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"We see what you can be, a Hero, a Villian, a Redeemer a...True Heir to Alphatale"
– Temmies


The Temmies were apathetic and useless race before the "Grimmer Days", but after a long period, something happened to the Temmie race that changed them into a supernatural and wise species of individuals. The Temmies used their powers and foresight like abilities to help others in the underground who were dealing with troubles and forgetting other unwanted memories and events. The Temmies have no affiliation with the Astral Mother and as for a matter of fact don't obey her orders at all for they see the underground for what it is.


The Temmies are a kind and wise race and never resort to violence even if their people are in danger. They are more welcome to helping others making sure they feel comfortable and happy.



This ability wipes your memory of current bad thoughts to fill your head and can be seen as a fresh start to the day


"Your actions may be great, but if you don't learn to follow your own path soon you may find yourself on the wrong end of another's. "
– Temmies

"To lead or to rule, how you do those is up to you, its never been your choice on what to do, but on what you will do."
– Temmies

"If you are to succed after us and perhaps even to damn us, than let it be in a bang bigger than has ever been seen. Make your success seem like the last for thats how it should always be."
– Temmies


  • The Temmies are almost completely nocturnal
  • The Temmies are all called Temmies plural for each individual
  • The Tems are complete pacifist
  • Their most visited visitors are Wendy and William