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"I know you know"
– Rokíe


Rokíe is a sentient being that was created in the sub-lab by the Astral Mother. It can speak to others telepathically and used this said ability to work its way out of the sub-lab escaping the Astral Mother. The creature was put up for capture 2 years ago but was forgotten in less than a couple of months due to unknown reasons. Rokíe lived for a long time only showing itself to certain types of folks who could handle or understood its pain.


Rokíe is curious about others and their pain. Rokíe is a completely docile creature and won't even attack if threatened, Rokíe has no essential meaning to its existence beyond and away from its creator besides trying to find a way to become a higher being than it already is.


  • Rokíe is refereed to as "The Rokíe"
  • It is unknown is Rokíe is the only one of its kind created by the Astral Mother.
  • Rokíe loves back rubs
  • Rokíe speaks to people Telepathically
  • Rokíe makes a high-pitched squeaking sound that turns into a full unrecognizable growl when threatened.
  • Rokíe eats snails
  • Rokíe usually will sleep for up to 184 hours, and, if exhausted, can sleep for 208 hours.
  • Rokíe respects the Temmies

Where is it?

The Rokíe is now exploring the Multiverse and beyond and is out to understand and learn.