King Multiverse is an out of code Sans created by SHADIKAL15


King Multiverse is a Sans that is the ruler and Omni-king of the entire UnderTale Multiverse, who controls the gods, such as Error!Sans and Ink!Sans. Not much is known about King Multiverse beyond that. He is somewhat arrogant and is incredibly bossy often telling the God's how to do their job. Most Gods think that King Multiverse is omnipotent, due to his ability to get things changed in secret incredibly quickly.


King Multi-verse was created when Error404!Sans chipped a piece of his bones accidentally, which created King Multi-verse, subsequently he is one of the many puppets of Error404. Due to his power he was able to claim the title of King of the Multiverse at an unknown date.


Error404!Sans: Creator and secret puppet master

Error!Sans and Ink!Sans: Servants

Trivia / Facts

Theme is made by Jinify a.k.a. AbyssSans199 in Fandom.

King Multiverse Megalovania Remake - Jinify

King Multiverse Megalovania Remake - Jinify