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Chapter 6 Chapter 8

Ink and Error looked Dead!Nightmare and Dead!Dream

"Who the hell is Vape?" Error and Ink both asked as DeadDream and Nightmare looked one another confused "Weren't you two at the king's throne when everything went down?" Asked DeadDream  to which Error and Ink both shook their heads in which D.Dream nearly collapsed from the overwhelming stuff he'd have to explain "Eh whatever you'll meet him soon and then you'll understand" D.Nightmare said "Not happening, but one question before I shove my slipper up your oreo looking ass why the hell would you work with someone again Nightmare? Heh I thought working with 404 would have taught you better" Error said smirking "Oh don't feel so special man baby, Vape has a much better vision for the future then your idiotic master could ever dream of" D.NightMare said snickering "I don't care what plan he has, if is to make Fridays legal again or to have raptures on Thursdays your going to have to beg for me to come with you anywhere" Ink said smiling "Stubborn as always Ink or are you just trying to play cute?" D.Dream said in a cute voice "Not exactly" Ink said as he kicked D.Dream's barb wired blade out of his hand and then swinging his body around just to kick D.Dream in the head sending him flying off a little ways "Hahaha idiot" D.Nightmare said to himself "NOVICE GOD RAY!!" Error shouted firing his beam into D.Nightmare's head stunning him allowing him to use his strings to cut D.Nightmare's tentacles letting him escape.

D.Dream got up with a pissed look on his face as D.Nightmare regenerated his head with a similar expression as Ink and Error both backed up

"Uh oh someone's been a bad Squid" Ink mockingly said "heheh" Error chuckled to himself as he jumped up onto his blaster and flew off "SO LONG YOU INKY BASTARD!!!" Error shouted "EEERRRROOORRR!!!!" Ink yelled as Error escaped out of sight "Hehhe looks like your all alone again hu Ink" D.Dream said as him and D.Nightmare closed in on him "...heh fine then, I'll take you both" Ink said as he got ready to fight. Ink dodged D.Dream's and D.Nightmare's attacks almost flawlessly even causing them to get more aggressive and more violent

"ARGH HOLD STILL DAMMIT!!!!" D.Nightmare said as his tentacles each kept trying to stab the squid to no utter avail "Nightmare you idiot we need him alive!" D.Dream shouted as he flew down towards Ink at top speed flying past D.Nightmare and getting ready to stab Ink with his sharp barbwired blade, Ink got ready only for D.Dream to diminish into feathers vanishing "Ooooo" Ink said to himself as he looked around for D.Dream only for D.Nightmare to slam his tentacles on top of Ink pinning him to the ground, D.Dream then reappeared in the air and stabbed straight through D.Nightmare's tentacles and into Ink's back "ARGH!!!" Ink and D.Nightmare shouted as pain went through them "Ha!" D.Dream said out loud. "Now you coming peacefully or-" But D.Dream would be cut cuts as D.Nightmare's tentacles wrapped around him "YOU BASTARD!!" D.Nightmare shouted

D.Nightmare began to slam D.Dream against the ground causing the ground to shake with every smash, Ink looked at them as he unsheathed his brush and rushed D.Nightmare, D.Nightmare was reminded of Ink but only after Ink had already smashed him into a black and white paste

"Argh! D-Dammit Nightmare you dolt" D.Dream said as Ink walked over to him "Yaknow it's kinda funny, if this happened a couple of years earlier I might have let you go with our history together and all, but with this new soul and all I do wonder what it feels like to grieve for someone" Ink said as he lifted his brush over his head and D.Dream looked in horror. "That's enough of that" aid a voice behind Ink, Ink turned around to see a skeleton wearing a rather long and overly exaggerated coat "Sir what are you..." D.Dream said as he looked at the skeleton "AH so your the troublemaker, your the your Vape" Ink said smiling

"Pleasure is mine" Vape said

Ink turned to Vape and got ready to battle, but then Vape's coat extended out and wrapped around D.Dream being him to Vape

"Thinking of escaping? I DON'T THINK SO!!" Ink shouted as he rushed Vape only for his attack to go through Vape like smoke leaving behind little clouds of blue dust and smoke "Hu?" Ink looked around as D.Dream and the rest of Vape turned to blue smoke "We'll meet again Ink" Vape said as he and D.Dream vanished leaving Ink unsatisfied and empty handed ".....damn" Ink said as he put his brush back on his back only for him to see Alpha appear in the distance suddenly "Ink, glad to see your alright" Alpha said as he walked to him "Ah Master it's you, where have you been?" Ink said as he wiped away the remaining blue smoke.

" It doesn't matter, right now we need to keep Alphatale from returning again" Alpha said as he swept and wiped some blood off his nose " Master I don't think that's possible, with the new Aus and -" but before Ink could finish Alpha grabbed him by his scarf pulling him close "I thought I told you that doubting me and my orders was suicide did I not?" Alpha said threateningly causing Ink to shake "Y-Yes" Ink stuttered "Good" Alpha replied letting Ink go "The Mainframe took code from everyone who was left from the previous Multiverse which means Alphatale could return due to me and brothers being here* Alpha said "So then what's your plan?" Ink asked. "I haven't thought of anything yet so get off me" Alpha said as he crossed his arms "What's with you recently? Youv been...well your acting alot like your brother that you loved to talk about before all this" Ink said as he fixed his scarf only for Alpha to punch him in the face sending him to the ground "I'M NOTHING LIKE THAT -TH-Him....I'm nothing like him" Alpha said as he stared at Ink who looked at him coldly and expressionless.

Back at 404 HQ 404 was sleeping as Error flew in on his blaster landing down onto the white grass

"Sir, you wont believe what happened Nightmare and Dream were-" but Error stopped as he saw 404 sleeping, "Are you serious, Biotale declares  war on you and you  sleep?" Error said confused, 404 opened up one eye "Well well, Welcome back Error only your irritating knacking could wake me from my nap" 404 said as he sat up.

"So tell me, what happened?" 404 asked

Back at UnderTale sans woke up in a dark place as he saw a large cloaked figure staring him down while loads blue smoke cooled out of his mouth, as he stepped back his foot landed on a human soul and as he turned around saw thousands of human souls scattered and shattered about when suddenly a knife was plunged into his back and as he turned he saw a familiar smile which then woke him up from his Nightmare as he found himself sleeping on the floor and heard Papyrus shouting out for him

"......I'm to sleepy for this crap" Sans said as he got up and walked to the bathroom, Sans began to comb his skull as he stared blankly into the mirror and after he finished he took a good look at himself and smiled shooting finger guns "Sansy you are one handsome devil" Sans said as he smiled "Last...." a voice said fatigued in which Sans then turned around and looked at the shower as he saw a silhouette fitting his body type, the figure moved and shaked rapidly as its eyes lit up like beacons "W-what is....this isn't real" Sans said ti himself "I'll fight to my last breath" said the figure as suddenly the whole bathroom Shattered turing everything into a large black void as Sans was face to face with another version of himself with a familiar person standing behind him.

Sans then teleported backwards only for him to trip up and fall down in which when his eyes opened again he found himself in the tub still in the bathroom

"Brother? Brother? Was that the sound of a lazy sack of bones falling into the shower again?" Shouted Papyrus on the other side of the door as Sans just laid in the tub. *Papyrus waited outside as he thought to himself and pondered about what puzzles to make today as he made a snow man in front of his house, until Sans finally came outside. Sans looked at his distracted brother and then towards the woods where he vaguely make out a red eye staring at him in the distance "....hey bro, Don't you think it's time to recalibrate your puzzles" Sans said as he took the key out of his pocket and put it around his neck "YOU LAZY- Oh, oh your right, you might be right for once Brother, you must be finally taking in the love of hard work my belligerent brother." Papyrus said as he continued to monologue as he walked off towards his post while Sans stayed put where he was "I think I'll use a short cut" Sans said as he teleported away and to a bench with a moldy quiche under it as he sat down at the bench thinking to himself as the key dangled from his neck shinning from the light of the water and echoflowers illuminating the place "....I thought this was supposed to keep us safe..." Sans said as he gripped the key tightly, he then looked at the water and then to the key "Hey pal I need to talk with you" Sans said as suddenly the world around him completely froze turning everything inverted as suddenly the water of waterfall turned to a pitch black as a black figure began to emerge from the "water".

"You called" Said Loading

Loading hovered in front of Sans as the two stared at each other "You said that this key, would help keep us safe, but all it's doing is giving me nightmares and more hallucinations than I ever had" Sans said and he got up from then bench "I said it would protect your world I never said HOW it would do it" Loading said as he floated about "...of course it was monkey's paw sort of deal...hehe great" Sans said as he held the key "Not Nightmares" Loading said as he grabbed an echo echoflower " What?" Sans responded "They're not Nightmares, the Multiverse outside this place is experiencing a sort of metamorphosis in which it is beginning to change, wither that's for the better or not is hard to tell now, but what I can tell you Is that what your experiencing isn't nightmares" Loading said "Then what are they then, if your willing to peel apart the details for me or am I gonna have to wait till your done Loading the answer for me" Sans said as he snickered to himself "...Your simply just experiencing all the different Timelines at once" Loading said "You mean from the Multiverse?" Sans suggested "No, I mean the Timelines here, you see your not the only Sans that's run off they're beaten path to pursue a new goal or some way to make their world better, your just the most closest to the original as it gets." Loading said as plucked the flower apart petal by petal "So like Genocide and Pacifist?" Sans said "No, imagine this, what if there was a timeline where you decided to work with the good doctor on stopping the human or if you and Frisk decided to take the World into your own Hands, you see those are timelines, not universes Sans" Loading explained in which Sans simply just shrugged and looked away "Ok" Sans said "Ok? You learn that your timeline may end up converging with another and all you have to say is "ok" " Loading said with confusion.

"Buddy, when you learn what iv learned it's best just to accept it then to ponder on and on about stuff out of our control and besides I'm too lazy to stress out about that kind of thing" Sans said as he sat down back on the bench. "So uninterested in the events going on hu?" Loading said as he and Sans got to his post at the entrance of snowdin "Why would I need to worry when I have you Loading" Sans said as he went to his post and leaned against it "I see... however do not forget our arrangement" Loading said coldly "How could I forget" Sans said clutching the key as Loading began to disappear and dissolve as everything turned back to normal as Sans closed his eyes for a nap.

In the Reborn Au of GrimmTale, King Multiverse opened his eyes to see that he was alive and as he looked around saw Delta had been crucified on a near but tree, struggling to move King Multiverse saw that he was titled to a tree as well, he began to curse himself until he heard someone humming the old song over the rainbow in the distance

"Somewhere over the rainbow way above somewhere Oooooover the rainbow" said a dusty figure as they began to walk towards King Multiverse until stopping in front of him.

"Hello there cutie, how's it hanging" Infected said as he stared at him.

Infected looked up at King Multiverse "Well if it isn't my King, allow me to give you my best curtsy" Infected said as he walked towards Kin Multiverse "Steady yourself monster, cant you see that the Multiverse is grown anew with even more hate and fear in it as ever! Cant you see it?! Cant you feel it? No, what would I expect from the Multiverse's boogeyman" King Multiverse said as he tried to wiggle free " Charmed, now tell me where I can find 404 otherwise you'll be joining the rest of the snow here with it's fashion sense hehheheheheh" Infected said "Argh! Infected let me go, let me go now and I will help you find 404"  King Multiverse asked, Infected looked at King Multiverse with caution, but Infected tore off the roots holding him allowing King Multiverse to go free.

King Multiverse came and fell to his knees, he looked at Delta!Sans and then to Infected

"What's wrong? Upset your pet is dead? I needed something to amuse me while I waited for your nap to end" Infected said as he drew in the snow  "Delta was weak, he questioned my orders and has now payed the price, but you have my gratitude monster" King Multiverse said as he walked to Delta!Sans ciphering whatever power and magic was left "You and I share a common enemy Infected, 404 has done us wrong time and time again, Will you aid me in this venture to kill him once and for all?" King Multiverse said as he turned to Infected

"HehehehHahahhahHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Infected began to laugh uncontrollably "Your help? I need nothing from you" Infected said as he got up and looked to King Multiverse  "No, but perhaps our paths have crossed for a reason for your foe and mine are the same as it would seem" King Multiverse said as he looked at fire and embers pour out of Infected's ribs and fluttery away "You are in need of power" King Multiverse said. Infected and King Multiverse teleport to the new Anti-Void which is now filled with not only pages containing each Au, but empty ones too

"The Multiverse has changed so much now, can you feel it?" King Multiverse said as he looked around walking about "Just more garbage to me oreo cookie" Infected said as he bit on his fingers  "tch, to a fool yes, but these Aus hold more potential then they've ever have in the past, looks like our code was a real improvement on the creators hu?" King Multiverse said smirking "Yea you can make a change on any child cant cha?" Infected said giving a wide smile as he grabbed a random page floating around "In order to face off against 404 we'll need lots of code, well I will, you just need to get as much Lv or maddness....well whatever you use to get stronger I suppose" King Multiverse said as he looked around at the pages, Infected looked at the page he had with shock "A-AlphaTale!?!? W-Why...but that can't" Infected couldn't finish his sentence as he stared at the page with shock "Hu? Alphatale?" King Multiverse walked over and took a look at the page "Hehehe no that's not your Au, here in the Multiverse sometimes some creators like to copy the names of other Aus, sometimes it's good and sometimes...well it's actually never good to be honest" King Multiverse said as he flew up on his blaster looking around some more "Oh ok then, hheheheh stupid humans " Infected said as he tore the Au in half and the screams of the people inside rang in his head as he kept walking around. As Infected walked around the place loud foot steps began ring behind him, they were running his way, as Infected turned around a the figure the steps belonged to stabbed him in the chest, Infected gave a slight grunt as he felt a knife pierce his chest and as he looked at who it was saw a small grey human "....arent you" But before Infected could finish the human's face looked to him revealing a Chara like smile and red stained eyes "Hehheheh, you dont seem to die too easily, oh well I can kill you later" said the grey Human as they then dogged an attack from King Multiverse who sent chains after them "Core just what the hell are you doing?!?" King Multiverse said as he and Infected stared at the grey human "Frisk you were gonna say right? Well it's not Core frisk anymore, say hello to Core Chara!" Shouted the new found Core Chara as the child ran away boasting and yelling leaving the two skeletons behind.

"Core Chara...that cant be good" King Multiverse said "It doesn't matter, do you have a page or what?" Infected asked in which King Multiverse gave Infected a page "This is BuddhaTale, it's a replacement for Reapertale so I think you'll find it full of godlike resources " King Multiverse said "And what about you?" Infected asked  "I'm gonna go and get some insight into what 404 has planned next.

Infected stared at the page of BuddhaTale and watched as it glowed in his hands and stared down at it "Hehehehheh, Sure lets do it then" Infected said as he gripped the page and traveled to the Au "Heheh Have fun dying you damn monster, now let me go and find out where the hell 404 is" King Multiverse said as he threw the page to the side only for him to get glimpses of what the Multiverse use to be.

King Multiverse fell to his knees as he remembered how things use to be

" Why am I feeling this...iv never cared for them before or the ones that resided here" King Multiverse said as he got up and teleported away leaving the new Anti-void, only for Loading to appear moments later as he looked at the Aus and Multiverse as a whole.

As Loading watched everything he could hear screams of millions of Aus and others all crying out for a better world, Loading then swiped his arm as he muted the Multiverse

" So then, this is what the rebirth of this reality is like, just seems like more pain and torture, the Aus being made are more deprived of happiness then they ever were before." Loading said in a cold manner as he stared at everything once again. " If Alphatale doesn't finish off this world then it is to off itself someday" Loading said as he floated out towards the Aus "Time, Hell and Heaven...these all feel like they've conjoined into one space in order to make this new world and yet even with that...perhaps this place shouldn't have ever been brought back for I can already see this place reaching its limit" Loading said.

*Back at 404's HQ Error had told 404 everything and was eagerly waiting to hear what 404's plan was, but found himself disappointed when he saw 404 lay back on his back and do nothing "Well, give me some time to think on it" 404 said as he laid on the white grass and stared up at the empty void above him only for it to be blocked out by Error who's face was twisted with confusion and anger "COME ON! YOU WERE ALL ABOUT CHANGING THE SYSTEM AND REWRITING THIS FUCKING WORLD AND NOW THAT IT'S IN THE MOST VULNERABLE STATE TO DO THAT YOU WANNA WHAT?! LAY DOWN!?!?!?" Error shouted as 404 seemingly just toned him out while King Multiverse arrived in the background and stared at them "HEY ARE YOU LISTENING!!!?!?....Why...why are you always never acting the way i still not know you after all this time" Error said to himself as 404 continued to lay back.

Suddenly Ink and Alpha appeared shocking Error and King Multiverse while 404 just looked at them

"We made it" Ink said only for him and Alpha to have weapons drawn on them "Well this is surprise squid" King Multiverse said "Weapons down we're all on the same side" Alpha said "Sure we are" Error replied, as they all talked and argued 404 dug in his pocket and pulled out Chara's bow, he stared at and immediately began to feel a wave of emotions come over breaking his coldness facade from before as 404 breathed heavily and his eyes began to water only got him to put the bow back in his pocket "...........not yet" 404 said as he laid back only to see Alpha walk to him and sit next to him as Error,Ink and King Multiverse all argued with one another.

" YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE COME HERE SQUID!!!" Error shouted as Ink just leaned against his Brush...somehow, while King Multiverse stood there staring at the both of them "Well maybe you shouldn't be connected to me so I wouldn't be able to detect you so easily, but seriously glitchy you are way to easy to find now that you have some of that "thing" in you now" Ink said smirking as King Multiverse looked over at 404 " So is that your master over there? Hehhe lazy guy hu?" Ink said smiling " MIND YOUR TONGUE!! OTHERWISE I CAN CUT IT!!" Error shouted summoning his strings "Hehehe and you wanna call my master lazy and yet yours is no different" Error said laughing in which King Multiverse rolled his eyes "You dont know anything about us, so don't even try" Ink said with a stern yet playful tone "Oh what? That you and him probably have fun all the time!?, draw together??? Talk about your feelings and-" but before Error could finish Ink pulled up his shirt fluttering Error who wasn't expecting it and shocking King Multiverse, but once their shock was over they saw Ink only had half of his ribs from the normal set skeletons have leaving Error in silence "The price for being the best at what I do, They called him a ghost, but i always knew him as master, he was brutal, but thorough, tough yet calm, stern yet smart and Kind yet fierce. These aren't scars, but reminders of what failure means..." Ink said as he held his shirt up still "...To you?" King Multiverse asked "" Ink replied as he put his shirt down leaving everyone in silence while 404 and Alpha remained in the distance unaware back. "Brother....I...I wanted to let you know that I think bringing back Alphatale is a awful idea...I know how much Chara meant to you, but we cant ruin the Multiverse anymore then how it is now" Alpha said as he turned to 404 only to see him looking at him too with a cold expression "....Will?" Alpha said confused "Adam...what we're Chara's last words?" 404 asked in which Alpha looked away crying "....I-I......I'm sorry I don't remember....I'm so-so sorry" Alpha said as he turned to 404 who wasn't showing any emotion whatsoever "....I see" 404 replied as he rolled over from Alpha "Will I-...." Alpha tried to say something but was cut off by 404 "It doesn't matter, I don't care....and about doesn't matter too" 404 said as he laid down "Will" Alpha said quietly. As Infected invaded the world of BuddhaTale he would find his body completely destroyed and rendered to cinders by the forces that inhabited that world,his wisp began to fly away from the Au and towards the Anti-void

"Buzzkills" Wisp.Infected said as he flew away back into the Anti-void, as the Wisped Infected flew around with his other wisp he saw a lagging green wisp that was lying on the ground "Hey buddy, what's wrong with you?" Said Wisp.Infected as he flew down to him "....I'm so tired...i don't think I can do this anymore Infected" said the small green wisp as it began to disappeared " Now hold on kiddo we're gonna get through this like we always have" said Wisp.Infected, but he knew when he saw the green one's eyes begin to close that it was truly over, "....I'm sorry kid...I wasn't able to get your what you wanted...but I promise to finish in your step" Wisp.Infected said as the green wisp completely vanished. Wisp.Infected stared for a couple of moments as he then began to fly around looking for giant heaps of negative energy "Come on, there has to be someone who at least rivals the kid's ambition" said Wisp.Infected as he searched around until he saw a giant clump of negative energy in a Au, as he traveled over to it he saw it's name "Supremetale? God creators really do lack in creativity" Wisp.Infected said as he entered into the Au, he appeared in snowdin and searched around for his host only to find that none of the main focuses of the Au were the ones emitting the energy of which he was drawn to. Wisp.Infected then went outside Mt.ebott and searched some more until he saw a odd skeleton leaning against a tree outside the Mountain bleeding out "Well well well, what have we here" Wisp.Infected said as he floated down to the skeleton only to it's face was covered up by a piece of paper with a smiley face on it "Well, all that negative energy in you looks promising doesn't it? So what drives you? A itch for murder? Revenge? Or maybe some sort of love for destruction?" asked Wisp.Infected as he chuckled "....get lost spirit" said the skeleton as it laid back "I have enough demons already" said the skeleton as it covered it's wound "Oh I'm no demon, I'm your new partner, your new you, your new face" said Wisp.Infected "What's your name fellow?" Asked Wisp.Infected ".............Spaz" replied Spaz as he looked at Infected "So tell me what you want and I'll give you everything you need to get the job done" Wisp.Infected said

"....I-....I just wish....I could die" Spaz replied "BOOOOORRREEEING, Come on why so serious? Don't you wanna right the wrongs of others!? Don't you wanna ruin the lives of the people who took it all from you!?!?" Wisp.Infected said practically drooling with excitement ".....I...I wanna....I hate being related to Alphatale....I hate always being in pain, i hate being a victim of circumstance! I HATE THIS AWFUL PLACE!! THE MULTIVERSE! EVERYTHING!!!" Spaz shouted as he reached for the sky " YeeesSSSSSSS! Tell me what it is! WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!?!?!" Wisp.Infected shouted "I WANT THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS FUCKED UO WORLD!!!" Spaz shouted "THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!!!!!" Wisp.Infected shouted back as he rammed straight into Spaz's body destroying the tree behind Spaz with just the force of the impact, Spaz's body began to twist and jolt as his mind and the very concept and definition of destruction itself wrapped its fingers around him "ARGAHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH" Shouted a reborn evil.

soon Infected got up from the ground and stood up looking at his new body and digs, he then summoned a knife out of his hand

"God it feels good to embody another hateful spirit" Infected said as he then put his hand to his face feeling the mask of paper "W-What is this? Why cant I...Why cant I feel anything?" Spaz said in Infected's mind "That is the contract, So long as you continue to feel the way you do and the world doesn't change, I shall cut down everything and everyone" Infected said as he smiled widely "But first, we have a certain someone who we need to draw out to play" Infected said as he looked towards Mt.ebott "What is this? Memories...overflowing inside" Spaz said as his consciousness began to fade away leaving only Infected ".....Everything I do for him and him alone" Infected said as he began to walk towards Mt.ebott.

Back at 404's HQ

404 got up and stood up as Alpha too then got up "....Alpha I....I don't know if I can do this anymore" 404 said as he took his jacket off and threw it into the Mainframe pool "What are you talking about?" Alpha asked as 404 stared into the Mainframe pool and everyone else stared at him "Sir?" Error said as he walked over to him "I cant do this, I don't think my soul can take losing someone else...I don't think I'm able to cope with it, everytime I feel like iv gotten stronger I keep getting reminded that I'm just a kid on the inside" 404 said as he fell to his knees grabbing at the grass "it...ITS NEVER ENOUGH! ITS NEVER ENOUGH....ARGH!!!! NOTHINGS CHANGED I CANT HANDLE NOTHING!!!!!" 404 said as he headbutted the ground drawing blood from his forehead as tears fell from his eyes as he watched his clothes get absorbed into the Mainframe pool with the last thing beingt Chara's bow "....William....please we cant do this without you" Alpha said as he stared at the hollow husk of what once was his brother ".......I'm sorry but I think iv given up on living" 404 said as he fell over completely laying on the grass with a blank expression as tears flowed down his face " But sir-........fine then" Error said as he turned away from 404 and Ink and King Multiverse just stared ".....Come on, we need to gather up some fighters so we can prepare for BioTale's assault" Alpha said as he teleported away with Ink and King Multiverse who left with a pitiful look at 404 before leaving, Error still remaining stared at "404" trying to understand why he'd just give up....but he could and eventually left his mentor's side as well. at the White horizon, Omni,Death and the other Conduits began to walk towards the The Wicked Horizon looking for the might Brimm

" Brimm the Reality Eater a true ultimate catch" said the Conduit of Light as she unsheathed her sword as they approached the Wicked throne "This is it then, He's inside there" Knowledge said as he got his laptop and closed it as he stared at the massive castle with the others "Alright Ares, this next part is all you, your gonna go in there and draw him out of hiding that way the other Conduits can help with talking him down...I'm glad you came and decided to help out" Death said as he held his scythe and walked a little forward as Omni stared at the castle "Its the least I could do" Omni said.

"What about you? You never mentioned tour part in this plan" Omni said looking to Death "I wont be joining you, I thank your commitment, but the second half of this venture is mine to finish...alone" Death said as he gripped his scythe tightly "... I see" Omni said as he began to walk up the steps towards the entrance of the wicked throne "Good luck new boy" Said Sloth who was sitting down eating "Don't get yourself killed before we can properly get to know you" Wrath said "Tch, let's hope he bites it, I'm trying to test out my bag of tricks too" said Envy watching Omni. "You up for this boy?" Islothron said to Omni in his head "If not me then no one, besides my brothers can take care of the Multiverse, this requires full attention" Omni said as he walked through the doors into the wicked throne and began his search for Brimm.

Omni searched through the large castle, he looked through multiple rooms and even in the ballroom and the maze yet found nothing, but then Omni saw broom closest and went inside only to see a giant hole going straight down into the floor, Omni followed the hole only for it to lead to a massive basement which was so big it could hold nearly all of the 10 realities in it, the Basement was filled to the brimm with gold and other more priceless objects and jewels. Omni landed on a small mountain of Gold as he looked for the pale dragon. Omni wandered about looking for the large pale dragon through the large lots of gold, as he did he saw large mountain size land of gold fall down causing a spray of gold to go all over the place

"That creature is close Ares I can sense him" said Islothorn as Omni marched through the gold "This absurd, what kind of powerful beast hordes this much gold and when did he even get the time?" Omni said as he searched more and more, as he looked around he saw skeletons of beings far bigger then himself and some from different worlds entirely "Well Ares, its a Dragon, they are known to horde and plunder, though I'm not sure about this one. Perhaps all this was here to begin with" Islothorn said as Omnin saw large White shark like fins sticking out of the gold, fins far larger then himself or any any mountain of gold there.

"That has to be him" Omni said as he walked a little closer "A beast like that Omni your gonna need alot more then kicking him to wake up that monstrosity" Islothorn said as Omni stopped in his tracks and began to summon a jolt of lightning to his hand "Guess we this is gonna be one hell of a wake up call then" Omni said as he put his hand down on the gold sending shots of lightning all over the large chamber as the lightning went in all directions even underground. And with that a large rumble began to happen that could even be felt outside.

"What the hell is that?" Asked Envy in which Death turned towards the castle "That my a dragon" said Death.

Omni watched as he saw Brimm emerge from the piles of gold, he watched as Brimm's bright yellow eyes looked directly at him and as his wings burst out from behind him

"Well, what have we here, you seem to be a conduit and yet nothing like the others" Brimm said as his voice echoed and boomed around Omni who stood there staring at the large dragon "Now Ares, lead him to the others" Islothorn said as Omni began to march towards Brimm "No, if I can deal with him here I'll be doing finishing what I should have done when we first saw him with Will" Omni said as electricity passed by him emanating from Brimm himself "That's not the plan boy, don't let your overconfidence drown out your logic " Islothorn said, but his words fell on deaf ears as Omni stopped in front of Brimm " Heheheheh So what'll it be brat, you gonna runaway like before? Or you gonna man up and face me? MWEHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!" Brimm laughed as Omni clenched his fist in what almost seemed anger " As a Bookkeeper it is my JOB to ensure that no beings that do harm other worlds go unpunished, and you Brimm are no different, NOW this time I will be the one to bring you down!!!" Omni shouted as he got ready to fight the large pale dragon "What did you say?, you monologing or something?" Brimm said confused only for Omni to shoot straight up towards Brimm and shoot lighting at him only for his lighting to be completely negated  by Brimm's in which Omni stared in slight surprise

"Oh dear aren't you looking pale" Brimm chuckled as the sparks of battle began to fly. Brimm then used one of his large arms and swatted Omni away sending him flying across the chamber and into a mountain of gold getting burned underneath it

"Iv killed beings you could only dream of in your worst nightmare, iv devoured worlds so large that you think them only myth and legend, who are you to a GOD like me" Brimm said as he stomped through out the chamber sending a large echo through as he made his way towards Omni who burst out of the gold with lighting bursting from his body "29%!!" Omni shouted to himself as he zipped forward hurling lightning bolts and zipping around the large beats "I see you've made a pact with those ungodly creatures from that untold void, then your not worthy to he a conduit" said Brimm ad Brimm's eyes jolted towards Omni's location much Omni's surprise "How is this large thing able to-" but Omni swatted away those thoughts as he then jumped to the ceiling of the chamber and and then bounced off zipping to Brimm.

Suddenly though Brimm turned quickly around as a large purple cloud emitted from his body and began to weep around Omni lifting him into the sky and holding him there

"W-What the hell is this?!" Omni said in his head as he tried to stare at the large pale dragon " I may be a abomination, but there is nothing worse then a conduit that has lost their way. So allow me to cure you of your WICKED ways" Brimm said as he lifted his arms up and began to conjure up a weird hollow and even deeper black bog of darkness as Omni struggled to break free of Brimm's dark arts."Goodbye Conduit of Corruption" Brimm said as he got ready to use his dark arts on Omni who continued to struggle, but suddenly a large clanking and wood stomping noise burst through the large chamber, Brimm and Omni looked over towards the actual entrance into the Underground chamber only to see the Conduits there with Death and his scythe leading them.

"Death, have you come for me so soon hehehe" Brimm chuckled to himself

" Perhaps you've forgotten, but the end has always and always will be undetermined, however yes, Today is your day" Death said as he and a old comrade stared down each other once again.

Back in the Undertale Multiverse, Alpha!Frisk would wake up in the new Anti-void, he looked up at all the Aus and all the new timelines everywhere. Frisk stared at them as he walked around for a but before hearing loud footsteps run behind him, he summoned his Hate katana and turned around quickly only to see Core!Chara running straight for him.

" Hu? What are.." Alpha!Frisk stuttered as Core!Chara then ran they're blade through Frisk's chest, Core!Chara smiled only for it to be met with Frisk's colder stare "So...thats how it is" Alpha!Frisk said as he then got his blade and raised it up and swiftly cut  off Core!Chara's arm causing the child to scream and run away. Alpha!Frisk watched as they did, but immediately was given a message telepathically "Frisk....Frisk if you yet live I need you to come and find me" said a scratchy Astral Mother  "Wendy? But I thought you were-......Where are you?" Asked Alpha!Frisk "In one of these new Aus, you can find me in the Au known as DeadDream" said the Astral Mother as her voice cut away.

Frisk gripped his blade tightly and then proceed to look around the Anti-void for the Au.
Alpha!Frisk eventually found the Au and once in front of it two large pink gaster hands appeared and grabbed him teleporting him inside where he would find himself in front of a large black tree where the Astral Mother laid in front of him against it

"Damn don't you look like hell" Alpha!Frisk said as he walked to her "Iv seen better, this timeline isn't going at all as I expected it to be and even less how I wanted, we need to find a reset this cursed timeline" the Astral Mother said as she got up weakly, Alpha!Frisk just stared at her as she got up seeing her damaged and weakened, broken and wounded. The Astral Mother looked at Alpha!Frisk as she saw him still clutching his blade "Oh....I see, you didn't come here to assist me did you, you just came to settle a score hu" the Astral Mother said as she smiled at him "I just have one question, can you....can you bring Chara back?" Alpha!Frisk said as then after the Astral Mother began to smile even more wider as she stared at him "hehehe No, no I cant only Ten is capable of that and even then they're powers are no longer their own thanks to a certain annoying parasite"  replied the Astral Mother as she watched Alpha!Frisk katana of hate begin to boil and melt with pure hate as he clutched it tightly "Then you die here witch" Alpha!Frisk said as he brought his blade up "Hehehe yea yea I have no regrets" the Astral Mother said when suddenly two large thin pink Gaster hands went flying towards Alpha!Frisk. Alpha!Frisk dodged the first one and then cut through the second one with ease as he then sprinted towards the Astral Mother with his blade, she looked at Alpha!Frisk eyes as for the first time his eyes weren't cold, but were filled with animosity, a touch of pain and a slight feeling of dread as he then got his blade and cut straight through the Astral Mother.

The Astral Mother's soul began to shatter as she fell to her knees and coughed up blood, Alpha!Frisk looked back as he saw the Astral Mother sit up with full posture, Alpha!Frisk then lifted his blade into the air as he moved behind her "Do It" the Astral Mother said as Alpha!Frisk then beheaded her on the spot sending a shockwave from the swiftness of it "...W-well done....child....of man" the Astral Mother said before turning into dust and her soul shattering.

"Farwell" Alpha!Frisk said as he unsummoned his Hate Katana.

Alpha!Frisk stood in place as the wind blew past him and he watched the dust from the Astral Mother leave his feet, he pondered about his time with her and Chara, his head filled with thoughts of the past even though bleak ones. He stared at his right hand as it was now stained with a black like mark no doubt from the Hate blade he now possessed, he then thought about the skeleton brothers, he thought about the Kindness of Adam and how he always felt like he knew just what to say, he though about the intelligence of Ares and how he was able to out smart his way out of pretty much anything, he thought about Jacob and his pain, how it always felt like he never did want to others, but was always hurt instead and then he thought about William...the stubbornness, the lack of restraint, the lack of respect, but he couldn't deny his drive, he couldn't deny him his ambition and devotion to what he felt was right and just to him and others around him.

Alpha!Frisk then turned around as he saw the inhabitants of DeadDream surrounding him even a purple winged sans

"That's Alphatale code you got there, Vape would be pleased if I brought you back to him or your soul at least hehheh" chuckled Dead!Dream as he summoned his barbwired sword. Alpha!Frisk continued to think as his opponents got close and closer to him, he thought about Chara, his much his missed his smile and his natural violent nature, how much he and him would always talk when they were brought to the underground by the Astral Mother. He then remembered when William and Chara began to become fond of each other, how much Chara would talk about William and how much he would talk about how funny and smart he was....why were these thoughts here...he began to grow tired of thinking of William, of thinking about how it was him who started this all, about how HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHARA'S DEATH!!

"I'm tired of skeletons" Alpha!Frisk said as he then dashed towards everyone summoning his Hate katana the blade seething with hate and burning black flames.

Blood and dust filled the air as Alpha!Frisk cut down every single person, monster, skeleton or human in his path in the Au, Dead!Dream then flew down towards Frisk at top speed trying to cut the monster, but Alpha!Frisk simply dodged out of the way and cut the purple skeleton's arm off with his DT blade causing Dead!Dream to fall to the ground clenching his arm only for Alpha!Frisk to step on his head and put his Hate blade to the back of his head

"Where can I find a blue skeleton" Alpha!Frisk asked in which Dead!Dream panicked not knowing what to say annoying Alpha!Frisk causing him to cut off the top of his skull "....Trashbag" Alpha!Frisk said as he got up and grabbed Dead!Dream's soul before it shattered "Perhaps I can use his power to locate and find the bastard" Alpha!Frisk said as with Dead!Dream's soul he began to sense and look for 404's energy and code throughout the whole Multiverse, but it proved difficult due to the fact he had never done it before. He continued to try to focus until "GOT HIM!" Alpha!Frisk said as he then used Dead!Dream's soul to teleport to 404's HQ where he saw 404 lying down on the white grass. As your life moves forward you will face a collective amount of crossroads, crossroads that you must learn to either wait for your turn to cross or cross anyway at your own risk


Alpha!Frisk looked at 404, his Hate katana seething and boiling, he then grabbed Dead!Dream's soul and stabbed it with his DT blade turning it into a DT Star which he then saved at before walking to 404, as he made his way to 404 his blade seethed and burned as he stared at the slumped over 404.

"Get up Will" Alpha!Frisk said with a cold tone as he picked up 404 by his arm only to see 404's eye sockets are empty "...Whats the matter Will have you given up" Alpha!Frisk said as he saw 404 move slightly "...there's no point...I'm just so tired of fighting for nothing" 404 muttered hardly speaking in which Alpha!Frisk then threw 404 to the side "...this is pathetic, I didn't come here to kill a husk, I came here for William....Chara was a fool to love you" Alpha!Frisk said in which 404's eyes returned but not they returned in a rage as 404 struggled to get up and stare daggers at Frisk who just stared back coldly at him " You were a mistake, you dont deserve to be alive even, born from a whore and a bitch of a women, a witch. Your brothers all waste of bone, life or code what have you. Chara was always too good for you and always will be." Alpha!Frisk said as he stared at 404 who's body began to change color ever so slightly "Maybe them dying was a mercy from having to be with you" Alpha!Frisk said.

"FRISK!!!!!!!!" 404 screamed as his boney finger turned into blue claws and his blue teeth turn sharp.

"I'LL MAKE YOU BLEED FOR THAT!!!" shouted Just404

Just404 got up instantly and began to attack Alpha!Frisk who then began to parry and block almost all of his attacks, Frisk felt that something was off about 404 suddenly like as if he wasn't fighting Will anymore as Just404 began to chuckle and laugh as he kept attempting to break through Frisk guard

"COME ON!!! KEEP THAT GUARD UP OR YOUR DEAD!!!" Shouted J.404 as he continued his assault with Frisk quickly getting agitated from his continuous attacks "Well this is definitely a lot different from when we first fought, but don't think you got me just cuz your a few shades darker" Alpha!Frisk said as they kicked J.404 back and then summoned his other Hate blade, Frisk then sprinted to J.404 who then fired a blue beam of black energy "True God ray" J.404 said as his beam was deflected by Alpha!Frisk's Hate blade causing it to go in another direction entirely and destroy a huge part of 404's HQ. J.404 then flew up and began to summon blue bones under Alpha!Frisk feet causing him to stop "Good boy, now stay still" J.404 said as he began to charge up 30 blasters all aimed at Frisk who just stared back in anger and annoyance.

Just as J.404 got ready to attack Alpha!Frisk used his DT blade to extend to J404 and stab him through the skull, Frisk then spun his DT blade cutting off the top of J404's head and his arm was severed stopping him from firing him, Frisk then used his Hate blade aiming it at the ground and extending it shooting Frisk up into the air, Frisk then used both his blades to stab J404 into the ground pinning, Frisk would land, but not before cutting up the blasters left in the air "Your smart Will, but not that smart" Alpha!frisk said as the blue bones disappeared letting Frisk run to J404 who was still on the ground, Frisk jumped up getting ready to plunge his blades into J404 when suddenly J404 shot God rays out his eyes piercing Frisk chest nearly missing his soul causing Frisk to fall past J404.

J404 then got up and turned to Frisk who was clutching his chest as blood spewed out of the holes in it, he turned to J404 who was smiling at him.

"What was that you were saying not to long ago, about how they're death was a mercy from my presence...well I guess you'll get to ask them yourself when you see...IN HELL!!!!" J404 Shouted as he jumped towards Alpha!Frisk with his talons ready to tear him apart. suddenly though with a quick flash J404's arms were sliced in half, Frisk and J404 looked over to see the culprit and saw no one other then Alpha!Betty standing a couple feet away with her scythe "Betty...but how!? The multiverse recreation and-" but before Frisk could finish his sentence Betty interrupted him "Try not to think too hard about it, I'm here to assist your dumbass and that's that" Alpha!Betty said as she gripped her scythe and her large Kumu like beast appeared by her side "Grrrr stupid bitch, do you have any idea how long its gonna take to regenerate that!!?!" J404 Shouted as Kumu flew over to Frisk and began to heal him using previous harvested souls, J404 shot out God rays from his eyes only for Betty to slame the flat side of her scyth against the beams causing them to get pushed back into J404's eyes exploding and sending him flying backwards. As he landed J404's eyes began to leak blood and a liquid as he no longer couldn't see his opponents "Grrrr fucking whore" J404 grunted as he tried to get up. Kumu finished healing Alpha!Frisk and rubbed up against him much to Frisk's confusion "Thanks for coming" Frisk said as Alpha!Betty walked over to him "Don't mention it, like ever or you'll ruin my cold heart persona hehe, so finally gonna kill him" Alpha!Betty said as she looked over to J404 who was still struggling to stand while cursing "I was, but...." Frisk hesitated on his answer as he continued to stare at J404 "Well what is it idiot, you gonna wipe him out or not?!" Betty shouted "I don't know, somethings off about him, I can't put my finger on it, but something doesn't feel right about this" Alpha!Frisk said as he stood up "Hey I know you two blasters are still there, don't think because I'm armless doesn't mean I can't mop the floor with you asses" J404 said mockingly as he stomped on the ground now that he was up on his feet "Look whatever feelings are keeping you from seeing his death through you need to bury them, this fool as been nothing, but trouble and I know your as desperate as I am to kill this freak" Alpha!Betty said in which Frisk shook his head and then stared at J404 pointing his DT blade at him "Alright then" Frisk said.

Just404 dodged and moved out of the way of a volley of attacks all while not having his sight or arms to defend himself, however he would use his feet kicking them up to shoot bones out of the ground as Betty and Frisk both continued their assault towards Just404

"Needing a sidekick to help you Frisk, youv gotten more pathetic then ever" J404 smirked as he then headbutt Frisl and kicked Betty in the mouth sending them both flying backwards "Dammit how is he keeping up with us!?" Alpha!Betty said angrily as she got back on her feet and Frisk wiped his nose of blood as Frisk stared at J404 he began to see half of his face begin to glitch and shift around as J404 began to make his way to them.

In the AntiVoid Alpha and the others began to figure out how they were all going to face off against BioTale when suddenly J404,Frisk and Betty all telephoned in front of them

"Oooooo what is this now" Ink said amused.

"B- ROTHER?!" Alpha shouted as J404 looked over to him in a smile "No, not William, but something else" Alpha said catching Error's attention as he looked to his master "Sir.." Error said as Alpha!Betty summoned her kumu and embedded into her scythe "Enough games" Betty said as she rushed towards J404 who summoned a large blaster and fired it at everyone causing everyone to jump back.

J404 then began to spin around and stand aimlessly as his grin grew more and more wicked

"HEHEHheheheh, if you would all juys let me kill you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now, your all juys complete and utter waste of Mainframe code!" J404 said as Frisk and Betty ran back towards him with Alpha staring in confusion "I-I don't understand, Frisk and Violet? But why are they...." Alpha thought to himself as he then flew over to J404 looking to attack him too.

Ink was about to join in, but Error's strings wrapped up Ink's Arm which was holding his brush

"Hm? Now glitchy if you want your skull smashed in your gonna have to wait your turn now" Ink smirked only for Error to show a stern expression "I won't let you go in there and hurt him too, besides with those 3 they should be enough. I don't need you doing anything sneaky" Error proclaimed as Ink's face twisted with disguest "Such a annoyance, if you wanted to fight so badly" Ink said as he then turned to Error and tried to swat him with his brush only for Error to catch it.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST SAID SO!!" Ink shouted happily. "Why is it always like this...why am I always saving you" Alpha thought to himself as he attacked J404 who was laughing sinisterly "Why am always giving you second chances, with the 3 of us we could kill you, take to h out for good and yet somehow I find myself always sticking an extra arm out to keep you safe to keep you alive because of this ideal that your more driven, better or hell even more devoted then I am to this whole Survival thing" Alpha thought to himself as he cut away at J404 who juts healed back after a while thanks to being in the AntiVoid. J404 then knocked Alpha back causing him to fall to one knee, Alpha then looked over and saw Error and Ink fighting one another "Why can't things just stay still...for just a few moments" Alpha thought to himself as he saw J404 throw Frisk to the side "THAT'S ENOUGH NOW!!" J404 shouted as he then used blue mastery and picked up Betty off the ground and lifted her up into the air.

Betty felt a strong tug from her insides as she looked down at J404 and saw both his hands raised up into the air, Frisk and Alpha looked to J404 as he smiled at them "Yaknow Frisk for all the hate you have towards skeletons you sure do hang around them alot, Cause you must know more then anyone that we ALL have skeletons in us...WITH US!!" J404 said as he began to separate his hands apart causing Betty to scream and grunt as her body pulsated and her veins popped from her body "NO! STOP IT WILL!! STOP IT NOW!!!" Frisk shouted out at J404 who kept laughing and chuckling as blood dripped onto his head "BROTHER THATS ENOUGH!!!" Alpha shouted as for a split moment he didn't see his brother, but instead witnessed a reflection of Infected, a monster, a devil and a old memory.

Alpha watched as he heard Betty's screams reminding him of the residents of Alphatale, as he saw her blood and thought of his own that was spilt that day. Alpha looked at his hands and saw his own blood on them, his ptsd from long ago mixing with his conflicting feelings now began to surface as he saw a monster in front of him a monster hurting a another's life, Alpha's eyes began to get filled with rage and frustration as his tears stopped flowing and as he began to rise up onto his feet

"IV HAD ENOUGH!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!" Alpha screamed and shouted as he rushed towards J404 burying his fist deep into J404's chest making the monster cough up a heap of blood.

"Your fight is with me now monster, you won't kill anyone else" Alpha said coldly.

As Alpha and J404s battle raged on, Frisk grabbed and held onto Betty picking her up while Error, King Multiverse and Ink all watched in utter horror and shock at what was going on

Alpha and J404 rushed one another time after time as the two thought through each other's attacks and dodged each other's moves nearly perfectly, as J404 laughed and smirked Alpha continued to stare coldly and seriously at J404 until Ink then rushed in with a large smile and surprise punched J404 teetering him off balance "INK YOU SCUM!!" Error shouted as he flew in on his blaster flying under the fighting and using his strings to grab Ink and pull him along "You know i'v never enjoyed being entangled in your stupid threads" Ink said as he buried his feet into the ground of the AntiVoid stopping Error abruptly "Youv always been a pain in the ass you know that!?" Error said as he then turned his blaster around and fired it at Ink who just stood there and took it. J404 looked at Error and for a brief moment his eyes turned back to normal only for Alpha to strike him again causing the monster to revert back to fighting him again. King Multiverse looked at everyone, his feet unable to move as he was worried about dying or getting caught up in something he didn't want, King Multiverse backed up a few steps only for a hand to touch his back. When he turned around he saw Loading floating behind him

"Y-You!!" King Multiverse said shocked "If they don't stop they'll never be ready to defend this place, you've always never had a stake in their affairs,don't think of this as me helping you, I'd rather prefer the term "a personal investment" " Loading said as  he then back up from King Multiverse  "But I'm not like them, I can't take out those fools or control them" King Multiverse said shakingly, but Loading shook his head "You don't even realize it yet, but your master had given you the strength to do the impossible already,  you were just always too blind to see it" Loading said as he disappeared once more.

King Multiverse looked at his hands as he then stared back to the others who were still fighting all except for Frisk who was holding Betty

Alpha struck at J404 again and again and AGAIN! Each blow hitting the monster harder and harder, Alpha then grabbed J404's leg and hurled him to the ground. J404 landed on the ground and couched up blood as he struggled to get up

"D-Dammit this is impossible, How is that shitstain as strong as me!?!? N-NO! THIS CANT BE RIGHT! I CANT LOSE!!! I WONT LOSE!!! I WONT GO BACK INTO THAT STUPID MIND OF HIS AGAIN!!!" J404 thought to himself as he got up and turned around only for Alpha to punch straight through J404's chest breaking through his ribs and spine.

suddenly though chains would wrap around Alpha's and the others arms stopping them in their tracks, as they then looked over to King Multiverse who dawned a large black cape and stood on top of a chain suspending him in the air

"As much as I appreciate you all taking each other out, I'd rather like it if you didn't kill each other before those BioTale scum bags get here" Emperor Multiverse said with a grin. Alpha distracted would knocked away by J404 who then would set his sights on Emperor Multiverse, J404 breaks off the chains holding him and flys towards Emperor Multiverse

"That code you have, that Mainframe energy, I'll be taking it!!" J404 Shouts as he try to reach for Emperor Multiverse only to be wrapped in chains, Emperor Multiverse then would summon his scythe and wrap it around J404's neck " Iv never cared how strong you were or are, IV ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS HOLD THE TITLE OF RULER OF THE MULTIVERSE!!!!" Emperor Multiverse shouted as he got ready to slice off J404's only for him to blasted by Alpha's blaster, Emperor Multiverse looks at Alpha in confusion and annoyance as J404 then breaks free from the chains "STAY OUT OF MY WAY!! WILL IS MINE TO FINISH!!" Alpha shouted as he then flew up.

Emperor Multiverse, J404 and Alpha all stared at one another as each then rushed into one single point and began to brawl, Ink and Error still chained up stare at the fighting, Ink looked on in annoyance as he was unable to fight thanks to the chain, Error stared at J404 in concern and slight anger as he watched his master acting out in a way he hadn't seen for a long time "This is so boring, not to mention all this fighting is making me hungry" Ink giggled as he struggled with the chain "shut up" Error said in which Ink looked at him "Why, are you so immature, Do you not understand what's happening, they're all killing each other and we're forced to watch! It isn't right and yet we can do nothing!! NOTHING!!" Error said as he fell to his knees and was yet again filled with anger "Your such a baby" Ink said as he tapped on his brush " Look don't get me wrong gltichy I hate and I mean REALLY hate you, but I hate seeing you bring yourself down like this when it's usually my job sooooooo " Ink said as he used his brush with a third arm he would grow out of his head to smash their chains "What the?? But why are you?" Error asked in which Ink then made a serious face as he looked on at his master who was fighting with rage in his heart and death on his mind "Because as much as the bastards don't deserve they need a wake up call, this is truly no time for petty rivals, at least not yet" Ink said "So you coming or what?" Ink smirked as he looked to Error who at first seemed distant to the idea,but then smiled at it " you really are shit at emotional speeches, but know this I'm only helping you now to save 404, I won't guarantee your master's life will be spared" Error said as he got up "Heheh fine by me, I couldn't care less" Ink said as he got ready with Error looking at Ink and then to the fighting ahead.

As Alpha,J404 and Emperor Multiverse all fought suddenly Ink's brush went flying towards J404 hitting him the face, J404 grabbed it only for him to get pulled down by it's weight. Alpha looked over only for Error's strings to wrap around him and pull him down to a field of blue bones keeping him from moving, Emperor Multiverse looked on as Ink flew in front of him

"Sup kingy" Ink said with a smirk as Error down below continued to wrap up Alpha in his strings "D-DAMMIT! WHY ARE THESE SO STRONG!!!" Alpha shouted angrily as Error stared down at him "Relax or I'll make them go around your mouth next" Error said annoyed, Alpha used his knees to get up while taking damage from the bones and still being tied up "Y-YOU! Iv never liked you not from the moment you were made, every single thing about you I hate and despise your methods of solving problems are laughable and your whole existence pisses me off" Alpha said frustrated in which Error just simply ignored him while scratching his head wondering how 404 ever wanted him back."....I don't know what my brother sees in you" Alpha said getting Error's attention "Your a piss port for a destroyer and even worse your no match for Ink no matter how strong you get, maybe Ink should have been his pupil since he does your job far better then you ever could" Alpha said smirking in which Error's eyes filled with rage and anger as buried part of him suddenly re-emerged and boiled over "ARRRGGGG!!! YOUR GONNA REGRET SAYING THAT ONE YOU SON OF BITCH!!!" Error shouted as he ran towards Alpha completely disregarding the blue bones he was going through

Ink, Emperor Multiverse and even J404 and Frisk and Betty looked over as Error approached Alpha at max speed, Error then used his strings to wrap around his fist and make blue boxing gloves, once Error got close he began to punch the lights out of Alpha with intense force and strength using the unnamable creature's soul to fuel his fist

" YOU WANNA BE A VIOLENT ASSHOLE THEM I'LL TREAT YOU LIKE YOU PIECE OF SHIT, 404 DOESN'T DESERVE A PIECE OF SHIT LIKE YOU!! HE WORKED HIS ASS OFF JUST TO SEE YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HIM!?!? YOUR LUCKY HE ISN'T ME OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOUR ASS!!" Error said as he dealt one last blow to Alpha's face knocking him unconscious. Alpha fell over as he fell unconscious, J404 looked over, but then saw a shadow fall over him as he looked up he saw Ink fall down onto of him slamming his foot over J404's head burying J404's head into the ground

Error looked at Alpha as he laid unconscious "Goddamn you can't know how long iv always wanted to beat that rat into the ground" Error said grinding his teeth "You can't imagine how good it was to watch" Ink grinned as he got his brush and then added thirty thousand more tons to his brush. J404 looked up at the last second only to see Ink's brush fall down and crush his skull, Emperor Multiverse came down and turned back to normal "man I never get any screen time" said King Multiverse as he crossed his arms in which Ink wrapped his arm around him " Hey don't worry man, besides with only 2 chapters what is there left for you to do anyway"  Ink said smirking and grinning "Hu?" King Multiverse replied "HEY! enough of that crap, we need to focus and as for-" Error was about to finish his sentence before he noticed that Frisk and Betty had vanished "SON OF A BITCH!!" Error shouted as he stomped his feet "Hey gltichy shut the hell up will ya, its hard to break the 4th wall if your taking up so much text space" Ink said "then stop talking then you piece of shit" Error replied "WHY DON'T YOU BOTH PIPE DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!" King Multiverse shouted as he tried to make sense of what to do next.

just then someone picked up J404's body as it began to heal itself, as the head began to piece itself back together one of J404's eyes looked at who had lifted him and saw a wide smiled Infected looking down at him

"Wakey wakey Willy" Infected said as he then dropped him on the ground causing Error and the others to turn around and take notice of Infected "How did You!-" but before King Multiverse could finish Infected would fling a wisp their way Ink and King Multiverse unfamiliar with it, but Error teleported backwards some distance as it exploded in Ink and King Multiverse's face sending the two flying through the air.

Infected then jumped over the dust cloud and towards Error and kicked in his left knee breaking his leg, before Error could scream Infected covered his mouth and his own

"Shhhhhhh quiet kid..hehehhehe you'll kill the atmosphere" Infected chuckled as he head headbutted Error knocking him out instantly, J404's head healed itself and with J404 shook off the pain and searched for Infected "LOOKING FOR SOMETHING FREAK!?" Infected shouted through the dust cloud, J404 looked over and when the dust got clear saw Infected holding the unconscious Alpha by the neck "hehehhehehehehehhe" Infected chuckled to himself again "HA! Do you honestly believe I give a shit about that fool!?" J404 laughed as he began to sweat intensely "Heheh oh I know you don't, but someone else does and I'm here for them not you, whatever disgusting sex dungeon you came from you can go crawl back to it" Infected said as he tightened his grip "Do it, I...I don't give a damn if you kill him again" J404 said as his legs began to get weaker and he could feel something making its way out "THEN LETS PUT THAT TO THE TEST!!!" Infected said as he then shoved his hand straight through Alpha's rib cage and pulled out four of his ribs causing Alpha to scream in pain waking up instantly J404's whole body cracked into pieces revealing a angry 404 underneath it all

" INFECTED!!!!!!" 404 shouted in rage as he ran towards Infected at break neck speeds "The doctor will see you now" Infected said as he tossed Alpha to the side.

He didn't care about it, the insults the anger or the tedious rivalry between him and Adam, at this moment all 404 wants is to kill Infected

" YOUR GONNA REGRET PUTTING YOUR HANDS ON HIM AGAIN JACOB!!!!" 404 shouted as he winded up a punch and threw at Infected only for him to catch 404's hand with ease " Not Jacob, Just Infected now" Infected said as he pulled 404 close so close that they could almost touch noses " William I told you all those years ago that I'd kill everything you loved....but now I know better, I don't want to kill them...iv always wanted you, your always on my mind, I can't stop thinking about you no matter how many people I kill. I'm so tired of having you in my every thought and yet I enjoy it, somehow thinking of all the ways I want to tangle you up and hang you by a nice rope on some random tree, how I want to bury you alive, rip you apart, tear out your bones...anything I can think I want to do and yet somehow I can't bring myself to think of one" Infected chuckled to himself as 404 revisited to get away "So, I want you to help me Will, I'm gonna do them all to you and your gonna tell me which one hurts the most and then we'll roll with that one ok?" Infected said with smile as 404 then shot a god ray through his eye causing Infected to back up releasing 404 "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!" 404 shouted as 404 summoned a row of bones and threw them all at Infected, 404 then summoned his blasters and fired them at Infected shooting off his arms. 404 lifted Infected into the air with blue mastery and then threw him straight back down to the ground head first shattering Infected's skull causing the skeleton body to go limp, 404 then  looked over to Alpha and saw him wincing in pain and before 404 could get to him a horde of wisp flew out of Infected's open head and flew into the sky, the wisp all mashed together to make a giant face, Infected's face, 404 looked at it " Iv been going so easy on you cause I was worried what would happen if I were to kill you, what I would do without." Infected's giant wisp head said as it towered and shadowed everyone "but now I don't have to worry cause I have it figured out, once I kill you then I'll kill myself that way I can torture you for all eternity hehehheb DOESN'T THAT SOUND GREAT!?!?! I PUT A HELLUVA LIT OF THOUGHT INTO IT SO YOU BETTER APPRECIATE IT!!!" Infected's giant wisp head said as it then slips apart and wisp flew past 404 surrounding Alpha

"There's just one thing keeping us from having our endless fun" Infected said as the wisp then split and scattered revealing Infected behind Alpha as the wisp keep him on his knees. 404 looked over only for him to see Infected reveal his axe from his back "JACOB WAIT! STOP!!" 404 shouted  pleading "HE'S THE ONE IN OUR WAY!!!! WITH THIS YOU AND I CAN FINALLY DACE TILL THE END OF TIME!!!" Infected said as he lifted his are above his head "J-Jacob.." Alpha said as his tears returned "DON'T DO IT!!!!" 404 shouted as he ran towards them

"Don't come back this time" Infected whispered to Alpha before taking a step back

"JACCCCOOOBBBB!!!!!" 404 screamed

"SEE YOU IN HEEELLLLLLL!!!!" Infected shouted as he then brought his axe down his beheading Alpha.

Infected then pulled out Alpha's conduit soul as Alpha's body slowly turned to dust, the dust went flying all over the place around Infected and through 404's legs. 404 then looked down at the ground as he saw Alpha's head sitting there

"M-Mo...mother....I'm sorry I won't be able to-" but before he could finish Alpha turned to dust all the dust forcing away and staining 404's black undershirt white " What a fleeting moment in time...nothing remains and everything changes" Infected said as he devoured Alpha's conduit soul, 404 stood there paralyzed his mind blank and his head spinning as his eyes were completely blank unable to process what had happened "Mmmm tasty, now then William or 404 or whatever your going by, let's finish this once and for all shall we" Infected said as he put his axe and away and stared at 404 who then looked up at 404 slowly.

404 them used blue mastery and threw Infected into the air, he then summoned extremely tall bones all of them hitting Infected on his way up, he then fired 100s of blasters at Infected, sending up a dust cloud from the destroyed pillar of bones.

" HAHAHHAHAHA GOOD GOOD, KEEP IT UP!!!" Infected shouted as he jumped through the dust cloud and began to try to slice away at 404 who dodged each of his attacks perfectly and then after a few attacks 404 backed away and fired a god ray st Infected's leg blasting it off causing Infected to fall over "Hehehehhehe alright that's what i'm talking about!" Infected said as he then was lifted up into the air 404's blue mastery and thrown up getting blasted by more blasters. 404 and Infected for hours, the two throwing shards of bones to little purple creatures and god rays alike at one another, the two gave it they're all and were willing to fight till their last breath

"YES...YESSS!!! I'M NOT DONE JUST YET" Infected shouted as he pounced towards 404 only for him to kick him out of the way and blast him with a dark blaster sending clouds of dust and debris everywhere as they past by 404 ye was engulfed in the dust cloud and when it passed he found himself back in the laboratory back home, he looked around and then saw the Astral Mother and Adam both sitting down watching TV but just as soon as the vision came 404 opened his eyes and found himself back in the AntiVoid with Infected who was getting ready for another assault before he suddenly stopped "heheheh I just thought of something really funny, You know how hard you worked for all of this, well look around you Willy...LOOK! ITS ALL BACK TO SQUARE ONE HHEHEHHAHAHHAHAHA YOUR BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!!" Infected laughed as he kept making remarks to which 404 just ignored for he was too tired to do anything but watch as Infected rushed him.

"This is it....I cant hold on anymore  every time I think I have it together I lose it all, the only thing that can change now is if I die here, you win Infected..." 404 said as he just stood still as Infected got closer and closer

Infected went in for a slash with his great axe only for it to be blocked by a familiar black hand, 404 would open his eyes and see Classic Sans standing in front of him. Infected jumped back as he then looked to his axe and saw it was heavily chipped by whatever had blocked his attack, he then looked and saw Classic standing in front of 404 "Hey buddy, Wheres your determination hu?" Classic Sans said as he turned around to see 404's shocked face in which 404 then shook his head in response "Ain't got none? Well thats fine it'll all be over soon guess, but hell what do I know right" Classic Sans said as he turned back to Infected "I hope you know that even if you are the original I'll still squash you right? Hehehhehe" Infected said as he threw his axe to the side only for some wisp to pick it up.

"Oh don't worry iv seen your type before, just another endurance test I guess" said Classic Sans as he walked a little forward "W-wait a second " 404 said "Don't you have to go fight someone else? Leave this one to me ok? Take your friends and make like winter" Classic Sans said in which 404 teleported towards Error, Ink and King Multiverse and teleported away.

Infected kept laughing maniacally as Sans simply just shrugged and closed his eyes and looked all the Aus waaaay above them

"Man I hate hard work, God its a beautiful day today...the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming and on days like these Sadistic skeletons like you......SHOULD BE FUELING THE FLAMES OF HELL!!" Classic Sans said as his gaster eye flashed to a bright red. Infected and Classic Sans stood before one another as the two stared one another down eaches smile meaning something different

"So tell me Sans what brings you out of your sanctuary and down to this grovel hu? Some sense of justice or some sort right to do away with the evil of this world? Whatever cliche one liner you have cooked up just say it already hehehe" Infected snickered as he sharpened his claws " well then I guess there's nothing to be said then hu buddy" Classic Sans said as he then rose up his hand in which Infected jumped towards Classic Sans in a hurry 'JUST SO YOU KNOW I DONT GIVE A DAMN HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE I'LL STILL KILL YOU!!!!" Infected shouted as he slashed at Sans only for Sans to perfectly move out of the way, Infected continued his assault as he slashed at Sans again and again and again and with each time Sans dodged him and moved out of the way time and time again.

Infected then reached into his skull and pulled out a large wisp from his head and threw it at Sans only for sans to teleport away "Dammit" Infected said as he looked around for Classic Sans "I'm not here to kill you Infected i hope you realize that" Classic sans said causing Infected to turn around and see him in the distance "So what are you gonna do you gonna kill me with you're kind words? Hehehehehhe" Infected chuckled as he watched Sans look at him "Not me, but perhaps someone else" Classic Sans said as a figure with long black hair appeared behind him.

Infected looked at the figure, once his eyes laid upon them his white pupil appeared in his black eye socket, Infected's entire face filled with all emotions as he could hardly believe who he was looking at

"Its been a long time son" said the Void Empress as she starred at Infected who shook only a little before regaining his composure "tch! HAHHAHA your child is dead women, all your facing now is a corpse!" Infected shouted in joy only to met with a chuckle from the Void Empress as she phased through Classic Sans giving him chills "Your existence was only possible through Jacob's will, your still him, your still my son" the Void Empress said as she stopped moving and stared at Infected

"D-Dammit women, now you decide to show up, where have you been these past few chapters?" Infected snickered only for the Void Empress to snicker with him pissing Infected off slightly "Busy dealing with your mistakes, but more importantly I was busy gathering resources that I knew would be crucial for the final phase t

Of our survival" the Void Empress said as she then opened up a large panel in front of her as she then began to type in stuff into the Mainframe

[ Subject 389071 has been banned and restricted to the constructs of AU 78904]

"What the hell!?" Infected shouted as he began to destabilize and began to get teleported away "YOU BITC-" Infected said before he was cut off and teleported away instantly "Woah old lady I wasn't expecting you to do that, heh when you said you could take care of our killer problem I didn't think I'd see you do...well that" Classic Sans said shocked at what happened when suddenly Loading poped out of Sans's back and then got in the Void Empress's face "I N D E E D! How did you accomplish such a feat? As far as I'm concerned the only thing that can do what you just did would be the Mainframe itself" Loading said as he stared the Void Empress who could care less of the situation "You said he was your son...and your just cool with getting rid of him like that" Classic Sans said with slight concern "That thing is not my son" The Void Empress replied "But you just said he was" Classic Sans said "Whatever remains of my late son there was no longer it is simply a shell with nothing left inside" the Void Empress said as she wiped her face.

Loading and Classic Sans looked as the Void Empress sniffed and wiped her face some more only to cry some more

"I'm so sorry, I'm usually more composed...f-forgive me.." the Void Empress said as she then turned toward Classic and Loading who both had mixed faces. "I'm so sorry, I'm usually more composed...f-forgive me.." the Void Empress said as she then turned toward Classic and Loading who both had mixed faces.

"Now then, let's go and check up on Will" said the Void Empress as she teleported herself and Classic and Loading to 404's HQ

Once they got there King Multiverse was gone while Ink fixed up Error and 404 regenerated his clothes and turned to see Classic Sans and the Void Empress. Classic Glared at Ink with a look of disgust and anger while Ink stared at him with zero emotion

"V-Void Empress!? What are know what forget about it" 404 said as he looked away and put his coat on "William, you've done well to make it this far, but the worst is almost over" the Void Empress said as she walked towards him "...yea it just about is, Loading do you know where Frisk and Betty are?"  404 asked as Loading then got ready to answer only for Classic to respond faster "They're back at my place, thought the kiddos could use some rest from all the hell they've been through today" Classic said as he shrugged and looked off towards the white grass " So now what happens?" Error asked as he sat down on the grass catching his breath "Plan is still the same, we need to stop BioTale..kill them if we have to" 404 said as he clenched his fist.

404 looked down at his hand as it slightly glitched out, 404 sweated slightly and then shook his hand off. The Void Empress looked at him, but said nothing. "We must hurry! Who knows how long we have now thanks to your guy's spat.  BioTale no doubt has already gotten their forces ready" said the Void Empress only for blue smoke to them begin to fill the room "Your very right as usual Wendy my dear" said a voice from the mist as everyone turned towards its origin only to see Vape standing near by with blue smoke pouring out of his mouth "Hello" Vape said as everyone stared at him in shock "FINALLY!!!" Ink shouted as he teleported in front of Vape ready to swing his brush at him only for green strings to lift him way into the air, 404 looked as he saw a skeleton wearing a purple jacket with red fur holding Ink in the air with green strings and out of the smoke behind Vape appeared Dead!Nightmare and a rather short Toriel with large black horns. "Hehehe, you have your team, I got mine" Vape said "What do you want Vape?" 404 asked as he kept himself aware of everyone around him "I seek the one thing you all can't give me, I just want to be noticed and loved again" Vape said as he looked towards 404 "If lowlifes like yourselves are able to be recognized then why can't I be" Vape said as he took a knee to them and then got up again "Hey pal, I didn't sign up for a speech, make them hurt!" D.Nightmare said in annoyance "Every second we waste here is just another we could be using to be getting more negativity from them" D.Nightmare said in frustration when suddenly a large boom came from above they're heads, everyone looked up only to see the purple clothed skeleton fall to the ground with incredible speed and force causing the smoke around everyone to disperse and flow away, Vape looked up at Ink with a annoyed look.

"ENOUGH TALK!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY MULTIVERSE YOU SCUM!!!" Ink said as he shot straight for Vape only for The small Toriel and D.Nightmare to block Vape from getting hit "Oh not yet, I still have one more guest on they're way here" Vape said when suddenly a large purple shot out of the blue smoke knocking ink back hitting Error in the process "Ah glad you could make it" Vape said as he turned around to see a Skeleton wearing a red hood walk beside him "Hell"

Vape then swung his arm forward as his "help" went in to attack the group. 404 and the others go ready to fight when suddenly a large black shadow overtook them all and caused everyone to look up in the sky. The large Black orb struck 404 with dejavu until he saw him, Bio!Gaster, he walked onto of the orb and looked down at everyone

"Who the hell is that?" Hell said as he looked up at the large black sphere "Why hello once again AlphaTale and....friends?, well whatever, I thought I'd drop by and we were all thinking about that long expansion of time we have you to fight against us before and thought it was too long so we decided to come here and challenge you once again, except this time we bring our own bargaining chip" Bio!Gaster said as he pulled something from behind him only to be revealed as Ten's cosmic force and energy all stored in a small sphere.

404 looked in confusion for a moment until he recognized it

"You recognize this dont you, Ten's essence, the ability to create or recreate anything you want or can think about" Bio!Gaster said as he looked at 404. 404 then stared as his eyes was wide with shock, realization and plenty of desperation "Sir, think about this for a second, that could be anything" Error said as he looked at 404 with worry "I DONT CARE!!!!" 404 shouted as he flew up towards Bio!Gaster instantly only for the rest of BioTale to appear behind him and draw they're weapons at 404 causing him to stop mid-air "I wouldn't rush me so quickly William you almost made me poop myself"  Bio!Gaster said as he stared at 404 and 404 looked at him with anger. *404 looked at them in anger as he thought about all the people he could bring back and the people he had lost, Ink pushed Error out of the way as Ink then jumped all the way through 404 and BioTale causing everyone to split a part, Bio!Gaster looked up and saw ink, but then noticed his Orb was gone "WHAT THE!? SON OF BITCH!!!" Bio!Gaster shouted as he looked up and all of BioTale flowed his gaze towards Ink who while hovering above them juggled the orb in his hands "Looking for this? I saw you all getting all handsy with it so I thought it would be nice if I took out of yours" Ink snickered  "Consume the orb" said a voice in Ink's head as his eye jetted to the orb "Consume it and become that much great then to you are" said the voice, but then Ink shook his head and waved it off "Geez what a weirdo" Ink said as he began to fall down with the orb as both BioTale and Vape's group looked at him.

In the midst of the distraction 404 fired a god ray shooting it straight through Bio!Gaster's chest and then using blue mastery to throw everyone of BioTale to the side as he then ran across the orb and jumped down towards Ink

"Argk! Mother-BIOTALE ATTTACCCCKKK!!!!" Shouted Bio!Gaster as BioTale then flew towards 404 who was in the direction of Vape's group causing D.Nightmare to flee with Hell "Damn you 404, whatever mess this is I won't be a part of it" Vape said as he used his smoke to dissappear with the rest of his group. Bio!Asgore and Toriel fired hordes of flames and fireballs at 404 only for them to be blocked by a large gaster hand with a pink A on it. Bio!Sans, Papyrus and Undyne flew towards 404 and began to fight him throwing what they could at him while he dodged out of the way and moved out of the way of some.

Ink landed on the ground with the orb "Oh nice more fighting, sure does give me flashbacks" Ink said only for Error to use his strings and pull the orb towards him "YOU IDIOT!!! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BRAIN IN THAT SKULL OF YOURS!!!" Error shouted in rage only for Bio!Gaster to teleport behind him.

Classic!Sans could only look in amazement at everything going on ".....woah" C.Sans said.

As Bio!Sans, Papyrus and Undyne fought against 404 he began to ponder what he even would have wished for, what he would have recreated, he then looked down at Error and Ink going against Bio!Gaster

"What is it that I can do to change the outcome of this all..." 404 said to himself "Oh you already know the answer to that William" said 100 who was speaking in 404's head "But how are you...I-I don't understand what to do...WHAT CAN I DO!" 404 shouted to himself only for Bio!Muffet and Mettaton to drop down and kick 404 to the ground. "I'm so tired, I can't fight like this and I can't win against these guys....what is it I can do...TELL ME!!! 100!!!" 404 shouted in his head as Bio!Papyrus flew down and kicked 404 across the white grass, "You know what you have to do, he's the only one who can help you and everyone now, you must bring back the forgotten child" 100 said as he then vanished from 404's. 404 layer on the ground, he turned his head back towards Bio!Sans and Undyne who got ready to hurl more attacks at him when suddenly a large portal opened up in front of him, giants rays of lightning shot out of the portal and got Undyne right in the face causing Bio!Sans to move out of the way.

As the portal closed 404 saw a large flowing red cape and then smiled as he saw a familiar face once again

"An-and here i thought I was gonna have to carry your weight....Ares" 404 said as he smiled at Omni who stood behind "Hmp, I'm not here for you, but for that orb" Omni said as he began to walk past 404 who began to get up "Be cautious boy these guys were created by one of Malesgrow's offspring" Islothorn said in Omni's head "Which one" Omni asked "92 why?" Islothorn asked "Pretty low of a number to be cautious about, give me 36% and I'll end this" Omni said

A giant bolt of lighting crashed down upon Omni as his bones cracked and burned with pure chaotic lightning as it surged his whole body, Bio!Sans looked on in horror as he saw his previous enemy till alive

Omni's body began to melt, but he stabilized himself enough to hold himself together " LETS FINISH THIS!" Omni shouted in his head as he flew towards his opponents

Omni then rushed towards Bio!Gaster as he was distracted by Error and Ink, he then turned around and saw Omni and smiled under his mask

"ALPHYS NOW!!" Bio!Gaster shouted as suddenly the Large Black orb came crashing down landing on Omni trapping him inside of it, Omni looked around inside of it when suddenly the black orb began to drain him of his magic and energy as it was literally ripped form his body and Islothorn was ripped out of Omni's mind, Omni's screams of pain were heard from the orb as its black color began to turn into a brighter shade of yellow and multiple other colors "NOOO!!" The Void Empress shouted as she ran to the orb only to be pinned by Bio!Muffet and Mettaton "NO WAY!" Error shouted as suddenly Bio!Gaster smashed his gaster hand over his hand and flung Ink out of the way as he made his way to the orb "How does one kill a near omnipotent being, you take the source of their strength in the first place, you may have lived in the TransVoid, but you weren't born there like we were" Bio!Gaster said as Omni's screams continued and the Orb continued to glow a bright glow as it itself couldn't barley hold all of Omni's power "SIR! IT WONT BE ABLE TO HOLD ALL OF HIS POWER!!" Bio!Undyne shouted "No, it will work" Bio!Gaster said as he watched as Omni's conduit soul and regular soul were ripped out of his body "Perfect" Bio!Gaster said as he snapped and Bio!Alphys turned a node and the Black orb flew up and Omni's lifeless corpse fell to the ground at 404's feet.

The Void Empress, 404, Error and Ink all looked on in horror as Omni's red cape flew and turned to ashes away from his body. All of BioTale then went to the orb, Bio!Gaster then ripped his arms out of his cloak and placed them on the orb and began to absorb the stored power inside of it and all of the other BioTale cast did the same

BioTale finished with sucking up Omni'spower within the orb they looked down and stared at 404 and the others, 404 looked at Omni's body as it didn't seem to turn to dust. 404 then got up and looked at BioTale as the orb then turned black one again

"Enjoy your precious moments that you have now, we will be back and when we return this Multiverse will run red with the blood of every Au and At that exist and ever will" Bio!Gaster said as all of BioTale landed on the black orb and teleported away. 404 watched as the Void Empress began to cry over Omni's body and Error and Ink just looked on in horror at what happened.

"Dammit why does everything happen when we're not ready!!" Error shouted in anger before calming down, 404 looked at him as he walked to Ink "do you still have the orb squid" 404 asked as Ink looked up at him and then handed him the orb. 404 looked at it and then thought on 100's words "...bring the last forgotten child?...." 404 thought to himself as he looked at the orb "Dammit, Ares was good with cryptic crap like this" 404 said said as he stared at the orb "There's no hope now, without Ares or Adam how can we hope to win....we need a miracle now" the Void Empress said in tears.

Error looked at 404 who had his back turned to him with Ink sitting on the ground and picking grass.

"...maybe....maybe need delve back, go back, far back into the past in order to retrieve this get our hope, our hopes and dreams" 404 said as he then closed his eyes and the orb and Ten's essence wrapped around 404 "WILLIAM!!" Error shouted as he went to 404 only for Ink to grab Error's shoulder stopping him. The light from 404 and the orb began to grow larger and larger as it soon blinded everybody and when the light faded away they found 404 and a piece of the ground.

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