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"You will fail like the rest of them"
– Loading


Loading is a Fail-safe that the Mainframe created as so to prevent things from breaking the rules of the Reality they all reside in. It has been the main purger working in the shadows keeping balance only allowing things.

First appearance

Loading subject 410 comic

Comic introduced Loading


Loading dawns a pitch-black jacket and has only a skull and two hands that float where his arms would be. He also has one red eye. Loading's appearance is meant to mimic that of something we can understand for its true form is much more complicated.

Abilities and Deletion options

Out-Code recall and Repair

All Out-Code entities of any kind can be recalled and repaired to a regular asset if Loading gets its hands on them. Once the Asset has been restored to its previous form Loading will then add them to a random Au to which they will be locked into it.

Au Dump

When targets hide in other Aus or try to run away Loading can simply use this ability that shows him all the Assets in an Au and allows him to pick out any that stand out. When he finds out which is standing out it simply removes them and then Recalls them.


Another ability it can use is he can trap some targets in a stasis that keeps them frozen and once he has them he can select from a random list of Characters and Assets to transform his target into and then leave them as.

Stats depletion beam

This beam is seen not only shooting out of his fingers but also out of his blasters as well. Once you get shot with it your stats get depleted by 100 and the after effect if you don't heal within the next millisecond your lose all your Hp along with magic and DT Lv until complete zero.



Loading's current mission is to retake the multiverse energy inside 404, so far both have fought twice and each have won once.


Loading once went for 404, but found Error instead they fought, but Error had no chance and instead bought his time till 404 arrived.



  • Loading can't die unless the Mainframe is destroyed and has an endless pool of energy he can summon to the point of being purely unbeatable, but he can only use his full power when he's near a Mainframe pool and only 2 exist.
  • Loading when his physical form is destroyed just gets replaced in the next 3 seconds by another Loading. He can even summon other Loadings if his target as more then one party.
  • Loading whenever he's hunting like to sing the Mr.SandMan song
  • Loading is very aggressive towards passive and Out-Code assets and goes completely berserk against Sans copies.
  • Loading isn't a Sans but has mimicked the form so to make others understand him more.