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"A man doesn't work so he can have a good life. A man works so his family can have a good life."

- Grillby

Grillby is the owner of Grillby's in the village of Snowdin, working as both bartender and chef.


Grillby originally had been born in Hotlands, living among his family around the lower segments of the location. He'd lived a very happy childhood, originally being homeschooled by his family. However, due to various eruptions, it was far too unfit to live. So Grillby then decided to move to the Ruins for his early adulthood, where he'd met Toriel, who gave him enough gold to begin his own shop. He decided to open up a bar under the alias "Grillbz'", which he later changed to Grillby's to be more at home for him, where he eventually met Adam, the two becoming friends and then best friends soon after.

By the age of 23, Grillby had entered a relationship with another Fire Elemental, Soulbonding with her to lead to the creation of his daughter, Kasai. Raising her was fairly difficult due to his lack of expertise in fatherhood, yet from unconditional love, and constant shouting at Adam from flirting with her jokingly, he has become an excellent father for her.

He now lives in Snowdin, despite his flames, working 24/7 at Grillby's, constantly having visits from his daughter and Adam, who still tends to flirt with her for jokes. His life goes pretty well.


Grillby is a family man at heart. Caring, respectful and formal, Grillby always puts manners first before anything. Whenever he is mad, he talks in a stern, yet still formal accent, and never loses his cool, pun intended. He has a strange addiction towards giving everyone a satisfactory visit at his bar. He is apart of the Pro-Human spectrum of monsters, not wishing to cause any harm towards the far weaker species. Grillby has a tendency to always talk about his daughter whenever bored and he loves to flourish, flipping glasses and almost everytime breaking them.


Grillby is a 5'7 Flame Elemental, possessing a black inside and a boiling blue for his outside. Whenever he is mad, the blue tends to take over, turning him entirely blue. He wears a formal attire, consisting of a white bowtie, a black, long-sleeved shirt with buttons, thin black pants, shoes and also a white vest. They're also clearly fireproof.


Flame Manipulation

Grillby can manipulate any temperature within 25m, able to raise the heat to quarter of the Sun's core temperature, and drop it to that of room temperature.

Burning Heart

Grillby can cast black flames directly from his SOUL, being able to melt through solid steel at the most.


This ability allows for Grillby to set the SOUL's of any monster or human within a 50m distance into a state of temperature rising, restricting high-magic abilities and making them extremely exhausted and in need of sleep.

Bottoms Up!

This ability specifically allows Grillby to have a collection of different wines and liquids that provide different effects, simple debuffs and buffs, drunk, sober, tired, awake, the usual.

Enhanced Physical Capabilities

Due to Grillby's lightweight body from being a fire elemental, he is extremely fast, albeit slightly weak physically, his speed combined can deal some deadly damage.

Fire Strands

Grillby can cast blue fire strands from his fingers, allowing to tie others up and immoblise them. He can also use it as a powerful item of limb removal.


Kasai - His relationship with his daughter is extraordinarily strong, and he'd take his life for her at any moment in time. After he'd been divorced, he had barely any money left, as she'd taken his money, leaving him to have to raise prices in Grillby's, and his daughter always paid for the most expensive food, even if she hated it. Ever since that day, the two have always had eachothers backs and will always support her.

Adam - Adam and Grillby's relationship are like big brother and little brother. Adam always comes to Grillby when he needs help with anything, and Grillby always tries his hardest to help, even if he has virtually no clue as how to help. The two trust eachother a lot, even to the degree of telling the darkest secrets.

Toriel - Grillby and Toriel got along very well in the Ruins, she was specifically the reason behind his formal attitude. Being somewhat of a stepmother to him whenever he went to the Ruins, the two still contact often.


  • Grillby is the one person who knows of Adam's true feelings for his family.
  • Grillby's daughter, Kasai, always loves to take him to Waterfall, despite his fear for falling into the water.
  • If Grillby is to freeze or initiate contact with whatever, he will enter a vapour form in which he can float around until he restabilises.
  • Grillby plays the piano.
  • Grillby has glasses, yet only wears them at home due to how he hates other people seeing them.
  • Grillby's favourite food is sirloin steak, and his favourite drink is Champagne.