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"A World of chaos is a burning world, a world of peace is just a world waiting to end and a world of anarchy is just...a world waiting to end all the same"
– The Defiled Witch

Introduced in Chapter 5


Subject Spaz has shown incredible potential with the DNA of Jacob mixed with the other brat the subject has shown incredible feats and can solve most puzzles and power through all obstacles with relative ease even coming close to beating his other siblings subjects B and G. Unfortunately the experiment grew resistant and is now beginning to fight back attempts to capture and contain him are no longer plausible and his escape is imminent. Spaz now is going around doing his part in the grand scheme he's planned out for. Spaz was born naturally chaotic and was made to replicate someone once loved and adored by everyone, but now is no longer seen as such

Spaz first appeared in the Comic Spaz N' Grimm


Spaz is quiet yet he never does buckle and grow unsure of himself, it's almost like he has no emotions at all. Spaz during some experiences was no to be dead silent as if dead giving him the nickname "Mime" at times, but he's also been known as "Mimic" by his closer relatives mostly do to his complexion and facial features.

Spaz takes ever kill and fight with 100% and isn't well known of losing or even dying quite often.


Blades...lots of BLADES!

During his experiments Spaz found a fascination with blades and knives of all kinds, one day is obsession with blades grew so great that he asked the "Good Doctor" if she could inject him with some sort of code that could let him have all the blades he wanted, So to his request Spaz is now able to eject and summon blades out his body shooting them out at speeds of 40 to 50 Mph and he can summon them to line his body and cover him in a metal shield.

Tornado of Blades

A spinning move to where Spaz covers his body in Knives, Butcher knives and more and spins at insane speeds cutting down his enemies.


Spaz has the ability to change his face to fit his every need or what other mischievous needs he needs it for. Unfortunately everytime he changes faces he must remain with that face for 3 whole months until he can change it again, but to counter balance it if the person he borrowed the face from dies within that time then he can keep the face as part of his arsenal and can use it whenever he wants.

Untimely End

Spaz has the special ability to reject death, he simply needs to exchange his life for that of another's he's familiar with and Spaz's life will be freed while damning the other, However this does come at a cost, he must know the individual he's trading lives with and must answer 3 questions to an outer force before he can complete, the questions will be about the individual and once it's done then Spaz will be freed as the other dies.



  • Kill the witch
  • Kill my fake
  • Kill B
  • Find my face
  • Begin Phase 2
  • Begin Phase 1


  • Spaz is short for Spastic
  • Spaz and Subject.4 still talk
  • Spaz doesn't interfere much with the events and or problems of the main cast
  • Spaz isn't familiar with magical combat and is strictly use to physical combat