Omnipotent!sans is an all powerful Sans created by the Astral Mother to be used as a tool. To summon him, thirty Sans must be together with good intentions for his use. He was created by Shadikal15

Note: Since many people are confused, Error404 is stronger than Omni. Omnipotent Sans is just a nickname given to Omni because he is powerful.


Omni!Sans dosen't really have a personality, but instead cares only for his missions and nothing more


Omni Beam

This ray beam shoots out of Omni's third eye and releases it in a full ray beam that goes on until he closes his third eye. This Beam can kill any sans that is not a outer being of power or higher, but even than it's able to stun if not completely obliterate Thought!Sans.


Omni's mere presence alone is able to null others into a weakened state and is able to rupture the code of others making them and allies almost useless in battle.

Multiversal Magic

Omni's status as the God of Power allows him to tap into the Multiversal itself and utilize it's powerful magic. Any power or magic belonging to the Multiverse is within Omni's reach and is able to utilized by him. He can also use this to grant others magic or cut off one's magic altogether.

Omni soul

His soul is not just a monster soul, but is able to change into any type of soul, or a mixture of souls. Because of this, Omni is able to use every type of soul manipulate in battle.

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