"It seems you've come across someone who shouldn't exist...against all odds you made it...you cruel monster"
– Infected

Infected is a monstrous sans that seeks the infection and destruction of all things living.


His story

How he Came back

Infected after 404 killed him, his code was spread all throughout the multiverse eventually an Au named Codetale found Infected's code and found it to be missing a lot of materials so they mixed his code up with other Au inhabitants code so they could make him whole.

When Infected woke up he immediately attacked his rescuers. He killed a few with his bare hands before he was sent to Horrortale by CodeTale Gaster.


He looks similar to Horrortale Sans, except he has a patch on his skull. His right eye is completely white with a black outline and the left eye is black. His axe is completely white, though it is often covered in blood. He wears black/red/white sneakers and wears black sweatpants with a thick white vertical stripe on each leg. He has a big bloody slash in the middle of his chest and has white fluff on his hood.


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All remaining sanity that he had has vanished, now he's nothing but a madness skeleton. He has a bad habit of repeating dialogue and saying things that are on his mind instead of something else. He loves eating popsicles and burgers. When he gets angry or flustered, he has a bad habit of shuffling his jacket. He isn't a rapist, but will always threaten to rape or attack you. His brain is split into a thousand pieces, and he doesn't care about anything. He tends to leave his jaw open even when he's not speaking. He likes to scratch and bites his arms and head.

To get a better grasp of his personality, I recommend checking out Taken!Altertale! Note: Taken!Altertale, though originally written by SHADIKAL15, is not canon to the Alphatale story or Alphatale's Infected.

And you can see his vulnerability and guilt in his second book


Jacob is Infected's sliver of an anchor keeping him from completely going ballistic, Tho Jacob's hold over Infected is weak if Infected is put into an unconscious state than Jacob can regain himself, but if you thought that this side of Infected would be more kind and gentle than you are dead wrong. Jacob a child of pain will give nothing but PAIN, This alternate and absolute beast cares for nothing, not the environment nor the wisp and especially not even himself, Is willing to risk anything to destroy all life and existing life as we know it. This is them at they're most dangerous and yet weakest, for if ever this state of mind were to eve feel pain again, they would most likely flee in fear back to the depths of Infected's mind.


Untitled69 20200608110828.png

D2 is the good in Infected, Brought into the world after the events of Chapter 1 D2 showed to be a might lighter and brighter version of Infected and even went against the vile things demonic tendencies. D2 and Infected worked together to find the secrets of their past and even shared tender moments between the two. Even tho D2 is a much different version of Infected's personality he is also very much able to revert back into Infected if the past or events trigger hi darker side or remind him too much of what he was.



The Wisp is collected souls that have been manifested into deadly murderous souls that kill other entities with souls. They can also explode if needs be, causing an explosion equivalent to one kiloton of TNT.


He'll use his axe to kill and deal extra damage. If he uses this as with all his might, it could damage a god.

Chain Mill Axe

Infected's axe can be detached while still being attached by a chain. This allows him to gain more range in battle.

Gaster Blaster

Standard Attack.

Bone Attack

Standard Attack.

Play Dead

Once you've hit him, he will try to play dead to get you to lower your guard.to get some damage on you

Spine Attack

Infected grabs the spine of a skeleton and uses it as a whip as well as a grappling hook.

Monstrous Form

This form increases Infected's Attack by 100 and gives him a black Monstrous form, which makes him almost unbeatable.

Unrivaled Defense

This ability allows Infected to become temporarily invulnerable to damage.


This isn't a power, but yet is something that he does. This state of behavior is shown in the Rhoverse story Taken!Altertale, where Infected starts to act a lot more than what he usually acts like. He acts crazier and doesn't care about any actions that he takes at any moment. This behavior is used to make his enemies flee in fear or disgust of the things he shouts and says he will do to them.

Unholy Scream

This is a skill that allows Infected (when he is in danger) to let out a blood curtailing scream, so loud that Error404 can hear it. But when it's over, this allows Infected to summon all Genocide or even Neutral run Characters to come and assist him.

God Breaker

This attack takes a lot of magic to an average human/wizard but is little compared to Infected's total magic reserves. This attack allows Infected to break the guards and BREAK gods and kill anything weaker.


This power allows Infected to gain the powers of anyone he bites or eats. This means if he were to bite or eat someone like Bird!Tale sans, he would get his powers and a piece of his physical being, such as his wings. This is also not power, but a part of Infected's physical being. Black blood runs through Infected's bone marrow and has replaced his blood with a black ooze. This blackness allows Infected to harden his skin and also allows him to grows black tentacles on his back like Nightmare!Sans. This ability can also be used to fuse his body with another person.

The Power of a Creator

Infected met a creator before, only to eat him to gain their powers. But there's a limit. He can only use the power to a certain limit, preventing him from having the full powers of a creator. He can create small objects and items and can create a character, such as Gaster.


Infected's mind can wander for years at a time, while his body can continue to work and function all on its own. In this state, Infected's body can begin to react and move on its own entirely and can even develop new techniques to fight others with.


Black Being (Monster Form)

The Black being is a form that infected much like 404 can't control once he steps into it, said to be made up of nothing but void and emptiness dripping of pure madness, the black being is huge and rampages through worlds like nothing. Once the form is taken it will take infected about 48 hours to regain control over himself again. The form is so intense and horrifying it is said to be able to kill any living things just by staring at them, this is due to the amount of fear the wipes give off in this state and the madness on top of that. Infected can down Aus by the hundreds in this state. The Black being is a form reliant entirely on fear and it accomplishes that by using the memories of its victims and twisting them into grim and horrifying versions of what they once were, most AUs know of the Black being, but not of who it resides in so once infected enters an AU it's already too late since no one knows he is it The best cause of action is to run and escape to the omega timeline. The Black being is silent but its wisp is causing such a high-frequency noise that alarms and sirens begin to go off by themselves thinking that an earthquake has started

SOUL HARBINGER (Second Black Being Phase)

Soul Harbinger

After the events of Chapter 3 Infected had consumed Gabriel the demon prince and Malesgrow from the Transvoid transforming his already beast like state into something unspeakable, the Soul Harbinger is abomination at best that has reached the level of Unnameable due to his consuming of the 2 beings making Infected the strongest of two whole Realities, But due to his new found power Infected has begun to break down more then he ever has if not stopped he will descend to levels even unheard by the oldest of the beings.

It posses a large Trident that once belonged to the Demon Prince Gabriel and it now has been imbued with Dark energy and a wisp like substance. The Being is hotter then even Avalon himself incinerating anything within 100 mile radius.


Infected's sins are great and heavy on him, He suffers from intense hallucinations and many MANY lucid dreams. He suffers from a severe case of depression which never shows on his face and he fears being around others for too long.

Infected cult

An Infected cult is a group of Sans's that follow/support the Infected's motives and mission to destroy and infect all living-coded and non-coded beings in the Multiverse.


  • FellSwap Sans was wondering around Snowdin, when he swore that he saw someone watching him, behind the Storekeepers Inn.
  • Underswap Sans has told papyrus that he swore he saw strange markings carved over a huge section of the woods in Snowdin.
  • Undertale Papyrus told Sans he was happy he played hide and seek with him, but when Sans said he'd been at the house the entire time, Papyrus asked, "Then who was that I was playing with?"
  • Birdtale Sans was flying around his AU when he saw another Sans sitting on a high tree. He went over to go talk to him, but the moment he blinked he was gone.
  • Dreamtale Sans was helping people around his AU when he saw someone leaning against a wall staring at him. He was about to go over to talk to him, but when he got up, the figure walked away into a dark alleyway.
  • One night, in Snowdin, three adolescents were found reportedly dead, two of them found in the Snowdin Forest. One of them seemed to be burnt to death, another seemed to have their bottom jaw torn clean off (bottom jaw is yet to be found), and the last seemed to be strangled to death behind the Snowed Inn Hotel. A witness seemed to have reported a strange figure climbing up the wall of the said hotel that night before suddenly vanishing in a blink.
  • Magictale!Alphys reported to get multiple transmissions from her radio that were mostly just crazy laughter, with occasional mad ramblings. She said it sounded like Sans, but... worse.
  • UnderFell Sans Has Told Alphys He Was In Snowdin Forest heard some crazy laughter and Saw strange markings.


  • Infected is a very old AU. He was around during Alphatale's prime.
  • Error404 and Infected are enemies.
  • Infected has been seen by only a few AUs.
  • Infected was the one who killed Alpha!Sans.
  • Infected is the first murderer and the first Genocide runner in the Multiverse.
  • IO!Sans once met Infected while traversing the Multiverse. IO!Sans quickly fled and made sure he was untraceable.
  • Infected's Birthday is on October 22nd.
  • Infected's axe has a chain inside it that lets it extend.
  • Infected got his axe from Horrortale, originally he used a sharp bone for a weapon.
  • Infected is the origin of all evil and bad in the Multiverse.
  • Infected can only be found, where there is pure and chaotic evil.
  • Infected has targeted more places then Altertale. Whether or not you find out which AUs they are will be the issue.
  • Infected's soul is shaped like four souls combined into one.
  • Infected can eat other souls and combine them with his.
  • Infected is said to have a disciple called "The Apprentice".
  • Infected can only give birth to female offspring. This is because of the way his code was built. If Infected and another Sans have a child, then the offspring would be a female.
  • Infected's body and blood are made of some different type of substance that allows him to harden his bone marrow to the point to where even bullets shatter upon impact.
  • Infected is bisexual.
  • Infected loves to bite his fingers off.
  • Infected's code that made up his character was altered and mixed up with Horrortale's after his fight with Error!404.
  • Infected is always watching.
  • When Infected dies, he turns to stone.
  • Infected's dialog's text is a mix of comic sans, creepy, and wingdings.
  • Infected has small followers know as "Wisps." They are living sentient souls that eat other souls.
  • Infected's white eye socket is an overgrown pupil.
  • Infected is the Strongest of Two Realities due to the events of Chapter 3.
  • His theme is made by Jinify - AKA AbyssSans199.

Tainted Heart - Infected Sans Theme - Jinify Original


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