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"Well? Y'gonna buy something, or just fan over this hat?"

- Gerson

Gerson is the past Head Commander of the Monster-Human war, now the shop owner at Waterfall.


Gerson originally was born in a time of peace and prosperity for humans and monsters, peace between the two like no other. Gerson lived a happy, enjoyable childhood, until the day of war. His family had been sent into drastic poverty, and as a last method resort, he'd joined the Monster Alliance of Mutual Acceptance, also known as the MAMA. He'd soon grown in the ranks, using constitutional, friendly methods to always alleviate the humans down, having strict belief that they can be helped for their chaotic methods. Sometimes, he did use brutal tactics, although this was only a very last resort, always having a three-chance rule before striking. This had soon ended with him being promoted to Commander, then later Head Commander.

When the culmination of the war had reached, Gerson had met with a strange, yet overly confident warrior. Her name was Quenya, and she was amazing. She was powerful, strong and above all, determined. The only problem was that she was too violent. During the end of the war, Gerson trained her to use her strength for good, inevitably leading to what she became today. This had led to close of the war, with the Monsters being victorious. Gerson couldn't have been prouder of Quenya at that moment.

The monsters had officially went to the underground in place of refuge, taking all the supplies they needed from the humans before building their home in joy, prospering over all else with their postive mindsets. Children had seen Gerson as a war hero, being the main one to give them such a happy ending after all, even going ahead to put stickers all over his shell in return, which he never gave up. Gerson then worked for the King as the Head of the Royal Centurions, until he retired, leaving Quenya his assets, minus his special antiques.

With his values, Gerson had opened up an antique shop, human and monster relics, where he'd then continue to own it for the rest of his life. Everything was very positive for the monster, even when times where down. He'd become somewhat of an uncle to Adam after Quenya introduced the two. Although, he never got to meet Adam's brother, William. It was very strange.


Gerson is a truly positive soul, always aspiring to be the best he can be, and making sure it's that way for others. Gerson has a strong interest in monsters co-existing with humans, making him extremely high on the pro-human spectrum of monsterkind. He has a love for history and geography, always loving the when and where's of things. His life is truly the best he would ever wish for it to be. However, that does not keep the war out of him. He never feels much fear, and he will never back down from anything if need be. He will always protect those that he cares for. Always.


Gerson is a 4'6 turtle, being blue in colour. His shell is a far darker blue, with various corroded stickers over them. He wears a black hat, having the Alpharune symbol on it. He has sharp nails on both his hands and feet, and always has a hunched over back. He wears a black, buttoned shirt with a striped tie, and a blue undershirt beneath it. He has an eyepatch over his left eye which he had gotten from war, and has a thin, white piece of hair on his chin.


Hard Shell

Gerson's shell is as strong as many nuclear bunkers, being able to take the hit of anything, with as little as a scratch. And you don't want him to realise what you've done to those stickers.

Warrior's Flame

Gerson has the ability to cast ancient magic if he tries hard enough, going past his physical limit to cast such magic. This can go from explosions, telekinesis, soul alteration, it all depends on his direct strength.

Heart of Gold

Gerson's soul cannot be inflicted with a negative trait whatsoever, due to his hope and passion for life, love and respect. This also allows for him to be an extremely good persuader.

United Hope

Gerson can send a shock of hope to all monsters in the timeline, boosting them to have more hope to survive, if a ruthless entity has attempted to harm anybody.

Healers' Hope

Gerson can slam his wooden cane (the very one he had in the late days of the war after being in a mine field) into the ground, giving an effect of healing and emotional calming to those with positive traits, and an effect of poisoning and emotional distress to those with negative traits.


Quenya - His closest friend ever since the beginning of the war. She is like a little sister to Gerson, even a daughter at times, always asking him about how it was in the early days and far, far more. She always pays him weekly visits, keeping him up to date with things and always bringing a smile to his face.

Asgore - Gerson and Asgore had gone far back, way beyond the war. The two met in school, and both had an extreme fascination in history, always being friendly towards one another. When they'd met in the war, they rekindled their friendship once again, rising to show love and respect for eachother once again. Whenever he died, Gerson felt heartbroken. It had sent him into a temporary stage of sadness. It was only when he got over it that he truly knew how Asgore died.

Delios - Gerson was introduced to Delios by Quenya, showing him the ropes of fighting so he could practice for joining the Royal Centurions. The two got along fairly well, Delios' optimism bringing a smile to Gerson. It had been a very long while since he'd seen someone else willing to fight with words over actions. Now, Delios goes to Gerson daily to help him with his antique shop.


  • Gerson is the oldest monster that is still currently living in the Underground.
  • Gerson is the one person that has seen the inside of William's lab.
  • Gerson likes to slide on his turtle shell, using it as a skateboard at times.
  • Gerson loves apples over any other nutrient source.
  • Gerson lost his eye from being slit in the eye after a brutal interrogation for the Monster Camps, which he never told a word. He only survived through compromise.
  • Gerson, despite having no children, helped Quenya with parental problems all the time, from money to encouragement he was there.