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Chapter 5 Chapter 7

In the Anti-Void millions of AUs have gathered in the presence of King Multiverse looking for answers,comfort and perhaps even orders on what to do next "My loyal subjects and citizens, I'm am ever so grateful to be king again and that you all are as loyal as ever. It is only in my best interest to help and secure you all within a safe and better place. The Multiverse isn't lost yet and we can all fix that by—" but King Multiverse was interrupted with a odd holographic message...

[Missing Admin, Locating...]

[Unfound...Permissions and Rights now given to Asset 3]

[Name: PhotoNegative Sans/King Multiverse]

[Have a nice day sir]

The holographic message the disappeared and with that King Multiverse's eyes shrunk with shock, he had never been truly in charge before "H-He's gone? and I'm... I'm... I'm in charge." King Multiverse said to himself as he looked at his hands "Um sir, the people" Said Delta!Sans standing by King Multiverse as the crowd grew quiet with curiosity and a hint of worry "Um sir?" Delta!Sans said as he grabbed King Multiverse's shoulder "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?" shouted King Multiverse to Delta grabbing him with by both arms "Ummm sir don't quite understand" Delta said as King Multiverse pushed him away "Of course you wouldn't you damn fool...heheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" King Multiverse said laughing. The AUs all looked at each other in worry and concern for they're king "I can't believe it, I'm in charge...which...which means i can do anything i TRULY want" King Multiverse said as his attention turned to Delta who was still shook up from what had happened "Heheheh" King Multiverse chuckled as he grabbed Delta by the arm violently and threw him down the stairs of his throne and towards the people "KING MULTIVERSE WHY!!!!?!" Delta shouted as he fell down the stairs

"I NO LONGER HAVE NEED OF A COUNCIL FOR I AM KING AND MY WORD IS LAW!!!" King Multiverse shouted for everyone to hear.

Everyone looked up at King Multiverse in concern and others in fear as they all looked to one another, Delta looked up from the ground at his King, but then someone picked up Delta and got him to his feet. Delta looked to see who helped him and saw Omni helping him "Who are you?" Delta asked "A man on a mission" Omni said as he began to walk up the stairs to King Multiverse "YES EVERYONE LOOK TO ME NOW AND UNDERSTAND THAT I AND I ALONE AM THE ONE IN CHARGE" King Multiverse shouted to everyone " King Multiverse!" shouted Omni in which the Aus and King Multiverse all looked to towards Omni who stopped his movement "I must have words with you, I need the location to where my brother has gone" Omni shouted to him "And just who are you to order me around A KING!" King Multiverse shouted back "I am Omnipotent Sans" replied Omni in which everyone collectively gasped and began to talk amongst themselves and mummer "The god?" someone said "Isn't he the guy who helped in taking out those weird creatures?" someone else said "Yea and King Multiverse was nowhere to be found when all that occurred" someone else replied, King Multiverse looked at everyone in annoyance.

"ENOUGH!!" King Multiverse shouted to which everyone got quiet again Omni looked at King Multiverse

"I dont care who you are, You are still a inhabitant of this Multiverse are you not? Which means you will listen and obey my words and not vice versa" King Multiverse said as he put his hands up to calm the crowd "I'm not asking for much, just his location, i know you can tell me, you can use whatever weird code powers you have to trace him" Omni said "Just who is this brother of yours, he must be important if you wish him back so eagerly" said King Multiverse "His name is Jacob....but he's more famous for his other alias Infected" Omni said in which everyone freaked out and screamed. "The Au Killer" King Multiverse said to himself in fear. Everyone grew heavy with fear all except for Omni himself "Y-Your related to that monster....which means you and 404 are..N-NO!" King Multiverse stumbled back in his chair "T-This can't be happening, but i just got the power and now they're back to put me down again...w-why?" King Multiverse said as he sweat "Look i dont have time for this drama from the lot of you, tell me where he is" Omni said "I will not lose all that i'v earned, and all that i'v been given to some pompous nobodies who think that they can JUST COME HERE AND TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM ME!!!" King Multiverse shouted in which Omni rolled his eyes and teleported in front of King Multiverse and kicked him through his chair and off his throne. Everyone gasped at the sight " SUBJECTS COME TO ME! PROTECT ME!!" King Multiverse said in which everyone began to move towards the throne only for Omni to send out a warning shot from his third eye at the feet of the first man in front of the crowd.

Everyone stopped and looked up at Omni who was sending daggers back towards them, everyone halted they're pursuit. "It's time to end this charade King Multiverse" Omni said as he turned to him again "Yes...Yes your right, a King should always weed out the wrong doers BY HIMSELF!!" King Multiverse shouted as hundreds of Judgment chains wrapped around Omni and lifted him up into the sky " DON’ T DO THIS! I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO DETHRONE YOU IN FRONT OF EVERYONE YOU FOOL!!" Omni threatened " Hehehehe, they called you a "god", but from where i'm standing you just look like a kid in a red blanket" King Multiverse said as singe chain came in front of him and he grabbed it " Omnipotent hu? How about we put that name to the test" King Multiverse said as he wrapped the chain around his arm and began to swing Omni around in the air until finally slamming him to the ground with a loud boom putting Omni far away from the people and beneath King Multiverse again.

Omni got up and looked back at King Multiverse only for hundreds of Blaster to get sent his way, Omni few backwards dodging them and destroying them with his eye blast "I don’t have time to play with you" Omni said as King Multiverse mounted his own Blaster and got ready to take off "Wait sir" Delta said as he grabbed King Multiverse's arm "Isn't Omni on our side!? he tried to save us why would you attack?!?" Delta said with plead and worry "YOU FOOL LET GO! IF HE LIVES THEN I'LL NEVER BE KING!!" King Multiverse shouted as he punched Delta back and flew off. Delta stared in shock. Omni kept flying backwards avoiding conflict for as much as he could, More chains came and wrapped around his legs "Shit" Omni said as the chains lifted him up again and slammed him to the ground " YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE AU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT DESTROY THIS MULTIVERSE FROM THE INSIDE AND RUINING EVERYTHING WE HOLD DEAR OUT!!! I’M PUTTING A END TO THAT NOW!!!" King Multiverse shouted as all his blasters locked onto Omni and got ready to fire "Is that what you really think or is that just what the people want to hear" Omni said as he stared at King Multiverse in which King Multiverse's face twisted with anger and rage " ARGHHHHH!!!!! YOU WILL NOT TAKE AWAY WHAT I DESERVE!!!!" King Multiverse said as all his blast fired on Omni creating a large near nuclear explosion. the Aus watched in utter disbelief to afraid and captured in the fight to even think about leaving. King Multiverse then opened up his admin commands " Mainframe i request for you to give me Infinite Damage and Infinite Hp, I have a feeling this one is trouble" King Multiverse said as the smoke from the attack began to clear.

[Authorizing Request...]

[Request Granted]

[King Multiverse stats now set to G.O.D status]

King Multiverse chuckled as he looked down to see Omni through the smoke still alive and just with a couple of scratches.

Omni stared at King Multiverse "Enough fooling around Omni, we have pressing matters and your playing hero again" Islothorn said in Omni's head "This isn't about that, This King isn't acting how he should, why would-" but Omni got interrupted "Why would this be a problem? Dictators have always been this way and always will be, If your interested in helping your brother then snap out of it and end this quickly" Islothorn said to Omni as Omni got thrown around and blasted some more until Omni got thrown to the ground again "Heheheh, I see you've given up, does this mean your accepting of my rule now?" King Multiverse said. Omni then looked at the Aus and saw them afraid and scared and then looked at King Multiverse " Fine then" Omni said as he summoned a single Omni blaster and it shot at King Multiverse Instantaneously sending King Multiverse flying backwards

[Admin taking critical damage]


[Recalibrating Stats]

" HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! I'M A GOD NOW!! A KING OF KINGS!!" King Multiverse shouted as he fell to the ground with a large thud and looked at Omni get up and stare at him "T-THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!" King Multiverse grunted to himself "Be Careful Omni, I may not be familiar with your world, but not being able to take damage and dish enough to level a planet sounds like a tough fight" Islothorn said to Omni "Yea it the right hands" Omni said.

"Delta! whats going on?!" asked Swap!Sans as he rushed over with Alter!Toriel aswell "...I-I'm not sure" Delta said as he watched the fight continue. King Multiverse used his chains to wrap around Omni's left arm and fling him into the air "Guess this fight isn't going anywhere then...better end this then" Omni said as he then broke through the chains and began to free fall towards King Multiverse "Is he a idiot, Hehe alright then" King Multiverse said as he summoned more blasters and fired them at Omni "Islothorn give me 10.4%" Omni said as he suddenly got surrounded with lightening zipped/phased through King Multiverse's attacks and kicked him off his Blaster "H-How did he?!" King Multiverse said before Omni zipped down again and kicked him all the way to the ground.

[Warning Warning]

[High levels of Damage Taken]

[G.O.D status in jeopardy immediate recall of stats in order]

[Removing G.O.D status]

"NO-NO-NO NONONONO WAIT!!!" King Multiverse shouted as Omni landed in front of him. King Multiverse looked forward as Omni zipped towards him and punched King Multiverse sending him flying and fracturing his skull. King Multiverse landed with a large thud when...

[G.O.D status completely removed successfully]

"NO DAMMIT IT DOESN'T END LIKE THIS, THERE MUST BE SOMEWAY TO WIN!!! I HAVE TO!!" King Multiverse said as he got up weakly "It's over King Multiverse, At first i took you as a man of integrity, but now i see someone like you is the least qualified to lead any kingdom" Omni said as he began walking to King Multiverse, King Multiverse looked at Omni with fear, but the got a nice long smirk on his face "Hehehehehe" King Multiverse chuckled "What's so funny? forget your super Villian speech or something?" Omni said "Oh no i just remember a nice quote from my late master" King Multiverse said, Omni then flashed towards King Multiverse as fast as he could " Like a wise man said "If He can do it then i can do it better" hehehe" King Multiverse said as he opened a portal to the Mainframe and reached his hand into and in that instant a large shockwave went off sending Omni back "Oh great" "So what's a good name for this little transformation hu? Lord Multiverse? God Multiverse? oh here's a good one about EMPEROR MULTIVERSE!" King Multiverse shouted as a large black cape appeared behind him and his crown grew from colorful to black and dark.

"No matter what pompous name you come up with I'm still gonna get that information out of you" Omni said as he got ready "With the power of the Mainframe I now can say you and i are now equally matched!" Emperor Multiverse said with a wide smile

[Mainframe power at 15.3%]

[Estimated time till complete drain 38 Minuets]

Suddenly the whole Multiverse began to shake and some Aus began to disappear and no longer exist, Omni looked back and around as the Anti-Void began to vanish as well "Everything is,-King Multiverse STOP! IF YOU CONTINUE TO WASTE WHATEVER IS LEFT OF THE MULTIVERSE MAINFRAME!" Omni said "What?" Emperor Multiverse said as he looked around and saw that everything was falling apart. King Multiverse reverted himself back and once he did the Multiverse stabilized himself Omni ad King Multiverse looked around as the shaking stopped and looked at each other "Holy shit" said Omni & King Multiverse, "So this brother of yours, you sure you got him under control? if i let you bring him back?" King Multiverse asked " I never promised that, but i'll take him somewhere far, if he comes back here then thats your problem" Omni said as he stared at him "That’s not gonna be enough" King Multiverse replied "Just because you cant use your powers doesn't mean i can't, now tell me where he is" Omni said as he looked at King Multiverse with a hint of anger. "Fine then" King Multiverse said.

At BioTale, Alpha!Frisk woke up being dragged back to his cell, as he was being dragged he saw Jacob and Bio!Gaster walking and talking. Eventually Alpha!Frisk got thrown in his cell by Bio!Alphys and Bio!Undyne "You know Gaster as really been going hard at this human, but to be honest whats up with him and the small skeleton guy? i thought we were hiring Infected not his discount" said Bio!Undyne as she locked Alpha!Frisk cell "Y-Yea i feel the same way, but perhaps we could get over that stuff with some nice comforting anime" Bio!Alphys said as her and Undyne walked away leaving Alpha!Frisk in his cell. *Alpha!Frisk curled up in pain and scratched at the needle marks on his arms, until his hand uncontrollably summoned a Hate katana from his hand, He stared at it until it began to burn his hand in which he scream and dropped he blade in which it diminished" Alpha!Frisk held his hand as he leaned against his cell door, "Your test results and your levels of violence are amazingly high and i could even say impressive" Bio!Gaster said as he ran his hand along the corridor of the sub-lab "Don't let him fool you jacob, he just wants to use you, Kill him before he has the chance to do so" Wisp!Infected said "You really think i’m impressive...even though i'v gotten nothing done or given zero results?" Jacob said ignoring his violent other " Results are simply just recorded educational guesses my friend" Bio!Gaster replied. Bio!Sans and Papyrus walked towards Gaster and Jacob and stopped in front of them. "Sir the Mainframe is falling apart i think its best if we leave" Bio!Sans said while saluting and bowing "Why are you still talking to this murdering psychopath?" Bio!Papryus asked to which Bio!Gaster looked at Jacob and the the boys "Well i think is is better time then any, Boys say hello to your new brother" Bio!Gaster said as he motioned towards Jacob. "WHAT!?!?" shouted Bio!Sans & Bio!Papryus & Jacob. Bio!Sans walked Jacob to snowdin where they lived and let him into they're house

"So this is it, make yourself at home, You'll sleep on the couch and uhhhhh" Bio!Sans said with a bit of awkwardness in his tone. Jacob looked around and sat on the couch and looked at Bio!Sans "And your ok with this? I'm not gonna lie i’m feeling pretty weird right now" Jacob said "I think its more then a little" said Wisp!Infected as he floated into the kitchen "If gaster wants it then its a choice we just have to live with it....yea just" Bio!Sans couldn't finish his sentence and instead leaned against the wall near the door and signed heavily, Jacob looked at him "This is so weird ya know, For days now we've been trying to turn you back to the killer you use to be and now out of nowhere WE'RE FAMILY!?!?" Bio!Sans out of a mix of confusion and frustration "Hey look i’m not good at family stuff either" Jacob said " HAHAHA THAT’S RICH!!" said Wisp!Infected as he searched through the fridge. "Hey look, we don’t have to be family" Jacob said as he got up and walked over to Bio!Sans and extended his hand to him. "How about we start with just being friends" Jacob said lightly smiling Bio!Sans looked at Jacob and tilted his head, He paused and then grabbed Jacob's shook Jacob's hand "WHAT A AWFUL IDEA!!" shouted Bio!Asgore as he punched a wall while Toriel stood and watched and Gaster sat down at his desk. "WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE WANT TO KEEP THAT GENOCIDAL MANIAC!?! HE'S KILLED OVER 3 BEINGS AND MORE AUS THEN WE CAN COUNT" Bio!Asgore shouted "oh Azzy calm down our you'll blow a fuse or worse grow another chomozone" Bio!Toriel said as she sipped her tea "Don’t worry Toriel such a thing isn't possible, Asgore i assure you i have everything under control" Bio!Gaster said as he put his papers together. Papyrus then entered the room " Sir, It's past 3'O'Clock, You told me to remind you" Bio!Papyrus said "Right then, Have a splendid time you two i have some new family to get with" Bio!Gaster said as he left with Papyrus.

Later in the day Jacob and Bio!Sans got acquainted through shared stories and some puns mostly on Bio's side of course

"Then i said no it's cause he wasn't "Peeling well" HAHAHA Wheeze HA" Bio!Sans said as he laughed his head off to his own joke to which Jacob just stared, Jacob then noticed Wisp!Infected eating more of the food in the fridge "Excuse me for a moment" Jacob said as he sped walk to the kitchen "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" Jacob said in a violent whisper "What does it look like i’m doing?" Wisp!Infected asked "Eating everything in they're fridge!!!" Jacob replied "Oh...then that is what im doing then" Wisp!Infected said as he continued to eat more food "Will you stop it before you ruin something that could be good for me" Jacob said as he closed the fridge, Wisp!Infected looked at Jacob with a pissed off smile as he downed the last deviled egg "Good for? Let me tell you what's good for you dick nugget, Not being around people that’s whats good for you or has it not re registered in your brain yet that you have habit of hurting people?" Wisp!Infected said as he possessed the sink and made the water run "That’s not me that’s you!" Jacob said "Oh yes of course, so in a accident do you think they blame the car for hitting the person or the driver" Wisp!Infected said as he turned the sink pipe towards the counter and began to run the water again making a mess "Why are you so content on ripping me away from everyone and everything that tries to make my life better!!" Jacob said angrily " BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO KEEP YOU FROM HURTING THEM!!" Wisp!Infected shouted as he left the sink and went into the freezer. Jacob stood there until he leaned against the sink and looked down at the ground "Your harsh and troublesome ways of dishing out pain to others is the only thing you know to do...the least i can do is hopefully steer that towards people we don’t know since the last time you did it to someone like that it fucked you up" Wisp!Infected said.

Suddenly the whole place began to shake and rumble until a large boom the sound of a atomic bomb was heard outside the house shattering the windows and breaking the ground "WHAT THE HELL!!" Bio!Sans shouted as he ran outside leaving Jacob inside, As Bio!Sans ran outside he saw large bolts of yellow lighting shooting out of the ruins and into the early area of snowdin "What is that?" Bio!Sans said as his turned on his comms "Gaster, Gaster! What the hell is happening?!" Bio!Sans asked " We have an intruder in the Ruins! I'v sent Asgore,Udyne and Papyrus to go check it out, go and aid them" Bio!Gaster said as he hung up. Bio!Sans teleported away as Jacob came outside to check it out "Nows our chance! lets get out of here" said Wisp!Infected as he phased outside the house "But the people here" Jacob said "Aren't our problem now lets go!" Wisp!Infected said as he possessed Jacob's legs and began walking towards the side the of the mountain "Hey-Hey wait!!" Jacob shouted. Bio!Sans got to the ruins just in time to see Asgore get thrown through the snow and land on his face, Omni then walked out of the ruins dragging Papyrus by his long scarf as electricity jolted from his body "Where's my brother" Omni said coldly. Alpha!Frisk opened his eyes to see he was in a large tube filled with gallons of water, his mouth covered by a breathing device as loads of tubes were stuck into his arms. Alpha!Frisk looked around as he saw Bio!Frisk and Bio!Gaster walking into the room "I'm telling you doctor let me absorb him already, with his incredible amount of power and DT i could take care of that pest out there" Bio!Frisk said "No, your strong enough as it + 92 didn't want you getting any stronger so instead we'll just reprogram him instead" Bio!Gaster said as he brought up a panel next to him "Bring in Dr.Alphys and then head out and assist the other with killing the nuisance" Bio!Gaster said as he began to press some of the buttons on the pad in which began to inject pure hate into Alpha!Frisk "But sir I-" but Bio!Frisk got interrupted " NO MORE DISSUCSIONS GO NOW!!" Bio!Gaster shouted in which Bio!Frisk began to run off towards the ruins. Bio!Frisk relaxed his shoulders as he stared Alpha!Frisk struggle and bang against the glass as pure hate was injected into his system.

Alpha!Frisk's eyes began to roll in the back of his head as his eyes began to turn completely black, He then began to hallucinate and remember his old life and his time at the human village "Frisk,Frisk, FRISK!" a voice shouted as a young Alpha!Frisk woke up at home "Hey idiot we're gonna be late for school come on" said a young Alpha!Chara as he ran downstairs "Chara...." Alpha!Frisk thought to themselves as the hate began to consume them "It-its there fault, i tried to warn you those skeletons were no good and you just had to go fall in love with one of them!! and now look at us, we're stuck in these horrible positions thanks to them and i don’t even know if your alive anymore" Alpha!Frisk thought to himself as his mind went hazy "NO NO NO NO NO YOU ARE ALIVE AD I'LL FIND YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE LIKE I PROMISED ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!! I WONT...I CAN'T....I WONT LET THAT STUPID SKELETON YOU LOVE SO MUCH GET YOU KILLED!!!"

Alpha!Frisk shouted in his head as he balled up his hands "EVEN IF I HAVE TO KILL WILLIAM MYSELF!!!" he shouted to himself

Jacob soon got to the wall of the mountain in which then Wisp!Infected zipped out of his legs and began to look around for a weak spot in the mountain "Come one Jacob i can't be the only one looking come on now" Wisp!Infected said as he looked for weak spots "I-I don’t know Infected" Jacob said "What?" Wisp!Infected asked "I...I don’t know what to do...what do i do" Jacob said as he began to crouch and cry "H-H-Hey look look look we're gonna figure this out (Mostly me), but we're in this together like always" Wisp!Infected said as he tried to pat Jacob, but his hand just went through him " sniff where's D2?" Jacob asked as the place shook more violently again and the sound of thunder rained down from the top of the mountain "Well you see he was getting in the way of us time so i told him t take a nape for a while" Wisp!Infected said "THAT’S A LIE!!!" shouted Wisp!D2 as he emerged from Jacob's left eye "Hey" Jacob said a little annoyed "W-What are you doing her-I mean up hehehe what are you doing up?" Wisp!Infected chuckled " YOU MEAN AFTER YOU TRIED TO FLUSH ME AWAY IN THE DEEPEST PART OF HIS SUBCONSCIOUSNESS!!!!" Wisp!D2 shouted as he got in Wisp!Infected's face "Now now then lets all be civil here" Wisp!Infected said as he floated back a bit all while Jacob watched in utter confusion "CIVIL FROM YOU!? HA! WHAT A JOKE!!" Wisp!D2 said as he got closer "Hey Hey Hey now i gave you the curtsey of being asleep in my now attempt to kill you for good or banish" Wisp!Infeted said "SO YOU ADMIT IT!!" Wisp!D2 shouted "Infected" Jacob said disappointed and slightly annoyed "What? i said attempt didn't i" Wisp!Infected said as the him and D2 stared at each other. Jacob looked at them while the place rumbled again with the sound of lightening, Jacob looked back at the origin of the sound and thought for a moment while D2 and Infected argued. Jacob then began to run towards the noise. Alpha!Frisk looked over towards the terminal that Bio!Gaster is using, he stared at it and then back to Bio!Gaster.

Alpha!Frisk began to kick and punch at the glass as Bio!Gaster watched as he did "Forget about it boy, the reprogramming procedure is nearly complete your memories are being erased as we speak" Bio!Gaster said as he continued to work the terminal, Alpha!Frisk could feel it, he could feel his mind being pulled back and torn apart as if someone was pulling back his hair and ripping it out only for the pain to never had happened. Alpha!Frisk then summoned his new hate blade and stabbed the glass cutting it open, Bio!Gaster back away as Alpha!Frisk and the water from the tube fell all over the place. "Stupid boy, well it doesn't matter nothing a little blood forced trauma can't help fix" Bio!Gaster said as he summoned a large gaster hand and sent it towards Alpha!Frisk. Alpha!Frisk looked at the reflection in the water and saw the hand coming towards him in which when the hand came down to crush him Alpha!Frisk turned onto his back and summoned his DT Katana an stabbed the hand to stop mid-air "Your resistance only makes the pain have to last that much longer" Bio!Gaster said as another hand came over him and grabbed Alpha!Frisk by his neck and smashing his face into a wall. "Such a pity you had to fight back, i honestly liked that handsome face of yours" Bio!Gaster said as his giant hand threw Alpha!Frisk against the other wall. Alpha!Frisk looked at Bio!Gaster and rolled to him and cut his chest horizontally with the DT Katana, Bio!Gaster grunted as his hands tried to catch Alpha!Frisk as he escaped out of the room and ran down the hallway.

Alpha!Frisk ran down the hallway at top speed while avoiding the hands from Bio!Gaster best he could, he jumped over tables and desk in the halls and slide under some as well as he made his way out. Bio!Gaster exited the room and leaned against the wall outside "D-Dammit" Bio!Gaster said as he sat against the wall, his gaster hands began to disintegrate and soon Alpha!Frisk eventually got away and out of the sub-lab. He took the elevator up "I’m coming brother" Alpha!Frisk said as he leaned against the wall of the elevator and once he got to the main lab and the door opened he saw Bio!Mettaton sitting on the couch eroticly staring at him "Hey there cutie missed you" Bio!Mettaton said as her arms streched out and wrapped around him "ARGH!!! DAMNIT!!" Alpha!Frisk said as he struggled to get lose "Not so easy to escape as you thought hu Hon" Bio!Mettaton said as she smiled wickedly "Now then, try to squirm as much as possible i love it when my pray struggles" Bio!Mettaton said as her arms become infused with electricity and began to shock Alpha!Frisk with over 15,000 watts per second "ARGHAHHHHHHHH!!!!" Alpha!Frisk screamed as the lights from the electricity could be seen from snowdin "Muffet! go check on gassy will you, i'll take care of our guest here" Bio!Mettaton said as Bio!uffet crawled out of ceiling vent and made her way to the basement vent "No problem Metty" Bio!Muffet said as she went into the vent. Back at the ruins Bio!Undye and Sans fired blasters and spears at Omni who only dodged each attack with little effort "Islothorn give me 15.89% I'm ending this" Omni said as lighting shot out of nowhere and fueled Omni, Omni then sped in near super sonic speed and punched Bio!Udyne straight through Snowdin forest and the mountain, he zipped around a tree and punched Asgore straight to the Undertale Multiverse and through BioTale and as he went to Bio!Sans he went even faster only for his punch to be caught by Bio!Sans.

"WHAT?!" Omni shouted in his head shocked.

Bio!Sans then pushed Omni back causing him to stumble back, As Omni got his balance back he saw a strange energy emanating from Bio!Sans "Is your not a normal Au" Omni said as he looked at Bio!Sans "Ah it would seem the lovely 92 has given me they're blessing, which means this fight just got more interesting" Bio!Sans said as he looked at Omni "Thats being energy Omni be careful" Islothorn said to Omni in his head "Right" Omni said as Bio!Sans and Omni began to circle each other "So you too are using a being as a crutch, too bad your not gonna have a chance to truly know how to use it" Bio!Sans said as he stopped circling Omni, Omni didn't respond "Not talking hu? very wel then let us begin" Bio!Sans said as he disappeared completely, Omni slowly turned around and then punched directly next to him hitting Bio!Sans in which he then vanished again and began to jump and zip everywhere. "Islothorn" Omni said "Yes?" Islothorn responded "Dial it back to 9.43%" Omni said in his head "Understood" Islothorn said as Omni jumped over Bio!Sans's sweeping kick attack "How is he doing this!? It's like he knows al my moves before i even do them!!!" Bio!Sans said in anger as he vanished again and kept zipping around, a bright light shinned from hotland that caught Omni's eye as he turned around and looked at it. Back at the Lab Alpha!Frisk's body went limp as the last volt of electricity went through his body, Bio!Mettaton looked at his body to see if he was dead, she shook him a bit until she dropped his body on the ground with a loud thud "oh dear, It would appear i'v burnt you to a crisp if only i could have savored that beautiful pretty E-Boy face of yours" Bio!Mettaton said as she kicked Alpha!Frisk onto his back. She stared at him closely only for Alpha!Frisk to grab her by the neck and stab her through the head with his DT Katana, Bio!Mettaton's body went limp instantly and fell on Alpha!Frisk who pushed her body off so he could catch his breath. Alpha!Frisk got to his knees as he caught his breathe and looked towards the exit and began to hobble to it, As he exited he saw lighting and loud booms coming from the snowdin ruins, but just as Alpha!Frisk was about to cross a voice stopped him

"My Child?" said a voice in which Alpha!Frisk completely froze, his face filled with confusion and fear at the same time as tears also rushed down his face at the same time, He turned around and saw Bio!Torie standing in the doorway of the laboratory "N-No, but your dead" Alpha!Frisk said as he fell against the poll of the bridge leading to waterfall. Bio!Toriel took off her mask and looked at Alpha!Frisk "You may not be my human, but i won't reject a lost child, please come here and g-get away from that bridge or you'll fall" Bio!Toriel said as she tried inching closer to him in which Alpha!Frisk only back away more in fear. Soon though Bio!Muffet would barge out of the laboratory "YOUR HIGHNESS STAY AWAY FROM THAT HUMAN!!" Bio!Muffet shouted as Bio!Toriel finally got close to Alpha!Frisk close enough to touch his shoulder " Dont worry dear muffet i can take care of a child, Now come away from there" Bio!Toriel said gripping Alpha!Frisk "NO STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" Alpha!Frisk said as he pulled away falling onto the bridge "Oh my child" Bio!Toriel said as she reached for him only for Alpha!Frisk to slap her hand away " DONT ACT LIKE YOU'V BEEN HERE FOR ME SINCE THE BEGINNING!! SO MANY! SO MANY WORLDS WHERE YOUR THERE FOR ME, BUT WHY....tears began to rush down Alpha!Frisk's face why is it that now your here...when im beaten and brused and i dont have any...a-anything left...s-SO JUST STAY AWAY!! STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY!!!" AlphaFrisk cried as Bio!Toriel and Muffet watched in shock. "Oh my child it's ok, i'm sorry...i really am...i wish the other me that should have been there was there for you...a shoulder to cry on, a parent to hug and someone to call mother, but i guess those were taken"

Bio!Toriel said as she sat down " But i promoise you my child, this path of blood shed and death isn't right and that fighting against us isn't good either, so please let me be the last face you see...a face of comfort" Bio!Toriel said as she extended her hand towards Alpha!Frisk again. Alpha!Frisk looked at Toriel and then looked down with concern at his hands as they shook with slight fear, but Alpha!Frisk took Bio!Torie's hand in which she jerked him off the brige and into her arms for a giant warm hug "I'm sorry" Bio!Toriel whispered "What?" Alpha!Frisk said, but suddenly Bio!Toriel turned around and fired a ball of fire at Bio!Muffet knocking her out "What the-" but before Alpha!Frisk could respond Bio!Toriel grabbed him again "Listen my Child this world is broken, but i know you can fix it...y-you just need some help is all, you need to learn to trust those around you to do the right thing" Bio!Toriel said in a pleading manner "What? how are you?" Alpha!Frisk muttered in complete confusion " The only way you can help this world and many others like it is if you go back to your roots and learn from "them" they'll help you figure out what to do" Bio!Toriel said with baited breathe "Now then time to end this!" Bio!Torie said as she looked around her "W-What do you mean?" Alpha!Frisk asked " My child or the one here i mean is very powerful, but i do believe we could cause a reset if you were able to get enough DT we could cause a Reset giving you and your friends a chance to escape" Bio!Toriel said "But how?" Alpha!Frisk asked in confusion "Down below in the sub-lab there are thousands upon thousands of human souls waiting for they're DT to be used, if we can get you enough to cancel out our human's role temporarily then perhaps you and your friends could escape, the Au wont recognize you and your friends as a part of this place so it'll kick you all out and to....well hopefully somewhere nice" Bio!Toriel said smiling as she ran back inside the laboratory.

After a moment of hesitation Alpha!Frisk went after Bio!Toriel and they both went back down into the Sub-lab and into the human souls storage room "This is it, any regrets my child?" Bio!Torie asked " Not getting a chance to have someone like you" Alpha!Frisk said.

Bio!Toriel began helping Alph!Frisk absorb the DT from the other souls in which Alph!Frisk bgan to get the memories from each and every soul he absorbed "Hurray my child there isn't much time, here take the last one" Bio!Toriel said as she gave Alpha!Frisk a fractured soul, Alpha!Frisk looked at the soul "A broken soul or heart whichever is heavier i suppose" Alpha!Frisk said as he took the last soul and suddenly the buttton layout came in front of him "Alright my child now is the time" Bio!Toriel said as she stared at Alpha!Frisk, Alpha!Frisk looked down at the button ad then pulled Bio!Toriel into a tight hug "Thank you..." Alpha!Frisk said as he pressed the Reset button. BioTale began to glitch out and since it was connected to the Undertale Multiverse it began to suffer the same fate aswell, Aus began to mix and turn and bend as Alpha!Frisk tried to reset best he could, BioTale and the inhabitants along with Omni and Infected began to suffer unimaginable as the effects from it all began to take place Alpha!Frisk woke up in the Anti-Void laying face up as Anti-Flowey looked down at him "Hey dumbass, you up yet?" Anti-Flowey said as he looked at Alpha!Frisk get up. "....I dont know" Alpha!Frisk replied.

Alpha!Frisk sat down and with Anti-Flowey being near by the two talked about what has happened "So let me get this straight, the Multiverse got rewired? and thats my fault?!" Alpha!Frisk said as the place began to shake some more "Y-Yes it is dumbass, The Multiverse is already dying and the last thing we needed was someone messing things up which you did and now everythings out of whack and nothing is as what it should be, Aus are jumping left and right and some have stopped existing entirely as a result to the recent events that have happened. Recently the original UnderFell Au was destroyed or perhaps deleted from existence causing a massive drop in Aus by the thousands, and i Underswap will be next if nothing is done" Anti-Flowey said with a cold robotic tone as if to say he never cared for them "And where are the people are supposed to take care of this kid of crap" Alpha!Frisk said as he got up and began to heal himself using his DT "Well Error is nowhere to be found and the squid is...well he's..." Anti-Flowey couldn't finish his sentence as if to say it was complicated in a way "Is he dead?" Alpha!Frisk asked "No, No not dead, though i bet he wishes he was, when the Omega timeline was evacuated to the King's domain Ink's body melted into a inky paste and the vanished, just like that poof gone" Anti-Flowey said as he scratched his head with a vine. Alpha!Frisk looked at Anti-Flowey curiously since he'd never seen a flowey like him before "Hey since you a flowey, do you think you could help me get somewhere?" Alpha!Frisk asked "I could, but what's in it for me?" Anti-Flowey said eyeing Alpha!Frisk "I can get you DT if thats what you want" Alpha!Frisk said "Ill pass, DT is such old school stuff, with all the new and weird shit coming around here i'd think you' have a better offer" Anti-Flowey said as he began to leave "Wait! how about Souls, that way you can be asriel again...if you ever were i mean" Alpha!Frisk said in which Anti-Flowey looked back at him

"What is this place you need to go to anyway?" Anti-Flowey asked "I need to go to UnderTale the original UnderTale, Someone told me that i needed to find something? oh damnit did i forget already!? shit!" Alpha!Frisk said in frustration as he crossed his arms "Well it osent atter what your there for, so long as i get you there and you get me those souls i want" Anti-Flowey said with a wicked smile mimicking the Astral Mother's face in which Alpha!Frisk looked away from. "Let's go then" Alpha!Frisk said as Anti-Flowey wrapped Alpha!Frisk in vies and the two burrouned underground ad vanished. Far in the distance a figure watched them leave "Well Well looks like those guy got themsleves all tied up with other stuff leaving me to crack, whip and fuck aroundwith whatever i want" Said Rock as he fixed his shades. As Rock walked around the Anti-Void wondering what he was gonna do next he saw something teleport in the distance, he got curiouse and sped walked over to see it was a weird small black squid "What the? a Squid" Rock said as he picked it up, he examined it only to see it had one large red eye "Sir i think you have a bad case of pink eye hehehhehe god i crack myself up" Rock said laughing to himself "Put me down mortal creature" said the squid in a deep and almost alien like tone "What the fuckum buckums did you say? you can talk?" Rock said as he looked at the squid "You mess with a force beyond your own control, now release me and in return your death will be quick" said the Squid "Oh i see" Rock said as he dropped the squid on the ground only to put his foot ontop of it "HEY HEY HEY!" shouted the sqiud "Your gonna kill me!? now thats rich hehehe, A little shit stan like you couldn't find the toilet seat if you tried" Rock said as he put more pressure on the squid with his shoe.

"Alright alright alright, how about i cut you a deal then?" the squid said to which Rock tilted his head and looked at the squid "Go on squidling" Rock said with a smile "You see i'm on a mission to reclaim my child that has run away from me, if you help me do this then i will help you get whatever you want" said the squid "Tch and what do you know of what i want? besides your a squid what can you do?" Rock said as he picked his nose "Look into my eyes boy you know its true" said the squid as it stared at Rock intentely "....Alrighty squiddy, if you really can give me what i want, which i doubt i'll help ya" Rock said as he picked up the squid "So you got a name squidy?" Rock asked "My name is Malesgrow!" the squid said with pride "Damn thats long imma just call you Male" Rock said as he walked with Malesgrow in his hand "Hold i cant be left exposed, is there anywhere else you could put me? perhaps inside that empy skull of yours" Malesgrow said. Rock thought to himself and pondered on with the thought until he made up his mind. Rock lifted up his glasses to reveal his eye sockets were empty to which Malesgrow then climed into Rock's left eye, Malesgrow went into it and hid with only his red showing from the darkness of Rock's inner skull. Rock then put his shades back on and began to keep walking "So where is this kid of yours anyway? Rock asked "Oh dont worry we wont have any problem tracking them down with me with you now" Malesgrow said. Alpha!Frisk woke up to chirping noises from birds and he could fee the sun beams from the surface shinning on his face as he began to open his eyes and found himself on top of the first spawn point of the human, He looked around and saw that Frisk had already started their journey and that perhaps could be even closer to finishing it

"Damnit, was i too late?...flowey?Flowey?" Alpha!Frisk said as he not only looked around for Anti-Flowey, but also thinking of his current situation. After what felt like hours of waiting for something to happen Alpha!Frisk finally decided to try to make his move, he didn't want to interfere in the world of UnderTale, he just wants to understand the point of why everything is as it is, and with his first step suddenly something fell on top of him causing him and the dull object to topple over. Alpha!Frisk got up and saw that the dull object was actually Frisk that had just fallen down and landed on him non the much for not interfering Frisk and Alpha!Frisk stared at each other for a while, before Frisk began to walk around Alpha!Frisk, it was odd to see another version of themselves and one so tall and so skinny for the last time this happened it was with....well best to forget that. Frisk then looked at Alpha!Frisk and showed him the stick they were wielding in means of defending themselves, Alpha!Frisk didn't know how to respond and instead just showed off his hate and DT Katannas and with that Frisk face lit up like a child on Christmas or someone meeting their hero. Frisk and Alpha!Frisk hung out with each other for a coupe of minutes without saying anything and instead just stared and got to know each other through their mannerisms and movement, eventually Frisk grabbed thier larger counterpart's hand and began to lead them to the ruins as if to say that he wanted to share this journey with him.

Alpha!Frisk and Frisk walked until they arrived in a dark room where a small patch of grass laid suddenly a small flower with a face popped out of the grass "Howdy, I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower, but I'm sure you knew that already didnt yo-" Flowey couldn't finishe his sentence for he got caught up on his words when he saw two humans instead of 1. "Oh dear, what did you do now idiot" Flowey said as he stared at the two humans, Frisk explained to Flowey what happened and how he was gonna ask his older counterpart some stuff once they got to Toril's house. "Riiight,....just dont go and get any ideas you hear me older..frisk" Flowey said starring daggers at Alpha!Frisk "...Weed" Alpha!Frisk remarked "EEEP! IT TALKS!?" Flowey clearly freaked out fled underground just as Toriel arrived with her fist covered in flames " Oh my Chi-" Toriel however aswell stopped herself on the sight of seeing two humans "Oh dear is this your older sibling, he must dove after you when you fell such a brave sibling. Well come along with me, it's dangerous here for you two" Toriel said as she began to lead The way. Frisk began to walk, but then looked back and saw a pained look in Alpha!Frisk eyes as they looked at Toriel.

"Feels like I'm not supposed to be here" Alpha!Frisk said Back in the Multiverse, King Multiverse declared for everyone to return back to their Aus, he then began to speak with Alpha in advance about the conditions on the Multiverse in which Alpha began to feel great pain as everu thing he loved and protected was falling apart with Ink and Error completely missing and no where to be seen. Many folks began to lose hope in the Multiverse getting better, Spaz soon departed leaving Grimm and Betty alone until Betty too left and went on they're own path while the Astral Mother began to move her latest plan into full focus now that everything was in disarray.

Later on somewhere near the Omega Timeine The inhabitants of the Omega Timeline began to embark on their journey towards King Multiverse's domain since the Omega Timeline was no longer safe, Error and Another!Sans made their way there as well, with Error eyeing and staring the Omega Timeline waiting for everyone to leave only to destroy it later since he didn't want to take chances with Ink returning. Everyone now left with no home and most Aus being destroyed or barren everyone is now left at the foot of King Multiverse's throne most camping out and some praying for the threat to come isn't nearly over yet. "KING MULTIVERSE!" Error shouted as he and Another!Sans arrived with the rest of the Omega Timeline, King Multiverse flinches a bit at the sound of Error's voice "Oh great" King Multiverse said to himself a tad worried. Error and Another!Sans arrive with they're clothes tattered and destroyed " Where is 404? I need to speak with him" Error said as he looked around " Tch i don’t know where your master went, Wheres Ink as well? I need all you guys on deck right now!" King Multiverse said with haste in which Error responded instantly with "He's least i hope so" Error said with little conflict. Another!Sans turned his head towards the crowd of Aus all waiting for something or looking for some answer to whats been happening or perhaps someone to blame "Apologies Error, but this is where i leave you" Another!Sans "Do what you will Anomaly #486-0, I could care less, just so long as it doesn't interfere with me" Error said not even facing Another as he made his way down the stairs towards the Aus.

"Look Error i got a Multiverse to govern, so if you dont mind buzzing off then that'd be great, I have a speech to give to my loyal Subjects" King Multiverse said with a snarky tone much to Error's distatse however he wasnt there for him he needed 404, so Error teleported back to 404 and his HQ leaving King Multiverse with the crowd of people and Aus. King Multiverse watched him go, Afterwards Another!Sans would locate the rest of the other sanses he was involved with before King Mutiverse began his speech. Another!Sans saw that Swap.W!Sans, Fell.B!Sans and Syno were standing near the back of the crowd with D+, Terror and Killer.JPG behind them not paying attention "Oh look its the cyclops, what brings you back to the commonwealth?" Swap.W!Sans said with a sarcastic tone while wielding a giant hammer with spike " King Multiverse is about to give his speech to the world, what a JOKE, that’s almost as funny as me creating a Boney Lives matter movement" Syno said jokingly " Was that supposed to be funny dick sucker? Cause if that’s your shot at humor then-" But before D+ could finish Syno shot a sharp bone inches from his face. D+ turned his eyes slowly towards Syno who looked as pissed as ever "Enough, If you both haven't still noticed yet we still have some major problems to solve, the Multiverse is dying and we have a Killer Au that’s trying to destroy us as well. So how about we put out heads together and figure out how to get rid of them since i don’t think we're fit to fix the damn multiverse" Another!Sans said as he stared down Syno and D+ as they looked away. "D+" Another!Sans said as D+ looked in response " I need you to find the Astral Women, shes led us to this point, perhaps she can lead us further from here on" Another!Sans said as D+ nods and walks into the crowd and begins searching for the Astral Mother just in time for King Multiverse to begin his speech " HELLO MY SUBJECTS OF THE MULTIVERSE! It is my great pleasure to inform you that everything is getting sorted out i promise you, Now as you all know your protectors haven't quite been doing they're job. A great few of them even have turned they're back on you all, However that wont stop or delay us from fixing this mess we are all in. I know we can pull through this horrible tragedy...with all the Aus and friends we've lost we must pull through and not let they're sacrifice be in vain for once they leave our minds that is when they truly die" King Multiverse said as he looked out to all the Aus at the foot of his throne, all of them kneeling in prayer or raising they're hands while others looked up in disgust and utter disappointment and shock for many of the crowd although they would never say know exactly what was happening. D+ walked through the crowd looking for the Astral Mother only for him to bump into someone walking past him, when he turned around to see he would see Spaz walking past him with his hood over his head "You-" But before D+ could say anything Spaz had already vanished leaving D+ standing in the middle of the crowd while King Multiverse rambled on and on about the state of everything. D+ looked back on last time before continuing his search, but not even a couple feet D+ got his hood pulled down by someone in the crowd and once he turned in anger to see who, all he saw was Dust!Sans looking at him with his red eyes staring straight through him "...You" D+ said as he stared at what he could only comprehend being his very reason for existing. "So...just what do you think your doing hu? Looking and acting like me" Dust!Sans said as he stared at him "W-what are you on about? I'm nothing like you" D+ said as he attempted to put his hood back on only Dust!Sans to slap his hand away this time getting the attention of others. D+ began to get a upset at his original counterpart " Tch! Just what the hell is your deal hu?! you think just because your the original makes you better or worth being praised?!" D+ shouted "NO! BUT I THINK A LOT OF YOU WORTHLESS NO GOOD DOG SHIT AUS THAT ONLY MIMIC OTHERS SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL!" Dust!Sans shouted " YOU THINK I WANTED TO BE RELATED TO YOU?! IF IT WERE MY CHOICE I WOULDN'T EVER HAD BEEN BORN!" D+ said much to the surprise of others except for Dust!Sans. "Your the one who blindly follows a self-ish and idiotic king not ME!, I LIVE FREE WHILE YOU ALL FIGHT EACH OTHER FOR WHAT?! SOME GLORY FOR BEING NOTICED BY PEOPLE YOU CANT SEE NOR TALK TO!! YOU ALL, LOOK AT YOURSELVES!! YOU ALL FIGHT LIKE DOGS AND RABID ANIMALS OVER SCRAPS OF LOVE FOR GODS WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU AND NEVER WILL!!!" D+ began to choke on his words as his eyes began to reflect on his own words, he began to doubt his feelings...for why should he feel this way if no one else does...why should he go against the normality of the world hes known to call somehow "home". Everyone around him looked at D+ in fear and confusion for they couldn't understand why someone would do this...why would they reject the creators? aren't they good to us? they gave us life, justice, women, men and why? they all wondered to themselves, but after a moment D+ grew the strength to finish his words " And i...I REFUSE TO BE THEY'RE SLAVE ANY LONGER!!!! YOU HEAR ME CREATORS!!?!! I WONT BE YOUR SLLLLAAAVVVVEEEE!!!!" D+ shouted to the top of his ribs, he the looked into the eyes of Dust!Sans who still looked at D+ except this time he was staring at him instead of through. D+ then threw his hood up over his head and stared at Dust!Sans " And i will no longer be yours either" D+ said to Dust!Sans as D+ went into the crowd to continue his search, the crowd was silent for mere moments before a random Toriel shouted in response " IT IS TIME WE CHOOSE OUR OWN FATE!!! THE SANS IS RIGHT!" Shouted the women as her words rang loud through the crowd and riled up everyone and soon everyone demanded they're freedom.

Soon everyone began to riot and shout in anger at the creators and the gods only for King Multiverse to try to calm them down "THAT’S ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU!" King Multiverse shouted " WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!" shouted the people of UnderSwap " WE WILL NOT BE SLAVES NO LONGER!!!" shouted the people of UnderFell, King Multiverse looked on as the people began to riot and throw and fire shots at his throne " COME DOWN FROM THERE!!!" shouted the people from ReaperTale. Syno and the others looked on in shock and somewhat amusment as the Multiverse yet again began to riot against the world order again, But out of no where Spaz burst out of the crowd and attacked Another, Syno and the others in which they split just in time to miss Spaz's assault. Another looked i shock at his attacker " Spaz" Another!Sans said to himself "TCH BASTARD!!!" Syno shouted as he summoned a blaster and fired it at Spaz who would jump out of the way of the attack and with that the crowd would hear the loud bang and would then began to get violent themselves by attacking and beginning to rise up to the throne to dethrone King Multiverse. Some of the noblest sansses, Toriels, Papyruses and Undynes all stood in the way of the people trying to stop them from doing harm to the King, all while Another!Sans and the others fought against Spaz and his assault. Spaz slashed and stabbed at them, Fell.B!Sans fired a horde of bones at Spaz only for him to sqeeze his way through them and for them to hit the back of the crowd. Screams could be heard form people getting hurt and dying, Another!Sans fired a eye blast at Spaz only for Spaz to use his Knife to deflect it, but alas it went through his blade and shot Spaz in the chest sending him flying into Swap.W!Sans who swung his large hammer at Spaz sending him flying into the air and landing in the distance with a large thud. Spaz looked up and breathed a little ".....Keep going" he said to himself as he got up and looked at Syno and the others coming for him " Spaz!" someone shouted behind him and as he turned he saw a young Alpha!Betty and Grimm standing behind him " What are you doing silly heheh" the young Alpha!Betty said as she smiled at her brother and a younger Grimm who just stared at his brother "What are you doing Spaz" the younger Grimm said as Spaz looked at them as dust and ash from explosions rang in the air and Spaz's body began to get filled with holes from blast and bones that were being thrown at him, but just as he began to return to reality he his body would be blown to pieces only leaving his head or fragments of it being blown away and his soul utterly being nearly shattered and falling to the ground.

Spaz could feel his body shattering and his soul breaking and vision fadeing, but as just as he began to fade away and Another!Sans and the others cheered they're victory Spaz then saw a large figure in the distance amoung his blured vision a figure that appeared to have a large asortment of tentacles and a human form ontop of it all "Oh dear another death, no matter, a simple fix for you are one of my own" said the large figure as tentacles began to wrap around Spaz "Now dont fail me again" said the figure as suddenly before everyones eyes Spaz healed completley "W-WHAT?! THATS IMPOSSIBLE WE BLASTED HIM TO PIECES!!" shoted Fell.B!Sans, but suddenly a loud explosion erupted in the crowd as the people of the Multiverse began to get past the guards of the King. One sans however made it past the guards and King Multiverse looked shocked to see Delta!Sans as he stared back at King Multiverse in utter rage as he began to sprint up the stairs " Delta my friend and loyal knight, i knew i could count on you" King Multiverse said hoping for the best from Delta however " YOU TRAITOR!!! YOUR NO KING FOR THE PEOPLE AS MUCH AS YOU ARE FOR YOURSELF, AS A JUSTFUL MAN AND A SEEKER OF JUSTICE I WILL SEE YOU DETHRONED!!" Delta!Sans shouted as he reached the summit of the throne and got ready to punch King Multiverse with a powerful blow to the face " YOU FOOL!" King Multiverse yelled in response as he summouned his scythe to block Delta's attack " DONT YOU REALIZE THAT I'V DONE EVERYTHING TO KEEP THE PEOPLE CALM AND SECURE!" King Multiverse shouted " AND HOWS THAT GOING FOR YOUR?!" Delta!Sans shouted as he punched King Multiverse with a massive left hook and then sucker punch to the face nealry knocking the King off his throne.

Spaz got and looked back at Another!Sans and the others, he then turned his arm into a large blade " Guess he isn't messing around this round" Fell.B!Sans said as Spaz then shot forward towards them at remarkable speed once again only to be stopped by a large purple blast from the crowd. Spaz would jump back and look to see it was D+ " Perfect timing" Terror!Sans said in which Killer.Jpg nodded in agremeent, D+ and Spaz stared at each other " What's wrong with you pal? you helped me before why are you attacking now?" D+ said but Spaz didn't answer or give any gestures, but instead just stood where he was until suddenly Tint arrived in between the two of them " TINT!?" shouted some of guys " You" D+ said as he stared at Tint "What brings the high and mighty down to us, not to mention where have you been?" D+ said as he put his hands in jacket pocket " Was busy with some important buisness, but it would seem Tint looked around that i'v missed out on something important" Tint said as he stared at everything , Spaz looked at Tint and then Tint stared at him aswell " So its you again, remind me again on why your against us? for what i know of you, your problems also are involved in ours" Tint said in which Spaz tilted his head in response " What kind of buissness?" Swap.W!Sans said " Well, As i'v been going around, i seem to be discovering a pattern between these recent events going on, i do indeed believe we are all being tagged along in a greater scheme and that we might all actually be pawns in larger game" Tint said as he put his brush on his back "What do you mean? his isn't making any sense, you got any proof?" Fell.B!Sans asked " No, but i have seen a suspicious figure intereacting with Spaz and that Astral women and then later saw him again in another world with Spaz and the red sans from before, I attempted to follow him through the streams of code, but i ended up loseing him later on" Tint said as he looked at the fights going on at the throne. "This individual are you sure he could be at the source of all of this? We can't suddenley put al our focus on someone we dont know." Another!Sans said as he began walking to Tint while looking at chaos going on before them "It's our only lead and besides Tint looked as a random Asgore got thrown down the stairs of the throne eventually snapping his neck at the mid to bottom steps We all seem to be at a stand still till something or someone comes forward" Tint said when suddenly a large bang was heard and got everyones attention only for them to see Delta!Sans punch through King Multiverse's Scythc punching him in the jaw and sending him flyng and hitting his throne chair " Delta you fool, your creator really didn't give you much personality did he" King Multiverse said jokingly in which Delta!Sans punched him threw his chair "I'V HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SO CALLED "RULE" I'V HAD ENOUGH OF YOU NOT CAREING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AND THE LIVES OF EVERYONE HERE!" Delta!Sans said as he got ready to deliver a final blow, but would be held back by King Multiverse's jugment chains that wrapped around his arms and legs "HehheheheHAHAHAHAHA! You idiot, People will be moved by anything so long as someone whos in power says it" King Mltiverse said as he got up on his feet again and summoned a large roll of chain with barb wire on it " You fool dont't you get it yet? The creators dont love you, infact they hate you to they're finest degree unless your doing good by them and making them proud, they dont want anything to do with you TCH! even your own creator didn't want you and your a uniqe breed of Au" King Multiverse said as he reeled his arm back and got to hit Delta!Sans " And now lets see if your so called "Creator" PROTECTS YOU NOW!!!" King Mutiverse shouted as he got ready to hit Delta!Sans with the barbed wire chains. But suddenley the two sansses suddenly vanished to the surprise of everyone who was watching them, only for two large pink gaster hands to emerge from behind the throne. As eveyone watched Tint, Another!Sans and D+ all looked with worried looks as suddenly a figure wearing a large black leather jacket and breathing blue smoke emerged from the large Pink hands, the figure walked out onto the throne and looked down at everyone who was still shocked "Hello my Brothers and Sisters of the Multiverse, I am Vape or more importantley i am one of you, a Au inhabitant who was lost and thrown away by the very one who made him" Vape said as he walked out of the large hands and onto the throne "Where is King Multiverse?!" shouted a random Papyrus from the crowd " Your so called "King" will no longer be in charge for as you can see he can not promise you or give you what you all really want" Vape said as then next to him the Astral Mother appeared "Ah shit" Fell!B!Sans said in angst.

404 woke up in a black and red Void, as he got up two giant crosses emerged from the ground in front of him 404 looked at the crosses and began to lose his footing as he fell to his knees and began to sink into the ground while hearing the screams of his family and others as he drowned "WILLIAM WHERE ARE YOU!?" shouted a voice " WHERE WILL WE GO, WHAT WILL WE DO!?!" shouted another voice " Oh my son, your falling behind once again" said a calming womanly voice as cold as ice. 404 woke up with a shock, as he looked around and saw that he was laying down at the field outside the white horizon and far from the wicked Throne with Loading not far away scanning and recording everything he was seeing "Ah, Finally awake are you" Loading said as he turned around shutting off his programs, 404 looked at Loading as he got up with little difficulty. 404 and Loading began to walk around the white field looking for the tree they were told by Death to seek out, as they searched 404 would look and see the 10 Realities floating above, hard to imagine life really is just a bubble however Loading was in taking everything and scanning what he could for all the power signals and cosmic energy everywhere was remarkable to him "Try to focus Loading we're looking for a tree not for readings or ET signals" 404 said as he kept walking, Loading looked to him "Says the one who was asleep for about 2 days, but we're not gonna talk about that hu" Loading said as he floated around looking for the lonely tree, 404 paused for a moment before looking at the White horizon, this large bright white light that appeared to have no source, it fascinated him, but he kept walking none the less. 404 sat down for a break after walking for hours searching for the tree with Loading who appeared to have not lost any strength at all "God you lifeforms and your limited strength, I dont know how you lot live" Loading said as he enlarged his head to look farther ahead, 404 looked around too and as he did he would see Chara and Alpha's heads in the ground, 404 looked in shock and them shook his head only for them to be gone. 404 began to swear as he fell back onto his back to breathe "This feels like I'm not worthy to be standing here" 404 said as he began to get up again "Do you like falling back into some weird mindset like that, Loading turned to 404 shrinking his head back to normal Worthy hu, dont be stupid, feelings like those only weaken you, being worthy means nothing for no one is meant to be who they claim to be, we are all brought into this existence for no reason other then to live and suffer for beings such as me well...I'm the exception" Loading said as he continued to move forward leaving 404 behind.

"...I don't know if I agree with that" 404 said as he then began to walk towards Loading's direction.

Loading and 404 walked about still searching the field until tension began to rise as they're search for this sacred tree began to take longer then they thought "You said it was a tree right?!" Loading said with slight frustration in which 404 then stomped on the ground I anger as he searched around " Look he said find the tree down here, he didnt exactly tell me where to look, not to mention everything looks the same here!" 404 said as he looked about for it " Dont get snappy at me 404, it's your fault that all this is happening in the first place!" Loading shouted "MY FAULT!?!" 404 shouted back as the two got closer and began to argue. 404 and Loading shouted until they each got tired of each other and sat down away from each other and rested. 404 and Loading stayed apart for a while, 404 stared at the 10 Realities and Loading continued to scan the area in search of the tree, the two didnt talk for hours until finally "If there are alternate worlds with alternate versions of different scenarios...does life have meaning then" 404 said to himself, Loading turned around for a moment before continuing to scan and fly around in attempt to search for the tree " Life has no meaning, not even the one you make for it has any purpose, your constantly being timed, either it be by a death that's waiting for you or will be coming. You people live in a life or world where life is meant to have some end goal when most times it dosent and even when it does it isnt enough to make any real change. You all live your lives like that and I honestly dont get it, I have a purpose a set goal and a set path and yet somehow iv noticed over the years that people who have no direction and have nowhere they're going seem to live the most fulfilling lives iv ever seen...why is that? Have they given up? Are they insane?" Loading said as he flew back down and stopped his programs and such " Its because Loading, sometimes having no direction, no goal and no real purpose makes your life open for the ones you want, Life should be a slu of possibilities, not an array of doorways in which you have to go through" 404 said as he turned to him in which Loading looked at him.

The two searched even longer, but found no luck "What do you think happens when you enter that white light?" Loading asked " I dont know, but I dont think it's anything good, from what iv been told that light and dark castle in the distant are supposedly the building blocks of this Reality we live in, to be honest it's amazing how easily I can process this" 404 said as he brushed hands along the red grass. The two continued to search until even Loading began to give up hope.

404 and Loading sat on the grass...well Loading hovered, the two there and stared out I to nothing for a long time, without connection to Death or to anyone else they were stuck and with no way to find the tree they needed to save not just the people they care about, but the world that even though cruel and unfair they called they're home. "Is this really how it one around to bury or care for our image afterwards?" 404 said as he stared at the flowing red glass with the hum of the white horizon "Is that really what your thinking about?, why don't you stop worrying about others and think for yourself" Laoding said in which 404 felt as if he had been hit with a hammer across the head, as of he somehow felt for the first time he was left off a leash, 404 stood up immediately and then looked at the white horizon "Hey Cookie brain what ar-" Loading didn't finishe his sentence before 404 began to sprint straight into the white horizon at full speed " HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Loading shouted " LIVING!" 404 replied as he ran straight into the bright white light. Once 404 entered the white light he began to feel high Euphoria and like he was dumped into a bat of dopamine, 404 was filled with pure joy and happiness only for his eyes to readjust and for him to see William sitting in front of him " is that" 404 stuttered as he looked down at William

"Hey its been a long time..404" William said in which 404 continued to remain speechless as all of those positive feelings from before were no met with dread and dissolution "Why dont you sit down 404, iv been waiting here for a long time" William said as he pat the space next to him. 404 looked at William completely out of it, but sat down anyway "So...did I die? Is this my punishment or something?" 404 said as he sat down next to William and stared into the nothingness "Geez is that how I act now that I'm an adult all dark and moody, gosh I really need to lighten up" William said as he laid back "Hey are you even listening!?" 404 shouted " No, gosh you sound like Mother" william said, 404 looked shocked for a second, but then thought on his words as he began to realize William was right " So what are you here for?" William said. "I-I dont..." 404 couldn't finishe his sentence before falling on both 4 fours and crying " I CANT SAVE ANYONE! WHY AM I NOT STRONG ENOUGH AFTER ALL THIS TIME! EVERYONE I KNOW AND LOVE HATES ME AND IS GOING TO DIE FEELING THAT WAY!" 404 said as a blue and black patterned began to form over his body " I-I should just accepte it...iv never been able to save's over" 404 said as his body began to shift into a dark black and blue pattern only for William to put his hand on 404s head "Have you forgotten why you even exist?" William said in which 404 looked up at him "Your whole reason for being alive now is to protect the ones you love, the end is so close cant you feel it?we're so close now dont lose to that demon now" William said as 404s body began to slowly turn back to normal " even if everything ends, everyone dies, Chara, Adam...hell even Mom it'll still be us till the very end, you know that right?" William said smiling at 404 who then grabbed William and began cry and hug him.

Back outside the white horizon Loading stood at the threshold of the light Loading "..."

"Dont cry 404, tears are meant to be for moments of tranquility and nothing else, Remember that no matter what happens William grabbed 404s face your must at all cost, destroy our enimes that threaten our happiness...remember that" William said in a grimm voice in which 404 looked at William in complete shock until he nodded " I just need to ensure the safety of my friends and family and-" 404 stopped mid sentence as he looked down and pondered "...oh what am I saying, I'm no hero, but I dont have to be...I just wanna protect and save the people I care about!" 404 told himself as he stood up tall dwarfing William in his presence in which William looked up at 404 with a smile. "Ugh, I should probably go and get him, not that I care if he dies...I just need someone that will allow me to sustain my form for a little longer I suppose" Loading said until suddenly 404 burst out of the White horizon and land behind Loading with a thud. "Is he different?" Loading said a little shocked. "Hey what's up with you? What was in there?" Loading said as he turned around and looked at 404 who simply just stood there looking forward "Hmp it was what I needed" 404 said as he turned around and looked at Loading when suddenly the ground began to shake "What is happening!?" 404 said "Oh 404 your shaking" Loaodng said until he realized the ground was shaking.

Suddenly a tree began to emerge under 404 "WHAT THE HELL!?!?" 404 & Loading shouted as the Tree began to rise out the ground and underneath a giant stone guardian began to emerge "What?" Loading said as the Tree and the giant began to rise into the sky, 404 jumped down as soon as he could with Loading arriving by his side. The tree toppled over and fell to the ground next to 404 and Loading as the stone giant rose up from the ground

"Oooooo my stone aches" said the Stone Giant, 404 looked at the Giant and then the tree "Who are you?" 404 shouted in which Loading began to look at the tree for the special fruit they came for " my name? I dont think I remember it, long as it been since iv been up?" The stone giant asked in which 404 stared at him for a moment trying to process everything " I dont know sir, this is the first iv seen a giant like you...I mean besides Brimm or the likes of Sol" 404 said " Sol and it wasnt a dream afterall" said the stone giant as it began to walk a bit past 404 and Loading as they moved out of the way "What do you mean?" 404 asked " I fought in a war that was meant to exterminate all abominations of this world and beyond, but it seems even now there are still those left who thrive afterwards." Said the Stone Giant, Loading got one of the fruits from the tree and began to scan it for pulses of similar traits to their world " Where will you go? Are you off to kill Brimm and Sol?" 404 asked "Oh no, a entity such as Sol is now far to powerful for anyone, but if I can kill that beast Brimm then my journey and long rest may have truly not been for nothing" the giant said as it began to walk towards the wicked Throne "Enjoy the tasty fruit of the Horizon falkner, they're ripe this year" said the stone giant as it left with 404 waving good bye."We have a problem 404" Loading said as he finished analyzing the fruit "What is it?" 404 asked "This fruit is exactly what we need to fix the Mainframe, it has all the right substances and somehow has this weird...I dont know what it is, but somehow it matches with the Multiverse, but there is one problem, our ticket home do we have one?" Loading asked in which 404 then realized he hadn't contacted Death in a while and then revealed his Conduit soul in order to do so "William is that you?" Said Death, but something was off, 404 could hear the sound of fighting and roars of a monster " Death is everything-" but before 404 could finishe his sentence he heard a familiar voice " YOUR LIVES ARE FORFEIT!!" shouted Brimm from the other end " Sorry William, we cant get you back to your Multiverse we're in a bit of trouble!" Death said as the call ended suddenly.

404 looked in shock as Loading looked in a plain manner as he then stared at the fruit "...then how are we going to..." 404's eyes shrank as he looked back up towards they're own reality "Hey" Loading said getting 404's attention "Before you have a mental breakdown or something I have a plan" Loading said as he floated towards 404 " I did a reading on the power that sent us here and your Conduit buddies were packing, but we dont have least no separate" Loading said as he stopped in front of "H-Hey hold on a second!" 404 said as he stuttered " Listen closely, I'm not doing this to save you, but for the Mainframe. I want you to absorb my code and essence so that you can get back" Loading said "But Loading you'll be-" but Loading didn't let finishe 404 "Stop being emotional, we never did have a connection so just shut up, be sure to use the fruit to fix everything ok?" Loading asked in which 404 nodded "Ah a non emotional answer, maybe there was something I liked about you" Loading said as he began to remove his red eye much to 404s surprise. Loading ripped his red eye out and handed it to 404, 404 looked at Loading with a pained exexpression as he began to dissapeare "Goodbye for now William" Loading said as he dissapeared leaving 404 with his eye and the fruit.

Back at the Undertale Multiverse, Vape began to make his grand speech with the Astral Mother by his side and Alpha who just arrived on the scene "Brothers and Sisters of this Multiverse, I am Vape, I just like you despised the way our kind was treated by the creators and by other more prominent Aus, but I'm also aware of our world's current state, we as a community, a family and a group are broken and out-dated." Vape said as the crowd began to murmur and talk to themselves, meanwhile Another and the others began their march to the throne to stop Vape and the Astral Mother. "But, thanks to Alphatale the creators have gotten back into loving us for story and character development, we need to encourage that feeling, we need to make a new world where our creators are happy and free to do whatever they want without worry for forgetting their old creations, which is why iv come to the decision that in order to become better all current Aus as we know it must be D E S T R O Y E D" Vape said in a calming and almost soothing voice, but the crowd's faces and bodies shook with fear as Core then began to back away from the throne until being grabbed by Spaz. "W-what did you say" Delta said in shock " Come on my brethren it is time for us to wipe away the old and become a new more potent Multiverse filled with glorious Aus with creators of a new stature" Vape said as he turned his head to the Astral Mother who was smiling the whole time "As I promised enough code to rebuild Alphatale from the ground up in your own image" Vape said at a low voice "And here I thought you skeletons were unreliable, thank you Vape and now I shall do the rest" the Astral Mother said as she stepped forward only for Another!Sans and the others to be marching up the throne. "VAPE ITS OVER, SURRENDER! NOW!" Another!Sans shouted as Tint walked past him and stopped "Oh if it isnt the Alpha squad ir verse? I dont know names are weird, Sorry to say your already to late, death is your only hope" said the Astral Mother who stood in front if them.

" ITS NOT TOO LATE YET!!" shouted Killer.Jpg as he rushed forward immediately " No wait!" Another!Sans shouted, but in that instant the Astral Mother reveal a strange orb that glowed green and as soon as it was out a giant bolt of green lighting struck Killer.Jpg blasting a giant hole straight through his chest "NO!!" D+ and Terror shouted as theh watched Killer.jpg fall down the step of the throne his limp and lifeless, "And that's one, with his code I make a new and more obedient Alphys: Astral Mother said as she began walking towards, "let the eradication of Aus commence then" Astral Mother said as the others got ready to fight "MOTHER STOP! You cant do this!" Alpha shouted in pain and worry as he flew towards his mother " Oh I wont, you will. It's time to play March my little soldier" the Astral Mother said in a calming voice and as if on command Alpha's went completely dark and turned into a buring pink "Alpha! Alpha are you alright!" Shouted Another!Sans, but he then noticed Alpha's eyes and winced back "oh shit" said Fell.B!Sans as he watched in terror. "Now my son, do as mommy says and...TURING THIS PLACE INTO GROUND ZERO!!!" Astral Mother shouted in which the others immediately jumped off throne " EVERYONE GET DOWN, GET AWAY!!" Another!Sans shouted suddenly bright lights filled the sky as Alpha put his hand up in the air summoning millions of blasters, and then he put his arm down firing them all on which Astral Mother and Vape teleported away. The entire Anti-void lit up like a Christmas tree and the air filled with screams, dust and smoke from the explosion, Spaz and Core watched from the distance with Core's muffled screams from Spaz holding them. Spaz watched as a large dust cloud came their way in which he covered and protected Core as the sounds of rushing win and dust flew past them, eventually a few moments later the air was thick with dust falling everywhere. Another!Sans stood up from a pile of rubble and dust as he looked around he saw mounts of dust and clouds of it everywhere, as the Anti-void was dark and the massive dust storms going on were huge, he looked around some more and saw Fell.B!Sans's jacket, he reached out to grab it before it blew away, he then looked around to see if he could see anyone else which he couldn't

"....oh no" Another!Sans said when suddenly loads of code and souls began to travel past Another!Sans in which he turned around to see The Astral Mother standing into the distance holding the strange orb from before which was now absorbing all the code and souls from all the people who died. "Well that was effective, oh there's still a few left, well no worries then" the Astral Mother said as Alpha appeared at her side with raging pink eyes "I'll dispose of the lot of you quickly" The Astral Mother said.

Another!Sans got up only to be punched and dragged through the ground by Alpha, Another!Sans then shot Alpha in the face getting Alpha to let him go "DAMNIT BOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? KILL HIM ALREADY!" Astral Mother shouted at him " C-Cant...trying to-" Alpha couldn't finishe his sentence as he began to grab at his head and he began to scream in pain "Impressive resolve, however your more hateful side should help with the execution process" the Astral Mother said as she began to tap her fingers together , instantly Alpha's eyes burned a hot pink as he then summoned his DT blade and began to rush Another!Sans who began to dodge his attacks as he was fighting Alpha the Astral Mother began to move towards the clouds of dust and stare at it "I may have control over him m, but I would like to be able to activate his more greater feats, it's a shame though guess I'll have to make do for now...let's hope he's the only one of them that shows up" Astral Mother said as a explosion went off sending Another!Sans falling back and stumbling over "D-Damn it" Another!Sans said as he fell to his knees only for Alpha to teleport in front of him and stab him in the thrid eye "ARGHHHHH!!!" Another!Sans said as he fell to the ground clutching his eye "Do not worry" said Alpha(Soldier) in which Another!Sans looked up at him in pain "Death is only thr first waypoint" Alpha(Soldier) said as he got ready to execute Another!Sans Suddenly out of the dust cloud came a stray Blaster, Astral Mother looked up at it and so did Alpha when suddenly it opened up to reveal D+ who had lost a arm, D+ then jumped out and fired hundreds of bones at Alpha who blocked them with his blade, once D+ landed he grabbed Another!Sans and then hopped on the blaster and began to fly off. "This is inanse, why is she doing this?" Another!Sans asked as he looked back where Alpha was "Does it matter!? All the Aus besides some of us are dead, we're living in a vacant lot and if we dont move out and find some place to hide we're toast" D+ said as he flew him and Another further away from the area. Core frisk opened their eyes as they saw the pure destruction of everything, Core's eyes filled with tears as they grabbed at Spaz's jacket, Spaz looked on at the destruction and began to ponder if staying is a good idea in which he then looked at Core and then let go before beginning to walk towards the large smoke leaving Core behind "..." Core simply watched speechless at everything.

eventually D+ and Another!Sans saw Spaz and they flew down towards him

"Hey man you need to get out here, it's not safe" D+ said offering him his hand while Another!Sans just sat down tired, Spaz shook his head and kept going "HEY BUDDY IF YOU GO THAT WAY YOU'LL DIE!" D+ shouted as Spaz walked away "Iv already died once said" said Spaz as he continued to walk further towards the chaos. Back at the remains of the Throne and dust arena Alpha used his sword to whisk the dust away "Stupid boy now theyre gone!...signs oh well, I have enough code to remodel Alphatale in the image I wanted and then i can start over, and with the Multiverse now vacant the creators will now create Aus that replicate Alphatale from now on" Astral Mother said as she walked towards Alpha who stood amongst the debris "Adam, you brilliant child, well I wouldn't say brilliant more like obed-" but before she could speak Alpha got grabbed from underneath by a giant rainbow hand that pulled him down under. the Astral Mother ran over the debris as she looked around for him, when suddenly Alpha got thrown put of the debris and went flying landing on his face, the Astral Mother got up to see Tint standing out of the debris with his large rainbow arm "Y-you" the Astral Mother said as suddenly the rainbow hand grabbed her "Stand down Alpha or I'll kill her" Tint said as Alpha got up and stared down Tint.

Alpha stared at Tint "Surrender Immediately" Tint said as Alpha began to get up fully, the Astral Mother looked at Tint and then to Alpha "Well it would appear I'm in quiet the spot" Astral Mother said in which Tint's rainbow arm squeezed her tight "Quiet" Tint said in which Alpha hesitated to move "But that's why scientists always have a plan B" the Astral Mother said as she used to the green orb to stun Tint in which his Rainbow let go of her and she rolled out of the way just in time for Alpha to speed towards Tint and stabbed him with his blade. Once the blade was in black tentacles began to wrap around the blade, Alpha looked at Tint confused and shocked "You have your secrets, I have mine" Tint said as his Rainbow Arm came from behind Alpha and grabbed him by the head and slammed his face down to the ground and drag him around "I wont let you destroy me, I have a mission t-" but before Tint could finishe Tint got shot by a blast from the Astral Mother, Tint fell to one knee and could feel blood dripping from his left eye, he wiped away the blood as Alpha began to rush at him again, Tint avoided it rolling out of the way. Tint and Alpha went back and forth as attacks connected and some didn't, Alpha hardly took any damage while Tint took heavy hits time and time again. Tint then go stabbed in the shoulder only for Alpha to cut off his entire right arm, Tint fell to one knee and looked up at Alpha who got ready to strike him Suddenly a large storm of blades feel upon Alpha and Tint with Tint blocking them with his Rainbow arm "Oh great" Astral Mother said " Hey Adam" said a voice behind Alpha in which he turned around to see Spaz standing at the bottom of the debris. Alpha and The Astral Mother looked at Spaz " Spaz what ate you doing!?" Astral Mother shouted as Spaz made his way up the debris, Alpha then turned to Spaz "...seems like I got some back up" Tint said as he stood up and Spaz stopped as soon as he got to the top, Alpha looked at both of them "Enough of this, as much as I enjoy this I have a much better idea on how to dispose of unwanted guest" the Astral Mother said as she pointed at Spaz, Tint and Alpha and fired her Alpha ray blasting The three and the rest of the debris away.

*After that Spaz tried getting up, but was stuck under some rubble and Alpha got back up in the distance, The Astral Mother walked over to a wounded Tint and then pressed her foot on his back "I thought there was something off about you she then put her hand on his back and then thrust it through him your one of us" Astral Mother said as she fired another Alpha Ray I side Tint sending a large shockwave through his body. "Now then, with all of this new and fascinating code and souls, I can finally begin to recreate my utopia, the Alphatale that was always meant to be!" The Astral Mother said. The Astral Mother then began to absorb all of the code and souls she had collected from all the Aus she had slaughtered, as the Astral Mother began to change and power up, Alpha looked over to Spaz and walked to him, Spaz looked up at Alpha who looked down at him stuck in the rubble, Alpha reached down and pulled off Spaz's mask only to see his brother's face which snapped him out of his trance "W-WIlliam?" Alpha said in complete shock.

As the dust clouds formed around the Astral Mother as she began to transform and gain more and more power Alpha stared at Spaz who now without the mask resembled William perfectly "N-No, that's not possible, you left and-" but as Alpha spoke he then looked around at everything around and the dust clouds everywhere "W-What happened here? WHERE ARE ALL THE AUS!?" Alpha screamed as he then saw the blood on his blade and could feel himself drained of power "....It cant be..." Alpha fell to his hands and knees dropping his blade as tears rushed down not just one, but both sides of his face "AGRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Alpha screamed hysterically as it all hit him at once, the black out, his mother's lady words and now the damage and destruction of it all. Sapz managed to get the rubble off of him and stood up to look at Alpha as he had a complete meltdown "THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!! EVERYONE TRUSTED ME!! I WAS THEIR HERO!!! AND just their executioner..." Alpha said as he cryed and Spaz watched. Suddenly a large burst of power went off as it cleared the dust clouds away and the ground shook. Spaz and Tint as he got up weak watched as the Astral Mother now with bright glowing hair and spikes coming out her arms and surrounded by balls of code and energy began to gently land onto the ground "Sorry for the wait, you know how it is for a women to become god" said the All-Mother as she landed on the ground making the whole place shake*

"Now with that out of the way now we can begin with the reformation of this-" but just as the All-Mother was about to finishe her sentence she was interrupted "How could" Alpha said as he continued to cry "How could you use me, your own son, in such a violent and cruel way!" Alpha cried "Oh stop it child I'm so over your pointless words" All-Mother said "Over?...You know what your right, I am over it, im over you, I'm over being the sucker, I'm over being the nice guy, I'm over being understanding and I'm....Alpha's tears began to turn pitch black IM OVER BEING THE GOOD GUY" Alpha said.

The All-Mother looked at Alpha as his face twisted with rage and anger! "So finally torn down your facade? Guess playing the nice guy was too much" said the All-Mother as she began to get ready to attack in which Tint and Spaz also got ready "Facade? FACADE?! IM NO SLAVE TO MY PERSONALITY, I GET ANGRY, I GET UPSET AND I GET SAD, I have feelings just like everyone else you people just push me to my breaking point! Either it be some stupid idea to bring everyone back who died at Alphatale or to protect use from interdimensional beings who see us as only snacks, You people are by far the most horrible and worst excuses for people I have ever met!" Alpha said as his tears turned to a even darker black and his pupils vanished " But above all else, I'm tired of feeling like I cant ever have a bad day, so today...THAT CHANGES!!!" Alpha said as he summoned his DT blade which wa now pitch black " Ha!, what you actually expect me to believe that you'd strike me? Your own mother, I don't care how angry you get, I know you and I know that-" but before she could finishe the All-Mother was stabbed by Alpha in the chest, in shock she took two steps back as she stared at Alpha in the eyes, eyes which now held only hate and wrath. Alpha then spun the All-Mother around on his blade throwing her into the air and finishing off the attack with a large blast from his now reformed Hate Blaster, Tint and Spaz looked on in shock as Alpha's attacks left shockwaves and intense explosions behind them. Far in the distance Anti-Flowey looked on in complete shock and disarray

"Wowie, what insane magic and power, glad I'm not caught in that shit, I better get the hell out of here before I get caught up in anymore of these guy's problems" Anti-Flowey said as he turned around only for him to be stepped on by a unknown figure, Anti-Flowey in a panic looked up only to see someone's Underwear and muscular legs " Heheheh I can see your panties" Anti-Flowey chuckled as the figure then flattened their long white jacket to reveal It was Alpha!Chara, Anti-Flowey looked at Chara with seductive eyes "Weeeeelll hello there pretty woman" Anti-Flowey said chill like "What?" Alpha!Chara said in which at the sound of his voice Anti-Flowey immediately was turned off " AGH! YOUR A MAN!?" Anti-Flowey shouted "Not important right now, where is my brother and William?" Alpha!Chara asked as he looked at Alpha and The All-Mother fighting each other each blow destroying fragments of the Anti-void and possible even reality itself "I-I dont know who Will is, but I do know where your brother is...if I'm guessing by your hair would be that emo boy with the long sword?" Anti-Flowey asked "Yup, I need you to take me to him" Alpha!Chara said as he lifted his foot off of Anti-Flowey. Anti-Flowey and Alpha!Chara eventually got to Undertale, Chara moved forward leaving Flowey behind to stay stay and just sit, Chara looked around at the ruins as they walked through looking and wondering as to why everything felt so peacful.

Alpha!Chara continued to go through the ruins until coming upon Toriel's home , he peered inside and saw Toriel in the kitchen crying, Chara put two and two together and snuck inside and went to the basement to where the door to snowdin lay. As he made his way through Chara got spooked by Anti-Flowey who pooped out of the ground "Damnit you stupid flowers, what is it?" Alpha!Chara said as he folded his arms "breathes heavily God your fast, look I get it you need him for some life or death thing, but look I dont got a soul or anything, but you have to understand he's doing for some kind of clarity yaknow, so why dont you just let him work this out" Anti-Flowey said as he popped back into the ground. Alpha!Chara looked down at grass and then kept walking, once Chara arrived in snowdin they noticed Alpha!Frisk and UT!Frisk standing behind the lamp as Sans and papyrus chatted with each other. *Alpha!Chara kept walking towards them in which Papyrus then noticed them pointing them in shock and excitement, but however Sans looked back with his blank eyes and a large grin, Alpha!Frisk and UT!Frisk also looked in shock. "How interesting" said a voice behind Chara in which he turned around only to see no one there. "What?" Alpha!Chara said to himself as he turned back to see Papyrus right in front of them ready to give them a handshake "Welcome human! I am the Great Papyrus and thi-" but before Papyrus could finishe Sans interrupted him "I think they know Paps" Sans said in which Papyrus looked back at him and then the humans "You mean like they're a part of a fan club for me" Papyrus said with cheer, but quickly noticing everyone's expressions fixed his own "The tall Frisk told me about you, well told me that someone might be coming for him, are you them? Judging by your urgency to get here and that look on your face, I'd say so" Sans said as he clutched a hanging key around his neck " Its hard to explain, but our version of...well a man who use to reside in your world has gone mad and no she's trying to recreate everything we all know and love, well most of us" Alpha!Chara said as Alpha!Frisk and UT!Frisk talked to each other "Wowie, Sans it seems like they need help, is there anything we can do?" Papyrus asked in which Sans shook his head "This problem is a little bigger then us Pappy, best we just lend him his brother back and get back to what we we're suppose- are doing" Sans said as he went over to his station and leaned against it.

Alpha!Frisk looked at UT!Frisk and smiled as he departed from his smaller half and went to Chara, the two then began to walk towards the ruins.

as the two made their way back to the start of the underground Alpha!Chara began to explain to them everything they needed to know "N-No way so all the Aus are..." Alpha!Frisk couldn't finishe his sentence as he looked down at the ground as he walked his hands trembling "Yea and thats not the worst part, the Astral Mother has attained some god like power, Adams trying to stop her, but I dont know how long he'll last against her" Alpha!Chara said as the two made to Anti-Flowey's location "There you idiots are, what took so long!?" Anti-Flowey said hastily as the two stared at each other "So where's your boyfriend? Shouldn't he be over this?" Alpha!Frisk said annoyingly "I'm not sure , but we cant always rely on him to save us so it's best if we figure this out. I was talking to Mufdet not to long after this started so she'll be helping us" Alpha!Chara said "Soooo you two ready then?" Anti-Flowey said in which the two nodded and were swarmed with veins as they left Undertale and were brought back to the Anti-void far from the on going battle. "You two are finally back" said a voice behind the three as they turned to see Alpha!Muffet floating behind them "Your guy's Au is cracked" Anti-Flowey said as he turned to see Alpha fall to the ground in the distance as the All-Mother floated above him getting ready to send another attack his way. "Glad your here Muffet, we could really use the fire power" Alpha!Chara said in which suddenly out of nowhere a giant beam of blue light shot through the Multiverse and through a portal, it kept doing this for a few moments before disappearing "What was that?!" The All-Mother said as she began to analyze the Multiverse using her new found powers.

[Admin has returned]

"WHAT!? IT CANT BE!!" The All-Mother shouted, in which everyone shouted in cheer at that notification "404!" Everyone shouted in cheer, Alpha laying on the ground wounded struggled to get up "About time, but where is he?" Alpha said as he looked around.

[Destanation missed, Locating Admin]

"Cant we get one nice thing" Anti-Flowey said.

"So it is William after all" the All-Mother said

[Mainframe at 25%, dumping assets]

Suddenly all the code the All-Mother had collected including the orb were deleted and taken away causing her to be turned back into her normal state as the same for Alpha aswell who no longer could resort to his other form as all the souls were now deleted aswell. "NO! NO NO NO NO NO! DAMNIT WHY ARE YOU BOYS CONSTANTLY TRYING TO STOP ME!?!" The Astral Mother shouted as she looked at her body begin to shift back to her normal state "Guess your starting to see it hu, that awful feeling of not being able to be in control" Alpha said infuriating the Astral Mother, she then sprinted towards him and tackled him to the ground "STUPID BOY!, YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE THINGS I'M TRYING TO DO FOR OUR WORLD!" Astral Mother said as she extended her fingers turning them into large claws slashing at Alpha getting his face and chest. Suddenly a large barrage of Friendliness Pellets were shot at her scratching and damaging her causing her to fall back, Alpha got up and looked back to see Chara and Anti-Flowey "Are you alright Adam?" Alpha!Chara said as he helped Alpha up "Where's everyone else? A-are they ok?" Alpha asked as he wiped blood from his mouth onto his sleeve "Frisk went out to find Will, we'll help you here" Alpha!Chara said as he unsheathed his DT tei knives "You better not get in my way trash bag!" Anti-Flowey said as he got his long veins and Friendliness Pellets ready "Right" Alpha said as he summoned his hate blade and looked forward, Alpha!Muffet flew over them and looked at the chaos. The Astral Mother got up, she dug a Friendliness Pellet out of her shoulder and ripped off her jacket, her eye the turned into a sharp A shape as she stared at Alpha and the rest of them "You...You...DAMN THE LOT OF YOU, YOU JUST GOT YOUR TICKETS TO PARADISE REVOKED!" shouted the Astral Mother. As the fight began to rage on, somewhere in the doodlesphere 404 reappeared in the UTMultiverse, as he opened his eyes he saw all the Aus were destroyed and that the entire Multiverse was empty

"Oh god, what happened here.." 404 said as he then looked down at Loading's red eye, he gave it a squeeze before finally absorbing the rest of it's power and code "Did...did BioTale do this?" 404 said "No" said a voice in which 404 looked around and then finally looked down to see Alpha!Frisk staring up at him "Oh it's you, where is everyone?" 404 asked in which Alpha!Frisk looked off in the distance and then back to 404 "The Astral Mother killed them all...with a little help, but that's not important the fact is your back and we need your help" Frisk said hastily "I...I can't, I need to replenish the Mainframe first before anything else" 404 said as he opened a portal to his hideout "But what about everything I just told you!?" Frisk said angrily "If you wanna come you can, but if your gonna bitch to me then go fight her" 404 said as he went though and Frisk hesitantly followed. Back a the Anti-void, The Astral Mother was dominating the field as her assaults and pursuits were relentless, she often was able to blaze through all of Alpha's strongest attacks and Chara's, luckly Anti-Flowey's Friendliness Pellets would be able to space them out. Suddenly though Alpah!Chara rushed in slicing at the Astral Mother's facing hoping to get a hit in only for the Astral Mother to grab him by his hair and head butt him so hard that the Astral Mother broke his nose, kicking him out of the way the Astral Mother prepared for the next assault from Anti-Flowey and Muffet who sent out loads of webs and explosive muffins which the Astral Mother easily dogged and avoided only getting hit by a few pellets from Anti-Flowey.

"D-Damnit her strength is insane" Alpha!Chara said as he wiped away at his broken nose which bled refusley "W-We just need to stall until Frisk and Will get here* Alpha said exhausted as his hate began to run out leaving him more exhausted. Astral Mother chased after Anti-Flowey as Muffet continued to attack her "H-H-Hey you were so much hotter before!" Anti-Flowey said as he burrowed underground to get away from the large women "Damn these fools are slippery, I need to cut off they're means of slipping by me, if that means annihilating a few of them then so be it" the Astral Mother said to herself as she then began to make things more difficult for the rest of her opponents. The Astral Mother stopped in her tracks and then placed her hand on the ground sending a large shockwave through the ground in which not started a small quake of the ground, but also ended up uprooting Anti-Flowey and sending him hurling into the air in which she then shot her Alpha Ray killing him instantly to the surprise of everyone

"You murdering, Bastard!!!" Alpha shouted as he charged in at the same time Muffet sent out more webs and some floating hands "NO WAIT!" Alpha!Chara shouted as he tried to stop them, but only for the Astral Mother to block Alpha's sword attack and then stab him through the chest with her claws. Alpha coughed up some Blood, but was quickly moved into the path of Muffet's attacks by the Astral Mother as a shield. "W-Why are you....Grr doing this" Alpha asked in sorrow "Because You boys dont know how to stay out of my business and out of my way" Astral Mother said as she tossed Alpha to the side. She then summoned some Gaster hands on both sides of Muffet in a attempt crush her.

"W-Wait! There dosent need to be anymore pointless death, you dont have to be this bad person Mother" Alpha cried "Dont be a fool boy do you honestly believe I'm in the wrong, we live in a world where-" but before she could finishe Alpha!Chara jumped over Alpha and plunged her knives into the Astral Mother, one into her stomache and the other into her shoulder nearly missing her soul "Grk! T-Thats right I almost forgot you lot dont care about this world or the next, all you care about are your precious feelings and what's happening in the now. Such sick creatures you all are...breathes heavily dont you realize that this world is in a constant cycle? If you go down this path you'll just be doing what you've done already before countless times, but I guess you dont care about that hu, BUT I REFUSE TO BE A TOY TO FATE ANYMORE!" The Astral Mother said as her Gaster Hands crushed Muffet and she elbowed Chara in the eye and then useing her other hand to rip out Chara's left eye causing him to scream and fall back onto his knees. Alpha looked on in horror as he watched Muffet's blood drop from the Gaster Hands.

The Astral Mother then proceeded to take out the knives from her body, she then ripped off her skirt reveal yoga shorts underneath, she then turned to her son who was lying on the ground paralyzed "That face, reminds me of the one you made the first time you died, a pity though your results the first time were very great...for a clone of course" Astral Mother said in which Alpha's eyes widened and looked to his mother "C-Clone?" Alpha said "It dosent matter anywayshe pointed her figure towards Alpha getting ready to fire a large blast from her Gaster hand Your not gonna live long enough to get your so called truth" the Astral Mother said as she fired her large beam towards Alpha. Alpha!Chara looked through on of his eyes and saw the Astral Mother getting ready to kill Alpha, Chara looked at the Astral Mother and then to Alpha

"Frisk...William...I'm sorry" Chara said as he ran forward, the Astral Mother fired off her blast, Alpha got ready to block when suddenly Chara jumped in front of him and took the attack head on shielding Alpha "CHARA!!!!" Alpha screamed as the blast tore Chara a part sending pieces of him everywhere and turning alot of him to cinders. Once the smoke cleared Alpha looked at Chara's soul as it shattered to pieces leaving the only thing behind to be Chara's blue bow "Stupid idiot, well once I remake this Multiverse I'll have plenty of Chara's to go around and shop for now wont i" Astral Mother said as she walked towards Alpha. Alpha fell to his knees and picked up the bow " run down Alpha's face Will I'm so sorry, this is all my fault, if I had just...why didnt i... oh damnit no" Alpha said as he cried into Chara's bow. "Oh come on boy, it's not like you liked him anyway, besides I though you hated the fact Will loved him more then you, I think I did you a favor" the Astral Mother said as she kept walking to him "Favor...FAVOR!! WILL IS MY BROTHER! AND YOUR CONSTANTLY RUINING HIS LIFE! AND THEM BLAMING ME FOR WANTING IT THAT WAY!!! I- YOUR DEAD!!!" Alpha shrieked as he stuffed Chara's bow in his pocket, his eyes went to a deep black and his tears returning to a hateful black. "I WONT LET YOU TAKE ANYMORE LIVES!" Alpha shouted. Alpha began to charge up his magic and immediately he went in with a loud punch cracking the Astral Mother's jaw sending her flying, Alpha then flew over her and slammed her in the face sending her flying into the floor with a loud bang, he then flew into the air and summoned himself large hate spear and them shot down at light speed stabbing the spear into the Astral Mother's chest with bang

The Astral Mother coughed up blood as she then could feel the damage starting to register, Alpha then grabbed the Astral Mother by her legs and began to spin her around until he threw her into the remains of KM'S throne. Alpha then summoned a large hate Blaster and few hundred more, he charged them up to max power before nuking the Astral Mother to kingdom come, shaking the entire Multiverse and many others around it. 404 and Frisk now accompanied by Error started to make their way towards the fighting "Things are getting worse and worse by the minute, we need to hurry" Error said hastily "With the seed now in the Mainframe things should start working again, but I'm gonna need to patch a few things up, hopefully I'll be able to stop her before things get out of control....adam please be safe" 404 said to himself as he flew at break neck speed with Frisk standing on one of his blasters.

Back at the battle, Alpha watched with baited breath in Hopes that he had ended the Astral Mother, but to his surprise she walked out of the smoke...naked, her clothes appeared to have been burnt away and destroyed. She began to stretch and flex her muscles as if to give off the idea she had more mobility now. "J-Just how much Def does she have!?" Alpha told himself "Man it's been a looooong time since I fought in my birthday suit, but the best part about that is not only do I get to show off my amazing body, but I also get to move at my best speed" The Astral Mother said as in literally 5.6 milliseconds she sprinted to Alpha kicking him the face and sending him flying so hard the right side of his face nearly shattered. Spaz watched as Alpha fought against the Astral Mother valiantly with each attack of his getting returned with 10x more pressure and damage, the Astral Mother would sprint forward with all her strength with each and every hit hitting like a truck and each blast leaving a mark on Alpha's body.

Alpha dodged one of the Astral Mother's attacks only for him to get blind sided and grabbed from behind by the Astral Mother into a full suplex buring Alpha's head into the ground only to pull him out and throw him to the side "What's wrong Adam? Can't handly your mother?" Astral Mother mockingly said as Alpha struggled to get up"More like can I handle a 50 pound women made out of pure muscle that eats other wrestlers for breakfeats" Alpha said to himself as he saw pieces of his skull falling apart "At this rate I might die again...well at least I'll be able to atone for my failure...I wasnt able to protect the Aus....I wasnt even able to protect my brother's boyfriend...I deserve this" Alpha said as his tears of hate reverted back to his regular tears, Alpha looked over at the Astral Mother as she sprinted towards him, he looked down at his sword and dropped it and closed his eyes. *The Astral Mother was about to claw Alpha's head to pieces, but suddenly she got blasted with a large blaster and some bones went flying her way. The Astral Mother, Spaz and Alpha looked over to the distance to see Tint, D+ and Another companied by Rock flying in on his blaster, Astral looked up in annoyance and Alpha looked over in sorrow yet a hint of hope. Spaz looked down at his knife "Oi Mate, couldn't help but hear you had yourself a lady problem" Rock shouted out. 404, Error and Frisk were getting closer and closer to getting to the others at the Battle sight

"Everyone please be ok" 404 said as he flew faster, Meanwhile the Astral Mother jumped up towards Rock and the others "That women is packing some serious energy, she must be getting fuled by some other force" said Malesgrow "Whatever you say squiddy, but when a giant naked women is shooting up towards me there is only one response to give..." Rock said as he stood up, Tint and Another looked over at him. Rock then took off his shades showing Malesgrow's large red eye , Malesgrow began to charge up a large ray beam

"BLOW THEM THE FUCK UP!!!" Rock shouted as a large red beam shot out of his eye and straight for the Astral Mother who used her Gaster Hands to block it only for them to be useless and send her flying towards the ground where the moment the explosion hit the ground made a pillar of smoke and fire. "Holy shit Rock" Another said in which D+ looked shocked, but Tint just stared at Rock "(just what have you done Rock)" Tint said to himself watching Rock. eventually everyone jumped down towards the battlefield, Another!Sans fired a large beam from his thrid eye, Tint used his Ink cannon and Rock and D+ fired more blast at the Astral Mother's location, Alpha just watched as the roars of explosions and fields of dust flew through the air. Once everything grew calm the Others came down onto the ground, Rock,D+,Another and Tint all watched as the smoke began to clear "D-Did that do it?" Alpha said as he struggled to get up "Wait a second isnt that- oh shit what exactly are we dealing with right now" D+ said as he began to clapping coming from the darkness of the smoke cloud "No way" Another!Sans said in which D+ got angry and kept firing into the smoke "DIE BITCH!!!!" D+ shouted as more explosions, Alpha just watched, but then turned to Spaz who still resmbled William "What did she mean by Clone earlier....I-is it possible Alpha looked at his hand that I'm not the real Adam" Alpha said to himself. After firing his barrage the Astral Mother Vaulted over D+'s attack kicking him in the face sending him flying backwards pass Spaz "SHIT!" Rock said as he then summoned some musical notes and fired them at the Astral Mother who dodged them as she made her way to them, Another!Sans opened his main eyes firing beams from them which the Astral Mother casually blocked and held back giving Tint a chance to swipe under her leg and trip her. As she was on the ground Tint summoned his Rainbow arm to smash her into the ground shaking the place and sending debris into the air. Another!Sans then summoned his blaster high above the sky and got ready to fire it, suddenly though the Astral Mother turned onto her back and held back the large Colorful arm, she then used her Alpha ray with her free arm and shot Tint blasting his left arm off and paralyzing him, she then rolled out and summoned a large Gaster Hand to crush Another's blaster in the sky

"....So there's still some Au filth left, guess I have more work to do" The Astral Mother said as she stood up "Focus, Focus, focus" Rock and Another!Sans told themselves. Rock then took off his shades again sending another large red beam of power to the Astral Mother in which she dodged this time, but only for Another!Sans to blast her in face leaving a large hole in her face "YES!" Alpha shouted "Hell yea!" D+ said "Gotcha Bitch!" Rock said. The Astral Mother chuckled as she stood up straight, the large hole in her face healing itself leaving no sign of a attack.

as 404 and the others were nearly there suddenly 404 saw a wisp in the distance and stopped, the wisp stared at 404 and then flew off. "Error" 404 said "Sir" Error replied "Make sure you and Frisk get to the battle and hold off ky my mother for as long as you can" 404 said as he began to follow the wisp "WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?" Alpha!Frisk shouted, but 404 just flew off after the wisp in which Error nodded and took him and Frisk to the battlefield where once they go there saw a blood bath in progress. Another!Sans wa son thr ground missing his thrid eye and Rock was getting pummeled to death as Alpha and Spaz watched helplessly with D+ struggling to get up after the first blow

[11:26 AM]

"ASTRAL MOTHER!!" Alpha!Frisk shouted as he summoned his DT and Hate katanas and jumped down towards her "No wait!" Error said as he followed, the Astral Mother stopped beating on Rock and looked over to Frisk "Dont take your eyes off me babe" Rock said as Malesgrow's eye began to glow again. The Astral Mother looked at Rock, but only for her to get blasted full force by Rock's energy wave incinerating the Astral Mother entirely "Holy Shit!" Alpha!Frisk shouted as he was shocked at what he saw. Rock struggled to get up as he was beginning to melt, Tint came over and helped him. "We'll talk later" Tint said as he walked Rock over to the sidelined with everyone else "Holy shit you did it! Rock your a fucking god!" D+ shouted in cheer as Another!Sans trying to heal his eye. Alpha and Spaz just stayed silent as everyone else was overjoyed. Suddenly though pink mist began to circulate everyone until all the mist and clouds formed ontop of a large piece of rubble forming the Astral once again "That's gonna cost you 3, I hate having to reform" the Astral Mother said as she then shot her Alpha ray killing D+ and Another!Sans. Everyone in shock couldn't move or react, the Astral Mother then saw Frisk "Guess your gonna join your brother" she said as she pointer her finger towards Alpha!Frisk, Alpha however got in front of Frisk "Want me to kill you quicker hu? Alright then" Astral as she charged her Alpha ray. Suddebly though a loud bang noise came from the sky, causing everyone to look up as the sky glowed a bright Blue and Purple, everyone watched as the light went from the sky to the far distance, the Astral squinted her eyes to get a better look at it only for the light to move faster then light speed straight towards. The Astral Mother got punched by two fist shattering her skull and sending her flying at a million miles per hour

"VIOLET BULLET!!" shouted Infected and 404.

Alpha looked on in shock, but just as fast they got there, 404 and Infected began their barrage "Dont let up not even for a second" 404 said as he shot a God ray at the Astral Mother paralyzing her once she hit the ground "Dont tell me what to do Gay Man!" Infected shouted as Wisp escaped his head and began to horde the Astral Mother only to explode as soon as they got to her "Heheheheh" Infected snickered as he sat ontop of debris eating his hands much to 404s displeasure "I'm only working with you to defeat her nothing more" 404 said coldly "Hehhehehhahah of course my blue friend, I wouldn't have it any other waayyyyyyehYHahahahhahahahahahah" Infected laughed as he began to finishe off hi left hand. "So now I gotta deal with you two how redundant" the Astral Mother said as she walked out of the dust regenerating herself "Any plans for her Def Mr.Blue or shall we do what these fools did and just hit her a bunch until she stops moving?" Infected said as he grabbed a oversized Wisp out of his left eye "She's not all physical, making it impossible to kill her, but if we-" but before 404 could finishe the Astral Mother vaulted towards them kicking 404 in the chest sending him flying backwards, Infected then popped the wisp send him and the Astral Mother flying aswell. 404 got up quickly to go after her "Damn these boys, if I had my other form this would be over by now and I cant keep resorting to my Gas form otherwise I'll run out of magic to use, come on think" Astral Mother said, but as she was distracted Infected's Clever went flying towards her smashing itself into her Chest only for 404 to then use Blue mastery to smash her into the ground "Your up" 404 said "I told you to stop telling me what to do, keep it up and I'll shove a pie down your esophagus" Infected said as he turned into the black being and began to smash the Astral Mother into the ground.

Alpha and everyone watched as the battle unfolded even more while Frisk looked around for Chara As the Astral Mother blocked Infected's large hits she then saw her mother in the distance "Wendy, what are you doing?" Said Amelia.D.Gaster "M-Mother? But that's not possible" The Astral Mother said as she blocked another hit from Infected. Two large Gaster Hands grabbed onto the Black being as they pulled him away from the Astral Mother. The Astral Mother struggled to get up as her Def grew closer and closer to being no more, the Astral Mother was unsure if she was Hallucinating or not

"M-Mother...w-what is this, I must be hallucinating this isnt real, I need to focus on the fight ahead" The Astral Mother said as she began to walk forward "Please Wendy, stop this, your fighting has to stop, you must see that now right?" Amelia said in which the Astral Mother walked straight through her "I see youv done a fine job with your abilities Infected, but you should use that on people who give a damn about the people they lost" the Astral Mother said as she summoned a large Gaster hand that would go forward to punch Infected right through and out of his Black Being state. Infected fell out and onto the ground, 404 teleported to him kneeling down to him "Any more bright ideas?" Infected said as he got up with 404 "Damnit she was right all those years ago, she is perfect, but perfection has to come at some cost" 404 said "What are you monolouging about?" Infected asked annoyed "I dont know why, but somehow I can see that her facade is slipping, we just need to keep the pressure till I can find a weakness to her" 404 said. 404 watched as Infected went blow for blow at the Astral Mother, he stared for a moment " Why I she so insanely powerful? This dosent make sense" 404 said as he thought to himself "William! Down here!" Alpha shouted in which 404 went towards Alpha. "She's too strong brother" Alpha said as he held his right arm "No, we can figure this out, I just need some time" 404 said as Infected went flying into the air and landing with a large thud, " Sometimes brother Violence isnt the answer to everything" Alpha said as 404 looked behind Alpha and saw Spaz, 404's eyes widened as he saw Spaz's face was similar to his "We need to talk her down! It's the only way!" Alpha said " AFTER EVERYTHING SHE'S DONE! AFTER ALL THE PAIN AND TRAUMA YOU STILL WANT HER!? SHE'S A MONSTER!" 404 shouted " SHE'S OUR MOTHER!Sniff...a-and she's all we have left...she's...even though she made us suffer, even though she's the cause of our pain, killing her wont make us better for it, Forgiveness is the only way" Alpha said as tears began to rush down both his eyes.

404 stared at Alpha, 404 grew angry and his hate began to manifest as he placed back and forth only for Alpha to grab his shoulder and stop him, 404 and Alpha shared a look as 404 began to understand. Infected got up and stared at the Astral Mother with eyes filled with pure anger and madness, but then 404 and Alpha appeared behind Infected

" Stand down Infected" 404 said as Infected looked back at him and Alpha "Ah so a full assualt then? Or....Infected looked at Alpha and 404 Oh no hehehehHAHAHAHAH D-DONT TELL ME YOU WANNA DO THIS THE...The...the...oh forget this, I didnt sign up for a hug fest" Infected said as he walked past them. Alpha and 404 stared at the Astral Mother as she got ready to fight again. "So then, are you boys all done? Are you ready to give up?" The Astral Mother said with a cocky smile "Yes we give up, but not on you Mother" Alpha said as he walked forward. The dust clouds stormed in the distance as 404 and Alpha's jackets flew in the wind as Frisk held Chara's bow and tears rushed down his face as he broke brokedown entirely as Tint stood behind him carrying Rock on his shoulder "I dont know where to start, Iv always felt like I should hate you, that being this kid who went through all this, Clone or not I still for some mad reason still love you" Alpha said in which the Astral Mother just stared " Iv never liked violence and iv never liked hate or anger, why spread negativity when you can spread joy, why pain when you can give tickles. I love life more then anything, I love my family even though they're the ones that pull me down time and time, I can't help, but feel positive, I cant help but love everyone and everything, it's in my nature, its human nature! And as your son I will always LOVE AND FORGIVE YOU!!!" Alpha shouted in which the Astral Mother looked at him with slight shock and yet somehow she saw a bit of herself in that boy of hers. Alpha looked to 404 who was hesitant to say anything, why should he?, he hated her, despised her, and yet somehow Alpha's words reminded him of better times. "I to tell the truth...have despised you for as long as I remember, my hate for you is beyond your comprehension, but to be honest with you, through the constant changes of my life and through the loss and some ungodly reason...its still me, I'm still me. Somehow after all the decades and all the years of pain and adventure and manipulation and death oh so much death...I just want to be someone who I can look back on and say I'm proud of, I often feel as if I cant help but descend further and further down into this pit...and I cant help but look back at myself and wonder if I'm doing my journey in life right, if being alone and isolated is good...Mother i...i dont think I could ever forgive you...I dont think I could EVER forgive you...but damnit i-I....IWANT TO TRY GODAMNIT!!!" 404 shouted as the Astral Mother's expression grew more somber and more filled with grief until..."WE LOVE YOU MOM!, PLEASE! ACCEPTE THAT YOU LOVE US!!!" 404 and Alpha shouted as Infected just squared behind them and found this al ridiculous, until he saw water begin to leak from the Astral Mother's face as she began to break down. "I-I can't...I'm sorry" the Astral cried as she faded away vanishing out of sight. 404 and Alpha looked on as the Astral Mother left "Think we'll see her again?" Alpha asked "Thats up to her" 404 said "Oh boo hoo my Mommy needs emotional support, OH GROW A PAIR YOU FUCKING PUSSIES! Do you honestly believe that she cares about you!? That she loves you!? MONSTERS DONT LOVE ANYTHING OR ANYONE!" Infected shouted and growled "that may be true Jacob, but one thing is for sure...your no monster cause your love for Omni makes you...well you" Alpha said only for Infected to punch him in the face as hard as he could in which 404 immediately got ready to kill Infected" DONT PRETEND LIKE YOU KNOW ME YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!!! KEEP THAT HAPPY GO LUCKLY SHIT TO YOURSELF, YOU CANT FIX EVERYTHING BY JUST SAYING NICE SHIT!!! HEHEHEHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH....Once this is all over I'll bury this Au with your heads as the gravestones" Infceted said as he stared at 404 who had killing intent. The murmurs of birds and the shouts of violence filled Infected's mind as he then saw Jacob playing with pigeons, as he stared at Jacob suddenly he began to fade away as the sounds around him came back to himInfected looked behind him as he squated over some debris. 404 and Alpha walked back to the group as Frisk still fried over Chara, Tint and Rock sat down on the rubble as they approached, "Frisk where's Chara?" 404 said as he approached him in which Frisk's face twisted with sorrow and Alpha stayed silent "I-I..I...I" Frisk couldn't finishe his sentence as he fell down to the ground dropping Chara's bow. 404 looked down at the bow as. For a split second as quiet, nothing pure silence, but then loud noises the sounds of banging and screaming as 404 stared at the bow some more, then 404s body felt in pain as he could feel his knees buckle, but he kept standing for he feared he would never get up again "Frisk" 404 said as he walked to Alpha!Frisk, he put his hand on Frisk shoulder "Frisk, There isn't time for this now, we need to finish the rest of this while we still have strength" 404 said.

suddenly 3 figures appeared in the distance, Alpha looked to see it was Delios,100 and Omni who had arrived 404 grabbed Chara's bow and looked back "Well that went just as well as I expected" said 100 as he crept past Infected " With the new seed in the Multiverse it's only a matter of time before the Mainframe is back up to full power" 404 said as he put the bow in his pocket and then turned to everyone else "Error, Anything on BioTale?" 404 asked "Nothing yet, they've been pretty quiet for a while now" Error said as he looked at everything going on "Which means we should strike now while we have a chance" Rock said as he stood up "Yea go ahead and fight the Interdimensional Au you Australian hippie" Infected chuckled "What did you say smiles? I couldn't hear you for the sound of you being dogshit!" Rock shouted "Enough" Delios said "Ares, anything you want to add?" 404 said "Yea, I will be leaving you all" Omni said in which everyone looked at him in shock except for Rock and Infected and Tint "W-What!? Why??" Alpha asked in which Omni simply turned around " Bailing so soon, I thought you were the hero of this tale" Tint said "I need to take care of an ACTUAL threat, I dont have time to play around with you lot" Omni said as he began to walk away "Im coming with you" Delios said "No" Omni said as he kept walking leaving Delios and 100 behind. "Your plan is flawed William, it'll never work without more units" 100 stated "Your right, Error I need you to go and find out Vape's location as soon as possible" 404 said in which Error nodded and flew off on his Blaster.

[Mainframe back at 50%, Reconstructing UTMultiverse]

Suddenly everything began to reform and render itself back together, the doodlesphere began to reappear with new blank pages and the King's throne began to reform aswell "Guess everything is starting to go back to normal" 404 said as he looked over to Spaz with a concerned stare.

Spaz watched as the Multiverse rebuilt itself from the ground up, however the Aus would not retune and would need to be replaced with new ones. Spaz put his mask back on as he began to leave the area, as Aus began to reform and new ones would take the places of old ones. 404 looked back at everyone when suddenly a large crack in Reality opened up stopping the whole process of everything, out of the crack 3 balls if light shot out of it and went flying into the far distance, before the crack would vanishe Its presence still able to be felt "What the hell" 404 said as he looked onward to the doodlesphere, "30 minutes till the end" said 100 getting everyone's attention "Will you make it? Or will you bite it like everyone else" 100 said "Bite what? WHATS COMING!?" 404 shouted as suddenly a large black sphere burst into the Multiverse and hovered over 404 and the others. All of the residents of BioTale were standing ontop of the orb, 404 and Bio!Sans locked eyes for a brief moment before Bio!Gaster began to speak "It would seem tou Alphatale goons really know how to make our job easy, but we'll give you a sporting chance, we'll be back in 3 days. If your not ready by then or javent offed yourselves then we shall destroy this Multiverse entirely" Bio!Gaster said as him and the rest of BioTale entered the sphere and began to fly off on the black orb through a portal to the Transvoid. 404 watched and then squeezed his fist. "Guess I have more work to do" 404 said as he then dodged Infected's cleaver going past his face "That being said, I still owe you for killing me all those years ago, hope you dont mind" Infected said as he sprinted towards 404 who instead of fighting flew off and teleported away. Infected stared for a moment before looking back at everyone else who had left aswell "Party poopers" Infected said as he looked at the doodlesphere next. 404 then reappeared back at his hideout where Error was sitting down on the remains of a bridge

"I'm gonna guess if your sitting down then youv figured out where Vape is?" 404 said as he laid down on the floor "Nope, whoever's this guys working with must be able to jam his code signal cause I cant track him down" Error said as he fixed one of his puppets "So, is everything right in the world?" Error asked "No, I still got to face off against a few more guys before the credits roll, theres BioTale obviously and then Brimm, but to be honest with you....I couldn't get a scale on the last guy, So-....the big guy may be too much for me, I think I'll just leav him alone" 404 said "Backing down from a challenge isnt like you" Error said " Theres a difference from doing a task and the impossible Error, I hope I dont have to teach you that" 404 said as he closed his. Error walked over to 404 and dropped a puppet on his chest, 404 sat up and looked st the Puppet only to see it's one of Alpha!Chara "Thought you might like that" Error said as he began to walk off "Going somewhere?" 404 said as he held the Puppet close *The Multiverse is being reborn with new Aus, someone has to get rid of some of the weeds and not to mention, now that Inks out of the picture I dont have to worry about being stopped" Error said as he left. 404 looked on at the Mainframe pool in front of him, he then leaned back on the ground again putting the Puppet in his jacket "Man I'm sleepy, a small nap wouldn't hurt" 404 said as he slowly went to sleep.

Infected stood in the white void for a long while until he heard footsteps behind, the wisp came out to attack only for them to stop once they saw who it was Infected turned around to see Omni standing behind him "Well, to what do I owe you the pleasure" Infected said as he did a curtsy "I came to say goodbye brother, I know I'm probably not talking to you, the real you, but I dont care because I know I kept my promise to mom" Omni said "And what is that?" Infected asked "To keep you safe, alive and well. I may never have gotten to keep you safe or even kept you from becoming who you are now, but so long as your alive...I know I didnt live for nothing" Omni said "You make it sound like your off to one hell of a party...don't have a spot for one more?" Infected asked "No I dont, Brimm is rampaging and I don't want anyone else to get hurt or to die, after Chara...that...." Omni took a second as waves of emotions bashed against his brick wall "Its gonna be alright my friend" Islothorn said to him as Omni got his breathe back and spoke again "Even though I can't see or comprehend the path ahead you'll walk I want you to know that even though I wont be hereWalked to Infected and put his hand on his shoulder Continue to be the best you you can be" Omni said as he then began to walk away. The wisp weeped and moaned as Infected simply watched.

As the Multiverse finally reached full bloom the Mainframe began to reform itself to full power aswell. The Mainframe then began to restart itself and function as intended

[Mainframe at 100% capacity, searching for Aus]




[No Aus present, taking qualities of present assets to set as default standards]

[Taking assets from...subject.Spaz....Subject.Error404....Subject.Infected and Subject.King Multiverse and Delta!Sans] [Missing agent L.O.A.D.I.N.G, recreating asset]

[Loading version 0.1 asset Loading]

Loading then was created once again " he did it then, great work William" Loading said as he floated around in the Mainframe "Welcome back Loading, it would seem your attempt to restore the Mainframe succeed" said the Mainframe "....Yes" Loading said.

Hours would go by before the new Aus began to flow in, these Aus were inspired by the already existing characters who were in the Multiverse already. Aus were being created that were more violent and darker then their previous predecessors meaning that a lot of the creators were adapting to the new world, however there were some Aus that made it through the trouble and some Aus from the past still remained while others were forgotten or left behind Error searched the Multiverse top to bottom, but with the new Aus and the possibility some of them may have Vape's code by default meant that it was nearly impossible to find him especially with the clutter. Error sat down in a newly reformed AnotherTale, he sat down ontop of the MT.Gaster as he floated through Space "Damnit, that stupid smoke breather is nowhere to be found and Now all these damn Aus are back so that's just great too....damn, is this what Bringing back Alphatale meant? All this madness, I'm a destroyer and destruction is my job, but on this scale this amoung of difficulty is just...INSANE!" Error said as he sat down. Suddenly though Error heard a drop of paint ".....No way" Error said as he teleported to the newly reformed Doodlesphere, it wasn't like before. The Aus used to be suspended up in the air, but now they were all cast out and on the ground some ontop of each other, others stacked up and many even far from the bunch, Erorr looked around as he was baffled by the state of it all and how unkept it was "Hey Glitchy, long time no see" said a voice, Error turned around only to see Ink sitting ontop of the tip of his brush "Ink you-" Error stuttered "Alive? If you wanna call what we are living in the first place" Ink said as he jumped down and grabbed his brush. "But, how are you-" Error stuttered again as he then noticed Ink's outfit was completely pale white and his brush a pitch black " You cant understand how single mindedly I dedicated myself to coming back here just so I could see you again" Ink said as he walked to Error and put his arm on his shoulder slightly squeezing it "But I watched you die, You shouldn't even be here" Error said as he attempted to summon his strings "They had me trapped on that crusade island, the creators betrayed me, thought I was a failure so I got out my own way and now hehheheheh now I only have to obey myself" Ink said with a wide smile as his purple eyes pierced Error's "So what are you here for hu? To kill me? Make me suffer?" Error said as he sweat.

Ink looked at Error with a calm yet creepily calming face "You always never could think outside the box Error, Cant you see we have bigger fish to fry" Ink said as he walked past him and picked up a stack of paper leaving Error confused and in shock "But Ink you-" but Error got interrupted "Do you ever shut up? Sometimes I feel like you talk too much" Ink said as he tossed the stack of papers onto the ground. "But I am still a little pissed that you killed me though, so..." Ink said as he looked at the papers everywhere "So hows about you show me how well that old man has been doing with you" Ink said as he summoned his brush and smiled at Error with a creepy grin. Error looked at Ink with shock at first, but then he smiled as he summoned his strings and returned the look

"Let's Dance clown!" Error shouted.

Hours went by as strings mixed with Ink and blood as the two fought one another unrelentingly, Ink slammed his brush down on Error who blocked it with his strings "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE! THE MULTIVERSE IS MESSED UP AND THE CREATORS ARE FURIOUS NOW THAT THEY HAVE TO MAKE NEW MATERIAL!! YOUV DESTROYED NOT JUST THE LIVES HERE, BUT THERE'S TOO!" Ink shouted angrily "Heheh gives them a chance to try to write some better material" Error said as he tripped Ink causing him to fall, Error then jumped up and fired loads of Glaster blasters at Ink causing an explosion that sent the pages of Aus flying in every direction. Ink then jumped out of the smoke and smashed Error to the ground. Error got up and turned to Ink "I now see us for who we are Error, no matter who we are or where we are, in a alternate verse, different versions of us such as Template or Pale, it's all the same. Our conflict is eternal forever in a everlasting cycle dont you see now? Which is why iv now decided to do what all other versions of me can never do, finishe you off for good and if it's not me then someone else" Ink said as began to run to Error. "Hehehewipes his nose of blood oh really? And just who do they send after you" Error said as he pointed his finger at Ink "Please work" Error said as a small light began to appear at the tip of his finger "Yes! NOVICE GOD RAAAAYYYYY!!!" Error shouted as he shot Ink with his beam piercing Ink's chest only for it seconds later to explode sending Ink flying back. Ink got up and stared at Error who's finger was sizzling

"I cant believe that worked" Error said excitedly in which Ink got up and readied his brush to fight so more when suddenly a purple feather fell between the two of them. suddenly purple chains and barbewires surrounded the two, Ink and Error leaped out of the way as a purple winged figure falls to the ground and lands with grace "Who's that? A new Au?" Error said as the figure's wings moved to show his face "....!Wait is that!" Ink shouted as he recognized the figure. "Has it really been that long that you'd forget about me my dear Ink" said Dead!Dream.

"D-Dream?" Ink said as he was shocked and Error who kept his distance "Ink my friend, how have you been?" Dead!Dream said as he walked over to Ink tucking his wings away "You look different, what happend to you?" Ink asked "After the riots all those months ago I fell, but now that the Multiverse is back and all this new code from you all restoring everything, I feel whole again and it only that, iv been given the sight to see the way forward my friend" Dead!Dream said as he summoned his barbwired blade. Ink stared at him cautiously and took a step back "So, you've dyed yourself purple now so what? Does that make you better then before or-" but before Error could finishe tentacles wrapped around Error pinning him in the air, as he looked back he saw a black and white sand "who are..!" Error immediately recognized who it was "Hello manchild" said Dead!Nightmare as a tentacle went straight through Error's right arm "H-Hey!" Ink said when suddenly Dead!Dream pointed his blade at his neck "Ah Ah Ah, not so fast" Dead!Dream said smiling "Why are you- what's the meaning of this" Ink said "These lifeforms seem to have upgraded their strength, move with caution mammal" said Ink's soul. Ink looked Dead!Dream's cold eyes "Vape sends his regards" Dead!Dream said.

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