hey! Watch it!!" 404 shouted "Stay out of the way!! Can't you see I'm trying to kill his ass!?!!!" Infected shouted, but they were soon interrupted by a large Black spiraling Spear that nearly missed them "Damn you Balance, no thanks to you now i can't do most of what i can do" O'Brien said to himself as he flew out of the smoke. 404 quickly fired at him hitting both Infected and O'Brien "MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" Infected shouted as he and O'Brien went flying into the sky and landing into a nearby field. 404 looked and watched as Infected and O'Brien fought each other in the field "If you had just handed over the Gem you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now" O'Brien remarked "Yea Well pain doesn't really do it for me anymore" Infected said. O'Brien shot out large crossed shaped beams that Infected dodged easily, but then O'Brien fired a volley of them and Infected soon was getting peged. 404 then rushed in and slammed a tree on top of O'Brien "Sorry for the wait, I was enjoying the performance" 404 said smiling much Infected's dismay, but then O'Brien fazed through the tree and stood on top of it. "That's it, I'm tired of messing around with you two. I'll just reforge the gem from your blood stains" O'Brien said as he faded away. "That doesn't sound good" 404 remarked.

O'Brien then appeared again high above the clouds, he then turned towards the void of space and began to pull meteors from the corners of the universe and fling them at 404 and Infected which stared in complete shock as the planet got eclipsed in hundreds of flying rocks hurtling towards them. 404 immediately summoned a shield of enforced bones to cover him and all Infected did was watch as the sky grew darker and darker. O'Brien watched from the clouds above as explosions lit up the planet and as large funnels of fire and ash emerged from the barrier of cloud below 404 closed his eyes as the planet rocked and groaned as hundreds of meteorites shook the planet and as the air grew thin. Soon after a long agonizing hour of endless shaking and roaring the planet then grew a little bit calm, perhaps a sign that it was over? 404 thought to himself as he unshested his bones, but as he did 404 noticed that he was covered with this black dome and that ever so slightly the black dome began to uncover he then saw Infected behind him the origin of the dome, Infected was burnt to hell and his bones were no more then ash and molten fire and yet he stood there non-the less ".......You seem surprised...." Infected said as he then collapsed onto the molten rock covered ground his bones pretty much melting to the earth around them. 404 looked in shock, but then held his breath as another large shadow loomed over him. 404 looked up and saw a enormous meteor bigger then the planet the stood on being held in the air by O'Brien, 404 looked in shock as O'Brien then sent the meteor hurtling down at them again 404 got ready to fire at it, but another beam from behind him fired first and destroyed the meteor. O'Brien and 404 looked over in shock and saw Omni levitating above the ground staring O'Brien down.

Omni stared at O'Brien and then looked at 404 and Infected "Take my brother and yourself back to the Undertale Multiverse, I'll take care of him" Omni said as he got ready for battle "Hold on Omni, I dont know what but there's something off about this guy i don't know if its wise to fight him" 404 said picking up Infected who was pretty much falling apart "No, just stalling" Omni said as he began to fly up towards O'Brien " A the guardian of the transvoid such a lovely title, i hope you don't mind parting with it" O'Brien smirkingly said, but then a large shadow eclipsed him and when he turned around found two large beast like hand descending upon him, but before he could get out of the way Omni came up and kicked square in the face sending him flying straight into Islothorn's hands. Islothorn then began to ignite his hands with a bright black flame that darkened the sky, tiny stars and planets then danced around his palms as tiny explosions began to go off in his palms. After a while he then threw O'Brien back to earth hurling at high speed. "Great work" Omni said " That entity isn't human Ares" Islothorn announced " What do you mean?" Omni said " What we're facing is no more then a shadow of someone else however this shadow's powers are immense and far greater then myself" Islothorn said with worry " That strong?! Omni looked down at the crater where O'Brien was...just who's controlling it?!...could it be....i don't want to imagine" Omni said as he began to worry as well.

After a while of waiting for O'Brien Omni flew back down and searched for him, but couldn't find him anywhere, until... " He's planning another large assault!!!" Islothorn shouted "where!?" Omni replied. Islothorn then pointed out into space. O'Brien was 3 lightyears away from the planet hovering far out of sight "I'm tired of playing with these fools, it's time to end this" O'Brien said as he spread his arms out and opened a large gateway "Cosmic Rain" O'Brien said as Millions upon Millions of Universes and Solar systems went flying towards the planet where Omni was. Omni looked in horror at the sight.

" How the hell does anyone fight that!?!" Omni said in fear " Steady yourself Ares, for if we do not stop him here he will most likley hunt us. We must put him down for good if not for a while" Islothorn said " I dont know if you noticed but the guy is sending A GODDAMN MULTIVERSE MY DIRECTION!!!!" Omni shouted " Do not worry, I can give you my power for a short while, but be warned if you go any higher then 5% i can not guarantee that your body will be alright is that clear?" Islothorn said " Fine by me" Omni said getting ready. Islothorn then sent tentacles out of the portal he was in, they began to wrap around Omni and sink into his bone fillinf his marrow and blood with hints of being like essence after a while two tentacles retreated and Omni shruged off the pain " Woe this is...I-I can't even describe it he looked out at the stars of the galaxy and he could see every lifeform of ever world and every atom of ever being in existence to where he was Y-You see and feel this way all the time?! This is incredible!" Omni said with shock and glee " No time to wast, His attack is nearly to us" Islothorn said " If i hit the center of his attack it should collapse imploding and giving me, Will and Jacob enough time to esacpe...but that much power would..." Omni said with awareness of what might need to be done, but shrugged it off st the reminder of who was depending on him " Forget the consequences! Forget the formalities and FORGET ABOUT MY LIFE!! I WON'T LET YOUR KILL THEM O'BRIEN!!!!" Omni looked out at the attack. " COME ON!!!" Omni shouted.

Omni concentrated all of his power and energy into one hand which began to form a large and red glowing thunder bolt which only go bigger over time as he kept putting more into it Omni then looked out and saw that the multiverse was right on his doorstep so instead of firing it he instead encapsulated it around his body and got ready to sprint through the coming attack "Bold strategy, but will it be enough" Islothorn remarked. Omni began to control his breathing and got ready. " breathes one last time Omni Bolt" Omni said under his breath Almost instantaneously Omni went flying through O'Brien's attack and would be bouncing off of planets and stars alike until he reached O'Brien in which within merely a couple of seconds punched, Blasted and stabbed 4 Thousand times over and when it was done Omni resheated the lighting bolt again and fired it straight at O'Brien causing a catastrophic explosion sending Omni flying all the way through the galaxy "...I-Islo...thon" Omni muttered and on cue Islothorn then teleported Omni,404 and Infected back to the Undertale Multiverse.

Omni soon woke up in bed back at the black house where he could hear arguing and yelling from downstairs

" They've been like that since you got here" said a voice, Omni then looked over and saw Delios sitting on the otherside of the bed " everyone's back hu" Omni said as he sunk his head into the pillow "Try to get some rest, I'll be back later" Delios said as he left the room. " Is he gone" said another voice to which Omni stood up to look for only for Infected to slide from under the bed " What the?! Were you there the whole time?!" Omni said confused " Nah i was asleep for the boring parts" Infected said as he stared at the closet for a long period of time "So what are you doing here?" Omni asked "Wanted to come check up on the walking talking hero act...if you dont knock off the hero act your gonna die Ares plane and simple" Infected said as he unhinged the closet doors " I'll never stop so long as people are in danger" Omni declared " Then allow me to plan your funeral" Infected said as he began to walk out the room " Jacob" Omni said trying to get Infected's attention "Are you alright?" Omni asked.

Infected didn't turn to look at Omni, but soon would see Ares and Jacob drawing on the wall " Your always getting me into trouble" Ares said "Only cuz you always follow me there hehe" Jacob said as he and Ares ran down the hall way. " Am i ever" Infected said as he left Omni. He soon went downstairs and saw everyone arguing and talking amongst themselves.

Everyone was talking and arguing with each other there were a few tho who we're determined to keep the silence to themselves " THE RIOTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!!" Ink shouted " YEA WELL SHOWS HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT YOUR JOB!!" Syno shouted while Another simply sat down waiting " Where's Dream and your other protector buddies?" D+ said " You and your little mongrels killed or beat them half to death you Moron!" Ink stated " Oh heheh sorry, but they were out of pocket" D+ chuckled as Ink got in his face about his response. At the other end of a room Tint and Rock were relaxing and monitoring the situation " Look at these fools do they really think they can save this place? I think it be best if we got up and skipped town yea" Rock said as he leaned against the wall ".....No we need to stay, we have business here" Tint stated. Wouldn't be soon before a fight broke out amongst everyone " SAY ONE MORE GAY JOKE AND SO HELP ME D+ YOU'LL BE NEEDING SURGERY TO GET MY FOOT OUT YOUR ASS!!!" Syno shouted getting ready to attack " SORRY BUT I COULDN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SMELL OF YOUR BREATHE!!" D+ shouted sarcastically, the two were about to butt heads until the Astral Mother entered the room and everyone grew quiet. Everyone stared as she went to her desk and sat down to face everyone.

"I hope I'm not interrupting" Astral Mother said with a chilling calm voice to which everyone shook their heads " Good now then, I've run the test and done the math and it would seem that the creature my son had killed before is now trying to regenerate itself using the Multiverse we reside in. As a side effect we may begin to experience...issues" The Astral Mother said as she went to typing on her computer "How bad is it?! What kind of issues!?! Are the Creators ok!?!" Ink said frantically " Oh shut you dick sucking mouth squid!" Shouted Killer.Jpg from the back " Why you-!" but Ink was cut before he could finish by the Astral Mother " It's pretty bad, The entity appears to have sunk itself down to the very core of this place and shot out its veins to all the corners of this Multiverses which means that its veins now run through this place....and yes your precious creators are fine. Tho i doubt they're amused by this" the Astral Mother stated. " So are we screwed!?" Said Fell.B " What happens now!!?!" Said W.Sans and many others who had questions " Listen up the only way to prevent this is to go and check out the black tree ourselves and get as many samples as we can. That way we can truly know what we're dealing with" the Astral Mother said " I can take you there" said Rock " Me and extra boy over here Rock tapped on Tint's shoulder went out there not to long ago ourselves" Rock said fixing his shades "Alright then it's decided then" the Astral Mother said as she got up from the desk "I'm coming to too" said a voice in the back. Everyone turned to see 404 standing in the back of the room.

"Will your up...are you well?" the Astral Mother asked in which 404 didnt respond and just began to walk out "Tell me when your all leaving" 404 said as he left. Everyone remained silent for a little longer past that "Geez family issues much hu?" D+ said "Hey man shut the hell up" said Another quickly catching him, The Astral Mother quickly excused herself in which everyone got back to talking again a little lest enthusiastic this time "So we're all fucked is what she just said right" said Fell.B as he got out a cigar " What the fuck were those things that came here before anyway? They were humongous and no one could stop them not even the protectors or destroyers" said W.Sans "I heard DreamTale got hit pretty hard when the riots started, they lost all their shit and everyone was taking apples left and right. After the place turned into a slaughter house" Said Killer.Jpg "Yea, but ReaperTale and GzTale got hit the worst, Word around the multiverse says everyone from GzTale got dusted and that everyone in ReaperTale did too" said Hell!Sans "Idiots weren't you listing?! The people in ReaperTale hid away once the doubt they're still alive" Syno said as he fixed his scarf. Ink all while was becoming more and more nervous he feared the creators would see him as a failure and cast him out at any moment and blame him for the multiverses current condition "So thats whats happening heheheh the Multiverse as truly lost it, sounds like my kind of party" Infected said as he eavesdropped on the conversation going on.

The Astral Mother made her way to 404s room where she found him and Chara talking with each other "Excuse me, i hope I'm not interrupting" Said the Astral Mother "Not at all" said Chara "Good, cuz i need to speak with Will for a moment" said the Astral Mother much to 404s dismay. Chara left the room closing the door behind them.

the Astral Mother waited until Chara left and then cooled her expression "Hows your soul and body?" She asked him " it's fine, why did you test on me or something?" 404 asked annoyingly. " As much of a good subject you'd be i didn't. Instead i brought you make to full health and managed to detach Infected from you...mostly" the Astral Mother said walking around the room " Detach? Mostly!?! What the hell are you talking about!?" 404 said getting up from the bed "Whatever happened to Infected back where you two came from heated his bones and marrow to the melting to point and as you were supposedly holding onto him some of him melted onto you and when you got here the temperatures went down his body began to stick onto yours. Luckily it wasn't too late for when i found you he was still gooey and your were still a solid, but when i tried to detach the two of your some parts couldn't be removed mostly your head area." The Astral Mother explained. "WHAT?! there's nothing wrong with my head is there!? So help me if you did ANYTHING!!" 404 shouted getting angrier "Calm down, I ran some test and studied the both of you. You both seem pretty ok (whatever ok means to you two) and your magic and soul levels are fine, although there is still the psychological aspects which have yet to be seen, but i guess that's yet to be determined if there are any" the Astral Mother said as she put away some toys in the room "I suggest getting some more sleep. I still need a couple more fools before we can head to the tree in which I'll be sending some of the folks downstairs to retrieve them. Take care of your self Willy" the Astral Mother said as she walked out "DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!" 404 shouted as he sat down on the bed The Astral Mother closed the door behind her and signed. She felt her pulse and then walked downstairs.

Back downstairs "Alright you sack of bones, I'll be separating us into two groups one will go to the tree with me and the other will have another mission. i need a couple of you to go hunting for some Alphatale outcast. These other lost inhabitants are a major must have. If they are not brought back this plan will fail" said the Astral Mother " And exactly who would we be looking for?" D+ said curiously " They go by the name Spaz and Grimm" said the Astral Mother in which Infected responded to the names with curiosity "Where are they?" Asked Fell.B "Thats what your all for, I've tracked down a few signs of them in Birdtale, FutureTale and ReaperTale whatever's left" thr Astral Mother answered. Syno then walked outside while everyone else listened. Syno jumped to 404s window and knocked 404 walks to the window and sees Syno "What?" 404 asked " Your mother plans to hunt down three "Alphatale out cast" any idea on that?" Syno asked " Hmmm not at all, but rally the others i have a plan" 404 said as he walked away "Wait, which team?" Syno asked " Get my team" 404 said as he walked away. Syno then hoped down and went back inside. Syno saw everyone getting ready to go on their assignments, he looked around and found that Rock and Tint were gone " Where'd Rock and discount Ink go?" Syno asked " Ugh those morons they decided to go and do whatever they want, so long as they don't get in our way. Syno your with the others on finding Grimm and the others." Astral Mother said as she walked away with some members of the group.

Soon The Astral Mother,Faith,Ink and Another went to 404s hideout to study the tree

404s hideout was covered in vines and some odd Black pollen was in the air along with the tree growing white leaves. "Oh my god, it's procreating. Somehow the Unnameable is making it's own environment she began using a device of her's to scan the ground there are blood vessels in the ground and they stretch all the way through to the Anti-Void....possibly even the void itself" the Astral Mother said as she began to fly towards the tree. Faith began to pray and exorcise the place and Ink looked at everything with sweat running down his head as he saw everything before him "oh my god look at this mess...the creators will never forgive me for this" Ink said as he hanged his head low, but suddenly a voice spoke to him. "Come to me" said a disembodied female voice Ink looked around and then towards Another "Did you hear that?" Ink said "I didn't hear anything" Another said. Ink continued to move forward towards the tree, Another watched Ink as he did.

The Astral Mother inspected the tree, but soon had to cover her mouth of a odd gas around it "Is this some sort of numbing agent? This thing is full of surprises" she said as she began to try to peel away the bark of the tree, As she did a weird dark red ooze poured out of the tree along with a very low groan "So it is alive, this may be an extension of the creature" Said the Astral Mother as she stored the bark in her satchel. Ink then arrived and looked at the tree as it swayed and groaned "The's talking" Ink said as he touched it "What? I don't hear anything" said the Astral Mother as she put her head to the tree, but she didn't hear a voice but instead a low but loud heartbeat coming from within the tree itself "Holy shit this thing is alive" said the Astral Mother in shock. She then began to fly back to the cliff side where Another and Faith were at. "Did you find anything" Faith said "Only that that tree is alive and i fear it may cause us some trouble if not dealt with" said the Astral Mother "What did you pick up on Another?" Asked the Astral Mother "It's speaking in a tone I'm not familiar of, when i got close to this place i sensed it and it sensed me. However it can't understand me and i can't understand it" Another said as he continued to focus on it "That's weird, Ink said he could hear i talking to him" said the Astral Mother "Yea, he said the same thing earlier to me" Another said as he and the Astral Mother looked to see Ink still near the tree

"Ink come on we must go, the gas is only getting worse here (how is he that close??) Come on!" shouted the Astral Mother "Nah, I'm good i think I'll stay for a bit. Someone's gotta keep this place under quarantine right" Ink said as he grazed his hand over the tree with concern "Ink there is no time for you to get all mushy with the fucking tree come on and lets go!!" Another shouted. Ink's eyes turned into a dark purple as he was faced away from them and then turned back to normal when he faced them again. "This tree needs to be guarded, and i wont let anyone else get hurt by it. So leave i got this" Ink said as he began to go up the tree "IN-" but before Another could call out to Ink the Astral Mother stopped him "Let's go" she said as her and Faith left, Another looked back one last time and then left.

D+,Syno and Fell.B were looking around wondering along dust covered paths and through thick dusty air. D+ looked around and saw hundreds of dust piles and even more broken soul shard, he looked to other places and saw fires and graffiti all over the place "Jesus this place is a shit show" D+ said as he kicked up some dust "We're not here for sight seeing stay focused" Syno "Whatever yoh say gaylord" D+ said looking around until he noticed through some treelines a skeleton carrying a body with him. D+ watched as Syno and Fell.B continued to walk and instead of following them D+ went after the stray skeleton. D+ followed the skeleton he quickly noticed it was Spaz and that he was dragging a naked unconscious Toriel with him. As he followed him he then saw Spaz take the Toriel to a tree where other women were chained to it yelling and screaming. He then tied the women up and went behind another tree, D+ watched behind a tree in the distance as

Spaz got a container of gasoline and dunked it on women much to their displeasure, he then lit a match and lit the women on fire in which D+ took as his cue to interrupt

"Hey pal don't mean to interrupt your nice bonfire you got going on here, but i think your who I'm looking for" D+ said sarcastically, Spaz on the other hand remained silent and continued to stare at D+ as the sound and screams of the women behind him filled the air " Nothing to say hu, thats cool I've been told i cam be quite the chatter box. Now then how about i cut to the chase. The Astral Bitch needs you back for some reason which i bet is why your out here so I'm only gonna say this once...either come in 1 piece or many your choice" D+ said as his gaster eye burned with DT. Spaz simply tilted his head and drew his blade "Buddy D+ then summoned 2 large gaster blasters Does it look like i play with toys?" D+ said intimidating Spaz, but instead Spaz lifted his right arm and out of nowhere hundreds of blades came out his arm in which he then shot out another from his palm "...Now thats fucking wicked" D+ said as they got ready to battle. But suddenly the ground began to shake violently "What the hell this place have earthquakes or somethin?" D+ said to himself, he then looked to Spaz who was staring past him and over the trees, D+ looked to where Spaz was lookong and saw Seraphim!Sans walking along the forest looking dead and grey and covered with black mushrooms.

Seraphim!Sans then saw something on the ground and began to attack it D+ immediately figured out it was probably his team, he then looked at Spaz and saw him look at him "Would it be to much to ask for you not to go anywhere" D+ said smirking only for Spaz to walk towards Seraphim!Sans's location, D+ watched in amusment as Spaz went towards the fight "Heh i like your style" D+ said as he rushed back with him. Fell.B dodged one of Serphim's attacks only for him to get swatted by Seraphim and flung into a tree, Syno then wrapped his scarf around Seraphim's head attemtping to unbalance him in which Seraphim grabbed the scarf and smashed Syno into the ground "Hey big man!" shouted D+ from below in which Seraphim looked down with his mushroom filled eyes at the two vessels below him, He then began to try to listen for them "What the hell? Is he blind?" D+ summoned a blaster and sent it deep into the woods and fired it and as expected Seraphim went in a full sprint to the loud sound on the distance "What the hell was that about and did you see the Mushrooms on his face!? This Multiverse really is going to shit it's only a matter of time before a plauge starts breaking out" D+ said as he picked up Syno and chucked on his back, He then saw Spaz heading back onto the woods "Hey look even tho nothing really happned i appreciate you coming along and helping me out. I can't guarantee we won't meet again, but you have my thanks and I'll be leavin you be for now" D+ said as he watched Spaz nod and leave "Hey *Fell.B held his head from the hit before what happened was thag Spaz??" Fell.B "Naw wrong bone head, lets get out of here and back to the bitch's house" D+ said. "...Alright so long as i don't get in trouble cuz of you" Fell.B whined "Stop ya bitchin besides you'll get to see more of that hot ass while we're there" D+ said as he lifted up Syno again "Yea she's pretty hot hu" Fell.B said fantasizing about the Astral Mother as then left.

D+ and his team got back to the house after that and were informed on the info the Astral Mother and Another got and vice versa " So there could be an infection going on right now and we don't even know it, these results are highly concerning." Said the Astral Mother as she walked off "Get some RnR while i run some test boys" said the Astral Mother. "Well at least this shit cant get any worse" Syno said with a icepack on his head. "404!!!!!" shouted a voice from outside the house followed with screams.

The boys went to the window to look and saw Loading on the front law

"I need to have a word with you NOW!" Loading shouted

The Boys went outside to see this odd looking skeleton

"Where is 404 answer me" Loading said trying to keep his composer "We don't gotta tell you shit pal!!" Shouted Fell.B in which Loading then muted Fell.B. Fell.B continued to speak, but no one could hear what the hell he was saying and soon he realized it too Everyone backed up a bit except for Syno "He's not here" Syno said "Then bring him here, I need to speak with him" Loading said. Infected looked out the window and saw a weird floating black skeleton and he knew he just had to check it out. Loading then saw Infected jump out a window and land on the ground " Your unlike any skeleton I've seen, what are you made up of" Infected said snickering " I've had enough of this" Loading said Loading then summoned a portal to the Mainframe

" IF I DO NOT GET ANSWERS AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE MAINFRAME I WILL DESTROY THIS AU AND ALL OF YOU WITH IT!!!* Loading announced, some AlphaTale inhabitants began to run while the boys got ready to fight "That's enough Loading" said 404 standing behind from a far. "You, You have a lot o explaining to do" Loading said as he closed the portal "We're trying to figure out Whats happening too, but we don't have much. My mother is working in results right now so just be patient" 404 said as he walked to Loading "PATIENT!? If you haven't noticed the Mainframe is falling apart and i have no way of finding out how to stop it!!! Look Loading brought a screen filled with images of the Mainframe, everyone crowded around 404 and loading to look as well See this?! These are veins running through the Mainframe and at times I've caught them taking some of it's code and messing with it" Loading explained " Messing with it? Messing with it how?" 404 asked "It would sometimes steal some code and put it back after a while, i don't know what it's doing but it ain't nothing that should involve the Mainframe" Loading said with anger " could be trying to adapt to this new environment perhaps it's growing itself back with code, this Doesn't sound good and whatever code isn't compatible with it it puts back" 404 said as he stared at the screenshots. "Come on lets go see what my mother has found that may shed some light on this for us" 404 said as he, Loading and everyone else went inside.

Back at 404's hideout Ink talked with the tree and the tree told him many secrets and as Ink learned more the deeper his relationship with the Unnameable grew "Wow that's incredible and so then what happened?" Ink asked eagerly " And then he grew so powerful that he defied all laws of physics and nature...the first ever polothorn to exist. He then left our reality in search of some higher purpose, We could still feel his power from far away" said the Tree, Ink then grew quiet and soon the tree took notice "What is wrong Ink?" Asked the Tree "'s must be nice to feel things...i can't feel anything" Ink said as he touched his sash "These vials i have allow me feel emotions and such as if i were to have a real Soul....but they don't last long" Ink said signing. The Tree was silent for a bit, but soon an idea grew and it spoke once more. "How about i share my soul with you" said the Tree "W-What!?" Ink said as he backed up from the tree "But don't you need it?!" Asked Ink frantically "Of course not, such a creature as myself doesn't fear losing a piece of myself I'll just make a new one" said the Tree "What kind if Soul do you have anyway?" Ink asked "A Soul most profound i assure you, its where all true intentions lye, a true soul" said the Tree as a door opened outside the tree " A true soul" Ink said as his eyes turned purple and began to walk through the door. "Yes a true soul" said the Tree as it closed the doors behind Ink. "A True Wicked Soul" said the Unnameable

After a hour or 2 Ink emerged from the Tree through the same doors. He felt his body felt something heavy in his chest and soon realized that he had been given a Soul "N-No way this feeling this...feeling...FEELINGS!!! I CAN FINALLY FEEL THINGS!!" Ink shouted in joy, He then threw his sash down and destroyed the vials "Bye bye fake feelings" Ink said as he hoped with Joy. He then turned around to see the tree dying and weathering away "Oh no no no no no, hey buddy speak to me was this really your only soul" Ink said sadly "Do not fret my friend, i simply have transferred myself from the tree to you" said the Unnameable "Are you in my head?" Ink said as he felt his skull "No, no not yet, but we do have a lot to do" said the Unnameable "What do you-" but before Ink could speak his body went limp and black blood and veins began to course through his bones "Ah now that's more like it" said Ink as he dusted himself off "Being inside of a living organism's body is weird but I'll get us ed to it. Now time to regain my strength so that i may once again become my once beautiful self" Ink said as he began to fly away.

Back with 404 and everyone else

"W-What no way!!!" Loading said as he saw the Astral Mother's data from her research "Yup it appears to be true, that creature as infiltrated the Mainframe and may be causing irreparable damage to its core" said the Astral Mother. Loading looked in horror at data but soon looked to 404 "This is your fault!" Loading said as he went over to him only to be blocked by Syno and D+ "Tch! You and your precious Au have caused tremendous damage to reality as we know!!!, if this isn't fixed soon you can say goodbye to you and your family" Loading said threatening 404 " I wouldn't get snarky Loading, You and I both know we need each other for this and if you have any free will of your own you'll admit that" 404 said with his arms crossed, Loading wiped his away from 404's gaze and then teleported away "Can he be trusted?" Asked the Astral Mother "He's stubborn and a slave to his beliefs, but if there's one thing Loading isn't its a Fool" 404 said.

"W-where am i?" Said a voice "This is strange, i never expected this to occur" said another voice The more concerned voice then began to try to move and walk, but found itself trapped inside a sort of sludge. As it struggled it soon saw its reflection in the sludge " Oh mg god....looked again I'M ALIVE!!!!!??!" screamed Error as he struggled around in the sludge trying to move "W-Where the hell am i!?!" Error shouted as he looked around and only saw darkness, as he continued to walk he then found himself at waist high level "What the hell? he picked up some sludge and sniffed it it smells like...i don't know if feel like its at the tip of my tongue and yet i don't know what" Error said as he kept going. As he made his way through Error began to hear voices telling him to turn back and to drown in his sorrows, but he continued to march forward until he reached a large black wall that blended in with everything else "I don't know how you manifested in my cerebral cortex but its time you get out" said a dark voice behind Error, He then turned to see the Unnameable he and 404's had killed all that time ago "ITS YOU!!" Error said as he backed against the wall with fear " And you are ash" said the Unnameable. Suddenly a powerful and yet unseen force began to drown Error in the dark sludge Error struggled and squirmed as he began to drown in the sludge, he then noticed something up with his right arm. He saw his Right was lined with eyes all over and as his mind and body began to dye the eyes on his arm opened and stared at him " I CANT DIE HERE!!!" shouted Error and in responses the eyes on his sleeves opened shot hot beams of plasma shooting a giant hole on the dark wall Which caused Error and the sludge to pour out of it.

After a couple minutes Error woke up in a puddle of black sludge, as he got up and turned around saw that he had poured out of a large black tree.

Error got up and began to walk around and stare at the tree while doing so "What the hell is that doing here" Error said to himself "Well Well if it isn't my old flame" said a voice high above, Error looked up to see who it was and saw Ink floating high above him "The creators always did like you more then only figures they bring your ass back hu" Ink said in disgust. Error looked at Ink in confusion and then surprise as he saw his eyes and that he was floating " H-Hey Squid what the- Error's arm then twitched violently Grhhhh W-whats going? whats with the tree? and why are you floating?!" Error said in angst " I simply am just being me Error, of course you wouldn't know that since you never bothered to know me, but my shock is how your back and so late to the party" Ink said calmly, Error then looked around once again and saw the tree begin to topple over and fall down breaking through the Anti-Void and into the Mainframe causing a large shockwave of Errors and FireWalls warnings "Oh god what the hell is happening..." Error said still holding his right arm. Ink then floated down and then landed on ground in front of Error " You know it always bothered me that the creators always picked you over me" Ink said, Error then turned around to Ink and smirked "Now squid i know you don't have plans to kill me, I know i'v been gone but i would have hoped that you hadn't forgotten who pulls the strings around here" Error said still wincing from the pain in his right arm while Ink stared at him with anger and only then did Error notice Ink's sash and vials were gone " Oh shi-" but before Error could speak Ink's left arm wrapped around his neck and lifted him up into the air. Error kicked and squirmed against Ink's hold.

" Don't worry Error, it wont be any different then what you were before" Ink said as he smiled a cruel wicked smile only for Error to grab his arm with his right hand burning Ink's arm " AHHHHHHHHH!!!! ink scream in pain as he backed away from Error crying and wincing in pain DAMN YOU!!! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS...Why...WHY...WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS IN MY WAY!!!!" Ink cried

Error stared at Ink as he sat on the ground in shock, he then looked to his right arm and the eyes lining it stared back at him.

Ink then jumped to Error in which Error dodged Ink and backed up Ink then stared at Error and suddenly Ink's face cracked like glass, Error looked in horror " Hehehehehe it's funny isn't it, the more i deviate from the light the warmer the dark gets Ink's face begins to unfold showing rows of teeth ISN'T THAT WICKED?!!?!!?!" Ink said as he went into a animal sprint towards Error, Error looked in far at Ink, but then was comforted by a voice "Don't worry i won't let us die, not yet" said a disembodied voice in which Error looked for, but then he was head butted by Ink sending the two flying back and crashing against the ground. Ink then stomped on Error's hand and then lifted his right arm with magic " I don't know how you got it, but i won't let you get in my way of my ascension into something that the creators will love and adore!" Ink said as he began to use his magic to twist and break Error's right arm "ARGHHH AHHHHH!!!" Error screamed in pain and in response the eye grew multiple tentacles and wrapped them around Ink's face electrocuting him with black lightening " RAGHAHHHHHHH!!!!" Ink scream as his bones began to crack and fracture, as his shoulder blade shattered and completely destroying his spine, it then let go and Ink's body fell to the ground.

Error looked at his right arm and then to Ink in which he then grabbed Ink by the scarf and put his right Arm on his face electrocuting him further "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Ink screamed as Error kept electrocuting him, Ink then pushed Error back with an intense force sending him flying back and landing with a hard crash and sending himself skidding backwards "D-Damn you" Ink said as his bones began to heal and regenerate at a almost instant pace he then got up and and tried out his new bones for a moment before looking to Error in sheer anger. Error got up and looked at his arm "Your just full of surprises hu" Error said as he dodged a large swarm of bone shards heading his way, he then jumped high in the air and looked down at Ink. "HEY ERROR!!!" shouted a voice in the distance to which Error looked to and saw Cyan!Sans and Nightmare on the cliff top waving at him "You guys" Error said to himself as he dodged more bone shards from Ink. Error then summoned a blaster and then went flying towards Cyan and Nightmare as Ink threw more shards at him "Forget about the glitch" said a voice to Ink as he was focused on Error "...Fine" Ink stopped his assault and then fazed away. Error looked as Ink left and then got to Cyan and Nightmare.

"Where you been attention wore?" Nightmare asked " None of your business squid wheres 404?" Error asked " He's been with his folks back at that weird pocket dimension place, but no one can get there unless your personally taken by one of those Alpha users" Cyan said as he fixed his clothes "...*Error then sensed all the fighting and riots going on through the power of his right arm" I-I can't believe it the Multiverse it's tearing itself apart" Error said as he walked to the broken bridge " That's not all, ever since he killed that creature from before weird things been happening. First it was just the tree, but then...uh well Nightmare can explain" Cyan said as he held his own hands " Then the weird shit started happening, folks started going missing big lumps of the Anti-Void were being taken and then came the veins and roots, but by far the weirdest bit is the forest it made in the void" Nightmare said " A forest? damn this place is going to hell" Error said as he touched the bridge " By the way what were you and Ink fighting about? and since when could he fly" Cyan said " His creator probably got bored of him being a grounded squid or something" Nightmare said annoyingly. Error looked out at the fallen tree and the broken bridge. "Those eyes he had...that wasn't Ink....that wasn't anything that lived here" Error said.

Back at the Black house, 404 and everyone started talking about plans and finally came to a full agreement on what do next

Infected then began to leave "Hey where are you going? we 're still in the middle of planning for ways to take down the tree" 404 said in annoyance "As if i wanna be around a bunch of alternate mes who can't decide on shit cuz they're all up their own asses" Infected said as he left, but not before tipping over a vase "That guy has issues" said Syno as he turned back to the group "....Yea" 404 said as he looked towards where Infected was, but then he saw Jacob run through the hall and out the door with William chasing him "Wait up bro" William said. 404 looked in shock and shook his head "Hey, 404" said Fell.B in which 404 looked towards him " You alright?" asked Syno " Yea i just- 404 then summoned his blaster in the room Someone's outside" 404 said in which all the boys went to the window to look "That doesn't mean look it could be a baddie!" 404 said as he groaned. All the guys looked in shock at what was outside until 404 looked too and nearly had a heart attack as he saw Error,Cyan and Nightmare all outside the house. 404 rushed outside and looked at Error " This has to be a hallucination some kind of trick by the anti-void" 404 said to himself trying to come to terms with what he was seeing " Hey boss we found Error and i also brought you some stale cookies" Cyan said with little awareness until Nightmare slapped him with one his tentacles " Hey" Error said. ".....Hey" 404 said finally processing it

"H-How are you alive!?" 404 asked with joy and confusion " I really don't know, but i do know that i was reborn somehow from that huge tree in your base, but it fell over and landed into the Mainframe" Error said "WWWWWHHHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!" Loading shouted as he busted out of the house and flew to 404 and Error " WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT FELL INTO THE MAINFRAME!!?!!!!" Loading shouted " I MEAN it fell in you big black blob" Error said sarcastically " Grrrr dammit 404 rain in your damn disciple!" Loading shouted "Hey he's off the clock" 404 responded with a smirk. After a while everyone got back inside and Error explained everything that had happened with Ink " And your sure of that" 404 said "Absolutely sir and not only that i also got this weird thing on my right arm" Error said as he showed everyone his arm " That's bizarre" D+ said as he stared with everyone else stared at his arm. Loading began to scan it " Yup its the same as the damn tree, DAMNIT! how do we get rid of these damn curses!! and those damn riots aren't making it better" Loading said " Riots?" Error said "We got alot to talk about glichy" Syno said " So how do we rain in all these damn animals?" Cyan asked " Maybe 404 could get them together by confirming to be the Angel" Faith said " Unless you want to start a Cult war i suggest you get that stupid idea out of your head" said Terror as he rummaged through the fridge in the kitchen " They won't listen to anyone else, what they need is someone to unite them under one banner... "They need their King" 404 said with a serious tone. " King Multiverse" Error said " What? that puppet" Loading said irritated " That puppet kept everyone and everything under control while we were fucking around and fighting each other" 404 said "Wait a minute you three talk about him like you made...YOUR THE ONES WHO PUT HIM ON THE THRONE AREN'T CHA!!?!" D+ shouted " SO YOUR OUR TRUE OPPRESSORS!!!" Fell.B shouted, Error,Loading and 404 just stared as everyone got to yelling at them " You lot don't get it do you" said a voice from the other side of the room to which everyone looked to face it and found Infected crouched in a chair " Putting someone in power means you have the people and when you have the people you have the world, Don't go crying now just because you little shits are now being told how things were run" Infected said as he spun in the chair. "Anyway, I'v tracked his location to somewhere in MafiaTale" 404 said "Why would he be there?" Error asked " No doubt the mobs and riots pushed him away from his Au" 404 said as he closed the tracking system " We'll need a small team to go after him and bring him back IN ONE PIECE!" 404 said blisteringly looking at everyone who turned from him "So who's going?" 404 asked "It might as well be me and you sir, Photo isn't gonna come quietly to anyone else" Error said " Your right, Loading wanna come?" 404 asked.

"WHAT?! Me?? why the hell would i wanna go and visit a Au" Loading asked in shock " I don't know, might as well before everything ends right?" 404 said and everyone gasped in unison "END!?!?" Everyone said in shock ".......ehhh why not better there then with these boozes" Loading said as he teleported outside " Alright everyone keep watch and make sure to help my mother with whatever she needs" 404 said as he went outside and Error followed.

Infected watched as they left and hoped down off the chair and went to his old room "What are you doing" Infected said to himself "Everyone downstairs should be dead, everyone should be dead...and yet i feel like i'm struggling against myself" Infected said as he slid down the door "Thats cuz you are" said D2 standing behind him, Infected turned around and found himself in the cell yard with D2 and a small voice in the distance crying and whining " So we meet again, having trouble? cuz you look like hell" Infected said as he saw D2 struggling to stand and keep his balance " I will suffer exhales for however long it takes in order to keep our friends and family safe....from you" D2 said to struggling to speak " Your family hu? growing attached them so much that now their yours hehhehe" Infected chuckled "You realize it's gonna hurt more right? when we betray them which will happen, its inevitable" Infected said with wisdom " You don't know that" D2 said " oh you little shit I KNOW IT ALL TO WELL!! Why do you think i isolate myself, I can't control myself...all the pain and hate i got in me all of it in a endless cycle and it doesn't help that its in my nature to fuck shit doesn't help. Now listen to me, give me the wheel before we end up doing something your gonna regret because you are RUINING EVERYTHING I'V DONE SO FAR!!" infected shouted. D2 stared at Infected and then at a small boy crying in the corner which Infected turned to "'s all i can do to keep him keep them tears went down Infected's face it dosen't matter, you want to be around them so badly go ahead, but when their heads are rolling across the hardwood floors dont come looking at me" Infected said as he walked off into the darkness only to wake up in the house upstairs bathroom in the tube. "....god i suck at this" Infected said to himself.

Infected sat in the bath tub for what felt like hours then a two small hands lifted themselves up to see him "You taking a bath" said Jacob looking at Infected, Infected looked at him "....there's no water" Infected said to himself " Why don't you turn it on?" Jacob asked " I'm afraid....afraid of drowning" Infected said to himself to which Jacob went over to the faucet and tried to turn it on, but the little boy wasn't strong enough to turn it on " I'm not strong enough to turn it on by myself, ca-can you help me?" Jacob asked. Infected looked at him and extended his hand over to the faucet and turned it on, water began to pour out of the faucet and began to fill the tub " See look, now there's water" Jacob said "...hehehehe water...water" Infected said as he began to sink into the water "'s time i take a bath..." Infected said as he began to sink into the water slowly. Jacob watched as Infected's head soon was submerged by water, the water filled Infected's mind and his soul giving a nice bubbly soothing feeling almost like as if death's hands were soft and new. Infected looked above the water saw the surface, it looked close, but yet so far away or perhaps hard to get to. Infected then took a breathe and inhaled as much water as he could his eyes going dark and his soul slowing down as water in took his mind and as the dark embraced him suddenly a shadow came over the and a light vibration could be felt in the tube. Infected got up quickly and saw that it was a little toy boat in the water, as Infected coughed up water he then heard yet again a familiar voice.

" What were you doing in the tub without a toy Jacob?" Ares said standing next to the tub, Infected looked at Ares " I don't know..." Infected said as tears went down his face " I know your lonely, but don't worry i'm here for you little brother Ares said as he reached over and hugged Infected I'm sorry i wasn't here to give you a toy" Ares said as he hugged his brother tightly "......Infected hesitated, but then hugged Ares too dragging him into the tube.....sniff I'm sorry... im so so sorry...i'm so sorry begins to cry" Infected said as he hugged Ares. *3 hours later Omni then walked in the bathroom and found Infected in the tube, as he walked to him he saw that there was a small puddle of water in the tube, but the faucet was dry. Omni then went to the toilet and sat down looking at his brother*

Infected soon woke up and found himself in a bed with Omni looking at him from a chair "How are you feeling?" Omni said as he got up and gave Infected some strawberry milk " Tch Infected turned over and looked away from Omni go away brother, i have no need for you right now" Infected said as he faced away from Omni. Omni stared and put the strawberry milk down on the counter " As you wish" Omni said as he left the room closing the door behind him, Infected turned around and looked at the milk eventually getting up and drinking it "....Ares wait up" Infected said as he went after him. Infected ran down the stair and found Omni near the front door " Where are you going?" Infected asked " 404,Error and Loading haven't come back, i was gonna head to MafiaTale to go check on can come if you want" Omni suggest with a smile " I-" but before Infected could respond a bright light along with a loud defying sound erupted from outside the house, Everyone went to the window and looked out the window to see a large explosion in the distance " What the fuck is that" D+ said in shock only for the massive shock of force and wind from the explosion to send everyone and the house flying.

A couple minutes after the explosion D+ woke up only to be shocked by a lighting rob by a tall figure wearing a strange mask accompanied by a few others wearing the same kind


The Biotale inhabitants walked around the wreckage " Only take the main cast, Kill the rest" said Bio!Gaster as he began to go through the remains of the house. Infected wakes up and sees Bio!Gaster grabbing and picking up the bits of the Astral Mother's computer and pockets it. Infected gets ready to attack before he hears footsteps behind him " Best to stay down, the only thing your getting out a stunt like that is death" said Bio!Sans standing behind him " Wha-" but before Infected could finish he was hit with stun dart knocking him out. " What were you doing Brother? Playing with them? " said Bio!Papyrus as he walked over to him, " Not at all" said Bio!Sans as he walked towards Bio!Gaster " Sir, We've checked and cleared everything out, there are a few extras here but there are AlphaTale inhabitants here" Bio!Sans said as he looked around " Good work, rejoin me back at the Ark once you've gotten all of them, be sure to find every single one of them. Our Angel will not be pleased if we do not finish this task" said Bio!Gaster. He then teleported away with Asgore and Alphys "Of course for our Angel" said Bio!Sans.

"YOOOOOOOOOO" shouted a voice from afar as everyone looked to see who it was only to see a skeleton wearing sunglasses that said Rock. " Oi i don't know about you guys, but i don't think the house needed a new roof" Rock said fixing his shades " Who the hell is that" said Bio!Toriel "This place is infested with skeletons" said Bio!Sans Tint then walked next to Rock and stared down Bio!Sans and the rest of them, he then noticed most of the Alphaverse crew knocked out and lying down "...Guess its our turn then" Tint said " Ooooo I've been waiting 4 chaptets for me to kick some ass" Rock announced getting out his crowbar and Tint getting his brush. " We'll make this quick" said Bio!Toriel " No, You guys collect the AlphaTale assets, I'll handle these bone heads" said Bio!Frisk as they walked forward "Heh Handle us? I know your a human, but you forgot this isn't undertale" Rock announced. "No you forget, This IS undertale...AND.IT.ALWAYS.WILL.BE" Bio!Frisk said.

Bio!Frisk gets ready to fight Tint and Rock, Bio!Frisk got a golden knife and cut the air in half sending a large slash Tint and Rock's way in which they both Dodged

"Alright.." Bio!Frisk said as Rock and Tint turned to them...

" Here we go" Bio!Frisk * Rock and Tint kept pushing using all their attacks, but to avail Bio!Frisk dodged them all perfectly one by one by one* " I've fought plenty of skeletons before, some like you and some far to different

" Bio!Frisk said Bio!Frisk offers to spare Rock and Tint, but the two continue their attacks sending waves of blasters and beams they're way, but they never hit the human \

" All of them the same and all of them claiming to be unique in some way or the other, but to be honest none of them were and none of them ever could be so long as ...well it doesn't matter anymore soon our mission will be done and you and every other AU shall be ash" Bio!Frisk monologued as they got ready for their next attack.

Bio!Frisk sent out hundreds of slashes and stabs going back and forth between Rock and Tint. Eventually Rock is hit with a staggering 9.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 points of Damage cutting Rock right in half.

Tint catches Rock's upper half and looks at him " Aus are nothing more then pillars to sustain a already perfect world, but what happens when those pillars does the perfect world" Bio!Frisk said as Tint placed Rock's upper half down " Heheheh wow my part in this sure got cut short hu?" Rock laughed. Tint got back up and turned to see Bio!Frisk right behind getting ready to cut him down only for his Rainbow Arm to appear and block the attack completely. Tint takes his Turn.

Tint used his Rainbow hand to slash and fire many different abilities, but again none could hit nor harm the human as they dodged and swerved around each attack " You fight me, but what for? All your doing is continuing to delay a inevitable fate that one day this world will die and when it does and Undertale's light finally burns out we plan not to be here" said Bio!Frisk much to Tint's curiosity. Tint grew so curious that he halted his attack. "Alright Enough of this burefull nature why dont you start explaining why your here" Tint demanded. Suddenly a large blaster arrived from the sky with Bio!Sans and Gaster on it " Come Devernim we must go before this place becomes anymore infected" said Bio!Gaster, Bio!Frisk looked at Gaster and then to Tint " Before i go immortal deity i will leave you with these words" Bio!Frisk said as Tint got ready to heed their words ... " Leave this place, for our calculations have determined a high spike in cosmic power and soon this place and the ceiling you all hold up will fall and soon a dreg heap will be made out the ashes of the remains. Do like the rats and scurry away before we wipe you out" Bio!Frisk said as they jumped onto the Blaster and flew off with sans and gaster. Tint then picked up the halfed Rock and went around waking up everyone who was out before.

Tint used some of his "soul" to reform Rock's lower half Rock got up and jumped around trying out his reformed legs

" Whew thanks mate i owe ya" Rock said as Tint kept looking in the distance " Oi whats troubling you mate? Rock asked as Tint turned to him " I don't think we should interfere any longer in this birthing of a "New Age" Tint said as he bean to walk away "Hey hey hey you don't really believe in that crap do you?" Rock asked following Tint Then suddenly everything shook and some of the Anti-Void fell apart as large black roots began to pour out of the holes Infected then woke up a couple minutes later to find himself entangled in black roosts and deep thick Black forest surrounding him. Infected began to struggle to get free from the roots when all of a sudden he saw one of the trees beginning to breath heavily " Woah kinky" Infected said as the tree then gave birth to a infant being. In immediate action Infected transformed his left arm into the left arm of the soul harbinger and used it to kill the infant. Infected took a breathe, but only for every tree around him to begin doing the same thing as the last.

In MafiaTale, 404 Loading and Error found Photonegative!Sans and helped him turn back into King.M by giving him some Multiverse code King.M works out his arms and legs " Man never thought I'd be me again" King.M said to himself " I can't believe this guy was King Multiverse" Loading said with disgust as Error and 404 watched King.M get adjusted to his body again. " Well this is a surprise isn't it" said a voice from behind them and as the 4 looked around for it Error saw it and pointed out who it was only for it to be Ink who looked to be oozing and dripping of Ink and rotting flesh. " The Worlds falling apart and your all worried about who's gonna be King" Said Ink.

" Ink" Error said to himself " A i see your still alive Ink then regenerated his body turning back to normal. This place will soon be a dreg heap and when it does you'll all soon be a part of the new world order" Ink proclaimed " God you sound stupid" said Error much to Ink's disguest "grrrr Your only made cuz the creators are watching me now, watching me more then ever before. The focus was always on yoh never me or anyone else, but..heheh.HAHAHAH BUT NOW I HAVE THERE FAVOR!" Ink shouted only for Error to stare in silence " Where's Core Ink?" Error asked "....They're facing their own consequences" Ink said grinning. "King.M walked towards Ink walking past Error" " Stand down Ink" King.M demanded " eh? And you think your in charge now? Ink's eyes glowed for a second heh PhotoNegative!Sans i should have seem it. I really was a pawn like everyone else, made into a fool by a fool." Ink said in disguest " YOUR NO LONGER MY KING AND I AM NO LONGER A SLAVE TO THE GODS ONLY TO THE CREATORS!!" Ink pronounced " Whats the difference" Error muttered Ink looked towards Error and got ready to fight Error stared at Ink " 404, Loading get out of here and go figure out whats causing those quakes...he looked up at Ink I'll handle the Squid" Error said as he got ready for battle " Then leave the rest of the dirty work to me then" King.M said as he,404 and Loading all teleported away. " You should have had them stay..heheh otherwise who's gonna bury you this time" Ink said grinning a wicked smile " Oh Ink You've never been good at jokes" Error replied smiling back.

ink sprung towards Error and turned his left arm into a glass inked blade, Error stood his ground and then pulled up his sleeve on his Right arm to reveal his eyed arm only for the eyes to open and blind Ink with a bright light " Ahhh! Son of a bitch!" Ink said as he covered his eyes giving Error a chance to blast Ink into a far off forest " You gave it all up..and for what!? A SOUL!!?! YOU FUCKING IMBECILE!!!" Error shouted as he pursed Ink. Back with Infected Infected woke up in a cloud like realm where the clouds were bright and bathed in divine light and glowing feathers rained from the sky. " W-What the fuck? What is this place?" Infected said as he walked around, soon though he would come across a waterfall where he could see his reflection and notice he had a pupil symbolizing he had regained some sanity " How is thag possible? Infected looked around again is this still the pocket dimension? I know i can't be dead" Infected said as he kept traveling and as he kept walking he began to notice more and more crosses stabbed into the clouds and a few with people crucified on them, but soon the number grew larger as every cross at a man, women or child placed upon them " I'm starting to wonder if i am in the right place" Infected said as he kept walking.

Soon a large angelic figure would descend from the sky with beautiful wings and silky hair

Infected stared at it cautiously, but then got to the point for he could not leave this place without Ares " Hey, do you live here or something?" Infected shouted to the creature only for its haunting blue eyes to stare down at him, Infected then sensed it this was no angel, but a being instead. Infected looked at it with worry, but continued to push the question " Are you being? Where are my friends and Family???" Infected shouted again and yet again the being didn't respond. Infected grew furious, but soon turned Silent as the angelic being revealed to be holding Alpha!Chara in one of its hands. Infected stared for a bit before moving closer " Hey thags Will's did yo-" but before Infected could finish the being then began to twist Chara's head around while he screamed in pain and agony " HEY!!!" Infected began to rush there only for a infant being to emerge out of the clouds behind him and chomp down on his legs knocking he down. Infected began to punch, kick and scratch at the infant all while Chara's screams were heard until a loud crack was heard in which Infected turned to see Chara's head was turned all the way around. The angelic being then pulled off Chara's head and squeezed the blood out his body and into its mouth licking its bloody teeth and lips afterwards. Infected was left in shock as the clouds darkened Suddenly the being flew off and then the screams of many different Alphatale and Au inhabitants could be heard all over the place, soon the clouds grew darker and with one finally stab infected killed the infant and limped his way to his feet. "...there's no way this is happening" Infected said in shock. Infected ran for hours as angels and infant beings alike stabbed and struck him with crosses as he ran only to pinned by more Infant beings gnawing and biting at his bones cracking and breaking them

Infected winced at the pain, but then he began to hack and slash at them wiggling his legs free from their jaws " FUCK!!!!" Infected shouted as all the adrenaline in his body began to fade and the pain he felt deepend. He then began to remove some cross spears in his body only to be stabbed in the head with one with suck force it nearly shattered his skull, Infected looked up and saw hundreds of Angels coming down upon him. Infected ran across the large scape of clouds only to then be caught by some more Infants and be dragged below the clouds until eventually being dropped in a black sea Infected floated in the black sea where he heard chains and the sound of a women's voice singing, he then retreated back to the surface and as he returned he saw the bodies and limbs of AlphaTale inhabitants and some Au inhabitants falling from the sky like rain. As it rained the body of Delios collapsed into the water landing in front of Infected and as Infected stared in horror he could hear the laughs and chuckles of the angles above. "....Grrhhahhhhh.ahhhhh...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!" Infected shouted as his right eye soon become white aswell.

Infected eventually made his way to shore to see the Void Empress. " No No No RUN GET AWAY MOTHER!!" Infected shouted as a large Angel landed behind her, Infectes ran as fast as he could until the sands of the beach eventually caved in on him and he sunk into a deep hole off despair. He fell to the bottom of the pit only for him to find himself in a hallway " w-what?" Infected muttered as he got up, he then heard the Void Empress talking in the next room. Infected looked around the corner and saw his mother talking on the phone in the kitchen

" She's talking to dad again" said Jacob behind Infected in which Infected looked at him with a familiar look, The two then leaned against the wall " Yes can you take them please I'm no good at kids...they're quite annoying and interfere with my work" said the Void Empress " Being around them as made you forget hasn't it? Made you forget how horrible life can be" Jacob said as he walked away to a lit up staircase in which Infected followed him up some stairs until they suddenly disappeared and Infected went plummeting into a sea of bodies and blood. " Ahhhh Ahhhhh panic attack AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Infected struggled against the bodies and tried to keep himself above the sea. He looked up and saw Jacob looking down at him " HELP ME!!! PLEASE!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! WHY AM I FEELING THIS PAIN!?, WHY AM I FEELING ANYTHING!!!?!" Infected cried out his eyes filled with tears and blood " You still don't get it, Madness was the only comfort we needed, was the only thing to put the pain away and now that your back with your demons your filling it all over again Jacob looked in the distant and looked back the only to fix this pain is to go back to the warm dark we born from." Jacob said as he vanished.

Infected looked up and stared at the ceiling of his bedroom once again "........" Infected's mind went blank as he stared " Hey" Jacob said at the door of the bedroom, Infected looked at him " Do you want the lights?" Jacob asked.

".....Yes please" Infected asked as for the last and the final time.

The lights then went out once again

* 404 and Loading arrived back at the pocket dimension where they saw all of the AlphaTale Inhabitants standing and some kneeling to a cut down forest and hundreds and hundreds of bodies of angels and Infant beings surrounding a frozen Infected* 404 looked at the scene and stood behind as he gathered information from the people " BioTale, sounds like trouble" 404 said as he went through some of the wreckage from the house looking for his mother's computer " It would seem that you and your people cant seem to stay out of trouble...why is that" said Loading smirking in which 404 looked at him with annoyance until he found parts from his mother's computer. " Where is that big bitch anyway" Loading said " She must be out running test as she does, We need to figure out more on this BioTale these guys mentioned" 404 said as he scanned all the data from his mother's computer's remains " Unfortunately i cant join you no longer" Loading said much to 404's dislike " I signed up to help save the Mainframe I don't care about you or anyone else involved in this shit. I'm going to be configuring my own research, try to stay out of my way 404 and don't make me regret living you alive" Loading said as he vanished. 404 turned back towards the computer data and found a download had been complete and sent to... " Who the hell is Spaz?" 404 said to himself.

As the battles raged onward and some in secret the multiverse soon became more and more quiet for with no protector what were they to do? Eventually days went by as the Multiverse grew even quieter and soon began to descend into the dreg heap it was always meant to be. Somewhere else in one of the Au Underswap the inhabitants were talking care of the injured and weak from the riots and raids from earlier, then another random skeleton came and was soon intercepted by two royal guards " HALT! State your business in this Au!" shouted Swap!Sans while Swap!Papyrus was behind him staring "....I'm here to gather information on a wondering Sans, would you happen to have seen a skeleton wearing a weird looking mask" said the random skeleton " Skeleton with a mask? Papyrus began to think Well i did hear some rumors that someone was going around killing humans and that they had on some kind of mask" Swap!Papyrus said "Close enough" Said the skeleton "Wait, its dangerous outside and Au, why don't you stay and we can help you" said Swap!Sans only for the skeleton to turn to him "No thanks, i need to find that skeleton....he's..." said the skeleton as he shrugged it off and kept walking out of the Au and through a portal.

The Random Sans went to the origin of the rumors, He soon arrived at Swapfell only to find it in ruin and in nearly complete chaos with ash filled skies and ash covered snow so high it felt like it was 5 feet deep. Soon he arrived to Hotland where everything was destroyed, ruined or fucked up to say the least

The Random Sans soon continued his walk through Hotland until he heard noises coming from above him, he looked only to see hundreds upon hundreds of wisp all lining the top of the mountain. The Skeleton looked in shock only to be interrupted by someone walking his way " You can get rid of the facade Grimm, its just us here now" Spaz said as he walked accompanied by wisp following behind him, The Skeleton soon was absorbed by a red goo that covered his body transforming him into a slimy state similar to another " Where are they Spaz" Grimm asked as Spaz continued to ignore him and look around " SPAZ! I need you to tell me! WHERE.IS.CORE" Grimm shouted to him. Soon a cloud of wisp surrounded Spaz only for them to disperse and for Spaz to now be holding Core by the leg " Looking for something? it would seem you'v lost your center Spaz then began to move and swing Core in front of Grimm" Spaz said with a chilling tone, Grimm then began to walk towards Spaz only for Spaz to jump backwards. "If you think i'm gonna play fair then your dead wrong" Spaz announced " Then so be it" Grimm responded.

Spaz went swinging at Grimm who dodged most of his attacks, but utterly ended up getting a few tentacles cut up in the process in which Grimm then went in for a stab with his tentacle only for Spaz to put Core in the way which resulted in Grimm pulling back, Spaz then hit Grimm with Core's body and began to slam him into paste with Core's body as the hammer only for Grimm's tentacles to wrap around Spaz and slam him against the walls of the mountain.

" I won't let you harm anymore people!" Grimm shouted as his tentacles homed in on Spaz, Spaz dodged them one by one and cutting them up all the same. Spaz simply stared and didn't speak as he continued to push back. Grimm slammed his tentacles down in front of Spaz only for him to roll back. " Hand over Core, the Multiverse is in turmoil and needs someone to be there for it" Grimm said "......No" Spaz said as he threw his knife at Grimm only for him to block it, but then get stabbed with a volley of blades being sent flying backwards.

Grimm got up only to have his chest stepped on by Spaz, Spaz then pull his arm up and knives and blades began to come out of his arm he then looked down at Grimm " Its too bad" Spaz said as he covered Grimm's mouth with his shoe " I'm sure Core would jave loved to have seen their knight again, but unfortunately they'll just have to work with a blood stain" Spaz said as he was got ready to stab Grimm. Suddenly a large black ray shot at Spaz which shot him in the chest, Spaz looked up at the origin of the shot and then backed away dodging the next few, Grimm looked up at his rescuer and saw no one. He looked in confusion, but used the chance to wrap Spaz up while he was wounded. "Now that i got your attention you and i need to talk about your recent behavior" Grimm said with a tone of anger in which Spaz then kicked Grimm's head off

Spaz then broke free from Grimm's tentacles and walked over to the disembodied head and began to curb stomp it to pieces, Spaz then turned to see Grimm's body moving and feeling around for him. Spaz clenched his wound and then began to transverse the area as he did he got his knives read, but unfortunately while he was facing towards Grimm he walked on one of the tentacles leading to a onslaught of beatings and ragdolling. Spaz got slammed against the ground violently until his right arm was snapped and then he was thrown close to edge near the lava Spaz got up and turned around only to be hit by another tentacle sending him flying out of the mountain and down its side, Spaz went tumbling down the mountain until he landed at the foot of it. Grimm regrew his head and looked for Spaz "G-Grimm" Core said weakly in which Grimm ran to Core with worry "CORE!" Grimm shouted as Grimm held Core. "The omega timeline" Core said "Don't worry we'll get you back to your people and we'll set everything Right" Grimm said as he teleported away with Core

Grimm arrived at the Omega Timeline with Core in which everyone gathered around treating Core's wounds and caring for them, a few stared at Grimm and nodded in thanks which Grimm repayed back. "Where did you find them?" Asked a random Toriel to which Grimm explained everything to. "Alright i gotta go, i left some family back where i cam" Grimm said as he got ready to teleport away "Wait Grimm you might wanna hear this,

Grimm looked back and payed attention

A couple days ago those Bio guys attacked another Swap Au I think it was the gold one amyway while they were there rumors had it they captured a Betty while a silvered hair one too" said a random Asriel " A Betty? Wow you don't see alot of them in Aus" said a Random Napstablook.

Grimm immediately sprung into action and said his goodbyes before heading on his way, if it really was her then he had to help he had to save her. A little later Grimm arrived at Swap gold, but saw thag Spaz was waiting for him there ready to fight " Spaz listen I'm not here to fight-" but Spaz wouldnt let Grimm get a word out as he began to strike at him strike after strike " Listen to me!" Grimm said as he dodged his attacks left and right. Spaz then punched Grimm and grabbed one of his tentacles flinging Grimm to a nearby wall in which pinned him against ready to take the final blow, Grimm held back Spaz's hand in an attempte to stop " S-Spaz theh got her...They got Violet!" Grimm shouted in which Spaz stopped immediately and backed away giving Grimm a chance to breath, Spaz put his blade away and stared at Grimm. Spaz then spoke

" Where are the Bastards?" said Spaz.

Grimm and Spaz spoke about their plan and how they planned to get Betty back, but every idea and plan only seemed more ridiculous then the last. The two knew they were no good at planning "We're no good at this we need a better strategy" Grimm said " I still think that we can overpower them if we're quick enough" Spaz said " Rushing in blindly isn't a plan" Grimm stated much to Spaz's distaste. The two appared to be going nowhere " May i intervene" said a mysterious voice, the two looked for it until Spaz spotted someone standing ontop of a sentry station " Who are you?" asked Grimm " Pardon my manners, my name is Vape and i may have a solution to your problem" Vape announced " And what would that be" Grimm asked while Spaz remained silent " if you want the key to your problem then i suggest heading back to your source that usually helps most problems" Vape said " Our source?" Grimm questioned as Spaz got it right away and tapped on Grimm as a sign. "We need the doctor" said Spaz.

" Thanks bud how can-" but before Grimm could thank him Vape was already gone " No time we need to go" Spaz said as he got ready to leave " Right" Grimm agreed as they both teleported to the pocket dimension where 404 was still standing and staring at Infected's statue along with Chara at his side comforting him " is that him" Grimm asked "....indeed that is my face" Spaz said as they both began to walk towards 404 in which 404 turned to them "Who are you two?" 404 asked. " I'm Grimm and this is Spaz, we came here hoping to find the doctor, but perhaps you could point us in the right direction" Grimm asked, Spaz simply remained quiet in which 404 studied the two, but in his current state he wasn't willing to put up a fight " From the data that iv collected the "doctor" your looking for is no doubt in the Anti-Void, that's where you'll find her" 404 said as he turned back around to look at the statue. Grimm took a look at the statue, it didn't strike him as familiar, but did give him a nasty case of dejavu as he walked away from it. Spaz continued to stare at 404 almost gawking " Are you ok?" Asked Alpha!Chara in which Spaz started to walk away aswell. " You ok?" Grimm asked as Spaz walked past him giving no answer, Grimm shrugged and walked with him and teleported away.

The two soon arrived at the Anti-Void which had now been turned into a large Black forest covered in roots and veins if all like where the trees were pitch Black and the roots dug deep into the Anti-Void and sunk into the Mainframe. As they traversed through the jungle they barley dodged a large walking mushroom with wings and wielding a giant blade, the large mush walked past them and continued to traverse the tarren aswell. Soon enough the two of them would see the Astral Mother accompanied by a few other Sansses in a clearing as she studied and took samples from the Forest Grimm and Spaz made there way to her, but were cut off by D+ and Fell.B along with Another watching them from afar " Out of the way we need to speak with her" yelled Grimm " And just the fuck are you supposed to be? Some living period blood or something" D+ snickered " Let them through" said the Astral Mother in which D+ and Fell.B backed off. Spaz and D+ locked eyes, but didn't engage each other. Spaz and Grimm stood behind the Astral Mother " This had better be good, because you both know how i hate to be interrupted" the Astral Mother said as she cut apart pieces of the roots and put them in a tube.

" Uh Doc, Violet has been taken by those BioTale guys we need to go save her, but we're having a hard time coming up with a plan to save her" Grimm said " Don't you worry boys i already have someone going to retrieve her already" Said the Astral Mother as she began to put her tool kit and stuff away, Spaz and Grimm looked at eachtother confused and both asked " Who?". outside the Multiverse stood Alpha and Anti-Flowey gazing at a large black orb attached to the Multiverse like a tick to flesh " So thata where they live the ones responsible for all of this chaos" Alpha said "At least that doctor of yours was very grateful to make helping you worth my wile" said Anti-Flowey grinning " So what did you ask for? No doubt someone's head or the destruction of a Au" Alpha said with a cold gaze " Heh nope, i asked for a motorboat" Anti-Flowey said with a large grin " A motorboats?" Alpha said extremely confused " yup" Anti-Flowey said ".......Alpha's brain began to hurt but you don't even have hands or feet so how would yo-" but them it clicked for Alpha and then Alpha unsheathed his DT blade and ran after Anti-Flowey who laughed as theh ran towards BioTale.

" I'M GONNA SHOVE SO MUCH FERTILIZER DOWN YOUR THROAT PEOPLE ARE GONNA MISTAKE YOU FOR A EGGPLANT YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Alpha shouted as he chased down Anti-Flowey. Soon though the two would find themselves close to the black orb " Alright weed, do your thing" Alpha sneered " No problem" Anti-Flowey said as he wrapped Alpha in veins and then went into the ground with him and traveled through the Black orb and ended up in the BioTale ruins "It's a normal Au?" Alpha said looking around " Don't be fooled, how normal can they be if they don't even live in the multiverse" said Anti-Flowey

Alpha and Anti-Flowey walked through the ruins looking around every corner making sure they weren't being watched or anything of the sort. As they traveled through the ruins they found many strange and odd statues of angels and eldritch like beings all scattered through out the ruins, they eventually arrived to Toriel's house. They peered in the window to see who was there and saw Bio!Toriel sitting in her chair reading while Bio!Sans was in the kitchen the two appeared to be talking from the movements they were making. Alpha and Anti-Flowey watched the conversation until the two eventually left through Toriel's house and to what they could guess to be snowdin Alpha then teleported himself inside, he turned to look out the window at flowey "I'll meet you outside Toriel's gate, try not to get caught smiley" Anti-Flowey said as he burrowed under the ground. Alpha looked around at everything taking it in more a moment before heading downstairs. He snuck quietly through the hallways until he peered past the corner to what lead to Toriel's gate. He then saw Flowey on the otherside waving a vein at him which he then took as his signal to come out. "So they're gone hu, this going fairly smoothly" Alpha remarked " Don't get to cou trashbag, we still have 2 more bios to get to before we get to where we THINK your lady friend is" Anti-Flowey said as he looked ahead " Shes not my friend, infact i didn't even know she exists until a couple of moments ago let alone 2 more skeletons" Alpha said with a hint of annoyance " Well your Au is know for twist like that isn't it" Anti-Flowey remarked in which Alpha looked at him with a stern look " And whats that supposed to mean, you think we have trust issues with one another" Alpha said " I don't think you need me to tell you that, Now come on" Anti-Flowey said as he started to move towards Snowdin. Alpha stood in place for a moment lingering on Flowey's words until finally moving forward.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey soon arrived at snowdin where they began to trail Toriel and Sans as they ventured through, Alpha and Anti-Flowey would keep to the shadows and stay out of sight . On the way theh saw Bio!Sans and Toriel talking and cracking jokes on their way to hotland, once more Alpha and Anti-Flowey followed close behind in the shadows they crossed through waterfall and close to hotland where Undyne was located " Heh hey Undyne" said Bio!Sans " This is no time for messing around Sans we have an intruder" Bio!Undyne stated much to Alpha and Anti-Flowey's dismay " An intruder?! That's impossible" shouted Bio!Toriel " Well not anymore, Sans i need you on watch over snowdin with your brother and Tori i need you to go and watch the ruins" Bio!Undyne commanded, the two quickly went off in which Undyne stated behind guarding hotland. " shit" Alpha and Anti-Flowey both agreed they were in

Alpha and Anti-Flowey soon began to realize that Undyne wasn't going to let up so Flowey fired a few friendliness pellets down the cavern passage in front of Undyne in which Undyne reacted and sprint down the way letting the two get away and to Bio!Alphys's lab. "So now what genuis?" Anti-Flowey asked "Honestly i didn't think this far" Alpha said with slight disappointment "I guess all Sansses aren't made equal" Anti-Flowey said as he scowred the room. Alpha looked around and found loads of papers and capturecards scattered throughout the place and then he saw a red folder lying amoungest the yellow ones, but just before he could open it " Hey trashbag, the secret elevator is this way come on" Anti-Flowey said as he waited outside the elevator. Alpha then went to walk to the elevator " HOLD IT RIGHT THERE DARLINGS" said a voice from the other side of the room in which Alpha and Anti-Flowey looked over to see Bio!Mettaton standing there.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey stared at Bio!Mettaton "Hi cuties, you dont look like you belong here. Now normally i would kill you or turn you in, but how about we play a game instead" Bio!Mettaton asked sweetly " How about we just kill you instead" Anti-Flowey said summoning veins and friendless pellets.

Bio!Mettaton then turned their right arm into a large cannon ballista aimed right for them " Shall i ask again?" Bio!Mettaton asked

In which Alpha and Anti-Flowey quickly shook their heads. "Good now this game shall be called "Tattle or Your gonna skedaddle" You must tell 1 horrible truth that you've kept from everyone you know ans love or otherwise I'll blast you and that ugly weed of yours to kingdomcom...hows that sound" Bio!Mettaton proposed.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey looked to each other and then nodded " Alright then we'll play your game" Anti-Flowey said with confidence, but Alpha was bit worried " Alright then lets begin, You each will be given a letter and whichever letter you get you must find a person in your life with a name that starts with that letter. Once you find that person i want you to say your deepest truth about that person into the mic" said Bio!Mettaton, Alpha and flowey then got their letters. Alpha was given a C and Flowey was given a A " Now say your biggest truth! Oh and if you lie I'll shoot you" Bio!Mettaton said as they handed them microphones and got ready to listen. " uhh i guess I'll go first, i actually think Alpha is.....a decent.....person" Anti-Flowey said with hesitation before hiding quickly after much to Alpha's confusion " I guess i should go, iv never liked Chara and not for the reason you think either its because I'm not really comfortable with gay or non-straight relationships or talks like that, but my brother...William...he's everything to him...without him i wouldn't be...well here, but i still can't look past those other parts of him, but the least i cam do is try to live with him and his life choices" Alpha said with some respect.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey soon got into the elevator leading down to the sub-lab, as Alpha and Flowey descended they remained quiet the whole ride through until eventually reaching the bottom of the laboratory and the entrance to the Sub-lab. the doors opened and in which Alpha and Anti-Flowey began to move through the underground lab, they came across hundreds of other Au inhabitants put into criostatus and even frozen to near stone, they then on their way found a room filled with millions upon millions of human souls which Anti-Flowey gawked at only to be reminded by his other that is was time to move on. "This place is a treasury, a place of riches unlike you or i have ever seen to leave it all behind for them to keep seems ill minded, wouldn't you say?" Anti-Flowey said wickedly " Even if these could be used against us we can't risk losing one of our own we must or will continue our search Alpha then turned his attention to Flowey WITH.NO.DETOURS." Alpha said with a stern tone as he then continued. Anti-Flowey scoffed and proceed with him. They continued to walk through the corridors only to find more and more sealed rooms "This isn't like any Au iv ever seen" Alpha said as he kept walking, he then turned a corner to find a large DT extractor sucking the DT out a Human soul the size of a truck "Get back" Alpha whispered as him and Flowey hid behind the corner of the hall "what? What is it?" Anti-Flowey asked. "I dont think we're alone down here" Alpha said.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey waited for a couple of minutes before moving past the scene and heading down another hallway

"Jesus we're never gonna find that stupid girl" Anti-Flowey said as he looked in another room filled with mannequins and some souls "Ok officially freaked out" Anti-Flowey said as they closed the door " Hey! Flowey over her i think found something" Alpha said peering into a open door in which Flowey came over and looked inside to see a computer with tons of files around it. " This must be it" Anti-Flowey said as he began to rummage through everything and Alpha went to the computer " Damn my brother is usually good at this stuff" Alpha said as he tried to guess the password. " Aren't you a sans? Just be smart and figure it out" Anti-Flowey said as he picked up a few papers staring at a few which had records of current events and even some events that had occurred within the Transvoid. As Flowey continued to read he read more and more unusual things such as " 92 has declared they are wishing to play in other fields", "The other siblings are looking to get involved" and "We've collected the salvage". All which made Flowey even more curious then ever, but eventually Alpha cracked the code to the computer and was already typing away and searching folders " It seems they've placed Betty in a place know as the "Concept Dome" think you cam find out where that is?" Alpha asked in which Anti-Flowey scratched at his head with a vein and kept going through folders looking for the key to their problem.

Alpha then found Betty's location on the monitor "There!" Alpha pointed on the screen as Flowey came over to look " Hey wait another subject is there, someone named 100 do you know who that is?" Anti-Flowey asked "Not a clue, but we should go" Alpha said as he left the room to Betty's location. Alpha and Anti-Flowey kept moving through the halls until they made it to the lab room where they found Betty completely naked in a giant container with wires and other science stuff all over her. Anti-Flowey whistled, but got hit by Alpha afterwards he then began to look for buttons to release Betty "Damnit really makes me wish William was here" Alpha said as he looked at all the buttons and nobs "Well where is your slacker?" Flowey asked ".....mourning a family member who passed...something I should be doing" Alpha said as he felt his weight increase on him ".....well come on we don't have all day, release the chick" Anti-Flowey said in which Alpha looked around for over minute, but after getting visibly frustrated he just summoned his DT blade and sliced the tank open in which Betty and the ooz slipped out of it. "Hey are you ok?" Alpha asked as he extended his hand to get Betty up, but instead Betty just stared at them for a long period of time "......Are they usua-" but right as Flowey spoke Betty let out a high pitched scream nearly making Flowey and Alpha deaf. Flowey covered Betty's mouth with Veins and tied her up

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!!" Anti-Flowey shouted as Alpha rubbed the side of his skull "I-I'm not sure, heh what's up with you?" Alpha asked as he got closer in which Betty began to kick and muffley scream away from Alpha "What the hell's going on it's like she can't sense my Alphatale code or something" Alpha said worried "I dont think its that" Flowey said as he looked at the green ooze on the floor and sniffed it " you don't mean...SHE'S BEEN BRAINWASHED!!!" Alpha shouted " No, I think she was heavily sedated" Anti-Flowey said in which Alpha looked slightly confused "...they gave her dumb dumb juice to keep her quiet" Anti-Flowey said "Oh got it" Alpha said.

Soon through they began to hear voices and loud footsteps from all over the facility

Alpha and Flowey then started to run down the hall with Betty "Where are we going Mr.Skeleton?" Betty asked "We're going home that's where" Alpha said holding Betty's hand as they ran, Anti-Flowey looked back down the hall and saw Bio!Asgore and Toriel down the hall chasing them "I don't mean to be rude, but THEY'RE COMING!!!" Flowey shouted in which Alpha grabbed Betty and Flowey and teleported to the ruins. Bio!Asgore and Toriel were visibly frustrated, but then ran back to tell Gaster who was also frustrated, but not worried " Well that went well he said as he rooted himself again so now what? Back the way we came?" Flowey said while Alpha put his coat around Betty "Thank you Mr.Skeleton" Betty said bowing "No problem sis, yes we're going out the way we came" Alpha said " oh no your not" said a voice down the hall. Alpha,Betty and Anti-Flowey looked to see Bio!Sans and Undyne.

Alpha and Anti-Flowey got in front of Betty as they blocked her from the two BioTale inhabitants " Don't be fools, hand over Betty and well make your deaths as quick and as painless as possible" Bio!Sans announced as he got ready to fight "....Seems like you've forgotten how we do things" Alpha said smirking as Anti-Flowey entangled Bio!Sans and Undyne letting Alpha and Betty run past them. Bio!Undyne used her spears to cut the veins in which Flowey then dipped into the ground before Sans could get him, Alpha and Betty keep running till they made it half way through the ruins when Bio!Sans appeared in front of them and kicked Alpha back grabbing Betty " See what happens when you don't listen" Bio!Sans said as he clenched Betty " Are we playing tag?" Betty said unaware " Now then you can die now thank you" Bio!Sans said as he fired a BioGama ray at Alpha which he began to run from, but suddenly a large red sword cut through the beam causing it explode when Bio!Sans turned around he was kicked in the face and sent flying over Alpha. Alpha looked to Alpha!Frisk " Frisk! oh man am I glad to see you" Alpha said running to him as Flowey appeared " Hey whats going on we done fighting?" Anti-Flowey said " What a handsome man" Betty said petting Frisk " Thought you could use my help" Alpha!Frisk smiles "Thanks" Alpha nodded as loud footsteps began to rain through the ruins " Go I'll hold them off!" Alpha!Frisk said as he unsheathed his DT Katana, Alpha, Flowey ad Betty looked at him as they ran off " Don't die" Alpha said to himself as Anti-Flowey got them out of BioTale leaving Alpha!Frisk behind.

Alpha, Flowey and Betty made it back to the pocket dimension where the rest of Alphatale was waiting and a few others " I see you made it and that Violet is safe" said the Astral Mother as Spaz and Grimm ran to Betty and hugged her " awww hugs are nice" Alpha!Betty said holding the two " Ah i see she's been tampered with, no worries I can fix in no time...where's Frisk?" The Astral Mother asked in which Alpha just looked away "...well sacrifices are necessary in order to achieve goals this is no different " she said as she began to drag Betty away, Alpha was going to say something, but he didn't instead he went to 404 who was staring at Infected's statue with Omni and Delios "You guys alright" Alpha said as he looked at it too " now what" Delios said trying to be optimistic " We need to stop BioTale at any cost, so long as they're alive we won't be able to live in peace, not just that either we also need to finish with this Multiverse business" 404 said to them in which they all shook their heads except for Omni who just stared at 404 " And what's your plan for Sol?" Omni said coldly as the others looked back at him except for 404 who simply stared at Infected. "Don't worry about Sol...I have a plan for him" 404 said as he put his hand on Infected's head " Do you all mind? I wanna say a few words" 404 said in which everyone left even Omni hesitantly walking away, 404 watched them leave and once they were out of earshot 404 looked back at Infected. " I know your not dead, I don't believe it for a second. You're always haunting me like some damn ghost even now you still smile like as if you won, well I got news for you I know your alive and when you do come back I'll put a end to you permanently...but I do thank you for saving everyone...perhaps that's why I wanna kill you...I want to remember you as you were Jacob" 404 said as he placed his head on Infected's.

404 then walked away from the statue and went back to everyone else where he saw Alpha!Betty walking back with his mother in her original clothes " I can't believe those damn skeletons got the better of me!! I'll make that Au pay in blood!" Shouted Alpha!Betty as they appeared enraged while the Astral Mother was calm " I think out main focus should be fixing the Multiverse right now, if we don't-" but Alpha was interrupted " Oh what, now your playing toy soldier with these people they don't even like us! Much less you!" shouted Alpha!Betty " You know I was hoping the first thing to come out of your mouth would have been a "Thank you", but I guess somethings are too good to be true" Alpha said annoyingly " Why you-" but before Betty could finish she was interrupted " Now that's quite enough, our main focus should be on trying to get of this Unnameables leftovers, but the problem is no matter what I inject the roots with they just come back, could it be this entity is just unkillable?" The Astral Mother pondered " Unnameables aren't just powerful they ARE power, they are highly dangerous and can adapt to pretty much any environment since they pretty much living in Nothingness. I'm afraid this Multiverse is a lost cause" Omni stated "How can you be so sure!?" Alpha said with worry

" Adam, I think it's best not to question the guy who's been in there for over a thousand years" Delios remarked in which Alpha looked away " Heh doing what exactly" 404 said smirking " More then you" Omni responded " Nothing like a boy playing hero" 404 said " Or god" Omni said as the two stared daggers at each other. "Either way, if we don't do something soon... this place will become a dung heap" said the Astral Mother

somewhere in Swapfell Gold, Rock and Tint were knocking out and killings few other Au inhabitants

" You know Tint I'm getting pretty tired of beating up randos why don't we actually do something" Rock said as he finished off Toriel with a quick whack from crowbar " No, best we don't get involved those people are nothing's but trouble he began to cipher the creativity of a few inhabitants especially Alphatale" Tint said as assumed his creativity "Yea they are, but you would know that hu? Seeing as your one of them" Rock remarked in which Tint turned to him.

"Watch it Rock" Tint threatened

"And what are you gonna do sprinkles" Rock replied

Soon the rest of Alphatale soon left the pocket dimension in search of solution to their situation, but soon after BioTale would arrive looking for them and their lost lab rat. As they looked around Bio!Gaster came upon Infected's statue and saw it, he heard whispers and faint screams coming from it 'We'll take this, Papyrus, Undyne! Come and get this we'll be taking it" Bio!Gaster said as he walked further ahead "What? Why?" Asked Bio!Papyrus "Because the radars are picking up high amounts of cosmic energy from that statue and, we should at least bring something back to show we're working don't you think" Bio!Gaster said turning back around in which Papyrus and Undyne got to work on taking the statue.

everyone was in Anti-Void from Alphatale to the other Aus associated with it, they all gathered in order to plan for a way to fix their large problem " I say screw it! All that's happening now is that we're just prolonging the inevitable" said D+ as he leaned against one of the large black trees along with his other killer associates "Yes, but leave everyone to their fates!? Unacceptable!" Shouted Alpha with Muffet by his side " Don't be a fool Adam, these people don't owe us anything all we're doing is just helping them prolong death now" said Alpha!Muffet in which Alpha looked away ashamed and yet angry all the same "I say forget about this place, we have a better chance of surviving if we go now" said Omni turned form everyone "I have to agree with the Hero here, this place isn't good for us no more" 404 said in which caused a bit of a uproar " So what!? Are you just gonna fuck us then leave!?!" Shouted Fell.B " So your all just gonna leave while everything is falling apart!" Shouted Swap.W " Everythings already fallen apart, your just too blind to see it" said Another as he sat down on a root. Syno began to walk away "Hey faggot where you off to?" Said D+ " Well since everyone's pretty much saying fuck it, I'm just getting the fuck out of here and to where I belong " said Syno as he walked through the woods " Well good luck Alphatale" said Another as he left as well, but before he could go he got pushed aside by Core!Frisk running past him "Alpha! 404! We need your help!" Core!Frisk said in plead " Don't you think its rude to interrupt a meeting little child?" The Astral Mother said " Please you have to come with me, giant mushroom men are attacking Aus all over and we can't hold off against them" said Core.

"We're on it" Alpha said as a few others nodded their heads, 404 looked at his hands and saw he was beginning to glitch out "Are you already running out...404 touched the ground please stay with us...Mainframe" 404 said with plead

Back at BioTale, Bio!Gaster was watching the moments of the Mushroom Army as they ran down countless Aus and killed hundreds at a time, He then rose from his room in the secret laboratory and proceeded towards the DT extraction room where he found Sans and Alphys "Report" Bio!Gaster said in which Sans and Alphys turned to him " The DT Extractor is almost finished soon we'll have enough for another bombing my lord" Alphys replied " Yes and we may even have enough to refuel Frisk once again" said Sans "Perfect well, done and how are you two doing?" Asked Gaster " Well sir, iv been thinking of taking some RnR for brief moment, but only because of all the action going on recently" Alphys said as she fixed her posture a bit "hmp, well I on the other hand can't wait for out next outing sir those Alphatale scumbags won't know what hit'em!" Sans said with confidence. "I'm glad to hear your both...doing well, but I must go I have some guest to greet excuse me" Gaster said as he continued walking past them and down the hall. As he did he would hear Undyne shouting in the next room, he peered in to see her interrogating Alpha!Frisk who had his face beaten in and his fingers broken, Gaster left and continued down the hall to a locked room. He put his hand on the door and the door opened revealing the Statue of Infected sitting in the center of the room " The first Killer, if only we could have seen you in action. Unfortunately we'll have to make due with how you are now, but I do think we could get something extraordinary out this. Alphys and Sans mentioned before that your body even though has been destroyed your mind has yet to be tampered with which mean all we need to do is just figure out how to get you out of that and we should be good to go, perhaps we could convert the DT Extractor into something that we can get your mind out of that petrified figure...worth a shot" Bio!Gaster said as he sat down in a desk in the room tired.

somewhere dark

" I can't feel my hands, I cant feel my feet...w-where am i?" Said a worried voice " Don't panic I'm sure we'll find a way out of here" said a reassuring voice " A-Alright, but I can't see you..where are you?" Asked the worried Voice " I...I don't know, but I'm trying to find that out too" said the Reassuring Voice when suddenly a strange green light began to appear "W-wait I see something" said the worried voice "Yeah me too" said the reassuring voice as they began to go towards it. *out of the darkness Bio!Gaster, Sans and Alphys rigged the DT Extractor to begin sucking out Infected's magic and energy in Hope's of getting Infected himself back, but instead the extractor ended up sucking out a matured older Jacob right out of the statue "WHAT THE HELL!?" shouted Bio!Gaster in which Sans and Alphys then turned off the machine letting Jacob fall to the floor. " Who is that" asked Bio!Sans as he poked him with his foot " How is that even possible? We weren't trying to get him, just the Emery and magic inside of the statue...unless" Alphys said as she grew worried "This boy is the source" Gaster said. Then out of the remains of the statue a strange purple fluid began to come out and crawl towards the vents, but using his blue magic Sans captured the fluid and put it in a testing tube locking it in there

" what in 92s name is going on" said Bio!Sans as he stared at the liquid which tried to jump at him from the glass " I think whenever this guy turned into that petrified state perhaps he also slept from his other magic and energy or maybe even his own self? It's still unclear we're gonna have to run test to be sure" said Bio!Alphys "I'll call Undyne over to help with the boy" she said as she left with Sans behind her, Gaster continued to watch in shock " This is turning out even better then I hoped, but we'll see how long that hope last" Bio!Gaster said as he walked away. Jacob then opened his eye as began to notice he couldn't see well out of one his eyes "W-What the hell..." Jacob said as he got weakly

Jacob got up and looked around "What is this?" Jacob asked as he stumbled around, he then noticed the large jar of purple ooze " Jacob put his hand on the jar is that you...Infected" Jacob said looking at it all while getting a familiar vibe from the thing.

Suddenly Bio!Gaster and Bio!Sans came in seeing Jacob

"Who are you?" Jacob asked "We're here to help, come along and we can aid you I promise" Bio!Gaster said as he extended his hand, but before Jacob could grab it the whole place shook violently causing objects of all sorts to fall shelves and the shelves themselves to fall as well " Sir" Bio!Sans said " What was that???" Jacob asked worryingly " That was the first warning we should get going, come my boy we are just about ready to leave" Bio!Gaster said grabbing Jacob's hand and walking back the way they came "Leave? Wha- I don't understand" jacob said " in due time you will, but for now we must leave the war going on down there isn't our problem" Bio!Gaster said " But sit what about Alphatale?" Bio!Sans said "Oh don't worry about them, they'll live I'm certain of it, but it would be nice if they died" Bio!Gaster said as all three of them left the lab.

" So tell me boy with all 9f that power inside you how do you control it?" Bio!Gaster asked impatiently " Control? Power? I don't know what your talking about! Where's Ares and my Mother!?" Jacob said looking down hallways as they passed, Gaster looked at him, but kept going. *Eventually BioTale would detach itself from the Multiverse and just hover above it, Bio!Undyne tied up Jacob with chains and tons of rope and then tied him to a tree " Sir not that I don't have faith in you...i..i don't think that rope will hold him" Bio!Sans said with worry as he stepped back " Didn't you hear before Sans, He has no idea what he's capable of or that any thing even happened Gaster ran to Jacob and punched him in the gut in which shook everyone else in fear as they backed up......see nothing happened, he has no power here, we took out of him earlier with the Extractor" Bio!Gaster said as he looked at Jacob wincing in pain " Sir be careful! He may not be showing anything, but his brain functions are off the scales!" Bio!Alphys shouted with worry " Yea doctor get away from him it's too dangerous!" Shouted Asgore and Toriel, but Bio!Gaster continued to look and stare in joy as Jacob did nothing. He then lifted Jacob's head up to see he had passed out

"Hehehe see that? Hes out like a wench, Like I said before we took his power earlier. We're gonna run some test on it an-" but before he could finish Bio!Gaster ripped his hand away from Jacob for his hand was beginning to sizzle and burn in which the others ran to him " SIR! Are you ok!?" Asked Papyrus worried " Yea good 92 he nearly burnt my hand off" Bio!Gaster said putting his hand in some snow, but as he did the temperatures began to rise everyone then noticed the ropes around Jacob began to burn away with the chains as well. "What the hell is he!?!" Bio!Toriel shrieked as everyone backed away from Jacob as the heat around him began to melt the snow and ground and soon the tree behind him caught ablaze and buried causing Jacob to fall down head first.

Once Jacob fell down the temperature began to stabilize and everyone looked at one another in shock, They then threw Jacob in cell and locked it

Jacob woke up and heard banging and fighting in the room next to his, he put his ear to it and heard fighting between two people. He then backed up as he saw Bio!Undyne walk past his door, he stayed quiet waiting for her to leave before calling out "Hey anyone else here?!" Jacob shouted hoping for a response " Jacob?" said a voice "...Frisk?" Jacob questioned " Yea it's me, what the hell are you doing here? Why aren't you dead?" Alpha!Frisk said " I-I don't know, but I'm gonna try to find a way out of this for us" Jacob said looking around his room " Ha! "Us" yea right you mean you, I don't know about you, but not foolishly enough to trust your boney-ass you pipsqueak" Alpha!Frisk said fixing their nose " Look whatever iv don't to hurt you, whatever I did while I was...the other guy...I'm truly sorry" Jacob apologized, but was only met with silence.

Jacob sat down against the wall unaware Frisk was doing the same, the two sat for hours as they could hear the rumbling and loud explosions coming from their home down below

"....there's a war going on isn't there" Jacob said "...Yea" Alpha!Frisk said getting the last of the surgical needles out of his legs "I hope everyone is ok" Jacob said "Hey, stop trying to sound guilty or sad...your just sound pathetic besides the who the hell you fooling anyway" Alpha!Frisk said getting off the last of the slime " Sorry" Jacob said " What did I just say" Alpha!Frisk said " Right" Jacob replied. The two sat there for a couple more hours yet again. The explosions and rumbling got worse and worse like as if the multiverse was going to explode at any minute , but it didn't Jacob heard Frisk grunt and wince " You alright?" Jacob asked " Hmp, these fools have been testing on me like a mad rat...filling me up with different soul traits only for them not to work...I fear they may try something else though" Alpha!Frisk said readjusting his shoulder "...yes me too" Jacob said.

Jacob and Frisk were trapped for 3 days as they were subjugated to many test and experiments, While Jacob was forced to try to take in other souls with no avail Frisk on the other hand was forced to be injected with the hate trait and fight to test its results. The war raged on without them for a long while until for moments at a time silence would break through and give the two some thought. Jacob was brought in once again to Bio!Gaster's office, as he came he saw the purple ooze on his desk contained in a jar with Gaster " My my you really are something special and yet your body won't accept another soul, the weird ones you have now are apparently stopping the transfusion either that or that other thing in you" Bio!Gaster said in annoyance "...." Jacob remained silent "...hmp I'm sure you must be tired of being weak isn't that what turned you in the first place?" Bio!Gaster said, but he wouldn't get a answer for Jacob knew what game he was playing "....stubborn brat, DO you-" but before he could finish Bio!Gaster got a call on his desk phone as he took it Jacob looked around the room and saw that his old tome the statue was all but reduced to pieces and that the room had been tampered with "You'll have to excuse me, me and few other associates have to chat with our savior pray that I forget your here" Bio!Gaster said as he left the room slamming the door. Jacob the heard clattering and shaking, he looked over at the counter and saw the purple ooze trying to get out tipping the jar until it shattered on the floor. Jacob looked in shock only to see a blooby oozed version of Infected appear.

Suddenly the lights go out, then a bright light appears at the end of hallway. Jacob looks at it for a long moment before making his way to it, but then he hears the sound of distorted groaning and screams from behind him and as he turned around a dim shaky light appeared in which he then saw Infected appear from the darkness dragging his extended fingers along the wall " Who you running from Jacob" Infected said with a twisted grin that spread all over his face as he got closer, Jacob began running away towards the bright light. As Jacob ran the bright light got farther and farther away and Infected only got closer and closer Until finally Infected grabbed Jacob covering his mouth as he screamed , Infected then smashed Jacob's face open allowing for photos and toys to pour out his skull. Once the worthless stuff left Infected removed his face and put it where Jacob's was "....It's always this way" Infected said grinning " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Infected laughed disturbingly, Jacob then woke up in puddle of sweat. He got up and looked around and found everything to be fine then a door opened with Bio!Gaster on the otherside " Alright let's go" Gaster said as jacob followed.

Jacob followed Bio!Gaster back to his cell room and was told to wait there, Jacob say down against the wall, but it wasn't long before he had company and saw Infected sitting across from him " Do you honestly think you'll get out of here on your own?, You need me...admit it" Infected said sitting across from. Jacob only replied in silence " Oh don't be cute, you think that if you make out of here your family will accept you just because you look like someone they use to know, HA! What a joke! No one ever loved anyone for being themselves that's the way the world works" Infected said spitting, but Jacob didn't listen he just kept his eyes closed and tried to drift away " HEY ARENT YOU!-" Infected was then interpreted by D2 walking in front of him " Stay back" D2 said shakingly, standing up to Infected " Heh, or what twig? Don't you know? Me and the kid are inseparable! He called out to me when things got bad and he always will! Violence is and always will be his first resort" Infected chuckled as he slipped away into the darkness. D2 took a breath and looked at Jacob sleeping " Don't you worry Jacob...imma take care of you...whatever that may mean in the end" D2 said as he sat down next to him.

Back with the Alphatale cast, 404 sat down at a root looking and feeling his powers drain Everyone had left to help out with the ongoing war, but 404 was left behind due to his lack of strength "Damn, I should be out there right now...but I'm stuck here instead" 404 said sloping over, until suddenly Loading appeared in front of him causing 404 to fall backwards startled " Hey 404 I need you...what are you doing on the ground?" Loading asked " I wasn't" 404 said getting up and dusting himself off " sign what do you want Loading" 404 asked " I'm sure you've realized it, but the Mainframe is dying....I don't know what else I can do... so I figured if I came to you, you and your weird possy of degenerates could come up with some weird sci-fi way to fix it" Loading said sarcastically " Even if we knew a way to help, where in the hell could we find a entity or power source strong enough to recharge this reality much less this Multiverse" 404 Said " Maybe you don't get it, but unless we do something all to the Multiverses in this reality including this one will cease to exist if we don't take of this problem that you and I only know about everything as we know it will be gone" Loading described . 404 thought about for a second and then answered " Well I guess I have no choice, but I'll only do it under one condition" 404 said putting a hand up " THE ENTIRE FATE OF REALITY IS AT RISK AND YOU WANT A GODDAMN FAVOR!?" Loading yelled " Don't start with me, now then here's what I want"

404 then began to tell Loading what he wanted. Soon the two found each other sitting down with 404 eating a casing of stale 2 week old cookies " Your such an idiot" Loading said as 404 munched down on his favorite sweets with a huge grin.

404 then finished his cookies and looked down "man that was good" 404 said patting his pants " Can we go now" Loading said " And do what? Wonder around for days wondering in where to look? No I have a better idea, why don't we use a bei-" 404 was then interrupted " No!" Loading shouted " You didn't even hear what I had to say" 404 said annoyed " You were gonna suggest we use one of those alien things that came here before to recharge the Mainframe well it ain't happening! Their the ones who caused this and I ain't gonna risk that, so use your brain cells for something else why dont cha" Loading said crossing his arms " Oook then Hmmm 404 then thought about using Aus to refuel it since they all came from the MaineFrame...but he decided not to tell the idea to Loading...well I got nothing" 404 said putting his hands in his sleeves. Loading rolled his eye and then looked away pissed. 404 tried think of another way, but had nothing come to mind same for Loading until 404 did get one " I got it, I'll call up some help" 404 said " This is no time for phone-" but Loading would be interrupted by 404 present his Conduit soul. Loading looked in aww at it for ye had never seen such a thing or at least nothing like it " What the hell" Loading said in shock.

Loading stared at the weird soul for a long time " what the hell is that?" Loading said curious " It's a long story, but I think I can use this to contact some help " 404 said as he began to concentrate trying to contact Death.

Somewhere in Reality 7, Death was standing over the corpse of a dead Hydra when he began to feel a tug on his soul

"William is that you?" Death said as he took the soul of the beast " Ye, I need your help Death this is urgent. There's easy way to say this, but my reality is dying and I need some weird magical voodoo nonsense to help us here" 404 said " Hmmm perhaps I can get in contact with Knowledge he usually knows how to fix these sort of things" Death said as he disconnected. " how's it going?" Loading asked " He put me on hold" 404 answered as the two patently waited.

Death then returned to the telepathic call " I just got the word from knowledge, he told be about a special flower at the White Horizon that could possibly help with cleansing your world, it's a purple lily. You need to find it amounted the white ones down there" Death said " I see...anyway you can assist us by any chance?" 404 said " Unfortunately not, Truth is still our main motive, but once we find them we'll assist you and your world however we can" Death said " Thanks Death your a lifesaver" 404 said immediately regretting his words "....thanks, I'll be seeing you" Death said as he disconnected.

404 put his conduit soul back and began to rethink his social skills

"Well how'd it go?" Loading said " Well, I got some good news and bad " 404 said as he began to explain what he was told

" What a out laddish thing to say "Loading said looking away " It's the truth, I trust the Conduits and they haven't let me down yet, come on Loading can't we just work together just this once" 404 said " Ha! Work with you, your all filled with pathetic emotions and even more pathetic goals. In fact if it weren't for you or your stupid family none of this would be happening" Loading remarked " isn't the time to play the blame game, every second we waste arguing hundreds of people are dying and the Mainframe grows weaker by the second as well. Now do you care for it or not" 404 said, Loading without hesitation went to 404's face " If this doesn't work 404, I'll be sure to use whatever code you have left to build a swing set" Loading said backing away " Now what,how do we get there?" Loading said " The Conduits should be able to teleport us there" 404 said waiting.

suddenly a large white light teleported 404 and Loading away

in the Omega timeline, Core!Frisk had left with the members of Alphatale to help with the war against the Mushroom Army. While they we're gone Ink!Sans arrived at the Omega timeline very damaged and disheveled limping and falling over

"INK!" Shouted a few Aus as they came over to help him get up " You alright?" Asked a random Asgore in which Ink's head then opened up and devoured everyone around leaving everyone else in shock "heh sorry, but your stories won't be forgotten" Ink said then looked towards the last few remaining Aus in the Omega timeline " I would say sorry, but this is for your own good so I won't " Ink said as he started walking towards them only for Error to appear moments later " Still chasing me?" Ink said " Only because your acting insane squid" Error said getting ready to fight. Ink then turned around quickly and then dashed towards Error in which Error did the same only for a large blue wall to catch the two, they then looked towards who it was and saw Another!Sans standing before them " Who the hell is that?" Error said " I can sense some weird magic in him tho, you must be from one those outer Aus" Ink remarked " The power you both have isn't made for this world or anyone else, I'm gonna have to ask you two stop this fighting, I don't want to do things the hard way, but if you ask for it you shall receive." Another announced to them

Ink and Error simply stared

" This "power" allows me to feel the emotions that everyone else could and allows me to do things I never could, why would I give that!? Do you not want me to be happy!?" Ink said " Don't be fooled by this idiot! He'll say anything in order to get his way, and you know it Ink! Your manipulative and vile, your trick others into helping you so you don't feel forgotten or left behind, Hell! You care about the creators so much that your willing to throw everything away just to be seen in their good Grace's! Tell me Ink when the creators die and there's no one left to care about you...was it all worth it? Or will you die with them like the obedient dog that you are" Error said " YOU BASTARD!!!!" Ink shouted as he lifted up parts of the Anti-Void and began to throw them at Ink along with sharp ink shards, but a quick ray blast destroyed the large columns while leaving Error to doge the shards. Ink looked towards Another and saw that the blast came from him " You" Ink growled.

Ink then charged towards Another who then opened his eyes disintegrating Ink instantaneously much to Error's surprise

" Holy-" Error said in shock unable to finish his sentence " I warned you" Another said as he closed his eyes again.

Ink then began to regenerate while screaming from the pain as Another and Error watched

" WHY YOU LITTLE- DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD I WORK EVERYDAY TO KEEP THE GAZE OF THE CREATORS ON ME!? HOW LONG IV WORKED TO GET TO WHERE I AM!?!? I WILL NOT HAVE EVERYTHING IV WORKED FOR TAKEN AWAY FROM ME BY SOME STUPID AU THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!!!" Ink said as he fully reformed " I wanna help you Ink, but you need to calm-" but before Another could finish he was struck with a hard and sharp Ink shard, but then Ink looked again and saw he was still staring at him even though he got hit.

" Guess it's the hard way" Another said.

Ink then jumped back away from Anorher and Error " Tch! You don't know anything about us" Ink said " Heheh in fact why am I even listing to you glitchy, All you've ever been good for is being shipped with me and stupid fan-fics, Your nothing but a joke, the creators put us with you because it only makes sense Heheh" Ink said with malicious intent " Ink! Please don't let the power control you, its grip on you is-" but before Another could finish he was then interrupted by Error beside him " Didn't you hear me Another? I told you THAT is Ink, Ink at his purest...selfish and vile like I said" Error said as he stared down Ink " As I lied in that tree from before I dreamt , I dreamt of multiple white dots all surrounded by large figures in white picking them apart and replacing them with other pieces...those were the creators, each and every single one picking apart at a piece of the Multiverse or another throwing out what they saw as bad and putting in what they determined as good. They didn't even care if it was someone else's world they were destroying so long as it fit in their perfect world with perfect little people and as for the pieces they discarded they would pile up in the darkness turning into a large dung heap of forgotten wishes and dreams along with dead light. Your just like them Ink, That's why they like you so much because they love to LOOK AT THEMSELVES!!" Error shouted out.

Ink screamed in anger as his body began to melt and deteriorate, but soon his body would begin to turn into Ink mixed with a hard coat of oil

" DAMN YOU!!! whimpers DAMN YOU ERROR!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE I HATE.....YYYYYYYOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!" Ink said as his body began to puss up and build and expand, the other Aus in the omega timeline began to run away as the scene was too much " I'M SO TIRED OF YOUR FACE, OF YOUR STUPID SARCASM AND EVEN WORSE YOUR PATHETIC AND ANNOYING FUCKING EXISTENCE!!!" Ink said as his body continued to grow worse and worse. "What the hell is happening to him" Error said " That strange power from that being is feeding off his Emotions, where the beings are pure you all are not, which is why such power isn't meant for anyone else" Another said getting ready to fight in which Error did the same " I'LL KILL YOU!! KILL YOU ALL!!! SO THAT WHEN-WHEN ITS ONLY ME AROUND THE CREATORS WILL GIVE ME ALL THE ATTENTION AND LOVE I DESERVE!!!" Shouted Ink " And as for you Error hehehe, that little comment of yours..." Ink said as his body turned into a distorted mess of Ink, oil and god knows what else.


Everyone began to run and leave the Omega Timeline as the Inkmation roared an ungodly roar shaking the very Anti-Void it stood above " Oh my god" Error said staring at the beast " No, there is no god here today just us" Another said as he began to go towards it " Wait a minute! Don't you think this is above us!?" Error said feeling doubtful, but Another just continued to walk forward " I don't care what you are, but I won't let you ruin this world and everyone in it" Another said as ye opened his eyes taking away a whole chunk from the Inkmation, but it just regrew itself faster and then it began to drag itself along swinging and smashing at Another who dodged his attacks easily. Another then shot out large beams of plasma piercing the abomination as he jumped back and avoided getting hit Error could only watch as the fight went on for he was still in shock at what Ink had become, Another kept firing on Another, but couldn't hit him with any attacks. The Inkmation then lifted its head upwards as light began to pierce through its body, Another and Error looked on in horror as a large black ball then began to form above its mouth covered in a dripping oil and ink like substance Error then turned his head towards Another " LOOK OUT!!!" Error shouted in which Another looked at him shocked. The Inkmation then nearly instantly shot the Black sphere at Another, Another teleported out of the way as he and Error watched as the large Black sphere kept going until it broke out of the Multiverse " Unreal" Error said in pure horror

The Black sphere hovered outside the reach of the Multiverse and then wandered intona group of other and once it made contact with them immediately detonated destroying Hundreds of thousands of Multiverses and lighting up the empty void with its power Error looked in shock at the light, but Another looked in horror for only he could truly see what had truly happened.

The Inkmation then completely went limp as it fell into sludge

The Inkmation's right eye then began to move and soon would burst spilling loads of fluids and bones and organs and Ink as well " What the Fuck is going on!" Error shouted as he looked at the mess only to see Ink rise up again looking quite different " I got to stop him,before he cam evolve!" Another said as he got read to shoot at Ink. Ink then moved at an intense speed and then shoved both his arms through Another's skull through his eye sockets, but not before Another could shoot Ink the face giving him a nasty scar on his face "Damn I was hoping that you wouldn't get me, oh well there's always room for improvement" Ink said as he tossed Another to the side and them dodged a blast from Error, "Nice digs Ink, hope you don't mind be thrashing them" Error said getting ready to fight. But as Error pointed his arm at Ink he began to feel his arm move and quiver towards him, Ink's pupils dialated and Error's arm rose and shot him in the head Error layed on the ground paralyzed "I told you you'd bleed for those words, now I just need the power you have and I can kill you proper" Ink said as he grabbed Error's arm. but then Ink looked over saw someone approaching with Core, Ink looked up and saw Omni standing before him " Heh what's with the cape? You some kind if hero" Ink said sarcastically "You could say that" Omni said.

" So what can you do?" Ink said looking at him " I bet your creator loved superman or something or nah maybe it was-" but before Ink could finish, omni started his piece " Yea we're done here, You clearly are insane and aren't yourself, but I do hope this place gets a new ink soon." Omni said as electricity sparked from " Wait wha-" But before Ink could say anything Omni shot forward at Instant speed going straight through Ink instantaneously and appearing again behind him. Omni turned around as he saw Ink fall split apart right down the middle, Another, Core and Error all looked in shock as well as the Aus remaining in the omega timeline, but soon it would be filled with cheers as everyone rushed towards Omni and hugged and shook his hand, but all that was on Omni's mind was how lame that was " Woah Core who's the boyfriend?" Error said getting up " He's not my boyfriend!" Core said as they ran over to Omni hugging him " Thank you so much for helping us, Ink was right you are a hero!" Core said as many other nodded and agreed, but all Omni could think about was his brother " Hey mister, does this mean your gonna stop the war too?" Asked another Au "...I'll try, but I got something on my mind" Omni said as he walked away. "Wait!" Core said trialing behind Omni " Hm?" Omni said turning around to face Core " If you ever have need of a home, this place will always be open to you" Core said smiling in which Omni pat their head and walked off "Where will u go now Omni?" Another asked. "I'm gonna go find my Brother, he statue was taken a couple of days ago and I need to track it down....I think I have a good idea where it is" Omni said as he kept walking off and soon teleporting away.

In the Uniesphere

"Looking at all of them now makes their choices all feel meaningless...they'll come to me, but will they succeed? No, most definitely not." Sol said as he stared at Top Hat Sol regenerating himself "There's still much to do, but with those Conduits and beings all over the place it makes things difficult to do secretively, the burden of being a god is beyond me" Sol said as he created a large wine class showing the lives of every person who has and ever will live " Each and every single one of them will fall eventually, but if that is to be me who's to thing I know I do need is that second book, but that damned walking lizard is such a pain....damn you power must you be difficult on me even now" Sol said reminiscing about older times Sol then saw Omni kill Ink " It seems out little book Keeper is starting to get more and more good at his job and not only that he will be too good soon....maybe even for me, unfortunately thanks to his stupid Conduit brother I can't simply grab him and kill oh no everything is "fair" now, well if that's the case then I need to start playing the game" Sol said as he looked in the glass spinning it around "Oh but who to pick, none of these fools really suit me well" Sol then began to spin the glass looking at each individual he knew about " I need someone who I can really mess, someone to throw a wrench in their little plans" Sol said looking at them. He then saw something something that caught his eye " Ah yes now that looks like a great chess piece" Sol said as he dipped his finger into the glass " I think its my turn to start playing" Sol said.

Spaz sat down on a tree in ReaperTale watching everyone riot and fight against each and some remaining Mushroom entities

Spaz watched as they slaughtered them, it truly feels like the Multiverse is going through a a great big cocoon he thought to himself. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the woods next to him and he immediately sprung into action landing on the ground and then firing a sharp blade towards the darkness "It's only you damn mime" said the Astral Mother as she walked out of the bushes pulling a blade out her shoulder "Nice shot though i see you'v been practicing" she said as she looked towards the fighting, but Spaz remained silent as she spoke " Look at it #2, the fighting, it's all a part of the big circle she spread her arms out as if hugging the dark sky Can't you see it, Once Phase 2 is finished then we can begin with the purging and reformation just like we said...the only problem though are those damn brats Spaz looked to her THOSE DAMN CHILDREN OF MINE ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF OBSTACLES IN MY WAY! I SHOULD HAVE CRUSHED THEIR EGGS IN MY WOMB WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE!!! No but i needed them, we couldn't have gotten this far without them...yes soon it will be only a matter of time, before all of this i thought that no power on this realm could help to reaching my true goal, but now i see that that's not true. heheeh that fool he'll hunt down the truth even if it kills him guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree" The Astral Mother preached as she closed her arms around herself. Spaz then turned around in a quickness only to see a figure standing on top of a Gaster Blaster high above them covered in darkness "Who the-WHO DARES!? LOOKING FOR SOME KIND OF DEATH WISH?!!" Shouted the Astral Mother " Hmp not at all, in fact i see a audience with you Wendy" said the figure much to the Astral Mother's surprise "Alright what do you want then" she growled.

"I want what nobody has, i want the ability, the ability to make a true choice in this messed up world, the ability to change everything around us with a single snap of a finger and i know your the kind of women who can help me reach those goals" said the figure "What exactly is this choice then?" she asked. "Oh my dear isn't it obvious... THE.CHOICE.TO.END.THE.WORLD"

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