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"You and I might be the same, but our motives are completely different."
– Void Empress


The Void Empress is an alternate version of the original Astral Mother, She comes from a Different timeline what kind is unknown along with a lot of other questions. She has sworn to make the Astral Mother pay for taking her kids.


Appears to be wiser or smarter than the Astral Mother, The Void Empress is pretty unknown as of right now, but appears to share most traits with the Astral Mother.


Sigma Beam

Void Empress's Sigma Beam is a beam that nulls the abilities and minds of whoever it hits. Its able to also Kill, but is rarely used for that.

Void Empathy

The Void Empress's grief and deep conflict over the loss of her children is so powerful that being in her presence can cause people to have strong feelings of anxiety, depression and even turn to suicide of they were already dealing with those problems previously.

Void control

the emptiness inside of everyone is under her control, her experiments with the void now allow her to manipulate the forces of void.


  • The Void Empress is slightly less feminine then the Astral Mother
  • Ares and Jacob are the Children of the Void Empress
  • The Void Empress is an alternate version of the Astral Mother which one is the original is unclear
  • The Void Empress isn't the queen to the Underground
  • The Void Empress is about a couple of Years older then the Astral Mother
  • The Astral Mother dosen't experiment on people

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