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King Multiverse is an out of code Sans created by SHADIKAL15.


King Multiverse is a Sans that is the ruler and Omni-king of the entire UnderTale Multiverse, who controls the gods, such as Error!Sans and Ink!Sans. Not much is known about King Multiverse beyond that. He is somewhat arrogant and is incredibly bossy often telling gods about how to do their job.

Most gods think that King Multiverse is omnipotent, due to his ability to get things changed in secret incredibly quickly. (Which he isn't.)


King Multi-verse was created when Error404!Sans took the code of Photonegative!Sans and used some of his code to manipulate the sans utterly creating King Multiverse.



This ability allows KM to command any sans that has power lower than himself.

King's Blasters

These special Blasters allow for King Multiverse to give out massive damage, So much damage that they can kill other god-like beings and even null the abilities of AU codes.

Game Over

King Multiverse was "given" a unique button that allows for him to end most conflicts with just a simple press. This button, no matter the life form, as long as it's not stronger than the button, can give them an instant game over, resetting their skills and stats completely and for weaker entities, even erasing their memories.

Chains of Judgement

these chains that King.M can summon allow for him to cipher magic and energy from hundreds of opponents at a time. And when there is no more energy to cipher he'll begin to drain your Hp by the hundreds.

King's Right hands

This attack allows for King.M to take control of Ink and Error and bring them in as assist in battle. Their powers and abilities get dramatically tripled by this effect.

King and God's WRATH!

When King.M is corned and has no way out 404 will give him a temporary boost of power allowing for him to summon and fuse his blaster with 404's blaster making a MAINFRAME CANNON, this attack allows for King.M to destroy and erase anything that isn't stronger than 404.

Out-Code Reset

King.M has his button, this button allows for him to reset certain assets back to their original state. so far it's in its beta phase and only works on Out-Codes. for example, if he were to use this button on Error it would change him back to Geno and if he used it on him again would just turn him back to a regular sans same for Ink as well. if you were nothing else before you became an Out-Code the button will automatically return you corrupted code to the multiverse, killing you.


Buttons do not affect King.M since he's part of 404.



Emperor!Multiverse is the result of King!Multiverse getting his hand on loads of Maineframe code allowing him to become a absolute god in the eyes of the Undertale Multiverse, However the transformation as yet to have been used in any true substantial way so there is no telling of what it can or cant do.

Made by Coffe

(More Information Soon)


Error404!Sans: Creator and secret puppet master.

Error!Sans and Ink!Sans: Servants.


  • The theme is made by Jinify a.k.a. AbyssSans199 in Fandom.
  • King M's Birthday is on the 12th of February.
  • King M has a hard time dealing with Sanses because they all have conscious thought and never listen to him unless forced to.
  • King M hates Fridays.
  • King M loves to play with people's souls because they fascinate him.
  • King M has no Lv, No Hp, and No Dt.
  • King M has never killed anyone.
  • King M knows almost every AU.
  • Since King.M was never associated with Alphatale that means Ten can't control or influence him.
  • King.M isn't as weak as you think, King.M has come very close to beating and killing 404 on multiple occasions,. tho this is likely cause of the code he was given from 404.

King Multiverse Megalovania Remake - Jinify