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"Music is passage through to the soul"
– Temmies

AlphaTale Ost

These Ost were made by fans and lovers of the series itself and all contributed greatly towards these great Au/Project. I hope you all enjoy and love these fantastic works and don't be afraid to check them out as well.

Main AlphaTale themes

Infected/Jocob's themes:Tainted Heart - A Very Crazy One! - A Calm Boy - Pain,Sweet Pain(This link is outdated)

King Multiverse's theme:King.M Theme

Alpha!Sans themes:Alpha!Sans Theme - Somber Brawl - Alpha

Astral Mother/Void empress/The defiled witch themes: Astral Mother Theme - Mother - The Defiled Witch - A Mother's Will

Omni Sans Theme:Omnipotent!Sans Theme

Error404/WIlliam's themes:Error404!Sans Theme - Code.404 Not Found!? - William - Numbers

Alphatale prologue Themes:AlphaTale Prologue - Resurrection Prologue

Aurora's themes:Yielding Glamour - Meta


A Snowy Charade

Chara's Theme

Frisk Theme

Song of a Undying Will

It Wonders...

It's Pouring down somewhere dim

A Spider's sad tale - Traitor

The Being -

AlphaTale Spinoff Osts

These Osts are for stories or characters that aren't directly tied to AlphaTale. Please Enjoy

Spaz's Theme

Grimm's Theme

Code Red!Sans's Theme

Syno!Sans's Theme

A Terrible Error Has Occured

Anti-Flowey's Theme

AlphaRune!Jevil's Theme

Rock's Theme