"A world without measure...unequal than all the great Multiverses "
– Ten no Kami


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This being is snobby and is very prideful and has no problem addressing authority. The Being has no resolve and no sympathy and could even be compared to an emotionless husk at times. Ten has no feelings for the things it's created and often enjoys their suffering.


God's Will

With this Power, this being can kill and or eradicate all life-related or similar to AlphaTale. This includes code similar to them and offspring and relatives included. This ability can also reach out to sister Aus as well. And has complete control of everything that resonates within where they roam and resonate. This doesn't work on Error404.

Au Cinder

Cinder to Cinder, This ability can destroy all Aus that isn't grounded to Alphatale. This also means that all code fragments that have Alphatale code or code related to such code will be erased.

4-Banme no ishiki

I can See You

The Gift

The Gift is a power that is given to beings that have experienced true suffering, have met an unfortunate demise or that just have a darkness in them unequal to any. When the gift is given it's usually given without true aware some even being able to live their entire lives never knowing about it. The gift is a white spot, it takes apart of the host body that is either empty or no longer has purpose and burrows there. from there the gift supplies them with intense durability, Ever-lasting life, and Void like code that enables them to never truly die unless a being of more strength than Ten kills them. The Gift tho great is a sign of control, Either it be willing or not Ten no Kami has control over being with said Gift.


Ten's Tentacles are large and are big enough to dwarf a sky scrapper. Ten's tentacles can wipe out all code that they have made and any code related to it. The tentacles also make for great tools of destruction for any caught in their grip are immediately destroyed by the atom, and if not then are transformed into an Amalgamation of void and Alphatale code.


  • Ten has no true Name or hasn't been told or spoken
  • Ten is all aware of the worlds they are in and aren't in.
  • Ten resonates within a heighten line of sight that can only be achieved by attaining the "Ultimate power"
  • Ten is an Anthropomorphic squid mixed with a human, at least that's what some say when they see them.
  • Ten 's true nature is unknown
  • Me and Tint separated due to him figuring out about my plan


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