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"The Book holds many secrets and horrors alike, but i worry for what lies beyond such things"
– Omni!Sans


Long before the Transvoid was bound to the book of eyes, A entity known as the Host was said to have created the atoms to the stars and is known widely as being responsible for the Transvoid's birth. After it was done the Host suddenly dissapeared, some say he died while others believe he fell to the darkest part of the Transvoid. Man Eons would pass until the first breeding Mother would be born and give birth to the first plague of beings, they were born without names and wouldn't have them for much longer. The beings were relentless and killed everything and consumed more, soon however the breeding Mother would grow worrisome of her children destroying everything so in response she birthed an Angel to take care of them, the first of many to purge the beings due to their negligence. The Angel slaughtered the beings and soon would be the first Angel and the last, the breeding mother would then give birth to a whole new horde of beings this batch better then the first

Rise of the Arch Angels and the birth of Accension

once the Last breeding Mother passed away beings came to be the norm as millions upon millions filled the Transvoid, but due to the lack of rule the Angels put themselves on top of everyone and made it know they deserved respect and if not given it they would slaughter beings by the thousands. Beings became oppressed by the Angels and were forced to follow their every whim and demand many even being forced to breed with Angles of course only the best were allowed such a privilege

However during the Angel's rule right under their nose was growing one of the many big families of the Transvoid the Squid family, a small being only know as Malesgrow began to form and breed with a human from a stray planet and form a large family and as it grew do did their knowledge and soon found themselves ascending to a higher plane. The eldest of the squid family would go on to start their own branches while the youngest would remain close to their father, once the Angels grew wind of the Squid family theh wiped out as many as they could even killing the mother and abandoning one of the eldest children away in a different world entirely.

The Updoar of Demons and birth of the true Arch Angel

After a horrible couple of years went by before the well known Demon horde was born, they were said to have been caused and formed due to nature trying to balance itself out, but one thing is for sure is that two demons were born during that time that completely demolished the Angel's control over the Transvoid Gabriel and Helatory, the two were relentless and once they got they're army together along with other beings too they took back the Transvoid and more.

The Angels were pushed back and were forced to hide away while the Transvoid flourished and became overpopulated with beings of all sorts, during the while a new Angel would be born and right after their birth they would claim leadership of the Angel's as they're new leader Zarla.

Birth of the No named beings

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