"It holds all the answers and all the questions, but most importantly...it is the problem "
– Error404


Log 06: The Mainframe to my knowledge has been around for probably as long as the Multiverse has and could even be summed up to be the lifeblood of said Multiverse or it may be the lifeblood and source of all Multiverse's alike. [Redacted] Such possibilities are still in the works though of course. It holds many secrets to its power and mine as well, but such things must be explored through different means.

Log 11: I now know that this is the only pool into the Mainframe and that no other exists. But for some reason such knowledge tends to leave my brain, no doubt it's they're doing. The Mainframe appears to be always updating and never behind on itself as if it knows before a creator does when an Au is to be born, this truly is where the magic happens.

Log 17: [Redacted] these logs are getting worse and worse as I go on, I'm beginning to think if I have any more use for them.

[Redacted] Sightings

Log 34: It may be that other things ly inside the pool of code, I do believe that other beings of some outer energy linger there far beyond my reach. I hopefully plan to make my venture into the Mainframe to gather more of an understanding.


Log 56: The Behavior of the mainframe is odd, it appears to be some sort of voice and can even be listed as being sentient. I do believe that the voices that Error hears and I used to hear in the Anti-Void maybe because of the Mainframe, it is unclear if the voices have a source or if it's because of [Redacted]. Either way, the results have proved that the Mainframe holds some sort of sentient like behavior and may even be alive.

Log 57 - 61: [Redacted]

Log 62: I tried it, I tried it. for the first time in a long time, I tried to go into the Mainframe. I figured that if I went in and tried to understand it perhaps get a closer look at what's living beneath us I could get answers...but I was wrong, the damn thing tried to absorb me. I do believe this is because of the fact I have a part of it or an even scarier choice would be that its because it is alive, which is still in the air and up for question.

Theories and Questions

[Yet to be documented]

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