"It Takes alot of time to recreate what was once loved and then Destroyed!"
– Infected

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The Alpha Cycle

The Alpha Cycle is an endless line of reincarnation that has been streamlining the main cast for as long as time has existed. The Cycle started with three conduits the conduit of destruction, Change and Balance each holding and playing a significant role in the Cycle. These 3 have been at bought since the beginning of time itself and have been that way for the eons to come, Soon over variables got put into the mix, but the conduits were still the ones to decided the fate of their existence past that point.

The only way to break the Cycle is for only one conduit to survive past the inevitable climax. Once 1 conduit is left standing then that one can decide either to destroy the Cycle or take control of it and bend it in any way they see fit.

What is a Conduit?

A Conduit is a being with the power to lead the world and change reality in any way they see fit so long they are the only ones left standing in the current cycle. There have been many cycles and many more conduits along with many forbidden ones as well, but soon the cycle noticed the powers and will of Destruction, Change, and Balance and soon made them the main focus.

The List of Conduits

  • The conduit of Truth - Missing
  • The conduit of Passion - Missing
  • The conduit of Power - Missing
  • The conduit of Malice - Dead
  • The conduit of Will - Alive
  • The conduit of Destruction - Alive
  • The conduit of Change - Alive
  • The conduit of Balance - Alive
  • The conduit of Knowledge - Dead
  • The conduit of Darkness - Missing
  • The conduit of Light - Alive
  • The conduit of Justice - Missing
  • The conduit of Injustice - Dead
  • The conduit of Healing - Dead
  • The conduit of Life - Dead
  • The conduit of Death - Alive
  • The conduit of Mortality - Missing
  • The conduit of Immortality - Missing
  • The conduit of Peace - Alive
  • The conduit of Rage - Alive
  • The conduit of Greed - Missing
  • The conduit of Chaos - Alive
  • The conduit of Pride - Dead
  • The conduit of Envy - Alive
  • The conduit of Wrath - Alive
  • The conduit of Lust - Missing
  • The conduit of Gluttony - Alive
  • The conduit of Sloth - Alive


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