Error!404 Sans is apart of AlphaTale and is the Ancestor of Error!Sans and is by SHADIKAL15.


Error404 used to work together with his brother, Alpha!Sans in their AU AlphaTale. In their AU, They both wore jackets with numbers so that the others could tell who is Alpha!Tale Sans and who is Error404. Alpha wore a jacket with a number 2 and Error404 wore a jacket with a number 1. Every day they helped those who needed help within their world.

But one day, an unidentified Sans entered their world and started killing many people. He was known as Mix!Sans, but was more well known as Infected. He came to seek more LV (Level of Violence). Infected waged a terrible battle wherein Error404 and Alpha had to stop him. They fought and fought until eventually, they came to an impasse. They got their breath back and before they could react, Infected killed Alpha!Sans. Error404 cried and mourned over his brother's death while looking at his dust. Infected smiled with pride and glee. Error404, boiling with rage and sadness, tore open a rift in reality with his bare hands but was immediately killed by Infected before he could do anything. Error404 lied on the ground looking at his brother's dust and then made a mistake that would haunt him until the end of his days. He decided to teleport him and Infected into the Anti-Void, a place that was uninhabitable at the time.

They both had arrived and Error404 immediately starting hacking the Anti-Void. This occurrence drove him insane in just a fraction of a second. Then once he stopped, he attempted to tear his face apart causing him to appear like he was crying this black ooze. He then grabbed some of the Anti-Void code and used it as wires to delete Infected. This was possible only because he hacked the Anti-Void. It gave him everlasting life and incredible durability. This gave Error404 just the right amount of power he needed to kill Infected.

He had won the battle, but at what cost? He had become a very evil monster and had gone insane. Error404 hid away in a special part of the Anti-Void that only he can access called the Main Frame/The outer wall. It is a place where he can see all activity in and out of the Anti-Void. He has been there ever since, never to be in contact with other AUs, slowly driving himself more and more insane with grief in his isolation.

How Error404 and Error met


Error404 is depressed and insane. Like a puppet master and a true god, he has a huge god complex. He is almost in constant grief though most would not be able to tell do to his outward charm and intelligent nature. He would much rather fight through controlling others rather than confront someone directly. He is cold and calculated and somewhat removed from what he does and doesn't feel much guilt anymore. It takes a lot to get under 404s skin and break his facade, but when it does break he responds mostly in anger then any other emotion and it's even rarer to see 404 get glitchy or break down when angered, but if pushed 404 will similar to Error if pushed far enough will get the number "404" in his eyes when enraged.


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Quirks and small things

404's right arm is the one that shoved into the Mainframe and leading to him receiving his powers in the first place. His right arm is the most dominant and is the only one he can use most of his powers with like Blue Mastery, God Ray, and even summoning Dark Blasters at times.

404 is a master manipulator just like his late mother, He uses this poker face of his to keep his distance from those he would think or knows that could get to him as he had years of experience of dealing with an emotional outburst and his emotions in general.


404 wears a long blue coat with blue sashes on each arm with the number 4 on them, Along with that, he dawns a white shirt and white pants as well along with black socks too. The white fur on his coat now is white with blue stripes along with the rest of the fur on his outfit. 404s bone color pallet is mostly white, blue, and black. 404s right arm is completely black while the other is normal with his standard color pallet.


Error!Sans: 404 sees Error as an apprentice and maybe a worthy successor to himself. 404 and Error's relationship can vary from student and teacher to child and guardian and even to cruel and distrusting. The 2 have had almost spent enough time with each other to fill a tub. 404s expectations for Error are unimaginably High, going as far as giving him an Impossible task so that one day Error can finally live and complete his goal of getting rid of Ink. These unimaginably high bars 404 sets for Error often lead to lots of arguing and fighting amongst the two. They have nearly left each other on multiple occasions and only have ever come back together due to the fact they both have equal and goals and on the grounds of them in some sick way needing each other.

King.M: King.M was created by 404 as a cover-up and is used as a pawn. King.M has lots of resentment towards 404 and vice versa, but the two have had their share of moments as well. The two have a passive-aggressive like relationship.

Alpha!Chara: 404 and Alpha!Chara in the past had a very serious relationship finding each other one day in Hotland, they had some Ice cream and started getting closer from there. During one of the many genocides runs Frisk was about to finish off William when Chara stabbed Frisk in the back with his blades finishing off Frisk, Chara held William in his arms and reset the timeline and from there they hooked up and started dating. They spent over 4 years together and we're thinking of making each official until the siren went off. 404 has never forgotten Chara and refuses to date or grow romantically close with anyone for they only have the eyes for Chara.

Ink!Sans: 404 once wanted Ink instead of Error!Sans, but now only sees him as an obstacle. Although a great vessel and amazing killing and working machine, 404 can't risk ink due to his unpredictability

Astral Mother: a pest and a terrible excuse for a parent.

Infected: He has a bleeding hatred towards Infected that I don't think words can describe. Too, too many words to put here I promise.

Loading: Seeks to stripe 404 of his Multiverse energy and the two have been at blows for a while now.

Abyss!Sans: an annoying protector of AUs that constantly likes to get in his way. 404 has tried countless times to try to venture into the Abyss but with Abyss!Sans has found little success. Abyss and 404 have come to many blows and Abyss has always managed to escape with his life thankfully, but with 404 stalking his back and messing with the Abyss, it can be difficult to keep things together.

CORE!Frisk: 404 finds Core!Frisk interesting, though they're the previous introduction didn't go well once 404 introduced himself in person he and Core got along just fine, He kept his motives and plans away from Core. Core and 404 grew close, but not too close for 404 feared to grow too attached to them.


Blue Mastery

The most powerful version of the blue attack, able to move any object as if it had a soul, as well as manipulate, edit and destroy both the mind and body.

Mind Manipulation

404 can tap into the souls and therefore hearts and minds of others and can alter and distort them causing them to serve and even hallucinate. In most ways, 404 gains complete control over his opponents this way.

Nigh Omniscience

404 has lived for many years, and he knows almost everything about his multiverse.

Dark Blasters

Powerful Blasters designed by The Astral Mother herself, able to destroy almost anything that it is fired at. Damage Rating is 100.

God Ray

Fires a blast from his fingers that will kill anything and anyone who has god-like code or unordinary code from a regular Au character.

God Ray first shot

The First shot paralyzes the foe keeping them in a still and forever frozen position until the 2nd shot has landed.

God Ray 2nd shot

This final shot takes the time it has and kills the opponent once it's made contact.


This Ability is used when Error404 is either killed or takes to much damage. When he has taken to much damage or is killed he will begin to scatter his code in the ground and will then delete himself from the world. After that, the particles Error404 left behind will gather code from the world and then return to Error404's lair and reanimate 404 from the resources they took.


Puppet Master Form/Error666

This form is activated when Error!Sans merges with Error404, and he will only do so when 404 needs major assistance. This Form is Highly Dangerous, possibly the only Form 404 can control. 404 in this form has full control of his and Error's abilities and even some new ones that combine the two. This new form isn't just strong though, This form Gives 404 ungodly Speed and incredible damage output to a whopping 190,990 dg per millisecond. And he moves at speeds faster than the speed of light...even as fast if not close to that of the Butterfly transformation's speed. This form also has an intense healing factor completely denying death itself to where it can heal just about any wound or form of damage it takes in battle.

Master Cables

Puppet Master Form/Error666

These new form of Cables have been fused with 404's Powers and Error's, The Cables start red and blue chasing down the target and once latched onto something or someone Blue Master is then initiated with the color Blue and Red mixing into Black forcing the Object or person into a forced state of binding. And the final kill is when the black cables crush the opponent into dust using Blue mastery as a type of heavy gravity crushing the opponent with sheer strength.


The Butterfly transformation is the only transformation that 404 has no control over. This transformation is only attainable to 404 only, The Transformation is activated when 404 is close to death or in moments of massive distress and the multiverse reacts to this as if it's death itself. The Multiverse than proceeds to direct all of its energy and code to its dying bit (404) and then that bit becomes the Multiverse itself for along as it is in danger. this major power boost allows 404 to destroy anything in his path and gives him full control of existence itself. This form is strong and godlike in every form and in almost every way. This form can Kill with just a mere touch and can fly using its wings at such high speeds that give off the appearance of Teleportation. Its Dg output is so high that putting is here would take up the whole page so we'll just go with the fact that its instant death. Not only that, but the eyes on the wings shoot out high plasma lasers(these plasma lasers have unlimited superiority and power over Ultranova) more perfect and evolved forms of gaster beams so strong that they can go straight through Aus and other Galaxies with ease and still completely wipe them out.

There is one downside to this transformation, once it's finished defending itself the multiverse will take back All of its code with it. This means that once 404's fight is over, he will die instantly.

The form of BUTTERFLY is so potent and is so concentrated with code and pure energy that it's mere prescience of the user gives off waves of energy and code wherever 404 walks. The power of the


Multiverse takes a toll on the user, making them stronger. However, as the power increase, their lifespan begins to decrease.

This Form was featured in Chapter 1



Formed by Error and 404 during the events of Chapter 3 ButterFly666 is the Strongest being in the Multiverse and beyond. The Form has its price though. When the transformation is over, the multiverse will take all of the mainframe code back and will take the life of one of the two that was used to make. ButterFly666 wasn't shown enough to determine what it's full capability was but did demonstrate it's finishing attack MULTIVERSE MACHINE GUN.

An Attack so powerful that it killed an Unnameable and 2 other Beings along with it to truly demonstrating it's incredible power.


Error404's mission is to tear apart worlds and use the stray code to rebuild AlphaTale from the ground up. He believes that the ends justify the means and that this is for the greater good. He believes that if AlphaTale is reborn it will allow Aus to flourish and become better than what they are now, but thanks to his deal with Error sadly this will never be known for his deal was to help Error wipe out the rest of the Aus once AlphaTale is finished.

After that's done, what happens between them from there is up in the air.


The Order is From the 1st/Best to the Last/Worse

Error404 has people he controls or they do his bidding because of his power.

These will be labeled from Controlled to Main

Controlled = Under Error404's 24hour Watch and never set free unless he says so.

Right Side = They have Free will, but they must do as he says and come to his side when he says so.

Main = These few Henchmen have their free will but still do what Error404 says just like with the right side Henchmen, but unlike them, the Main Henchmen are Error404's closest allies, so they can also help him make tough decisions and the main henchmen often can command the Right Side and The Controlled Henchmen to do their bidding.

There will be no adding to the list

  • Error!Sans - Main
  • Thought!Sans: Controlled
  • Cyan!Sans - Right Side
  • Syno!Sans - Controlled
  • Nightmare = Right Side
  • Killer = Controlled


  • Geno says he once saw a weird-looking skeleton walking around, but when he went to talk to it, it fled into the darkness.
  • Even though it can't talk, the Sanstrosity has seen Error404 but didn't interact with him for fear that he may be attacked.
  • Ink!Sans has claimed and told Error!Sans that he saw a figure similar to him, but Error didn't listen and blew it off like Ink was trying to trick him.
  • Undertale Frisk once told Sans that they saw another him wandering around the woods and fields of Snowdin and Waterfall.
  • Rescuetale Gaster was taking pictures of wildlife when a white thing that resembled Sans came into view. Gaster was able to take a picture of the being before he vanished.
  • S.T being the Judge seeks to eliminate him but he has only seen him once.
  • What!Sans and Tahw!Sans has seen him, during a fight they were having.
  • Hero Sans Thought He Saw A Suspicious, White Sans Walking around and gazing at him while he Was Fighting Dark!Sans
  • Metroidtale Undyne barely caught a glimpse of Error 404 and tried to attack him with a swiftness type of super, homing missile, but Error 404 escaped before the missile could get to him.
  • Negative!Sans told his brother once while he's exploring Horrortale, he found another him, but white. He didn't interact with him because he has a fear that it might attack him. He only sees him once.
  • Awesomeness sans once saw him when he killed dust.
  • Floweytale Flowey has once claimed to have seen a strange, glitchy Sans once, he tried to take its SOUL but he found the vine he used to do so ripped out from his stem, after that he fled back to his AU.
  • Inkmare once saw a Sans going around and assumed it was Error in cosplay, so he left it alone.
  • Beta! Toriel confused him for Crimson. The results weren't pretty.
  • Echo Flowey saw him wandering around the Neutral Timeline once, but he disappeared before he had time to tell anybody.
  • Killer saw some strange white sans while wandering around in HorrorTale but when he tried to attack, it disappeared. he still lives to tell about it
  • VDash!Gadget at one point had to escape a collapsing Null Space Void which was caused by the appearance of a "White big-boned looking Error Skeleton with a white and blue hooded robe, black shirt and shorts, and blue shoes."


  • Core Frisk once found Error404 Sans, but quickly left when they saw him gouging out his own eyes!
  • Error404 is a very rare AU to see, due to him being a recluse.
  • Error404 doesn't have a soul, having lost it long ago, though he still feels some positive emotion.
  • Error404 likes to watch and collect Ink!Sans's drawings, which is why Ink makes so many because whenever he makes a new drawing it magically disappears.
  • If Error were to for any reason touch Error404, he would end up bugging out the entire Multiverse.
  • If Error 404 were to get any stronger than he is now (for example absorb the 7 human souls) he would end up destroying the Multiverse.
  • Error404 is much stronger than Error!Sans by an incredible margin.
  • Error404 is the strongest member of the Error family.
  • Error404 is so strong that he can make another Error!Sans if he so wishes to at the cost of his code
  • Error404 is the brother of AlphaTale!Sans.
  • Error404 in a way is the technical father of Error!Sans.
  • Error404 loves to eat cookies.
  • Error404 is the god of Underverse.
  • Error404 alone can beat all the deities with little to no difficulty and he could probably take on half of the multiverse, though he prefers to only fight directly when necessary.
  • Error404 has been talking with 2 certain humans that have been giving him, some deadly information.
  • Error404 is the strongest sans in the world.
  • Error404 have unlimited HP and DEF.
  • Error404 is the only Sans strong enough to control and make Error and any other Powerful Sans his puppet, Examples: Ultra!Sans, Omega Sans, Ink!Sans, etc.
  • Error404 isn't aware that his brother Alpha!Sans is alive.
  • Error404 and Error have a secret.
  • Error404 isn't bad. He just blinded by grief and wants to bring his brother back
  • When Error404 and Error are in a cramped space the room they are in will begin to lag, but when they are in a room that isn't so cramped and has enough space, the room will be normal again.
  • Error404 hates pranks because they're childish and a waste of time.
  • Error404's birthday is on the 20th of December.
  • Error404 can take away an entire world and bring it into his realm. For example, imagine Jupiter where the moon is......Yea that's how big his realm is.
  • Error404's Realm is a giant cliff side that leads into the very core of the Multiverse and has an endless ceiling covered with Au's, Puppets, Ink's Drawings, and many many Different types of Buttons.
  • Error404's mother is known as The Astral Mother.
  • The Only person besides Infected, who can beat Error404 would be his Mother The Astral Mother.
  • Error404 once freaked Abyss out by manipulating the code of the Abyss.
  • Unlike other battles, a battle with 404 would not turn everything black and white, but would somewhat turn everything into an abyss, there is no ground, and the physics in this dimension is kind of weird, this abyss has nothing, just what appears to star in the far distance. This means that you will only float and there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape.
  • Nicknamed as "The God of the Underverse" He is the most powerful entity to exist in the vast multiverse.
  • His code is hidden where nobody but he can access. So if there were any hackers, he will not be affected.
  • 404s streaks of black lines on his face are scratch marks he made from going made in the Anti-Void
  • Error404 Sans can collapse the Null Space void simply by stepping foot on it.
  • His theme is made by Jinify A.K.A. AbyssSans199 in the fandom wiki.

Distortion - Error404 Theme Last Revamp - Jinify Original


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