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"I only do what i chose is right for the world and even than no one seems to care..."
– William


William is a child born from the Astral Mother and is someone who was educated by the brightest minds in the underground prefers strategy and technique into his fights. William doesn't much take in the guidance for others and often does what he feels is right. He doesn't obey or talk with his mother.


William is a huge insomniac and has very low self-esteem due to the multiple experiments and has no real reason to socialize. But after he escapes from his mother he's been more cheerful.



William is a master strategist and can think his way out of many different situations.


  • William and Chara have been together for 4 years.
  • William is the smartest person in the underground.
  • William has no real intentions of getting back together with his Mother.
  • William is Error!404 in the past.
  • When nervous William blurts out random facts or recites stuff he remembers .