"OI! you damn crackers, listen up! Imma kill ya now see!"
– Rock


Rock just kinda showed up one day and started not just bothering 404, but was interfering in his plans as if he always knew where he was gonna be and even sometimes went as far as pushing 404 to life-threatening conditions


Rock wears a black somewhat leather sweater and has a long white sleeve shirt underneath with white shorts and black shoes.


Rock comes off as a sarcastic asshole with a level of narcissism that is unrivaled by anyone, He thinks very highly of himself, So anything he finds lower or beneath himself to be an utter annoyance. He also has a very Toxic atmosphere about him making others very unwilling to understand or get along with him.

Rock has more of a British accent if anything and is known to be very meta and antagonistic. He's heavily inspired by Bill Burr. Rock's sense of humor is very much from meta and toxic taste all around.

Rock does though act very Punk Rock like, Acting very loud and often shouting things more so than talking. He makes his presence very much known and likes to be the center of attention and people staring and can be tough to get through if at all.


Rock Lyrics

Rock can shout out Rock lyrics that come in the form of attacks

Rage Mode

This allows Rock to fight without thinking about damage or pain.


Also known as Rock's trusty Crowbar, this odd weapon hits like a truck and triples in damage when in contact with Errors or God-like beings.

Unforgiving Body

Rock can take almost any hit and exchange which kind of damage it inflicts on him, from mental to emotional Rock gets to choose how an attack will affect him.


To End all "Nuisances" for good, Rock hates everything that exists outside the norm and wants to eradicate 404 more than anything.


  • Rock has met 404 only on 3 occasions
  • Rock and Tint have a complicated relationship
  • Rock Hates AlphaTale
  • Rock loves the taste of Energy Drinks
  • Rock finds the Multiverse to be quite infections
  • Rock makes fun of Fresh and many other Fresh Au copycats for not having his sense of humor
  • Rock isn't known to have a chill mode
  • Rock has beaten people to death with his crowbar on multiple occasions


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