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Chapter 8 Chapter 10

The endless void of the Multiverse gazed upon the Overlord. The true Overlord. One who had spent so long, years, decades, centuries, even a millennium, just for the goal. One goal. The goal of reviving his Universe. One that would prosper far more than in the past. But...what did his name mean? Error!404. What did that mean? Not found. Error!404...not found. Yet, he never knew what he truly lost. But...he still remembered. He lost himself. He just never could comprehend it. He’d always focused on stopping everything in his way, yet he’d never focused on his main task. Restoring Alphatale. Yet that was all to change.

Error!404 stepped along the cold floor of the antivoid, his eyes cold and prepared. “Here we go.” He whispered as he placed his hands out to the air. He left his mind empty, yet the thoughts seemed to circle everywhere. With a raise of his hand, he’d sent down a blueprint for the universe. “Time for the most badass name to call this.” He began to scratch his head, thinking of what he could possibly call such a thing. “...The Redux.” He whispered, as he had then begun the process of his universal creation.

Quenya was left at her house, eating all but a simple stew and potato. “...Everything feels so wrong.” She whispered, as Asriel turned back to look at her. “Hm? How is it wrong?” Quenya turned to the goat, her mind wandering around constantly. “How...are you alive?” She asked as Asriel looked to the floor, understanding how some things had to be explained. “I wasn’t supposed to be dead. I wasn’t intended to die at such a young age. Fate had not had it planned out for me. So, everything was dark...until, eventually? It wasn’t. I...don’t have a sheer way to explain it. I woke up in a blinding light, seeing a young skeleton taking power from what I understand as the Mainframe.” He explained, his necklace dangling from his neck, the chimes of the gems quietly humming a soft tune before him. “That was your son. William. The one that had murdered the poor SOUL of Jacob.” He added, turning back to face Quenya. “So...what do we do about him?” Quenya responded, leaving Asriel quiet. “...We’ll see.” He sighed, taking his necklace in hand and walking out of the door, leaving Quenya to follow.

The two quietly entered the strange town, as faces quickly moved past them. They’d searched around for a certain building, prying around everywhere in search, until they’d inevitably found it. “Here it is.” He pointed, entering the building quietly. The receptionist sat by the entrance, watched them as they calmly entered, Asriel being the one to take the lead. “Hello, I’m looking for a Subject S?” He asked, as the Receptionist lowly pointed to the jail cell. “...Great,” Quenya whispered. “Illegal stuff, my favourite.” She sarcastically added, as Asriel quietly walked to the cell.

In the cell, a figure stood, his clothing dark and broody, his eye lights flickering gently. “He’s called Silva, just follow my lead,” Asriel whispered to Quenya, as he wrapped on the cell. “Hm?” The figure quietly risen his head up, as Asriel placed his hand on the handle. “Heya, pal. We’ve just got a few questions we need, then we won’t need you anymore, okay?” He spoke, as Silva risen his hand in a ‘go away’ formation. “Ah, glad of you to check up on me.” Silva groaned, leaving Asriel temporarily stunned in annoyance. “Alright, listen, we just need one thing: where is Subject Zero?” He asked politely, leaving Silva to look up in slight surprise. “Really? Lookin’ for them? What, got yourself a death wish or somethin’?” He chuckled, Asriel remaining quiet as Quenya tried to decipher the meaning behind what Subject Zero could possibly be. “Maybe I do. The last time I checked, you have to answer me.” Asriel responded, sass growing in his tone. Silva quietly scooted his head back, sighing. “There’s an Alternate Universe that goes by the name of CoriumTale. Diseased, corrupt and broken. In the True Lab, guarded by the diseased amalgamates, there remains a…” Silva began to think, wondering how to describe it. “...Thingy.” He added, leaving Asriel dazed. “What, ‘thingy’? You think that’ll help?” He asked. “...You’ll know it when you see it. I’ve told you the truth. Now fuck off.” He snarled, Asriel staring at Quenya once more, before stepping away.

Error!404 continued to form The Redux, as he’d then finished. The general premise of the universe had been reformed. Error!404’s eyes had soon shined, surprised by the revelation of it. His Universe. It was so close. So close, yet so far still. The events had to transpire, still. He needed lifeforms. But. He hadn’t gotten a single clue as to where to get them until it snapped in his head. He needed more code. And he knew exactly where to find it. Turning back, he’d soon went to teleport away, soon realising that he couldn’t. “...Oh yeah.” He whispered to himself, noticing his mistake. He placed his hand out, forming his SOUL. He then crushed it with a single grip, shattering it into countless pieces, as his entire body transformed into multiple blue pixels, his SOUL being a shattered, floating mess, remaining close to the other shards with Error!404 himself. Using this new ability, he zipped into the air, entering hyperspace to travel to the other universe. Bit cranky, yet it worked for him. Guess he was an error, after all.

Quenya and Asriel entered the foreign universe, as they reached the mountain. “...Y’know, what if this disease is contagious?” Quenya asked, Asriel turning back while walking up Mt. Ebott. “If it is, then we’ll get cured when we exit, nothing to fear. You really expect the disease to take us down?” Asriel chuckled, hopping down the hole without a care in the world. Quenya simply sighed, clutching onto her spear and holding onto her eyepatch. “Yes, I do.” She responded, jumping down in sync with Asriel.

The two glanced around the barren underground, as the rotten, diseased corpse of a monster lay by them, its eyes sprouted with echo flowers. “Hm. An Echo Flower disease.” Asriel whispered, almost surprised. “Yeah, golly!” Flowey screamed, turning Asriel back to face him in a second. “OH FUCK, A DEMON FLOWER!” He screamed, sounding exactly like a goat, as Flowey huffed. “Geez, hello to you too!” He huffed, Asriel huffing in response. “Quit it, you two! We’re in a literal diseased hell!” Quenya shouted as Flowey faced Quenya. “Yeah, I live here, I can tell!” He groaned, turning his flowery head. “I’m immune to the virus, but still!” Flowey added, as Asriel only sighed, continuing forward with Quenya.

Two men on the surface, one brandishing a grey beard and the other bald, had been at a home. “Hey, John!” One shouted as John walked downstairs. “Yeah, Ral?” They wondered as Ral sat down on the couch. “I couldn’t find any damn deers to hunt, shamefully.” He sighed, leaving John to only smile. “Yeah, don’t give two fucks.” He added as he sat down on the other couch beside him. The two then popped open a few bottles of beer, ready to watch a movie, until the doorbell rang. “Go an’ fuckin’ get it, Ral.” John pushed, as Ral sighed, standing up. “Right, fine, y’fuckin’ dwarf.” He chuckled, opening the door to reveal all but William. “Hello, there.” William smiled softly, looking around the house from outside, as Ral slanted his head to the side. “Yeah, whaddya want?” He asked, lighting a cigarette. “You were a part of the Human Side in the Monster-Human war of 1989, correct?” He asked, Ral nodding in response. “What about it?” He responded, leaving William quiet. “...My grandmother and my grandfather. You murdered them.” He bluntly stated, leaving Ral to just laugh. “Pff-” He turned back. “Hey, John, this fucker ‘ere says we killed hi-” Ral’s throat then shut, as his legs snapped in the fraction of a second. Error!404 kept his hand out, as he rose Ral to the air. “You destroyed an entire universe, in an alternate reality. How does that make you feel?” He whispered, his expression growing darker and darker. He squeezed his hand, as Ral’s eyes popped like balloons, blood spurting out everywhere, teeth shattering slowly and painfully, as his skin tore by the sheer pressure against his bones. “What’s wrong, Ralph? Can’t handle a revenge story?” Error!404 smiled, as his eye lights soon began to flicker in excitement, Ral’s veins piercing against his soon-infested body, as malware proceeded to crawl all over him, like countless tiny insects, consuming his flesh second by second, John so stuck in shock to the degree he couldn’t even move. Eventually, Ral collapsed, as his bone marrow was rapidly feasted on by the bugs. Error!404 stepped up to John, staring him dead in the eye. “...Did you enjoy it?” He gently asked, his tone weak and quiet. “...N-no…?” John whispered, having the soft hope that maybe lying would save him. “...Good. I don’t have to share the same feelings as you.” He sighed, as John quickly pulled out his revolver, firing to Error!404’s head. The bullet simply stuck in a glitched hole. “Damn.” Error!404 sighed, taking it out, and throwing it directly back to him, sending the bullet to his chin, before forcing his intestines out of his mouth, using his Blue Mastery to entangle him in his organs, hanging him off the roof. “Hang around, a bit.” He winked, stepping outside. His hands joined together, Error!404 stepped out to the city, watching around slowly. “This all could’ve been my universe...yet, it hadn’t been. I will change that.” He whispered to himself. “Now.” He raised his hand to the air, as a massive Blue Sun had been cast. Monsters and Humans alike stared up to the sky, Error!404 shining like a god. “It seems it is finally time..” He whispered, staring down at all the soon-to-be-dead mortals. “Oh, this is the good ending.”

Asriel and Quenya entered the Lab’s Elevator, stuck together like dried glue. “I wonder what happened to that flower,” Quenya whispered, Asriel only holding his hands together. “Probably just went to go protect himself. That Grillby was far worse than I anticipated.” He responded as the elevator chimed, alerting them to enter the lab once and for all. The soft, gentle mist of dust kept the two on guard, travelling throughout the pitch-black corridors. The two eventually snuck past each amalgamate, leaving them quiet and more importantly settled, as they reached the room.

The two quietly closed the doors, as the soundproof system suddenly activated, lights blaring. “Ugh.” Asriel sighed, feeling slightly disrupted by the sudden shutter of light in the room. As their eyes had honed on what they’d been looking for, the sudden shutter of chills ran up their spine. “Oh. You’ve certainly fucked up.” Quenya whispered, Asriel only stepping closer to it. “And you’re going to it. Just great.” She sighed, her disappointment true and visible.

Asriel’s hand slowly shifted to the small, minuscule doll, as it then shifted to silence. “...It’s a Mew Mew doll,” Asriel whispered, turning back to Quenya. “Yeah, no shit, dumbass.” She responded, unaware of Asriel’s lack of awareness in Alphatale, the very AU he was born into and died in a moment later. “It just...bad memories, is all.” She laughed, light coming over her dreadful face. It was only a shame that a hand had gripped onto her. “Shhh.” The voice whispered, sending Quenya into a small state of paralysis, not moving a muscle. “Now, dearie, you really don’t wanna make a move.” The figure teased, leaving Asriel to turn around and face the being.

“Muffet?” Asriel whispered as the woman kept her position forced onto Quenya. “No, the pizza man.” She sighed, leaving Quenya to gently look at the spider. “I-I thought-” “-That I died? Yeah, I did. Excruciating, but it’s over now.” She sighed, keeping one hand on her chest, the other planted on Quenya. “So: you two came for me, hm?” She smiled, Asriel slowly backing up gently against the pedestal which stood the Mew Mew doll. “U-uh, we came for a being of Alphatale. Guess it’s you, huh?” Asriel slowly grew in confidence, Muffet then letting go of Quenya. “Maybe not.” She suggested, Asriel only turning from confident to confused. “Baah?” He’d intended to say what, but his inner goat took control of him. “...Come with me.” Muffet smiled, stepping past Asriel to a thin, blue wall. On the wall, there’d been a small, out-of-place brick, that she gently pressed against with her hands, leaving a small hatch to grow to a big hatch, opening to what seemed to be a haven.

Within the haven, as Quenya and Asriel followed Muffet, stood the Temmies. They all turned in sync, their eyes widening in shock behind their untidy waves of hair. “It is the true prince of Alphatale.” They whispered in sync, the shock soon exiting their system. “Uh...I’m not like heaven to these guys, am I?” He asked Muffet, who’d only sat down, smiling silently. “Perhaps.” She responded. “Not an answer, but alright.” Asriel sighed, sitting down with the Temmies. “So, uh...what’s next?”

“You must stop the dawn of the new Alphatale.” The Temmies responded to Asriel, as his expression turned dim and quiet. “...What?” He whispered, The Temmies turning to one another in a second. “Young William Ding Gaster has grown beyond the calculative child he once was.” They spoke, Asriel slowly beginning to question the words The Temmies has been speaking, Quenya silently going along with it. “He has followed the path of his late mother, the very one he had hated for so long. His path has turned from a bright hope of wishing to bring back all he loved, to dark hate of wishing to keep everything safe, even to keep them from having joy ever.” They explained, as Asriel slowly took in each word. “…like…her.”

The soft chime of birds singing awoken the small, helpless prey. His hands gently lifted over his head, his mind clouded with many thoughts, all blurred and driven towards something different. Naked, cold and bare, his skeletal body remained feeble in hand. He slowly stood up, his legs shaking, feeling so brittle it was as if they were only hanging on through the sheer luck of his life. His face, frightened and terrified, the massive, gaping world crawling over him, as the flowerbed persuaded his mind to understand where he’d been. He stepped over to the next room, the corroded taste of iron in his mouth almost causing him to regurgitate. As he’d carried onward, his mind grew more and more fearful, wandering aimlessly throughout the caverns. If only he knew the real spot he was in.

Error!404 kept his hands held together, as King Multiverse rest on his throne, staring at his master. “...So, what is it you want?” He asked, unamused by Error!404’s presence. “I demand one thing of you.” He simply stated, stepping closer. “I demand of you to never interact with Alphatale and its inhabitants ever. And I mean ever.” He threatened, King Multiverse only slanting his head against his throne in surprise. “...It’s back?” He whispered, slight shock revealing from his face. “Not yet. But, I’ve finally gotten its core structure back. All that’s left is to get its inhabitants.” He explained, King Multiverses’ face resting once again. “Hm. I see.” He rose from his throne, staring to him. “...It remains a part of the Multiverse. I rule the Multiverse. I rule it.” He bluntly responded, Error!404 staying still for a moment. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember letting you stick into that position.” He responded, King Multiverse then eying him. “What-are you denying m-” Error!404 clenched his fists, taking in a deep breath. “You really don’t wanna make this mistake...don’t fuck with my universe.” He repeated, King Multiverse almost feeling challenged. “Hm? Wow, some nerve.” He chuckled, as two King Blasters cast behind him. “...Your issue.” He responded, slamming his hand into the ground, shattering the very floor with all his strength, as he cast 700 Dark Blasters beneath them, floating midair, holding onto King Multiverse with a single hand.

“I didn’t even try there, and you’re already in a death-grip. You really wanna do this?” He threatened, leaving King Multiverse to try once again to attack, only for Error!404 to snap his arm in return, clutching onto his head. “F-fuck! F-fine, I-I can negotiate!” He growled to Error!404, who’d only responded with a light smile. “Oh, negotiate? I don’t want such a thing.” He stated, leaving King Multiverse to realise an amazing idea. “...I-I can go back to...being what you were before! N-no error, no glitch, just you!” He suggested, the panic in his tone being something Error!404 hadn’t seen the likes of. Why was he so terrified of him? What was...Error!404 looked to his hand, noticing a dark orange hue from his body...fear. Error!404 began to think, noticing the orange glow within him, his once navy eyelights now a deep orange. “...Nah. I’m happy being me.” He smirked, dropping KM, only keeping him held with Blue Mastery. “Now. Tell me, Multi. Do you still wanna negotiate?” He turned back, his eyelights completely wiped, his dark orange pattern of clothing suddenly forcing King Multiverse to shake his head rapidly. “...Well, glad to see you’ve gotten some sense.” He chuckled, tossing King Multiverse to one side, only right near the endless fall into blasters.

Error!404 glitched to a strange, empty house in the unfinished world of Alphatale, as he stared to the mirror. White and blue clothing...he understood that. “...Okay.” He gently placed his hands onto his head, as he then screamed forcefully, trying to induce fear into the mirror. As he did so, his eyelights flickered away, the white in his body and clothes alike turning black, and the blue turning a dark orange. “...Heh. Nice.” He chuckled, as his eyelights returned, his original colour palette resuming.

Error!404 stepped out of the house, as he raised his hands, casting his SOUL. It seemed now was the best time to do it before any other time. That FEAR...the ability to produce such a fear-inducing trait...he was getting too powerful for his own liking. He had to make his universe, now and forever. Taking out a strange SOUL, he stared deep into it. “Frisk. Oh, Frisk…” He whispered, clenching his eyes. Frisk’s soul was a dull determination, from the very last bits of it that Osiris had used to decapitate him. “It seems that our rivalry is officially over.” He whispered, clenching his eyes together. “Yet, that is simply not an excuse to use you. It is instead me displaying how I have forgiven, and progressed.” He absorbed the remaining determination, turning back. “And now, I can finally finish what we all wished, hateful of eachother or not. We may finally...go back.” He whispered as the button hovered in front of William. “...It seems all I had to do was just go back.” He whispered, his body slowly beginning to melt from the determination. “Every outcoded inhabitant of Alphatale will return, yet...they will be different. Strange.” He whispered, staring at the Sun once more. “...” The wind cast against William, as the sun soon set, the light burrowing away from him. “...It seems all things are going to be alright.” He whispered, pressing the button.

William woke up, staring at the cold ceiling, the dust settling around him. As he rose from the flowerbed, he turned to face the ground. “...Hm.” William raised his head, his mind singling on his situation. Nothing was around. His mind wandered around constantly, feeling a sense of dread overcome him. He slowly entered the quiet ruins, with nothing but the soft splash of water drizzling against the pavements. William carried on to Snowdin’s Forest, his expression low and partially upset. Everything was...gone. It didn’t seem anything stayed.

William stepped to the lab as the soft whirr of the door hatches lifted, opening them. “Wooh.” He sighed, stepping into the lab. He looked around, noticing the vials located everywhere. Everything was so...familiar. “William?” A voice called behind William, forcing him to turn back. Yet it never happened. William felt slight grief overcome his mind, eventually taking in a deep breath, going to the elevator. As the ding of the elevator chimed, William began to feel his heart race, hearing a faint siren echo throughout the echo. Yet it never happened. William’s eyes remained shut, as the door opened, leaving him to open them. Opening them, he saw the sight of Jacob, stepping past the vivid hallucination.

William positioned himself to the chair, laying still, staring at each person-sized chamber. William stared at them, fiddling his hands around, shaking in a strange way. “...You won’t catch me won’t catch me won’t catch me won’t catch me.” He sighed, standing up. “And all those other fucked poems she sang.” He rubbed his eyes, resting against the chair, dozing off for a while.

He finally did it. The universe was back. Everyone wasn’t, though. Although, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s the right thing. Maybe it’s best to leave it all behind. But...that was against everything he worked for. Why stop there? Why not work to bring back everything? Except for her. could he do it? Finally, with Osiris out of his mind, he could think straight. Yet...that pissed him off even more. He couldn’t bring everyone back. He...had to do something. He couldn’t just stop there. He needed to do something, anything. Well, that sleep was surely short.

William quickly ran out of the lab, sweating desperately, clutching onto his head. He wasn’t insane, no, he was...something else. His mind was corrupt, pained and stressed. He needed a goal. He couldn’t stop. He didn’t have to stop, did he? No, maybe he could do what Error does! No, that’d be too against him. He...he needed to do something. He needed to be important. He needed to have a goal. After having his sudden episode, he stared to the ground, watching as ants gathered up, almost as if they all looked up to him. “...” William raised to the sky, glitching away in an instant.

Error!404 appeared in a vast universe, staring upon all the monsters. As the Undyne stared up to look at him, he only stared back, his eyes clenched. “Guess it’s time for some ‘godliness’.” He sighed, casting two Dark Blasters. “Hey, look.” Undyne gently nudged the Papyrus, who too, had been a member of the Royal Guard. “Oh...oh wow.” Error!404 then looked upon all the mortals, feeling a vast sensation blend into his mind. Landing, the two pulled their respective blades out, as Error!404 simply stared at them. “Ah. How much I missed this.” He positioned his hand to the floor, firing a beam from his hand to the floor, propelling him up in the air, as he cast his Glitch Whip, hammering it down on Undyne, for her to block it in response. Error!404 simply focused his SOUL onto the whip, latching onto her spear which it had been blocked by, increasing it’s temperature rapidly, snapping it in half. Papyrus jumped at Error!404 from behind, only to be elbowed in the chest so hard it fractioned every rib, sending him back against a bundle of rocks, pushing his hand down, crushing all the rocks on him, draining the hope from his SOUL. “Gee, gee...ease.” Error!404 smiled, Undyne staring to the now-dusting corpse of Papyrus, clenching her eyes. “ FUCKING PRICK!” She screamed, casting 250 consecutive spears.

Error!404 fired the two dormant Dark Blasters to her, only for her spears to block her overhead, entering a brawl with Error!404. She pushed to jab his ribs, only for him to step to the left, catching her hand in his shoulder, trying to snap it, until she pulled herself to him, hammering his jaw to attempt to knock him unconscious. Error!404 hit the ground, opening his eyelights in distaste. “Cunt.” He snarled, his eyelights flashing a soft white, as Undyne soon lost focus of her body. Everything felt cold...until the fist of Error!404 entered her chest, causing a burning sensation so great it almost knocked her unconscious. Yet, she’d known better. She simply grabbed onto his arm, summoning two spears and jumping to the ground, slamming them into the ground, as she then rapidly spun around, using her feet to propel herself and using the two spears to stay mid-air, as her spears soon ravaged Error!404, impaling him everywhere. Error!404 countered this with a slam of his foot into the ground, tearing his hand out from Undyne’s chest, as she then used her momentum to kick him at full force, sending him into the air, propelling herself up, as she then rapidly sent flurries of rapid punches against his face to lose his focus, then responding with a heavy roundhouse kick to the ground, holding onto him as an impact absorption for the drop, leaving Error!404 to glitch into multiple blue squares, instead going behind her and kicking her to the ground, regaining focus. “...Finally. A goal.” He smiled, firing his God Ray to her before she could react.

Error!404 stepped out to Snowdin, noticing the Sans, as he slammed his head against the wall, dusting him immediately. Monsters screamed in fear, as Error!404 cast two extremely long Glitch Whips, slicing the entire village and all its residents in half, then using the whips to insert into the ground of the universe, draining all its necessities and code, as it all grayscaled soon into nothing.

Error!404 laid against the floor of the floating piece of the anti-void, staring into the Sun, as the infinite water lay below. A figure stepped behind him, scoffing. “So, this is where you’ve been all this time.” Error growled as Error!404 happily turned back. “Oh, have you ever felt so lively, Error?” He gleefully spoke, hugging onto his technical son, who’d only pushed away. “Hey, fuck off with your drunken attitude, you know I hate that!” He shouted, Error!404 only laughing back. “Yeah, yeah, sure.” He went back to sit down as Error looked around. “Well, I was considering-” Error!404 stood up, despite how he’d just sat down, smirking. “Hey, wanna see somethin’ cool?” He suggested, Error only shrugging with a light nod. Error!404 raised his hand, as in his hand, formed a pristine, blue blade. “ can summon items?” He asked Error!404, who responded with a snark attitude. “No, you idiot! I can glitch the air particles to correlate them together! I can turn particles into true things!” He laughed, looking at the blade once again. “Sure, it isn’t sharp, since it is literally made from air, but...still!” He laughed, hopping around. “O-oh, that’s not the best part!” He put his hand out, as it turned to multiple, extremely small blue cubes, as his body followed the same process, leaving him to fly around at high speeds in the process, only to go behind Error. “I can manipulate the very glitches in my system! Technically I’m not really an error, anymore, considering the fact that I can completely control the errors-although, still an error, considering I shouldn’t be alive-STILL!” He laughed, leaving Error to only ask one question.

“This is definitely not what you’re usually like: what’s wrong?” He asked, albeit being amazed by Error!404’s new abilities. “...I...I’m lost, honestly…” He frowned, as the Sun set, a dark moon rising in the night sky, yet no stars to be seen. Error!404 turned the molecules of air to a chair, as he then sat down on it, his expression dark and gloomy. “I’ve brought back Alphatale. I’ve gotten rid of my inner demons. I’ve gotten rid of Biotale-well, kind of, and...I...everything else I wanna do, I can’t. I can’t bring back Adam. I can’t bring back Chara...hell, I can’t even bring back Frisk.” He sighed, keeping his eyes clenched. Error then began to question Error!404’s position, thinking thoroughly. “...Well, it happened. Maybe you should...come with me. Got somethin’ to show you.” He suggested, leaving Error!404 to stare at him. “I’m not in the mood for pizza parties.” He sighed, Error only nudging him in annoyance. “Not that, just fucking come on!” Error summoned a portal, stepping through it, as Error!404 reluctantly followed.

Error!404 entered with Error, who then pointed to the jacket in the corner. “Pick it up.” He ordered, as Error!404 simply did so, not due to Error ordering him, yet instead simple curiosity. As he lifted the jacket, he stared at it, looking at it silently. Adam’s. “...Well. You should probably take it for a souvenir or somethin’. Just my opinion. Don’t gotta do any other thing.” He finished, walking away, leaving Error!404 to only think. Yet, he already had his goal in mind. Taking the jacket, he formed into pixels, glitching to the empty grounds of Alphatale.

Error!404 appeared in Alphatale once more, staring to the empty underground, clenching his eyes together. “It’s been far too long, Adam.” He whispered, as tears slowly built within his eyes. He understood how long it’d been. How long, exactly?...Well, too long. William raised his hand, his SOUL sprouted out, blossoming like a flower. With his other hand towering over his soul, he slowly dug his fingers into it, his hand formed into thousands of pixels, as it soon extended all around the warm, boiling ground of Hotland, stretching all over the underground, interpolating each piece of data he’d gained from other universes in his escapades. The world before him rumbled, crumbling and destroying, as soon: a new one would take its place.

William opened his eyes, as before him, stood him. His brother. Adam stared at William, in shock, and most of all, flummoxed. “ did it…” He whispered, as William closed his eyes, his tears soon drying. “Yeah...I...I did.” He laughed, hesitantly, feeling as if this may all be destroyed soon after. He didn’t have any hopes for it staying. He didn’t want to have any hopes for it staying. Whenever he had his hopes high, it all seemed to crash back down. “Does this mean she’s back?” Delios asked from behind, suddenly being there alongside Asriel and Quenya. “...Nah. There was no code in any universe to shape any more fucks like her.” He simply responded, Adam silently giggling in the background. “So...who’s gonna take her place? A-as ruler, not...abuser.” Adam asked as Asriel stepped out. “...I mean, someone gotta do it.” He shrugged. William turned to the lab, feeling a slight wave of emotions surge through him, as he’d entered it. Adam then followed.

William entered the lab, sitting down. “I...William...y-you did it! Why aren’t you-like, screaming!?” Adam asked in amazement. “...Because I didn’t do good things to get it.” He simply concluded, Adam only tilting his head. “What…? N-no, you’re a good person! did it!” “...Good person,” William whispered, looking to the table. “’re right,” William answered, Adam being left surprised by his willingness to accept that. “Huh, that was easy.” Adam laughed gently. “No, I know that, because…” William stood up, looking to Adam. “A good person isn’t someone who barrages with compliments. ‘Oh, you did excellent at this’, ‘Oh, you worked so hard for that’, ‘I’ll always be here for you, and I’ll never betray you’. No, that’s not a good person. A good person is someone who does it. Someone who expresses how excellent they were at it. Someone who, no matter how much they fail, support others for their success. Because when someone does it? They are trusted. But when someone only says it? They’re not trustworthy. Because we all know they say the exact same thing to the next person. Fighting, politics, art, even fucking music...the day anyone says they prefer one over the other, the one they preferred will abandon them, and they’ll lie to the other, to get them to help them. But if you do it…? You can help that person you prefer to be happy. You can stop them from abandoning you. I didn’t say I was going to bring back our universe. I did it. That is what makes me a good person.” He thoroughly explained, before standing up. “And that’s what makes us all good people, in the end.” He winked, walking outside.

William stepped out, noticing Delios staring out into the fiery pits of lava below. “What’s up, Del?” He asked to Delios, who’d only turned back. “ doesn’t feel right. Ares...he...he isn’t back. It’s...after all this time, too. I worked so hard...yet, nothing. Maybe he’s in the Void...then he could get out!” He tried to remain optimistic, yet William only began to stare down with him. “...You can’t escape the Void. An Anti-Void? Sure, considering it’s an endless ocean and a floating rock. The general Anti-Void, bit difficult, but...possible. Yet, the Void? Endless. Cold, abyss, nothing. can’t escape the Void. It’s endless. No matter how far you can teleport, no matter how far you can particles of particles of light. The Void is just an infinite black, where the only light possibly produced would be from our magic. And even then...what will you shine it on? The Void is a vacuum, too. No sound. Just a place to shrivel up and die. If you say you’ve been to a Void and escaped? You’re a lying sack of shit.” He explained coldly, Delios staying quiet. “...So he’s never coming back, is he?” Delios whispered, feeling the shock leave, the hard truth then hitting. “...He’s not.” William ended, walking away.

Asriel walked along with the throne room, drinking tea lightly, as he stared to the chair, his once bright expression turning dark and fuzzy. “...I wish I got to meet you, mom and dad.” He whispered, gently swiping his fingers against the chair. It felt cold, strangely. Weird, too. Gerson simply lay against his cane, smiling gently at the sight of Asriel. “Oh, how your father would’ve been so proud of you.” He laughed, only being cut off by...the faint sound of a siren.

The siren bells rang, as William regrouped with Delios, only walking a few steps back. “Oh, fucking-not again!” William screamed, transforming into a glitched form and zapping to the Ruins. As he looked up, he saw them: Infected. His axe behind his back, the figure stood in joy. His old clothing seemingly destroyed, instead replaced with what seemed to be that of a lumberjack. He almost looked like a horror movie classic. “...Oh, you’ve gotta be fucking shittin’ me.” William groaned, Infected standing 5 feet apart from him. “What’s wrong, Willy? Really thought gettin’ ridda me would be that easy?” Infected chuckled, his tone low and somewhat calm. Compared to his usual insanity, this still seemed to creep William out. “...Get the fuck...out,” William demanded, stepping his foot to the floor and summoning 2 Dark Blasters.

Infected sighed, closing his eyelids shut. “...Guess you just can’t seem to resort to anything but violence, can you?” Infected whispered, as a soft smirk bloomed from his mouth. “N-no...y-you just have to be the b-big boy, ready to, ready to...ready to stand up for everything! Even if it’s good, even if it’s good!” He screamed, tightening onto his axe. “G-guess I’ll just have to kill your brother again, won’t I?!” He suggested, William standing calm and eased. “...Yeah, you can try.” William sighed, losing hope in a matter of seconds. Infected hurled three wisps consecutively to William, who’d only hammered the ground, kicking a large slate of rock from the floor and using it to take the first Wisp’s blast, which then ricochetted the explosion to destroy the next, as William jumped onto the exploded slate mid-air, using Blue Mastery to hurl the third back to Infected, who only slashed it with his axe, thermally activating it. Great, thermal axe.

“Now you’ve gone from a hatchet to a fire axe.” William joked, winking. “Care to try again?” He boasted, only angering Infected further. “You fucking-” Infected summoned a large bowling ball, hurling it at 230 Miles Per Hour to William, who’d only done a fast spin, and in the span of so, grabbing the bowling ball, spinning once again and hurling it back at 560 Miles Per Hour, shattering Infected’s lower ribs and sending him back against the wall. “Ugh. You fucking fag!” He screamed, going on all fours and charging to William, pouncing on him and hammering his axe seven times into his shoulder, only for William to ram his kneecap into Infected’s pelvis. “U-wait, I don’t have a dick.” Infected noticed as William sighed. “No shit, Shercock.” William sighed, grabbing onto Infected’s neck and pushing further, completely shattering it and ramming his kneecap into Infected’s SOUL, essentially giving him the feeling of a heart attack, disrupting him more, before pulling a backflip, kicking him off of him. William then ran to Infected, grabbing onto him and converting the two into glitches, glitching them to a nearby universe.

The two appeared, resuming their fight strangely in hand-to-hand combat. William dealt four consecutive blows to Infected’s ribs, as he then countered with a jab to William’s neck, backhanding him and clawing at him swiftly, until William regained control with a deadly headbutt, cracking the shattered skull even further. Infected then gained an excellent idea, as black ooze leaked from Infected’s skull, completely overcoming William and Infected, the two then fusing into a massive, black mess, tearing at one another over the similar body. The SOUL’s fought powerfully, William focusing on tearing himself out of the amalgamation-like fusion, as Infected tried tearing parts of William out. Eventually, it ended with William’s left shoulder half-torn, and the two finally no longer one.

William fell back, as Infected fell in sync with the other, monsters grouping to see the fight. Infected eyed William and William eyed Infected. The two slowly stood up, standing tall and ready. With one final glance of understanding, the two charged each other, William directly slashing Infected’s eye, as Infected impaled William with a large tendril that formed from the remaining ooze on his hand. William cast one single whip with his right hand, wrapping it over Infected’s neck, pulling tightly. Infected slowly tried to move the sharp, tendril-like blade up to William’s SOUL, yet failed drastically, as his neck was ever so closer to snapping. Eventually, the whip then was altered by Blue Mastery, to drag down into Infected’s mouth, reaching his SOUL, the Wisp’s spiralling in madness, uncontrolled by Infected’s lack of thoughts. William then grabbed onto the SOUL from the whip, as he then realised. Infected’s SOUL. Three...Three lives left. William pulled, collapsing the first SOUL. William pulled again, collapsing the second SOUL. And then, finally, he had collapsed the final SOUL. Infected dropped, cold. No stone, nothing. William watched, as Infected slowly began to dust, watching. Yet, didn’t rest. Wisps began to spiral around Infected, circling them as if he was the Sun and they were orbiting him. Everything then soon began to get hotter and hotter, as his dust soon turned to ash, circling like a tornado, as a sudden, massive explosion occurred, incinerating each monster in the location as if they were simply pieces of wood to burn, William being the only survivor, as the water from Waterfall turned to steam. William was pushed back from such wild force, blacking out.

William slowly opened his eyes, staring forward. “Fuck...another form…?” William asked, leaving Infected quiet. “...No. No more.” Infected laughed, silently. His axe laid in his hand, burning a hot purple. It constantly melted, only to reform. Infected’s clothes were seemingly flameproof, yet they were a very dark purple, no longer the usual red lumberjack. Infected’s bones were a dark black, and his pupils were inverted, instead being one a dark black, and the other white with a thin, dark pupil. “Riddle me this...riddle me that...why did the the other a brat?” The voice called, stepping slowly to William, as his white eye simply stepped forward, a soft smile being all that was left. No insanity in sight, instead only simple vindictiveness. “The answer is quite simple.” Infected chuckled lightly, looking to his axe. He then spoke in a musical tone. “Abused and left behind, with no chance to matter what he did...he was destined to lose.” Infected looked up, staring into the terrified William’s SOUL. “...Why are you so scared? You seemed happy just a minute ago.” Infected giggled, kneeling down to William, as his hand, with a boiling purple aura, gently caressed his cheek, burning him like the bum of a cigarette. “The little baby is so terrified…” He whispered, his smile only growing further and further.

William’s eyes shot up, as he himself turned into a dark black, his blue pattern turning an orange, representing FEAR. His hand turned to orange pixels, as he gripped onto Infected’s hand, standing up instantly, pixels behind his back working as tentacles to propel him up, even keeping him up. “...Stay the fuck away from me. Stay the fuck away from my family. You have been a nuisance to everything I’ve built, as you have destroyed it. You are no hero. You are no villain. You are just a simple pawn in this chess game, that will be sacrificed in the end. Do you think that at any cost, you will have any meaning to me the day I kill you…? No. Now, I say one thing: shut your mouth and off yourself before I do it for you.” He finished, dropping Infected to the ground, as the flames soon died down, Infected regaining his true colours once again. “...Hm.” He stood up, smiling, as he then turned away. “You are fighting to protect something you made. All you are is a selfish prick.” Infected decided, beginning to walk away. “...I’ll see you another day, William.” He smiled, walking away calmly, strangely having a major shift in personality. “...My name is Error!404.” He whispered, watching as Infected left.

Error!404 travelled back to Alphatale, as everyone soon was awaiting him. “...Hm.” Asriel held onto his necklace, looking around, as the Temmies stood in a semi-circle, staring at Error!404 silently. “...Did I do something wrong?” He asked, as Asriel shook his head, turning his head behind him, before stepping out of the way. The Temmies made way for Error!404 to see what was there, as the figure stood. They slowly walked up, their scarf dwindling in the wind, as their bandanna was lifted over their lower face. Error!404 looked into their eyes, shocked by the presence. This wasn’t Infected, this was...Jacob? Error!404 quietly looked into the eyes of them further, looking into their SOUL. What was this? A fever dream? “It seems this has happened,” Asriel spoke from behind Error!404, strangely knowing. “What…? How…?” He asked, thinking that Infected only lived from the four SOULS attached into one. “...You killed Infected three times upon your travels, since Alphatale’s destruction. The final time, all that’s left is this one. The final SOUL. Yet, this isn’t the SOUL of Infected. This is...the SOUL of Jacob.” Asriel explained, sorrow overcoming him. Jacob slowly looked up to Error!404, his white pupil with a small, thin black pupil fluttering like a terrified butterfly. “...Then who was that Infected?” He asked. “...What Infected?” Asriel responded, leaving Error!404 quiet for a second...did that...never happen? No, he specifically remembered it. It must’ve! He killed Infected! So, why is he…? “...Excuse me.” Error!404 stumbled over to his lab, leaving everyone with Jacob.

“...So, you’re Jacob, right?” Asriel asked, Jacob only quietly nodding in response. “Mhm.” He quietly muttered, afraid to talk more, in case he did anything bad. Asriel took quick notice of Jacob’s fear, and scooted him away from the audience, leaving everyone to resume their everyday life, even Adam. Though...Adam felt different. Jacob was there, terrified of everyone, because of what he’d done. Why did Adam have the desperate need to forgive him? Was he truly worthy of it...just because he said sorry? That was a topic he needed to decide on another day. Yet not today. Today, he had to cherish his life. His nightmares were finally over. The most he could do is take pride in it.

Error!404 spun around in his chair, holding onto his knees, tapping against them extraordinarily quickly, panicking more and more, as the time on the clock ticked by each second. It felt so horrible, so horrendous. The was...ugh. He didn’t like many things were wrong. Maybe he needed...he needed…something. A thrill. A desire. An...experiment. Error!404 stood up, taking out a few sheets of blue paper, sketching out various blueprints, casually taking his time with each moment, not letting a second pass by without him doing something. As he continued with each blueprint, events began to occur within Alphatale. Asriel was officially declared King, memorials for all those that died in the past occurred, Jacob was welcomed in open arms, and the two humans fell down. Strangely enough, Frisk and Chara remembered everything. That caught the attention of Quenya pretty well, who had also been promoted to head of the Royal Custodians, and the formation of the Royal Custodians had begun, too.

Eventually, Error!404 had finished what he had been making, the pride of his creation overflowing his mind with the wonderful thoughts and ideas of praise. He walked to the King, kneeling beneath him. The idea of doing so wasn’t too enjoyable for Error!404, yet that hadn’t disrupted him. “Your majesty, I...have a proposition.” He suggested, as Asriel crossed his arms, slanting his head. “Your majesty? What, did the custodians stick their hand up your ass and force you to say that?” Asriel chuckled. “Oh, yeah, I...yeah, sorry about that.” He stood up, fixing his coat. “I have built a constructive design for a CORE, an Industrial Revolution of our society if you must.” He offered to Asriel, leaving the King to question. “...Hm. It’d be certainly amazing. Tell me, would this help with medical supplies?” He asked the scientist. “Substantially.” Error!404 replied. “Then yes, I approve of it.” He nodded to Error!404, before noting one thing. “Oh, yes, could you please step outside? Someone out there wishes to converse with you.” He asked. Of course, Error!404 obliged, doing so.

As he stepped outside, he came face to face with a familiar human. A very familiar human. Chara. Chara looked up to Error!404, who only looked back in a stunned surprise. Chara? They...they were back. With a quick shock, Chara leeched onto Error!404, hugging onto him so tightly it felt it’d snap his ribcage. Chara hadn’t spoken a single word, until they muttered out a small ‘Will’, crying onto his shoulder. Error!404 looked to his boyfriend, slowly raising his hands to hug back until something snapped in him. Voices berated his mind, pushing to one thing. He hadn’t known why, but he felt a drastic shift in personality. His hands moved back to his pockets, as he slowly nudged Chara back. “404.” He stated, leaving Chara’s sniffles of joy to soon end, instead now surprised. “Wh-what?” He wondered, as Error!404 stepped closer. “Error404. Not William.” He snarled, Chara only questioning it more and more. “My name is 404.” He repeated, before turning away, leaving Chara shocked, and more importantly, lost. What did he just do? Why was he so...strange?

Error!404 hammered himself into the lab, collapsing to the floor. “Get the fuck out of my head!” He screamed, clutching onto his skull in anger and rage. “Fucking-get out!” He screamed, as the voice soon called back. “Unlike you, it seems I had a plan for my defeat.” They knelt down in front of Error!404, as he stared back up to only catch the sight. “...Frisk is back. Remember that time you manipulated his mind in that diseased universe? A piece of me stuck in him so that the moment he would come would I.” Osiris chuckled, rising to his usual height. “Don’t be alarmed, William. You have done good so far, overcoming most of your fears and battles. Yet, you’ve made one drastic mistake.” He clutched onto William’s shirt, lifting him. “You took a Half-Measure. God’s don’t do that. They take Full-Measures.” He winked, slamming him down into the ground. “Also, about that Infected ‘fight’. He actually wasn’t real, dunno if anyone told you. I kinda embedded that thought into your head. You killed twenty-four innocent civilians. Funny, huh? Guess you were never insane, after all. I was just the voice in your head after all that time.” He chuckled, walking away. Error!404 lay, cold on the ground, clutching onto the ground with an unsatisfied expression, thinking of his current situation. He simply kept quiet, and closed his eyes, resting on the cold, dirty floor.

Jacob sat on the couch of the house Adam invited him into, fiddling with his kunai silently. “You know...I’m sorry. For it all.” Jacob whispered, as Adam turned back, having ice cream in his hand. “Hm? Sorry for what?” Adam asked. “...For...for everything I did. I...I murdered you. I did...I hurt you so much…” Jacob wept, his guilt almost overcoming him once more. “I did so many bad things...and they all were because of me.” He frowned, leaving Adam to understand what to do next. He walked over to Jacob, sitting down by him. “That wasn’t you. You were attacked, disregarded as a person and abused beyond repair. You were violated, scarred and battered for so long, being used only for that woman’s sick tastes. It wasn’t you. You weren’t the murderer. You were the knife. You had no choice in it.” Adam explained, handing over the ice cream. “Come can’t think so badly of yourself over something you didn’t do!” He frowned, nudging Jacob lightly. Jacob then looked to the ice cream, noticing how Adam made two. One for him…”Y-yeah, okay!” Jacob smiled, as the two then started conversing, having a joyful conversation at the house. It seems that despite it all...they’re still brothers.

Osiris stared upon the city, gazing at the night sky in silence. “...Seems after all this time, they were all born to die.” He sighed, clenching his fists. “Luckily, I do not share such weaknesses.” He laughed, squeezing onto the chains that were positioned against his wrists. “Seems the time has finally come.” Osiris stepped forward into the city, a soft aura radiating him. Looking around, noticing each siren to warn of tsunami’s and other disasters, he’d gotten a wonderful idea. Setting a spark in each of them telepathically, he’d set the sirens on sending everyone into a state of maniacal chaos and panic. “Let’s go ahead and have some fun.” He sighed, charging his Anti-God Ray, beaming it to buildings, as they slowly crushed, sliding between the blocks and bricks, dust overclouding the city as the large structures fell, those in the buildings falling or being crushed, as citizens around the city died moment by moment.

Osiris simply stepped along each location of the city, causing thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, all the chaos. “Easy,” Osiris smirked, grabbing onto a running civilian and snapping their neck with two fingers, pulling their head from their body, their spine stuck to their head. “...Hm.” Osiris took them by the spine, spinning them at a rapid pace, hurling them to another and quickly slicing them in half from the sheer power. Osiris then held his hand behind his back, watching as the chaos soon ensued. A soft smile chimed through his formal position, walking along with the collapsed buildings. Humming a soft tune, he eventually stepped to meet a figure: Error. “...You’ve surely gotten yourself some notoriety.” Error sighed, his hands positioned into his pockets. “Glad to see I’m catching some attention from ya.” Osiris chuckled, as strings soon gathered all around Osiris, tightening over him and almost cocooning him. “...Dick.”

Error stepped up to Osiris, staring into his eyes. “Y’know...I know this sounds stupid, ‘n everything, but Will sent me here. He wanted to be the one to do it, but...maybe I should just finish the job.” Error decided, a soft smile growing onto his face. “...Maybe you should’ve just left it to the professionals, huh?” Osiris suggested, simply bonded to the strings without care. “Oh yeah? Why?” Error growled, stepping closer to Osiris. “Because you should’ve done some homework.” Osiris chuckled, unleashing a sudden shield of light, forwarded by a sudden black.

Error’s eyes lit open. Everything He stared around Osiris nowhere to be seen. “Hey! What the fuck did you do?!” He screamed out to the endless distance, as a large, 50-foot hand rest on a building, another following parallel to the other. A massive, grotesque head formed, one big, bright beaming eye in the middle, with fur behind the head, circling around. Gravel, stones and debris float around it, being as the mythical beast had seemed to have its own gravitational pull. “...Oh.” Error wept, two Moon-Sized Portals with suns hotter than Soul Harbringer itself casting upon them. The absolute flames eradicated the reality around them, instantly wiping Error.

Error’s eyes lashed open, clutching onto his right arm in pain, noticing the strange carving within the eye, replacing the pupil. “...Huh.” Error began to question the situation, wondering whether or not it was a dream. Maybe it was just a vision. Was that the unnameable’s ability? Error decided against figuring out and left as soon as possible. Waiting a few minutes, Osiris stepped back out, sighing. “Poor guy.” Osiris laughed, resuming his continuous moment of fun and chaos.

William’s eyes shot open, his back having a strange surge of pain from the position he’d been sleeping in. Getting up, he rested his elbow against the table for support, taking in a few breaths and honing around to see where he’d been the night before. “...Great.” He audibly thought, crossing his arms. “Yeah, it was,” Jacob called out from the other side of the room, walking over with a plate of food. “I, uh, got you something.” He added as William stared him down in surprise. “...So, how are you?” William asked, hoping to start a conversation with his younger brother. “Oh, I...I’m fine!” Jacob happily shouted, a soft smile growing onto William’s face. Innocence always gave him a reaction like that. “That’s...yeah, nice.” He whispered, looking to the ground for a few moments, before resuming his process of waking up. Jacob looked to the food once more, before slowly nodding. “Mhm, yup. I...I think I should get going.” Jacob laughed lightly as William then shook his head. “No, no, no, don’t go, I-” He then noticed his quick will to stop Jacob from leaving, as he then cleared his skeletal throat, somehow. “I...yeah, I’ll...see ya.” He waved, walking to the elevator of the lab and travelling downward. Jacob remained quiet, watching as William left, before leaving himself. Yet, as the elevator chimed, William was nowhere in it.

Delios stepped out of the underground, glancing over the horizon with a sense of pride reaching into his heart. Squeezing his hand, he returned to the underground, entering the lab quietly. Scrolling through each bit of file data piece he could find, no records of Ares was shown, and that only pushed Delios further into anger. “C’mon, c’mon…” He whispered, yet it all was left to no avail. Delios hammered his hand against the text panel in rage, the furious shaking of his body being enough to show his desperation for getting Ares back from the fate that had been improperly placed into his life. Ares never deserved it. Delios knew that most. Ares didn’t do anything wrong in his eyes! It wasn’t like it was even him, anymore. Just an extremely powerful shell, controlled by a being with zero remorse or love. It was truly something disgusting. The fact something like that could happen. The fact that someone that Delios cared for so much, Ares, could just be cast away as a puppet used to control all of the puppeteer’s actions. What was behind all of that? There had to be more...there just...there had to be.

Asriel stepped along the hall of judgement, thinking to himself as Muffet followed along. “So, what can we even do?” He asked the other, leaving the spider to think to herself. “Hmm...well...did you ever have a plan for being King?” She asked in return as Asriel then thought. Did he ever have a plan? “William had cleverly set in place a legendary CORE, so we have all-electric benefits, I’ll have to put some thought into that.” He laughed, rubbing his hand against his head into whatever he could do as king. Wow. He really had to think about this, didn’t he? Thinking, his worst nightmare! Or, well, not. Clearly, he wasn’t actually afraid of thinking. Though overthinking was an entirely different topic.

William and Osiris stared at one another, the cold wind blazing throughout the very Earth that Osiris had destroyed. “It’s not gonna be as easy as last time,” Osiris assured William, who’d only looked back in slight annoyance. “...Yeah...I know.” He sighed, his breaths steady and calm, his SOUL pulsing at a slow pace. The two knew what was to happen, yet they hadn’t even complained. They understood the consequences of what was to happen. “I love you, but I also hope you fucking die.” William emotionlessly expressed, making Osiris question him for a moment. “Love me?” He questioned. “Well, you’re kinda like, a trauma demon to me. We...uh, went through a lot. You’re basically my closest relative, anyway, since you’re essentially me.” William explained, Osiris developing a strange sense of the situation. “ were like a father to me, in a way. You listened to everything I had to say. It...yeah.” William gave up on saying anymore, as he hadn’t wanted to put himself out of the mindset of fighting Osiris. “...Alright, let’s just get this over with.” Osiris sighed, his stance shifting slightly, alongside with a slight shift in facial expression.

William and Osiris took a final stare at each other, their eyes matching with one another a final time. “...It’s been far too long.” William sighed. “Yeah, it has.” Osiris responded, clenching onto his hands. William charged at full speed to Osiris, making an attempt to hammer his face with a right hook, only for Osiris to grab his hand and twist it. “We have gone through a lot. That’s why I am going to win.” Osiris added, slamming William to the ground and lifting his foot, making an attempt to hammer down on him at full force, only missing the shot due to William’s quick speed. William lifted his hand, charging God Ray and firing to Osiris, who only countered it with his own Ray. The beams collided, resulting instantly in a massive crack of reality by the sheer force of the two rays colliding, resulting in the entire world around them destroying in less than a second.

The two float in space, William maintaining flight from his feet turning pixelated and Osiris maintaining flight from his gravitational control. “Hm, smart.” William chuckled, casting a glitch whip and attempting to grip Osiris’ arm, surprisingly succeeding. Osiris then used his chains to wrap around William’s, dislocating his arm with a single pull, forcing the whip to fade away. Osiris boosted behind William, gripping onto his neck and pulling back at a great pace, only to be countered by William glitching behind Osiris, casting four blasters and firing them instantly, Osiris tanking them easily. “Bruh.” William sighed, Osiris slamming his hand directly into William’s ribcage and ripping his SOUL from his chest. Clutching onto the SOUL, William’s attacks lost most of their durability and usefulness due to the distance from the SOUL to the Vessel, allowing for Osiris to then grab William, creating an Anti-God Ray and using his SOUL as a vessel to fire at the distant planets, creating massive planet destruction, crashing each and every bit of debris together. He then used his gravitational pull to hone it all to William, crushing him in a matter of seconds, zipping behind him and burrowing into the spherical bundle of debris he was trapped inside, dealing multiple, critical jabs and punches, shattering his entire skull, blood leaking out each punch. Osiris then teleported the two into a distant planet, devoid of life, yet with a perfect gravitational pull. He hammered William into the ground, slamming his dying body to the ground.

Osiris stared at William’s body, each scratch, crack and shattered bit having a bit of blood around it. Osiris lift his right hand, hammering it down into William’s face. Then again. Repeatedly crushing William’s minute head in with his colossal hand, the very floor rumbled with each powerful punch, William’s hands helplessly flailing up each time, until eventually...nothing. With a final blow, Osiris pounded his hand into William’s chest, releasing a sudden burst of light, sending Osiris back 2 kilometres.

Osiris looked around, his vision partially distorted and harmed from William’s major counter to his final punch. William slowly stepped back up, his clothes tattered and torn, wings fluttering around slowly, as markings on his face changed in brightness, from a dull blue to a bright white. Osiris stared up, looking at the transformation. Of course, something like this was to happen in his moment of greatness. He had to come up with some plan. Yet, what could he have done? William stepped closer and closer, raising his hand to chop down onto Osiris’ head. Yet it failed.

William stared at Osiris, noticing the lack of reaction. Osiris had his hand gripped onto William’s, squeezing tightly. “...In case you haven’t noticed, you’re clearly the one that’s in trouble.” Osiris chuckled, his feet elevating off of the ground, snapping William’s arm back. “BUTTERFLY or not, I’ll snap you as easily as possible. For you had stolen this power, I was born from it. I pretty much have a basic immunity to it.” Osiris chuckled, his other hand gently rubbing William’s head in pity. “Oh, what a had such potential, William. Seems those with the most lust for power will be the one to fall with the most power. I guess the easy way was just the best way.” Osiris laughed, raising his mouth, his eldritch-like tongue sliding out of his mouth, ready to pierce William’s SOUL, until a sudden kunai, lathered with a purple flame, impaled Osiris’ head, dropping him to the floor.

“ talk too much.” Jacob groaned, William staring up to his other brother in shock, Jacob only looking down back to him. “I...I need to apologise...for ever-” Jacob was interrupted by William pulling Jacob into his arms, hugging tightly onto him. No words had been traded throughout them afterwards. William simply held his poor, tortured brother by the arms, his arms protectively covering Jacob, the gentle dwindling of stars being the only sound around them. Jacob cautiously put his arms around William, holding on. Eventually, Jacob soon held onto nothing, his arms only hugging onto himself.

The body of Osiris soon regenerated, as he lifted himself up, holding onto his head. Jacob was long gone, that was pretty obvious. The body slowly carried itself onward, stumbling around with a loss of motor function. “...What is it with spear-like things and entering my head?” He wondered to himself, travelling along the cold planet, the stones following along by him from his stray magic pulling them to him, autopiloting in a strange way. Osiris’ began to think, wondering his true motives. Lying back against a large rock to support his back with. What did he truly want? What did he continuously strive for, working to accomplish his entire life through effort and attempt? Why was it so...difficult? After all these moments, hating William so much, he was stuck in the same position as him. Finding meaning in life was hard. But what made it so hard? Why couldn’t he just work as a Nice-Cream Man? Was it something pulling at him? What was forcing down into his mind, pressing him to do more? Pride? Ego? Willpower? Determination? Why wasn’t there a clear answer? As the Sun soon risen upward, Osiris gleamed up to it, his flickering eye meeting with the yellow sphere.

William walked into his lab, tattered and beaten, cracked ribs exposed throughout his body, torn pieces here and there. William leaned against the wall, as pieces of code travelled around his ribs, trickling over and healing the wounds slowly. William began to recollect the first few moments of chaos he’d been through lately. Those two that ‘killed his grandparents’. could they have done that? William’s mind flashed back to the moment, as the truth soon was placed into revelation: they weren’t the same people. They were just...regular people. The things they said...they weren’t real things. They were just...regular people that had nothing to do with William. And he killed them. He broke them. He tore them apart. William closed his eyes together, tears building against his eye sockets, as he slowly slid to the ground. Thinking of all those lives he’d taken. All those poor, poor souls...but...Osiris was right. God’s don’t cry. William, noticing his fatal error, rose from the floor, squeezing his hands together and taking in a deep breath. “ not William. I am not...I am not William D. Gaster.” He whispered. “I...I am...I am…” William’s breath soon eased, his eyelights forcing back to their original positioning, no longer distorted and hurt with the emotional problems he’d been pulling himself from. “I am 404.”

The cold darkness lay at rest, the endless void peering throughout reality itself. Within the endless void, a SOUL rest at ease. A red SOUL. The SOUL of determination. A SOUL without a vessel. No SOUL can remain without a vessel. Yet...this was a SOUL of determination. But it was a monster SOUL. The Monsters couldn’t handle such determination. Yet...there was always the one in a billion. An entity appeared, their citrine hand resting over the SOUL, staring at it quietly. “...I do not need the credit.” They whispered, raising the SOUL to the sky. Placing their hand into a circular formation, a strange orb had formed as a strange symbol appeared within it. It had two lines in the middle, and two spears in opposite directions, one upward facing left and the other downward facing right. The symbol engraved into the SOUL, as a vessel then formed, an old life forming once again.

The figure stared up to it’s maker, their expression emotionless and dull. “...Funny. The one with the name Ares from Greek Mythos...and you still seem to bring upon Ragnarok, from Norse. Then again, your name does mean war.” The figure sighed, turning away for a moment. Ares quietly looked around, gaining a sense of wonder to where they could be, before the figure then turned to face them once again. “...Come.” They ordered, summoning a portal. Ares quietly walked in, as he then saw it: the end.

In the end, Ares was holding William’s decapitated head by a crimson throne, with Jacob’s own kunai pierced into the redeemed one's skull. Asriel had been on his knees, bowing to the apparent king. “...This could be you, Ares of the late Astral.” The figure turned to them, before looking back to the sky. “...You must work to get this ending. If you mess up, it will never come. You are now too powerful for many beings to understand. I hope you soon realise the choices you must make.” The being explained, as they soon walked back, only to be grabbed by Ares. “...Your name.” Ares reminded them, surprisingly speaking fully coherently. “...Ya-...another time.” The being responded, before turning away. “Oh, and one more thing.” The being turned AGAIN to Ares. “...Check your SOUL. That’s where your third eye is.” The being finished, vanishing in an instant. Ares turned back once more to his supposed future, before raising his hood, preparing for what was to come.

Ragnarok was to come.

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