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Chapter 1

Far Past

"Alphatale is an AU of regret, bad choices, and many, MANY sacrifices. Those that know and realize these rules take the world with no grain of salt and realize that with Her in charge, this world is destined to fail."

Our story begins with the young Wendy Ding Gaster. The year is 1989 and there is a brutal war going on between the Humans and Monsters. The young Wendy was scavenging through the battlefield for her parents, only to come across the held hands of them. "It would seem they died as they lived... in love." She took her parents' hands and hid in a nearby abandoned bunker. With no family and no hope, it would seem the war would soon be over. The humans would soon slaughter them all. All hope appeared lost for the young girl... that was until she noticed a dying fish in a fish tank not far from where she was. She then, for some odd reason, began to build equipment to house the fish and commenced with taking the dead fish back to the Underground, where her laboratory was. It was abandoned thanks to the war, so she had all the time she needed to make her weapon; a weapon to turn this battle in their favor.

Wendy commenced to build more and more until her fingers and hands couldn't take it, but knew she had to keep going. After a while, the Transfusion machine was complete. She then put the fish in one of the chambers and let herself rest for an hour before returning to the battlefield where she took DETERMINATION (DT) from the corpses of humans she found scattered about. Once she returned to her laboratory, she dumped the DT into the machine and activated it, transforming the fish into her perfect warrior, Quenya. Wendy ordered Quenya to strike down everything on the field that wasn't a monster or didn't look like one. Quenya then commenced to slaughter all the humans, turning the tide of the war. After some time, the humans, battered and beaten, unconditionally surrendered. Asgore, accepting their surrender, demanded that they leave the monsters alone forever.

After the final battle, Wendy was given an award and was given the position of the Royal Scientist of the Underground; a position she wasn't comfortable with. Twenty-four years later, after many failures, Wendy fired Alphys for her clumsy attitude and other reasons of non-interest. Wendy would stare at the castle on some dim nights and would ponder to why she was down where she was and not up there. I saved the kingdom, right? she thought, So why is it that I am left out and never brought up again? Sometimes in the streets, people wouldn't recognize her, and some would even talk to her like as if she were some regular person... The bastards. she thought to herself. After many days, the queen would soon be expecting an heir to the throne. Wendy would soon be assigned to the queen, for she had gotten ill. The king begged Wendy to do her best and to make sure his wife would be ok. Wendy told him that he had nothing to fear... "She is in good hands."

Five months later, the queen died of childbirth, and the child soon shared the same fate. The king was heartbroken. He had no means of escaping his deep depression and had no way of leading the kingdom as he was. Wendy then came to the king, offering him comfort and some tea as well. Days later, the king fell ill, and died soon after. After such horrible events, the kingdom fell into a bleak period known and recorded as the "Grimmer Days". With such terrible things happening who could lead them? Who would guide the kingdom? Wendy appointed herself to the task and stepped up as the possible queen to the Underground. Despite there being minor opposition to her appointment, Wendy won over the people, and was later crowned as Queen of the Underground. After her inauguration, Wendy changed her name to the Astral Mother, later passing a law that required every subject under her to call her by that name, punishing those who did not with death. The Astral Mother ruled the kingdom with fear, leaving no chance for the sparks of revolution to catch. To protect herself from assassination, the Astral Mother appointed Quenya to head the Royal Guard and to protect her for the remainder of her reign—which the Astral Mother planned to have last a very long time.


"The young princes. The young princes who are strong, who are brave, the ones who will shape the fate of this world, and the ones who will possibly put it out of its misery... hopefully."
– Temmies

The Astral Mother ruled for years to come, but as the years flowed by, the Astral Mother's own mortality became more apparent. Soon, it became clear to her that she would need an heir if she wished for her dynasty to persist beyond her death. She soon courted and seduced many men, though none were worthy of being the father of the Kingdom's next ruler, the Astral Mother thought.

One day, as she sat down by the river in Snowdin and relaxed. "Are you okay there?" a voice asked. The Astral Mother, surprised that someone would approach and talk to her, looked up to the source of the voice. It was an old friend: Peterson, an old flame/friend from her past. They spent the rest of their day hanging out and catching up. The Astral Mother then ask him at that moment if he would want to marry her. He told her no and that he was with someone else at the time. The Astral Mother was highly disappointed and left him right after the request. She was embarrassed but overall surprised no one would want to rule by her side.

A couple of years later, the Astral Mother returned to the surface with some of her forces, heading to the human village. She demanded that they give her some humans for testing, otherwise she would wipe out the entire village. The humans—not wanting to start another devastating war—gave in to the threat and gave the Astral Mother two humans: one named Frisk, and the other named Chara. Taking them, the Astral Mother returned to the Underground. In the Underground, Frisk and Chara were trained in separate ways from each-other. Chara was trained in the ways of human combat mixed with monster combat, but Frisk was trained in a new way. A way that hadn't been done before. Frisk and the Astral Mother trained in many ways, but one of them was RESET training. She trained Frisk to learn how to rewind the world to a certain point in time and they also tried to learn to keep the effects of said timeline intact with the RESET itself, but the test utterly failed.

After multiple years of failure, the Astral Mother's life began to dawn close to its end. But before that end, with the Humans grown and the Kingdom soon to prosper from her death, the Astral Mother murdered the grown Frisk in his sleep, forcing a sudden RESET to the first day of the first RESET training. After this event, multiple RESETs were used to keep the Astral Mother around for centuries at a time. During these RESETs, she began to experiment with multiple different outcomes and possibilities and overall made wonderful progress. After a while, they stopped messing with the world and decided to let it play out and to see what would want to happen with these choices. The Astral Mother decided to figure out her old friend's address and decided to visit him and his girlfriend. They all spent a wonderful evening together, but of course, the evening grew sour once Peterson had to leave to check if a line started at his job, so he left the two women alone by themselves. They quickly got into an argument which was one-sided seeing how the Astral Mother functions and in response she decided to make them a glass of water to cool things down. She went into the kitchen to pour them some water. When she came back, the Astral Mother gave her and her friend's partner something to drink and shortly after finishing, the woman collapsed and died. The Astral Mother then took the body in the basement of the place and threw it down the stairs to let it rot.

When the man returned, he asked for where his partner was. The Astral Mother told him the truth, but Peterson paused for a moment and then laughed it off and told the Astral Mother she was full it, but shortly after the Astral Mother opened the basement and told him to take a look for himself. When he did, he was shocked to see the corpse, throwing up on the stairs. The Astral Mother then told him everything was going to be okay and that soon he would be happy again. Peterson was furious and utterly disgusted and at that moment, he wanted to kill the woman in front of him. He wanted to make her bleed and suffer. But before he could get the chance, he was cut down by a mysterious red blade.

Before Destruction - Year 6

"Let us allow the future to remain unseen, for we would ruin it with our findings and more so our faults."
– Temmies

6 Years Later

In the following years, the Astral Mother had her heirs—two princes known as William and Adam. The two princes were praised by all, but the father of the boys, Peterson, was never seen by the people again, as he had been locked in the basement of the palace, never to see the light of day again. After a couple of months of raising the boys, the Astral Mother then began a routine of leaving them with Quenya to either be trained or taken care of. This would be the daily routine for years to come. Quenya found this task to be tedious and unfit for her skills, since the Astral Mother never seemed to leave the palace in the first place. To Quenya's perception, it didn't seem that the Astral Mother had anywhere to go, but more or less just got tired of taking care of the children after a while. When the boys would ask who or where their father was, the Astral Mother would simply say that he left.

Two months later, the boys had begun going to school, not seeing their mother or Quenya for longer periods of time. School was incredibly rough for Adam mentally, but physically he had all the right stuff. At some moments of the day, Adam would just completely shut down because of the fact he wasn't as smart as any of the other kids. William, however, was a gifted child. His teachers predicted that he would easily be finishing the elementary curriculum by the end of the school year. After that, the Astral Mother found it only right that William be homeschooled by herself because of this fact. Adam, however, continued to struggle in school while his mother put all of her focus on William. Adam was doing terrible in school, and often got into fights. He won them all, of course, with his intense strength and mobility. One day while walking home, he was thinking of why his brother got special treatment and not him. While in thought, Quenya had happened upon him while walking through Waterfall City. It was a touching moment between them, they bonded and went on to talk about stuff that had been happening. Quenya was a bit annoyed with how the Astral Mother was treating Adam and then offered him free tutoring lessons on schoolwork, math, and other important subjects. Adam was quick to reply, shouting "YES!" as loud as he could. He then remembered he had to head home, and said goodbye to Quenya, giving her a hug and leaving.

After a month or two of secret tutoring, Adam had begun to pass the tests he would have failed. "The lessons are working!" Adam shouted while walking home from his Wednesday quiz. Once he got home, he found his mother lying down on a pile of paper and his brother missing. "Where's Will, ma?" Adam asked with respect in his voice. "How should I know? Now, can't you see I'm working?" the Astral Mother said with a firm and strict tone. "It looked more like you were making a paper angel to me" Adam replied with a small giggle. The Astral Mother looked at him and almost gave a small little giggle herself if she wasn't so exhausted. She then told him that he better get moving, otherwise his brother would be late for dinner. Adam responded by saying "You're gonna cook?" which the Astral Mother then responded with a "Hell no." in strict voice and told him that they were going out to eat. After a while of silence, Adam went to William's and his room, put his stuff down, then headed out to go find his brother, leaving his mother alone with her thoughts.

Adam would wander for what felt like hours until finally he found his brother sitting down near a pile of bushes, peaking through them. "What are you doing?" Adam asked with a curious voice, but kind of creeped out. William jumped at the surprise of his brother's presence and turned around really quick, saying "I-it's nothing! I was just making sure that the bushes were well-trimmed. They look great." William said, not doing a good job at lying. Adam looked behind him while his brother mumbled on and saw someone on the other side. "Oh wow, you're stalking someone?" Adam said, trying to get the individual's attention. William, nervous about being caught, put his hands over Adam's mouth and told him to shut up. William looked back to see if the person he was watching had spotted them. The person almost seemed to have not even heard them. William sighed in relief, then looked at his brother. "Not. Another. Word." William said with a firm and serious voice. Adam chuckled, then stated that he would never blow his brother's cover like that. "But I would," said a voice from behind them. They turned around to find one of the Humans standing away from them. It was Frisk. "Who are you two spying on?" Frisk asked with a neutral tone. Adam answered by saying that he was here because he was looking for his brother and had just found him.

Frisk seemed to be okay with that, but wanted to know who William was spying on, so Frisk walked to the bush where William was. "H-HEY!" William shouted. "Wait! I swear I'll do anything... ju-just don—". But it was too late. Frisk was already at the bush when he saw Chara on the other side training with just his blade. Frisk looked back at William, then Chara, and then back to William. Frisk then walked over to Adam and told him to just let his brother go. Adam replied "B-but my mother said—", but Frisk told Adam that he could just say that he couldn't find him. Adam let William go and went off with Frisk to go back to the palace.

Before Destruction - Year 13

"Family is as thick as water, blood, and maybe even one day, life itself. But until then the strength of one's bond to another shall be tested."
– Temmies

The Kingdom began to expand more and more across the years, and eventually even began to expand outside the underground. Humans and Monsters were still against each-other and still vowed to keep their distances, but this time we would see a more gruesome side to this proud world.

William was growing quite fond of Chara over the years, and the same could be said of Chara for William as well. One day, while going down the Waterfall City trail to Snowdin, William spotted Adam being picked on by other school kids. He was quick to get to them to stop the fighting. William broke the boys apart in an attempt to keep the tension down. The bully spoke towards William in anger "WHAT HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HERE NERD!!?!" the bully shoved William away putting his focus towards him. "You think your clever coming in here for him huh!? Well, all you did was make yourself a target as well!!" the bully declared, threatening William. Adam couldn't move and was too shocked to do anything, that was before he saw hope in the distance. Quenya was running towards them. Adam overflowed with joy, but then out of nowhere, she stopped dead in her tracks and put her hand to her ear. She then looked at the boys, then went running in the opposite direction. Adam's heart dropped, and as soon as she left, he could hear his brother getting beaten up by the bullies. Adam was just frozen and had no idea what to do. He just stood there and watched them beat him up. William was screaming and begging for Adam to jump in, but Adam didn't. He just stood there and let it happen. After they were done with William they went straight to Adam, the biggest one of them grabbed ahold of Adam's jacket and picked him up by it. Adam was confused. Why would the women who took care of him all his life, the women who helped him pass the 6th grade, be so willing to just up and leave. He couldn't stand it. He couldn't bear it. Adam punched the bully in the face who was holding him up. The other ones then commenced to jump at Adam, but they were stopped in their tracks from what looked to be webs of some kind. They were sharp to the touch, cutting against the bullies' skin and keeping them in place. Then, out of nowhere, this beautiful girl came from the sky and landed in front of Adam, asking if he was okay. Muffet had arrived right in time. He responded with a "y-yes" and as soon as she turned around, the bigger bully came and punched her right over Adam's head. Adam looked up at the bully and then was soon knocked to the ground as well.

William opened his eyes and witnessed his brother and this random girl getting beaten to a bloody pulp. William tried to get up but was too wounded to move. All he could do was watch. The bigger bully was beating up the girl with all his might, though she fought against him as well, but with little effort to show. William was utterly useless, just like he had always been. He couldn't reach them in time, and he couldn't even stand up. William then thought of the blue attack and then used it on the bigger bully. The bully laughed and stated "FINE! Once you run out of magic, I'll beat the SHIT OUT OF YOU TOO!!!" William was unable to stop the other bullies, who had been cut free by the larger one, from beating up his brother and the girl. Eventually, Adam and Muffet were beaten unconscious, and William was left to lay there while the bigger bully stood there waiting for him to run out of magic. The other bullies began to walk towards William. William began to cry, he didn't want to be beaten up or even end up like his brother or that one girl, but it seemed like he was going to. It all seemed inevitable.

William had no idea what to do. Soon the bullies were so close he could hear their breaths. Was this it? Is this where I black out too? William asked himself before one of the bullies kicked him in the head. William could hear them laughing at his pain, his suffering, his tears, and his weakness. All he was able to do was keep a bully in place. William then lost himself, as if his mind had quit on him and his body then went limp. The bullies panicked wondering if they had killed him. One of the boys went to William to check on him, and as soon as he did, William then picked up the boy using his magic and threw him straight to Hotland. The boys were left stunned and had no idea what the hell just happened. William then got up as if he was just lying down because he wanted to, and then stoop up as if nothing had happened. He then looked at them and focused his attention on the rest of the bullies. He used blue magic to lift one of the bullies so high that they would reach the ceiling of the underground. The bully never did return to the ground, but his blood most certainly did. The rest of the kids were horrified and didn't know what to do, so they ran away and never looked back. The bigger one, however, was stuck. Frozen in place from fear and shock. William approached him and began to lift him too. The bully screamed in fear and begged for forgiveness, but William didn't listen. He then began to close his hand, and as he did, the bully's bones began to crunch and snap, as if gravity itself was betraying him. Adam would wake up to the screams of the boy. Immediately, he ran to William and shook him, telling him to stop and that they weren't in danger anymore. Soon, William came to his senses and saw what he was doing. He looked at his brother and saw Adam in tears, begging him to stop. William looked at Adam's damaged body and then looked back to the bully. The bully was hardly alive, his legs were in places no one had thought they could reach. William stared, then told his brother "... I need to do this." Adam stared at him with shock, and then froze as his brother continued to close his fist. The blood of the bully beginning to soak the unconscious Muffet. Adam then punched his brother.

William, knocked off balance, let go of the bully. William took a couple of steps back and looked at his brother. Adam looked at his brother with anger and frustration, William stared at him with confusion and rage. The two princes at a complete standoff.

William summoned an unknown and never before seen blaster out of the blue. "Don't do this, Will." Adam threatened. William started up the blaster, then told his brother "GET. OUT. OF. MY. WAY." Adam stood there, knees shaking, knowing that he was about to fight his... no... that he was about to fight someone he had never known before. Adam then repeated himself one last time "NO..." Adam shouted with hate in his eyes. William let out a sigh of disappointment. "That is unfortunate." William said. He then fired the blaster at Adam. Adam was surprised, but dodged it entirely, a huge boom coming from behind him. As Adam looked back, his face contorted with shock and surprise as the dust from the explosion revealed a massive hole in the mountain. A bright light shined on Adam's face. William fired again, but this time, Adam summoned a pillar of bone to lift him into the air where he then used the pillar to fire him at William, going for a right hook, but then—

Before Destruction - Year 13 - 1 Reset

"Often times, we forgive our mistakes, for they make us who we are. But more times than none, our mistakes aren't very generous."
– Temmies

Adam rose in his bed, which was across from William's, its occupant still asleep. Adam was left in a state of loss and a feeling of forgetfulness. He felt at that moment that he had done something but couldn't remember what that something was. William then arose and stared at Adam, who looked at him with a confused expression. Then, without saying anything, William got up and left, closing the door behind him. Out in the hall, he looked ahead, seeing his mother down the hall staring at him. She walked to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "How do you feel, William?" The Astral Mother spoke to him softly. William responded scattered "I-I-I don't understand, h-how is this, wh-why doesn't Adam—" The Astral Mother put her finger over William's mouth and then whispered to him. "Everything is going to be okay from now on." She then walked away and disappeared behind the corner of the hallway. William then ventured outside the palace only to bump into Chara. "What's the hurry Will?" Chara asked, confused. William replied with "It's nothing really, I-I'm just a little worried about something... yeah." William looked away from Chara and relaxed himself, thinking that he was embarrassing himself in front of his crush. "Maybe I can help you with your troubles." Chara said. William agreed, then walked away with Chara while looking back at him home.

Hours passed, and Adam still rested in his room. He was still thinking over what had happened, but he couldn't remember what it was. Later that day, William returned with Chara and before Chara left, he hugged William and told him to take it easy. William entered the palace and was about to go upstairs when he saw the other door across the hall open. In reaction, he hid behind a wall, peeked out from behind, and saw Frisk come in. Frisk then went to the computer monitor and typed in a passcode that William couldn't see. The computer monitor went into the wall and then revealed a secret passage that led below the palace. Frisk went into it and the monitor went back to how it was before. William went to it and stared at it. "Come on, there must be some kind of clue." William tried all the methods his mother had taught him but got nowhere. That was until he remembered his new trick from... last time. He backed up and put his hand in front of the monitor. William then focused his strength into clearing his mind and focused on moving the monitor. Despite trying for fifteen minutes, nothing happened. William, however, felt light-headed, falling to one knee as his left eye began to leak a weird blue and black fluid. William brushed it off, then stood up once again and tried his new ability once more, this time with more concentration. Despite this, he still failed, but he unlocked the eye that he had in that other fight with his brother. How come it isn't working? he wondered, pondering on it for so long, the monitor shifted yet again. He hid behind the wall again and watched Frisk walk out with a smaller version of himself, except this one was wearing a scarf for some reason and held a book. It was odd, but he had no time to be looking into it, so he took his chance and went through the passageway before it closed.

William looked around and went down the staircase. This is all new... or... has it been here the whole time? He descended for what felt like hours until he finally arrived in a secret laboratory. It was huge, the floor was almost covered with papers and giant tube-like containers. Some of the containers were filled with people while others had what looked like remains of others too. He then noticed the big container in the center of the room. It was glowing green and appeared to have something that looked almost fetus-like. He reached to touch it, but before he could, someone grabbed his arm. He looked next to him and saw that it was Frisk. He felt his heart drop. Was this it for him? Frisk threw him onto the ground away from the container while another human who he had never seen before grabbed his hands and applied handcuffs to them. The Human was cold, as if they had never been outside before. Chancing a glance at their head before he was suppressed, he saw that the Human had blond hair, with a single silver lock at the side of their head. Dyed. William thought, but before he could begin to ask questions, a familiar voice came down the steps with the same small skeleton he saw before. "Well well, #1, you surprised me by coming down here." said the voice. Eventually, the person came down and revealed themselves to be the Astral Mother. William got up and, with his hands restrained, couldn't muster up any of his abilities, at least not his bones or blasters. William looked at her, and then back to Frisk and the blond Human. "You did a great job getting him restrained, Jabez." Astral said with confidence in her voice. William looked back to the blond Human and figured that was who she was talking to.

William mustered up the courage to speak. "What's going on?" he asked with hesitation in his voice. The Astral Mother looked at Frisk and said "Go ahead without me." Frisk went to the darker part of the lab that couldn't be seen from where William was. "It was about time for things to start getting interesting." Jabez said with joy in his voice. William was frustrated. He had no idea what was going on or who was on his "side", if that was even a thing anymore. The Astral Mother walked to the central canister, then asked for Jabez to lead William to the canister as well. William looked at the contents with awe at first, but then became furious by the fact that he didn't know what was going on. "What is all this? What is that?" William shouted. The Astral Mother looked towards William and stated "The future, boy, the future. For too long have we been without control in this world. Well, no more, I say. I wish to gain control of the world, over the timeline, over it all." She was very profound about her words and almost sounded like a pastor, the others around her listening to her bullshit. William wasn't having any of it, so in response, he smashed the back of his skull into Jabez's face, then jumped over the link between the handcuffs, almost dislocating his arms in the process. His arms relatively free, he used his blue magic to throw Jabez across the room. The Astral Mother turned in shock, but before she could do anything, William used his blue magic on everything else in the lab, burying her underneath all her paperwork and other lab equipment. William ran to the staircase in an attempt to escape, but a bright red light blinded him for a second. As he turned around to check if he was being followed by his mother or Jabez, he saw Frisk standing in front of him instead. In a slow, almost standstill-like motion, Frisk condensed part of his DETERMINATION into a katana, and sliced off one of William's legs. Just as if time had started to move again, William fell to the ground in pain and was aching and screaming until Frisk stuck the katana in his mouth and shouted, as if he were out of breath, "shut... up..." Frisk stared at William, and William at Frisk, staring at him with an expression that simply asked "Why?" Frisk said nothing. He simply pulled the katana away from William. "Why are you doing this?" William shouted, now able to speak again. "Why are you betraying us! Betraying everyone who cares about you!?!? Don't you feel anything!?!?" Frisk took a long pause, and before he could speak, Jabez burst from the wreckage he had been buried under and ran to Frisk. "Are you okay Frisk!? Do you need first aid any—" Frisk stared at Jabez with an angry look and then walked to the wreckage near the green canister where the Astral Mother was buried. Frisk stood in front of it and looked down towards it. It took a while, but some pink smoke came out of the wreckage. The Astral Mother then reformed herself in front of William, wearing nothing but disappointment on her face. Frisk then reabsorbed his katana since it served no other use at the moment. Frisk then watched as Jabez started to beat William senseless. The Astral Mother walked past the staircase and then shouted at Frisk "Come, Frisk. It's time for the next phase for this timeline." Frisk walked to the staircase, but before reaching the second step, he was held back by William, who had grabbed his leg. "P-Please... I know you're better than this... you j-j-just need a reason to fight for y-y-yourself." Frisk looked down at William and yanked his leg away, continuing his ascent up the stairs, ignoring William's cries of agony.

Frisk had left William, but it didn't affect him as much as he thought it would. He then looked up the stairs and called for the Astral Mother, listening for a response. When no response came, Frisk immediately went running up the stairs. When he arrived at the top, he found her standing in front of the opening of the lab, staring at someone in her computer chair, turned away from them. Frisk looked at the Astral Mother and she looked at him too. After a few seconds, the Astral Mother looked back to the stranger. "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my home!?!?!" The mysterious person continued to mess around with the computer. Jabez then arrived as well and looked over at the person. "Jabez, scan that stranger. I wanna know who I have to use for my next experiments." The Astral Mother said with anger. Jabez immediately scanned the individual, then processed the data. "M-ma'am, I-I don't know how to say th-this, but—" before Jabez could finish, the person in the chair spun around towards them, then put something in their pocket and rose. "It's alright, little one. I can say it myself." The person emerged from the shadows. "I am you." said the stranger. The stranger was wearing a gray lab coat, a long dress, and most of all had long black hair. "That's not possible. You don't look anything like me." said the Astral Mother. The stranger walked over towards the exit and stopped there. "And why would I? You think that your children would end up looking like you because they come from you? Every timeline, every possibility is being played out and who's to say that they have anything to do with us or look like us? What I'm trying to say is that timelines aren't just alternate realities. They're different endings, possibilities, and most importantly, they are unique." said the stranger. The Astral Mother looked at the stranger and walked up to them. "My lady—" said Jabez. "I'm fine, boy. Stay back." said the Astral Mother with an angry tone in her voice. She stopped in front of the stranger, then spoke to them "Alright. I'll play this game of yours." said the Astral Mother with a darker tone. "Who said this had to be a game?" the stranger asked. The Astral Mother became more agitated. The stranger was about to touch the Astral Mother's hair, but the Astral Mother caught the stranger's hand immediately. "... I used to have hair like that." said the stranger. "What happened to you? Why are you here?" the Astral Mother asked. "I'm here for my kids that you stole." said the stranger. "That's impossible. You and I have the same amount of kids no matter the timeline." claimed the Astral Mother. "You really are an amateur at this shit." said the stranger. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!" shouted the Astral Mother "... I want them back, you bitch." the stranger pushed the Astral Mother away from her, causing the Astral Mother to back up a few steps. She immediately looked at the stranger... nothing happened to them. Why hasn't anything happened to them!?!? the Astral Mother thought. Frisk and Jabez ran to the Astral Mother's side and got their weapons ready. The stranger said "You think I wouldn't have noticed what you did!? You took everything from me. AND NOW I'M GONNA GIVE YOU HELL FOR IT!!!" shouted the stranger. "FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, YOU SHALL KNOW ME AS—" the stranger calmed down a bit before they said their name "... The Void Empress." said the stranger gently. "I'll be back for them and when I return, you'll have Hell to pay... oh and one more thing... change your fucking password." said the stranger before vanishing.

The Astral Mother looked at herself in the reflection of the floor tiles. "Frisk, restart the timeline." Frisk looked at the Astral Mother but didn't question her. Immediately, Frisk took up his katana and sliced open his throat.

Things have begun to grow more complicated.

Before Destruction - Year 15 - 2 Resets

"We all have to face the music of our mistakes, whether that be a beautiful symphony or a lamenting dirge... we have no right to choose."
– Temmies

From that day forward, the woman known as the Void Empress continued to try to take back her two children, the first was named Ares—who was the skeleton with the scarf and book, and the second was named Jacob. However, all attempts failed, as they were usually guarded. William and Adam were back at Quenya's, relaxing and having some food when a knock at the door came. "You two finish your food." Quenya said as she went and answered the door only to see a tall skeleton, Delios, on the other side. "Something you need, Delios?" asked Quenya. "I'm here for those two. She needs them for testing again." Delios said, looking past Quenya and staring at William and Adam. "Hey now, look here. These boys have school and important stuff to be doing. I'm not just gonna hand them over to you because she needs them." Quenya said, getting ready to close the door. "She won't be happy about this." said Delios. "Yeah, well tell her she should have thought of that before giving me her kids." Quenya said as she slammed the door and took a breather. "Mom, is everything alright?" asked Adam as he walked, leaving William at the table. Quenya leaned against the door and looked at Adam, hugging and holding him. "Oh Adam... heheh. Everything is fine." Quenya said as she held the young boy in her arms, unwilling to let go of her child. William stared at Adam and Quenya as the two smothered each other. He then looked down at his jacket with the number 1 on its back and closed his eyes. "I guess it's alright, huh." William said as he finished his food and walked to the door. "Leaving, Will?" Quenya asked. "Yeah. Getting a little stuffy in here." William said as he opened the door. "You're going to go and meet that boy again aren't you. Charm or Chara, was it?" Adam said, sticking his nose in William's life again. "Why don't you knock it off Adam, don't you got spiders to kiss." William said, leaving his brother speechless as he left the house and ran off.

William walked around, looking to clear his head as he journeyed through Waterfall City in hopes of finding a distraction. Unlucky for him, a large weapon would suddenly go hurling towards a pedestrian. In quick movements, William used his powers to move the women out of the way and stop the weapon from destroying the sidewalk. "T-Thank you so much." said the women as she ran off from the scene. William looked up to see the angle of the weapon before suddenly he saw a girl with pink hair looking down at him before she disappeared behind a building. "Okay. That's not creepy." William said as he put the weapon down onto the ground and stood there for a second, thinking to himself. Who was that? I should report this to Astral, but I don't wanna have to go back to that place. If anything else happens, then I'll head back. William thought to himself as he then made his way to Snowdin. On his way, he noticed that the old house with Christmas lights was getting torn down and that the library was getting some new books. As he continued, he saw some protesters all chanting and mobbing around a royal guard, shouting and screaming about they're freedom under the Astral Mother's rule. As they ranted, Muffet announced her presence in the crowd and shouted louder and prouder than anyone else there, at least until more guards arrived and began to disperse the crowd with force, hitting and tasing them, forcing everyone to run away. "... how ridiculous... no one can match her..." William said to himself as he walked to the ruins and into the old queen's home where he looked around for a bit before calling for Chara. After a few seconds, Chara peeked outside of a door down the hall. "Oh hey, it's you. What's up." Chara said as he went back in the room, opening the door for William, who walked in and saw Chara changing into some of the queen's old clothes. William looked away, completely flustered. "Uhhhh. Hey. So, I was thinking of... how about I take you out somewhere nice today. My treat." William said as he covered his eyes, but yet still leaving enough of gap between his fingers to get a good look at Chara's amazing figure. "So help me, Will, if it's Grillby's again, I'm gonna choke you." Chara said, looking over at William. "Well, I take that back. You don't have a neck. Well, I mean you do, but... you get the idea." Chara finished putting the gown together. "Alright, Will. How do I look?" Chara asked. William removed his hand from his eyes as he looked in awe at Chara's amazing body and figure fitting into the very big gown, though he thought to himself that Chara didn't look good in purple, but then he remembered his hair was also purple so it didn't matter he guessed. "You look... I mean... uhhh... like... wow. Can I just say wow?" William said as his words flew out his mouth like a jet tumbling from the air. "Heheh. What you can say is 'Yes, Chara, I would love to go out with you to the ARA resort.', how does that sound?" Chara said as he walked out of the room past him. "ARA RESORT!?" William said in shock as he quickly followed Chara out of the room and into the rest of the ruins. "But that place is crazy expensive, Chara. Couldn't we go to Waterfall City and enjoy some Nice-Cream? Or maybe go visit... uhh. I dunno, someone?" William said as he tried to keep up. "This date thing means a lot to you, huh?" Chara said, stopping and looking down to William with a smirk. "Well yeah. I've been saving up to take you somewhere." William said. "Well then try saving up some more and maybe I'll say yes. Tootles, pretty boy." Chara said as he walked away, continuing his patrol of the ruins as he normally did. "Damn, he really likes playing hard to get." William said as he got ready to walk away only to bump into Frisk, who was standing behind him. William looked up, making eye contact with the eyesore as Frisk looked down at William with slight frustration. "Shouldn't you be on a lab table, William?" said Frisk with a cold tone. "Shouldn't you be on a leash, what the hell do you want?" William said as he put his hood over his face and looked away. "Oh, you know damn well, same thing as always. I want you to stay away from Chara, alright? We have enough to deal with already without having some faggot skeleton coming around and ruining things. I don't care what you do with your time just so long as it's fifty miles AWAY FROM US!!" Frisk barked as he pushed pass William, leaving him there with anger in his eyes.

William left the ruins and walked to Hotland to see what his "mother" was up to. He walked to the palace and punched in the pass code that let him into the laboratory. As he walked in, he saw Delios sitting on a couch watching TV while Ares was sitting on the floor alongside him. "Hey guys." William said as he walked inside and put his hood down off his head. "Hey Will." Dellios & Ares said not taking their eyes off the television. William rolled his eyes and went to a nearby fridge, grabbed some ramen, and began to cook and eat it. "Oh, can you—" but before Delios could finish his sentence, William interrupted him. "No." William said without moving his body to look at Delios. "You...YOU DIDN'T EVEN HEAR WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY!!" Delios said, getting angry quickly, much to Ares's distaste. "You were gonna ask me to do something that your lazy butt could easily come and do with a few planned steps to the fridge." William said with a smirk, but before Delios could respond, Ares spoke. "Delios shut up and sit down. I can't hear what the people are saying." Ares said, keeping his focus entirely on the TV. Delios looked to William, then back to Ares before sitting down again. William leaned against his "mother's" desk and looked at Ares. "Where's Jacob?" William asked. "Probably taking a bath." Ares said as he looked to the kitchen to see if the toaster had been removed, which it hadn't. William looked around and waited as he moved to finish his food. Before he could finish, the entrance to the lab opened and out came the Astral Mother. "Well, what is this. I wasn't expecting trash day till tomorrow." The Astral Mother said as she walked over and grabbed William's ramen from his hand and began to eat it. "You don't even have a trash bin." William said, not particularly caring. "And yet you're here." his mother replied as she sat down and checked on all the cameras. "So, I'm gonna guess that you aren't here to wish me a late Mother's Day." the Astral Mother said as she typed away on her keyboard. "No. Look, I wanted to ask if I could borrow some money from you." William said, to which Ares and Delios looked away from the TV and moved their attention to William's striking request. The Astral Mother swiveled in her chair and moved to face her son. "And why would I do that? You never come in for testing, and you're always hanging out and distracting my other worker from his job. Exactly what do I get out of assisting a snot-nosed, unwanted brat such as yourself, hmmm?" The Astral Mother said as she tapped on the desk with her long black-bone finger. "I'll call in every once in a while." William said, to which his mother didn't respond to. "I can come in for testing." William said with hesitation, which, shockingly, his mother didn't respond to. "I'll clean out that stupid attic you wanted me and Adam to clear out 2 years back." William said, to which his mother responded with a ding noise. "Good work. And here people say you aren't smart, and by people, I mean me. What's that thing I always say about me?" The Astral Mother asked "... you're always right..." William groaned. "Alright! Sounds like a deal. You go and clear that place out, and I'll be sure to hand you a good ol' couple of 100s to help you dick your friend or something." The Astral Mother said, turning back around. "We're not together." William said in slight anger. "Oh, whatever now. Unless you're here to look pretty, which you're not, I need you out of my sight. I can barely stand having the two sad sacks and Ares already." she said as she continued to type away, leaving William to walk out of the building.

Back at the Ruins

"Why are you always like that with him?! You know he doesn't mean any harm, right? Is it so wrong that he has feelings for me?" Chara shouted at Frisk as Frisk was sitting down on one of the piles of leaves in ruins, listening. "God, you're such an asshole, you know that?" Chara said, putting his hands on his hips. "Come on, Chara don't say that." Frisk said, looking at them with worry. "Say what!? That you're being an asshole to the only other guy down here that likes me and doesn't think I look weird because of how I dress!?" Chara shouted back "NO! I'M JUST WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!" Frisk shouted. "He could end up being just like his mother, and you wouldn't know it 'till I was too late! I'm trying to protect you!" Frisk said, rather upset. "I don't need your protection! I can handle myself." Chara said as the two stood before each-other. They both looked at each-other and signed. "Look, let's just forget about this, alright?" Chara said as he walked away, leaving Frisk. Frisk looked at Chara as he walked away and then speed walked out of the ruins and back to the palace. As Frisk walked in, the Astral Mother was at her desk, picking up some papers. "You're late. What's the—" but before she could finish her sentence, Frisk interrupted her. "I wanna commence with the experiment." Frisk said, in which the Astral Mother turned around in shock. The two stared at each other for a bit before she gave her response. "Mmmm. Heheheh. Then let's get started." The Astral Mother said as she stood up and walked downstairs with Frisk.

Before Destruction - Year 17 - 2 Resets - Part 1

In a long white void, William lay asleep.

"William." said a distant voice, to which William simply brushed off until it came back, louder. "WILLIAM!" shouted the voice as William shot up in fright. He looked around and saw nothing but an endless void continuing for miles on end. "W-Where? Mom? Adam? Chara?" William said as he looked and walked around. "William." a distant voice said. "Adam?" William said as he began to run in the direction. "Adam!?" William mildly shouted. "WILLIAM!" shouted the voice again. William followed it until he finally saw a skeleton that looked much like him. Jacob stood in a fur jacket, holding the head of another skeleton. "J-Jacob?" William said as Jacob slowly turned around, revealing the head to be Adam's. "ADAM!!" William shouted as he went to reach for him, only for the ground to liquefy and for him to begin to drown. "A-ADAM!!!!" William said as he struggled and gasped for air. "Why... why did you make me come along, Will... why?" Adam said as his head began to melt as Jacob laughed hysterically. "AAADAAAAMMM!!!" William shouted as he drowned, only for him to wake up on the couch at Quenya's house. William's eyes were shot with shock. He was covered from head to toe in a cold sweat and was visibly crying. He wiped his face and went to his room there to change his clothes. "Ah, William. You're up. Breakfast is just about ready." Quenya said with a smile as she kept cooking. Adam sat at the small table in the room next to the piano. "Morning, bro." Adam said, looking towards William. William was still in a bit of a shock from what he had woken up from, but he just shook his head, getting his composure back. "M-Morning, Adam." William responded as he sat on the other side of the table.

"Such a sweet day out. Its days like these—when the morning winds get pulled down into the mountain—when my lungs fill with determination." Quenya said somberly as Adam and William looked on at her. After a couple of well-eaten pancakes and some good orange juice, Adam and William walked out, waved goodbye to Quenya, then proceeded to leave and walk towards Hotland. "Hey Will." Adam said, to which William looked towards him. "What is it?" William asked as they walked past the Hotland post to the bridge. " you think Muffet has a boyfriend?" Adam asked as he tried to hide his face. William looked at him awkwardly, as he wasn't sure what to say to Adam. Though to be fair, he wasn't paying him much attention, as he was instead thinking of Chara, and how nice it would be to be in his presence once more. "Uh, Will?" Adam said, trying to get his brother's attention again. "Oh! Uh. I think that she, uh— oh, you can ask her now." William said, relieved as he pointed at a giant mob surrounding the front door of the palace, Muffet standing at its head. "W-What the...!?" Adam said as he teleported inside the palace with William to see the Astral Mother, Delios, Jacob, and Ares all standing and talking with one another. "Ah, boys. You're here. Which means we can all annihilate these fools together." the Astral Mother said with a cold tone. William looked around at those gathered, catching Jacob's eye as he did so. "If you'll allow me, I don't believe letting Adam or William do this is wise. They can hardly fight. Allow me to do so." said Delios, to which the Astral Mother looked at him. "If I wanted your input, Delios, I would have asked for it. As I did not, shut up." the Astral Mother said. When she finished speaking, the rambunctious crowd revolting outside began to die down. Moments later, Frisk and Chara entered the palace. "Ah, Frisk. Such perfect timing you have." the Astral Mother said.

"Targets have been disposed of." Frisk said as he and Chara walked over some corpses towards everyone. Frisk made slight eye-contact with William, who was staring at him too. "And their leader?" The Astral Mother asked, to which Frisk shook his head. "Flew away at the first sign of action." Chara said while cleaning off his knives. "That annoying spider is going to give me quite the headache." the Astral Mother said as she walked over to the couch and sat down while everyone just stood around and either stared at one-another or her. "Hmm. Heheheh. I'm sure you're all wondering what I have planned for today, but I can't seem to think of anything, so why don't you all have fun with yourselves 'til you're needed." the Astral Mother said, allowing everyone to breathe for a moment before they all began to leave the palace. Jacob then walked past the Astral Mother only for her to grab his hand. "Oh, but not you. I said everyone, not every rat. You still have a few more things I want." the Astral Mother said as she got up and got behind Jacob. "So why don't we continue from yesterday." The Astral Mother said as she sharpened her claws. Adam and William looked over while they left. Adam froze as he saw the Astral Mother getting ready to harm Jacob while William just stared, then moved his attention towards the Hotland exit as he began to walk faster. "WAIT!" Adam shouted as he ran back inside and grabbed Jacob. "Jacob promised to hang-out with us today. Is it okay if we have him for just a little bit longer?" Adam asked as the Astral Mother looked in confusion and slight annoyance. She always hated the attachment these boys seemingly had for one-another, but resisting them was sometimes harder than anything else she had done to them. "... go ahead." the Astral Mother said as she let go of Jacob. Adam ran out of the palace with him as William waited for them. The Astral Mother watched as the kids left before the door closed. She then sat down on the couch with her head in her hands as her hair brushed the floor. "... what am I doing..." the Astral Mother said with a somber tone.

Adam ran to William with the timid Jacob holding his hand. "Will. I managed to get her to let go of Jacob! Anyway, do you mind if hangs with us for today?" Adam asked as William looked to Jacob, who seemed very disheveled and tired. William, for a moment, felt sad for Jacob, but then when his dream returned to him, his face grew firm once again. "I don't care." William said as he began to walk towards Waterfall City with Adam and Jacob close behind him. They all got to the main plaza of Waterfall City, where vendors and more were all gathered trying to sell their goods and merchandise to every passerby. William didn't care for all the capitalism and random garbage being sold; he had always wondered why they didn't live on the surface even though they won the war all those years ago. Deep into thought, William then thought of Adam and what he saw in his dream. In a hurry, William turned around to see Adam and Jacob getting some ice cream, with Jacob actually smiling as he licked his strawberry ice cream cone. William looked at both of them as Adam and Jacob began to chat and laugh with one-another. William felt himself smile as he saw this happy moment between the two of them. William then noticed Chara walking far behind them and saw him heading to the Temmie Village past Waterfall City. William then walked past Adam and Jacob, who weren't paying attention, and followed Chara.

As William followed Chara, he made sure to be on the lookout for Frisk, who was never seen without Chara, unless he was intentionally trying to get away from him. After a couple of minutes of following Chara and making sure to look out for Frisk, William lost Chara as he was following him. William looked around for a bit longer before he found himself getting a bit lazy from this search crap, so he got ready to leave before he heard someone crying. He followed the sound around a corner and saw Chara crying as he held a limp Temmie. "I'm so sorry." Chara said as he wiped his tears and saw William looking at him. "Oh! No, it's not what it looks like, I swear!" Chara shouted in slight fear. "Oh, no don't worry. I believe you... so what happened?" William asked as he went over to Chara and looked down at him and the Temmie. "I found this one just lying dead here... poor creature." Chara said as he set the dead Temmie down, watching as it slowly turned to dust. William and Chara stood next to each-other as they both watched the dust fly away with the wind. William tried to focus, but even within those couple of seconds, he began to feel hot beneath his jacket. Looking to Chara, William basked in his strong, intense beauty. "... so, uh. Where's your other half?" William asked as he caught a glimpse of the dust flying high into the mountain. "Heheh. Frisk went to go use the bathroom in one of these buildings. I'm not good with bathrooms, so I was gonna pee out here, but then I found... well, yaknow." Chara said with a somber tone. "Yeah." William replied as the two just stared at the buildings of Waterfall City. "It's funny. Life never does seem to be fair to the weak, and yet they've governed so much of our lives 'til now." Chara said, to which William looked to him slightly confused. Chara always spoke in weird riddles and poetry, but William never understood him for a moment. William jolted as he felt Chara's hand grab his. "Thanks for coming, feels nice to share a moment with someone else." Chara said as he turned to William, who was as red as a tomato. "Y-Yeah. Totally." William relied as he began to calm down and enjoy the moment. Chara then pressed his forehead against William's. "Sometimes, I feel like you're the only one who gets me, Will." Chara said as William was still hesitant to do anything. "I-I try, Chara." William replied as he then pulled Chara close and the two held each-other in one-another's arms as the wind from the surface was no match for their warmth. Such a moment was short lived, however, as William felt Chara's arms leave his body. William looked over only to see an enraged Frisk standing around the corner with his blade out. "Frisk." Chara said with a hint a fear, only for Frisk to rush William, causing him to summon a bone, stopping the blade as it pierced through it.

Chara pulled Frisk back, trying to get them away from William. "FRISK! COME ON, LET'S GO!!" Chara shouted as Frisk kept trying to get to William, who was pinned against a wall. Eventually, Frisk got pulled away by Chara, and the two left the scene. William gave a breath of relief only to then see Adam and Jacob standing around the corner now.

After a couple minutes, the two and Jacob went back to the palace and dropped Jacob off, then William and Adam headed back to Quenya's house. "So, you ran off and went to hang-out with the Human? Guess you didn't think about the other one, huh?" Adam said in an annoyingly sarcastic tone, causing William to put his hands over where his ears would be. "I bet you wish you could tone me out, huh? Why are you constantly blocking me out? Do you just wanna cut me out?" Adam said, to which William continued to turn away from Adam, trying his best not to listen to yet another lecture from Adam as, from a distance, Frisk watched them with a cold stare.

Before Destruction - Year 17 - 2 Resets - Part 2

As William laid down in the cold sheet in his room, a sudden stomping approaching from the distance awoke him from his sleep. William shot up as the door swung open to reveal Quenya, Adam, and a bunch of Temmies holding a cake with his name on it, screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" William gave a dorky smile as he, Adam, Quenya, and the Temmies all began to enjoy some cake.

"So Will, what would you like to do for your birthday? After all, it's not every day you turn seventeen." Quenya said, eating her cake and Adam coughing from eating too much. The Temmies chimed in, saying "You should come to our land of residence, where you shall bask in temmie flakes and learn ancient wisdoms." William stared at them. "Honestly, I think I'd rather sle—" but he was quickly interrupted by Quenya smacking him with her spear. "NO! Young man I mean something fun. The Temmies are on the right track, but with less fun and more boring speeches. Besides, if you can't think up something, I already planned an event for you." Quenya said as she got the boys' plates and took them to the sink while the Temmies talked amongst themselves. "Oh yeah? Like what? Field training, or a fifty-mile run?" William said sarcastically. "WILL! Have some manners! Mom's trying to talk." Adam said aggressively, catching William's eye for a moment. Quenya blushed before turning towards them both quickly and revealing two tickets. "We're going to the movies?" William asked. "Or, or fishing!?" Adam said, excited before realizing the awkwardness from what he had said. "Uh. No and no. We're going to the ARA RESORT! I got us tickets a while ago and even got us front row seats." Quenya said as the boys' faces lit up with excitement. They all took they're time getting dressed, William dawned a rather striking suit while Adam wore a jacket that only looked like a suit, and Quenya wore some kind of biker clothes. "Really, you two." William said as they all walked to the Resort.

Along the way, they went through activists and rioters that were looking to get heard. By the time they reached the Resort, it was jam packed with people, and the line was massive, which William and company found themselves at the back of. They tried to relieve the boredom of waiting by playing waiting games, but William just ignored them by looking around the place. He'd never been to the ARA Resort before. He'd heard about its involvement with his mother and her work, but he never did get her assets or allies. He never was into that stuff, but found it interesting altogether. "Gotcha! Sorry, Adam. Scissors is the superior weapon." Quenya said, laughing aloud while Adam looked at his paper. "Man, but paper is so good... maybe I should try rock more." Adam said. "Next in line!" Shouted a voice and all three of them looked ahead of them. "Hello, I'm Ivan. What will be your event today?" Ivan, a tall cat Monster, asked as Adam and William watched a ghost Monster work at a mix-table in a corner. Quenya told Ivan about their reservation. Suddenly, however; "Well well well. It's as if all my favorite people are here today. The boy, the girl, and the fish." said a familiar voice that the three of them winced at as they all turned around to find everyone in line spread apart and gawking at the arrival of the Astral Mother, Frisk, Chara, Delios, and Ares. "What are you doing here?" Quenya said as she moved William and Adam behind her. "Watch your tone with me you cold-blooded bitch. I'm allowed to be around my own damn children." the Astral Mother said aggressively. "Well, you're not wanted here." said William as he moved out of Quenya's grip. "William." Quenya said cautiously. "Oh yeah? Well guess what, sport. There's just one teeny, tiny problem with that. You see, I OWN YOU!!" Shouted the Astral Mother as she stood tall against William, who backed up slightly. "ENOUGH!! THIS IS WILLIAM'S SPECIAL DAY!! I won't have you ruining it for him." said Quenya as she got in the Astral Mother's face. Frisk stared daggers at William, who also looked at him back before seeing Chara and calming his gaze. "Ma'am. Perhaps we can hold the aggression for another time?" Said Delios calmly, getting the Astral Mother to calm down and walk past Quenya. "Happy birthday." the Astral Mother said as she walked away into the ARA Resort with Delios and Frisk. Chara stopped in front of William and hugged him. "You look handsome in that, skelly man." Chara said as he fist-bumped William. "Heheh. Thanks. You look as charming as ever." William said as he blushed. Chara moved his hand under William's chin before he hurried to catch up with Frisk and the others. "Come on, you two. We're gonna be late!" Quenya said, picking up William and Adam and running to the show at the main dining area.

Quenya went to go get snacks as the show started. William and Adam sat down, getting ready. "I hope this show turns out good for all the trouble that we went through to get to it." said Adam, giggling as he then noticed William's depressed expression as he looked down at his hands. "Hey, it's gonna be alright." Adam said, grabbing William's hand and looking him in the eye. "I'll always be there for you Will, promise." said Adam again, reassuring his dear brother, who looked at him with a small smile "Thanks, Adam." William said, getting Adam to smile as well. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I am proud to present the one and the only ARA'S FAVORITE STAR! AURORA!!" Shouted the announcer as the curtains rose up and revealed Aurora under them, looking as beautiful as ever. William always found female figures to be very exotic and even hypnotizing as he stared at Aurora's swaying and hip movements, but he was sure of his feelings and didn't feel he had to change them just for that reason alone. Soon, Quenya would come back and all three of them would enjoy the show all day while the Astral Mother, Chara, Frisk, Delios, and Ares all explored the king's old throne room. The Astral Mother sat on the throne for once, then stood up, finding it mildly enjoying. "Not to pester you, but just what are we doing here exactly?" Chara asked as he looked around the dead flowers strewn about as Delios picked up a very mutated placenta. "We're here to make sure no more weeds are growing." she said as she crushed a dead flower under her heel. "Well, they all look pretty dead to me, so I think we should just go." said Chara. "Looking to get near my son again?" Said the Astral mother as she turned to him. "N-No, that's not what I meant." Chara said as he bowed his head down. "I see the way you look at him, the way you two talk and are always hanging out with each other." The Astral Mother said as she then saw Frisk's hand ball up. "I know what you're both up to. You think fucking my brainless half-wit will make you feel better about your situation?" Said the Astral Mother. "That's not what I mean... please, let's just drop this." Chara said. "OH, COME ON CHARA! JUST ADMIT IT!!!" Frisk shouted, shocking everyone around him "... Frisk." Chara said, shocked. "You found someone else.... you don't need me anymore... now... now you just want to... you just want to be with him and FORGET ABOUT ME!!!" shouted Frisk, enraged as the Astral Mother chuckled to herself and Delios watched with mild interest. The Astral Mother then got a wicked thought as she moved behind Frisk. "Now, there's only one way to make this right. Get William out of the picture." she said, causing Frisk and Chara to look in shock at her. "HE'S YOUR SON!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" Chara shouted. "Delios." the Astral Mother said, to which Delios nodded, then grabbed Chara's head and slammed it to the ground. "Come now, Frisk. You and I both know where this path will go, there is only one way to win this battle." the Astral Mother said with a smile, to which Frisk looked down at Chara. "G E N O C I D E" the Astral Mother said with a wicked and twisted grin.

Frisk then gritted his teeth in anger as he then brought up the menu screen. "No... FRISK! DON'T DO THIS!!" Chara screamed as he struggled. "Sorry brother, but there is no other way. I can't let him poison you against me." Frisk said as he then looked at the reset button. "Frisk... p-please." Chara said as the Astral Mother smiled widely behind Frisk as he pressed the button.

Before Destruction - Year 17 - 3 Resets

William woke up in his bed to the sound of fighting outside. Immediately, he got his clothes on and exited Quenya's house to then see Frisk cutting down some Monsters as he made his way to him. "F-FRISK!?!" William shouted. In response, Frisk's burning eyes jolted towards William as he then began to sprint towards him. William jumped out of the way as Frisk tried to cut him. What the hell is happening!? I need to find Adam and everyone else. William thought to himself as he teleported away, leaving Frisk by himself in Waterfall City. William reappeared at his mother's palace and yelled out for his family and friends until the TV in the room turned on, revealing his mother. "Hello, Will." said the Astral Mother as William looked at her in confusion. "Why are you...what's going on?? Why is Frisk attacking me and killing Monsters?!" William said in confusion, only for his mother to chuckle to herself. "You'd do best to hide somewhere; this experiment is going to be interesting." the Astral Mother said as the TV then shut off, leaving William confused and unsure what to do next thanks to the gravity of the situation.

William then teleported to Snowdin looking around for anyone, but all he saw was a number of corpses strewn around the streets. "N-No... this can't be happening." William said as he felt tears begin to well up in his eyes, but the moment was lost when he suddenly heard running footsteps coming his way. He moved out of the way just in time to dodge Frisk's attack. "WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS!!" William shouted as he used his magic to throw Frisk around and slam him to the ground. "MURDERER!!!!" William screamed as he fired a blaster at Frisk. William's eyes ran with tears as he looked around for anyone to be alive, but nobody came. Just as he looked back towards Frisk, he was rammed straight into a tree with the hilt of Frisk's katana. William could feel the air leave his body as he looked to Frisk, who towered over him. "... pathetic." Frisk said as he lifted his blade, ready to kill William in an instant, but before he could strike William, Frisk was struck with multiple pink spears and bones.

William ran out of the way of the attack and looked up to see the attackers. Delios stood proud, despite being badly wounded, with Quenya standing nearby. "MOM! DELIOS!! You're alive... thank god." William said as Quenya came over to him and hugged him tightly. "Are you alright, Will? I'm so sorry it took me so long to find you." Quenya said as Delios ran towards Frisk with one large hammer and fought with him. "Where's Adam a-and Chara?" William asked, still catching his breath, to which Quenya shook her head. "Adam... he was badly injured, and we have no idea where the other human is... I'm sorry Will." said Quenya, to which William jerked himself away from her. "NO! Adam will be fine, and Chara will be too!" William said as he eyes then jolted towards the way to the ruins. Immediately, he started to run there. "WILLIAM, WAIT!!" Quenya said just as she heard Delios scream in pain. She turned to see Delios's right arm go flying. "ARGH!!! TCH! NYEHEHEHEH... you always were the most annoying out of the bunch, Frisk. You never could figure out a puzzle to save your life." Delios said as he got another hammer and held it in his mouth. "Ready, Quenya?" mumbled Delios as Quenya walked next to him and they both stared down at the Human child. "Will, be safe... yeah I'm ready." Quenya said as she summoned spears all around her "... in my way." Frisk grumbled as he held his katana.

William made it to the ruins as he could still hear the fight between Quenya and Delios, and Frisk going on. He entered through the door and ran up the basement stairs, searching ever room for any sign of Chara. William began to get worried until he reached the dining area, where he saw Chara sitting at the table looking down into a mug with saddened eyes, his bowtie placed beside it. "Chara! Thank goodness." William said as he sprinted over to him. "Will? What are you— h-how did you get here?" Chara asked in shocked as William hugged him. "It doesn't matter. Frisk is out there killing people and is about to kill Delios and Quenya if we don't go and help them." William said as he began to pull Chara towards Snowdin. Immediately, Chara pulled his arm out of William's grasp. "... I'm sorry, Will." Chara said. "What are you on about, this isn't the time. Mom and Delios need our help. COME ON!" William pleaded. "Will... it's all my fault. If I had just... why did you do it, Frisk... why do you restart this world so much?" Chara said, with William looking confused. "Here, Chara. I have a plan! I don't think we'll be able to beat him, but we can trick him... somehow." William said as he got to thinking while still worrying about the time he was wasting. "You don't understand, Will, he won't stop 'til you're dead, even if has to restart this world a thousand times." Chara said. "Restart? What are you talking about?" William asked, to which Chara looked at him slightly guilty. "I probably should have told you, but... Frisk has a special power that I don't even possess...yet, at least." Chara said as he began to explain everything about Frisk's ability to reset and do over the world. William was scared, and this put his life into a horrible perspective. Knowing this fact make him reconsider if having Frisk as an enemy was a good thing to have in the first place. William fell to his knees at the realization. "If I can't best him... then what's the point at all then...?" William looked at the ground. "Break his will." said a voice, causing Chara and William to turn and see the Rokíe slithering across the floor "You." Chara said, with Will being none the wiser to their relationship.

"If you have any hopes in defeating the Human boy, you must break his will to continue." the Rokíe said as it looked towards William and Chara, who both looked at one-another, then back to the creature. "You know of what I speak, young prince... only you can change this world." said the Rokíe as it phased through the floor. "Farewell for now, blue one." said the Rokíe as it faded away. William and Chara stood there as their minds raced as they searched for a solution, only for William to then swipe Chara's bowtie from the table and descend the stairs down towards Snowdin. "Wait, William. Where are you going?" Chara said in a panicked and scared tone. "The creature said his will... if Frisk is as powerful as you said, then... well, I have to make something up, otherwise we'll fail for sure." William said as he walked through the gates, leaving Chara behind with him holding his chest tight as he watched William leave. William looked back one more time, wondering why he wasn't cowering with him, but William got his second wind and he kept moving forward, returning back to where he left Delios and Quenya, only to find their corpses. William walked all over the underground, yet found nothing. Frisk was nowhere to be found. After a while, while exploring Hotland, he entered into the ARA Resort and went into the CORE. Once inside, he saw the Astral Mother standing against the railing as her hair flutter in the wind. "Mother?" William said, only for him to shake his head before running past her. "Good luck, boy." said the Astral Mother as she watched her son run towards the Judgment Hall.

William walked up the staircase leading to the Judgment Hall as he heard fighting going on inside. Once William rounded the corner of the staircase and entered the hall, he saw Frisk killing and slaughtering the last of the royal guards before turning around and looking at him. "Come to die?" Frisk asked as he threw a guard's head to the floor. William gave no response as he just watched the head roll for a second, then looked at Frisk with a blank, yet disappointed expression. "What's with that face huh? You think you're some kind of hero coming to face me and bring me to justice? Well, you're the villain here, Will." Frisk said with a slightly frustrated face. "And what have I done to deserve such attention, Frisk?" William asked in a calm voice, causing Frisk's anger to boil more. "WHAT'S WRONG?? NOT UPSET I KILLED ALL YOUR FRIENDS? HURT YOUR BROTHER!? YOUR FISH-LIPPED MOTHER!?" Frisk shouted at William at the top of his lungs. "Frisk, please... just tell me why. Why are you doing this?" William asked, only for Frisk's grasp on his katana to tighten. "... I... I want you to stay away from Chara... I... I... I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!!!!" Frisk screamed as he began to sprint towards William, who got shocked and teleported behind Frisk, enlarging the distance between the two. "Running away? I thought the children of the pink devil would be more fearsome. I guess I was wrong." Frisk said as he stood straight and stared down William, who still had nothing to say. Frisk then ran towards him and began to slice at William, who did his best to dodge Frisk's attacks over and over again, with each attack getting more and more calculated. "You can't keep zipping around forever, Trash bag!" Frisk said as he looked to where William had teleported next. William then teleported behind one of the columns, only for Frisk to nearly cut off his head, cutting the column in half instead, with William running out of the way as it fell to the ground, making a loud smashing sound as it collapsed.

Frisk chased after William as he moved, rolled, and teleported away from Frisk's attacks. "Still running away, huh. You really are a coward." Frisk said as he suddenly got a burst of speed and ended up behind William, kicking him in the back and sending him flying forward. William skid across the floor tiles, with him getting up slowly afterwards. "I hope you're aware that I'll kill you, even if you don't fight back. I'm no knight or samurai. Honor means shit to me." Frisk said as he sprinted towards William, who had finally made up his mind and blasted Frisk with a Gaster Blaster, sending him flying all the way to the far back of the hall, slamming him against the wall. "ACK!!! D-Damn. Luckily shot, you little shit." Frisk said as he got to his feet and sprinted towards William again, who fired more and more blasters while also summoning blue bones to cover the ground, stopping Frisk in-place. Instead of trying to dodge, Frisk simply then tanked all of the blasters firing on him at once, kicking up a large cloud of dust from their impact force, shattering the windows as well. William stared at the dust cloud as Frisk's katata shot out of it, nearly missing him. William then fired ten more blasters into the cloud, only for Frisk to jump out of it and kick William right in the face and into one of the columns of the hallway. Frisk then landed on his feet and watched William struggle to get up. Damnit. He's good... too good. There's no way I'm gonna out-maneuver or beat him... think, Will... William thought to himself as he watched Frisk begin to run towards him again. "... fine then. YOU WANNA PLAY ROUGH!? I CAN PLAY ROUGH!!" William shouted as he then fired two large blasters at Frisk, who jumped over them. Suddenly, a large bone burst out of the ceiling, smashing against Frisk's head, and knocking him right into the blast, sending him rocketing towards the back wall. Frisk coughed up blood as his back smashed against the wall. He fell to his knees for a second, though quickly worked to get back up. "Heheheh. Nice shot for a trash bag..." Frisk said as his nose bled, and William stared him down. "ARGAHHHHHH!!!" Frisk screamed as he ran towards William like a bull. William stumbled backwards as he fired more blasters and set up bone walls, only for Frisk to cut through them and run straight though his blasts as well. Frisk then made it to William and punched him right in the face.

Frisk then raised his blade and came down with loads of force, only for William to use his blue magic and stop him. "...I can't believe that worked." William said, shocked as he held Frisk in place as he moved a good distance away from him. "HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??" Frisk screamed as he stared at William, who smiled just a little bit. William then smashed Frisk against the ceiling and floor, the shards from the window cutting into Frisk's skin, causing him to bleed a great deal. William then slammed Frisk into a row of large bones, causing him to scream in pain as he fell over and onto the hall's tiles. William's hand began to shake and burn as the move seemed to cause him pain somehow. "... D-Damnit. What did that thing mean?" William said as he watched Frisk get up and get ready to fight again. Frisk looked at William, who was also staring back at him. So, you weren't just wasting your time with Chara, huh... your skills have gotten better... damnit Will. Frisk thought to himself as he got up with his blade and charged him again. This is pointless. He'll just keep getting up again and again. I could do this forever with him, and it wouldn't make a difference... I need to figure somet— but as William thought to himself, it then hit him what he had to do. As Frisk ran toward him, William braced himself, to which Frisk then stabbed William straight through the chest, causing William to cough up blood as he fell to his knees. "D-damnit... oh well... it couldn't be helped. At least I'll see Chara on the other side of wherever this goes." William said, to which Frisk looked at him confused. "Don't be a fool. Chara is safe away from here, and you'll never find him." Frisk said, only for William to pull out Chara's bow. "How about now?" William asked. Frisk looked with shocked eyes, falling backwards in utter shock and disbelief. "I had to do it... I wasn't sure of what you were gonna do." William said sadly as he looked down at the bow with tears running down his face. Then, without hesitation, Frisk slit his own throat, falling to the ground. William watched as his body began to disappear and the world went black as he began to turn to dust. "Let's hope this works." William said as he faded away.

Before Destruction - Year 17 - 4 Resets

William woke up and look over to see Adam in his bed, sleeping. "It worked? OH SHIT, I REMEMBER!!" William shouted, covering his mouth to not wake Adam up. William then saw his hands were shaking. He figured it meant nothing and sat on his bed, thinking to himself while the waters of Waterfall City ran through the back of the house. "Get any sleep?" a voice said, scaring William before he looked at where it came from and saw it was the Rokíe. "Oh... it's just you. Don't scare me like that, little guy." William said, trying to be comfortable around the creature. The Rokíe began to slither over to William's bed. "Most who see me think me a bad omen." The Rokíe said as it got on William's bed. "Are you?" William asked. "You tell me." The Rokíe replied. "Well, you've helped me so far. Nothing bad there." William said as he scanned the Rokíe. "Well, what's your move now? No doubt your mother is less than pleased with the results of that genocide run of hers." The Rokíe said, leaving William deep in thought again. "Well, whatever it is, best not to keep your friends in the dark about it. Otherwise, you will truly end up like her." said the Rokíe as it began to sink through William's bed and disappear, leaving him alone. William looked at his brother, then to the window facing the outdoors. Soon, it would be morning. When Adam woke up, William followed him downstairs, catching sight of the cake Quenya had prepared overnight. They both walked over to sit at the table while Quenya cut the cake. Once seated, Adam talked his head off while William thought to himself on what the Rokíe had said. "Hey, you dead or something?" Adam asked as William remembered Frisk stabbing him before he then looked to Adam with tired eyes. "Huh? Oh yeah, I do look pretty tired, huh. Heheheh." William chuckled with Adam just watching him. In the next moment, Quenya announced her ability to acquire tickets to the ARA Resort, and the three left for the Resort to watch Aurora's show, this time without incident from the Astral Mother. The next day started much the same, with William waking up first, and Adam soon after, and the brothers heading downstairs for breakfast while Quenya worked away making it. "Here you go boys." Quenya said, placing pancakes in front of them. "Now remember, your teachers have been calling me and telling me that you two have been failing gym pretty hard this year, so to help you out, I'm gonna train you later today on some acrobatics." Quenya said with a large grin. "That's great, mom." Adam said as he drank his orange juice while William drank some milk. "I want you boys out of here and at school before six, understand?" Quenya said with a firm voice. "Yes, mom." Adam replied. "Roger." William answered. After the boys finished eating breakfast, they left the house and began walking to school, Adam taking the far lead. Turning a corner, Adam caught sight of Delios, Ares, Jacob, Chara, and Frisk all chilling near the entrance to Waterfall City waiting for them. "HEY GUYS!" Adam shouted as he ran over and hugged Ares, and smiled at Delios, who didn't care. "Careful, fragile cargo." said Ares as he patted his book. "You look good today, Jacob." Adam said as he smiled at Jacob, who had bandages on his face and arms. "T-thanks, Adam..." Jacob said as he looked at Delios, who shot him a look before ignoring him again. "Soooo, why are you here?" Adam asked. "Chara wanted to wait. Said he had some news to share." Delios said as Frisk just simply stood there, leaning against the city sign.

William then turned the corner and saw everyone standing there. As soon as he turned the corner, Chara ran to him and hugged him, much to everyone else's distaste. "I knew you could do it." Chara whispered to him. "Thanks." William said weakly. "So, the reason I had us all stop today before going to school is because I wanted to announce me and William are officially dating!" Chara said, shocking everyone, even William. Adam stood still for a moment while Frisk said nothing and just proceeded to head to school along with Delios and Jacob. "I'm happy for you two." Ares said as he began to follow behind Delios. Adam's and William's eyes made contact with one another only for Adam to then smile and wave to him as he, too, began to head to school, leaving Chara and William behind. "W-why would you do that??" William said, confused, only for Chara to smile. "Why not?" Chara said as William and he then headed to class.

Hours later

William found himself sitting on a patch of garbage as he floated along the stream. Adam then walked over and looked at him. "What are you doing? We have homework to do." Adam said. "Wherever the current takes me." William said, only for him to continue drifting away downstream. Adam shook his head and walked away back home. William closed his eyes as he floated down the river. As he did, he thought of his time with Chara and what it would be like now. All the dates, all the kisses, and all the waterfalls. "Wait a second—" William said as he and the garbage fell down a large hole, deeper into the Underground. William then awoke to the sound of loud splashes of water and the large thud of garbage falling down. "Ow. How did I survive that?" William said as he got up off the trash and looked around. He then began to walk around the trash heap until he stumbled upon a dummy. "Is this one of Mom's?" William said as he got a random metal rod and poked it. "HEY!! Do you poke everything that just sits around!?!?" Shouted a voice from the dummy. "I must have died, 'cause I swear this dummy is talking." William said as he stared at it with wide eyes, only for the puppet to float and stare at him. "Uh. Hi?" William said as he stared at the floating dummy. William and the dummy would talk for a while before the Astral Mother began to get brought up in discussion. The dummy began to tell him of how they've been watching closely over recent events, of course not being able to recall the recent reset to which William had a slight glimpse to. "I hope someday, somebody teaches that bitch a lesson!" said the dummy, to which they then began to hover over William, who just continued to look at the dirty water surrounding his feet.

"Yeah... right. So why are you down here?" William asked. "It's because of her! I was a lost soul, a sad one at that, and yet she offered to help me and save me, but instead tricked me into a rugged and hideous body!" said the dummy passionately. "SHE DESERVES DEATH!!!" shouted the dummy as William kept looking down, thinking over the dummy's words until finally getting up. "Leaving so soon?" said the dummy, to which William looked back, nodded, and began to walk into a nearby cave leading back to Waterfall City, much to his surprise. William continued to walk through Waterfall City until he ended up back home at Quenya's house. As he walked in, he saw Adam and Quenya cooking together, both smiling and laughing as they played with the sauce of the food they were making. William smiled as he joined them. However, far off in Hotland in the palace, the screams of Jacob could be heard at the lowest levels of the laboratory as Ares, Delios, and Frisk all roamed above it. "How loud." Delios said, only for him to see Ares staring daggers at him. " Knock it off." said Frisk as he leaned against the hidden door to the laboratory. "It's enough that I'm stuck here with some Monster scum." Frisk said, only for Delios to get in his face. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that, and if you value your life, you'll forget about it too." Delios said with complete anger in his voice. "Just like a dog to defend its owner." Frisk said with a calm tone, causing Delios to get his large hammer. "YOU BASTARD!!!" Delios shouted as he got ready to slam his hammer over Frisk's head, only for Ares to teleport between them, stopping them and surprising the two. "Are you both really that blind? If you gonna fight, then fight against the one... who's responsible." said Ares as far away in Waterfall City lay Quenya, Adam, and William all enjoying a nice dinner in front of a calm fire with William still reminiscing over the words of the dummy from the dump near the city.

Before Destruction - Year 19 - 4 Resets

William woke up on the couch in the living room of Quenya's house. He looked around at the embers of the flames that had burned last night. He watched as they danced across the remains of the logs that were once there. He then went outside to see Quenya practicing with a dummy as she used her spears and a fist, each attack filled with frustration and slight anger. "Mom, there's something I wanna ask." William said as he walked to her, causing her to stop. "What is it, Will?" Quenya said with a weak smile. "Mother, I want to ask you, if I was to kill the Astral Mother... would you help me?" William asked, only for Quenya to run over to him and cover his mouth. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!? WHY WOULD YOU EVER SUGGEST THAT!!?!" Quenya shouted at him. "I just— if we work together, I believe we could stop her! That we can end this, end this suffering we've all been going through!" William said as he shrugged away her arms. "Think about the future! Our future! She has everyone on a leash, and nobody can breathe for too long before she tightens it!" William said. "You can't be serious, brother!" Adam said, catching Quenya and William's attention. "William... you can't, WHY WOULD YOU THINK SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?!" Adam yelled. William looked down at the ground as he felt that, perhaps, his mindset wasn't correct. "Because it's true." said a voice, causing the three to look towards the entrance, towards their home, only to see Ares and Delios standing there. "Ares!?" William and Adam both said. "Hello, you two." Ares said as he walked towards them, with Delios not far behind. "Why are you here?" Adam asked. "I'm here because I know what you're thinking, and I want in." Ares said, much to Delios's displeasure. "How did you know that?" William asked. "Irrelevant. What does matter is getting everyone on board." Ares said as he stared at William. "How do I do that? William asked. "Dive into their minds and caresses they're deepest fears and desires, then they'll listen." Ares said, as then Delios and he both began to walk inside Quenya's house.

Later that day, William gathered everyone he knew and had rounded them up inside Quenya's home as she served them all some orange juice as William stood in front of them all, getting ready to speak. "I'm glad you're all here. I know what I'm offering sounds like madness but hear me out." William said. "It's more than madness, its pure insanity. She knows everything about us. Fighting her is pointless, trash bag." said Frisk as he finished his orange juice and stared at William, who began to sweat in his concern, but then he saw Adam and Chara, who both looked at him and nodded in support, giving him the edge. "I don't mean to doubt you, darling, but are you sure that this plan won't have us as yet another group of corpses under her belt?" Aurora said as she fixed her mic. "Don't worry. I know my mother," Adam said, getting everyone's attention with Delios and Ares even looking over at him. "which means Will knows her too. I have faith in him." Adam said as he smiled at William, with him returning the smile. "Now then, let's begin." William said as he spent the next couple of hours explaining the plan and exploring all the flaws he felt were possible, with others chiming in every once in a while to help him with finalizing the details. Later that day, Frisk would head back to the palace to see the Astral Mother with Delios as well. As he entered, he saw the Astral Mother sitting down on her desk chair drinking some wine as she turned towards Frisk with a simple yet intimidating glare. "Ma'am, I regret to inform you that my attempt at the Genoicde was an obvious... failure." Frisk said as he tried to keep eye contact. He then looked back as Delios entered the room and closed the door behind him as he went to stand behind the Astral Mother, hands crossed. "Yes, I can see you failed. You see, the genocide wasn't to help you keep your faggot of a friend from my son. It was so I could see if my child was beginning to pose a threat, and since you're here, I'm gonna guess that answer is already accounted for." The Astral Mother smiled as she took another sip. "I won't tell you again to step off with the names for my friend. He goes by Chara, ma'am." Frisk said with a stern tone. "Oh! Feeling gutsy, are we? Shall I have Delios smash your head into paste to teach you a lesson, heheheheh." the Astral Mother chuckled as everyone else remained silent. The Astral Mother then snapped her fingers, and Delios looked at her. "I want you to smash up his skull until I can't recognize that annoying face of his any longer, heheheh." the Astral Mother said as she poured herself more wine. "Understood." Delios said as he summoned his hammers and began to walk towards Frisk. "TEACH THAT LITTLE SHIT A LESSON!! HAHAHAHAHAH" The Astral Mother laughed as she downed her drink some more. "You're absolutely right, my lady, a lesson IS IN ORDER!!!" Delios said as he then turned quickly around and slammed his hammer into the side of the Astral Mother's face, sending her flying across the room and into a wall.

The Astral Mother struggled to get up as she then wiped her mouth and head of blood. "You... hit me... heheheh. So, is it your turn to fail me too, then?" The Astral Mother said as she stared at Delios maliciously. "Frisk, now is your chance to get back in my good graces! Kill this fool, NOW!" shouted the Astral Mother. "Sorry, ma'am. I can't do that." Frisk said as he walked next to Delios and summoned his katana. "... so, is this what you meant then... Te—" the Astral Mother was then interrupted as she dodged out of the way of Frisk extending blade. Delios then rushed after her, swinging his hammer, every strike filled with emotion and calculations. The Astral Mother dodged ever swing. Frisk then jumped over Delios and attempted to decapitate her, only for the Astral Mother to fade away into a pink cloud and phase through them. Frisk landed and Delios turned around to see her stand under a vent in the ceiling. Up on the ceiling, William, Adam, Ares, and Jacob all waited in anticipation for the right moment. Jacob scratched at the bandage wrapped around his head as he looked at his brother and two stepbrothers. "Are you sure this will work? I-I don't want this to fail, and I end up back..." Jacob then got flashes back to his many experiments as he began to sweat and grab at his black jacket, only for Ares to grab his hand. "Don't worry. I'll be here with you, no matter what." Ares said with reassurance. "You always say that..." Jacob reasoned. "I promise." Ares said, causing all three of the brothers to look at him. William looked at Ares, and then to Adam, who was distracted by what was going on down below. Why can't you be... William thought to himself, unable to finish his thought. "I'll keep you to that." Jacob said as they then heard the Astral Mother down below the vent. "It's almost time. Get ready." William whispered. With those words, Adam and Ares ran off and made for the bridge connecting Waterfall City and Hotland, leaving Jacob and William. William looked at Jacob, then down at the vent where he could still see his mother fighting Frisk and Delios. "Your brother is pretty incredible." William said. Jacob looked at him. Almost shocked, he spoke to him. "I-I... well, thanks. Our mother was good at raising us... hope she is alright." Jacob said with sorrow. "Hey, don't worry, we're gonna get you two home, don't worry... bro." William said, causing Jacob to give him a wide smile. "I'LL BE SEEING YOU BOYS!!" shouted the Astral Mother, causing the two boys to look down and see a pink cloud coming up and out of the vent. "NOW JACOB!!" William shouted as the two summoned their Gaster Blasters and fired at the Astral Mother as soon as she turned back into her physical form, causing her to let out a blood curtailing scream as she got a large hole blasted right through her side. William then used his blue magic to throw her over the edge of the palace roof, causing her to fall down onto the hard ground outside of it. "Damnit. It was all planned out. Should have known you'd play a part in this, boy." The Astral Mother said as she started to stand, her wound healing slowly, only for the ground to then glow a bright pink as knives rose out of it, stabbing into her feet. "DAMN CHILD!!" the Astral Mother shouted as Chara and Quenya ran across the bridge towards her. The Astral Mother then summoned two large gaster hands and sent them to the bridge, smashing it. Quenya and Chara jumped over them and landed near the Astral Mother, attacking and stabbing at her all while she attempted to dodge their assaults until Delios smashed through the main door and slammed his hammer against the back of the Astral Mother's head, knocking her close to the edge of the cliff, nearly into the lava. "Damnit... am I supposed to lose here...?" the Astral Mother said as Aurora's arms then extended out from across the gap and hosted up the Astral Mother over the lava.

"Heheheheh. Well, well, isn't this a surprise. All of my favorite people all together. Heheheh... how pathetic." the Astral Mother said as she hung over the lava. "KILL HER NOW!!" shouted a voice, to which everyone looked to only to see Muffet fly onto the scene and land on the roof with William and Jacob. "KILL HER NOW BEFORE SHE CAN DO ANYMORE OF HER DAMN TRICKS!!!" Muffet screamed as her floating hands wrapped the Astral Mother and began to choke her. "W-Wait a minute! MUFFET!" Adam screamed. "Wait a minute, Muffet. We need her alive! We need her to relinquish her throne so the Underground can free properly." William shouted. "You would let her have a chance to think of some escape route!? Some way to wiggle out of this!? DON'T BE A FOOL!!" Muffet shouted as she tightened her grip on her floating hands. "Muffet, please, wait a second!" Adam cried out. "SILENCE, BONE HEAD, OR I'LL CRUSH YOU NEXT!!" Muffet shouted out, only to then be stabbed in the chest hole she had by Jacob. She turns to the two boys with rage in her eyes. "Shit, I missed!" Jacob said as Muffet's hands then went to Jacob and lifted him high into the air. "Damnit." William said to himself as he then launched a few bones at her next, only for her to fly high into the air. Everyone then looked at one another, confused for a second on who to aim towards. "If you fools value your lives, then you'll attack the arachnid." the Astral Mother said, giving everyone direction as they all then aimed their attacks at Muffet, with Aurora setting the Astral Mother on solid ground and joining everyone else. Muffet then summoned a large black tentacle out of her chest wound, startling everyone and slapping Frisk away, as he had gotten too close. "YOU FOOLS!! DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT THIS IS ALL GOING ACCORDING TO THEIR PLAN!?!" Muffet shouted as she summoned hundreds of larger void hands to attack the group. Aurora fired her blast at her while Delios remained on the defensive, and Chara and Frisk barreled through them all with Muffet then using her void hands to knock Chara down as a couple hundred void-spears barreled towards Frisk. Frisk looked on, shocked and slightly stunned from the sight. Suddenly though, a large bone wall blocked him from getting skewered. As he looked to see his savior, he saw William looking directly at him, hands stretched out towards him. During the chaos of the fight in this brief moment, Frisk and William shared a slight look at one-another as the two then nodded at one-another. William then summoned a Gaster Blaster with Frisk then jumping onto it and William sending it towards Muffet. Frisk looked down at William, then back to Muffet. "HA! DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU'RE BLADE WILL REACH ME BEFORE MY SPEARS REACH YOUR GUTS, BOY!!" Muffet shouted as she sent out more spears towards Frisk, who dodged them while riding the Gaster Blaster. "Stupid bug." Frisk mumbled to himself as he got closer and closer to Muffet. William then looked over as he saw Muffet's hands claw away at Chara, scratching him up horribly while Chara blocked them the best he could. "CHARA!!!" William screamed, causing Frisk to look back in worry. "FOOL!" Muffet shouted as one of her fist then punched Frisk off the blaster. With William distracted protecting Chara, Frisk fell. The Astral Mother began to get to her feet, her eyes then were averted to Frisk plunging through the air towards the lava below. The Astral Mother's eyes gleamed against the light of the lava as she felt her chest expanding and heart racing as, for the first time, she was met with a decision she didn't quite know what to do about, but as she heard Chara's cries for his friend, the Astral Mother, for a brief moment, saw her parents in the flames of the lava and, almost a second too late, the Astral Mother saved Frisk from burning to death by sending a large gaster hand to save him and lift him high up, far from danger. "... why?" Frisk mumbled to himself as he stared at the Astral Mother, who then looked to Muffet, who was continuing her assault, thinking that Frisk had perished. Frisk then extended his blade all the way across the lava, then swung it high into the air, cutting Muffet's side barley enough to call it a scratch, but enough to scare the spider shitless, knowing she came so close to death, only to then almost be shot in the head by one of Aurora's blasts. Feeling her hold over the battle slipping, she then flew away, letting go of Jacob as he plummeted to the roof.

As everyone celebrated with one-another, the Astral Mother brought Frisk to her, letting him jump off the gaster hand. Frisk stared at the Astral Mother as she stared back at him. She then moved her hand to towards his face. "HEY! THEY'RE STILL ALIVE!!" Delios shouted as everyone then began to look across the bridge. The Astral Mother moved her hand away from him as the two looked over at everyone else. "William! What's next?" Aurora asked as she looked to William, with Quenya doing the same momentarily. William looked to the Astral Mother, and then to Frisk, who also looked to William as well. "How about a deal, boy." the Astral Mother said, getting William's attention. "I'll let you, and everyone else here, have your happy ending. You get to live your lives without me. However, only if I get to have one subject to test on in exchange. One of my choosing." the Astral Mother said with a stern tone, causing many of the others to shout out in rage and anger, but William knew better. He knew that he couldn't strike his mother down no matter how much he hated her deep down, but something deeper down knew he had to give in, and as he stood there staring at her, he knew his will was never on par with hers. "Okay." William said, much to everyone's shock except for the Astral Mother, who smiled a wicked grin. "Smart move." the Astral Mother said as she looked at his face and nearly trembling body. Does such a choice truly hurt you? You're getting your happy ending, aren't you? What is one life to millions? the Astral Mother thought to herself. The Astral Mother then pointed out to who she wanted, and as everyone turned to see who, William turned to see her pointing at Jacob, who then began to flail away. "N-No! I won't...YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!" Jacob said as he ran to William and grabbed onto his jacket. "Please, William, please! Don't let her do this!" Jacob pleaded, only for William to not look towards him. Jacob's eyes welled with tears "... b-brother..." Jacob mumbled. "We'll have one last training session, for old times' sake, shall we?" said the Astral mother as she got on one of her floating gaster hands and made her way past everyone until Quenya stepped in front of her. "You'd better honor your word! No tricks, or we'll all be storming this place and repainting it with your blood!" Quenya said as everyone's eyes locked onto her, but all she did was move forward as Delios, Ares, and Adam followed after her. "You called me bro before... b... but brothers don't do this... I know we could win if we tried... y-you're just selfish!" Jacob said as he held onto William's hood. "Y... YOU'RE SO SELFISH!!!" Jacob screamed as he pushed William, causing the both of them to fall through the vent behind William and land on the hard floor. "Ah, good. You two found your way down. Now, to the training area before my patience wears on me." the Astral Mother said as all of them made their way down to the training area. As they all moved on down, the Astral Mother grabbed onto Jacob's shoulder, stopping him as the others made their way there. "It's a shame that Will gave away your happiness in order to preserve his own, isn't it? Thus is the way of the world, my dear child." the Astral Mother chuckled as she walked past Jacob, whose expression was cold, and one filled with shock, anger, and twisted feelings he wasn't even sure of either. As they all got down to the training area, they all stood in a large open room. The Astral Mother then approached them from behind. "We'll work on the regular training. Will and Adam, you're first." the Astral Mother said as she stood a good distance away while Delios stood next to her. Adam and William began to spar, with Ares sitting against a wall in the corner. Jacob was also in the corner, twitching, with the Astral Mother watching him ever so carefully. "Why... why would you single me out... why does nobody care??? Why am I always the one suffering... why is it me when no one else feels this pain... is it truly the way of the world or is that a lie too... everyone is always so cold to me..." Jacob mumbled to himself as he then turned to see William and Adam battling one another. Jacob's eyes focused solely on William "especially you, dear br—... William! WILLIAM... WIIIILLLLIIIAAAMMMM!!!!" Jacob mumbled to himself some more as he then summoned a sharp bone and sprinted towards William and Adam, who both turned to him. The Astral Mother smiled as Delios ran in to stop Jacob. Ares looked over and teleported in front of William, pushing him out of the way, only for Jacob to stab Ares straight through his forehead. Luckily, Delios and Adam pinned him down, with Delios knocking Jacob out, and William holding Ares as he looked in shock at Jacob, who was unconscious. "Ares... ARES!!!" William shouted, only for the Astral Mother to step in. "Move out of the way, boy." the Astral Mother said as she then picked up Ares and used her gaster hands to lift up Jacob. "Don't worry. I won't let him die." the Astral Mother said as she walked off. "Delios, come along. You two are free to go." the Astral Mother said. "See you two." Delios said as he walked with the Astral Mother down to the laboratory. "Jacob..." Adam mumbled to himself as William grabbed him and two made for the stairs back up. Jacob squirmed and wiggled violently on an operation table, screaming and yelling "HOW COULD YOU!?! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!" Jacob screamed. "It would seem your recent outburst has cost me my only reader of the book. Unfortunately, he'll need a new piece in order to save him from his death you seem to have unknowingly brought to him. I'm in a pretty bad mood today, so we're gonna have to do this a little bit messier than how I would like to, so try to hold still." the Astral Mother said as she extended her hand into claws, then moved them close to Jacob's right eye "... DAMN... damn... heheh... DAMN YOU WILLIAM!!!! I HATE YOU AND YOUR HAPPY ENDING!!!" Jacob screamed out as the Astral Mother dug her fingers into his head as everyone left the laboratory, now feeling a lot freer than before, except for William, who's soul and heart were now heavier than that of his own body.

The Astral Mother, later that day, discarded Jacob's body deep into the woods while Delios helped in inserting a new eye where the new hole was in Ares's head and bandaged it up, leaving him in a slight coma-like sleep. William and everyone else lived the next 2 years without any interference from the Astral Mother, and just for a moment everything felt right in the world... but the world never stands still.

Destruction - Year 21 - 4 Resets

As the days turned to months, everyone finally began to find joy in the world that no longer had the Astral Mother poking around in it. William and the others graduated from high school and all began to do what they could to better the Underground. Adam, Delios, and Quenya assembled the official Royal Guards with the help of William as the brains behind the organization. However, his life with Chara continued beyond that, with the two eventually moving to the ruins together with Frisk not that far behind, and Aurora, being the guardian of the two Humans. Muffet found herself separated from everyone due to her previous altercation with them. In her spite and anger towards everyone, she hid away in the woods of Snowdin to recall and recollect her thoughts, but as she did, she kept going deeper into the woods until she found Jacob's body lying lifeless and hollow without a hint of life in it. "It's the child. Which one was it? Hmmm, I'm not sure." Muffet said as her floating hands lifted up the lifeless corpse and inspected it. She then used her hands to feel his body, sensing his last feelings and conflicts. "Oh yes, your mind. I can feel it, and I can sense that you're filled with intense hatred towards those who did you wrong, You and I have that in common... perhaps..." Muffet stopped herself as she looked at his missing eye and smiled "it would seem you're ripe for a reward... a gift, so to speak." Muffet said as a large black tentacle suddenly reached out towards Jacob's corpse and stuck itself in his right eye and reached into the deepest aspects of his mind.

Suddenly, Jacob awoke in a cell block where he could hear screams and cries wailing through the darkness with only a few ceiling lanterns to illuminate the hallway. "H-Hello? I-is anyone there? Mom? Ares? William?" Jacob called out as he walked through the halls. As he did so, he saw multiple hands in cells that were pitch black, all screaming and clawing at the air outside their cells and as he walked beside them. He saw one cell that looked to have nothing inside, and as he looked up, he saw the symbols D2 written all over the top of it. "W-where the hell am I?" Jacob said as he began walking up a flight of stairs until he reached the top and saw a hallway completely filled with other Jacobs all standing around twitching and some strapped in straitjackets. He then saw a door on the other end of the hallway and as he slowly made his way there, he could hear other screams and voices "STOP!!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE!!!" screamed one Jacob far away while others screamed incoherently and sounded very alien. He then looked inside one cell and saw a bunch of Jacobs all mutilating and tearing apart an infant Jacob that was still alive and screaming as he was torn apart piece by piece. "What is this place!?" Jacob screamed to himself. Suddenly, he heard whispers and demonic chuckles above him. When he looked up, he saw weird purple orbs flying up above the cells and floating around and into walls. When Jacob finally got to the door at the end of the hall, he opened it and saw a chair sitting there in the middle of the room. "A chair?" Jacob said as he went to it, looking at it, only for the door to slam shut behind him. As he turned around, he saw a larger, more imposing, and messed up Jacob than any of the others. "Oh god." Jacob said "Sorry... but he's not here, not in this awful place." said the messed-up Jacob as he then sprinted towards regular Jacob and grabbed him. "Don't worry, child, you've been through a horrible experience, and we're here to help you... to heal you, unlike many others who couldn't or didn't care. You have us... you have me." said the imposing Jacob. "It's time to sit in the chair for a moment. It's time to show your family the real you, but I can't do this without you, Jacob." said the imposing Jacob as he stared in regular Jacob's eyes. "What happens if I do? What'll happen to them if I do?" Jacob asked "WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT HAPPENS!? THEY DIDN'T CARE ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU BLED FOR THEM, WHEN YOU DIED FOR THEM!!!" screamed out the imposing Jacob as he threw regular Jacob to the floor. "Let me guess, you think you're different? Something special, that you can't snap like everyone else... too good for us!? WELL, YOU'RE WRONG!!! One minus ten equals a hundred... you and I both know that!" said the imposing Jacob. Suddenly, the whole place began to shake. "W-what's happening?!" Jacob said as he looked around. "It's my time, it's finally my turn." said the imposing Jacob as he finally went to the chair and sat down in it. Jacob then began to feel drowsy as he started to fall asleep. "Don't worry Jacob, I'm all you need now." said the imposing Jacob as he drifted away as he sat in the chair.

Muffet watched as the black tentacle exited Jacob's right eye and went back into her chest. "Did it work?" Muffet asked as she studied his body again only for Jacob to kick her in the face and land in the snow. "Why you little!? ARE YOU INSANE!!!?" Muffet screamed. "Why yes... hehehehheheheh. Yes I am." Jacob laughed as he plunged his head into the snow. "Listen here boy, I've brought you back so that you can aid me in my revenge on the Astral Mother and her little brats she calls children!" Muffet said as she hovered over to him. "Heheheheheh. Oh don't worry, I intend to make sure that suffering is shared with all!" Jacob said as he pulled his head out of the snow. "Where is Snowdin from here?" Jacob asked as he summoned a sharp bone and ripped it out of the ground. "A couple miles, but we need a plan first, and our target isn't the underground, it's the royal family I'm after!" Muffet shouted at him as Jacob walked off. "I do have a plan! Cause as much pain and suffering as possible." Jacob said as he began to run off. "WAIT! Damn fool." Muffet said as she flew up and towards Waterfall City. "If he won't listen to me, I'll use his rampage as a means of getting my revenge!" Muffet said as she kept flying.

Far away, in the small town of Snowdin, Frisk and Delios were helping the town's people set up for a festival they'd decided to have for the special occasion of having the Astral Mother no longer present in their lives. "Need some help there, tiny boy?" Delios asked with a smirk as Frisk just ignored him. "Oh come on, don't be like that or I'll smash your skull." Delios chuckled with Frisk, giving a small smile before he saw some kids running back, crying and covered in dust. The parents ran over to them and hugged their children with one parent looking for their child. "Marshall??" shouted the parent as Frisk and Delios both walked over and looked to see a black silhouette walking towards them. "Sorry, but I don't think dear ol' Marshall is gonna be coming back this hour." said Jacob as he dragged the sharp bone and held the young monster's clothes in his mouth. "J-Jacob!?" Delios said, shocked. "But I thought he was dead?" Frisk said with shock as well while all the other monsters stared in shock. "Death? So much Death, and yet no one to share it with? How about I fix that, shall I?" Jacob said with a demonic grin as he ate the young monster's clothes. Far away in Hotland near Muffet's home, Adam and William were walking to her place with some muffins in hand. "You really think she'll get over her hate? She seemed pretty strongly against us back then." Adam said as his concern was getting the better of him while William's mind was racing with thoughts of Jacob and what he could have done. "You alright, Will?" Adam said as he grabbed his brother's jacket, getting his attention. "Oh! I guess I'm still thinking back to that night... if there was something I could have done... I threw him away without a second thought... I need to do justice by him, to help him somehow." William said with sorrow. "Hey! If it helps, we can help with looking for him again. Mother said he ran away somewhere, right? Let's look around after we do this for Muffet, huh?" Said Adam with a wide grin. "Thanks, bro." William said as he hugged Adam. Suddenly though, a loud ringing noise went throughout the entire underground. "Is that the alarm?" Adam asked. "What's happening?" William asked as well as they both looked up in their unawareness of what was going on.

William then got a call on his phone from Frisk. Just as William was about to pick up, it went dead silent. William and Adam looked at each other in concern and worry as the two then began to make their way to Waterfall City to see Quenya. However, just as they were getting ready, William stopped. "Will, what are you doing? We need to make sure Mom is okay!" Adam shouted. "I need to see her, maybe she'll have answers to this." William said as he began to run towards the palace to find his Mother. William looked through the palace, then down to the laboratory beneath. As he went to go to the sub-levels, however, he saw that he was never granted access to them. "MOTHER!? WHERE ARE YOU!?" William shouted, to which a large television screen instantly switched on, showing the Astral Mother on its face. "Hello boy." said the Astral Mother as she looked at William. "You're alright... good to see, perhaps you aren't entirely incompetent." the Astral Mother said as William walked over to the television. "What's going on? The alarm and Frisk's call... it just... you need to tell me." William said as the Astral Mother just stared back at him. "The cause of this emergency is undetermined, unfortunately." the Astral Mother said as she looked at her monitor on the other side. "Where's your brother?" She then asked. "He went to go see Quenya, what's wrong?" William said "Stay with your brother, I'm currently with Ares now. I'll be out to check on you as soon as I can." the Astral Mother said as the television turned off. "WAIT! Damnit." William said as he then made his way to Waterfall City and ventured to Quenya's home, only to see Adam having a complete mental break down while the house burned behind him. William was about to run towards Adam and comfort him before he suddenly saw Quenya, who had been turned into a dangling corpse that was suspended, headless, naked, and impaled. William just stared at it as his brother's screams rang through his head. He couldn't look away. How could he look away as the flames began to burn away at the flesh of the corpse? William's phone yet again rang briefly, giving him a chance to avert his eyes from what was happening in front of him. He looked down to see a text from Chara saying Be Careful. With that, William's tears dried up and he then grabbed his brother's shoulder. " Adam... come on, we need to save people." William said as Adam then ran into his brother, screaming and crying as William held his brother, his eyes twisted with rage. I'll make who did this bleed! William thought to himself as he and Adam began to move towards Snowdin. "W-who would do this?? Why would someone do this?" Adam cried as all William could think about was killing the person responsible for all of this. Once William and Adam got to Snowdin, it was nothing but a ghost town filled with buckets of snow that flew everywhere. "This can't be right... already? So many dead..." Adam said in complete defeat only for William to then see a figure dancing and juggling something in their hands as they wondered further towards the ruins. "HEY!" William shouted as he ran after them with Adam shortly following him. "DAMNIT WILL, STOP! WE NEED TO WAIT FOR BACK UP!!" shouted Adam as he chased after William. That's him, isn't it! That's the traitor, the monster... the... tch!!! William thought to himself as he chased after the individual, only for him to see the person jump high up into one of the tall trees near the entrance to the ruins. "Such a leap! What the hell are they?" Adam said as he and William came to a stop and watched as the figure continued to juggle the objects in his hand. "Well well well. It would seem my late meal has finally arrived... warm or cold, I wonder what it is." said the figure. "SHOW ME YOUR FACE, MONSTER!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THE LIVES YOU'VE ENDED TODAY!!!" William shouted out in pure anger. "Ah, hehheheh. Warm it is." said the figure as they put their hood down, shocking Adam and William with their face revealed to be that of Jacob himself smiling back at them. "...J-Jacob..." William said in complete shock.

"N-No way... how is that..." William looked down in shock for a moment while Adam did so in confusion. "Awww, what's wrong? Still sad over your fish mommy's death? Heheheheh." Jacob chuckled to himself only for William to roar in anger and fire a blast from his blaster at Jacob, who jumped out of the way just in time and landed on the snow. "YOU BASTARD!!" William screamed. "WILL STOP!!" Adam said as he grabbed William, allowing Jacob to run past them and into the ruins. "Heheheheh. Still as useful as always, Adam. Hahahah." Jacob laughed as he disappeared. "DAMNIT ADAM, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GODDAMN MIND?! WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME!?!?" William shouted. "Please..." Adam said, tired and sorrowful. "What?" William asked. "Please don't hurt him. I... I think we can reach him, Will, help him." Adam said with plea. However, William's eyes of pain and anger could only stare towards where Jacob left until his eyes got somewhat calmer as he looked at Adam, whose face was very disheveled and yet had remains of hope in them. "... Adam, he... he... what can we do?" William asked before seeing something catch his eye in the trees. He saw the Void Empress standing far away in the distance of the trees. "We can talk to him, reason with him. I know him, I can talk to him!" Adam said as he backed away from William. William stared at Adam for a moment before making up his mind "I'll go along with this for now..." William said as he began to run towards the ruins with Adam close behind him.

William and Adam ran through the ruins, both brother's souls racing as they both ran to confront their once well-known sibling. As they did, they saw an old cellphone on the ground near a pillar. "What's that?" Adam asked as he went to pick it up and noticed it's a phone. "Could it be Jacob's?" William asked. "No, he never liked techy garbage. Huh, it's dead and dusty as hell. Feels like it's been here for decades." Adam said as he looked on the back of it where a sticker was placed with a name. "Give back to T-To... hm? Toriel? Give back to Toriel if lost. Know a Toriel at all, bro?" Adam asked, but William's head was too occupied with current events to care. William shook his head and kept going forward. Adam pocketed the phone and kept moving as well. Soon they'd find themselves right in front of a little patch of flowers underneath a giant hole in the ceiling of the cave. Adam looked around, amazed, while William searched for Jacob. Jacob then popped out of the shadows and got William in a choke hold. "WATCH OUT, I'M BEHIND YOU! Heheheheh." Jacob chuckled as William tried to shake him off. "Jacob! Please step back and let's talk this out! Violence doesn't have to be the answer to this." Adam said, pleading, only for Jacob to keep chuckling. "Stupid smiling trash bag!" William said, choking as he teleported him and Jacob into the air. As they fell, William wiggled free from Jacob's grip and kicked him away, causing the two to fall down to the ground with a large thud. "BOTH OF YOU STOP! WE'RE BROTHERS, WE SHOULDN'T BE FIGHTING!!" Adam shouted, getting in-between the two. "HAHAHAHAH. YOU MEAN YOU TWO ARE BROTHERS? I NEVER WAS A PIECE ON THIS BOARD! HAHAHAHAH!" Jacob shouted back as he summoned a large bone wall and threw it at William and Adam with William using his blue magic to move Adam out of the way. "Why so shy? Afraid my feelings against you are too strong!? Heheheh." Jacob chuckled. "No, you're afraid, Jacob." Adam said, to which Jacob shriveled back concerned. "Adam, stop. Don't do anything risky!" William shouted. "Don't sweat it, brother. I got this." Adam said as he began to walk towards Jacob with open arms. "Jacob, you're hurting, I get that. Hurt, pain, to deal with all of that and still not have people understand you... you must truly be hurting, but I'm here for you." Adam said as he got closer to Jacob, with William cautiously watching behind him. "Come on, Jacob... it... it doesn't have to end this way... be this way." Adam said as he stopped in front of Jacob, ready to embrace him. "Heh... maybe you're right... but... I can't help but wonder... where I fit in your happy ending." Jacob said smiling widely with eyes dry from tears before. Jacob then gripped the sharp bone he was wielding tightly and raised his arm up high to his side, then sliced Adam right in half, sending his entire upper half flying through the air as William's face was completely petrified in shock as his brother's upper body landed right in front of him. William stared at his brother for a moment. "Heheheheh." Jacob chuckled to himself. "I-It's o... okay... I... forgive... you..." Adam said as he faded away into dust, leaving nothing but his jacket behind with William and Jacob. William fell to his knees as he grabbed onto Adam's jacket with tears welling up in his eyes. "No.. nonononononononononono this CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! WHY! WHYYYYY!!" William screamed as his tears rushed down his face, staining Adam's jacket. Jacob watched from afar, staring at William kneeling over his loss. "Heheheheh." Jacob chuckled as tears ran down his face as he looked at the ground and walked towards William. "Such pain... sorrow, and anger... just how I felt every single day you guys left me in that place... we're like a cog, you and I... somehow I feel like we're destined to spin around one-another, if not just for this moment, then perhaps... forever." Jacob said as he reached down and pulled on William's hood. William's expression was one of shock, but upon looking at Jacob's teared and yet happy expression, William's turned into one of absolute hate and anger as he stared daggers straight into Jacob's calm yet happy eyes. "See you in hell brother." Jacob said as he got his sharp bone ready to kill William, only for him to grab Jacob by the throat. "I'LL GIVE YOU A ONE-WAY TICKET THERE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!" William screamed as he used all of the power he could muster up to teleport them to Hell, but instead the two ended up in a pale white limbo where nothing could be seen for miles and the only thing there was was one floating page far above their heads.

Jacob pushed himself off of William and began looking around. "W-what the— WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!" Jacob shouted. "WHERE DID YOU TAKE ME!?!?" Jacob shouted at William, who was still staring at him angrily until he began to hear voices. "Sink your hands in." said one voice. "Deep into the pale void." another voice said. "It is the only way to save them." said another voice, and before anyone could react, William then, with all his might and force, shoved his hands straight through the white pale ground of the void around them, breaking his hands instantly. "WHAT THE HELL!?" shouted Jacob as all he could do was watch as suddenly a weird black energy began to surround and fuel up William. It wouldn't be long before he began to scream as blood rushed from every hole in his face. "ARGAHHHHHH!!!" William screamed as he could feel a weird sensation building up inside him and that the power he was getting somehow didn't feel like his own anymore. It felt like an invasion, and yet a welcome one. "HEY, CUT IT OUT!" Jacob shouted as he fired an array of bones at William, only for a large black pillar of code to burst out of the void and protect him. Shockwaves began to shoot out, sending Jacob flying back farther and farther. "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!?" Jacob screamed as he covered his ears from all the shouting of voices and the code around him overreacting and the error signs and anomalies all going on. William tried to pull away, but something was keeping him there. He tried one more time with all of his might and finally freed himself, causing everything to stop abruptly. Jacob looked at William with complete shock at the new imposing and intimidating energy that was radiating from him. William looked at his hands and saw them scorched and burn to hell, so bad that the tips of his fingers were blue. "Use it!" said a voice. "Kill him!" said another voice. "This is your only chance!" said an imposing voice. William then looked to Jacob with smoking eyes. "W-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU? W-William??" Jacob said as he crawled away from William, only for him to get lifted up from the ground and suspend in the air. "THIS IS FOR EVERYONE... YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!" William screamed as he then closed his hand and crushed Jacob into the size of a cell in less than a second. William then looked around as his vision was filled with error signals and weird messages. "What the hell is going on here!? Where am I!?!?" William said as he then looked up towards the weird piece of paper hovering up in the air. He could feel the presence of everyone in that piece of paper. "I n-n-n-need to go home... I-I don't know what's happening!" William said with agony as he glitched out horribly, trying to reach to the paper only for his glitches to then strike at it, destroying the piece of paper and causing the presences of everyone he knew to disappear and for the paper to burn to pieces. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" William screamed as his whole body glitched out, causing his body parts to disappear and reappear in different places, and sometimes completely disappear altogether. "WHYYYYYY!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!!! ARGAHHHHHHH!!!" William screamed as black tears ran down his face as all he could do was cry as the voices from before began to sink in and slowly drain his sanity. "You're going to be here for a long time." said a voice as William's tears fell against the white void around where he was alone, and would be alone for a very, very... very long time.

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