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"It'd be real nice if you just kept your mouth shut for a while."
– Righteous!Error

Error is the apprentice of Error!404. He is an Alternate Universe destroyer and the overseer of the events within the Multiverse, whenever he isn't directly involved in it.


Error, originally being Sans, has no recollection of his past. All he remembers is he woke up one day as what he was. Attempting to make a name of himself, he ended up with the unofficial title of an Alternate Universe Destroyer. Extracting code from the universes and eradicating it directly after had been somewhat of a normal occurrence. This was until he had met Error!404. At first reaction, Error!404 came off as an Error that done what Error wanted to do far better. However, as the two then got to know eachother more and more, he soon realised that Error!404 too had been attempting to make a name of himself. Despite the others immense power, he was as emotionally fragile as a piece of brittle glass. Eventually, Error had taken himself to be the apprentice of Error!404. The two worked together to accomplish their goals. Although, one question always had and always will stand in Error's mind: what will happen when they do complete the mission?



Error retains all of his prominent features. His red eyesockets, his blue, yellow and white eyelights. However, his clothing had taken a bit of a change. Error wears a simple red shirt over a large, white overcoat that travels all the way down to his black shorts with blue stripes at the front. The white overcoat possesses a strange set of eyes, latched directly onto the overcoat. He wears a sky blue scarf over his neck, commonly curled over his neck.


Error's opinions and beliefs have not shifted in the slightest through his time with Error!404. He still has spite against all Alternate Universes within the Multiverse and has a deep hatred for physical contact. However, in time, he has matured gradually. Instead of whining, he much prefers to deliberately explain his opinion, using the action of words to get his way. In his time with Error!404, he had come to take some notes of the way he spoke and such. Because of this, Error is an excellent persuader, and while he may not be as emotionless in his talk as his forerunner, he is most certainly convinicing.

Error likes to remain serious in all occasions that are not battle. Stern, strict and always having a desire to stick into control, he always keeps silent unless he needs to speak. He prefers to talk with actions far more, after all. In battle, he is as cocky as can be. Flourishing, calling out names, insults, whatever he can think of. Because of this, he sometimes tends to mess up in battle, yet he wins far more than he loses.



Error has many strings at his grasp, each being used for different purposes.

Blue Strings

Error's usual set of strings. These are used specifically for the purpose of draining data and code from Alternate Universes. From excessive training with Error!404, he then discovered the ability to siphon data from entities with SOUL's, as well, allowing him to restrict mana, defence, health and energy.

Red Strings

These strings are boiling hot to the touch, infused with slight determination from Error's past as Geno. This will cause surging pain through humans and monsters alike, being a viable torture method. They do not cause actual damage, although they may end up with mental damage.

Green Strings

These strings are used in correlation with the blue strings, using extracted statistics to also infuse them into other entities. This is essentially a method of healing.

White Strings

These strings simply function as normal strings. Nothing else to them. Error commonly uses them to trap others up, alongside even doing the odd limb removal.

Illusory Strings

Strings that Error had discovered inevitably through hard work with Error!404. These strings allow themselves to burrow into one's SOUL, gaining the ability to alter their perception, hearing and senses. They are commonly black in colour, although they turn into a rainbow colour once inflicting another's SOUL.

Error Blaster

Error can cast large, black blasters which fire red beams. These instantly shoot through anything, although they only have a range of 3m before the beam evaporates.

Glitch Ray

Essentially a Novice God Ray that Error named "Glitch Ray" to sound special, this works as you'd expect. However, unlike God Ray, this ray is a consistent beam instead of a simple fire. Far thinner, this ray does not have any effect on inorganic material. For organic material, this ray instantly corrupts their code, either possessing them to obey Error's every command, or simply decomposing their body until they essentially become a husk.

Eyes of The Overseer

Error possesses a line of eyes over his right arm, stitching his hand to his overcoat. It's true abilities are unknown, although Error says that it is simply a cosmetic feature of his clothing. Only the dumb would believe such a thing.


Error!404 - Error's relationship with his mentor is somewhat rocky. On one hand, Error knows Error!404 for what he truly is: William. He understands how he feels, he has an awareness of his emotions and he does feel much empathy for William's loss of family. However, that isn't enough to make him like William. His erratic outbursts tend to anger Error, alongside his lack of willpower to actually reform Alphatale. Error also has a belief that William will simply dispose of him once Alphatale is recreated once again.

Ink - Despite how much Error once used to hate the pest, he simply now wishes Ink had became what he once was all that time ago. Prior to Ink's deal with an unnameable, Error and Ink had been rivals. Ink, constantly protecting Alternate Universes, and Error, constantly destroying Alternative Universes. Subsequent to Ink's deal with the unnameable, Error began to miss those days. Now, he constantly watches over the beast that once had been called Ink, waiting for the day to finally free him of the grasp of that unnameable that had corrupted his sworn rival.


Error does not possess any true transformations, although he is the secondary component needed for the fusion of Error!666.


  • Error has also gained a love for cookies from his time with his mentor.
  • At times, Error can even come off as a mentor for Error!404 based on Error's higher understanding of cultural society which Error!404 hadn't known.
  • His theme is Voltaic, made by Jinify.
  • Error loves to make fun of Ares when he's not around by calling him "Omnopent Sauce."