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"a true man never puts himself before the world, he puts the world before himself"
– The Defiled Witch

Introduced in Chapter 5


Grimm's birth is completely unknown and appears to have been wiped from all records, However his current actions in life show him to be venturing towards helping and somewhat protecting others aswell.


Grimm appears kind of heart, but fights against the need to feed on negativity and fear. Along with that he appears to care and love his "siblings" as much as possible, His connection with Spaz appears to tear at him at times, but he keeps his composure none the lesser. Grimm overall is another kind heart in a dark world luckly due to Betty's hard exterior and way with words he grew a spine eventually


Nearly Perfect defense

Grimm's defense is nearly perfect letting him be able to dodge, evade and tank nearly any attack that were to come his way, but due to his repeated testing and yearning to make his defense perfect the defiled witch ended up rupturing his defense stats and caused him to be further from perfect then he was. Now Grimm is only nearly as good as he was.

AI/TV Tentacles

Grimm's tentacles he has are completely sentient and often don't even listen to him unless they're fighting or in danger, They are also TV supported (TransVoid) which of course means they have bit of Non-coded support giving him the edge over coded entities that try to mess with them.

Pocket Cube

The pocket Cube is a item Grimm was given from Ten as a means of congratulations for his birth, It allows for him to see events to come or even to see past things aswell, However using it means sacrificing your whole being to the object and never living without it again which made Grimm to resist using it.


  • Save Spaz Not gonna happen
  • Save Violet
  • Help relatives if possible


  • Grimm is close with Spaz
  • Grimm is known as the runt of the litter
  • Grimm is often thought of as being less then the rest
  • Grimm was mothered by Betty more then the Defiled Witch herself