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"Even After being destroyed so long ago it would seem AlphaTale has still left its mark"
– D+!Sans

What is the AlphaVerse?

The Alphaverse is just a term defining AUs similar to or that surround AlphaTale. Even though AlphaTale is gone it's hold or more to say it's effect on the Multiverse and creators is everlasting in which causes a huge number of odd and yet fascinating new AUs to be born.

Alphaverse Stories

These stories are from the Alphaverse, some are detached form the main plot and some branch from it.

Bad Guys 2.0: =Coming Soon=

Standard Aus

AnotherTale heading


Standard AUs are the ones who are simple and yet have a line of oddness to them that gives a feeling of uncertain safety and yet a soft center like no other.

  • AnotherTale: An Au surrounding the concept if the Undertale cast were merged with Eldritch creatures from the deepest aspects of space, long after AlphaTale's destruction this Au has reined supreme when it comes to strength and overall dominance over the Undertale Multiverse, but since AlphaTale's return things have gotten...complicated again.

  • SwapFell.W: An Au struck with a serious Plague as isolated itself inside of its own world in hopes of finding a cure and being freed from the shackles of said to disease. SwapFell.W is highly dangerous due to this and isn't supposed to be interacted with.

  • UnderFell.B: UnderFell.B also short for UnderFell Blue is a Au no different then that of UnderFell in fact is recorded to be so close to the original idea of its predecessor that it itself is said to be a good place holder in case anything were to happen to the original Au, however some serious mess began to take a stir and cause a large mess there. The Sans known as "Syno" appeared seeking help with this world's sans in which a deal was struck and then broken causing the near destruction of the Au by the hands of said figure if the Au itself hadn't banned together to stop him.

  • Supremetale: After the reconstruction of the Multiverse Supremetale grew over the ashes of EpicTale and while keeping its old roots still in tact, The Au has already started to cause trouble for others. Follow the short comics here

  • Alternate: Reborn after the reconstruction of the Multiverse this Au was reborn from the death of AlterTale. The AU inhabitants are far more deranged and less cheerful then they're older selves leaving not much to be desired.

  • FableTale: Brought up from the ashes the AU that it once was StoryShift has no shifted into a new entirely different entity of itself becoming something more towards legends and myths then anything related to what it was with Frisk and having to stop Asriel and Chara from killing off all the other Fairytales in the Underground.

  • FuryTale: Furytale is an Undertale AU where the entirety of this AU's story happens behind an Error Screen. When a mysterious virus infiltrates the world and starts making its hosts incredibly violent, Chara and her friends step up to find a way to stop it before it can tear their world apart, Main tumblur: FuryTale series

Odd Aus



Odd AUs are as the name implies, they are the odd balls of the Multiverse and aren't entirely well in the head and yet shouldn't be messed with or doubted for they're possible lack to protect themselves.

  • SUB-X: The Sub-X isn't a Au as much as it's a cult following who still believe in the XEvent and the events that happened years ago, even after the XEvent some Aus that were promised perfection from X!Gaster and gave they're loyalty to him are still in denial that its all over. These Au stragglers are highly aggressive and dangerous acting on the "orders" of X!Gaster even though he and XTale were long since terminated...or at least that's what they say.

  • HysteriaTale: An Au surrounding madness and the concept that gaining any amount of LV or DT will drive one insane. This AUs madness is said to have spawned a plethora of other crazy AUs or at most was the inspiration for them, either way HysteriaTale goes down as being the most insane Au there is with it's inhabitants being completely deranged and sick in the head.

  • BeforeTale: BeforeTale being a Twin Universe to that of AfterTale was long forgotten by the masses leaving the inhabitant of the Au Syno to grow envious and jealous of his more recognized counterpart Geno, The results of what happened that day payed out similar for Syno except instead of taking in raw DT he instead absorbed a DT star in which ingulfed his eye in flames and gave him a surplus of DT to spare and use. Due to his attempt to get as well known as his twin Syno infiltrated UnderFell.B during the silent age after the XEvent and struck a deal with Fell.B!Sans similar to that of Geno and Classic Sans's deal except due to circumstances Fell.B!Sans dropped out of the deal and left causing Syno to spark into a rage and take away all the inhabitants of UnderFell.B causing for the Sans and Frisk of that world to work together to bring everyone back and take down Syno.

  • BuddhaTale: Evolved from the famous ReaperTale, BuddhaTale is a land of ancient gods that rule over they're land and Au. Its a Highly dangerous place and looking to pick a fight with the inhabitants is less then advised.

Killer Aus



The Killer AUs of the Alphaverse are heartless and merciless, even though many are copies of they're originals it said they are far FAR more deadly and aggressive when it comes to they're methods and destructive capability and often left alone for as the King has said "I would never dare to anger those Aus, the last thing i need is a target on my back" - King!Multiverse

  • DusTTale+: This version of the DusTTale story sees Dust embark on a mission to get as much DT as possible, but when he losses what drove him to madness in the first place and then learns of other Dust AUs that claim to be "Dust AUs" he sets out to be the only Dust Au there is, along his mission he encounters many obstacles and even gets into fights wit different members of the Alphaverse cast. D+ as they call him is one of the strongest members of the Alphaverse class when 404 isn't around could even be said to take the mantle as the strongest...or so they say. (His story and more is here)

  • UnderHell: UnderHell was a Au that has been struck with loads of turmoil over the years and has fallen to shambles from what it once was, the Au now broken and mostly forgotten the inhabitants have been abused by every known force in the Multiverse and have just about given up when it comes to rekindling the flame of power they once were. The Sans of that universe attempted to keep the universe safe by allying himself with the Team of evil sansses, but just ended up deepening his debt to them. The Sans of UnderHell was seen as one of the strongest of the Mortal Sansses rivaling his team mates and even standing alone against many enemies to keep his world safe.
  • GrimmTale: Yet another Au specializing in the spread of madness, GrimmTale is another Twin Universe and is associated with being HorrorTale's Twin, but accusations and the actions of the inhabitants have left people just to speculate, GrimmTale has had a good many amount of problems and have been known to kidnap other Au Inhabitants and eat, torture or straight up kill them. GrimmTale has broken many of the Multiverse Laws and is seen as large threat due to how off the grid it is and away from everything else the Au has becomem the starting comic is here

Anomaly Aus

Code Red


Anomaly AUs are as they say, they are the odd batch or the weird crew, they are often doing or associated with things that don't make sense and aren't really belonging in the current Multiverse as a whole.

  • Killer.JPG: Nightmare has tried to double cross 404 on many occasions, however one such occasion 404 threatened to Kill Nightmare entirely and any reincarnations he would come back as, in fear for his life Nightmare struck up a bargain with 404 and gave 404 Killer!Sans in exchange. Killer was experimented on by 404, his DT tampered with and his mind scrambled making him a more reliable slave to 404 then to Nightmare. Unfortunatley on one of the missions to Kill Infected Killer was separated and thought to be dead, Killer was left alone and wandered the Multiverse like a stray cat until Nightmare found him again, Nightmare tried to persuade Killer to work for him, but in anger Killer rejected and vowed to never work for Nightmare or anyone else ever again. Killer is now on the top list of wanted Killers and has been associated with other Killers of his kind before hand too.

  • Code Red!Sans: Lost his Au to Error!Sans Code Red!Sans is now a wondering Au, He's been known to be relatively harmless unless provoked into attacking, Code Red as of lately has been approached by many who wish to help him, but he as rejected all sources of aid and as of that has been living alone for a very long time, It seems the Anti-Void doesn't affect him alot, but his number of fears and trauma from his Aus destruction as left incapable of doing just about anything.

  • Rock: Rock jus appeared one day out the blue and began casing problems for everyone though records say he was always off bothering "someone else" alot of time, but the fact stands that Rock is a large nuisance to the Multiverse for even other Parasites or Fresh Aus stir clear of him, He's been known to be highly aggressive towards just about anyone and anything, He's been aressted multiple times in multiple different Aus. Rock is often the cause of conflict and if its not him then its pretty serious, but since Rock's daybue he has been a large menaces' for the Multiverse and for King Multiverse.

  • Tint: Created by an otherworldly being from a different reality in Ink's image Tint was made to be Ink's replacement and even set to kill him, but Tint eventually escaped the grasp of this being and lost his memories and creativity in the process, now he searches the Multiverse for others with creativity ciphering they 'res and taking in whatever creativity he can in hopes of not just gaining his memories, but also in finding other entities from AlphaTale as well, however when Tint found Ink and 404 he began attacking those two daily and wouldn't stop till he was either the only Ink or 404 was dead.

  • Anti-Flowey: A anomaly and glitch made due to the actions of 404, Anti-Flowey is version of Flowey that has its sights on killing every sans in the multiverse, it has killed over 50 of them and strives for more. However recently he has gotten very passive over the times.

  • Vape: Nothing is really known of this individual, the Au he came from isnt documented nor is it even remembered truly a victim of the way the multiverse now runs. [No more Info to obtain]

  • SynthWave: SynthWave similar to another annoying skeleton just randomly was dropped into the Multiverse and began to cause trouble however unlike others instead of harming others he just chilled out by himself. He's known to calm others down with his weird voice and to sooth moods with his music he likes to blast in his headphones he wears. Those who've attempted to kill him usually come back changed rather then damaged.

Events/History of the Multiverse

The Destruction of the First Au

The Destruction of AlphaTale not only became a scar on the Multiverse, but would utterly be known as a traumatic moment in its history for Aus would no longer be created equal or as great as they were intended to be, but instead would dissolve into a hellish pit of trying stories and dashed dreams and horrible creations that would take the place of others more deserving. Not only that, but The Anti-Void and Mainframe would now be shaped in a emptiness void of all enjoyment and desire and happyiness and all of this would be introduced by the new supposed "First Aus"

The "First Aus"

The First Aus after AlphaTale as man know were UnderSwap, UnderFell and many others, these would create the pyramid that everyone no matter who you ask knows exist and this pyramid when the began to form and be built ontop of the failures of other Aus, but that wouldn't be all. Aus that had failed would then be sapped of what them stand out by other creators and then be put into already well working worlds or Universes. This is how the most commonly known Aus have stayed relevant, however this method they used to keep the "best" alive only soured the Multiverse into a spiral of hate and outrage. Many Aus that figured they were deserving of a spot on the top began to riot and reject the status que that had been held up for so many years now, Aus began to fight amongst one another and many even broke down and fell apart over these new things coming forward.

King Multiverse

Suddenly though years later after alot of the fighting amongst each other began to die down, a random Sans came out of nowhere and proclaimed themselves King and even had already made a throne for himself however a small one, of course this sparked millions not only to challenge this so called King, but now people wanted to try they're hand at ruling the multiverse. It all however ended in failure for alot of the best and toughest Aus around even Thought!Sans himself couldn't touch or grasp at the power of this god-like king. He then gave himself the name King Multiverse and without question Error bowed to him, Ink however was quick to deny it all since he would rather have a Multiverse fighting itself and be free then have one thats peaceful and ruled over. However Ink's ideals were shot down by everyone else who was at the meeting and so eventually slowely of course Ink soon became a slave to King Multiverse as well and soon everyone knew his name and who severed him.

The X-Event

The X-Event when it started was said to be horrible and a experience like no other for many Aus were lost in X-Tale's rampage across the multiverse, however once they arrived in Undertale things took a turn for the Au destroyers. The inhabitants didn't only prove to be very well skilled, but also were aligned with Error and a few other Au travelers who put they're difference aside to protect Undertale. During the major battle in Undertale many figures were lost and many others didn't survive, For a bleak moment everything seemed lost for with Ink on their side XTale appeared unstoppable however with the involvement of a unknown party the tides quickly turned back into the Multiverses favor and soon enough Xtale fell and the Multiverse rang a a cheer, however all the damage that was done and the AUs now messed up due to the X-Event and the Overwrite button were near impossible to revert.

Limbo Age

After all the previous Arcs the Multiverse eventually settled down and inevitably went into a deep depression in which many AUs were created from it such as HorrorTale and DreamSwap AUs that defined the age where they came from. More violent AUs were being created and many other horrible acts were being commited and even for a short time their were rumors of a sickness going around, but later on this would just prove to be the actions of one person. The Limbo age also gave birth to hope and myths that people used to raise they're spirits in hope of a better future and better times for the Mutliverse. When sightings of a Pale skeleton figure with a color scheme of blue and back began to go around people began to call it the "White Demon", a figure that stripped worlds of all they're resources, but many saw it as a God-like figure coming to purge the Multiverse of the sick and twisted and to make everything better again, but then rumors of a real devil began to emerge and it all started in HorrorTale, Rumors of another version of Horror!Sans going around and doing the devil's work began to become wide spread news, talk about loud purple orbs that could level whole worlds and whispers of the figure who never stopped smiling. All the rumors were getting all fuzzy and mixed up with one another so eventually the figure earned the name Mix until his true was revealed, just when things began to grow dark however talk of a real jangel began to go around now, that it cried for the sorry souls of the Multiverse and that it would smite and kill all out-codes who dared to defy it's will and that it protected all that was good, the figure was hard to spot and nearly impossible to see earning it the name of "The Ghost of the Multiverse". These figures however would no doubt show they're true intentions sooner or later.

Gods vs Men

After a long period of fighting against godlike forces inevitably soon the AUs began to realize that they were facing off against some of the worst enemies they ever had come across, these new foes such as 404, Infected and many other soon began to peer their ugly heads, but it wasn't just them though. Once the creators began to see a spike in action and enjoyment from these godlike entities they soon began to make they're owns in which would either challenge these beings or perhaps could work side by didn't work, a lot of these ideas fell flat and some even forgotten based on sheer stupidity. However some few new AUs did begin to blossom and many others that were cemented into the Multiverse soon began to plummet and fall apart. The Infected creature destroyed and left pure chaos in his wake as he tore apart AUs and many other universes by the seems and singly responsible for extinction of SwapFell AUs leaving only a select few alive and with him often was the "White Demon" 404 who with his disciple Error often tore away at AUs stealing their resources never to be found again. This was truly a time where the Multiverse felt hopeless against these forces of nature with only the Ghost of the Multiverse able to fend them off when he could.

Events of the Alphatale Written series

This section will hold the events of the Written series once its finished...

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Laws and Rules of the Multiverse

  1. No Murder
  2. No Genocides of other worlds
  3. No Au invasions
  4. No disturbing the more prominent AUs
  5. No Glitches allowed in, AUs, The Omega timeline and the Doodle Sphere.
  6. Killers are objectively evil
  7. Swaps or normal AUs aren't allowed to be within reach of each other.
  8. Glitches are banned from every interacting with normal Au assets or other beings.
  9. Traveling between AUs is illegal and if caught will earn you imprisonment or death.
  10. 404 and many others associated with him are wanted and hunted
  11. The Doodlesphere is off limits and is only accessible through Ink or King!Multiverse himself.
  12. All Killers are to be killed or destroyed on sight