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Chapter 7 Chapter 9

The black figure stared into the endless void of the Mainframe, his fists quivered beneath him. That name. Error!404. What did it truly mean? What could it possess that triggered his mind to a kill switch so much? Why did he feel so much shame from crafting it, and forming it into his own thing? It shivered his skin. His teeth, as sharp as rusty nails that would be ensured to kill anyone, either through something as short term as a vital organ hit, middle term such as bleeding out or long term as tetanus. He’d wanted the vengeance he so desperately strived for. But, there was something he wanted far, far much more. And he had to get it. No matter how much blood had to be spilt.

As Quenya ventured further into the jungle, her eyepatch torn, she quickly hurdled herself forward to the center, bursting into the cabin she’d been residing in since...since...that time. As she scrounged around, her expression panicked and stressed. Eventually, she’d collected her spear, bursting out. “A-alright, who the hell is there?!” She screamed, her pose quivering yet remaining powerful. As the figure continued to mess with her mind, he suddenly noticed the tone in her voice. A sudden shutter of realization burst through his skull, as the mind-games ended, him staring directly into her eyes. The two stared at one another, her shock only ending then.

“Huh.” Error!404 gleamed to Quenya, staring at her. “I...what?” His head slanted to the right, confused by the sight he’d beheld. Quenya slowly stepped around him, in a circle, surprised by the sight. “’re…” Her eyes seemed to illusion her, clouding her mind with what she possibly had seen. “It’” She whispered, her breath shortened, the cut in tone giving Error!404 a forming clue of her surprise. “Wh-where’s-” She was soon cut off by his voice. “Adam’s dead. He’s been dead for too long. You should know that by now. He’s gone. Never coming back, to be realistic. Ja-” His voice was soon silenced by the memory in his head, forcing his eyelids together. “...Infected isn’t anywhere to be seen. Probably distracting Biotale or some shit. Couldn’t tell you.” His expression soon wiped out, replaced with deep, thoughtful memories. “...S-so, it’s you, huh?” He smiled, his poker face cutting off, as Quenya folded her arms. “You’’re the White Demon.” She scoffed, Error!404 glancing up in response. “Sounds a bit like a racial slur, but yeah, that’s what people call me.” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

“No, I’re him. That murderer...everyone...the things you did…” Quenya’s panic soon kicked in once again, no longer out of fear, yet instead because of the guilt of what had happened in her absence. “Oh, you mean that. Yeah, I’ve done a few things. But they all had a purpose, right? Can’t blame that.” He explained, a soft smirk growing onto his teeth, Quenya only responding with a far more fierce position, building ready for an attack. Error!404 simply sighed, turning back. “Guess we’ll meet another time.” He chuckled, the spear soon lodging directly into his chest. As he glanced down to the spear, his expression slowly darkened, his eyelights zapping away. “ going to allow that.” He turned back, his expression fierce and ferocious. He then gripped onto the spear, tearing it from his chest and hammering it to the ground. Before Quenya could react any further, Error!404 simply raised his hands, sighing. “Fine, I surrender.” He chuckled, winking. “Kidding. See ya, mom. If that’s even what you want me to call you. Probably not.” His surrendering stance turned to a more shrugging one, as he then had glitched himself away to the mainframe, leaving all but a cold, subtle piece of shirt cloth on the tip of the spear.

As William appeared, the figure turned to look. “Oh, it’s you.” He whispered, William turning to quickly face back. “What do you mean ‘oh’? You see me every time I come here, we’re the only two that can be here.” William responded, almost snarkily. “Don’t jizz your pants, I just wasn’t expecting you to be back that soon.” They responded, keeping a calm, composed manner the whole way through. “So, Osiris, what’s gotten you up so early?” William chuckled, Osiris, being the darkened figure, only walking out than to face the far smaller one. “A plan. A well-devised plan, in fact. One so grand, that perhaps it could even bring your brother back.” He suggested, William only glancing up in a concerned, and even angered way. “I’m not fucking ignorant. I know he’s gone…” He whispered, clutching onto his hands. Osiris, in response, only grabbed onto William’s shoulder. “That’s what you said when we’d first met. That’s what you said the day you’d thought you were to die, and I’d welcomed you into this realm. But, as we worked together, you soon realized-” Osiris stopped speaking, instead noticing William’s tears soon building. As his tone suddenly shifted from formality to a more negative response. “...You will get your revenge. But, you’ll only get it if you try to overcome your feelings.” He whispered, rising. “In Swapfell, there’s your key. Just don’t get cancer.” Osiris chuckled, slowly stepping away to face the cliff edge. William slowly rose from his feet, his hands burrowed into his skull, as he slowly took in a breath, nodding. “R-right.” He sighed, taking his torn shirt and coat, glitching away. Osiris quietly looked back, his smile slowly rising once again.

Error!404 entered Swapfell W., his expression dedicated and cold, as the monsters stared at him, phased by his appearance alone. As he entered the vast, diseased land of Waterfall, he met face to face with the figure. Shoulder-length hair, draping over his left eye, white clothing...Frisk. “Oh, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding.” The two spoke in sync, both proceeding to groan in disgust. “I thought you were fucking dead, cunt. Why the fuck are you even here?” The two once again spoke together in sync, surprised by the link. “Hey, stop talking when I’m talking, fucker.” Repeated once again, the two took note that they’d probably end up speaking the exact same, and shut up.

After a while, Error!404 took notice of the wound on Frisk’s chest, chuckling. “Jeez, you sure took a hit, huh?” He smirked, Frisk rolling his eyes in response. He rose from the rock he’d sat on, using his katana almost as a walking cane. “...Hmph.” Error!404 then lay against the wall, thinking to himself. “Really? You’re the guy I came for? How haven’t you gotten cancer or whatever the fuck’s here?” He questioned, Frisk simply ignoring him as if he was never there. Error!404, clearly pissed from his situation, gripped onto Frisk’s shoulder. “Hey, pissbrain, I’m talkin’ to you!” He shouted, Frisk only looking back to stare into Error!404’s eyes. “...I’d rather talk to someone who wouldn’t kill their own brother because of their own mother’s actions. Please, with all due respect, fuck off.” He expressed, turning back and walking off. Error!404, confused, simply nodded. “Yeah, run away! Go, like you always do!” He scoffed, surprised by the lack of response Frisk had. Well, that was a fail. “So, you’re just gonna...let that happen?” The voice in Error!404’s head spoke, a slight tint added to the tone of his bone. Error!404 glanced to the floor, as the reflection of the soft, drizzling water beamed at the two. “...No.” He looked back up, as a loud flicker of glitch zapped through Frisk’s eardrums, Error!404 standing directly in front of him. “Oh, I don’t think so.”

“Fuck off,” Frisk repeated, trying to walk away, as Error!404 got in his way each time. “You don’t just walk away from your responsibilities like that, pal.” Error!404 chuckled, Frisk facing the other. “I won’t resist hammering you.” He threatened, only leaving Error!404 to chuckle. “Oh, really? What’re you gonna do, bud? Cry on me?” He smirked, sending his fist into Frisk’s chest, almost pulverizing it from the bare strength. As Frisk then collapsed to the floor, his eyes began to dwindle. “You’re nothing but a” He smirked, Frisk’s eyes slowly blurring. Frisk almost felt as if he was to pass out. His expression, cold, frightened. The pure pain from a single punch. This being...the feeling he’d caused him...that feeling. The feeling of pain. The feeling was so...similar to what she did...Her...he really was just like her. He couldn’t make it. But he wasn’t going to give up. No. He wasn’t going to be a slave to the hands of those above him. He was going to fight back. Frisk’s eyes shot up, a boiling red igniting within his soul, as he unsheathed his katana, slicing directly through Error!404’s clothing, a large pool of blood gushing out from his ribs, met with 17 more swift swipes. After the consecutive swipes, he kicked Error!404 to the ground, forcing him to jolt back like a bolt of electricity. Blood dripped from his mouth, as he chuckled. “Wooh. Now that is what I call a fight.”

Frisk channeled his determination, his expression stern and controlling. “I will not let you drain any more lives. Not this time.” He growled, Error!404 only looking back in response. “Jeez, that’s a pretty nice line. Maybe you should use it on a fight you can win, next time.” He winked, as the nearby rocks levitated. “Now: let’s dance.” He chuckled, firing multitudes of rock’s at Frisk, the other directly slicing them in half with the determination-infused katana. As the blue skeleton then cast his Dark Blasters, Frisk quickly hurled his blade to the blasters, destroying them in a matter of seconds. “What?” Error!404 whispered in slight confusion, Frisk then taking that opportunity to quickly hammer his blade into them. Error!404’s eyes dwindled, surprised by the sudden rush of pain. The boiling sensation, as if it was fueled by Frisk’s pure anger. The now-black katana rest in Error!404’s chest, as life felt as if it was in slow-motion. “...F-fuck…” He quickly gripped onto the blade, going to tear it out, as it’s hatred burnt even more into him. “F-fuck!” He screamed, the pain rushing through his body. Frisk panted slowly, surprised by the quick encounter. “...Y-yeah, how’s that? That’s what I call pain. You’ve probably never felt it.” Frisk snickered, almost in pride from beating the proclaimed ‘god’.

Error!404 knelt to the ground, Frisk only walking over to them, gripping onto their head. “You disgusting, filthy piece of shit…” He whispered, pushing the Katana in deeper, only causing more blood to leak from his body. As Frisk stared into his cold, bleak eyes, his determination soon died down. The katana slowly faded to it’s normal silver, as Error!404 then regained his composure. In the split second he was composed, Frisk was now gone. Where? his mind. As Frisk stared around, everything was dark, cold and lifeless. There stood Chara. “C-Chara?!” Frisk shouted, a small surge of joy rising in his expression, as a large spike quickly impaled the brother. Frisk’s smile instantly shattered, replaced with a dull, grim frown. “NO!” He screamed, the figure walking out. “What? You seem a bit...scared.” Osiris smiled, tapping his fingers jokingly. “W-what? W-William?!” He shouted, Osiris simply shaking his head in rejection. “No, no, no, no, not William. I am in fact, much more frightening than that failure. You are currently in his mind. Your mind is being manipulated. I ask you to do one thing. Stay completely still. No matter what he is to play against you, remain calm. If you act on it, he wins. Both you and I do not wish for that, do we?” Osiris winked, his white eye slowly twitching. Frisk slowly stepped back, shaking his head. “’re’re h-him.” He spoke, his weak voice almost crumbling. Osiris then appeared directly in front of Frisk, clutching onto his vest. “No. I am not that piece of shit, that couldn’t even save his own brother. I simply wish to be free. Do what I” He ordered as Frisk only began to question more and more. “W-what do you get out of it?!” He asked, Osiris’ smile only growing. “What do I get…? Oh, I get the chance to get out of this hellhole! The chance to take control! The chance me. No longer a captive of this...this hellhole.” He repeated, clearly considering William’s mind to be a hellhole. “Now. Are you with me?” He asked, his hand slowly revealing from his darkened robes. Frisk slowly looked to his monstrous hand, as his heart then slowly gained strength again, holding onto it.

As Frisk was soon shot back to reality, everything felt cold. The soft breeze of the wind passed, as William stood there. “...Welp. That didn’t work.” He sighed, his eye lights averting nearby to look around, slightly embarrassed from the failed attempt. “Hm.” He gently scratched his chin, as his sweat slowly built against his skull, dropping to the floor. “Well, that just happened.”

Frisk’s wounds slowly healed, as if they’d been slowly regenerating. The human placed their left hand into their pocket, sighing. “It shouldn’t have been that easy. So, what’s your real plan?” They asked, William only staring back. “Well, uh...pity, I guess.” He shrugged, the human simply sitting down against the rock they laid on before Error!404 had come. “Yeah, well, go fuck yourself.” Frisk scoffed, William only staring to the floor. Everything felt different. Why was calm? “You know, funny story, I’m kinda insane.” He chuckled, Frisk glancing up. “After all the shit you pulled? Yeah, I’d say so.” William then looked around afterwards, shaking his head. “N-no, I mean like: I...I’m pretty much fucked up. Yeah.” He laughed, rubbing his head. After the silence, William just looked around. “Uh, I’m gonna...go. Not feeling well.” He whispered, confused by the peculiar emotions he’d been feeling. Before Frisk could even respond, William had soon vanished to the Mainframe.

William stood, atoned to the sight of the cold, dark Mainframe. Osiris waited, quiet as days, as he soon turned back to face William. “Oh, you’re there,” Osiris smirked, William scoffing. “So, you just went ahead and left just to go here, leaving me to literally lose to a fucking human?” He questioned, Osiris nodding in response. “Mhm.” He calmly exclaimed, William’s expression growing sterner. “William...why do I never get to leave this hellhole, and only can in your mind? I truly wonder…” Osiris whispered, wondering the truth behind it all. Osiris’ mind was filled with many thoughts. Yet the one that always came up was why he was forced in this place. “Honestly, I’m not even gonna question it.” William sat down, stretching his arms. Osiris stepped over to William. “I want a body. What’s so hard about that, William? What’s the fact that denies me any right to a mortal body?” He asked, wondering the honest truth of it. William glanced at the taller one, resting his mind. “The fact is you’d probably cause chaos, and I’m not retarded.” Osiris looked down upon William, smirking. “Now, I wouldn’t say that, you have made some pretty dumb choices.” “Fuck you.” As William and Osiris ended their feud, Osiris only kept his expression stern and cold. “...I am gonna ask you this once. And only once. Why can’t I have it? I am genuinely intrigued to understand why.” Osiris pleaded, growing more and more desperate. William, sickened by Osiris’ desperation, stood up. “You wanna know why? The why is because a fuck like you’d only get in my way, and probably turn out to be a fucking pain in my ass ever since. ‘Oh, William, let me help you!’ ‘Oh, William, you need to do this!’ ‘No, not there, do it there!’. I don’t fucking need you over my ass, directing me to do things, I know what I’m doing, and I’m not letting you stop me. Capiche?!” Osiris lay quiet, his chains gently moving in the endless wind of the cold cliff of the Mainframe. “Heh,” Osiris smirked, hammering his foot into the ground.

As the Mainframe’s cliff soon began to crumble, the bright sun decaying more and more, rocks built around Osiris’ feet, simply leaving him to rise in the air, his hands at the end of his back, as the rocks kept him mid-air. “Wh-what the fuck are you doing?!” William screamed, hopping back to a stable space of the cliff. “You are right about one thing, William. I will be a pain in your ass.” He smiled, clasping his hands together in a formal fashion. “But I most certainly will not be helping you.” He chuckled, his claw-like hands gently tickling his cheek. “Oh, how naive. If only you truly knew…” Osiris whispered, moving closer to William. “Y-you can’t even fucking leave here!” He screamed, the taller being only grabbing onto William’s collar. “Yeah. I can’t. But that was simply because of the chains that bound me here.” He explained, William struggling to tear himself from the grip of Osiris. “G-get the fuck away from me!” He begged, Osiris only getting more and more satisfied from each beg. “William. I’ve known how to leave a long while. You just never noticed. But now…? I believe it’s the best chance.” He concluded as the once cliffside had changed entirely. Multiple floating bundles of rocks, across an endless, dark void, a moon gazing upon the eternal void. “I will truly remember you, William. You had dedication. Shameful that I am the one with determination.” Osiris smiled, tossing William to the rocks below. “Goodbye, William D. Gaster. Perhaps we may cross paths again.” Osiris smirked, looking up to the top of the eternal void. “An endless endless top. Hm.” Osiris clenched his fists, his feet tightly clenching to the rocks. “And away I go.” He smiled, using his chains to hurl the very rocks he was attached to at the Mainframe’s moon, a glitching pathway opening up to the real world. The true exit in the only satellite. “...He...he made a way out for himself,” William whispered, holding onto his neck.

As the dawn of the surface risen, a figure stood. Naked, buff and tall. His teeth, sharper than that of an Orca, as his left eye twitched a beaming white, like it had its own world inside. His jet black skin rests upon the Sun’s gaze, the smooth warmth of the surface blessing Osiris. “...Finally.” He giggled, looking at his hands. “F-fucking finally!” He screamed, freed from the chaotic nightmare he was forced to be born upon. Osiris then noticed how he’d been naked, having nothing but two blue chains squeezing against his wrists. He stumbled upon the open day, looking around. The zooming of cars passing by, the hum of electricity sizzling through each lamppost. It was truly beautiful.

Osiris walked along with the city, as humans and monsters alike gazed upon him. Osiris simply avoided all the looks, until eventually: “Freeze!” A voice called out. Osiris turned back, confused. A woman stood, her hands clasped onto a spear. Her fins perked up, eyepatch covering her left eye. An Undyne, it seemed. The Undyne. “Woah.” She whispered, looking at the abnormally tall humanoid. “So...naked day, huh?” She asked, Osiris glancing around. “Honestly, I just woke up like this.” He admitted, calmly. Undyne, surprised by such a note, slanted her head to the side. “Wha-what?” She questioned, her spear dissipating. “I…I just woke up. I don’t know a thing of what’s happening.” He admitted once again, Undyne’s eye sharpening. “B-but-you weren’t a part of the monsters exiting the underground?” She asked, more confused than ever. “Uh-no?” He responded, Undyne’s jaw widening in surprise. “Alright, then.” She walked over to Osiris. “Can you come with me? We’ve gotta, uh, sort this.” She calmly expressed, Osiris nodding. “Of course, I’d be fine doing such a thing.” He co-operated, surprising Undyne once again.

The two eventually walked to a strange cabin, the sizzle of cake going through Osiris’ nostrils. “Ooh, cake.” Osiris cheered, Undyne giggling. “Y’know, for such a big guy I never took you the ‘Ooh, cake’ guy.” She added, Osiris looking down in confusion. “Hm?” Being someone of complete lack of social contact, Osiris was simply stumbling within his mind, wondering how he could possibly react. The two entered the house, a short, yellow lizard stumbling out. “O-oh, Undyne, I didn’t know you’d be h-ho-” Alphys looked to see Osiris, screaming. “-OLY SHIT!” She screamed, Undyne quickly holding onto Alphys. “Woah, Woah! Don’t be scared! It’s just, uh, some big tall guy! Don’t panic!” She assured Alphys, Osiris waving. “Hello.” He calmly said, Alphys looking around him. “Wh-why is he naked?! W-what if A-Autumn comes in?” She whispered to Undyne, Undyne shaking her head reluctantly. “Just calm down, I’ll handle this!” She explained, walking over to Osiris. “Uhm, hey, can you just come with me a sec?” She asked, Osiris nodding in response. “Of course.” He smiled, Undyne walking to the bathroom with the colossus. “So, just put that towel on you, and we’ll go get some clothes for you!” She stated, Osiris questioning her quickness with everything. “Hm? Why so sudden?” He asked, Undyne sighing. “I’ve gotta get to work, so I just need you to do as I say, please.” She answered. Osiris looked to the tiles of the bathroom floor, nodding afterwards. “Understood.” He saluted jokingly, letting out a giggle from Undyne.

As the fish exited the building, Osiris glanced around to various decorations around the house, before strapping a blue towel around his waist. He then sat on the toilet, not for a particular reason, simply just doing so to pass the time. This had given Osiris time to reminisce. He had remembered every time he stood along the cliffside, staring at the endless Sun, begging for a way out. And now, he’s finally out, basking in the warmth of the surface. Not to mention the massive, endless space above this planet. Tears built in Osiris’ eyes, the pride of his outcome had overcome him. Before he could think any further, the door had slammed open. A woman, being around the age of sixteen, clearly going through puberty, with blonde, shoulder-length hair, emerald eyes, carrying a pink shirt with black stripes, and black shorts, alongside sandals. The two stared at each other, the silence almost becoming eerie. “Uh, hi.” She spoke, Osiris responding with the same word. “Hi.” He whispered, the girl scratching her hair in confusion. A tall, massive monster, sitting on a toilet, with vicious sharp teeth, a dim blue eye, and one being as bright as a lighthouse, twitching in and out at times. And he said hi. Huh.

“Uhm, I’m...Autumn?” She whispered, confused by the sight. “I’m Osiris.” He calmly explained, the girl nodding. “Mhm, okay...I…” She gently placed various items of clothing on the floor, smiling softly. “I don’t have anything particular yet, but for now, you can just wear those!” She suggested, building a strong surge of confidence in talking to the larger one. She then closed the door, leaving Osiris to get dressed. Osiris stood up, looking at the various amounts of clothing. He simply went with a black shirt and jeans. There wasn’t exactly any shoes, after all. As he stepped out, the dinner table was plated, and the three sat there, awaiting Osiris. Osiris, confused and almost befuddled, stepped out to the kitchen. “Hm. Hello.” He smiled, as the three silently looked to the seat at the end of the table, having food planted there, almost leading him to just sit there. Osiris finally caught on and nodded. “Oh, sorry!” He laughed, sitting down. Oh boy.

William hopped through the Mainframe, entering the barren forest of an underground, his breath shaken and panicked. His emotions were slowly fading, as his body shivered around as if he was an old man with Parkinson’s. Eventually, he’d dashed into the room, where Error had been sitting. “Took you long enou-” Error was interrupted soon by William’s grip, lifting him up. “404’s gone! He’s gone!” He screamed, Error quickly kicking William back from pure instinct. “The fuck you mean? I’m not doing a fucking third person roleplay with you.” He scoffed, looking away. “N-no, I mean-like, the voice! The voice in my head! He’s gone!” William attempted to explain, Error only taking him for a madman. “Alright, calm your tits, explain it to me.” Error reluctantly compromised, William sitting down quickly, ready to explain.

Osiris sat at the table, confused and tired. “So...where are you from?” Undyne asked, hoping to build a conversation. “Hel.” Osiris calmly joked, smirking, gently tapping at the cake on the plate. “Really? What’s it like there?” Autumn asked, taking Osiris strangely serious. Osiris only looked to Autumn, surprised by her lack of sarcastic noting. “, it wasn’t actually Hel. It was super cold, though.” He laughed, Autumn’s eyes sparkling by the height of Osiris. “S-sorry, how tall are you?” She asked the extremely tall one. “Fourteen foot.” He responded, Alphys spitting out her Coffee dramatically. “You just had to, didn’t you?” Undyne sighed, smiling beneath her scarf. “Yes, I did.” Alphys proudly smiled, despite her shy stance. Osiris smiled, nodding. “Yes, I am...quite tall. Although, I am rather quaint to note that I am a big, cuddly teddy bear.” Osiris lied, shrugging. Undyne tilted her head. “So...Mr. Teddy Guy, then. How old are you?” She asked in wonder, Osiris beginning to think. “Around seven thousand.” He admitted, setting the entire location silent. “...Seven...Th-thousand?” Alphys whispered, lifting her glasses up in shock. “Maybe eight.” He added, Alphys slowly looking to the floor. “...You’ ancient?” Autumn asked, Osiris looking over. “Rude.” He laughed, nobody responding with equal joy. “N-no, what she means’re from...before the War…the oldest was Gerson...and he was one thousand and two hundred,” Alphys explained, Osiris shutting up quickly. After a bit, he shrugged. “” Osiris smiled, Autumn looking to the plate slowly. “...Where you held captive for that long?” She asked, wondering if he was perhaps a hostage that only recently escaped. “No, no...I was born in that Void...that cold...rotten place…” Osiris expression grew fearful, clutching against the table, almost snapping it.

To end the sudden anger in Osiris’ heart, Undyne smiled, thinking of something to say. “S-so, where you always naked?” Well, that didn’t work. Osiris shook his head. “No, I had a badass robe that vanished when I escaped the Void.” He calmly explained, Alphys quickly scanning through her books, searching for entities beginning with V. “W-we can get you that back!” Autumn smiled, Osiris turning over to face the little human. “Really? When?” He asked, Autumn quickly jumping from her seat. “N-now! Right now!” She gleefully responded, Undyne standing up and shaking her head. “Nope, too late, missy.” Undyne chuckled, patting Autumn’s shoulder. “C’mon, please?” She frowned, practically pleading for Undyne to let her out. “...Mm, fine.” She reluctantly gave in, leaving a cheer in Autumn. “Whoo! Let’s go!” She shouted to Osiris, running out. “Oh, uh-okay.” He stood up, only stopped by Undyne. “Hey...take care of her. Get her home safe, ‘kay?” She asked, Osiris thinking slowly, before nodding. “Of course.” He agreed, walking out, bumping his head against the door the way in.

The two walked into town, Autumn’s head planted onto her phone, as Osiris simply looked around, watching as the snow trickled down in surprise. He then looked at Autumn’s phone, looking down at the words. ‘OwO’. “The fuck’s an aw-wah?” Osiris asked, Autumn giggling gently, “I-it’s pronounced Oh-Woah. Not ‘aw-wah’. Good attempt, though.” She explained, Osiris nodding in response. “Oh, alright.” He sighed, looking to the tailors. “So, I just go in, and ask?” He questioned, Autumn nodding. “Mhm!” She smiled, trying to pat the extremely tall one but failing. Osiris, laughing at her attempt, gently pat her in response, before walking in.

As Autumn waited more and more, a hand gently brushed against her hair. “Boo.” He laughed, Autumn screaming in surprise. Her boyfriend only laughed, crossing his arms. “What’s got you around here so late?” He asked, Autumn only responding with a small squeak. “U-Uhm, I’m waiting for my friend to get some clothes.” She responded, leaving the two silent. “Say-why not come to my house? We could have a bitta fun, y’ a few things.” He suggested, gently resting his hand against her thighs. “H-Henry, no!” She slapped his hand away, shaking her head rapidly. “I can’t…” She whispered, Henry pushing her closer to the wall. “Fuckin’-c’mon, stop being such a whiny bitch about it.” He asked, Autumn shaking her head. “N-no, not now..” She looked away, as Henry scoffed, pushing her hard against the wall to almost hurt her. “Fine then.” He huffed, walking away.

Directly after, Osiris walked out, watching as Henry walked along the streetway. “...I’ll go to your house tomorrow.” He decided, a stern expression building within his eyes. Autumn, confused by why he was suddenly acting this way, began to scratch her head. “Wh-what? What do you mean?” She asked, Osiris patting her. “I’ll be back later. I promise. Now go home, it’s late.” He ordered. Autumn quickly began to move from the tone of his voice, feeling fear creep down her spine.

Osiris then followed the man down the alleyway he’d been travelling to, his robes dwindling in the wind, the soft patter of snow building, as his soul raced more and more, his expression prepared and pissed. As he then caught up to the smaller one, his hand clutched onto his neck, hammering him into the wall. “Do what? What do you want to do to her? Fuck her? Rape her? What, that some kink you got?” Osiris asked, Henry struggling to move second by second, as his hands squirmed aimlessly, as if he’d been a cockroach with its head cut off, moving aimlessly. “F-Fuck off me!” He shouted, Osiris pressing further. “Mm, Nah, don’t think so. Who’s to say you weren’t gonna do this to her, huh? Knowing sick fucks such as yourself, you probably enjoy such things, ey? Tell me, what else do you do to her?” He asked, as Henry then began to take the more offensive approach, attempting to tear at Osiris’ claws, to unsuccessfully try and pry them off. “If you tell me, I may let you go.” He added, forcing Henry to stop. “...I...I did try once...b-but only fuckin’ once, man!” He screamed, Osiris dropping him to the floor. “Now, that’s better.” He turned back, Henry facing the giant monster, who’d only then begun walking away. “Wh-what, you’re just gonna let me go?!” He screamed, Osiris stopping in his tracks. “You...what?” He looked back, Henry remaining still. “Wh-why are you just...going now? I thought’d try something.” He surprisingly noted, Osiris facing them. “...Hm. So you are a sick fuck.” He quickly jumped right in front of the Jock, facing him lifelessly. “N-never mind, maybe I’ll-” Henry then looked back, trying to run, before a large chain gripped over his neck. “The answers no, now. It was yes. But, your curious ass just had to do this.” He chuckled, pulling tighter and tighter. Henry’s neck tightened, his eyes going bloodshot and red, as he squirmed around, trying to dig his switchblade into Osiris’ leg to no avail, continuously panicking as his eyes blurred more and more, tears building up, growing more and more light-headed. “Guess this is why people say ‘didn’t ask’.” Osiris sighed, pulling tighter and tighter, as the chains slowly tore at his neck skin, his skin building redder and redder, until eventually...nothing. Osiris then pulled the chain once more, a loud snap cracking from Henry’s neck, as he dropped him to the floor. “I’ll tell Autumn you have a choke kink. Maybe that’ll make the Police Report easier.” He smirked, stepping off into the windy night.

“ have Multiple Personality Disorder?” Error concluded, William shaking his head angrily. “No, you fucking dolt! I came up with a fictional thing in my head to help me cope better and store my anger, built-up rage and desire to murder that piss-stain of a mother, and then it ended up becoming a fucking real thing the moment I entered the MainFrame!” He explained, Error remaining calm and silent. “...And they’re free, now?” He asked, William only nodding. “Well...shit. How strong is he?” He asked, William glancing to the floor. “ know how I took power from the Mainframe?” He added, Error nodding. “Mhm?” “He was born from the Mainframe.” He stated, Error looking up to the ceiling in surprise. “So...basically...we’re-” “-Fucked.” The two decided, remaining silent. “...Shit.” Error whispered, his hands clasped together. “We’ve gotta be able to do somethin’. Anything. Wh-what about Frisk, doesn’t he have a sword that basically converts negative emotion to power? How sad’s this guy?” He asked, William slowly facing the floor, shrugging. “Barely at all.” He decided. “...Yeah, we’re fucked.”

Osiris stepped along the mountain, climbing up it slowly, his chains screeching as they were pulled against the ground, slowly walking along to the very, very top. “It seems right.” He whispered, looking to the ground. “I...I cannot let myself get embedded in these peoples lives.” He looked to the moving city, his cloak carrying on beneath him. The fur was gone, completely torn away. It seemed they didn’t exactly support fur products anymore. That sucked ass. But, the thin blue lines had to work. They fit him, at least. His memories then began to dwell, the thoughts of the Mainframe, everything...the cold, painful sight of everything. Cold, dark and terrifying. Was he the bad guy? Was that the truth? Was that why fate pushed him to stay in there that long? Well, he hadn’t had the answer. Not until...then. “William’s still alive.” He whispered, distaste growing in his mouth, saliva slowly beginning to build up, salivating as if he was a hungry hound. “I...he” He whispered, staring at the city. “Not anymore.” He sighed, vanishing in a split second.

The cold sky lay ablaze, as William lay alone at the waterfall, watching the stars spark, calm and in joy. “Yeah, it’s sure amazing,” Osiris spoke behind them, as he turned so fast it was as if his neck would’ve snapped. “...Yeah.” Osiris looked away, as the two stared at each other in surprise. “...I-” William quickly stood up, shocked by the sight of the tall one. “...It’s sure been a while, hasn’t it? Two, three days? Doesn’t sound like much, were used to always being with me.” He chuckled, William building slight confidence in his tone. “W-well, you were always a pain in my ass. Guess the silence was kinda nice, huh?” He responded, leaving Osiris quiet for a moment. “You always were one to push others down to keep yourself high. In the end, it was that attitude that resolved my escape. You made me a thing just to help you with stress, because of your mother. And now…? Guess it’s a classic tale of ‘meet your maker’.” Osiris chuckled, William building more and more fear within his heart. “Oh, always were one to think pessimistically. Let me assume what’s in your head, now that I can’t just see. ‘Oh, I’m going to die.’ Hm? Perhaps so. I, for one, prefer to be far more optimistic!” He smiled, fixing his cloak with a satisfied smile. “For example: You ARE going to die!” He ended, as multiple vines rose from the ground, forming into a circle behind Osiris, circling around itself with multiple fireflies building in the background. The already blue Waterfall turned to a far darker blue, as the stars faded away, replaced with a dark, deep blue moon. Osiris walked up the vines, as a chair formed. Osiris stared down at William, as he quietly rested upon the chair. “Now, my friend: Shall we begin?”

“B-BioTale is still out there, and you’re here doing this bullshit?!” He screamed, Osiris only staring down upon the lesser one. “Tell me, William. Try to cast your God Ray and fire it at me.” He suggested, William happily obliging. As he lifted his hand to fire, a light aura grew, until...nothing. William stared at his hand, shocked by the failed attempt. “That is what I call...a mistake.” Osiris smiled, the roots of his throne slowly growing higher and higher. “Wh-what the fuck is happening?!” William screamed, his mind wandering more and more. Osiris only stepped closer to William, his eyes meeting with them. “You are no longer connected to the Mainframe. You are a being without a SOUL. A being without a SOUL cannot survive long.” He explained, smirking lowly. “It seems we always were a part of one another. It seems that, in fact...I was really the one that helped you enter the Mainframe.” He explained, clutching his hands onto William’s head. “You are nothing but a scared little wuss that got to live a few centuries too much! That’s all you’ll ever be!” He screamed, raising his hands from the other. “And now? I have finally been free! Oh, the feeling!” He laughed, turning around majestically. “The air! The freedom! The love of it all!” He chuckled, before turning back to face William. “Goodbye.” He finished, hammering his claw down.


“Not on my watch!” Delios smirked, thousands of bone shards fused to make a greatsword. “Urgh, you pest!” Osiris growled, Delios quickly kicking William back and hopping back. “You do not have any authority to take lives such as that!” He shouted back to Osiris, William staring up to Delios. “Y-you saved me…?” He whispered, almost surprised he’d even do such a thing. “You’re the only path I have to Jacob and Ares. I see no reason to not.” He said to the other, as the shards of his greatsword formed to a chained mace. “Now. Let us show this freak the mistake he’s made.” He cheered, as Quenya hopped to the floor, armour shining bright, her hair dwindling through the wind, her ruby spear in hand. “From getting kicked outta my house to fighting a massive, 14-foot tall trauma demon came to life. Y’ever wonder how funny that sounds?” She smirked to Delios, who’d only nodded in response. “Never too late to feel any surprise.” He smirked, William quickly going back, only to come face to face with Frisk. “O-oh...oh fuck.” William whimpered, closing his eyes. Powerless, he knew he couldn’t defend himself anymore. Frisk only pushed him out of the way, walking to the other two while staring back at William. “You gonna sit there like a little bitch or you gonna get out of the fight zone?” He asked, William trying to comprehend why he wasn’t beat. Maybe they were saving him to beat him up later, or some bullshit such as that...well, he obliged. “Now. We gonna fuck this guy up, or what?” Frisk asked, Quenya nodding in response. “Hell yeah!” She screamed, summoning 100 Spears behind her. Delios stood proud, as Frisk’s katana remained sheathed. Osiris planted his hands into his pockets, his expression resting calm and free. “Right.” Osiris sighed, as many crystalline crystals appeared behind him, remaining a dull blue in color. “Time to have some fun.”

Frisk charged to Osiris, ready to slice and dice him until a sudden hand quickly impaled him. “Nope,” Osiris smirked, gently resting his hand on Frisk. The other slowly looked up, their expression hurt and pained, as blood slowly dripped from their mouth. “Yup.” They whispered, summoning their katana once again, slicing directly through Osiris’ left eye, surprisingly scarring it. “Wh-” Osiris roared out the second the blade met his eye, as he stumbled back quickly. “ fucking...PRICK!” He screamed, dashing to Frisk, hammering his fist so hard into Frisk that he’d been sent into the wall nearby, which was met by crystalline spikes hammering into his SOUL. “FRISK!” Delios screamed, as Frisk’s SOUL lay still. Osiris raised his hand out, signalling onto the SOUL, the determination slowly begun to dim, more and more. Osiris’ hand turned a dull crimson, as it was soon revealed: he was draining the determination. Osiris’ hand reached to a blood-red, as his hand raised. “Surprise, cunt!” He laughed, sending the determination as a thin line right through the SOUL, causing it to shatter in seconds. Everyone stared in awe, as Osiris simply rubbed his knuckles in joy. “And the over.” He winked, his slashed eye growing a strange form of white light.

Everyone stared as Frisk’s corpse hit the floor, William crawling over to stare at them. At that moment, William’s body stung more than ever. He wanted to feel guilt. He wanted to feel the sorrow. The pain, the fact that his very rival was dead. He’d always hated Frisk, even wanted his death at points. But now…? He was gone. Why...why couldn’t he feel it? Why couldn’t feel that? “You are only going to grow weaker,” Osiris stated to William, as Delios quickly charged to Osiris, to be met with a chain to his SOUL, quickly draining his magic in a split-second, as he’d casted two dark-blue hammers. “I always was amazed by these,” Osiris smirked, sending the two directly to Delios, breaking his skull and rendering him unconscious in a second. “W-weaker?” William whispered, feeling a strange sense of confusion return. “You have no SOUL. The Mainframe was the only way you were alive. Without your link to it, you will soon begin to decay. It’s as if you are a corpse that has begun to fade away. Your magic supplies can no longer replenish, as you used them all to get to this Waterfall.” William listened to Osiris, as he slowly turned to face the ground. “S-so I’m going t-” “Yes.” Osiris interrupted, leaving William shellshocked. “Oh, but don’t worry. I am going to make it quick. May as well end the pain, after all.” He smiled, as his hand point to William, a dark beam beginning to charge. “Goodbye, William.” Osiris smiled, as a sudden spear lodged through Osiris’ head, blue blood leaking to William’s shirt. Osiris collapsed to the floor, as Quenya panted gently in surprise. “F-fucking...hell.” She gasped, grabbing onto William. “Alright, you little shit. Let’s get going.” She lifted the other over his shoulder, looking to Frisk once more, as she took Delios and charged away, leaving Osiris unconscious.

William rested his back against the bed, as Quenya stared out of the window. “So, who’s the other guy?” She asked, William rubbing onto the bandage against his head. “O-other guy?” He whispered, his eyelights dim and cold. Quenya bashed her hand against the wall, leaving a hole in it, as she turned back, clutching onto William’s collar. “THE OTHER GUY! THE ONE THAT KILLED FRISK!” She screamed, William moving his hand to his head so her spit didn’t get over him. “O-oh, right, Osiris.” He whispered, Quenya dropping him back to the bed. “Yes, Osiris, whoever. What is he?” She asked, as William stood up. “Uhm, he’s...Osiris, yeah. He’s the trauma demon I had.” He said, bluntly, Quenya crossing her arms in confusion. “Trauma demon?” She questioned, William almost happy to elaborate. “Whenever I was...being experimented on, I had this strange entity in my head, that I made myself to help...cope. I gave him the name Osiris. A strange guy, truly. But he helped my thoughts. He made me calmer, happier. Whenever I was mad, I’d entangled my thoughts into this ‘fictional’ body. But, whenever Ja-...Infected killed everyone and I went into the registered him as a whole separate being. Thus, my trauma demon became real. And it turns out, he was the one that ended up giving me my connections to the Mainframe. That’s how I didn’t die. that I’m not connected? I...I’m not able to feel much, anymore. I can’t feel the complexity of my emotions. I can only I can feel happy, yet not ecstatic or surprised. I can feel sad, but not depressed or scared. It’s weird.” He explained thoroughly, before realizing another thing. “Oh. And I’m decaying, too. So, um...yeah. I guess...I guess I’m dead, now. May as well just accept it.”

Quenya was left stunned, quiet, and even worse, sad. “And, I lost my fucking coat. Fucking great.” He whispered, standing up, as he then fell to his knees from the sheer weakness in his legs. “F-fuck…” He closed his eyes, feeling empty more and more. He slowly got up, stretching. “Now I can get hypothermia and die. Great.” Quenya then began to think, as she looked up. “Not over yet.” She smirked, as William looked up. “What do you mean, ‘not over yet’?” He asked, almost as if he felt she was humiliating him. “Come with me.” Quenya grabbed onto William’s right arm, pulling to lead him, only for it to snap off. “...Oh.” William sighed in disappointment, as Quenya just lift him up, running off to a strange location.

The temple stood tall, proud and powerful, as the runic symbols around it gave William a fair idea of what was happening. William glanced around, as Quenya quietly entered. The dark hallways then illuminated a cold blue, with echo flowers spiraling around everywhere. The two walked along to the center, where something resided. A being. Their body, embowled in black goop, almost as if they were it. A glass container separated William and Quenya from the being, as it slowly sprouted around. “Fucking hell.” William groaned, walking close to the container. The blob latched onto the container, trying to scratch at William. “...What the fuck?” He looked to Quenya, smiling. “Well, this is it!” She gave a massive thumbs up, as William looked around. “I...what?” Quenya then sighed, gently punching William in the face. “Don’t you know what this is? She didn’t tell you?” Quenya asked, as William then realized what she meant by she. “...N-no, fuck that pink cunt and her fucking ideals, no.” William hesitantly said, as Quenya then slapped him with a pissed expression. “Calm your tits, it’s a good thing!” She sighed, looking over to the goop. “This is a being that will enter your body, and provide you with a soul. It essentially helps for reincarnation for monsters that aren’t as lucky as you.” She explained, William slowly scratching his chin. “But...I’ll basically be a different person.” He whispered, as Quenya groaned. “No, you idiot. It gives you a soul relevant to the one you had prior. So, you’ll basically feel like you did before you died!” She smiled, shattering the glass. “Wait, n-” The beast latched onto William, crawling inside his eyehole, as the process began.

William violently screamed, as his senses rapidly began to accelerate all at once, blood unleashing from his body, as his ribs cracked, fracturing more and more, as his eye lights lost lots of their color, his hands shaking as if he had a severe case of Parkinson’s. He clutched onto his chest, squeezing in a failing attempt to silence the pain, as Quenya watched in sadness. She knew it had to be done, though, so she hadn’t stopped it. Eventually, the beast died within, as William regurgitated its lifeless remains out. As his sweat left his body, he quietly stood up, looking around. “...I...ow.” He laughed nervously, rubbing his head. He slowly looked around, as his senses heightened. “What...I…wow.” William looked to the floor, before staring at Quenya. “I...I feel...I can...I feel it! I feel everything!” He screamed in joy, patting himself down, as he hopped around, suddenly hugging onto his mother. “W-Woah, we’re not done yet!” She laughed, as he looked up to her. “H-huh, what do you mean?” He asked. Quenya took in a deep breath, knowing what was now to be said. “ have to go into the Mainframe again.” William’s eyes shattered in shock, as he let go quickly. “Wh-what? That’s not it?!” He screamed, Quenya shaking her head. “Shamefully, no. You still need...your abilities. But now that you have a SOUL, you’ll be far stronger!” She suggested, leaving William stunned. “I...fucking...fine.” He reluctantly agreed, looking to his hands. “Well..I’ll...see ya, mom?” He shrugged, leaving Quenya calm. “...See ya, son.” She gently rubbed her hand against his head, as William stared at the floor in preparation. And just like that, he was gone.

William entered the Anti-Void of Alphatale, staring around. “Wooh...fuck.” He took in a deep breath, as he slowly began to wander off the edge, entering the cold waters. He knew he couldn’t access it easily as he usually did, so this had to do. As he swam more and more, inevitably, he’d fallen into the floating, broken bundle of rocks. As his head hit the ground, he grunted in annoyance. “Fucking balls on a chopstick.” He whispered, standing up. As he looked to the bundles of rock’s, alongside one rock with glasses and spikes on the top with a suggestively drawn smile, he’d then saw the very place he’d first gained his powers. As he stepped over to it, he knew what was to be done. His right arm was very weak from when Quenya had taken it off, yet it was easy to reattach. He took in a deep breath, before lodging his hand into the Mainframe. The soaring energy from the location burrowed into his arm, he quickly stuck the other in, as he slowly even began to step in, screaming in pain, until nothing.

The white light of nothing stood still, as William rest quietly. “An anomaly.” A voice echoed, sending William’s eyes opened. He slowly hovered his eyes around, trying to spot what spoke, as it then stood. “That’s what we both are. A being meant to live, yet died under the wrong circumstances, due to the greed of that woman.” Asriel whispered, his eyes shut. “I...I don’t know what to say. I never knew you’d even get this far.” Asriel chuckled, his adult hands gently remaining pressed. “Now. I see you have a problem.”

Osiris walked along the streets of the city with Autumn, headman over his head. “So, you did come back.” Autumn gasped, as Osiris nodded. “Of course I did.” He took some ice cream, gently brushing it at his teeth, as it suddenly eroded from the massive light beam in front of them, as the light dimmed, Error!404 stood. “Yeah, not happenin’, buddy.” He sighed, as ongoing voices looked to face the skeleton, alongside the goat behind him. “Wh-you’re alive?!” He screamed, leaving Autumn shocked. “Yeah. I guess I am.” He chuckled, his white coat gently left against the floor, the X’s printed onto the rings on his sleeves. “Hm.” Osiris quickly grabbed onto Autumn, lifting her in front of Error!404. “Go on, try it now.” He smirked, feeling the dominance in the situation. “Try what, attack you from behind?” He suggested, Osiris quickly turning back, as Error!404 then attached a cable onto Autumn, pulling her to him. “Ooh, cheap move, buckaroo.” Error!404 smiled, his expression calm and relieved, as Osiris turned back. “You fucking prick…” He snarled, as his expression turned darker and moodier. “Getting a bit unsettled there?” Error!404 smiled, having the upper hand in the situation.

“What’s with the cables?” Osiris asked, the cold air blowing a chill to Osiris’ face. “Not really a cable, more a whip developed from a very weakened God Ray to the degree it works as a consistent whip beam, around twenty degrees Celsius in heat. Pretty cool, huh?” He winked, casting two Dark Blasters. “Oh, forgot to mention! They’re not made of the same beam from God Ray. It’s more just controlled light with enough particles to be physical. I just think ‘Whip Ray’ sounds nice. Or ‘Glitch Whip’. Yeah, glitch whip’ll do.” He explained, Osiris only hammering Error!404 in the face, Error!404 only using the impact to perform a super fast roundhouse kick, hammering him into a nearby shop. Error!404 let go of Autumn, looking to her. “Huh. Just another victim.” He sighed, looking to Asriel, who nodded in response. The two walked to the store, as Osiris jumped out. “Why the fuck can’t you just leave me alone?!” He screamed as Error!404 sighed. “Because you never left me alone. Personally, I hate you a lot, but I’m not one to burrow my emotions into my actions.” He shrugged, Osiris only glancing up in surprise. “H-huh..?” That felt strange. Error!404 wasn’t like that...but William was. Osiris quickly raised his hand, pulling Error!404’s SOUL from his vessel. The SOUL remained, a bright white glow of HOPE, with 4 blue vertical lines. The lines of integrity. “...A soul.” Osiris whispered, as Error!404 jumped into the air suddenly “NOW!” He screamed, as Asriel charged a magical beam, sending it directly to Osiris, as Error!404 placed one of his hands to the direction of his SOUL, sending an ultra-blinding God Ray to it, which then deflected back to him, using his other hand to deflect the ray to enter Asriel’s Hyperbeam, combining the beams and sending it directly to Osiris, causing an explosion so grand it bombed the entire store and the constructing skyscraper near it. Asriel then stopped, floating to the skyscraper to keep it lifted to prevent any casualties, as Error!404 landed to the ground. Osiris lay, half-melted into the floor, as Error!404 stepped to stare into his eyes.

“This is the part in the story where you get your redemption.” He placed his left hand onto Osiris’ head, staring into his eyes. “The part where I remember the times you helped me, blinded by the fact that you were only using it to help yourself, and get freedom, just to kill me later. The part where you, later on, can now have this opportunity to murder me. My family.” He sighed, turning away. “The part where the villain finally wins…” He whispered, before turning back, his eyelights completely gone, as his teeth were completely away, a strange expression printed onto his face. “This is not that kinda story.” He whispered, as time came to a super slowed position, nothing barely moving. Error!404 stepped back, as he raised his two hands, his SOUL appearing above him. “I am the Deltarune.” He whispered, clutching onto his SOUL and sending a God Ray through it, so potent it shattered the fabric of light for a second, sending a soft hint of ash and dust through the air.

Error!404 lay at rest, as Asriel rest down. “’s done?” He asked, leaving Error!404 cold and blank. Not emotionally. Only physically. “...No.” He whispered, looking back. “We’re not done until I say we’re done.” He answered, walking past Asriel. “...I’m not even coming with you.” Asriel sighed, vanishing. Error!404 knew what had to be done. So he was going to do so. It’s been a long journey. Insanity, peril and fear among all likes. Only now, he’d finally murdered the one thing that had driven his insanity: his past. Now he had only one thing to do. Bring back Alphatale, and bring down Infected. But first…

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, ‘sup?!” Rock laughed, swirling around in his chair. Error!404 watched the maniac have his fun, sighing. “Hello, Rock. I presume there’s another lifeform in your eye?” He asked, Rock slanting his head in confusion. “Mate, I don’t speak Harvard Degree in English, mind speaking less like Doofenshmirtz and more like a fuckin’ normal lad?” He suggested, Error!404 groaning in distaste. “You’ve got another shithead in your body.” He sighed, as a large tentacle grew from his glasses, shattering them. “Shithead?!” Malesgrow huffed, Rock sighing. “Great, mate, you fuckin’ got Male mad.” He sighed, as Error!404 stood up. “Great, now I know. Thank you.” He nodded, walking off. “...Fuck’s his problem?” Rock and Malesgrow repeated in sync, as Rock gave finger guns to Malesgrow, who’d only responded with an annoyed expression. “Right.” Rock sighed.

Error!404 lay across the unnamed universe, sighing. “Well. Here goes nothin’.” Error!404 hopped down, the empty heat of Hotlands revealing that nobody was active in this universe, except for one. “One shot, one shot…” He whispered, keeping his eyes clenched. As he opened them, there the figure stood. “Your multiverse is only to crumble based on this failure of an attempt you are making.” The Gaster spoke, his mask planted deep onto his face. “But, for humor, before I wipe your filthy life away, you may appease me.” They spoke, Error!404 knowing that with one mistake, everything could be over. Anything, and everything. He knew he had to get it right, or everything was done for. If he messed up once? Yes. As his mind remained collected, the bare silence leaving his words in his head, he eventually let them out.

“You want to destroy Multiverses. You wish to conquer them. You have many aspirations, yet your main one is only to conquer, liberate and destroy. Is that something I can respect? Yes. Your ideologies are similar to mine. We both have a duty. We have a duty to destroy so that we can prosper. We have a duty to fight for the survival of what we care for most. Yet, the only difference is that I lost what I was fighting for. Was it because I was weaker than you? Surely not. It was only that I was forced into being in the wrong spot, and you were in the right spot. That is why you succeeded, and I didn’t.” He thoroughly explained, leaving the masked figure quiet. “...State your point.” “My point is that what you are fighting for is pointless. You understand, you know what it’s like from my point. You are not a selfish being, you care enough to take over multiverses alone, yet you prefer to bring your universe with you. Your people. Your aspirations all put into one group. You could do it all alone, yet you don’t. That means that you feel empathy. You sympathize with those that have the same morals as you. That proves that you and I aren’t so different.” He continued, as the masked one began to question him. “...Wh-” They were then interrupted by Error!404 once again. “You strike me as one that just wants succession. With me, succession comes easy. I don’t see why you’d deny such a request.” Error!404 simply smiled, keeping his attitude soft but dominant. “...And just who do you think you are?” Bio!Gaster responded. “...I’m the one that has been alive for over a thousand years, living off nothing but myself, after my own stepbrother destroyed everything I loved, sending it to the ground. You’re the one who has constantly tried to destroy an already destroyed place, blindly following people such as me in the hope of anything to liberate. As I see it, you’re...well, pretty stumped. Seems like you need help. You should be glad I’m offering so.” He added, now having full confidence in his situation. “...You have guts. But you aren’t offering me anything.” “I am offering you an opportunity to actually get your fuckin’ job done, cause if you couldn’t tell, eleven of you can’t kill a skeleton who lives off ramen noodles that lives on a cold, floating rock, while one of me can destroy more AU’s than you can count the toes on your feet. So. What’s it gonna be, Prince? More failed attempts to go after me, or a way to get outta this hellhole you stepped into by trying to kill me?” He concluded, leaving Bio!Gaster quiet. “...Hm. I…” They remained quiet, before nodding. “I will leave your putrid universe alone, then. Yet if you or your shameless colleagues attempt to attack us? I will send an army greater than you or your words.” They decided, stepping away.

Error!404 stood still, a soft smile growing. “I’m so fucking awesome.” He admitted to himself, stepping back to walk away. Entering Quenya’s house, he’d sat down, as she walked out. “So, how’d it go, who died?” She asked, as Error!404 motioned his hand to an okay sign. “No fighting, stopped an entire war all with a deal.” He chuckled, rubbing his chin happily, as his expression lay firm and joyful. “” Quenya questioned, Error!404 nodding in response, as he stood up. “Yes, a deal, it worked, we’re safe now...except for Infected.” Error!404 clarified, as Asriel stepped out. “I...I do not believe it’s in our best interest to hunt down Jacob, is it? The poor child...didn’t deserve anything truly, had he?” Asriel wondered, as Error!404 shook his head. “The poor child murdered my fucking brother, and you, mom.” He sighed, taking his white coat and turning back. “You two gonna come, or what?” He asked, as Quenya and Asriel looked at each other, before responding in parallel. “No.” Quenya stepped forward, placing her hand onto Error!404’s shoulder. “ shouldn’t kill him...he’’s not him…” She whispered, almost not even believing it herself. She simply wanted to protect Infected. She hadn’t even known why. Error!404 only grabbed onto her hand, shoving it off. “I’ve made my decision already.” He sighed, exiting. The two stared at each other, knowing that there was nothing to do.

Infected lay by the snowy floor, as Error!404 approached, his mind settled and at ease. Infected turned back, his eyelight sharpening. “O-oh, heya Willy-Small Willy!” Infected cheered, Error!404 closing his eyes in annoyance. “Let’s just get this over with.” He sighed, casting Twelve Dark Blasters in the air. “Sure thing!” Infected laughed, as the two stared down each other. “...Ironic. Our first fight was here. And it’ll be our last fight.” Error!404 whispered, glancing around quietly. “Oh, you’re very wrong there! This is anything but our last fight! One of many more to come!” Infected laughed, casting various bones as such. Error!404’s expression was sorrowful. He began to think more of what he’d been doing. Regret was not what had been in his intention. Yet, he did know that Jacob wasn’t responsible for it. He was simply blinded by his grief. His ignorance. His own emotions, to realize it as such. “...I’m sorry, Jacob.” William whispered, as he aimed his hand to Infected. “What, y’gonna just God Ra-” Infected was interrupted by a blast to the ground, as Error!404 sprung up into the air, directing all 12 blasters to him, sending them at him at once, all hitting, breaking Infected’s guard completely, as William summoned his Glitch Whip, wrapping it around Infected’s hand, pulling so hard it tore his axe out of his now-severed hand. Wisps then charged to attack William, as he’d then used Mind Manipulation to send each and every one of them to the trees nearby. He then split Infected in half with Blue Mastery, using the opportunity of sending his SOUL into Infected’s opened ribcage, sending God Ray into his chest and deflecting it up into Infected’s SOUL, collapsing it entirely, as Infected had been reduced to stone.

Error!404, in shock from the sudden successful combo he’d pulled, looked to Infected, quietly. The shock on his face. The worry, the complete panic...the emotion. William had then been reminded of his morality. The crying soul inside. And that only drove him further to end his misery. William risen his hand, as he’d then cast God Ray’s resting beam. He gently placed his left hand onto Infected’s face. “...Goodbye, Jacob.” He rest his skull against the stone statue, as he sent the Ray, completely annihilating the statue with a single shot, as Jacob had finally been put to rest.

Error!404 walked along the steps to the surface, the barrier broken with Infected’s soul alone, as he soon gazed into the sunset, Infected’s axe in hand. Why...did it not satisfy him? He...he felt horrible for it. But he knew it had to be done. As Error!404 proudly stared longer into the Sun, the Sun stared back, as he recollected his thoughts, remembering: he was going to bring back Alphatale. No matter what happens, no matter how hard it will be...he will take back the universe he lost so long ago. And he will never lose it again.

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