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"Let me aid you in your plan"
– Muffet


Muffet was at one time apart of a huge plot against the queen, but when she snuffed them out she eradicated every participant and shot Muffet with the God ray in the process. Unknown to Muffet she survived the encounter and was the only one alive, she became a wonder at that point and even hid with the Temmies for a little while during her recovery. After that, she began to gain strength unknown to her, and then the hole in her chest began to grown and became white like a void. After this, she began her descent from her normal rebellious attitude to becoming a full-on problem to the kingdom. Only one still believed in her while the others swore to tear her apart. After 2 years of causing chaos and being foiled by the humans, she began to look for others to help her strike against the kingdom, but none listened...except for one.


Muffet was fine and dandy during her rebellion against the Astral Mother, but after that, something happened to her that caused her mind to warp and become something else.


Muffet appears to dawn a White robe and her eyes also appear to be leaking some sort of black fluid. she also has a giant hole in her chest that has a white background to it.


Gifted Hands

Muffet was given multiple detached floating hands that surround her at all times. They have many different properties to them in which they can shoot out a pure Void blast that sucks in opponents and send them to the void and can make Void spears that infect people with the void code that then kills them shortly after.

Chest wound

Muffet's chest wound was given to her by the Astral Mother but was turned into a weapon shortly after and now she can use it to summon a large black Tentacle to come and slam pain upon others

Void knowledge

Muffet may not be as smart as the astral Mother, but when it comes to knowing about the Void her knowledge is unmatched


  • Muffet and Adam's relationship was always one-sided
  • Muffet hated every member of the Ding Family
  • Muffet is the 3rd smartest being in AlphaTale
  • Muffet never tried her cooking
  • Muffet hates talking about other bugs except for spiders