"Such a Pity, Such a pity you would think to turn on me"
– - Astral Mother


The Astral Mother was born not to long after the discovery of how to control magic she lived her life trying to manipulate these traits and such on, but after years passed came down with no results. But that's when the Human war came. The war would go on for what felt like eternity, but the Astral mother had a grand idea for a way to stop and possibly win the war. She grabbed one of the near by river and began to experiment on it until she could give it enough magic to kill a army, but she didn't have enough magic herself so... she would go through out the battle field stealing the corpses of dead monsters... even her parents. soon the creature would have enough souls and magic to kill the human army, but without a big enough vessel the fish would most likely die from pure energy exposure. So the Astral Mother scoured again looking for more bodies to use, until she came across a dead human nun, "Perhaps used for prayer" she thought to herself. The Nun's corpse was taken back to the lab for experimenting and soon after...the Mighty being known as Quenya was born and once brought to the battle field slaughtered the human army. The monsters were victorious. After a it of recovery after the fight Astral mother would thank make Quenya her grand guard, with Quenya as a great example of what happens when a great mind mixed with willing subjects leads to the Astral mother ran for Queen of the underground 14 yrs later. She lost unfortunately after months of debates and was forced to become the King's royal scientist. After 24 yrs of service Queen Toriel died of labor and prince known as Asriel died the same night aswell. The King was destroyed with grief and went weeks and months without ruling the kingdom properly. That was until the Astral mother came with some tea one day and decided to ease his mind...The King would die that same day. After 8 months of prepare the Astral Mother was named the Queen of the underground.



She can be flamboyant at times but has a very good chance at being very distant aswell working in the shadows. She is known to be very manipulative and has absolutely no remorse for for the things she's done for everything that's happened shes happy for whats happened. The Astral Mother is no Bitch either she has no means of backing down when being threatened and will fight to all means.


Soul Attack

She uses her Fear and Magic to stretch the opponent's soul out to an unbearable scale, causing the soul to almost fracture or even break, causing the opponent to submit or die.

Destruction Orb

The Astral Mother posses an orb that she made before the destruction of AlphaTale. This orb was created to destroy almost anything that wasn't stronger then the orb. The orb is said to hold an entire Void inside it, and when used will suck up and destroy any and all things in its way, but only people like the Astral Mother can use it, because they need a substantially strong grip, or they will get pulled into the orb, along with anything else.

Creation's Hand

During her travels the Astral Mother discovered a AU that taught people the meaning of life, and the true meaning of death. She spent much time there, and was taught how to bring things back to life, such as people and smaller objects. Right now she is trying to bring back AlphaTale.

Pure Hatred + Fear = Terror

This ability allows the Astral mother to shoot beams of pure terror at the opponent she is facing, causing them to die of pure fear if their will is weak enough and body aswell.


Bitch Mode engaged.


Gen is a ability used to kill Pieces of code that have been replicated more than once.



You may add what you want as long as you stick to the guide lines.
  • The Astral Mother is know by many names one of them being '' The Void Empress''.
  • The Astral Mother talks more With the original Gaster, then Au Gasters.
  • Her Favorite food is Top Ramen.
  • Her birthday is March 11th.
  • She was 5X stronger Then Error404.
  • She is 100,000X stronger Alpha!Sans.
  • She is 10,000X stronger then Infected.
  • She can destroy an AU, but she would have to put all of her magic into because she has little magic left since AlphaTale.
  • The Orb she posses can't kill the Eternal Worm or Error404.
  • Error404 is now currently stronger than the Astral Mother.
  • The Astral Mother has cheated on her husband more than 3 times.
  • She use to use her children for test subjects.
  • the Astral Mother is married to Riverperson.William.Jameson.
  • Astral Mother's real name is Wendy Ding Gaster.
  • Astral Mother's favorite food is sophea.
  • Astral Mother's most hated child is 404 Sans.
  • Astral Mother is the smartest being in the Multiverse second to 404 himself and X!Gaster.
  • Astral Mother has a stash of scotch with her at all times.
  • The Astral Mother has had a total 2 Kids.
  • The Astral Mother hates spiders.
  • Astral Mother dislikes adam just enough to where she can stand being near him, but also enough to not let him speak unless spoken too.
  • The Astral mother has never cooked a meal. so she just sticks to microwaveable food.
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