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"The show must go!"
– Aurora


Created to protect the human children of the underground Aurora a.k.a Mettaton was created to not only entertain the underground, but defend it aswell. Mettaton is a combat bot for about 50% of her time while the rest is devoted to keeping the population of the underground stable and happy while under the rule of the Astral Mother.


Mettaton is programmed to understand and empathize with people and monters alike often comforting them before killing them. Mettaton under the Astral Mother's control is often seen father away to throw away suspicions.


Metal Body

Mettaton's body is completely nearly indestructible, serving bombings and planet level explosions, however if not in combat mode then she can be possibly damaged.

Super Sonic speed and Mega booster

with Intense boosters and almost light speed Mettaton can travel and round about at incredible speeds and can upgrade her speed even further letting her be able to travel faster then even those who can teleport.


It was said that Mettaton's concerts and events were so good they would shake the very skeletons of the people she sang for, Her voice being so earth shattering and powerful that her voice box had to rebuffed so she wouldn't rock the entire underground


the Atom gear is Mettaton's multi functional body that allows for all sorts of crazier and more destructive feats to be pulled.

Atom Blaster

by replacing her arm with a large singer like Ray gun Mettaton is able to mimic the Empress ray and god ray, when fired at a normal person it will burn them down to they're very atoms leaving nothing behind, when it comes to others it will stun, Highly damage and could even destroy mental functions if aimed at the head.

Atom Quake

by adding lots of pressure to her legs and vibrating them at incomprehensible speed she is able to rupture the world around causing for the very plates of the planet to even shatter, could even be so bad that the skeletons of her goes could even shatter from it.

Atom Bomb

Inside her main structure body hides a Atomic Bomb so powerful it would be capable of destroying the Earth, Moon and Mars all within about a 10 minute time frame.



  • The name Aurora comes from Astral Mother's Grandmother
  • Mettaton works and lives at the MTT Resort
  • Mettaton and Delios had a interesting relationship founded upon the Astral Mother's neglect of the two
  • Alot of the resets in the past were caused due to testing Mettaton's body and gadgets
  • The Atom particles that Mettaton has in her body were taken from nuclear reactors around the world and them infused with DT and Perseverance soul traits making them 10x more effective then They were before.
  • Mettaton was created a man at first, but due to the lack of ratings and reception he got he was later reprogrammed and given a more feminine design E