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"It Takes alot of time to recreate what was once loved and then Destroyed!"
– Infected

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The Cycle

The Cycle is an endless line of reincarnation that has been streamlining the main cast for as long as time has existed. The Cycle started with Many Conduits each holding and playing a significant role in the Cycle. Cycle was reported to be freak event that still has no explanation to why its a thing, but all most do know is that it orbits around its chosen few, Which are known as the Conduits the very First being Death itself and then many other after him. The Cycle has been tested multiple times, but each time only proved that this unknown force is untouchable, but perhaps could be manipulated and even messed with with the right amount of power.

The only way to break the Cycle is for only one conduit to survive past the inevitable climax. Once 1 conduit is left standing then that one can decide either to destroy the Cycle or take control of it and bend it in any way they see fit.

The 10 Realities and the History around them

The 10 Realities were formed 50 years after the sudden appearance of the Wicked Throne and the White Horizon, And not long after they were made came the Oppressors who solely were brought in to protect and keep the Realities safe. Each Reality holds in it 10s of 100s of Hyperverses to thousands of Multiverses and to Billions of Universes making each Reality special, But then one of the many realities, Reality 1 became highly unstable as some weird beings began to pop up and cause trouble in Reality 1 leaving the Oppressors to come and force modernization one the unknown void. Unfortunately this only sparked more Voids to be made and in other Realities causing worse and worse creatures to be made, but the far worse part was the appearance of the one known as SOL. Unstoppable, unbeatable and utterly unkillable. The entity proved to be too much so the Oppressors gave up in search of a new plan, but then after that many other creatures began to pop up causing trouble non as strong as the ones before, but just as bad. So one day the White Horizon would send out it's Guardians these Titans made of stone, they would come and tear apart these abominations bit by bit and would destroy their nest and burn down their worlds and with the Oppressors by their side the Titans and them were a force of justice in the war to claim balance in the realm of fiction,however one day everything began to shift and turn and then finally reverse itself causing the whole war not only to repeat, but for the efforts of hundreds of soldiers and Titans to be for nothing. The Oppressors tried they're damnest to find the answer and yet they couldn't, all they could do now was just continue to fight until everything that had too many teeth perished and couldn't move.

One day however during the midst of battle a unknown entity tore apart reality 8 and began to devour everything in sight slaying and murdering hundreds of beast,Titans and Oppressors that blocked it's path. They called him BRIMM THE REALITY EATER, The unstoppable abomination that morphed and never kept the same shape with everything it ate. Brimm became a large plague upon the 10 Realities and soon all of them would band together to bring him down. The Oppressors would sedate Brimm stabbing him with 50 foot long poles that all held numbing agents that would put the beast in a death like sleep for eons on end. After his capture Brimm was then trapped in the broken fragments of Reality 8 where he would slumber for eons afterward, SOL's location after the large war would be left unknown as the entity would appear to vanish completely. The war had a massive effect on the position of the 10 Realities and would end up causing the creation of Sub-Realities which only a few could sustain. The Titans would be effected too as they would be wiped out to near extinction leaving only 1 left to hide away and never be found.

The Oppressors

The Oppressors are a large force that takes care of and governs the 10 Realties, The Elites are the Executioners and the Captains who are widely known for they're brutality and merciless nature. However after the large scale war or known as the "End War" the Oppressors numbers have been drastically reduced causing them to handle missions with more care and strategy, They're most recent victory being the imprisonment of Brimm.

What is a Conduit?

A Conduit is a being with the power to lead the world and change reality in any way they see fit so long they are the only ones left standing in the current cycle. There have been many cycles and many more conduits along with many forbidden ones as well, but soon the cycle noticed the powers and will of Destruction, Change, and Balance and soon made them the main focus.

What is a Forbidden Conduit?

Forbidden Conduits are Conduits that were either too powerful for the Cycle to contain or were two Conduits that merged into one. Forbidden conduits died out long after Brimm was captured, but the fact still remains is that many were either dying due to their overwhelming power or the fact that they were killed by the other Conduits who knew better.

The List of Conduits

  • The conduit of Truth - Missing
  • The conduit of Passion - Missing
  • The conduit of Power - Missing
  • The conduit of Malice - Dead
  • The conduit of Will - Alive
  • The conduit of Destruction - Alive
  • The conduit of Change - Alive
  • The conduit of Balance - Alive
  • The conduit of Knowledge - Dead
  • The conduit of Darkness - Missing
  • The conduit of Light - Alive
  • The conduit of Justice - Missing
  • The conduit of Injustice - Dead
  • The conduit of Healing - Dead
  • The conduit of Life - Dead
  • The conduit of Death - Alive
  • The conduit of Mortality - Missing
  • The conduit of Immortality - Missing
  • The conduit of Peace - Alive
  • The conduit of Rage - Alive
  • The conduit of Greed - Missing
  • The conduit of Chaos - Alive
  • The conduit of Pride - Dead
  • The conduit of Envy - Alive
  • The conduit of Wrath - Alive
  • The conduit of Lust - Missing
  • The conduit of Gluttony - Alive
  • The conduit of Sloth - Alive


O'Brien also known as the conduit of Passion was one of the most influential conduits when it came to shaping the world, He would be a part of the never ending cycle for many years to come before one day he grew tired of the endless task of murder and claim to power so much that he went against the other conduits and started a coup that in secret plotted a way to end the cycle for good setting them all free. Death however saw this as a mistake and would forbid Passion from doing anything of the sort, but Passion went against Death's wishes and decided to embark on his quest anyway. Passion and his 3 followers went far away, so far they found themselves at one of the many endless voids and in that void they not only found horrible and terrifying beings of a uncertain origin, but also a god that lived outside the reach of reality and outside the idea of the cycle entirely. O'Brien and his team would retreat back to the conduit sanctuary and there were they not only scolded by Death for their treason, but forced to give up the information that they had gathered before being banished form the sanctuary.

After they're banishment O'Brien got to work on a book, in this book he would put down all of is knowledge on the void they had visited and of the name of the being they found giving it its first name. The first Book would be known as the book of eyes, shortly after that O'Brien would ask one of his followers to keep the book hidden away and then sent them on their way while he worked on the second book the book of minds which detailed the descriptions on the god that they found there and more that they found on they're journey to that horrible void. Eventually though the books would drive O'Brien mad and with that he would then become the cause of some very unspeakable actions and the death of many of his conduit brothers and sisters...

O'Brien to this day is nowhere to be seen and his whereabouts are unknown.