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This story takes place in the Past

The two humans that were retrieved from the surface were more than enough for the Astral Mother's plans. Her plans however would have to be put on hold due the nature of the human children, they were needy, and cry babies and most importantly needed supplements in order to survive. The Astral Mother wasn't entirely use to children seeing as she had none of her own at the time and so instead devised a plan in order to get the humans to behave and to work accordingly. The Astral Mother got to work on the schematics for a potential nanny robot device, something to keep the children in check. As she studied and worked on the plans she eventually began to call the two humans Frisk and Chara seeing as the two were male and the names didn't have any gender roles to them. She learned that Frisk was quiet, but much more capable of listing and less likely to be defiant while Chara was way more violent and would often have more hissy fits and break things, rather she liked it or not the Astral Mother had to play as a somewhat parent figure to the two as she continued to work on the machine. She would be forced to take them outside in order for them to calm down, she would need to feed them constantly which meant constant visits and trips to stores and markets and of course the two acted out wherever they were. One day however, "Will you two settle down damnit! I can't focus on my fucking work if your both over there boondoggling!!" the Astral Mother shouted in complete anger only getting the kid's attention when she cursed to which they scolded her and pointed out like as if she was a child "What the hell is this?! I'm the goddamn queen of the underground, not some fucking nanny, I should have asked for much more mature humans, then again they would have most likely found some way to rebel and that's the last thing I need now is another one of those" the Astral Mother thought to herself when suddenly a loud bang sound came from outside the palace.

The Astral Mother along with Frisk and Chara both looked outside through a little peep hole in the main doors and saw Muffet outside with a large group of people shouting and screaming "Too long we've been kept silent! Too long we've been at the bottom of this tower! But tonight we will no longer be at the bottom anymore!" shouted Muffet as more and more mobsters began to bang and ram themselves against the doors with only a few royal guards being able to stop them "Damn activist" the Astral Mother said with annoyance " What's an activist?" asked Frisk in confusion as he played with a pencil " Stupid people who can't accept order" the Astral Mother replied "Are we gonna kick their butts!?" Chara asked while getting amped up only for the doors to then burst open with a few royal guardsmen falling to the ground and Muffet standing over them as she set her sights on the Astral Mother and the children "Well well well, look what the cat dragged in or should I say large pink stink cloud heheheeh" Muffet chuckled as the mob began to go around the palace breaking objects and busting into rooms, Frisk frightened stayed close while Chara trued to look menacing, but only made themselves look more afraid "I'll give you to the count of 3 to put a end to your rule and maybe we'll let you keep you head Astral BITCH!" shouted Muffet as all her other mobsters got a hold of blunt objects and weapons "Such foolishness, do you honestly think coming here was a good move? What happens when you fail? Its jail time or worse, you'll end up like every other spider I squash" the Astral Mother chuckled as she made a squishing sound with a her mouth pissing off Muffet " KILL THIS CUNT!" shouted Muffet as hordes of people began to rush the Astral Mother only for her to begin brawling against the mob using their own objects against them and then using her claws to jab many of them  in their throats. Chara got ready to fight, but Frisk just grabbed his brother's hand and began to run off down the hall with other members of the mob chasing after them "Wait you two! Stay here!" the Astral Mother shouted before getting hit over the head with a large chair and falling to the ground, she could feel blood rushing to her head as she felt members of the crowd begin to jump and beat her, she could feel them hurting, beating and touching her all over as she was in no position to move or escape until she suddenly transformed into a pink cloud of mist and vanished surprising everyone "What the! Find her! We'll search this whole castle if we have! Burn it all down even!" Muffet shouted as one of her mobsters walked to her "What about those kids?" said a random monster "If they live, they live. They are associated with her, whose to say their innocents too hu" Muffet said as she began to walk the halls of the palace.

Chara and Frisk hid in one of the rooms as they saw loads of people going throughout the palace breaking and destroying the place "What do we do Chara?" asked Frisk in fear only for Chara to cover his mouth as one tall looking monster walked past their door "We need to keep ourselves hidden otherwise we're dead meat" Chara said as he looked outside for a moment only to have a sudden large hand grab his head and throw him to a wall knocking him out "Chara!!" Frisk shouted only for a monster to throw a large vase at his head knocking him out too. The Astral Mother then reappeared in a small broom closet missing her clothes of course " Ok…didn't know I could do that, well at least its handy" she said as she then peeked outside and saw a few monsters pissing on the floor and walls and one ready to take a shit on a end table "this is what that bitch and all of her lackeys get for making this place a living hell!" said one of the monsters as the rest began to laugh and chuckle only for the Astral Mother to burst out of the broom closet and stab one of them with a broom and then jam it through the second one's ear and straight through the other all while the third one watched in fear, she let their corpses fall down as she began to walk towards the last monster who struggled to pull up his pants "H-Hey I was just playing and that bitch thing was a joke too yakow? hehehe" the monster said before the Astral Mother grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him close "Where is your leader?" asked the Astral Mother as he claws extended poking the monster's face drawing blood from it "Or am I gonna have to cut open your jaw that way all the information I need spills out" she said only for the monster to then pee himself "…seriously" the Astral Mother said as she threw him to the side and then got the clothes of one of the other monster she had just killed "I'll leave you to your urinating" the Astral Mother said as she began to speed walk down the hallway.

Frisk then woke up to the sound of painful sounds coming from Chara and as he looked over he saw a few monster touching and feeling up chara's body and even grabbing places Frisk was shocked to see, Chara's tears ran down their face at the acts, but were nothing compared to the seething rage boiling in Frisk, he tried to escape, but he noticed he was tied up. He then noticed a shard of the vase that was used to knock him out earlier " Now lets see what you look and feel like under those clothes little one" said one of monsters as they began to tear away at Chara's clothes, suddenly however Frisk then lunged at one of the monsters full force with a  large shard from the broken vase and stabbed them straight through the back and heart causing the shard to burst through the front of the man's chest like a shotgun blast, everyone looked in horror and shock. Chara then ran grabbed the monster's blunt weapon and smashed it over a distracted monster's head killing them from impact leaving the last one to go running away leaving the two alone "Chara! I'm so so so sorry! I should have been stronger and then-" but Frisk was cut off by a punch in the shoulder from Chara "Forget about it, they probably wanted a girl anyway, damn monsters" Chara said as he then began to untie Frisk with one of the vase shards on the ground freeing him. Frisk looked at Chara and then their figure, he always knew that Chara envied women of their stunning looks and fabulous figures, but he just wanted to tell Chara that their appearance was fine and that he looked good without all the extra accessories, but he knew better then to try messing with Chara when he has his mind made up "HEY! SHITHEADS!!" shouted more Monster from across the hall "Your gonna pay what you did to skipper, and leo too!" shouted the monsters as they all began to run towards them "Seems we have a audience, shall we brother?" Chara said as he got a hold of sharp piece of the broken vase "Shall we what?" Frisk asked only for Chara to sigh and then rush towards the monsters with Frisk backing him up. Down near the laboratory of the palace the Astral Mother killed whatever Monsters were Lottering around the lab "That's all of them, maybe now I can find some proper attire besides this blood stained jacket" the Astral Mother said as she began to look around the place to make sure nothing was damaged or stolen "So far these damn fools haven't broken anything and that's when she saw the endoskeleton for the nanny bot she was working on before. Her eyes then were averted to the deadly weapons and gadgets she had made before for war purposes "All of these tools are just prototypes, but I suppose it wouldn't be too crazy to add in a few extra hehehehe accessories" the Astral Mother said as she began to tinker with the endoskeleton.

Muffet stood in the large dinning room with her large spider pet and a horde of other monsters all gathered up waiting for them to gather up the Astral Mother and the two kids "What is taking so long! We have an army of monsters in these walls and yet they are still here in the castle ALIVE!" Muffet screamed with anger "Ma'am please, we're doing what we can, you have to remember that Wendy is with them" said one monster only for Muffet's pet to roar in its face " Then your not trying hard enough! I want them here! Bring them to me!!" Muffet shouted only for the main doors into the dinning room to open with two dead monster corpses falling through them revealing Frisk and Chara behind them " I always hate it when guest break things they know they cant pay for" Chara said as he smirked while picking up a knife from one of the dead monsters, Chara may feel confident, but Frisk knew better, he knows that compared to everyone in the room they're no match, but looking at his brother chara he was more then ready to die by his side " Well well well, look at this. two baby birds, two birds that don't know to fly yet have come to test their wings hehehehe" Muffet said as she snapped her fingers and her large pet began to make it's way to them stomping and crushing other monsters in it's path until a large shadow got cast over Chara and Frisk, everyone looked at the figure in shock and complete fear from most. Chara and Frisk looked back and saw the Astral Mother behind them "You two alright?" the Astral Mother said looking down at them only for Frisk to then cling onto the Astral Mother's leg like a child and begin to shake slightly from the shock of the events that happened in front of them "Lokey here fellas, it's a walking talking cumdumpster what are the odds!" Muffet shouted with sarcasm and slight anger as she used her webs to shoot her ontop of her pet "You'd made a real mess here today, I told you before that I would let you go if you had left, but now, I'm gonna make sure to leave my mark on everyone here" the Astral Mother said with a dark tone in her voice putting everyone off "And that starts with this!" the Astral Mother shouted as she then tore her clothes off revealing her naked body and figure to everyone, everyone gasped in shock and some whistled "What the hell are doing!?" Muffet shouted in embarrassment covering her eyes "I'm stripping, I always fight better when im naked also its to make sure I don't break any of your guy's internal organs when im pounding you" the Astral Mother said "Grrrrr Get this cunt already!!" Muffet shouted to everyone who all charged towards her "Can you two fight?" the Astral Mother asked as she got into a lunge like position "Y-Yea" Frisk stuttered " Hell yea!" Chara shouted "Good, help me kill these fools off and I'll make sure to pay you back for this, of course, that is if you do a good job" the Astral Mother said as one of the monster got real close to hitting her with a chair only for her to kick straight through it and into the monster's face fracturing his skull, her and the two kids then began to sprint into the crowd of monster fighting and breaking a lot of bones along the way as they fought they're way towards Muffet who stood in the far back "T-This is insanity how the hell is she and a couple of runts just blasting through my forces like this! damnit even with my pet I don't think I stand a chance, better to leave before I get caught up in this mess" Muffet thought to herself as she tapped on her pet's head. The beast realized the situation and began to charge its way through the back walls of the castle making it's escape "FRISK!" the Astral Mother shouted as she slammed on man's head through a end table and with that Frisk nodded and began to chase after Muffet and her large beast.

Muffet turned around and saw Frisk "You little punk, you guys just don't give up do you!?" Muffet exclaimed as she then began to pull debris and chuck it at Frisk "A lot of talk for someone who stormed our home" Frisk said as he dodged all the debris coming his way and from the walls the monster was breaking through. Eventually Frisk took a risk and jumped towards the beast jumping off some debris to get a boost and landed right behind Muffet "Why you little!" Muffet shouted as she began to fight with Frisk atop the beast, Frisk getting a good couple of punches in while Muffet kept trying to scratch at him with her claws and many arms. Soon the beast would bust through the last wall of palace and went flying down towards the lower levels of hotland, as it began to fall towards the ground Muffet and Frisk continued their brawl until Muffet pounded Frisk in the face and then would throw him off causing him to go flying off in another direction entirely "Later dickwads! This wont be the last time! We will be free again mark my words!!" Muffet shouted as her beast landed and they both made their daring escape towards Waterfall city's construction site. The Astral Mother looked out from the large hole in her wall with Chara still beating up some monsters who were retreating form the palace, the Astral Mother's attention then turned towards Frisk who had landed on the bridge connecting Hotland and WaterFall city, she made sure to make a mental note of his efforts to catch Muffet. Later in the evening and coming dawn "Sorry Mrs.Astral its gonna take at least a month to patch all this up, better to find a spot to relax in for now ma'am and once again, we'll be sure to have the Royal Guards retrained and brought back up to speed on how to properly take care of a mob like this" said one of the commanders "Don't bother, none of you fools have the slightest idea what your doing" the Astral Mother said as she looked over to see Chara watching as Frisk got his arm put in a cast and get crutches for his legs which had also been damaged from his fall "Looks like I'm late to the show" said a familiar voice to which Frisk and Chara both turned to in shock, it was Quenya, she was back from a trip it seemed as she looked to be carrying a lot of supplies and large bags "How was it on the surface?" the Astral Mother asked "The expansion is going smoothly, you were right to send me up, little problems, just a few eyes, other then that the surface extension of the kingdom will be done in no time, but speaking of problems, what the hell happened here" Quenya asked "Take a lucky guess" said the Astral Mother as she picked up some debris with he hand and lifted up a old picture of her parents that had been smashed up "That damn bug! Please Wen-…Astral, let me take care of her for good, a couple rounds from my spears will have er begging for your forgiveness" Quenya said with anger "No, I want to do this right, killing her now would be easy, but its not the way I work. We're going to make her life hell slowly" the Astral Mother said as she then began to walk inside the palace "Where are you going?" Quenya asked "Where do you think? I'm sleepy and with my entire castle torn to shit I think I'll make myself a nice comfy spot in my lab" Astral Mother said as she waved away to them.

"You can stay with me if you want, I got some room" Quenya asked getting the Astral Mother's attention again while Frisk and Chara looked at each other "Does that mean I'm gonna smell like fish?" Frisk said only for Quenya to bash him over the head with one of her heavy bags giving Chara a good laugh and Frisk a headache "Sure, Why not" the Astral Mother said as her and Quenya began to walk towards WaterFall with Frisk and Chara trying to keep up. As they made their way there Frisk and Chara took in the scenery of WaterFall, you could still hear the construction of WaterFall city in the distance, but other then that everything breathed around them, the water's beautiful sounds of running along the caverns and large expansions of land. As Quenya and the Astral Mother got caught up with each other Frisk and Chara looked about getting caught in the moment as they saw new monsters and even strange blue flowers that copied what they had said previously, but that's when Chara saw them, strange weird dog like creatures with long black hair wearing capes "OH MY GOD!!" Chara screamed with glee as they ran over to one of them and picked it "Aren't you just the cutest thing in the whole underground!!" Chara said with a wide smile "Brother I don't think its wise to go picking up random monsters we just meet scattered about here" Frisk said as he made his way to Chara voiding the blue flowers and small monsters "Indeed small one, there is no need to rush over and embrace such a small creature like oneself, You must understand that" said the creature ‘Oh you talk, sorry" Chara said putting down the creature "Temmie appreciates your kind gesture, I bid thee a good day" the Temmie said as it frolicked away "Weird" Chara said "No kidding" Frisk said as the two of them then noticed that they had compltley lost sight of the Astral Mother and Quenya. Back over with the Astral Mother and Quenya they both arrived at Quenya's home and she put her stuff down as she began to open the door before noticing the kids were gone "Uhhhh Astral, the kids are gone" Quenya said worried "I know, they'll find their own way back, please open up so I can relax, its rather cold here if you haven't noticed" The Astral Mother said " I haven't" Quenya replied in which the two remained silent for a few moments "I'll open the door" Quenya said "Thank you" the Astral Mother replied.

Chara and Frisk continued to try and find a route back, but nothing they tried work eventually the two got tried and had to sit for a moment at a bench behind a waterfall they found while exploring "This place is so big, I don't think we'll ever find out way back in time for dinner Chara" Frisk said as he looked at the one blue flower next to them "What even are these things anyway?" Frisk asked "Their Echo Flowers, Astral Mother mentioned they hold onto the last sound or words they heard…they're weird like everything else here" Chara said as they were a bit cold. Frisk just stared at the flower and listened to it "I don't think I have the heart to do this anymore, I'll never go anywhere and I'll just be stuck here in this dung heap for all eternity" said the echo flower leaving Frisk in thought. The two then ended up falling asleep on the bench taking some much needed rest, while back at Quenya's the Astral Mother and her began to get ready to sleep "I'm a little worried about them, they're just kids and I'd hate if something happened" Quenya said as she took off her clothes and got read to hop into bed only to turn around and see the Astral Mother laying down completely naked in bed "What are you doing?" Quenya asked annoyed "Come on, I always find a long day of kicking activist ass and dealing with children stressful, don't you want to help me relieve some of that?" the Astral Mother said as she cupped one of her breast in her hand "Besides, I know you swing my direction" she said with Quenya just staring at her "Tch, you really are the something else aren't you" Quenya said as she tried to ignore the Astral Mother's figure, but something about her battle hardened body, her perfectly shaped thighs and breast all kept her attention and called to her "Don't worry, I don't kiss and tell if that's what your worried about brave leader of the Royal Guard" the Astral Mother smirked a she stood on the bed with Quenya looking up at her "…, Just one night?" Quenya asked "Of course, unless you come back begging for more" the Astral Mother said with a loving smile, Quenya then began to stripe her clothes off and then went to the Astral Mother, the two melting into each other's bodies as the sheets covered up there actions. Back at in the depths of WaterFall Frisk still lay asleep until his head attempted to fall onto Chara's shoulder only for him to fall over completely "Ow! Chara?" Frisk said as he began to look for his brother, his ears then got filled with music and singing. Frisk followed the singing down towards a small opening in a cave, Frisk left his crutches behind as he went in and crawled closer towards the singing and music up ahead, as he made his way through he saw a horde of Temmies all crowded around and dancing to a weird ghost like figure singing, but Frisk caught his eye onto Chara immediately. "Chara! What are you doing?!" Frisk shouted, but it was drowned out by the music playing and the singing ghost way ontop of the large pile of garbage. Frisk looked up to see this pinkish looking ghost that was swaying its body and moving quite the seductive manner "Hey whats going on?" Frisk asked one of the Temmies "Have you never heard of this before? Every human day that starts with W the beautiful and illustrious Aurora comes and sings for us, for all of waterfall to hear, her voice is true bliss and could even calm the craziest of seas" said the Temmie as it got back to swaying and staring like the others, Frisk simply watched in awe.

After an hour half of constant singing and dancing eventually the concert ended and people began to leave with the Aurora leaving through a back entrance, Frisk then began hobble over to where they were "Hey! Just wanted to say that your performance was outstanding back there" Frisk said as he looked at the ghost who just smiled at him "Thank you child, I appreciate your words, but I can't stay too long or my fans will begin to get needy" Aurora said as she began to float away with Chara wrapping his arm around Frisk shoulder "Who you talking to?" Chara asked, "No one really" Frisk said as he and Chara began to make their way through the same exit seeing as all the Temmies were blocking the previous way in. As they journeyed through WaterFall Frisk kept thinking about music that Aurora sung before, she sang about a lot of political propaganda, but mostly about freedom. Frisk began to wonder if she was another rebel like Muffet as he stared at his wounded arm only for Chara to stop them "Look Frisk houses? Maybe one of these belong to Quenya!" Chara said as she began to run towards each of the houses looking inside, Frisk then noticed one of them had a little fenced in area with a track, it was weird, but Frisk felt like he had seen this place before in a dream of some sort. Chara then peered inside one of the houses to see two ghost chatting and laying on the floor "Weird, OH wait one of them is Aurora, weird how no body thinks to look for her here" Chara said as the got down from the window "Well we did walk pretty far and jump a large gap in the road here." Frisk said as he hobbled over to Chara and Chara helped him stand by giving him his shoulder. Chara then began to sniff the air having caught something "What is it Chara?" Frisk asked n which Chara began to walk down a pathway leading left " The Astral Mother's perfume, I can smell it, come on" Chara said following his nose " I don't get how that works, but ok" Frisk said as he hobbled behind Chara. The two of them eventually made it to Quenya's home and there Chara pushed open the open door to the house to just see the Astral Mother in one of Quenya's long shirts and pouring herself some coffee "Well, I almost thought you two weren't going to make it, but im glad you did, saves me the trouble of having to go and find more humans" the Astral Mother said as she began to drink her coffee and walk away "So where do we sleep?' said Frisk in which the Astral Mother looked over towards them and then to the bedroom where Quenya and her were sleeping "Come along" the Astral Mother said as she began to walk inside the room with Chara and Frisk following close behind, Quenya looked out form under the sheets and saw the Kids looking at her and then to the Astral Mother, no need to say anything for they weren't idiots.  "W-Wendy! Erm Astral, I'm not even decent!!!" Quenya said while the Astral Mother kept sipping form her mug of coffee "so what? Kids have seen plenty of nudity before, now make some room" the Astral Mother said kicking Quenya over and sitting down "Rules when sleeping with me! I don't care what you do, so long as there is no humping, licking, pulling, tugging or kicking, do you both understand me?" the Astral Mother asked in which both Frisk and Chara simply nodded to her and began to get in their PJs and hoped into bed with a loud groan from Quenya "I hate kids" she said as Chara and Frisk nuzzled in between the two of them "Anyone need any stories or whatever?" the Astral Mother asked before shutting off the light to which everyone just looked at her in confusion, she groaned and then turned off the light ending the day and starting a long and gurling month of living with Quenya in the wet and dark caves of WaterFall city, days went by quick and some took and felt like years, but overall things were peaceful. The Astral Mother visited her laboratory and the palace even regardless of distance, Quenya even though growing annoyed at them took care of Frisk and Chara most days and even began to train them, growing an attachment to them she didn't think she would have, However soon the time came for them to go back to the palace due to the conclusion of the repairs of the walls and interior, they all said their collective goodbyes and left Quenya alone once again.

5 Years later

Chara and Frisk were in monster middle school "studying" how to do algebraic problems and a few fraction related problems in the library " Hey Frisk" Chara said as he got up and twirled in his nice school skirt while Frisk just stared unamused "What do you think of my new Skirt? Everyone in class loved it" Chara said as he winked at Frisk "…That's good to hear, but I'd rather to focus on not focusing on these stupid assignments" Frisk said as he tore up a library book making the pages into airplanes "Hey you two! Stop tearing up the library or im going to have you both sent to the principal's office…again!" the librarian said as they sent Frisk and Chara to the principal's office which in this case just meant send them home since dealing with the Queen's fury of making her come all the way down to Watercity just for that would be worse than paying for a few books. Once Frisk and Chara arrive back at the castle, they are greeted by a machine that answers the door "Hello there children welcome home" said the robot, it looked like you're classic robot, gears and wires and all sticking out of it "Woah nice toy, hi Mr.Robot!" Chara said as he waved to it "Chara don't play with that thing, its weird" Frisk said as he walked inside and threw his backpack onto the ground and then proceeded to head down the elevator that lead to The Astral Mother's laboratory while Chara stayed and made conversation with the robot. Once Frisk got down to the Hotland laboratory he then saw the Astral Mother completely naked doing stretches and working out, unfortunately he caught her doing a downward duck like pose "ARGH!!! COME ON!! Can't you find any other place to do your weird exercises or I don't know WEAR CLOTHES WHILE DONG THEM!?" Frisk shouted in embarrassment.

"So where's Peter?" Frisk asked leaning against the wall looking away

"Who?" Astral Mother asked


"Ah! Yes that dolt, probably somewhere around the castle, other then that I'm busy" Astral Mother said as she continued to do yoga

"…so I heard you're looking a bit fatter then usual" Frisk said as he looked towards her

"It's called pregnancy, I didn't enroll you into school so you could act like a fool" Astral Mother replied as she then got up and walked towards Frisk who looked up at her

"I'm about 20 weeks" Astral Mother said as she felt her stomach and Frisk looked at it seeing the bump

Frisk just stared at it for a few moments measuring the infants magic and power, but couldn't feel anything, he felt a bit concerned, but figured Wendy knew what she was doing.

"Never took you for the parent type" Frisk said

"Well as much as I would love to rule forever, it would be nice to have a good line of heirs who can take my place whenever I get bored of this gig" Astral Mother said as she went to the other side of the room where her clothes were laying, suddenly another person passed by Frisk from the entrance spooking him slightly. He looked up to see it was Peterson.

"Oh, Hello human, how are you?" Peterson asked with a cold and yet soft tone

" Frisk, and I'm fine" Frisk replied

" Frisk, right, and that's good" Peterson said as he looked over towards the Astral Mother

"Dear, are you ready? The doctor said yoga is good, but getting some sunlight is good as well. Shall we head to the surface for a time?" Peterson asked

" I remember what the damn doctor said, I don't need you questioning my intelligence, I'll be on my way, meet me outside will you" Astral Mother said as Peterson walked back exiting the room.

"Your husband sure is a wimp" Frisk said as the Astral Mother started to exit the room

"You would be too if you were married to me" Astral Mother said with a devilish grin

" I'd kill you" Frisk remarked with a smile as the Astral Mother left

"Oh and one more thing! Be sure to check the robot in the other corner of the room, its for you and the gay one" Astral Mother yelled as she took the elevator back up to the castle, Frisk rolled his eyes as he walked over to the corner of the room and looked at this large pink feminine looking robot. Frisk stared at it and looked around it, he then noticed at it had been given a lot of glory and flashy bits, no breast those.

"Guess even she has standards…nah what am I kidding she probably forgot to add em" Frisk said as he then noticed the sticky note on the machines' face., he picked it up and began to read it.

"Hello this is for you and the gay one, this machine use to be the underground's flamboyant gay machine that sung and did all those weird tricks, since I won't be around as much due to constant checkups and more I've decided to give you both a bit of a Mombot so to speak, Her name is Aurora, I've given her all of the information I had on you two and she will take care of you while I'm away, she helps with homework, neutering and punishments for little shits when the time comes. She also does well as a bodyguard, hopefully she won't need to have any of those features used, signed with restrained love, Wendy" said the note, Frisk crushed it and then dropped it on the ground.

"Whatever" Frisk said as he kept staring at it, she then began to feel around Aurora as he wasn't sure hot t turn her on.

"Where the hell is the on switch" Frisk said as he then lifted up a lock of hair blocking Aurora's other eye, only to see it had a hand print on it, small enough for Frisk hand. Frisk looked at his hand and then pressed it there, suddenly Aurora's hands gently grabbed Frisk scaring him half to death.

"…Thank you for waking me up Frisk" Aurora said with a smile freaking Frisk out.

Later up in the castle Chara was doing his homework, he was having a lot of trouble with math and algebra.

"Grrrr GODDAMNIT! THIS IS USELESS!!" Chara said as he threw his homework away only a mechanical arm to extend from the darkness of the hallway. Chara got up and saw Aurora walking towards him with the loud clicking of her heels echoing through the large dinning room, Frisk walked beside her.

"WOAH! Cool robot, where'd you get?" Chara asked with curiosity

"I didn't do shit, the Astral Cunt made it for us, watch out its got a mouth tho" Frisk said only for Aurora to grab his check and pinch him incredibly hard.

"OWOWOWOWOWO!! OK OK!" Frisk screamed as he began to cry, Aurora then let go, Chara laughed a little at the display of discipline

" You wont do that again!" Frisk said in a threatening voice

" Only if I want to" Aurora said with a smirk

" You want to test me robo tits!" Frisk said as he summoned his Determination blade and pointed it at Aurora

" It would seem she wasn't kidding when she said you have issues, but I do believe that you can have manners so long as you try" Aurora said only for Frisk to try and stab her, but Aurora moved too quick and caught his hand before he could even begin the motion.

"H-How did you?!" Frisk shouted in shock as Chara looked on in amazement

" My sensors alert me to when a attack is about to begin, your form as sloppy as it is, is still one of attack, so I noticed it and stopped it." Aurora replied with Frisk anger getting worse, Aurora looked at his face and noticed his anger, her database then began to research on how to calm him down.

"I like your blade, what made you choose the Katana?" Aurora asked with a smile

" Hu?...uhh I don't know, it looks cool I guess" Frisk replied as his muscles and arms loss some tension and he put his blade away. Frisk then looked to Chara who was smiling at the thought of Aurora and Frisk getting along, but also smiling outside of his head.

"Hey uhh Chara? Your doing that thing again where you smile all weird" Frisk said

"hu? Oh sorry! It's just nice to have someone else to talk to for a change! Plus look how pretty she is!, I wish I looked that good!" Chara said as he began to look at every part of Aurora, but came to a complete standstill when he saw how big Aurora's rump was with Frisk also staring, but Chara then covering his eyes.

"See anything you kids like?" Aurora asked as she turned her head towards them not moving

"Uh yea a big one hehehe" Frisk chuckled only for Chara to elbow him in the gut causing him to wheeze

"Whys your butt so big?" Chara asked

"I was made that way, plus it's a good way to get a audience's attention" Aurora chuckled

"Yea, but doesn't do shi-…I mean squat if no one can feel it, it must be a hologram or something, maybe even cushions" Frisk said

"it is 100% real, The Astral Mother used a piece of her body to help with the fine tuning and making feel more "realistic" to put it into more PG13 words" Aurora said with a blush

"…Can I touch it?" Frisk asked with Chara getting incredibly flustered at the request

"FRISK!" Chara said in a firm voice making Frisk jump

"Sure, just be gentle" Aurora asked

Frisk nodded and then immediately put his hands on Aurora's butt, Aurora gave no reaction, Frisk then began to squeeze, feel and squish what he could get his hands on. He'd never put his hands on female like this, he was getting a bit flustered at the idea that he was actually touching someone's butt. It felt like a cookie dough, but with a softer texture and maybe even a bit of roughness to it, but other then that Aurora's butt felt amazing.

"Woah this amazing, Chara you gotta feel this!" Frisk said with a wide smile

"ALRIGHT ENOUGH TOUCHING!" Aurora shouted as she removed Frisk's hands

"Don't you two have some studying to do?" Aurora asked

"Nope" Frisk answered

"Yea, but I suck at math and algebra…my teacher says I'm gonna fail for sure" Chara said with a bit of a whimper, Frisk looked at him slightly

"Aww don't worry, if your teacher is saying that, then they are not your teacher, How about this? I'll take you out of school for the next month that way I can help you learn and get better then anyone else in your class! Hows that sound?" Aurora said smiling

"WHAT?!?! NO FAIR!!!" Frisk shouted pissed and annoyed

"NO SCHOOL! AWSOME!!" Chara shouted in glee

"Oh no you don't, you only get no school IF you promise to let me help you learn math and algebra, Deal?" Aurora asked extending her hand, to which Chara looked at it and thought for a moment

"Better take it Chara, don't you wanna be smart or whatever? Go for it" Frisk said with Chara looking at Frisk.

"Thanks bro, Yea I'll do it! Lets get smarter!" Chara said shaking Aurora's hand.

"No Chara, Lets become the smartest!" Aurora said as her and Chara then sat at the table with Frisk training with his DT blade in the background.

Two months went by, Frisk, Chara and Aurora all became incredibly close, even the Astral Mother was bit concerned with their bond or perhaps jealous even. Either way the three became very close, While Aurora helped Frisk train and hone in their battle skills as best she could she would also help Chara in doing homework and other things she wanted Aurora to help him with. One day though while the Astral Mother and Peterson were at the doctor's getting Astral's pregnancy checkup out of the way Aurora helped get Chara all dressed up and nice while Frisk sat downstairs in the dinning area and meditated or tried to…he wasn't good at it and was jut on his phone sitting down. That's when Chara came down in a very fancy outfit with Aurora next to him, Frisk looked over with his face in complete shock at what he was seeing.

"So? What do you think?" Chara said as he twirled around a bit

"heheh Me and Chara went shopping earlier and we got him some of the cutest clothes imaginable, we did his makeup and everything" Aurora said as she fixed up Chara's hair

"You're kidding right?" Frisk asked

"Uhhh no, I came down here to I could ask you how I look…you don't' like it?" Chara asked with his smiling going away

"N-no, I think the outfit looks great…its just I don't think it looks good on you…or any of this at all" Frisk said

Aurora looked at Frisk and then to Chara who was shaking a bit from holding back tears

"Chara?" Frisk said as he started making his way to him

"NO! I get it, it was stupid to think that anyone would ever like me the way I am! I can't believe that I even thought for a moment you'd be ok with what I-…with what I want to be" Chara said as they ran back up stairs leaving Aurora and Frisk downstairs.

"Chara sweetheart! You look amazing! Comeback!" Aurora said before hearing a door slam upstairs with a loud bang, Aurora then turned her head to Frisk who had gotten back on his phone and back to where he was sitting. Aurora walked over to him with loud banging steps.

" Put it down" Aurora asked

"Put what down?" Frisk said without even looking, Aurora then extended her arms out and grabbed Frisk phone and broke it two in front of him

"HEY WHAT GIVES?!!" Frisk shouted

"WHAT GIVES?! How about the fact you absolutely treated your own brother with such disrespect! I understand it may not be comfortable for you to see your brother like that, but he thinks he looks beautiful like that and the best we can do is to support him!" Aurora shouted at him

"I-it just ain't normal is all, I don't understand why he does that kind of stuff…" Frisk said as he looked down

"Normal hu? Then tell me, what is normal Frisk? What is the term for normality in your vision of reality?" Aurora asked as she crossed her arms

"…Well i…it…ITS…its not that easy to explain!" Frisk shouted back

"YOUR RIGHT! AND IF IT WAS EVERYONE WOULD BE NORMAL WOULDN'T THEY!?!" Aurora shouted to which Frisk looked away defeated and confused, Aurora walked over to him and sat down next to him

"I know that for most men seeing that isn't really…ideal, but he is your brother, you can't look away from him. You must accept him Frisk, just like he accepts you." Aurora said as she put her hand on his knee

"…I'll try" Frisk sniffed

"Thank you, now give me a hug cause I hate yelling at you" Aurora asked as Frisk hugged him and then ran upstairs after Chara, Aurora then grabbed the two pieces of Frisk phone.

"Great now I gotta fix these... damnit" Aurora said as she looked at them, she then looked around as she then began to eat Frisk's phone.

Frisk knocked on Chara's door as he could hear sobbing behind it.

"Chara?" Frisk said as he peeked in only for a knife to barley miss his head.

"GET OUT! I wanna be alone, Chara said as he sat on his bed in his PJs, Frisk walked in anyway closing the door behind him.

"Look Chara what I said before…I-" but before Frisk could finish Chara cut him off.

"Don't bother, I know you've always thought I was weird, I don't blame you…everyday I wake up and feel so disgust in my own skin, sometimes I wish I could be a man like you Frisk, that I didn't feel like this" Chara said as he began to cry more, Frisk just looked as guilt covered his face.

"Chara…even if it is weird and even if you might not like it, I like you, I love you man!" Frisk said as he sat next to Chara with Chara wiping his face and looking at him.

"And…even if this is something you wanna do…I'll support you all the way! 100%!" Frisk said grabbing Chara pulling him close to him.

"Y-you mean it?" Chara said sniffing.

" ABSOLUTLEY!" Frisk shouted with no doubt in his voice.

"Then... Could I show you the outfit again?" Chara said shyly.

"I'd force you too if you didn't ask" Frisk said with a stern voice as Chara chuckled.

"Alright alright, geez and get away from me you weirdo" Chara said as he grabbed the clothes off the ground and went to the bathroom to change, after that Chara got to keep showing Frisk all the wonderful clothes he had and could fit in with Frisk clapping and always nodding in agreement that Chara looked too good for those clothes, Aurora leaned outside the door with glee at the fact the boys were getting along again.