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"I've lived over three billion years, yet even I am impatient to your arrogance."
– The Man of Mysteries

Exul, known as the Man of Mysteries (yet is essentially Mystery Man), is the first entity born into the verses through the void, which he soon came to rule.


Within the beginning of reality, there was nothing. This nothing was referred to as the Void. Unlike an anti void, there is only one Void. This void was formed before everything. Before reality, nothing existed. Within nothing, it soon grew to something. This “Something” was known as Undertale. A wonderful creation, nonetheless. Within the creation of Undertale, the first SOUL had been crafted. A beautiful SOUL, anyways. One filled with the bright trait of HOPE. This belonged to a young man named ███. However, the SOUL was unfit. The SOUL had no magic. Magic was a direct necessity for monsters, and this first monster had not possessed it. With the SOUL  of ███ being cast away, it had ended up eventually into the void.

The SOUL was doomed to meet a tragic fate, corrupted by the broken, corrupted nothingness of the void. Something correlating with nothing hadn’t worked. So, as a result, this had shattered the SOUL. This led to…unprecedented events. As the SOUL had been broken down, it resisted the very shutting of the void, having the HOPE to push through. Although, the utter darkness and blankness of the void had led to it’s HOPE being too little for the SOUL. The SOUL had ended up shattered. However, the HOPE stayed. It had been scattered across the infinity of the void, constantly trying to find the edge of it to breach the void, never accomplishing its task.

3 Billion Years had passed. The year was 201X. Eventually, the HOPE within the void had never found its exit, instead finding itself once again. Due to the lack of remembrance of all else, the HOPE mist had mistaken the other shattered fragments of HOPE as the end to the void. This had led to the creation of an entity. A soulless entity? No…far more. This being had only the HOPE of escaping. As their naked body lay dormant, they had inevitably been formed on the fourth day of the HOPE fragments finding one another. This had led to the recreation of ███.

33 days had passed since creation. 33 days, no FUN whatsoever. Eventually, the being had opened its eyes, shocked to feel again. To be alive once more. Strangely, their vessel had remained with the very black coat they were born with, alongside the white sweater too. This had set them onto a final goal. To find their shattered SOUL.

66 days had passed. ███ had been wandering for so long to the degree he couldn’t even remember whatsoever what had happened prior to the void. Constant floating around, slowly drifting to the other direction by the self-inflicted pieces of wind his coat offered. Eventually, through his endless search, he had ended up finding it. After all this time, he had finally found his SOUL once more. A shattered, dull SOUL. Black, not of hate, yet out of an entirely drained HOPE. He slowly stared at the SOUL, his mind beginning to deceive him almost, imagining it a shining white. He slowly raised his skeletal hand, gently grasping onto it. And by doing so, it all went darker once again.

His eyes had shot open, as he looked around. A cream-colored room, with nothing but him. He lay, a goopy, sorrowful mess. It was so cold. It was so quiet. It was so…dark. Darker, darker, yet darker. As his eyes were blinded by the first sight of true light in his life, the door shot open, a human staring at him in confusion. A human with a blue sweater and purple stripes. The human approached, as ███ quietly stared back, a confused smile remaining. His hand slowly lifted out for the human to touch onto, yet with a simple touch, he felt a sudden drag back into the void. Despite his screaming, for the human, all that was heard was a simple noise. His eye shot out a sudden white light, as he’d then been dragged back into the black void once again.

There he was. Square one again. Staring at his SOUL, his heart was crumbling internally. Everything was so…wrong. So terrible. So disgusting. So corrupt. It…it angered him. He was so close. He was so close to freedom. He could’ve been free. He could’ve been freed from the corrupted void. Yet…he wasn’t. He…felt anger. He felt guilt…he felt HATE. His body began to crumble, slowly leaking a black matter, his expression turning grotesque, destroyed and horrid, until he inevitably was rotted into nothing.

He had remained this way for so many years. The void was left unstable. This had led to an infinite rumble across all, as time was left at an alteration. Time forwarded, stopped, sped up, yet never went backwards. Eventually, the figure felt a loss of HOPE in reality. He began to have a questionable feeling that he was to never be free. Never. The HATE mixing with the HOPE led to a truly unprecedented reaction. The mix of these two, it had formed his vessel once more: yet, this time the void wasn’t against it. The feeling of pure NEUTRALITY. With this new emotion, the figure began to connect with the void. The small flickers of light they had gotten when encountering the human had formed again. As the infinity of the void compressed, the darkness got darker. ███ had looked into the infinity, and the infinity looked back. Yet, from the voids instability, and his stability, he had the stronger glance. His mental capability to withstand the void led to him gripping onto his SOUL, as the Void itself bent to his will.

Knowledge had come to him. Memories had come to him. Power had come to him. Nothingness itself came to him. As his body leaked small pieces of HATE, mixing with the void, sticking to his vessel of HOPE, his eye had formed to a symbol of infinity. HOPE and HATE: The two infinities in one eye socket. His SOUL had finally reached its pinnacle, as the two SOUL traits fused together, forcing his SOUL to bind together once again, the one SOUL of neutrality forming once and for all. This had caused him to breach the void, gaining complete control over it due to his formation in it, his link to it and his emotional standpoint over it. With one monstrous screech from the fusion of his SOUL, he had escaped the void once and for all.


The Man of Mysteries comes off as many things at first glance. A demon, a ruthless overlord, a sweetheart, yet none seem to have a link. In truth, The Man of Mysteries responds directly based on your personal standpoint in reality. If you are a well, good person, he will respond with the same etiquette. However, if you are not that way, he will be far less friendly. In truth, beyond how he treats others, he is but a wanderer. A being in constant thought, yet never fear. A being in constant wonder, yet never answering. A being that always will take the optimistic viewpoint, and never the pessimistic viewpoint. He always speaks formally, although what he is speaking of depends entirely on those he is speaking to.


The Man of Mysteries is a peculiar entity, commonly sticking at a firm 7'5. He dawns a black coat that goes all the way down to his black dress shoes. His shirt is but a metallic plate with eight engravings going down into a bottom arrow formation. He has skinny, black pants that go just above his feet. His head has various cracks planted all over them, and he always has a strange, purple hue emanating from him. To top it off, his left eye is the only one opened, containing two interlocked infinity symbols as a plus.


Spatial Temporal Control

The Man of Mysteries has complete control over all of time and space, allowing him to teleport, alter time, cast stars and other outer objects.

Matter Manipulation

The Man of Mysteries can manipulate the very atoms of anything within a ten kilometer distance, up to the scale of a quark, allowing for him to collapse, open, form items and do far more with such power.

Passive Negation

The Man of Mysteries has an ability to nullify any form of passive, no matter how severe. Any passives that have an effect on him, positive or negative, will be nullified. If you are to use it as he exists, it will work, although if the effects include him, it will entirely negate.


The Man of Mysteries can decipher, read, write and speak all forms of language, no matter it's secrecy.


The Man of Mysteries can speak in any pitch or tone, allowing perfect vocal lying.


The Man of Mysteries can read emotions through the SOUL, and can speak telepathically.


The Man of Mysteries knows every form of written knowledge and also knows the truth of it (He can tell the lies in reflective evidence and contemporary).

Speaker of The Void

As the Speaker of The Void, he has direct control over it, allowing him to open void portals, alongside implementing the conceptual structure of the Void.


The Man of Mysteries can alter vibrations within the vicinity, allowing to stop simple words, or simply just vibrations in general.

Complete Cycle Control

The Man of Mysteries can alter any form of cycle to his bidding, such as the cycle of time, of life and death, et cetera.

Glass of Reality

Combining with his Matter Manipulation, The Man of Mysteries can change the structure of certain fragments of reality to fragments of glass. The glass is always shaped as a sunflower, yet there is no center part. Once the center is opened, it opens a compressed quasar. This will allow The Man of Mysteries to either explode the entire galaxy they are in, or to either suck in everything within a 1.5 Light Year radius.

Gamma Ray

A beam directly coming from the Eye of Infinity, his source of power: it fires a beam so powerful it will decide your fate depending on your actions within life. If you have been a good person overall, you will gain temporary immortality, the positive effect of infinity, specifically for two minutes. Otherwise, if you have not been a good person (LV 3+) you will be sent into a reality of infinite death until you lose the will to harm others, in which case you will either die forever or will return to reality. (LV 30+ = Die forever, LV 30- = Return) If you return, it will look as if all the Gamma Ray did was give you an emotional breakdown, as the return is instantaneous for those around you, although for you, the thoughts of those deaths will forever remain.


Weak Physical Capabilities

All of his powers come directly from the Void, yet he himself is an extremely weak being, only slight stronger than a regular human physically. If he was to not use his abilities, which he most commonly doesn't in the void, he is easy to attack. He CAN die because of this. Extremely easily. He has to have his guard up at all times because of this.

Anti-Void Presence

Within the Anti-Void, Exul cannot manipulate any matter within the location. He can also not use the Glass of Reality ability.


  • Error!404 - Error!404 is the only being apart from Osiris that is understanding of his existence. Error!404 only knows him as a being that is from the void, no more. Although, on the other hand, The Man of Mysteries is aware of who he was, and who he is. They always watch his experiments, watching as he slowly becomes more and more like his mother.
  • Osiris - Osiris was the first being apart from Undertale's Frisk that The Man of Mysteries had seen. The two had a subtle conversation, allowing for The Man of Mysteries to get used to his current position in power. The two eventually came to a bitter conclusion, which ended up in Osiris fearing The Man of Mysteries forever.


  • The Man of Mysteries cannot feel any form of fear, as his SOUL is entirely neutral. He cannot feel an exaggerated joy or sadness, either.
  • The Man of Mysteries would never directly murder anyone of good heart, although injuring is an entirely different case.
  • Despite how he is busted, his personality is the main restriction of his power.
  • The Man of Mysteries is mostly a rumor in the Multiverse due to his ability.
  • Most humans that believe he is real tend to hate him due to how they believe a being with such power shouldn't exist, making their ignorance anger him. Because of this, he tends to prefer monsters.
  • The one thing he despises is people that judge off of power and feats, instead of moral value.