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Sweet Pea

This takes place in the Past during the 5 year skip of Steel Heart

During one day during the month of September the Astral Mother was doing some experiments on some rodents down in the sub-lab.

“Today is a good day, Those two brats are off and away at school which means I get to be here all by myself and just focus on my experiments” Astral Mother said as she then lifted up a cage full of rats and placed them on a table. She then grabbed a vial filled with a blue hard and rough looking liquid.

“Corrupted Kindness, otherwise called Misfortune, if this works I’ll be able to lower the moods of this whole underground causing misfortune for everyone, then they’ll all seek me for guidance on how to  or what could make them feel better. Hohohohohohoho! Its almost so diabolical I could make myself sick…but whatever” the Astral Mother said as she dumped the liquid on the rats in the cage and then put on a gas mask.

The Astral Mother watched as the rats then began to act very sluggish and cough extremely before finally coughing out their hearts and dying immediately.

“Damn, back to the drawing board I guess” the Astral Mother said as she picked up the cage and began walk to the trash chute, suddenly though out of her vision she knocks over a vial of Kindness that shatters on the floor letting the gas everywhere.

“OH SHIT! Son of bitch!” the Astral Mother shouted as she held in her breath and ran to a switch in the far corner of the room flipping it and turning on the ventilation system sending it up and out of the underground.

“Son of a bitch, how could I be so damn careless!” the Astral Mother said as she held her breath for a minute before breathing again.

“Damn, from now on put a mental note, no more vials, just slogging around.” The Astral Mother said when suddenly a loud bell ringing nose rang through her lab, she then brought up a monitor on the wall showing Frisk and Chara had gotten back from school and were waiting at the front door to be let in.

“Well there goes that fucking deal, damn I need to hire another babysitter” the Astral Mother said as she turned off everything in her lab with a switch before taking an elevator to the Royal Castle and letting the two boys in.

“Welcome back” The Astral Mother said as she closed the door gently.

“Hey” Frisk said as he threw his backpack on the table and sat down with a pout while Chara nodded and sat down with a bigger pout

“What’s wrong?” The Astral Mother asked with curiosity

“ Why do you care” Frisk mumbled as Chara signed heavily with his stomach growling

“Here's an idea, how about I make us some lunch!” the Astral Mother said with a large smile as she rushed to the kitchen, Frisk and Chara looked in utter shock at her and then each other as they got up and followed the Astral Mother to the kitchen. The Astral Mother then got a large apron and began to pull stuff out of the fridge. Frisk and Chara looked over the kitchen island as the cooks and chiefs looked at her too, but eventually left the scene.

“Uh what are you doing?” Frisk asked

“Cooking us some num nums” the Astral Mother said as she got out some bacon and burger patties, along with a plethora of condiments.

“But Wendy, you can’t cook” said Chara only for Astral Mother to turn with a smile and look back at him

“Oh don’t you worry I’ll find a way, as life always does” Astral Mother said as she turned back around and began to mess with pots and pans all while Frisk and Chara watched in a bit of worry. Soon Peterson arrived and looked in absolute shock.

“Ah! Your just in time for supper dear” Astral Mother said as she kept cooking, she wasn’t good at cooking at all never having cooked in her life. The Astral Mother tried her best, but ultimately ended up starting a fire.

After a hour of the staff putting out the fire and cleaning up the kitchen the Astral Mother sat at her study and began to ponder.

“Why did I do that? Cooking?...” the Astral Mother then began to cough.

“That kindness serum…from before…must be giving me a reaction, making me do things…I…would do if I was honest with myself more” The Astral Mother stuttered as she held her throat. A knock at the door came in which the Astral Mother then closed her laptop and turned around.

“Come in” the Astral Mother said

Peterson came through the door closing it behind him, the Astral Mother tried to scowl, but instead made a cheerful smile at her husband who looked shocked at this.

“Welcome in dear, how can I help you?” The Astral Mother asked                                                                            

“Whats been going on with you? You cook, your calling me dear now, come on Wendy, we both know that you are aren’t like this, is something wrong?” Peterson asked

“Nothing is wrong dear, I’m just trying to ask my best self, not to mention all the stress is bad for the baby” the Astral Mother said as she rubbed her stomach, the Astral Mother felt her stomach, she could feel the child inside as the magic filled them, they could feel it inhale and exhale.

“…Um well, I do have some bad news your probably not going to like to hear” Peterson said,

After a hour long trip to Watercity Highschool where Frisk had gotten in trouble once again, this time for assaulting a female monster for unknown reasons.

“U-Uh thank you Mrs.Astral for deciding to come to your so-uh…child’s meeting, we really appreciate it. Its not often we get you down here” said the principle as he fixed his glasses

“Of course, its no trouble at all, I just want to do right by this wonderful school and try to do my part if I can” the Astral Mother said as she smiled and looked down at Frisk who was still in shock that Astral had shown up in the first place. About a hour after the meeting and getting home the Astral Mother grounded Frisk and checked on Chara and made sure they were alright and then finally stepping into her sub-laboratory.  As she went inside she began to lean against the wall Weakley, even falling to her knees.

“DAMN THIS CURSED KINDNESS TRAIT!!, Its disturbing my aura of fear and terror, if my subjects don’t fear me then my body can’t function…I need to make a cure to fix myself otherwise, I won’t just get weaker, but…” the Astral Mother felt her stomach  and then proceeded to go deeper into her lab to start working on a cure. As she did Peterson came down stairs into the sub-lab and watched her.

“So there is something wrong with you after all” Peterson said

“Oh no of course not, I-I…I don’t know what I’m doing…I feel like my body is fighting against itself…honey, I-I need you to help me, I don’t want to go back to being so heartless, so mean and so cruel…I want to truly love you” the Astral Mother said as she began to glitch out

“W-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Peterson said as he began to back up

“I-i-i-i-i-i-it would appear that this kindness trait goes against my proper functions…” the Astral Mother said as she fell to her knees

“DON’T WORRY I’LL HELP YOU TWO!” Peterson shouted as he ran over to the Astral Mother only for a large black tentacle to come from one of the test tubes in the room blocking his path

“You will do no such thing Mr.Peterson” said the Roki as it burst out of the test tube and grew to a large height almost dwarfing Peterson

“Saving her means the damnation of us all, instead allow her to die, allow her to fail and perhaps you will get some semblance of your life back” the Roki said as it looked back the Astral Mother as she struggled to stand

“N-now that isn’t very nice Roki, I gave you life, I gave you a new life” the Astral Mother said with a sweet smile

“YOU SON OF A BITCH I’LL MURDER YOU AND PERTERSON FOR THIS!!!”  the Astral Mother thought to herself as her face couldn’t and wasn’t able to show any kind of emotion

Suddenly, the Astral Mother’s stomach got hot, hot as a oven as it began to burn causing her great pain

“Pe-Peterson..the medicine… I need the medicine, my stomach he’s awake again…please” the Astral Mother said as she began to cry from the pain.

“Oh shit.” Peterson said as he tried to run only for the Roki to pin him against the wall.

“NO! WATCH! WATCH AS SHE D I E S.” said the Roki as it and Peterson looked over.

“N-NO you don’t understand-.“ but before Peterson could finish the Roki covered his head with tentacles as it watched, the Astral Mother began to claw at the floor as her stomach got even hotter until her pink like hair began to turn a hot and fiery red which confused the Roki, but just then he looked over to see Frisk and Chara come down stairs looking pissed and confused.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Frisk shouted as he got

“Wait brother look!” Chara said as they pointed toward the entrance that goes deeper into the sub-laboratory and saw more amalgamations coming from underneath the lab.

“Ah yes, come my brothers, let us kill this whole family of monsters!” the Roki said only for a pink knife to get throw right into it’s face, it then lifted up Peterson looking under him at the two humans.

“Now you all have two options, One, you can all go back to your designated areas and be good little science experiments or the better option and my personal favorite, you can all continue to try and do what your doing while I proceed to chop off the top of all your skulls” Frisk said with a smile as he unsheathed his DT blade while Chara summoned his pink twin knives

“KILL THESE RUNTS!” the Roki shouted as all the amalgamations then began to full sprint towards the two, Frisk began to cut them down while Chara tried cutting his way through to the Astral Mother who was still stirring in pain.

“Come on Wendy! GET UP! WE NEED YOU!!” Chara shouted as he cut through two enemies only for more to resurface.

“What’s the matter you Pink cunt!? Batteries low or something?!” Frisk said as he was then slammed into a wall by a amalgamation, Chara then jumped on the random amalgamation slicing it in half, suddenly, one of the Roki’s tentacles slammed Chara into a desk filled with vials and chemicals.

“Don’t be a fool child, don’t you see that these beings around you now, they are people, monsters and even children she’s experimented on, torn apart and deconstruct into the bare bones of what their existence is. You want to save HER life? The women who’s imprisoned you, the one who has oppressed he own species and even your own. Think about it?! We can end this all R I G H T  N O W.” The Roki said as it kept to hold Peterson suspended, everyone looked at each other for a moment.

“You stupid fucking black piece of shit” Frisk said as he got up struggling.

“W H A T?” Roki said as it turned to Frisk. Frisk then wiped the blood from his head as the amalgamations began to surround him.

“I couldn’t care about jackshit of what you have to say, I don’t care about the enslavement of this pathetic race of monsters, the genocide and torment of my people and hell even my own life for that matter. All that I care about and will care about is keeping my brother safe and killing that pink bitch when I get the chance” Frisk said with a smirk as all the amalgamations roared and screamed in his face.

“But you see you would have had be if you didn’t make one crucial mistake.” Frisk said as he strengthened his DT blade

“You touched my brother” Frisk said as he then raced forward cutting the amalgamations to pieces and tearing through them, some tried to catch him, but their efforts were useless as he simply just cut through them like butter.

Frisk then got to the Roki and as the Roki tried to catch and kill him Frisk just kept slicing through all of his attacks until he finally cut off the Roki’s head making it release Peterson who then ran towards the Astral Mother giving her a medicine that quickly began to bring her temperature down and clam her down.

“T-Thank you Pete” the Astral Mother said as Peterson helped her up, Chara got up and began to support the Astral Mother to her feet too

“Frisk…thank you” The Astral Mother said with a soft voice in which Frisk just scoffed, suddenly though loads of code fragments and amalgamation parts began to mix and begin to bug out the sub-laboratory


“NO! YOU GUYS GO! I’LL HOLD OFF WHATEVER IT IS THAT’S COMING NEXT!” Frisk shouted as he faced towards the danger

“Come child, there is no time!” the Astral Mother said as she began to make her way to the exit with Peterson and Chara who looked back just for a second

“Most interesting” said a voice in Frisk’s head, he shook it off and watched as the code pieces and amalgamation parts began to combine into this giant black blob of code and amalgamation parts

“[AlphaTale.EXE loaded]” said the giant blob of code and dripping parts, Frisk stared at it in complete horror

“What the hell is this...” Frisk said in utter fear and horror

“ARGHHHHH STOP IT!!!” AlphaTale.EXE shouted mimicking Frisk’s voice as it then began to grow a black arm wielding a fake DT katan which it began to swing at Frisk who swung back at it

AlphaTale.EXE kept its assault up as it grew more arms with more DT katanas to wield and attack Frisk with

“JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?!” Frisk said as he parried away an attack and sliced AlphaTale.EXE only for it to try to absorb him and the attack, Luckily Frisk was able to escape, but felt like he lost a bit of himself. Frisk then began to run away, running through the facility, AlphaTale.EXE began to grow 4 large spider like legs as it began to run after Frisk crawling all around the walls and ceiling phasing through doors and other objects that was in its way.

“ You dare defy me?! King Multiverse | Alphatale Wiki | Fandom" AlphaTale.EXE said in a weird and glitchy voice as it followed after Frisk, Frisk then looked behind him only to see the entity gone and as he turned his head back saw AlphaTale.EXE come melting out of the ground in front of him causing him to stop in place. AlphaTale.EXE then began to start playing a odd glitchy soundtrack, It then attacked Frisk with chains coming out of portals, Frisk dodged and swung through the chains avoiding anything that could damage or hurt him. Frisk then got his blade and sliced off one of the entity’s arms causing it to destabilize, AlphaTale.EXE then began to glitch out intensely, causing it to clip into walls and even Frisk a little as it sporadically began to scream garbled up words and more.

“ .. / .-- .- -. - / -.-- --- ..- / - --- / -... .-. .. -. --. / -- . / .. -. - --- / - .... . / -. . .-- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -.. / .-- .. - .... / -.-- --- ..-“ AlphaTale.EXE screamed in a mixture of the Astral Mother and a random Temmie’s voice

“  ash ycacvna Scnie the ethre Gdo THIS ISNT A GAME D a adteh fill si ttah uoY who ovdi ehre can” shouted AlphaTale.EXE in William’s and Delio’s voice

“Who the hell was that just now?” Frisk said as he shook uncontrollable




AHAH[Laugh Track file too large]” AlphaTale.EXE laughed as it mimicked the voices

The world then began to destabilize and tear apart around Frisk as soon everything went white and the only things around were Frisk and the abomination in front of him

“ .- .-.. .--. .... .- - .- .-.. . / .. ... / .. -. ..-. .. -. - .”  AlphaTale.EXE said in Calaria and Teraa’s voices

“Who the hell-“ Frisk was then interrupted as AlphaTale.EXE then summoned two large dark blasters and fired them at Frisk who dodged out of the way, a weird crooked skeleton hand then grew out of AlphaTale.EXE’s large body and then picked up Frisk with blue magic

“WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS?!!?” Frisk shouted as he was then thrown around hitting invisible walls and getting his head smashed against the floor only for the white void to disappear to reveal them in judgment hall

“ IN suedoit srdbi kisd adsy Ist rea ekil HELL ginsgin keil ethse dya GINNBRU yuo EB omnlbiog etuuabfil fsrolwe a on SOLDUH are” AlphaTale.EXE shouted and screamed in Ares’s and Sol’s voice as it then began to fire large purple flame like things at Frisk who cut through them causing them to explode in his face sending him flying backwards

“ THIS ISN’T A G A M E!” AlphaTale.EXE shouted as it then took the form of Frisk from 12 years later, though the form was incomplete and using parts and pieces from other characters from further in time or in different timelines in entirely. AlphaTale.EXE then began to fire god rays and empress rays out of its eyes at Frisk causing him to block and dodge the attacks.

“ T H E  W O R L D  O R B I T S  R E A L I T Y!” shouted AlphaTale.EXE using The Void Empresses’ and Quenya’s voices as it then morphed into Delios with missing parts replaced with Exul’s and Osiris’s as it then began to swing Delios’s giant hammers as it charged at Frisk who barley dodged them and kept his distance as he had no idea who he was facing and how to fight back. Frisk mind had no idea how to comprehend what was going on as he couldn’t understand what was happening and how to stop, he felt as if he had made a horrible mistake sticking back to face this thing.

“ You felt spine running up your mistakes your” AlphaTale.EXE then began to morph again as it then turned into a pale version of the Astral Mother who was missing her face and had it replaced with Brimm’s, AlphaTale.EXE then began to start spitting lighting and fire out of its mouth causing Frisk to use his katana to get to higher ground, he then used the extra height to jump down and slice off AlphaTale.EXE’s head, it then began to spaz out and glitch immensely from this.

“ I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE OR WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING, BUT I WONT LOSE TO YOU!! THIS ISN’T SOME GAME YOU CAN JUST MESS AROUND WITH!!” Frisk shouted as he prepared himself for the entities next attack.

“ THIS ISN’T A GAME!” shouted AlphaTale.EXE in William’s voice as it then morphed into a distorted and corrupted version of a mixture of Brimm and Sol combined

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA” AlphaTale.EXE began laughing in Infected and 404’s voice

Frisk looked on in horror as the large entity then began to summon Soul Harbingers out of its back, Frisk completely gave up as he then began to run away into the white void that had returned, He ran as fast as he could as he saw he was gaining some distance from the abomination, the Soul Harbingers began to throw their tridents at Frisk who dodged these large things coming at him. Then a large Alpha!Betty then began to morph on top of the large abomination, she then summoned her large blue spear and threw it at Frisk at faster then light speed, Frisk looked back for a moment before he found his entire body cut in half by the large spear sending his upper half flying in the air.

AlphaTale.EXE then began to suck in all of reality with Frisk being the last thing to entire the vortex, suddenly Frisk then woke up in bed, he was in a complete sweaty state, his covers and sheets completely soaked in sweat, he then looked over at the time to see it was the next day.

“…A…bad dream?...” Frisk said in complete relief as he fell back on his pillow, and as he shut his eyes tight, in the alarm clock on his dresser glitched out for a moment before becoming stable again.