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"Perfection isn't what i strive for, it is the meaning behind our existence and how far can we go to make existence our own is what i strive for"
– Wendy Ding Gaster

Precautions and Requirements

  • All Subjects of testing or have been tested on MUST wear a black collar
  • All subject must have a sub-name or a number
  • Patient 100 must not be left Alive
  • All files on patient 100 must be burned and destroyed for the caution of it finding out

Experiment 01

The Eldest son 01 posses my knowledge but his father's fragility and in which made him good only for mental and emotional experiments. 01 was given heavy doses of Determination, but couldn't survive for very long with them causing immediate combustion and sometimes worse fates. 01 during many of the tests grew in mental capacity upgrading and evolving the subjects "Blue attack" exceptionally and giving the ability to grab small things without souls needed truly a breakthrough. 01 soon began to resent the experiments once 02 grew old enough to be emitted on as well, 01 showed great worry over 02 giving for incredible results and even better breakthroughs. After 01 grew to the age of 16 he began to rebel and no longer come willing to most test which required the "Lab Rat" to bring him in whenever he was needed. eventually, 01 grew to abound with one of the humans and started to grow more distant from the test and soon lived his own life with the human both growing close to each other while 02 stayed behind or left behind is a better way to put it.

Extreme Test

01 vs 02

01 when pinned against 02 would show intense results, in most matches, 02 took the win and would often neutralize 01. On other occasions, 01 would win and would end up killing 02 due to 01's "feelings" towards his sibling.

Gamma Ray

Teaching 01 the Alpha Ray proved very difficult, but in the end, got something much worse out it, 01 ended up in a time of emotional distress firing high energy beams out his eyes shooting straight through everything in its way, the beams are still believed to be traveling through the universe.

Experiment 02

It took a while for 02 to mature and once he did he was ready for testing as well. The boy was much stronger than 01 and could take more hits including being more well balanced, but was highly emotional. 02 during most experiments seemed to be nearly destructible to most attacks but was incredibly weak near the hip and abdomen area. 02 would often be pinned against different monsters and sometimes humans as well, He never fought to kill, but to stun or just know down. 02 when given "The Gift" started to experience irrational dreams and would often see things that just didn't make sense, 02 also claimed to have been taken away to another place that was filled with other huge people floating around in space where time never moved. 02 with his newfound abilities easily grew much too strong to keep around and often required a reset to keep from having another "Shattered star" incident. Soon 02 began to live with Quenya and would refuse to do any more tests.

Extreme Test

Shattered Star incident

02 once when being tested was forced to kill his father in hopes of breaking emotional ties leading to better testing, but when refused the Astral Mother did it instead and 02 reacted in a very extreme way. 02 began to scream hysterically and then the star in his eye began to rotate counter-clockwise and shortly after a high energy shockwave was released destroying Mt. Ebott and all lifeforms of any kind within 800 Mile radius.

Human experiments

The Humans were given to the Astral Mother 2 years after her rule was claimed and once brought underground the 2 were tested on immensely. Humans both were born with high levels of determination, but when asked what they could do with it they had no clue. The Humans were put through a mind-numbing test that forced them to use their determination in a way that was unheard of, One Human used determination to fly and walk on lava while the other used it to morph matter and even reverse time. it is true that but nothing came close to the discovery of the [Redacted] Soul. [Redacted] Soul allowed for the possessor to overcome all obstacles and never lose, This soul was an achievement like any other. [Redacted] Soul only works however with those of strong wills which unfortunately only one of the two humans have, but it's ok we'll just have to use the one. The [Redacted] Soul seems to rival determination in terms of sheer will and the ability to move forward and never faultier, in such a case determination projects will be moved to the side for this new subject entirely.

Extreme Test

Determination vs [Redacted]

The subject with the [Redacted] Soul and the subject with the Determination soul were set to fight each other, it was a close bought seeing that both souls possessed nearly the same qualities, but the [Redacted] Soul users' will be stronger than that of the DT user and won with flying colors once the DT user had lost an arm.

[Redacted] Extraction

[Notes and Files terminated]

Last Experiments [No more Experiments due to lack of resources and DNA samples]

Subject name "Spaz"

Subject Spaz has shown incredible potential with the DNA of Jacob mixed with the other brat the subject has shown incredible feats and can solve most puzzles and power through all obstacles with relative ease even coming close to beating his other siblings subjects B and G. Unfortunately the experiment grew resistant and is now beginning to fight back attempts to capture and contain him are no longer plausible and his escape is imminent.

Obsession with destruction

Spaz showed a large lust for destruction and some kind of affection for power aswell, but in the end these feelings were suppressed by the drugs and now he no longer has such issues thou without them he may end up getting these urges yet again, a constant dose of them is required.

Subject name "Grimm"

[Info on subject lost]

Subject name "Betty" Version Alpha

Creating a alternate version of a entity that resonates from a alternate timeline was difficult, many humans and lots of stitches, but the Betty prototype was a success and she is fully operational and moving. I replicated the kumu parasite by combining a hate soul and a few Fresh parasites together. The Betty prototype proves even more intelligent then Spaz and even more deadly then the Grimm unit however she has also proven to be resistant against further treatment aswell, possible escape may be imminent.

Human + Being project

Thanks to Ten i was able to try out some new specimens most notably beings. They brought me a few infant beings and began to run multiple test on them, unfortunately the two subjects grew to powerful for me to force to do as i say so i ended up having to bribe them, One asked for many pretty dresses and toys while the other asked for information on our world. The two subjects after that were very obedient and polite, they blew every record of strength and knowledge test out of the water showing increasing amounts of both while also showing off other third feats they could do. [All other information on the Human + Being project was lost or burned]

=Everything Past this point is about the Book of Eyes and beyond=

Book of Eyes

The Book of Eyes was stolen from Ten no Kami by the Astral Mother right after Adam and William had finally left. The Astral Mother attempted to read and study the book, but all she did was make her's and every other living being in her reality's presence known to every being in the book. In fear of what she had brought her in reluctance gave the book to a young Ares instead. Ares continued to study the book himself, the boy found many wonders of the other realms of the book, and most importantly was able to identify Realities and threats. Soon close to the destruction of AlphaTale Ares would be sucked into the book for which he would be trapped in for over a thousand years. Ares now known as Omni traveled over many places and even visited different realities at times as well found himself one day face to face with an Unnameable one in which he exchanged knowledge with the entity to better understand the realities around him. The being told him he was in a place called the "TransVoid" and that it was 1 of many other realities in which held millions of multiverses in which held Billions of universes in which held quadrillions of different piles of earth and planets alike and that Omni wasn't even an idea in the grand scheme of things. He soon learned that there were beings who wished to get out of the book and enter into his reality so to conquer or expand themselves to unimaginable lengths. Omni soon made it his job to destroy or seal the Book, he soon began to document everything he knew about the book and what things to understand and what things to stray away from.

Threat Levels

White: These beings are Friendly and even try to stop others from doing bad deeds. Helping of thee entities should be a priority.

Red: meaning that an entity cannot move or do any harm for its state of being is either to massive or it's brain functions have failed due to its lack of movement

Blue: These entities have small abilities like telekinesis and telepathy and can only do damage to mortal or any thinking creatures alike.

-all beings past this point or uncatchable and if are allowed to escape will be the end of everything-

Yellow: These entities have intense abilities such has burning down worlds and destroying whole universes, beings such as these should be avoided at all cost.

Orange: These beings have the powers to bend reality to they're will and even can fool around with time itself. These beings are not to be tampered with and should be avoided at all costs.

Black: These beings are of an unnatural breed and are beyond the realm of understanding it and are better off being left alone, all means of communication with these entities are to be left to a minimum and should be avoided at all cost

The Unnameable: These beings are more known to live on the very outskirts of existence and thrive off of the dead spaces of the realms and feed on all thoughts of any kind. These beings should NEVER be seen touched or spoken to for they're ways of manipulation rival none and will most likely convince you to do things of an unspeakable nature. If one of these were to escape there would be no reality to go back to. Avoidance should be the #1 priority.

The 4 Rules

These Rules are here to keep those who venture into the book safe from danger and alive

  1. Don't stare
  2. Stay on the path, some of the entities are masters of manipulation and they will tempt you to stray from the path
  3. Always eat a man-made substance so to keep your sanity
  4. and NEVER speak to the Unnameable

Breakthroughs and Discoveries

  • The Discovery that there was no code in the TransVoid was a huge one, for this meant the beings weren't vulnerable to any type of manipulation and ran off of some sort of otherworldly way of doing things.
  • It is easy to lose sanity venturing through the TransVoid simply being a lower being of mortal functions one's mind vulnerable to the elements of the TransVoid. Unless any type of nutrient from a mortal plane is consumed you will most likely go mad
  • The Book of eyes is a gateway to Reality 1 which is one of many other realities that each exist on different planes of existence.
  • The Book of Eyes upon entry leads to an empty Library in which has a staircase leading to a huge rune door filled with odd and weird symbols and beyond said door leads straight into the TransVoid.
  • There are thousands of beings of great proportions, but the strongest and most important ones to the balance are the ones furthest from the center of the TransVoid.
  • Tentacles are a sign of ascension and are often associated with gods and devils.Having Tentacles is a sign of godhood and is known to deepin ones commitment to the very gods themselves.
  • Many Scriptures and tomes are talking about the possibility of a second book.
  • Some Beings say Brimm originated from the TransVoid
  • Angels and Demons in the Transvoid, yet it is the Demons who keep the peace while Angels intend to purge and kill everything. for if Angels were to rule and get their way the Transvoid would no doubt turn into a disgusting Dreg Heap.
  • The Leader of the Angels is Zarla
  • The Leader of the Demons is Gabriel
  • There are large white gates that lead to unknown places and are guarded by Oppressors, Large white-cloaked figures that easily dwarf the milky way galaxy and wield large white blades that are imbued with black fire.
  • Many Unnameable speak of an old god known as "Sol", they say he has existed before them and was one of the first of the Unnameable to ascend into a different plane of existence. It is said that Sol lives on the very outskirts of destruction and creation and has abilities that are so profound and downright bizarre that merely gazing upon him can kill most normal beings. Sol is beyond most people's knowledge for just believing in such a thing can easily drive one to madness.
  • The Possibility of a Second book would be huge, it is said that one of the White Gates is said to lead to possibly the location of the supposed second book..if it exists that is.
  • There is a trail of planets and stones that align the TransVoid making travel possible for those who are of a "smaller decedent".
  • Many wonderful and cursed places wonder the endless Void of the TransVoid, some wander forever through space like the Witch's Hightower and some live on remote planets far in the distant void like the Temple of eternal Union.
  • There are myths of beings called "Polothorns" beings similar to that of Sol himself that can become entities of limitless power. These beings are only produced when a being has a child with another entity that isn't from the TransVoid this however is very Taboo and isn't accepted amongest other Beings.

Beings, What they are and Biology

It is highly believed that all the beings in Reality 1 all came from 1 mother, the whereabouts of this breeding mother is unknown, but it is believed that she did sink to the far abyss bellow and that is where she now roams. Beings age at a rapid rate most not even going a day before they reach full maturity. A being's biggest challenge however comes with getting past the age of 2 and learning how to sustain itself past that point. The reason for this is because most older beings will try to eat or devour the younger ones in an attempt to ascend faster. Beings lose their physical form past maturity and then are tasked with making their own, but on some occasions, some beings are born one way and continue to look that way forever. Beings have short life spans living up to 30 eons while weaker ones live for only up to 12 eons at a time. Beings are killable, but only to those who possess the strength to take them down.

Beings can continue to grow in strength and if they grow to incredible feats may be given the name Unnameable or if a being kills an Unnameable and takes its life force. Beings never truly can die however, for they're whole existence is cosmic and cant truly be destroyed so whenever a Being's body or form is destroyed they will simply respawn or be reborn back in the Transvoid as if nothing happened.

Beings of significant importance


Faringold is an entity that lives on a planet that is shaped in indescribable proportions. It takes the shape of a large snake but with the upper half a golden skeleton with a huge burning crown on its head. Its power comes from the blood it gets from innocents throughout the TransVoid, Faringold lives amongst a thorn of consent burning flesh and bone.


Vendevras is an entity that lives on a planet that is lined with chains and even has 3 other ones chained to it. It lives in a temple near the center of the planet. Vendeveras feeds entirely on lust and is known to sleep and fool around with other beings on a daily bases. Omni once encountered Vendeveras and the two soon grew close and Vendeveras tricked Omni into a 59-year long relationship of pure toxicity and anger. It took Omni everything he had to leave and once he left vowed to never love again and still sometimes thinks of returning to Vendevras.


Zermon is a giant black bird with star-filled eyes, it flys through all of existence and eating and devouring stars and feeding on galaxies that are on the brink of collapse and destruction.


Helatory, is a being that takes the shape of a succubus. It can give birth to other beings at times, Helatory lives in a burning hellscape and spends its immortal life breeding and mating with countless beings. Helatory feeds on not just the pleasures of others but it's own giving it an unlimited amount of food and energy.


Malesgrow is a big Black squid with a huge red eye of unimaginable proportions, Malesgrow is a being that continuously grows forever getting bigger and bigger by the hour, He consumes many realities, Multiverse and Omniverses alike on a daily bases. Omni has theorized that if the book is never sealed it will likely consume the book itself and beyond until it too becomes unnameable.


Avalon is a floating Black star that burns at a heat hotter than anything that will ever exist. Its main purpose is to add more to it's forever burning flames.


Islothorn is a being that inhabits the middle field of the Transvoid and is an abomination.He is a entity that grew quicker then his other kin and is often seen wandering around the Witch's Hightower.He often abducts other beings in order to please his appetite.


Eledora is a being that can never be seen and only heard, It sings a continuous song that if anyone were to ever sing along to would retreat to its location and would die a most gruesome death. Eledora feeds on the happiness of others and grants eternal bliss to all that sings its song.


Orolon is a being that is a mash-up of different beings entirely. Orolon is a being that feasts on the minds of others. It is always in others' heads waiting for them to sleep so that it may pry at their mind and take all that there is inside of it. it lives on the far reaches of the TransVoid and loves it's solitude for it is the only one it believes that can enjoy what it finds amusement


Cellamon is a gigantic skinny being that takes the shape of a completely black silhouette of a man. It lives on a planet that made out of the bones of its victims. Cellamon's only way of motion is dance or whatever it calls dance. Cellamon kidnaps beings from different worlds and forces them into many different yet cruel games to see who I that last one alive only for him to then kill the winner anyway.


Yesmerian is a being that takes the shape of an average of 6'2 foot women sitting on a planet. it has snow-white hair and beautiful black eyes with a long white dress and no shoes. its legs are made up of black tentacles too. Yesmerian can be found on a planet very similar to earth but completely barren and now only wildlife lives. Yesmirean sits in a chair and knits away at matter for its pleasure, Yesmirean is a being that gives happiness to those who need it and will provide aid to those it finds deserving of it. Yesmirean also works as a means of travel too, for if you asked Yesmirean can take you to your destination with little trouble and if your errand is quick will bring you back. Yesmirean as fought against many other beings and has helped Omni out of many tight spots including getting him out of his relationship with Vendevras


Himmsworth is being that takes the form of a black cat with red eyes. Himmsworth is an all-knowing being that knows all and sees all, He knows of things to come and things that haven't.

Gabriel, The Demon Prince

Gabriel born from fire was once so powerful the he once rivaled Sol at one point early in life, but now Gabriel stands alone and sits on his throne deep in the abyss of the TransVoid. He is being of unimaginable power and is powerful that his flames are said to never burn out or even ember. His flames are only rivaled by that of Avalon himself, but even the then the demon prince stands alone as one of the strongest in the TransVoid.

Zarla, The ArchAngel

Zarla once killed the previous demon king and in doing so scorched them self to ashes, Many decades and eons went by as Zarla had yet to reincarnate, but the Angels who stood in they're stead continued to purge the Anti-Void and more so. Eventually after 13 long Eons Zarla would reemerge only to find Gabriel the new Demon prince taring through their numbers, unfortunately Zarla never did beat Gabriel and them and their angels were forced away to the darkest part of the TransVoid for so long as Gabriel lived the TransVoid was safe.


Malware is the most violent and most hostile being there is, he is solely responsible for killing his entire family and is often said to be the next Reality eater based on how often he kills and destroys things just for fun. He has journeyed to man alternate worlds and many alternate timelines inside the TransVoid. Malware is a entity of pure decay and can kill the environment around him just by existing there and even turn whole plants to dust just by his gaze, he is by far Omni's greatest foe a part from Malesgrow himself.

and many MANY more beings


Sol existed before anything even was, Sol grew up as an infant being one of the first and matured at an unnatural rate soon he become an Unnameable the 1st one of its kind, but soon as he continued to grow and devour more of existence itself he began to become more. What Sol is now is unknown they know only to call it by its name...Sol. Sol has continued to exist throughout the eons forever watching and spying on the lives of those it found to be smaller then it was. Sol's intelligence grew to unheard-of levels to where he even began to realize that it wasn't real. Sol soon made it it's the ambition to expand itself until it and only it was the only thing left in all of existence.


Sol is always aware and is never truly surprised by anything, He has a soft yet deep tone and is very serious and straight to the point with whatever he says. always sounding like he's one step ahead.

What is Sol?

Sol is exactly as you'd think it would be, It is a living embodiment of pure and untapped chaotic power. Sol's body is ginormous so big that it is unknown how big it is seeing as it form continues to expand in an endless spiral, it was so big that it had to leave the TransVoid for the sole reason it couldn't sustain it's size anymore and then decided to create its sub-Reality known as the Unisphere. Nothing lives there except for Sol and for good reason Sol is constantly growing not just in knowledge, but in power also. Sol is constantly getting new abilities to its arsenal that it often forgets how many it has. Sol is always evolving and so is its body never really having the same features twice Sol's body will often possess things that are uncanny to weird to downright disturbing to the point some began to relate him to Brimm. Sol to most beings is a bringer of chaos and destruction, something that no force in the TransVoid or beyond can stop. The Presents of Sol is almost too much for the mind to bear, becoming so much in fact that just knowing of Sol's existence can be very damaging on the mind itself causing migraines and even death to those of weaker knowledge. Sol is known to mess with the minds of others and even control an unwilling host at times.


All things in the Unisphere happen because of Sol. Sol can control all things in the Unisphere from how it looks to the gravity pressure, etc. Beings can enter the Unisphere at any time. Most of the while gravity doesn't exist in the Unisphere. Sol can disobey all rules it sets in the Unisphere of course.



This ability traps his opponents in a black sphere that then eradicates them and turns them into a creature of unspeakable means. A waste of life lifeform that imminently dies within the first couple of microseconds of existing.

Reality Ray

This the most powerful beam to ever exist, if shot it not only kills the target but kills all surrounding targets within a 50 light-year radius. Not only does it kill all targets, but it also can stop rebirth and reincarnation entirely.

Matter consumption

No matter where you go or what you go, as long as your made up of some sort of material, Sol can shift and morph you however he pleases.

Cosmic Rain

Sol can summon large fields of Solar systems to whole galaxies and more raining down upon anyone in front of it.

Eternal Fusion

Sol can fuse anything in its realm with its body if the entity is close enough

Time Crunch

Sol can make Time collapse on it'self if things get to close to it. Sol squeezes the past, the present, and the future all into 1 new timeline and traps things there.

Brimm The Reality Eater

Brimm was once a Conduit and apart of the cycle, He' won 2 whole cycles before, but one day He grew tired of the continuous of the endless cycle so in an attempt to change things he began to devour his other fellow Conduits in an attempt to grow stronger then the cycle itself, but the results were worse then he imagined and one day an abomination only known as Brimm destroyed and killed everything in it's reality, he devoured they're souls and ate up they're worlds. He consumed they're multiverses and they're lives until nothing was left except a single world which it uses to rest it's head on. The Oppressors were then notified of the creatures actions and immediately went on the scene to subdue it, it took them 4 months and 8 days to take Brimm down only for him to rise back up and destroy their numbers bringing the amount of Oppressors down from 50 to 20 in a matter mere moments. In an last ditch effort to stop the monster the Oppressors shot it with numbing agents that began to slow Brimm down it took over 60 agents to bring the beast down and when it did fall they locked him away in the remains of Reality 8 where he would slumber for Eons.

After the events of Chapter 3 Brimm has reawaken and now has gone missing.

What is Brimm?

Brimm is an abomination and was made from when he devoured his own kin and fellow Conduits in purist of strength enough strength so that he could surpass that of the Cycle itself. Brimm is a Morphable Dragon type of creature in which if a limb of his was cut off or destroyed he's body would adapt to his new body conditions as if he had always been that, Brimm is mighty and unmatched when it comes to his strength said to have so powerful that he once consumed an entire reality with one bite.

The Fate of Reality 8

Now no more then a waste land and a empty pit, Brimm's rampage through Reality 8 was legendary and a massive catastrophe for the abomination devoured everything in sight and sucked in the souls of millions of innocents.



Brimm can consume just about anything and add it to his own strength.

Dark Arts of the Conduits of Old

Brimm once being a Conduit has mastered many of the old arts he once knew of. He can bend any creature or mortal that has darkness in their hearts and can devour the souls of the wicked, if you have committed Sin then your soul will be taken and consumed by Brimm.

Darker Arts of the Abominations of Old

Brimm has manifested his own Dark arts since hie long slumber giving him the ability to even control the waves of the Wicked Throne. Brimm can control anything that isn't of a positive nature and hasn't committed one good deed. Brimm can swallow up the darkness in someone else and add it to his own arsenal of Dark arts, Brimm can even rip away the powers of other Darker beings then himself in order to surpass them.

Hard outer exterior

Brimm body is nearly impenetrable making him able to tank almost any attack so long as it isn't of Lighter origin.

Horrid Flames

Brimm can breath a type of fire so profound that it can even melt stars to their cores and burn away others to their very Atoms.