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"You'll fail like the rest of them"
– Death

The Conduits

A Conduit is a being with the power to lead the world and change reality in any way they see fit so long they are the only ones left standing in the current cycle. There have been many cycles and many more conduits along with many forbidden ones as well, but soon the cycle noticed the powers and will of Destruction, Change, and Balance and soon made them the main focus.

Conduits birth and choosing

While some Conduits were made, some were chosen and some were even born. Conduits come from all shapes and different realities and worlds and even dimensions showing that these beings come from all realms of different kinds. The choosing of Conduits is a uncertain thing, it happens randomly and people only know they've been chosen once they die and come back again.



The Conduit of Death's past is unknown, most assume that he is the embodiment of death and others think he's just been alive for so long that his skin has stopped reforming after every cycle. Death is a cold and distant fellow hardly in the mood most times for games or flirtation and yet somehow ironically found himself falling for the Conduit of Life. During Death's later cycles he began to grow a reputation for being not just the winner of many cycles, but also for slaying countless beats and abominations that would dare try to strike him down otherwise.

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