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If you are looking for the being that shown him his connection to the void, he is right here.

Osiris is the beast from the Mainframe, caused by William's self-induced fictive brought to life in the Mainframe, considered an entirely different entity.


Prior to the formation of Error404!Sans, William always had some form of stress reliever. This reliever was an unnamed being, one who he always put his darkest thoughts into. Whenever William was upset, he preferred to split his feelings into this being, to hide everything that upset him. This had engraved a thing so deep into his SOUL, it was considered an entirely different being. Whenever William had broken into the Mainframe, the Mainframe registered this reliever as an entirely separate entity. This had lead to Osiris.


Osiris is a definite stranger to life, that much is certain. Cold, deceptive and manipulative, Osiris likes things to be in his control, even if he doesn't care about the direct situation. In his freedom from the Mainframe, he surprisingly was clueless to everyday things. Whenever things became quiet and cold, he got a strange form of PTSD from being stuck in the cold Mainframe since he was born. He has a platonic attraction to the innocent, yet has a cold heart to the guilty. Portraying a formal attitude, he comes off as somewhat of a nice guy. Always speaking posh, fair and calm, never letting anything go to heart, he truly does come off as a good person.

Yet he isn't.

Osiris' true intentions are some you would never find without dying. Behind the posh, happy attitude, lays a sociopathic monster that treats the lives of those guilty as plagues, deserving to be wiped. He considers himself the soap to clear the dirty table of the Multiverse. Yet, strangely enough, you can talk him down of committing disgraceful actions. Just. Be. Careful.


In the Mainframe, Osiris dawned clothing parallel to that of Just.404's, the form which he controlled William's body. Striped, black and blue, almost stylish. However, whenever he had been freed from the Mainframe, his clothing changed drastically. He had began to wear a dark black coat, going all the way down to his ankles, alongside strands of fur against the outlines, building up around the neck area. Whenever damage is dealt to the coat, depending on how hard, blue runic glyphs will appear on the coat for a moment. Purely cosmetic.

Osiris possesses jet black skin, and blue eyes, with the left being a white light, almost functioning like a lighthouse. Sometimes, it tends to flicker. He has pitch black lips, which he can use to cover his teeth, yet he prefers not to, as it builds saliva. Whenever his lips do cover his teeth, his eyes are the only thing seen. His teeth can be as human as possible, and at other times, it can be as sharp as a mongrels.


Limb Transfer

He can take strength from a limb of his, and transfer it to another limb. For example, he could use his leg strength and transfer it to his arms. This would make his punches 4x stronger, but make his legs 4x weaker.

Cosmic Activation

He can choose this mode. This mode allows for his attacks to not deal any damage until he chooses for it to. This could be extremely fatal, due to how if he’d punch someone 50 times, it would all hit at once, being guaranteed to shatter them.

The Bite

He can use his extremely sharp teeth to consume someone, and gain the ability to shapeshift into them

Anti-God Ray

A black beam, with a blue outline, having the ability to fire at someone as a consistent laser. While completely harmless to a living thing (e.g person, plant, etc), it will completely wipe anything that isn't alive like it was butter (e.g collapsing buildings as easily as possible.)

Cosmic Alteration

Osiris can shift gravity to certain degrees, allowing heavy thunderstorms to instantly cast in a dry desert, cast wind powerful enough to push a building, etc.

Mainframe Calling

He can cast a super large hand, which varies from the size of a house to a chunk of the underground from the Mainframe, allowing for a single attack.

Determination Swipe

His hand glows a deep red, his blue pattern turning red, as he sends a large swipe that erases everything in his path for up to 500m. Not blockable, travels 5m a second, so dodgeable.

Mind Warping

Osiris can make people forget certain things, such as their own fighting style, who they are fighting, and other non-life based things.

Coded Travelling

Can zip through coded areas, and exit them at will. His own variant of teleportation.

Chain Manipulation

Osiris can manipulate the very chains over his arms to do whatever he desires, as long as it is within the chains capabilities.

Mainframe Reality

His most powerful ability. Within a 1km range, he can send any living being in that distance to a mainframe variant of the world, where everything is dark, dim, the only light being a dark blue Sun. This is completely parallel to the real world, yet the events that transpire in this world do not affect the real world. This is where Osiris possesses his form, D.E.L.T.A.R.U.N.E. In this world, Osiris has complete control of everything, except the people he sent in it. If he is to murder them in this world, they lose all their magic supply in the real world, and carry a runic glyph carved into their arm. 9 carves, and then they die for good in the Mainframe Reality.



Deltarune Osiris.png

Deltarune is the one and only form Osiris possesses. He only unlocks this form in the Mainframe Reality, yet it gives him true power over the reality.

He has complete control over reality in this form, yet due to how it's only bound to the Mainframe Reality, this gives him complete control over the Mainframe Reality. However, it does not allow for him to control the entities in it. Logic, Reality and Concept are all just words he can distort in this form.


Mind Warping

Whenever warping anothers mind, he cannot use any magic. He must return their memories to use magic again.

Determination Swipe

Everytime he uses this, he turns amalgamated until his skin repairs.


He has severe cryophobia.


From the end of Chapter 9, Osiris came to the realization that from his forever in the Mainframe, he had the ability to withstand the void. From this realization, this had lead to him getting a new attire. It's purely cosmetic, although he still loves it. It is the same coat, although the fur has been trimmed, instead refined with a thin, blue line. His face is far more malformed and he has 7 rows of teeth. His shirt is now a standard black with a neon, blue X in the center. Runic Glyphs are all over his coat, as well.


  • Osiris befriended a human, once. She was very nice to him.
  • Osiris, unlike William, does what he does for fun.
  • Osiris is completely mentally unstable, instead coming off as lonely.
  • Osiris is a pure Mainframe Being, meaning that he has complete access to it, as he is like a son to it.
  • Osiris isn't a skeleton, despite how he was created by one.